Rasmus på luffen (1981) - full transcript

Rasmus lives at an orphanage. He's OK, but wants a mom and a dad, and from time to time some comes to find a child, but they always chose little girls curls. Rasmus realizes he has to run away and find parents himself.

Stina! Come over here a minute.

So, so. Let's calm down a bit!

Boiled porridge... Yesterday it was
fried porridge. Talk about progress.

- Wonder what kind we're getting tomorrow?
- Burned porridge, perhaps.

- Be grateful for the food you get.
- You always have to be grateful.

That's right, Anna.


In Jesus' name at table have a seat,
may our Lord bless the porr.. food we eat.


You're late as always!

You know what I think of
children who are always late.

Go and find your seat.

This afternoon there is a couple
coming to pick one of you to bring home.

How nice it would have been if you could
all stay calm, so we wouldn't be ashamed.

- Who is coming?
- A rich shopkeeper who has a huge shop.

Rasmus, the guy is a shopkeep with a
store filled with candy. He's childless.

- If they would only pick me!
- They always pick girls with curly hair.

Are there nobody out there who
wants a boy with unruly hair?

- They only want girls with curls.
- I really want to be in a shop.

We two could be in charge of the
caramel section!

Go have a scrub! I don't bother to
clean myself. It's no use.

- But there are prominent people coming!
- Do you think there will inspect my ears?

"How clean his ears are!
This one we got to have!"

- I don't care to clean myself either.
- I'll do it any case!

Well, you are going to be in head
of the caramel department.

I'll help you.

- You're not mad, are you?
- No, but I'll have revenge!


I don't have time for you now, but
we'll get back to this, trust me!

- He'll get a hell of a beating!
- Help...

Well, well...

Your button, Elof!

It seems one always have to
be ashamed of you.


- Rasmus! Where have you been?
- On the john.

(Children laughing)

So your name is Rasmus?

Remember to nod when
you greet someone.

- Thank you.
- Be my guest.

What do you say now? Aren't they
picking the girls with curly hair?

We should find some parents

I have decided. I will escape
tonight. Won't you join me?

- Bah! Why would you want to run away?
- I'm fed up with this old orphanage.

Go then, but I'm not joining.

Are you going to sit here till
the moss starts to grow on you?

- We'll talk about that when you return.
- I'm not returning.

But who'll be my buddy, then?

Gunnar, you'll join me, won't you?


Albin, is it true that you have
royal blood in you veins? Tell us!

Yes, when I was a cute little baby
I was kidnapped.

When I grow up I'll return to
the realm of my rich father.

Everybody who have been kind
to me will be getting precious gifts.

What am I getting?
Peter, you're getting a steam engine!

Everybody who have been kind
to me will receive nice stuff.

I'll give you... a tin soldier. Maybe.

And what are you thinking of
giving me?

- Gunnar...
- I don't dare to escape.



Night and day...

...and the worst...

...and the worst are the mornings.

Hi kid!
Why do you look so scared?

Do you think I eat kids?

What kind of brat are you?

- Rasmus.
- Rasmus?

- Have you run away from home?
- Not from home.

Come let me have a look at you.

Come on!

I told you I don't eat kids.

If that was the case I'd have
to be darn hungry.

Have you run away too, mister?

Don't "mister" me - my name is Oscar.

The Celestial Hobo and God's own
cuckoo, that's who I am.

And I certainly have run
away from home.

- How come you are God's own cuckoo?
- Well, somebody has to be.

Our good Lord must have wanted there
to be hobos, since he created them.

I guess you only eat gruel with
raisins for breakfast?

- The ordinary grub isn't for you?
- Yes please, if Oscar has enough for two.

Not all farm ladies are petty.

The one who gave me this must
have know that I was meeting you.

Do you always bring along your
accordion when you are loafing?

I'd starve without it.
I play for my living, you see.

(Sings) Sad things
happened once upon a time...

And then the women weep
and I get some pocket change.

I too want to be a celestial hobo
and stroll around singing.

Kids like you shouldn't be hobos, they
should be at home with mom and dad.

I don't have a mom and dad.
I'm on the look for some.

- For what?
- Somebody who wants me.

Maybe you'll find someone. Keep looking.
Bye, kid.


Oscar, can't I join you
on the bum?

I can't have a kid
to join me!

- Please Oscar!
- No, no...

- Where do you come from?
- The orphanage... Vasterhaga. I won't go back.

Why did you run away, then?
Had you done something wrong?

- Maybe you had stolen something?
- Yes...

Well, so you're of that sort!

If you steal when you're on the
bum it's all over.

Then the police are all over you
before you have the time to sneeze.

Bye, bye!

- What was it that you stole?
- A rusk!

A rusk!
What a bandit!

Can't I be a cuckoo like you?
Methinks yes, said the guy with his head under his arm.

(Sings) I am so glad today
strolling around, feeling so gay

Could easily kiss twenty girls
without loosing my breath

How madly in love I am today
C'mon girl, why don't we roll in the hay

I'll carry you with me soon
we will only be seen by the moon

- How beautiful! To have a mother like that!
- Well yes, that would be something!

(Sings) On a little
breach by a lonely beach

a little bird once sang
many a fine tune

And I listened to
the musical woo

And he sang once more...

Here you are.

Thank you, mam!
Thank you, thank you!

This mark is a sign to other
hobos that are passing later.

It means
"Nothing to get here".

(Sings) Now it's summer, it's
sun The cows have left some dung

The old hag is having some fun
Stuff her mouth with cookies

Come here, little chick, come to me
And I will throw some cow dung on thee

Come and start up the chase
When you have wiped the dung off you face

No money, only some lousy cookies.
Not much of a dinner.

I wish that we would find
someone rich and beautiful.

- I hope you find that soon.
- You want to get rid of me, right?


Liander, give that boy some change.
You should be kind with the poor.

- I don't have any small change.
- Well, next time, then!

Next time will be better, said
the guy who soiled himself.


Close the door!

There is an old shirt there.
Take that.

Brrr! And I am also starving.

Well, maybe you should simply
have stayed at the orphanage!

What business did you have
to do out on the road?

- You want to ditch me, don't you?
- If I do I'll let you know.

Make sure that the fire
doesn't go out.

Kids like you shouldn't
be on the bum!

- Where are you heading?
- To America!

To get get some peace and rest,
but after a while I'll be back!

- Have you stolen them?
- Stolen... No...

You said that the police would be on your
back before you can sneeze...

Did I?
How wise I am.

But I can't let a kid starve because of
that, or because it pleases the sheriff.

(plays the harmonica)

(Sings) Stupid little
Manne he cooked some paste

He told Manne's mother
the whole family should taste

The boy cooked paste in plenty
It was enough for more than twenty

Said the mother to Manne
Who was to cook some paste

- Do you want one?
- Beautiful music...

...fill me more than eggs do.

(Sings) Then there was little Stine

No it wasn't
It was little... Saga

She was putting Bart
to bed

But Saga wasn't smart
Cause Bart he let a fart

You must expect that children
will let a fart when put to bed

Said the mother to Sara
who was putting Bart to bed.

I can't eat more than two eggs.

- Are you sure?
- Yes. Won't you take this one?


No, kids like you shouldn't be
on the bum.

(Sings) Here comes a hobo
man Whose hat is aslant

Here comes a hobo man
Whose hat is aslant

And on this hobo's side
There is a little ant

And on this hobo's side
There is a little ant

This little hobo just
joined in on the chant

- Come!
- Thanks for the ride!

Shall we buy something?
Do you like caramels?

Everybody likes caramels,
but I don't have any money.

Have I travelled along with a
millionaire without knowing?

May I sit with you?


Well, let's see which one we
should pick.

You can take them all.
I want you to.

No, one should always share.
One of them will do.

Oscar, I think we should save
those other caramels.

challenges may occur in life-

- when it is good to have a caramel
to comfort oneself with.

Oscar! How much you get to see
when you are on the bum.

Poor devils who have to march all
day. Let's cheer them up.

(Sings) At Eksjo the girls dance all
night And all the guys pick up a fight

At Hultsfred beach the dames will tease
Every soldier who is on his knees

(Soldiers sing) Adulating
adelideli Adelittan adelideli

Aderallalla, aderallalla
Adelittan adelidela

Listen to this city song
I keep on singing all night long

It sound just like a sharpened knife
Let's dance with the butcher's wife

Adelittan adelideli
Adelittan adelideli

Aderallalla, aderallalla
Adelittan adelidela

Good day, mam.

You wouldn't happen to have a
little bite for me and my hobo pal?

Paradise-Oscar again...
What are you doing again here?

- You got a slice of meat from me last time.
- Well yes, but I survived...

Who is this little guy?

It's a heathen child that I
have taken care of.

We are searching for a Christian
home for him.

Madame couldn't use a little
heathen, could she?

Heathen yourself.

Chop some wood, and I'll get you
something to eat.

Chop wood... Couldn't I rather
play you a tune?

but I'll do fine without the tune.

Chop wood... Can we see the menu
before we accept?

Out to the wood stack
and no loitering!

Oh boy, there have been plenty of
hobos chopping here before me.

I come in a bad mood when I
approach a wood stack.

Oscar, you are really
a lazy guy.

It's only that I am content with very little
- when it comes to working.

- Has nobody given you a proper job?
- Yes, it has occurred.

But for the most part people
are kind to me.

When I work, I really work
so hard that it's a sin.

I chop so that the logs
fill the air!

People keep a distance. I have
to put up a sign:

"Warning: Logs are flying. "

So nobody can say that I don't know
how to work.

The only thing is that I make too
modest demands when I work.

People have this strange idea that
one should always work.

I don't understand any of that.

Me neither when I was
at Vasterhaga.

No, but try to understand now.
Here is the axe!

Go on!

Work hard!
Like I always do!

(Sings) Lazy little
Ottar he was chopping wood

But instead he chopped a car
as fast as he only could

Little child who chopped so long
What is this wood you bring along?

Said the mother to Ottar
Who was cutting wood

Oh... Tiresome stuff, mam.

But now you should have wood
for four or five years.


Ah, herrings and warm potatoes,
that's the stuff.

Ham is good.

Oh, yes, ham
is also great, poppy.

- He's too young to be on the bum.
- But it shan't last long.

As a matter of fact he is going to
see his mother and father. In Minnesota.

In Northern America.
There they live as millionaires.

Of course, the lady knows
all about that.

And in Minnesota,
they have plenty of ham.

Ham is good.


When will you let me know?

Let you know what?

- What?
- That I'll have to leave you.

I can't just leave you when I don't
know if you have someone to live with.

What are you laughing at?

I dreamt that I sat
in a flat with a cat.

"I dreamt that I sat in a flat with a cat. "
Are you making songs?

Do you know what he ate?
He ate only herring and potatoes.

- Cats don't eat herrings and potatoes!
- Well, my cat did.

I dreamt that I had...

(plays the harmonica)

(Sings) I dreamt that I
sat in a flat with a cat.


And he only ate herrings and potatoes!
That's almost a song.

Yes, it's a song. Listen...

(plays the accordion)

(Sings) I dreamt that I
sat In a flat with a cat.

And he only ate potatoes and herring!

Believe it if you will
That puss sure had a thrill

Eating potatoes and herring.

- Ah, I like you so much, Oscar!
- And you sing really well.

(Sings) I dreamt that I
sat In a flat with a cat.

And he wagged his tail in the dance

Well, believe it or not
but these kittens are hot

when it comes to doing romance

I dreamt that I sat
in a flat with a cat.

Oh, how it hissed when I rose

Believe it or not
but it hurt me a lot

when that cat bit off my nose.

(Song and music)

- So much money!
- That's the workers' salaries.

Look how she counts,
that pretty thing.

I like money, but I never had any myself.
- Me neither.

Some people would do anything
for money. Don't end up like that!

But if it isn't Paradise-Oscar?!
Are you out strolling again?

- Got yourself kids on your old days?
- Sort of! Say hello, Rasmus.

That's Sju-Attan.
And that's Licesnatcher over there.

And this is
Summer-Jocke and Lill-Parke.

- This one is unknown to me.
- Rosasco Seramonsky.

Wanders the face of the earth and have
seen better days. Your humble servant.

- What's it called?
- Pretty Polly.

She has seen better days too.

But she can still pick a fortune
ticket for you, my friend.

Here you are.

Your servant.

Let's see if you are lucky or not.

"Follow your path without fear. "

"You will meet challenges, but they
will only be temporary. "

"Your path will be long with many
gates blocking the way"...

..."you will have to open them
before you can reach the goal"...

..."that Destiny has chosen for you. "

"... many
gates blocking the way"

Doesn't it say that I'll get
that cat I have been dreaming of?

Yes, here it says: "And you'll
meet a cat on your path"

Are you happy?
Go and rest over there.

- I have to go out first.
- Yes, let's go and piss both of us.

Good night... dummies!

See that? There is something
rotten going on.

What shall we do, Oscar?

- Good lord!
- Get the police!

Good, we won't get mixed into this.

When you're a bum, you have to
keep at a mile's distance from the law.

Let's get out of here in a jiffy!

Yes, Andersson! There is one!

You over there!

- What? What is it?
- You'll know later.

- Don't move!
- Come here!

- Yes, but won't you tell me why.
- All tramps are to be interrogated.

Here I lay sleeping innocently like
a bride, and then you come busting in...

...and wake me up like this.

- Is this the way to treat people?
- Quiet, or you get cuffed.

- Are you going to town? Can I come with?
- Sure.

- Hey, you.
- Hey.

- Do you know where the sheriff lives?
- I'll show you.

- The king is coming today.
- To see the sheriff?

- To town, to open the railway.
- The real king?

Do I look like two masked men
to you?

Tramps always get blamed for

- What did you do Thursday
- I ate peaches and ham.

That's all?

I mean, is that
all you did Thursday?

I certainly didn't dress up as two
masked guys and steal money.

I never stole a cent, the sheriff
can drink poison to that.

Well, maybe not drink it, but he can
jump up and sit on it.

We'll let Paradise-Oscar go, then.
For this time.

Yes, I guess it's
a mitigating circumstance-

- that I'm as innocent as a bride.

We'll let's say goodbye
for this time.

Excuse me! The gentleman forgot his
hat! That left you speechless, right?

And I who thought that you had started
tramping for yourself.

No, I'm not that petty.
Want a caramel?

"What did Oscar do on Thursday?"
Go to hell!

It's a challenge like it was described
in the fortune ticket.

- The hunger is setting in.
- Go steal some eggs, then!

Now I'm gonna boil my pal!
For ten minutes!

Here you see, here there is
money for a tramp-

- cause there is no woman more
generous than Mrs. Hedberg.

Why should people fuss and fight

Why should we all get fried

Why should people suffer all night

Just to please others' pride

Here you are.
Mrs. Hedberg isn't well today.

A cent... Where are you
heading, miss?

I'm going to see the king.
But go ahead and play.

I usually get 10 cents from Mrs. Hedberg.
The girl must have taken the rest.

Let's play anyway to cheer her up.

(Sings) The man said to his
old lady Won't you put a patch

on my bum, on my bum
put a patch on my bum

Have you heard the terrible news

It's all true
The king of America just

got shot, shot to pieces.
Tjolahopp tjang tjong faderalla la...

- Rasmus!
- When the king of America...

There's the little gate boy again.

Now you can give him a piece, Liander.
We have money now.

You, come over here!

It pays off to be polite and open the
gate for prominent people.

Is all this for me?
Thank you so much.

Promise me to be hard-working
and behave.

And to be honest and clean.

That way you'll get far.
As far as him, maybe.

Oh, king Rasmus the first...

The train is coming!

(song) Deep from the
heart of the Swedish people

a simple and unified song arises

to reach the king

Be faithful to him and his kin

Make the crown easy on his head

And put all your faith on him

You, peace loving people

Your majesty, ladies and gentlemen!

Oscar, that's Gunnar
and the whole gang from Vasterhaga!

...to the unveiling of another link-

- of the band of steel that is tying
our country together.

Where the iron horse makes it's way-

- there is a fruitful place
for industry...

- Licesnatcher, are you here too?
- I have been questioned by the police.

...between city and country,
from mountain to mountain...


...from coast to coast...

Did you say that we were in
Sando that Thursday night?

Well, yes, in passing. Since I had spent
the whole afternoon there myself.

- I couldn't deny it.
- You didn't say that I was there too?

- I may have mentioned it in passing.
- Seems you mentioned a lot.

What was I to do?

Rasmus! Let's go. Licesnatcher
talks too much. Get some food

Gunnar! Gunnar! Bye!

Four times cheers for king Gustav V!
Long may he live!

Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah!

(singing national anthem)
Thou ancient, thou freeborn, thou mountainous North,

In beauty and peace our hearts beguiling...

The girl didn't see it, because
she wanted to see the king.

- What times we live in.
- Poor Mrs. Hedberg.

- Her beautiful diamond necklace...
- What has happened?

- Mrs. Hedberg was robbed!
- She is still unconscious from the shock.

It was a tramp, and a little
boy he had with him!

(play the harmonica)

(Sings) Mondays I don't do a
thing, do a thing, do a thing

Tuesdays I see what the day will bring,
day will bring, day will bring

Wednesdays I stroll under skies
Thursdays I philosophize...

Yes, now the challenges that
you are always talking about start.

- Now I have to hide for the rest of my life.
- But, Oscar...

Yes, now that the sheriff
knows that I was in Sando on Thursday.

He thinks that a tramp with an accordion
has scared Mrs. Hedberg stiff.

And stolen her diamond necklace.
If she doesn't wake up I'm done for!

But you are as innocent as a bride!

The Celestial Hobo and God's own
cuckoo, but still I'm getting arrested.

(Sings) Fridays I do as I
please Saturday is weekend ease

No, it's really tightening up.

They can search till they get cross-
eyed. They'll never find us here.

Where have all the people who
used to live here gone?

I guess they have gone to
America every one of them.

- Didn't they want to stay any longer?
- It became too miserable out here.

But they had a great place to bathe. I
reckon there is nothing similar in America.

They could bathe in the clearest
waters in all of Minnesota-

- if they wanted to bathe,
that is.

(plays the harmonica)

The clearest waters in all of Minnesota...
I'd like to see that!

I say! You cleaned this place up!

I should clean my cloves
before I enter.

Does the gentleman want his
eiderdown here or elsewhere?

- Put it in the kitchen, in the bed.
- In the kitchen, in the bed it is!

It's really become stylish here.

Nice bed, Rasmus!


Oskar, imagine you were my dad
and we lived together in a house.

Would have been grand!

A tramp as a dad! Would have been
fine -fine as ham, no?


Of course.

Gosh, I'm really stuffed!

(sings) Wherever I go, wherever I turn
make sure that you're still my friend

Your days of youth will soon be gone
Your days of youth will soon be gone

They'll never ever
They'll never ever come again

No, they'll never ever come back again.

No, my dad is no tramp.

He has a shop with hot dogs
and candy.

My father is rich, but apart from
that he is like Oscar.

Good night.

He wraps the red silk carpet over me,
because mother is in Minnesota-

- and bathes in the clearest waters there
and writes in her letters:

"Soon I'm returning home and I'm
bringing along gifts to you all. "

- Oscar, do you think there are ghost here?
- Ha! Ha!

If there are, God's own cuckoo will
throw them in the lake.

(somebody whistles) -
Oscar, do you hear? - Yes...

How great it is to have lots
of money!

Your whole body sings, and even
your appendix crumbles.

- Can't we just take it all and leave?
- No, we're staying at the hotel...

...till the whole affair calms down,
looking as innocent as little lambs.

Put the necklace here.

Finally I will be able to live
like the gentleman I am!

Champagne, Russian caviar,

Madman! I will simply buy house in
Tidaholm, that way I know what I am.

In Tidaholm!
Yes, that way you know what you have...

Hilding Lif doesn't settle for petty crap.
He must have... the whole shit.

Help, I'm afraid.

- Wow...!
- That's a way to phrase it.

Tomorrow we'll bring it all
to the police, right?

Mrs. Hedberg's necklace!

No, we'll do it with cunning, the lady
said, and killed the lice with her toes.

We'll hide it all somewhere safe and
write to the sheriff to tell-

- where he can pick it up.

Newly picked flowers... in a bottle...
on a box...

Now you look like king Solomon
in person!

Yes, you have to be beautiful
a time or two in life too!

I want you to look like king Solomon.
You need to look more handsome.

(door opens)

Newly picked flowers in a bottle
on a box! Just like I said!

- It's gone.
- Search everywhere.

They can't have left the house!

Liander! Search everywhere!
Where are you? Look in the attic!

- Well?
- The tramp and the kid!

He's wearing the necklace!

Go, Rasmus! Run! Quick!

Get the kid,
he's running for help!


Lif!.Lif!. Come and let me out!

Rasmus! Rasmus!

Here I am!

- Where is he?
- He takes a nap! Where is the other one?

- I locked him up in the potato cellar.
- King of Giants! Give me the firearm!

I threw it in the lake. Was that stupid?

No, it was wise,
we are no great shots. Come!

I can't,
I have run several miles.

Little boy. Jump up here!
We have to leave, you see.

The faster, the better.

It's a sad thing, you tramps who
have to roam around all the time.

- And they don't get into heaven.
- Little-Sara has gotten that all wrong.

She thinks that she will get into heaven
because she sits on her behind all day.

- That can turn out wrong as well.
- We'll see how it ends.

He wants some coffee as well?

And a sandwich. But without
butter, that will have to wait.

Little-Sara is good and will get
into heaven.

Give this letter to the sheriff.
It's extremely urgent.

But I won't talk to him.
I'll simply hand him the letter and leave-

- or he'll start nagging and insist
that I be moved to the alms house.

- Just give him the letter.
- I don't want to. But I'll do it anyway.

The priest says we should be kind
to the poor. And Oscar is poor.

- What did you write to the sheriff?
- That I am innocent as a bride...

...and that the crooks stay at the hotel
and where I have hidden the goods.

- Where did you hide it?
- A secret place.

I don't want the King of Giants to be
mixed into this nasty business.

Look, Oscar! Look!
They are all from Vasterhaga!

The one running there is Gunnar.

I have to talk to him.

I'll stay and guard the clothes.

If there are someone who would
want those old rugs...



- Darn, how I have missed you!
- And I've been thinking about you every day.

- The Hag isn't here?
- She's over there.

- Have you found some folks to stay with?
- Sort of...

I don't know how it will turn out. I have
experienced lots of things lately.

Here at Vasterhaga things are still the
same. We work till we turn blue.

(blow the whistle)

Get up now!

Bye, Rasmus. To think that we may
never see each other again.

We must. After all I have never
had another friend like you.

I said now!

Be quick!

Rasmus! Come here now.

We have things to talk about
that are not at all pleasant!

Lisa, get Rasmus!




We sharpen knives and scissors!
Step up! Step up!

- Can you sharpen my scissors?
- Sure thing!

It will be sharper than you
can imagine.

Who wants to see the future?
Who wants to know of joys to come?

Come buy a fortune ticket!
Only ten cents!

The path of life can be winding...

(Sings) First we go rambling on the
road then we go behind the bush...

But first we go up on the road

Then we go behind the bush

Hey the way
It rips and tears

Hey the way
It rips and tears...

Take his gun!

I who am so easily scared that I
hide when the cat arches its back?

Little-Sara! The letter to
the sheriff!

The letter!


I want to talk to the sheriff!
Do you hear?

He's at a party, he has
no time for you.

He's at a party and here am I,
innocent as a bride!

Liar! You were in Sando and in Mrs.
Hedberg's house. You should be locked up.

I want to call you a fool, but I guess
there is a law against that too. -Certainly.

I call you constable, but I
really mean fool!

- Put him in the cell.
- What about the boy?

We'll have to get him
back to Vasterhaga.

(blows the whistle)

- What odd farmers!
- I ended up with nothing.

Where did you run from?

Do you see what I see? The little punk.
Then the tramp must be near.

When you see this sign you know
there is food to get.

And this...
It means that there is money around.

And if you see a sign like this on a
door or at a gate...

What does it mean?

- Angry dogs and violent men.
- You learn as quickly as a fox!

- Better be careful with dogs and brutes.
- Be good and get us some water.

(sings) Wherever I go wherever I turn
make sure that you're still my friend

Wherever I go wherever I turn
make sure that you're still my friend

Your days of youth will soon be gone
Your days of youth will soon be gone

They'll never ever
They'll never ever come again

- Where is the tramp?
- The sheriff's got Oscar.

- Then he'll blame us.
- Now is the time to keep our heads cool.

Answer quick. Did Oscar have the
money when the cops got him?

No, he's hidden them somewhere
secret, but I don't know where.

What would you say if we got
Oscar out of jail for you?

- That would be kind of you.
- Well, we are kind guys!

If they get the money they'll
help you escape.

You can't do business with crooks,
didn't you know, my boy.

But we could go loafing.
I have nobody else.

Damn sheriff who is at a party!

Berggren! Andersson! I want to speak
to the sheriff! Get the sheriff here!

(motor starts)

(motor stops)

- Have they treated you badly?
- Yes...

The police will only have them-
selves to blame if I escape.

They don't believe me, so I might
just as well go. Bring them here.



- Yes, Oscar! The letter!
- Too late!

- But I delivered it.
- Too late, Little-Sara.

So, you thought Hilding Lif would
be tricked by a simple tramp?!

- So the money is hidden here.
- No...

Where is it then?
Tell us!

Fish or fowl or in between?
Where is it?

I think...
I think I have forgotten...

- You have yourself to blame!
- No, don't shoot!

Then the sheriff also has
himself to blame!

Drop your guns!

I object!

You should... The tramp is the...

Watch the shirt cuffs
if you are putting those on me!

Sheriff, I am as innocent as
a bride

If you have more letters I could
deliver them.

One should pity those who are poor
and won't get into heaven.

I am truly sorry I had the slightest
suspicion and admit my mistake.

Now you see, said the blind man
while he cut off his eye lids!

- It's good everything got solved.
- I gave Mrs. Hedberg the necklace.

She told me how happy she was.

- Glad she is well! And I am free to go?
- A moment.

Andersson! We must get transport for
the kid to Vasterhaga.

Don't let them take me away!
I want to be with you!

- Kids like you shouldn't be loafing.
- Only till I find somebody who wants me.

If there are anyone
in the world who will keep me.

I have opened sixteen gates
on my path of life. I counted all.

- There are many gates on this path.
- How do you know? Walked it already?

Many times.

Here comes Nilsson from Rocky Farm.

A rich farmer - with a big farm.

What a polite little gate opener.

And there is Oscar too.
So you are back in these parts?

Will you join me for
some food at my place?

What do you say, Rasmus?
Of course!

He must be the smallest tramp to
have sat in my kitchen.

Will you get the malt beer, Lise?

- You don't like it at Vasterhaga?
- I don't want to be there.

Nope, and now he is out looking
for a mom and dad.

We have been thinking of getting
a foster child, but never got around to it.

No, we but never got around to it.

- You want a girl of course?
- No, a boy.

We have nobody to leave the farm
to and no kids of our own...

Yes... we were thinking of
getting a boy.

- With curly hair...
- Yes in fact. How did you know?

To think of it I always imagined him
with curly hair.

But I guess we could go for
a boy with different hair too.

If I were you I'd go for the King of
Giants with unruly hair!

- Would you like that, Rasmus?
- Stay here a while...

...and we'll see how we
get along.

This is a nice farm, Rasmus.

- You'll be fine here.
- Yeah.

But there is no cat here like the
fortune ticket said it would be.

You can't get all you want
in life, you know.

I guess I have to say goodbye.

I'll sleep in the barn and will
be on my way early in the morning

Thanks for letting me join you
loafing, Oscar.

What a nice little ruffian you are
with your unruly and scruffy hair.

- Good night, King of Giants!
- Good night.


Come in.

- Good morning, Rasmus.
- Good morning. Have you slept well?

Have a seat.

Eat all you want. Here is sausage,
eggs, porridge and bread.

Is there anything wrong?

- What?
- I'd rather be with Oscar.

I see. Why would you rather
be with him?

I've gotten used to Oscar.
I'd rather be with him.

Don't be sad. We'll see if there is
another boy at Vasterhaga for us.

Take Gunnar! He's best. He's got wiry
hair, but otherwise he's great.

I guess we'll have to take
a trip to have a look at him.

Pick him. He's good! He's the best!

Oscar! Oscar!

Rasmus! Rasmus!

Oscar must have left, you see.

If you hurry down the hill
you may catch him.


Down pick a girl with curly hair!
Pick Gunnar! He's the best!


Oskar! Oskar!

Hi! What now? Where are you heading?

I want to be with you, Oscar.
Please let me be with you.

So you want to let go of a farm with
horses and cows - the whole lot?

But Oscar,
why can't you be my dad?

You can't have a tramp
as father.

I can, if he's like you.

You want someone rich
and handsome.

- I think you're quite handsome.
- Oh yes... handsome as a bride!

I don't care if you're not rich.

I want to stay with you, Oscar.


(sings) - A fat boy called little
Phil - He was carrying some hay

- But Phil soon lost his will
- He had worked half the day

- Poor kid who is carrying hay
- You are far too slow today

- Said the mother to fat Phil
- Who was carrying some hay

Know what? When you are on the
loaf you own everything you see.

You have traded nothing.

Everything is ours! Wanting to go
strolling is no mystery then.

- The houses aren't ours?
- We can't care about that.

You have to have some house.

One like that one. I decide that
that house is for us.

And let's decide that cat is for
me - like in the fortune ticket!

Shall we sing here?

No. We'll sing as little as
possible... right now.

- But here tramps can both eat and sleep.
- Perhaps...


Martina! Darling...

So you finally show up?
Who have you brought along?

I had a son since last time.
He's so small you barely notice him.

Rasmus is the name.

How have you been while I was
away, little Martina?

What du you think? The gate is falling
off, the lid for the well is broken-

- the rain is getting into the chamber,
but apart from that all is well.

- Are you very mad with me, Martina?
- Yes I am.

But oh so glad I am to have you back!

- Oscar!
- Martina darling!

You're right little sweetheart
aren't you!

He's a strange one,
he is.

He'd rather have a tramp for father
than Nilsson at Rocky Farm.

This was a bit sudden. But that's
how it is with everything you do.

- Do you want to stay here with us?
- Does Martina want a boy with unruly hair?

One with unruly and scruffy
hair or none at all!

When you're not mad
you're an angel, Martina.

- Martina... Are they all mine?
- Yes.

- Don't you want any of them?
- No, I only want you.

What luck I've had.
Just like in the fortune ticket.

Now it's working time!
The gate, the well, the roof...

Do you love me, Martina?
Yes, that's what I thought.

What a douche.
A lazybones, that's what he is.

Not always. Sometimes he works
like a madman, he told me himself.

- He sure knows how to talk.
- Yes, and I hear real well too.

Do you love me Martine, now that
I fix your roof? Tell me!

Yes! But I'm praying God to replace your
tramp blood with some crofter blood!

But Oscar is God's own cuckoo and
can't be a farmer all the time.

- I guess not.
- Exactly.

And still he struggles for his
wife and his little boy.

Wow, that was hard work.
A real exertion.

Well, better take it a bit
easy in the start.

Let's go down to the lake
and cool down a bit.

Come on, King of Giants!
What hard work!

Oscar, you must go to Rocky Farm
tomorrow and drive some hay.

Didn't Nilsson tell you?
- Well, well. You have to struggle.

But one day at the time.

But next spring, Rasmus, we'll
take another trip, you and I.

(sings) Watch the tramp strolling down
the road Watch the tramp, God?s little guy

As soon as spring has come
He has to pack and say goodbye

Why do I have to keep on going?
There are other things I could try

So why do I keep on tracking
Maybe I'll end up in Shanghai

I want to be free as a bird
Free as a bird

And then I feel something calling me
Deep in my vagabond soul

I want to be free as a bird
Free as a bird

And then I feel something calling me
Deep in my vagabond soul

Watch the tramp strolling down the road
Watch the tramp, God?s little guy

As soon as spring has come
He has to pack and say goodbye

He keeps walking that endless length
He has a burning and restless soul

When the sun burns he gets mad
And that's where he gets his strength

He wants to be free as a bird
Free as a bird

And then he feels something calling him
Deep in his vagabond soul

He wants to be free as a bird
Free as a bird

And then he feels something calling him
Deep in his vagabond soul