Rasuk (2018) - full transcript

Hated by her mother, who blames her for her father's death, Langgir Janaka lives in envy of her best friends, who she deems have perfect lives. One day, she and her friends go on a vacation...

I am Langgir.

My full name is Langgir Janaka.

A weird name. Just as weird as my life.

And an unfortunate one, such is my luck.

My mother has always hated me.
I'm always wrong in her eyes.

Ever since she believed
that I killed my father.


Thank you, sir.







Let's make some formula for you.
Come to Mommy.

Come to Mommy.

Even though Mom is now
married with Om Udin...

a kind-hearted man who loves her
and always tries to win my heart...

Mother still never wants to forgive me.


What is it with you and your brother,
Bakula Borneo?

We named him Bakula Borneo
to remind us of me as your father.

I mean, my struggle back in Kalimantan.

Before I met your mother and you.

I hate my mother. And I hate Om Udin.

And now, I've come to hate another one.

Bakula Borneo. A weirder name than mine.

Nobody understands my feelings.
Not even my friends.

Sekar Tanjung, Lintang Kasih,
and Francisca Inggrid.

You've said to me once...

that climbing a mountain...

is the proper way to relieve
our anger and disappointment.

At the top, we can let our feelings go.

As if we can meet
our loved ones once again.

Dad. I miss you.


Guys, what if we try this place
before I go to Singapore?

Karma Rinjani?
Sounds like a Silat hermitage.

I know you're big about Silat.

This is my uncle's project resort.

He owns 10 acres of land there.

Wait. You mean we're going camping?

Of course not!

They have finished building a sample.
We can stay there!

That's more like it.

These are Putri Sejagat.

They live in comfort with a fortunate life.

Being among them sometimes
feels like a torture.

I care about them
and despise them at the same time.

Despise at their perfection.

Nggir, you're coming too, right?

Not interested.

I have to go.
I need to take care of something.

Taking care of your new brother?

Shut up.

Happy birthday, happy birthday.

Happy birthday to you.

- Here, make a wish.
- Okay.

I hope you'll live longer...

and stop thinking
about leaving this world.

Why did you wish for that?

Thank you.

- Here, try this.
- All right.

There's no harm in making a wish
to our best friend.

You wouldn't want to live
if you know what I'm going through.


I will never get tired of telling you this.

I just want you to be grateful
for every gift you have right now.

What gift? Putri Sejagat?

I slowly begin to doubt
that we are real friends.

They all care about you.

And I don't want you to lose that
just because you don't respect them.

My gift from God is supposed
to be you, Abi Manyu.

But how can I be thankful,
if I never get to know...

whether you're feeling
the same way, too.

Bhi, you should join our vacation.

To where? Singapore with Lintang?

If I were Lintang, I wouldn't have
taken you just to Singapore.

I would've taken you
to a trip around the world.

No need to be jealous.
So where do you want to go?

Karma Rinjani.
Lintang's uncle has a villa over there.

I'm afraid I can't join you.
I still have a lot of assignments to do.


Without Dad,
I feel nothing special anymore...

every time I come home.

Daddy, I'm home!

- Daddy!
- Langgir!

Let's go inside.

"For the nature lover
Uncle Udin."




I missed you so much, Dad.

Bakula is so noisy.


I am not your sister!
I will never love you!


I'm serious, Bakula!
I don't love you!

I will never be your sister.
You get that?

You dare to mock me?

Thank you, Mr. Anton.

I hope you like this house.
We can still talk about the price.

- Right?
- Yes, ma'am.

Well, then, I better take my leave.

- Thank you, sir.
- You're welcome.

- Thank you, ma'am.
- Thank you.

See you soon.

Dear, I think you should talk to Langgir...

about your desire to sell this house.

It doesn't matter.
She will never understand.

We need the money for Bakula.

- That's Bakula.
- Bakula?

Bakula? Oh, my God.

- Dear, are you okay?
- How did he fall?

- Did you forget to lock the crib?
- No, I didn't.


You were here the whole time?

Did you intentionally
let your brother fall?

You can't sell this house.
This is Dad's home and mine.

Don't try to change the subject.

So you made him fall down?

You're the one trying
to change the subject.

Do you forget who owns this house?

This is your ex-husband's house.
The house where I was born.

This is not about preserving memories,
but our life necessities.

You have to understand
what's going on in this house.

Please, that's enough.

We can discuss this.

- We are a family.
- No, we're not!

I'd rather die than having
a hostile family like this!

- Do I look good now?
- You look fine.

- Nothing's left, right?
- Yes.

- Are you sure?
- Yes, Dad, you can trust me.

Let me know, as soon as you arrived.

- Okay.
- Don't make me worry.

- I know, Dad.
- Do you bring all your medicine?

- Enough, Dad.
- Your inhaler?


- I love you so much.
- Love you too, Dad.

See you soon!

- Uncle, we're leaving now.
- Okay.

Take care of Lintang, okay?

Tell her not to get too exhausted.
You still have a long way to go.

You said it's nearby.

That's nonsense.
It's just two hours away by foot.

Don't worry. Lintang is safe with us.

- We're leaving.
- Bye!

Whoever gets the Joker
will graduate from college first.

That's no fun.

What if getting the Joker
means you will die first?

That's too creepy! I don't want to play!

That's fun. You don't need to show
your card to the rest of us.

Just keep it to yourself. Right?


I don't want to die first!

- I got Joker, too.
- Me, too.

Langgir must have switched the cards.

That's not funny.
I thought you were serious.

But we will eventually die.
We're not going to live forever, right?

At least, Putri Sejagat
will be together forever.

Langgir, come on.

We have to stick
together until we grow old.


- Come on.
- Langgir.

Grow old together!


- Why are we stopping?
- The bridge is broken. We can't get through.

Oh, no.

Let's get out.


What should we do?
We can't go back home.

- Is it still far from here?
- Not really. Only 10 minutes by car.

I don't want to go back.
I'm in a holiday mode right now.

Let's look for an inn nearby.
Let's go, sir.

We can still reach the villa. Look.

"North Karma Rinjani 300 metres."

Let's go.


These mosquitoes are killing me.

Jungle mosquitoes are attracted
by something sweet, Nggrid.

Ask their name.
Maybe you can ask them on a date.

That's no fun.

Wait for me.

Let's do a group selfie.
Use your phone, mine's almost dead.

One, two...

Smile. Duck face.

- Okay.
- Come on, let's go.

Let me see.

My compass tells me we're heading north.

Hold on. I think we're supposed
to head south.

What do you think?

My compass said, we should head north.

I'm pretty sure it's south.
Let's try that first.

Let's go.

Wait a second.

Oh, my God, that mosquito will go
crazy for you now. Don't stop.

It's nothing.

Wait for me!

- Inggrid, are you okay?
- Help me.

- What's wrong with you?
- Are you okay?

Come on, get up.

- Come on.
- Where is my water bottle?

What's this?

That's a Sesajen. An offering
from the locals to an evil being.

It looks fresh.
That means this place is often visited.

Wait. If this offering is
here, that means...

Let's not talk about this, okay?

Let's just keep on walking,
the sooner we get there, the better.

Something's wrong, Tang?


- Careful!
- Come on!

Can we rest for a while?
I need to take my medicine.


- Wait a minute.
- Is that my water bottle?

Isn't this the Sesajen from before?

How can my water bottle be there?

We're just circling around.

Maybe somebody took it and put it there.


Come on, let's keep on walking.


I can't get any reception here.

You want to check your Instagram?
To see how many likes you get?

I'm trying to ask for help.
Just in case we're lost.

If that's the case, then it is your fault.

I told you we're supposed to head north.

Okay. Enough. Stop fighting.

Let's walk again.

Stop complaining. Come on.

- Slow down.
- Watch your steps, it's slippery.

Guys, where to now?

- There.
- There?


I think I see a hut there.
Am I right?

Let's go.

Be careful.


Watch your step.

It's getting dark.
Anybody brings a flashlight?

- I bring it.
- Me, too.

Let me try to open it.

It's locked.

Okay, let's rest up in here.
Maybe someone will show up here.

This place is disgusting.
How can we sleep here?

Just stop it, Inggrid.

You sit here.

What did you see inside?

It's dark. No one is inside.


What did you see inside, Nggir?

I don't know. It was scary.

Guys, I think we're really lost now.


- Stop screaming.
- Someone might hear us.

She has a point, though. Here goes nothing.


Stop it! Let's just keep walking.

You must be lost.

You're here looking for a villa, right?

I'm Kumala Sari.

I live nearby.

Hi, Kumala. I'm Sekar.

This is Inggrid, Lintang, and Langgir.

We're all best friends. Putri Sejagat.

I never have any friends.

I live alone here.

Let me take you there.

There's your villa.

She's right! That's the place.

It's not really that far from our place.

We're finally here.

Thanks a lot, Kumala.

Come on.

Miss Lintang.

I'm Cecep, the caretaker of this villa.

I've been waiting for you
since this afternoon. I was worried.

Why Miss Lintang didn't arrived yet?

We are a bit lost.
But someone led us here...

Maybe she went home already.

Never mind about that.
You better rest up inside.

Your friend has been
waiting for you inside.

Our friend?
Did we invite someone else?

- Forget it. Let's go.
- Go ahead, Miss.

Langgir. Come on!

- Thank you.
- Yes.


You came here, too?
I thought you said you can't make it.

Are you trying to surprise me?

I have no choice, I rushed my assignments
to catch up with all of you here.

Well, I better leave now.

If any of you need anything,
I live not far from here.

- Thank you, sir.
- Well, then. Excuse me.

Thank you, sir.

So are you the mysterious guest?

Not so mysterious,
I already knew he was going to come.

Inggrid told me about it.

Everyone, let me introduce to you.

He's my new boyfriend.

By the way, there are only 2 rooms here.

I'll be sleeping with Inggrid,
and Sekar with Langgir.

Do you mind sleeping on the couch?

Not at all. It's pretty comfy here.

Don't worry. I'll be with you.

I'm going to my room upstairs.

- Wait, Langgir. I'll show you the room.
- Wait for me!

Gosh, I'm so tired.

You said you were going
to tell them about us.

They know now, don't they?

Langgir looks surprised.

You're so basic.

I missed you so much.

What's wrong, Nggir?

Inggrid is an asshole.
Why is she going out with Abi?

Why not? You know Inggrid can't stand
living without a boyfriend.

Why can't she? She can get any guys
she wants other than Abi.

Didn't he tell you that he likes her?

You like Abi, don't you?

Oh, my gosh, Langgir.

Let alone Inggrid, me and Lintang
didn't know you have a feeling for him.

- Because...
- Because of what?

Because you never tell us
about your feelings to someone.

And that is my fault?

Yes, everything is my fault.

And I stupidly consider you guys
as my friends.

That's not what I meant. Listen to me...

I regret coming here.

None of you are my friends. Includes you.


Langgir, open the door!

Listen to me! Langgir!

Lintang, open the door, please!

Langgir? Where are you going?

What were you screaming about?

Lintang. Langgir just left.
She was very angry.

- Where did she go?
- Went back home! Let's follow her.

Abi, did you see Langgir?

Yeah. She just left.

Why didn't you try to stop her?

What is it?
- Langgir is pissed, she's trying to go home.


Because Langgir...

Abi, please follow her with your bike.
Only you who can help her.

- Hurry up, Bhi!
- Okay, I'm coming with him.

- Stay here, Inggrid.
- But...

Please, you need to stay here.
Trust me.

You're the person
she hates so much right now.


Where am I?

North. South.

Kumala. Please help me.
I need to go back to town.

Please show me the way.



A year ago?



Langgir doesn't consider us
as her best friends.

Maybe she's just being emotional.
It's not unusual for her.

But this time it's different.
I can see anger in her eyes.

This is because of me and Abi Manyu, right?

But what can I do?

- I didn't know that...
- You and Abi Manyu was just a trigger.

Langgir has always been unhappy.

And she thinks our life is too perfect
compared with hers.









Let's go back to the villa.

Everyone is worried about you.









Are you here?


Lintang. You startled me.

Are you looking for someone?

I thought Langgir came back.
What are you doing?

You want some, Sekar?



Want some?

I'm worried about Langgir.

She's a hiker. She will survive.

Maybe she's already on the way
back home right now.

I'm worried about her jealousy to us.

It just doesn't feel right for her
to be jealous at me.

She was jealous
because you have a complete...

and happy family.

That's it.

I was dumped as a child.

What do you mean?

My parents who raised me
are not my real parents.

They found me in a dumpster.

They didn't have a child back then.

So they decided to look after me.

Until today.

Oh, my gosh, Sekar.

I never knew that...

I never know who my real parents are.

And why they didn't want me.

It's okay.

Don't cry. You're a strong woman, right?

You don't need to cry.

You must be strong.

Inggrid. That's her.

What are you doing?

Grab the scissors!


Let me go!

Inggrid! Snap out of it!

My hair...

It's okay. We'll fix it now. Okay?

- Come on.
- Sekar...

Yes. Let's fix your hair, shall we?

I'll be outside, okay?

We need to do this at least once a week.

- Ustadz?
- What's wrong?

Who is that?

Oh, my God.

Come, let's help him.

Oh, my God.


Lintang, where are you?

Help! Inggrid!

Hold on! You can, you're strong!

Let her go!

- Sekar, are you okay?
- My hand!


No, Lintang. Don't do it.


- Inggrid...
- Lintang!

Inggrid, she's not Lintang.

- Keep your hands off me!
- Get out, get out.

Get out from her body!
She is not the one you want!

Leave now!

Get me a glass of water. Hurry!

What's going on exactly?

Miss Lintang's body...

was controlled by a wandering spirit.

She was being possessed.

What could cause that?

Here it is.

Usually wandering spirits...

are always looking for a body as a host.

Because they also want
to live in material world...

just like us.


But you don't have to be worry now.

That spirit has gone now.

- Thank you, Mr. Cecep.
- Excuse me then.

Before you leave...

can you help us
to clean the table, please?

- Sure, miss. Excuse me.
- Thanks.

Lintang. You okay?

- Get me my medication.
- Wait. I'll go get it for you.

Wait a minute.

Cancer pills?

So all this time...




What is it?

These letters...

She had prepared these letters for us.

And this medicine, is not for asthma.

But for her brain tumor.

Her brain, Sekar.

So her plan to Singapore
is not for a holiday trip.

But she's looking for a treatment.

And she's afraid if...

Oh, my God, Lintang.

Turns out we all have
dark and deep secrets.

This means no more Putri Sejagat.

No. I don't want our
friendship to be ruined.

- Let's just go home tonight.
- But how?

I will ask Mr. Cecep to look for a car
to get us out of here.

Wait here and take care of Lintang, okay?

Be careful.

Where am I?

Dad! He wakes up!


Thank God.


Didi, please bring him a glass of water.

Yes, Dad.

- What's your name?
- Abi Manyu.

I suggest...

you tell your friends
to leave that place immediately.

There has been a lot of problem
since that villa was built.

Problem such as?

Have you ever heard...

of the Karma Rinjani myth before?

Yes. I'm aware of it.

But that's just merely a myth.

Some of it are true.

Is this some kind of black magic?

Kumala Sari?


The shaman's name is Mas Rudi.

He sacrificed his daughter, Kumala Sari.

She grew up to be an unusual girl.

A loner. Ostracized by everyone.

Thank you.

- Have a drink, please.
- Thank you.

They said that one of the workers
liked Kumala Sari.

He raped her in the woods.

And then, shortly after
Kumala Sari commited suicide...

by jumping off the bridge.

Mas Rudi was very devastated.

So he went to the top of a mountain
to study some black magic.

That is called Rasuk Sukma.

- Rasuk Sukma?
- Correct.

He brought back the soul of his daughter...

and look for the right body.

For her to possess for an eternity.

What about his wife?

His wife, Rosita, told him not to learn
that accursed magic.

And asked for our help.

But not long after that...

we never heard about Rosita anymore.

A month ago, the first case happened.

My own daughter, Annisa.

Thankfully, Mr. Cecep showed up
before her possession got worse.

He saved my daughter back then.

We presumed he was murdered by Mas Rudi.

- So Mr. Cecep has passed away?
- Yes.

His body was found rotting
on a riverside a week later.

Then, who was at the villa yesterday?


Can you please bring
Mas Rudi's picture here?

Here they are, Dad.

- Here they are, Dad.
- Yes.

This is his family picture.

I'm sorry, but I need to go back
to the villa right now.

Wait a second.

No need to rush.
I will take you there.

All right.

Where am I?

This is the best body for my daughter.

A body filled with hatred and spite.

Avenge her hatred and spite.

After that...

your body will live forever.

And you will be my daughter
once again, Kumala.


- Inggrid.
- Lintang?

What's with all this mess?

I will tell you later.
What's important is you're awake now.

- What happened to your hand?
- I'm okay.

Are we going somewhere, Inggrid?

We're going home, Lintang.

Sekar is looking for a transport
at Mr. Cecep's place.

Putri Sejagat have to open themselves.

We've been hiding something
from each other all this time.

So you already knew about...



Where have you been?

You made us worry about you.

I really want to apologize to you.

I don't want to ruin our friendship
just because of Abi Manyu.

I'm really sorry.

Your clothes is so dirty.
You can use mine. Wait here.

Come in. I'll get you some water.

Here. Sit down.

You know what? A lot of things
happened to us when you were away.

I know.

How did you know?

Because I did it!

Langgir, it's me, Lintang!

Langgir, it's me, Inggrid.

Are you okay?




Snap out of it.

We are your friends.


Who are you?

I'm Sekar. Who are you?

I am Kumala Sari's mother.

Watch out!

Mas Rudi!

Mas Rudi!

Please, stop it, Mas Rudi!

We need to get out of here.
Where is the key?

It's under the rug.


Oh my God.

Kumala, leave her alone!

Begone, foul demon, leave this child alone.

- Come on, you can make it.
- I'm hurting.

You must be strong.
We have to go back to the villa.

You're strong enough.

Get up!


- Get up!
- Please, don't...

You ungrateful woman!

Soon, Kumala will live again.

No, you are insane!

Kumala has died.

I know! And it was all your fault!

You're not a good mother.

You can't bring her back.

Shut up!

Let's go from here!

We should go after Langgir.
She will try to unleash her hatred.

But Sekar is still out there!

We better go now.

You can't sell this house.
This is Dad's house and mine.


Where have you been?

Langgir! Stop it, this is your mother!


What are you doing?

Langgir, let her go!

What are you doing to your mother?

Let her go! Langgir!

Hey, demon!

Don't you dare to touch that boy.

Leave her body.

Let her body go. Leave!

It's none of your business!

Show your true self, demon.

Kumala, can your hear me?

This is your mother.

Mother, please help me!

I will always love you, my child.

You can go in peace.

You can go now.

You can go in peace.

I'm afraid, mom.

Don't be afraid.

I will always be here with you.

You can go in peace, my child.





Thank God.

She's not breathing
and I can't feel her pulse.

No, it's impossible. Langgir?

Please wake up.


We have to help her.

But her body has been possessed.

No, it's still not too late.

Your friend's soul still exists.

Her body is just exhausted
from being possessed by Kumala.

Please hurry and call out her name.

It's not too late. Hurry up.

Kumala can only gain
control over her body...

if she manages to unleash her hatred.

- Her hatred over me?
- To all of us.

No, she hates her family the most.

Please wake up.

Don't leave me like this.

I can't let you go.

If you really hate me...

please just say it to me now.

I'm sorry.

Langgir, wake up.

You have to wake up!

Wake up, Langgir!

Langgir, wake up!


Langgir? This is your dad.
Wake up, everyone is waiting for you.


Thank God! Dear.

- Mom?
- Yes, dear?

Please forgive me.

Forgive me too, my child.


You just called me Dad?


Thank you so much.

I love you so much, Langgir.

Lintang, Sekar...


Please forgive me.

It's not your fault. But mine.

I'm sorry.

Mom? I missed Bakula.

Yes, dear. He missed you, too.

Langgir, this is your brother, Bakula.


I missed you so much. I'm your sister.

I love you so much.

Time for me to go.

Please take care
of our Putri Sejagat's base camp.

I'm sure the operation will go smoothly.

You have to come back to us.
And bring us a lot of gifts from Singapore.

We'll be waiting for you here.

Remember, you've promised to us,
that we will grow old together.

- So you have to come back.
- I will.

- We should go now.
- Take care.

Bye, Lintang.