Rasputin: The Mad Monk (1966) - full transcript

The movie chronicles the events of history's "man of mystery," Rasputin. Although not quite historically accurate and little emphasis is put on the politics of the day, Rasputin's rise to power and eventual assassination are depicted in an attempt to explain his extraordinary power and influence.

No point in me staying
here any longer, keep her warm.

If she recovers
consciousness give her a little brandy.

- And if she doesn't Doctor?
- Send for the priest.

Oh, my god.

Nothing more I can do.

- Owe you a fee Doctor?
- Yes, whatever you can afford.

- Business is not been good then?
- With my wife ill Doctor.

Good night.

Paul, if there's anything we can do to help.

If anyone wants me, just ring the bell.



- There's a sick person in the house.
- I can see that.

Nothing a couple of
liters of wine won't put right.


You don't understand?

It's his wife, she is sick.

Our mother is sick.

- There is fever in her.
- We know that.

There is fever in her.

But I shall draw it out.

The fever has left her,
I've taken it in my own hands.


It's burning...

Throw away.

Throw it away.

- Is she better?
- She won't die anyway.

Open your eyes woman, you're cured.



Is that you?



- Oh sir, how can I ever repay you?
- Bottle of wine, two bottles.

- No, no, no, that's that is not enough.
- All right then make it more.

Yes, yes. Anything, anything.

Fetch more lamps, let's
have some more light in here.

Lights, yes, yes.
Nikolai, get some more lamps.

Tell your daughter
to put on her prettiest dress.

- You're going to have a party.
- Party?

Yes, a party, your wife is cured,
what better reason for a celebration?


You'll have to watch her or
you'll be losing her to our stranger.

- Have you ever seen her dance like that?
- Who is he?

I don't know...

But he saved my Anna.

He's saved her.

Oh no, I couldn't.

- More wine my friend, have some more wine.
- Thank you.

Hello Michael.

- Have you seen him?
- How could I miss him?

- Who is he anyway?
- Nobody knows.

Only know he just
appears, gets drunk and goes.

But tonight he cured my mother
and the doctor could do nothing.

Then he insisted we have this party.

He's drunk three bottles of wine already,
that's the fourth he's starting on now.

No, no. Keep drinking, keep drinking,
keep drinking, it's good red wine.

Ah, she is a clever girl.

- Have you seen him dance?
- Yeah.

Tania is been dancing with him all night.

- I don't like it Vasily.
- No more do I.

- Hey, what you going to do?
- Show him a real dance.

Come on, strike up a tune.

He won't trouble us anymore.

Follow him.

- That's him.
- Have you anything to say in your defense?

- I was attacked, I defended myself.
- I'm not referring to this.

That's a matter for the civil authorities.

I mean your conduct in relation to
your cult, in relation to your church.

You licentious
behavior, your drinking, your...

your going with women.

During the time that I've been here...

you tried to teach me that
confession of my sins is good for the soul.


You also removed all
temptation from among us...

so there is no chance of any sin here.
I've merely tried to put that right.

When I go to confession I don't offer
God small sins, petty squabbles, jealousies.

- I offer him sins worth forgiven.
- How dare you blaspheme?

- You will be severely punished.
- Father please, father be merciful.

He saved my Anna's life, she
was dying, bring her back from the grave.

- Merciful? When he mutilated my son?
- What is this you just say?

From the grave father, he was a miracle.

- Is this another of your blasphemies?
- The woman was sick, I healed her.

- Healed her? How? With potions?
- With these...

Was your wife possessed to the devil?
Did he exorcise her? Prayed there?

- No, I touched her with these.
- It's true, father.

God would never bless someone
so deep in sin with such a gift.

- It must come from...
- The devil?

Who knows?

I only know I have
this power, I have always had it.

I can feel it burning
within me, driving me off.

It's here inside me, is in my hands.

And I warn you, I warn you all...

That I, Grigori
Efimovich Rasputin, intend to use it.

The power is mine
and I shall use it as I please.

Fools, what do they know shut
up in their cotton woven cages?

That's not living.
What do we have senses for?

Not to use them? Feel, Taste, Touch,

Stroke, crush.

You seem to know a lot about life my son.

Sometimes I think I
know everything little father.

You're a wasted here then, you ought
to go to St. Petersburg, to the court.

Tell the Tsar what to do.

They could do with someone like you there.
To tell them, someone who knows everything.

Is it really like what they say?

Oh yes, it's just like what they say.

It's like, like a fairy
story, building as big as...

And streets so wide that you could...

And palaces like and women.

Oh, I spent all night there once.

Got drunk and lost all me
money, never been back since.

You want a lot of money to live there me
son, it's not for the likes of you and me.

I'll get the money.

Ah, you may, I'll never go back there.

I got a surprise for you little father,
you're going back there right now.

- You fancy him?
- What?

- I said you fancy him.
- Well, he's big, isn't he?

- What can I get for this?
- This.

- Oh, look here's the Doctor.
- Hello Doctor.

- Good evening ladies.
- Good evening ladies.

Oh my dear, you're in form?

- Good evening everyone.
- Good evening doc.

- Give me what's on.
- Brandy?

Two bottles of wine.

- Well, who's going to take him on?
- Not me.

Here's 50 kopecks says the doctor
will out drink anyone of you?

- Isn't anyone going to take him on?
- Oh, go on.

Look here, he's got it already.

- I accept your challenge.
- All right, you're on.

- But I warn you, the doctor is no beginner.
- Nor am I.

She curving me, hasn't got
two kopecks to up together.

Hello dear, you came to buy us a drink?

You got more chance of an
invitation to go to the Palace's ball.

Peter, if you don't
get me out of here I shall scream.

What's the drop?

For one thing, I'm tired of having young
army officers stepping over into my feet.

Here, take this.

- This will take the bruising out you.
- Lovely.

The ball is very
packed, had a devil of a job to...

Sonia, you're not supposed
to drink it like that, you know.

- Oh, I was thirsty.
- You could use water on your thirst.

- That cost me two rubles.
- Two rubles?

- You're the sweetest brother in the world.
- I don't think I'm behaving like that.

- Oh, Ivan and Vanessa.

- Sonia?
- Hello Sonia.

- You're just invited to come with us.
- You're not leaving?

Such a bore here but Peter is going to
take us somewhere exciting, aren't you?

- Where?
- Well, I was thinking about The Tzigane.

- Don't.
- What's the game?

It's pretty rough, we used to
go there when we were students.

Somebody always
get drunk and start fighting.

Ah, sounds wonderful.

You're not here to enjoy it for yourself.

- Champagne, of course?
- Oh, yes.

- No, give me some vodka.
- The vodka is very strong.

- Good.
- As you wish.

- Did you see that?
- See what?

The bearded fellow, he
was staring at Vanessa.

- Who does he think he is?
- I wouldn't go.

Don't get excited Peter, sit down and enjoy
yourself, that's what you have come for.

- Yes, I know but...
- Peter, don't make such a fuss.

Come on, drink, drink, drink.

The winner must dance. Dance, dance, dance.

- You will apology for laughing at me.
- Now look here...

But I...

You will come to me and say you are sorry.

The impertinence of the man.

You will come to me and say you're sorry.

I'd like to teach him a lesson.

- If I hadn't tripped...
- Yes, yes Peter.

You weren't much help
either, what were you doing?

I think we all are better off
running away from that horrid place.

Don't you Sonia?


Did you see his eyes?

- Don't want another drink.
- Pay the bill.

The bill, you fool.

Get up, get up.

Where he lives?

Across the alley,
above the horse meat butcher,

The sooner you
get him out of here, the better.

- I'm sorry if I'm disturbing you.
- So am I, what do you want?

I'm sorry ma'am.

- I was here last night.
- Oh yeah, I remember Miss.

If you had something
stolen I can't be held responsible.

It was nothing like
that, there was a man here.

A tall, bearded man.

He danced.

I see.

I wish to see him.

- Do you know where he lives?
- Yes.

Tell me please, tell me.

Across the way, above
the horse meat butcher shop.


Be careful.

I'm perfectly capable of
taking care of myself, thank you.

You be moving on again soon, I suppose.

You got far to go?

You can't stay here, you know.

- I got things to do.
- What things?


Open the door.

I, I don't know who it is, it
might be somebody I owe money to.

I know who it is, open the door.

- Come in.
- Good morning Miss.

I have come to apologize.

- For last night.
- Apologize then.

- I am truly sorry.
- Good.

Now come around here.

Now kneel.

- Look it.
- Boris stay out.

- But I live here.
- I said out.

Go get some food, she will cook for us.

- I'm not a peasant woman.
- No?

No, you are not, are you? What are you then?

- What are you?
- I'm lady in waiting to the Tsarina.

Are you now?

Boris, go out and get some wine, some food.

What is your name?

- Sonia.
- Sonia, little Sonia.

You're very beautiful little Sonia.

You can't spend all day with
the Tsarina, what else do you do?

- I help and guard the little Alexei.
- The young Tsarevich?


The others are growing up, but
Alexei still has to be taken for walks.

- We take him mostly...
- We?

Myself and the other lady in waiting.
Vanessa, she was with me last night.

- You saw her.
- Oh yes, the pretty one.

Oh yes, the pretty one.

- What are the places you take him to?
- The forest, the lakes, the park...

Tomorrow we going to
Vanessa's home in the country.

The river there is frozen.
Alexei likes to skate on it.

Isn't that rather dangerous
for so precious a child?

I have to watch him very carefully.
He doesn't like that very much.

So you have to watch him
when there is any danger.

Come in, Boris.

Fool away about Boris, he was a doctor once.


Stand over there.

Now look into my eyes.

- Your eyes?
- My eyes.

Look deep into my eyes.

Think only of me.

Shut out all other thoughts for your mind.

Think only of me.

You will listen to what I tell you.


and obey.


Tomorrow you are taking the
little Tsar to the frozen river.

While you are there, you will see to
it that he meets with an accident.

An accident, you understand?

- Accident.
- He will be hurt.

You will say that you know of a
certain holy man who can cure him.

And you will send for me.



It won't work.

- She won't obey.
- She will do exactly what I told her to do.

- But what if he's killed?
- He won't die.

And you won't talk Boris.

Wake up Sonia.

You can get dressed now and go.

When shall I see you again?

As you soon as you've
done what I told you to do.

Told me?

- What do you mean?
- You'll see.

Now get dressed.

You got any money little Sonia?


Leave it. On the bed.


A toast. To me, Rasputin and the little Tsar.

Alexei, where are you?

Come along.

Oh, come snowgouse, you know she
promised to take me skating, you know.

- Be careful.
- Vanni, Vanni, we're here.

- Hello Alexei.
- Have you got the skates?

I'm just getting them.

Alexei careful, you'll slip.
Careful, careful, you'll slip.

He is unconscious, but
he's still breathing...

- What's happened?
- He must've slipped.

Oh, my poor baby, Alexei, my darling.

You're so hot, my darling.

If she would just let me
take me him to the hospital.

Where I keep him under
proper medical supervision...

where I have facilities to
make a proper examination.

We are in His hands now.


I shall return in an hour.

You're not leaving.
You must not, you can not leave.

But there's nothing more I
can do here at this time madame.

But if you allow me to take
his highness to the hospital...

No, this is his home.

He is the Tsarevich and he belongs
here in the palace with his mother.

- But we could try this new ray...
- No, no, no, no.

Then there's nothing more I can do.


What can I do my lord bishop?

- What can I do?
- We can only pray, your Majesty.


Yes, we must all pray.

Oh Lord, look down on this
miserable sinner and have mercy.

Save our child...

who will one day be the Tsar of all Russia.

If it's your will that
he'll be spared, save him.

Not only for his mothers sake...

but for the sake of all his loyal
subjects who love and respect him.

Save him, oh Lord.

Have mercy.

Save the life...

of my little boy.

- Amen.
- Amen.


I know of a holy man.

I feel, perhaps you should send for him.

- Order for more.
- We haven't got anymore money.

- There's plenty more where that came from.
- I haven't a kopeck left.

- Are you Grigori Rasputin?
- I am Rasputin.

I have a message from her
imperial majesty, the Tsarina.


Her Majesty wishes that you
should attend her at the palace.

May I know the reason?

It may have escaped your attention
here but the Tsarevich is seriously ill.

I've heard that.

Apparently you have been
recommended to Her Majesty as healer.

So Her Majesty wishes
me to heal her son, that is?


Will you tell Her Majesty that
I will be pleased to come.

But I must first go to the
cathedral to pray for the boy.

Then I will come straight to the palace.

Will you also tell her...

that she need fear
no more, her son will recover...

as from this moment.

- Now he's breathing certainly easier.
- Thank God.

You say that holy man is on his way?

As soon as he has completed his
diversions at the cathedral madam.

It seems that his prayers had been answered.

I hardly think that.-

But however it's happened
he's certainly improving and...

it's certainly nothing that I've done.

- God moves in a mysterious way.
- Indeed.

When this man arrives,
will you please let me know?

I should like to meet him.

- Are you the holy man?
- I am Rasputin.

My son.

- Your son will recover by morning.
- May God bless you.


- You must be rewarded, minister.
- I require no reward.


Alexei, my baby.

Come in little Sonia.

- Grigori.
- What do they say about me?

They say that a
mysterious holy man appeared at...

the palace and
saved the life of the Tsarevich.

They say he must've been sent by God.


And that he must be
found and suitably rewarded.

Well done.

- I don't understand.
- Don't try little Sonia.

- Peter? What do you doing here?
- You slut.

- Be careful.
- You're behaving like a common whore.

Rasputin, a fine man, those eyes...

You know that he refused any reward for
what he did, for that miracle he performed?

Yes madam.

There can't be many good
men like that in Russia today.

Greed, ambition, corruption...

My court is full of it, I'm sure
I don't need to tell you, you've eyes.

You know what goes on.

Do you know where he could be
reached again, this Rasputin?

- I think I could find him madame.
- Good.

Find him.

Tell him he must accept a
reward, I say so, it is an order.

- Very good madame.
- Ask him to name his price, anything.

- Will you do that?
- Of course.

Good, and now...


- Madam, are you all right?
- I, I'm not feeling at all well lately.

With the shock of
Alexei, I'm not at all well.

- Have you seen your doctor?
- Doctors, what good did they do Alexei?

- I'll get you some brandy madam.
- No, I was wondering about Rasputin.

If I could go and see him.

Tell her...

tell her that I can not possibly
see her here for obvious reasons.

Tell her some other place has to be found,
somewhere more suitable for our meeting.

Somewhere where I can
continue my heeling, you understand?

Not bad, hey Boris?

Not bad for a peasant.

- You're lucky all worked.
- Lucky? This is only the beginning.

She is giving me this. What is it really?
It's only a house and she has all Russia.

She has so much to give, come.

But Ladies, may I have your attention.

I regret to say that the master will be
unable to see any more patients today, so...

will you please leave, this way.

It's outrageous, I paid for my
consultation, I intend to have it.

Then you shall have it madam.

Stop eating like a pig
and take more exercise.

Ladies, ladies please, thank you.


- Your Imperial Majesty.
- Good morning Grigori.

- Can I offer you?
- I require nothing, thank you.

Are you still happy here Grigori?

Happiness is not for one
of my calling Your Majesty...

surrounded as we are by sorrow and sickness.

But I'm content,
I have my work, I ask for no more.

- You are so good Grigori.
- You are so pale madame.

- How are you feeling?
- Terrible. No, better.

Oh, I, I don't know.

I only seem to feel well
when I'm with you Grigori.

- You are too kind madame.
- No, it's true.

- Sometimes I wish that it weren't.
- But why?

Because I've come to depend on you.

It's not good to depend on others.

But Your Majesty all Russia depends on you.

You give too much of yourself.

That is why you come here...

to relax.



Now look into my eyes.


Look deep into my eyes.

Think of nothing else.

Everything else is darkness.

There is no thought.


Only my eyes.

Now sleep.



Going to have made you court physician.

But you can't, I've been
struck off from medical register.

Then I'll have you struck on again.

Besides I need someone at court.

Sonia is no value or
use to me, she's becoming a bore.

But it's madness, the
doctors council will never stand for it.

They'll do whatever she tells them.

- I, I don't like.
- Well, this could be the first step Boris.

You might become minister of state, anything.

I could do it.

Yes, I know you could.

Your Dr. Siglov is no good to you.

No good.

- No. Please don't.
- You will dismiss him.

And appoint Dr. Zargo
as your personal physician.

Do you understand?

I understand.

Congratulations Doctor.

How are you feeling?


Oh, so much better.

You are so wonderful to me Grigori.

Am I to understand that you are
responsible for my dismissal today?

I know the Tsarina came here this morning.

And immediately on her return gave
instructions that I was to be dismissed.

- I'm putting two and two together.
- Well done.

You were right to say that
the Tsarina was here today.

She had a headache but you
weren't been able to cure.

- Imaginations.
- Oh, I quite agree.

But nevertheless I was able to cure that
imaginary headache and you were not.

And you advised her to dismiss me.

Before you go Doctor there's
somebody I like you to meet, Boris.

Stop meddling about with your
foul concoctions and come out here.

Doctor, allow me to present
your successor, Dr. Boris Zargo.


- I know that name.
- I'm very busy Grigori.

Weren't you involved in some scandal?

You were struck off the medical register.

- Wait till the Tsarina hears this.
- She already knows.

I always thought she was stupid.

- Now I know she is mad.
- Doctor Siglov.

You're speaking about Her Imperial Majesty.

Take care or you may lose something
more precious than just your job.

And you take care too Rasputin.

You're turning on too many people,
before long, one of them may turn violent.

I tell you Ivan, Rasputin is using
the Tsarina for his own filthy ends.

He'll twist her round his dirty little
finger, you know how weak she is.

He'll twist her until he has
her under his absolute power.

Then he'll destroy her, the court, all of us.

Unless we destroy him first.

- You're not serious.
- I've never been more serious in my life.

You mean murdering?

- Assassinating.
- Assassinating, murder...

- what's the difference?
- There's a great deal of difference.

Not to me.

I take it you refuse then.

I most certainly do.


Peter, if didn't think you were half out
of your mind, I'd make you regret that.

What is really wrong? It's Sonia, isn't it?

- She's been sleeping with him.
- But yes, everybody knows that.

Peter, Peter, he makes no
secret of anything that he does.

What do you want?

I wanted to be with you.

Is that strange?

It's boring.

What have I done Grigori?

I'll tell what you've done,
you've served your purpose.

I don't want to see you again.

- Go away, you disgust me.
- I disgust myself.

Oh Grigori, what do you want of me?

- What am I to do?
- I'll tell you what to do little Sonia.

Your pretty little
friend Vanessa, get her for me.



I'll kill you.

Devil, I'll kill you. I'll kill you.


Go home, go home, get out of this.

I'll kill you. I'll kill you.

I'll kill you. I'll kill you.

Look out, it's acid.

You want to kill me Sonia? Kill me.

Look at me.

- No.
- Look at me.


you will do exactly what I tell you to do.

You will leave here.

You want only to destroy yourself.

- Grigori, no.
- Do you understand?

You will go away and destroy yourself.

Where you going Boris?

Away, from you, anywhere.

So little Boris wants to run away?

- After I've done so much for you.
- Keep away from me Rasputin.

I don't have to come after
you, you stupid little drunkard.

- I can destroy you any time I want.
- You're mad, you realize that?

- You're insane.
- Me?

Oh no, little Boris.

You're the one that's mad if you think
you can do without me, you can't.

You'll come crawling back.

If you don't, I'll crush you Boris,
I'll find you and I'll crush you.


Oh, oh dear.

- You feel better for it?
- Feel worse.

- What we doing here?
- You insisted on coming here Peter.

You remember the last time we were here?

Now, that's what you are to forget.

- Come on have another drink.
- We were sitting here.

And they were sitting over there.

- I'm going to punch him.
- You're no doing such thing, sit down Peter.

Hey, you there.

- Where is your friend?
- Shut Peter.

Gentlemen, I wonder if I might
ask you to spare me a minute?

- How dare you? Nothing, you drunk.
- Come on.

I admit that I've been drinking, but only
enough to see things what they really are.

And to understand what
must be done about Rasputin.

- Calm.
- Believe me, I appreciate your feelings.

But what I've to say is
of the utmost importance.

- Do we have to put with all this?
- Alright gentlemen, we're closing now.

I really must talk to you,
isn't there anywhere we can go?

- Please.
- Alright.

My place.

He has the Tsarina in his absolute power.

Under hypnosis he can
make her do whatever he wishes.

You understand what that means? He
must be destroyed before he destroys us all.

- That's just what I told you.
- It's not me I'm thinking off.

I, I died a long time ago.

When you say destroyed,
you mean just that, kill him?

I mean that he must be kill, yes.

No, I can't be party to that.

But I'm not asking you to
assist in the actual elimination.

I will do that.

All I'm asking is...

But you must forgive me for saying this.

But he's very much
attracted to your beautiful sister.

- Vanessa? She hates him.
- He could never believe that.

All you have to so is to go and
see him, I will tell you what to say.

If you use your sisters name to
lure him into a rendezvous, here say.

He will come and I shall see
to it that he never leaves alive.

- Do it Ivan, for Sonia's sake.
- Yes.

Poor little Sonia.

What do you mean poor little Sonia?

- Well, she's...
- Now what is it?

What he done?

Tonight he...

He told her to go away and kill herself.





My God.

He told her to do it.


Rasputin, come out you devil.

I know you're there.

Yes, I'm here Peter Vassilievich.

I am here.

What do you want with me little Peter?

My sister is dead.

You killed her.

That was clever of me.

Without even touching her.

You told her to destroy herself.

So she did as she was
told, what a good little girl.

Poor little Peter.

Frightened in the dark.

Careful Peter.

There are acids in here.

Good morning.

My name is Ivan Kolesnikov, we have met
before, though we were never introduced.

Am, am I disturbing you?


Then I shan't take up too much of your time.

What do you want?

Oh, this is charming, charming,
just as Vanessa described it.

- Vanessa?
- My sister.

She's lady in waiting for the Tsarina.

But then of course you know that.

Shall we go in?

Oh, how delightful.
This is really charming, charming.

Why you here?

Oh, to our mutual benefit, I hope.

There's nothing you can do for me.


Shall I leave then?

Say what you have to say.

I understand my sister very well.

She's constantly
telling me, if you forgive me...

just how much she dislikes you.

In fact she talks of
little else, you might say that she...

protests too much about you.

Go on.

Of course there is
something you can do for me.

I admit that, otherwise
I shouldn't be here, should I?

What makes you think
I'm interested in your sister?

She noticed the way
you look at her. How charming.

Now, I've been serving as a military
attache and promotion is terribly slow.

There is a position becoming vacant
in the Paris Embassy, which I want.

I want it very much.

I understand that you have some
influence with the Tsarina in these matters.

I could help you, yes.

Thank you.

My gratitude will be boundless.

Of course we must keep up
appearances, the family honor and all that.

So she couldn't come here.


at her home there is a charming apartment,
just away from the house and the servants.

It is proved ideal in
the past for entertaining.

Supposed my carriage called
for you here tonight at 10.

- I thought it was him.
- No, not yet, we'll hear the carriage.

He is a pig, he
won't be able to resist these.

No, don't touch that, is poisoned too.

I suppose poison offends
your code of etiquette?

You'd rather like tell us into
a duel, pistol at twenty paces.

I'm sorry.

- No news of your young friend?
- No.

No one is seen him since
he discovered Sonia's body.

Are you sure you want to go through with it?

Yes, I am sure.

I must.


Yes, you better hurry.

Good evening, this way.

It's safer going through the house.

This way.

Not too opulent, but rather charming.

Well, where is she?

Calm down you'd hardly expect
the lady to be here, would you?

I mean, for shear vanity,
she must keep you waiting ten minutes.

Oh yes, now the wine.
You do like it sweet, I'm told.

I'll try to hurry her up for you.


Don't, don't, don't touch.

In Gods name, how?

- Rasputin.
- Rasputin did this?

He won't die.

He is the devil, I've tried
to kill him, but he won't die.

Look out.


He's dead, Boris.