Rasuk 2 (2020) - full transcript

Isabella (Nikita Willy), a medical student who is undergoing intern, feels uncomfortable with her sixth sense ability. She tries hard to think it do not exist, so she could live normally. ...

You should also remember
that autopsy is meant to find out...

...what caused a person's death.

Is that understood?

I will begin the autopsy then.

Autopsy usually starts by opening the chest.

Oh my God.

Are you even serious?

You're here as a forensic intern
for the police department.

I'm expecting you to prepare
both physically and mentally.

May I continue now?


To perform an autopsy, you must be able
to observe and pay attention closely...

...to the victim's heart.

Wait a minute.

Please weigh this for me.

Do it.

We should standby at 11am tomorrow.

I left my phone back there.

You can go ahead. I can get it myself.

Are you sure you can go back by yourself?

It's really late, Bel.

Nes, are you coming or not?

It's alright. Just go with Alma.

Nurse, please prepare the operation room.
We have an emergency patient.

Help me out, okay?

Excuse me...

It's gonna be a good day.
Everything's gonna be alright.

Miss, you want to eat this Nasi Uduk,
or should I just eat it?

Of course, I'm gonna eat it.
I'm the one who ordered.

I was being sarcastic.

Doesn't a student know what sarcastic is?

That was not being sarcastic.

That was taking other people's stuff.

You know what?

Her hair was very long
and her eyes were sharp.

Her voice also sounded whimpering.

Are you serious? Where was she?

Right in front of my room.

Auntie, is it true?

I heard twice about woman sightings in here.

This is the first time I experienced this
ever since I worked here.

It's been two days.

And it's the third time I heard
about a woman with long hair, moaning...


...that moaning was...

You, who missed your husband in bed.

That's not funny.

Bel, where are you going this early?

I have an appointment.

Miss, but I've made breakfast for you.

It's alright if you don't eat, just sit with us.

I'll have breakfast on the road.

So she's having breakfast on the road.

No wonder she's so slim.

I'm gonna try it, too.

Wait, you're going alone without Nesya and Alma?

I have an appointment this morning.

Okay, appointment.

Wanna have a coffee sometime?

I'll let you know.


Take care.

Morning, miss.

- Morning.
- Be careful, miss.



Are you still seeing things?

Not so much lately.

That means our last treatment was quite effective.

I will now add another medication
for the next 30 days. Okay?


Do you still remember Professor John Nash?

A mathematical genius that was filmed
in A Beautiful Mind.


Well, he's not so different than you.

His intelligence is above average.

His disease made his genius brain to create
something called hallucination.

And begin seeing things that can't be seen.

This medication is only meant to provide support.

Your eagerness and willpower are also important.

Here it is.

Thank god I didn't have to stay
until late at night.

So I don't have to take part in autopsy.

Did you see Dr. Yusuf today?

I did.

Good luck, Bel.

Autopsy Room

Today will be a bit different.

Because today, we are with a forensic expert...

...who will perform an autopsy to this body
that was found this morning.

So all you have to do is just observe.

Okay. Shall we begin?

- Doctor?
- Let's begin, now.

Since we're unable to ID her,
we will call her Miss X.


We will now begin to perform antemortem. Please.

Everything will be alright.

Looking at this body in overall,
everything is still intact.

There is no injured body part.
Except for a severe wound in the stomach area.

Yes, we can see that this is a deep wound.

I'm guessing this girl is about 20 years old.

With waist long black hair.

Brown skin and oval shaped face.

There are no wound around her right arm.

Her left leg a bit scratched.

The same thing also happened on her right leg.

Now let's move on to her eyes.

Her eyes are pretty clean, no signs of bruises
between her forehead and chin.

Can you open her mouth, please?

There's a cut in her lower lip.

Also in upper molar area seems to fell out.

But there's no trace of her fallen tooth.

And for her neck...

Doc, we have a victim accident.

I have to leave you.

- Okay, Doc.
- Please, proceed.


I will continue, now.

Let's check her left and right ear.

There's a mark on her right ear lobe.

It's pretty clean, tidy and the eyes also...

I didn't see it.

I didn't see it.

Arrive already, miss?

That's nice hair. You look like Blackpink.

If Bella passed out last night,
why did you tell me this morning?

Well, I am not a Minister of Communication.

What am I talking about?


She hasn't wake up since last night.

But she's okay, isn't she?
She didn't bump her head or anything?

Why did you bring her here, not the hospital?

About that, I have no idea. Because...

I brought her here.

Bella's friends panicked when she was unconscious.

After she received treatment,
she insisted on going home.

And her friends called me
to pick her up with a taxi.

And you are?

Pardon me.

I'm Raja. Bella's neighbour.


Bella's sister.

So she's okay, right?



Hi, Inggrid. Please, sit down.

What happened to her?

Look at this.

You don't have to worry. That's a prescription.

So it's safe.

But, she got that from a psychiatrist.

Are you sure she's okay?

She is fine.


Bel, wake up.

I think we need to hurry to the hospital.
Is it okay if we leave?

It's alright. But thanks.

We'll be going, then.


I think she just caught a cold.

Want me to scrap her body?

Rub, rub, rub.

With a plate.

Nesya, I think something's wrong with Bella.

Al, stop talking nonsense.

You know, when I found her,
she said she can see ghosts.

She's just seeing things
because of the pills she took.

I don't think it's because of the pills.

I suspect she's trying to hide something from us.

Maybe she has a sixth sense and can see ghosts?

I mean, there's been a lot of unnatural deaths
in the hospital recently.

And she's having a lot of pressure
and hallucinating.


Let me go!

Let me go!

Let me go!

Let me go!

Let me go!

Let me go!


Drink this.

Come on.

Are you okay?

You have to see Langgir?

If you really have to go, then go.

I'm fine.

It won't take long. I will call you back, okay?

Alma told me...

...that you've been seeing a psychiatrist.

Is something bothering you?


But I read once at the library
that this phenomenon I'm experiencing...

...is called Barnum, Forer effect.

That's why I'm seeing a psychiatrist.

You're seeing ghosts again?

I am.

But it's getting more intense lately.


I know you're strong.

You will be fine. Okay?

I've asked Aunt Uci to prepare dinner for you.

And please, WhatsApp me if something happens.


Your neighbour, he's kinda cute.

And he seems nice.


What do you know about Raja?

Wasn't he the one who took you here?


I can't remember anything from that day.

The next thing I know,
I woke up in here and I saw you.

You're acting awkward, are you?

Please, sis.

You know every guy said I'm a freak.

Or even a shaman.

Bel, you should let that go. That was the past.

Now that you're here, nobody knows about that.

Besides, if something happened to you...

...you can't make a move to your cute neighbour.


I'll be going now, okay?

Take care.

Say hi to mom for me.

And Raja, too?

Bella says hi. Bye.



So, how are you? Feeling better?

Yeah, I just needed to rest a bit. I'm fine now.

Are you sure?

I'm the one in medical school.

So I know that I'm fine.



Random guys are not allowed in here.

Random guy?

Where is he?

Where is that guy?

Sorry, I was just kidding.

Alright then.

Oh, right.

Call me if you need anything.

But there's Auntie.

She works downstairs.

And she throws too much jokes.

I can help you better.
I'm closer than her, right across you.

And I'm more serious.



I'll be going, then.

Good night.



Whenever you're unconscious, that's where I live.

Whenever you're unconscious, that's whereI live.

Whenever you're unconscious...

That's where I live.

Let me go!

That's where I live.









It hurts.

I still don't want to die.

I ask Allah for forgiveness.

Bella, this is Mang Ijan.

Bel, what's happening to you?

- Bel...
- Be careful that's dangerous.

Grab her!

Come on, bring her.

- Bel?
- Grab her.

Come on, bring her to bed.

- Bel...
- Careful. Lay her down.


Why are you inside her body?

Why are you inside her body?

I want to tell you a story.

A great sin upon me.

A great sin...


A great sin...

You have to leave this body right now.

Get out!


Leave her body!

Good morning.


I brought you some breakfast.


You're welcome.

Are you okay?

Last night was terrifying.

Do you remember you were being possessed?

I just remember...

...seeing a long-haired woman...

...and her stomach was...

Her stomach?

What happened to her stomach?

I don't wanna talk about it.

Did you see me being possessed?

Yes, I did.

Aren't you afraid of me?

You were scary last night.

But not now.

Because I know that wasn't you yesterday.

We have another unknown body here
that was sent to us by the police.

So we have to do...

Sorry, I'm late.

What's wrong with you, Bel?

Are you sure you're okay?


This is the body that was sent to us
by the police department.

And according to the report...

Why are we doing an autopsy on her again?

We already did yesterday.

What are you talking about?

I don't understand.

I will continue.

According to the police report...

Bel? Bella!



Why can't you leave me alone?

Leave me alone!

What happened to you?

Doctor, please help. My stomach is...

Your stomach is fine, Bella.

I wanna leave all of this.

From that hospital and the flats.

You can't, Bella. We are trying exposure therapy.

I want you to face your fears.

You have friends in your flats that will help you.

Doctor, but I...

We've been through this many times.

It's all just in your mind.

If you wanna return to normal life again...

...then what you have to do
is fight all your fears.

Confront your fears, Bella.


Not today!

Leave me alone!

Leave me alone!

Go away!

Go away.

Want some coffee?

I haven't drunk it yet.

I just made it.

Original from Toraja. Just roasted yesterday.




You're a coffee enthusiast too?

I am.

Well, coffee is my friend to stay awake
when I'm writing.

I just fed up with instant coffee
and then I tried single-origin beans.

It's interesting. I like it.

So I begin exploring coffees
from around the archipelago.

You like it, too?

You are free today, aren't you?

You want to go somewhere?

Look ahead when you're driving.

I'm not comfortable being watched like that.

Why me?

Because, first...

...you're special.

Second, you're special again.

Third, you're too special.

Special because of my ability.

Oh, no.

That's not what I meant.

Listen, I have been with some girls before.

But to me...

...you're different.

And your attitude is different.

I mean...

You're not that easy.


Can I be honest with you?

Recently I feel someone is following me.

A woman, around my age.

Wait a second.

But I thought you're not a stranger
to those things.

This time is different.

Usually, they just show themselves.

But this one keeps chasing me.

Wait a minute...

Maybe she's trying to tell me something.

And I didn't get her a clear message.

I need to find out her whole story.

A woman

Came to the hospital

Terroring the autopsy

Terror in the flats

Loose molar tooth


You have a company?

No one.

What are you talking about?

You're still sleepy, aren't you?

What's this?

The mystery I need to solve.

I need to find out who she is,
and who her family is.

Alright, if you ever need anything,
just let me know.


A piece of paper on your hair.



Nes, I think Bella can actually see a ghost.
She's not hallucinating.

Hey, are you listening?

I saw Raja and Bella today.

I don't know why, but they seem closer.

I think they were kissing.

Are you serious?

Well, we're adults now.

But it's not fair.

We know that Bella is not looking for a lover.

So why is she close with Raja?

Alright, listen to me.

Set aside your personal issues with Raja.

And we'll help clear Bella's issue first.

She has to clear her issue, too.

A stab wound in the right stomach, organ tear,
bleeding, prick sharp objects in the abdomen.

What is this?

I'm collecting information
about the death of Mrs. X that we have.

She is Mrs. X. She will be buried with no name.

Who died of intense bleeding
from stab wounds in her abdomen.

And this has been reported.

Also, the case closed for Mrs. X.

But according to the report,
there are several wounds on her wrist.

It's a sign of a self-defense.

That's the police job.

Doctor, please...

I know you won't understand this,
but she keeps coming to me.

Enough of this.

Enough, Bel.

If you keep going like this,
I'm afraid you won't pass the test.

You understand?

Yes, sir.

Now please get rid of all of these.

Yes, sir.

Please don't stop.

Who did this to you?


I will help you.

But you have to help me, too.

You again?

Sorry I followed you here.

I don't know where else should I go.

And you are?

I'm Daya.

Dara's best friend.


Careful, Ja. Don't you care about your phone?

I'm sorry...

I was reckless.

Only the two of you here?

Where's Isabella?

I think she's still at the hospital.

There's a girl looking for her.
I think Bella is still with her.

A girl?

Yes, a girl.

She looks pretty young.
She's slim and has long hair.

Long hair?

Long hair...

Long hair...

Long hair.

Long hair...


I have to go now.

Can you please leave my room?



I used to be Raja's girlfriend.

I'm sorry. I didn't know that...

This is not your fault.

I meant to ask for your help.

So you knew about everything behind this?

Not everything.

But I can tell you everything that I know.

Sometimes this relationship
made me feel like I'm in heaven.

But sometimes if feels like hell.

The last time when I was at the villa with him,
the hell brought me a disaster.

You already know...

...I hate people with too much excuse.

Raja... Raja, please stop.

- But it keeps happening.
- This must end now.

Until Dara snapped me out of it.


I don't wanna lose you as my best friend.

Leave him, okay?

Let's go out from this place.


Raja, please. Leave me alone.

No one can run from me!

I can do it. Raja!

Raja, what are you doing? I can leave you!

I had enough with you, please!

- Go out!
- She doesn't want to be with you anymore!

- What?
- Raja!

Shut up!

Who the hell are you?

She's your best friend?

Raja, let her go!

- Let her go!
- Go out now!

Let her go!

Hurry up, Daya!

Daya, let's run away!

Hurry up!

Come on.

Where do you want to go?

- Where do you want to go?
- Raja, let her go!

- Let her go!
- Get back there!

Raja, let her go!

- Let her go!
- I told you, no girl can leave me alone!

- Go back!
- Let her go!

- Shut up, you!
- Dara!


Listen to me.

No one will ever know about this.

Or you won't be safe.

You understand?

Remember this moment?

Can you imagine...

...the hurtful feelings of your parents?

Can you imagine now?

You got it?

Do you understand?

Do you?


Please, help Dara.

Help her so she can be free.


Come here.

Come to me.

Come here!


- Raja!
- Come here.

You're so impudent now!

You dare to do that?

Do you know what I have on me?

Please, Raja.

I'm sorry, Raja.


Get up!

Get up!

- Shut up!
- Raja, let me go!

Come on!

Let me go!

That hurts!

Serves you right.



Daya, where are you?


Where do you want to go, Raja?

There's nowhere you can go in this place.

There's no place for someone
who forgot about his sins.


You still think I'm Isabella?







- Bella, help me.
- Raja.

Come on, grab my hand.

Grab my hand!


- Bella!
- Come on, you can do it, Raja!


- Come on, grab my hand, Raja!
- Help me, Bella.

- Bella!
- Come on, Raja!

Just a little more!


Die with your sins.

Thanks for the support.

Did you learn anything from this?

Well, a lot.

Just remember, if you have a cute neighbor,
make sure he's not a psycho.

Of course.

But I learned another thing.

A human can be more evil than a devil.

I'll be going now, then.

You sure you don't wanna stay?

I can't leave mom alone.


- Bye.
- Bye.

Take good care of yourself, okay?


My birthday is still months away!

I know this is not a birthday surprise.

This is a celebration for your friendship.

Thank you.

By the way, sorry I was angry yesterday
when I saw you with Raja.

And I'm sorry for my emotions
when you talk about ghosts.

I'm the one who should say sorry.

Because when I was busy with astral beings, I...

...forgot to make a content.

I thought it was something else.

Thank you for being my friends.

You're welcome.

Enough hugging. I wanna sleep.
We have to go to the hospital tomorrow morning.

You're right.


- Bye, Bel.
- Bye.

All humans are gifted with ability and weakness.

Sometimes those two things are separated
with just a very thin line.

The most important thing about it
is accepting ourselves.

Sometimes our ability is accompanied
by more responsibilities.

Now I realize that
I'm not seeing what isn't there anymore.

All the things that I see actually exist.

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