Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai The Movie (2019) - full transcript

In Fujisawa, where the skies are bright and the seas glisten, Sakuta Azusagawa is in his second year of high school. His blissful days with his girlfriend and upperclassman, Mai Sakurajima,...



Does everyone have one now?


Then, let's try writing down
all of your dreams for the future!






Ma'am, I'm done!


- Me too!
- Me too!




Go slow along the direction of the fur.

You're getting pretty good at this,


But, I'm sorry...

I said I wanted to adopt Hayate,
but haven't gotten around to telling my parents yet.

Are your parents strict?

They are very kind.

If I said I wanted to raise a cat,
I'm sure they wouldn't object.

That's why I can't bring myself to ask.

I'm sorry. Doesn't make much sense, does it?


It's been a while
since Shoko was here, hasn't it?


But she said she might not be able
to come by again for a while.

Maybe she's going somewhere
for the holidays?

What are your plans, Mai-san?

It's not set in stone yet,
though I do have New Year's Day off.

But there's Christmas before that.

It'd be nice if we can eat a cake together.

You should spend this year with Kaede.

Christmas with my little sister?

If you do, I'll give you a present.

An erotic present?


What's wrong, Sakuta?
You're grinning so much.

Must be Sakurajima-senpai stepping
on his foot or something.

Want me to step on your foot, too?

It's not like I'm grinning because Mai-san
stepped on my foot or anything.

Azusagawa, you really are such a rascal.

You're bringing out the kotatsu.

Since we're eating hot pot.

It's not the same without a kotatsu, right?

Sakuta, help me out a bit over here.


Who could that be?

Good evening, it's me!


Sorry to suddenly come by so late.
I was wondering if I could stay for the night.

B-Big Brother...

What's the meaning of this, Sakuta?

C-Calm down, Mai-san.

I am calm. But what's going on?

I don't know. I'm the one that wants to ask.

Then we'll just have to ask Shoko-san directly.

Wait, Mai-san! Knife, not with the knife!

Oh, that was so good!

I'm really sorry,
but thanks for treating me dinner, too.

I'll make the meals starting tomorrow.

Wait, "starting tomorrow"?

Your stay isn't just for tonight, then?

I have nowhere else I can go.

How long do you plan on staying?

Forever, if I could.


Thanks for the meal.

Well, please make yourselves at home.

First of all, who exactly are you?

How are you related to
the middle-school Shoko?

They're both me, Shoko Makinohara.

I suddenly grow older every once in a while.

As I said, I suddenly grow older
every once in a while.

Is that puberty syndrome as well?

Seems that way.
I can't go home looking like this, you see.

So I have no place I can go.

If that's the case,
please stay over at my place.

I couldn't trouble you, Mai-san.

But it's all right for you to trouble Sakuta?

Sakuta-kun, are you troubled?

Eh? No, I'm not troubled,
but it's more like...

If you're satisfied with
your relationship with Mai-san,

you won't have any
weird feelings for me, right?

You are satisfied, aren't you?

Y-Yes, of course.

Then, there's no problem
if I stay here for a little while.

Regardless, a no is a no.

What's fine is fine.

No way.

Besides, there wouldn't be a problem
even if something happens.

I am rather fond of Sakuta-kun myself.

Oh my, you're so messy.

Now, now. Are you all right?

Very well. If you insist on doing this,
then I will stay here as well.

W-Wait a minute, Mai-san!

Hold on. Time out. Calm down.

Please help me...


I met Shoko-san again.

You want tips on how to cheat?

Shoko-san is at my place right now.
Mai-san is there, too.

Don't rope me into the middle of a bloodbath.


Sakuta, get up already.

Come on, wake up.

I can't wake up
without my good morning kiss.

Oh, fine.

Then I'll go to school by myself.

Then, I'll be in charge
of the good morning kiss.

You can't.

After the discussion last night,
you allowed us to live together.

I didn't allow it!

Why not just two-time them,
and upgrade from a rascal into a sleazeball?

Stop with the preposterous nonsense.

So is that book interesting?

It's interesting.


"Superstring theory."

Is that some theory
where Mai-san has me on a string?

That's a different string theory.

It's not even a theory.

Senpai, your eyes look dead as usual.

Well, yeah...

Oh, you're going home already?

I'm accompanying my sister
to the hospital for her check-up.

Well, I'll be going now.

Yeah. I'll be over at the waiting room.


Th-This is, um...

I wonder if it's about time
he runs into my younger self now.

Well, actually, I've always had poor health,

and I've been hospitalized
many times since elementary school.

I see.

That's why it was hard for me
to ask my parents about Hayate.

Due to my condition, they always
say "okay" to anything I ask of them.

I'm really happy they do,
but at the same time it's hard on me.

Somehow, it makes me feel bad.

I'm sure your parents know you feel that way.

Makinohara, how do you feel
about your father and mother?

I love them, of course.

Have you ever told them that?

I haven't.

I'd be a whole lot happier to hear
"I like you," instead of "I'm sorry" from someone.

I'd be up in the clouds
if someone told me "I love you."

Someone once told me
that her three favorite phrases

were "Thank you," "You did your best,"
and "I love you."

So, I think you can let your parents
spoil you some more.


She said she'll come pick up Hayate
once she's out of the hospital.

That's great news.

While I was talking to
middle-school Makinohara in the hospital,

did you exist by yourself
in this room, Shoko-san?

Who knows?

Nobody observed me,
so you could say it's an uncertainty.

I guess you could say
I was Schrodinger's Shoko-san?

Does your puberty syndrome
have something to do with your illness?

Let's see... Probably.

I have a heart disease.

Back in elementary school,

doctors said it might be hard for me
to live long enough to graduate middle school.

So for the longest time,
becoming an adult was a dream for me.

I want to go to high school. To go to college.
To become an adult.

Harboring such thoughts,
how I am here right now...

I think it's a projection of my young self's dream.

Big Sister, how long are you
going to stay over there?

Mm, just a little longer.

I'll call you again later.

After hearing such a story,
I'm not sure what we should be doing.

At any rate, I'll head over
to the hospital again tomorrow.

Please do, Sakuta.

I'll see if Futaba will join me.
Leave it to us.


Let me confirm one thing.

Middle-school Shoko doesn't know
that she sometimes grows up.

Am I understanding this correctly?

Shoko-san said she's never
met Makinohara directly,

so she probably doesn't know?


How are you feeling?

Sakuta-san! You came by!

I brought Futaba with me today.



It's a sudden visit, but are you okay with it?

Yes, it's totally fine. I'm happy you did.

I'm glad.

Were you studying?


Actually, this is perfect.

Can I ask both of you for some advice?


"Future plans"?

What about it?


I filled this out during class back in 4th grade.

I couldn't mention it last time,
but due to my illness,

it'll be hard for me to live through middle school
without a heart transplant.

A heart transplant.

That's why I had so much I wanted
to write down for my future plans,

But I just couldn't bring myself
to write anything after middle school.

I thought I'd love to fill it out someday,
but I just couldn't get myself to.

In the end, I never completed this
before graduating from elementary school.

But this is your handwriting, isn't it?

Yes, but... I didn't write these down.

Maybe you'd forgotten that you wrote them?

When I saw it before being hospitalized,
there was nothing written there.

That's really strange.

Are all of these what you wanted
to write down back then?

It's slightly different.

If anything, it's closer to
what I'd want to write down now.

Then how would you continue
filling it out now?

First of all, I'd like to go to college.

It'd be nice to find a wonderful boyfriend.

Then we'd start living together.

It would be best if that leads to marriage.

Married while in college?

Yes. My parents married each other
while they were still in college.

Can I take a picture of this?


I'll give it some thought.

For now, if we were to define
the existence of the older Shoko-san,

she appeared to act upon
the future plans

that Shoko wasn't able to write on the printout
back in elementary school.

That, or to preemptively experience
a future that may or may not occur.


This is about all I can do for now.

So what are you going to do about it, Sakuta?

What am I going to do?

Marrying Shoko-san.

Hold on. Don't leap to conclusions!

Isn't "Meeting the boy of my destiny"
on the printout about you, Sakuta?

And isn't it referring to when you met
the high-school Shoko-san two years ago?

If so, the current Shoko-san is
a continuation of that, a college version.

And that means she showed up
in order to marry you.


I'm coming in.

Yes, please do!

I hope I'm not bothering.

No. Thank you for dropping by again.

You put a tree up.

Yes, but I hope to be discharged
before Christmas.

And I hope I can go see
the illumination at Enoshima again.

The illumination at Enoshima, huh?

It's really beautiful.

Aren't you seeing it with Mai-san?

She said she still doesn't know
her work schedule yet.

She sure is busy.

Um, if that's the case,
would you like to go with me?

With you, Makinohara?

W-Well, it doesn't have to be
on the day of Christmas.

We can invite Rio-san and Kaede-san too,
and we can all go together.

When you're discharged from the hospital,
we can celebrate that.

Yes. I'm excited.

Oh, by the way, Sakuta-san...


That thing from yesterday...

There's more.

Yes. There's more.

I am rather fond of Sakuta-kun myself.

In the end, do I have no choice
but to marry her?


How is your fever?

Pretty high. Where's Mai-san?

She already left.
Said she had work today.

Hey, Shoko-san...

What is it?

Is the Shoko-san that's here now the same one
that I met at Shichirigahama two years ago?

Sakuta-kun back then
had quite a twisted personality.

Thanks for everything back then.

Hold on, if you're going to rest,
please lie down properly in your bed.

I was saved by you, Shoko-san.

The one who was saved...

...was me, Sakuta-kun.

Sakuta-kun, what phrases make you happy
to hear from others?

My three favorites are "Thank you,"
"You did your best," and "I love you."

You did your best, Sakuta-kun.


Sorry, it's just me.


You can make excuses after you're better.

I'm sure Shoko-san was nursing you
all afternoon, anyway.

Have you gotten any better?

Better than this morning.

A bath might be too much,
but you should at least change clothes.

Come on.

It's fine, I'll do it myself.
It'd be bad if I infect you, Mai-san.

Let me at least do something
that a girlfriend would do.

Sakuta, this...

It bled the last time Shoko-san dropped by.
It's been like this since.

- It doesn't hurt?
- Not for now.

This is also puberty syndrome, isn't it?



You here, Futaba?

Yes... Yes...

He just came in, I'll hand him the phone.

I told you to not rope me into a bloodbath.


Is that you, Sakuta-kun?

What is it?

You're going to go on a date with me today.

But I don't want to.

Are you that afraid of Mai-san?

That's right, I am.

Well, this date will be beneficial to Mai-san too.

If I go on this date, will your puberty syndrome
be resolved, and Shoko-san will rest in peace?

That's correct.

I'll be mad if you're lying.

Let's meet up at the parking lot
for Shichirigahama at 1:00 p.m.


Then, see you later.

I'll tell Mai-san myself,
so keep quiet about this.

I wonder how Shoko-san
perceives her existence to be.

It can't simply be a future self that
the middle-school Makinohara is dreaming of?

Shoko-san is about college age now, right?

What do you think happened to her memories
in the six to seven year gap?

Maybe it's empty?

If my theory is correct,
she's hiding something tremendous from you.

She is...

Shoko-san, are you okay physically?

I'm totally healthy. In other words, I'm fine.

You don't need to sound comical
or anything right now.

I'm trying to liven up our date.

But, thank you for worrying about me.

Shoko-san, are you familiar with this area?

Well, yes.

Seriously, where are we going?

Right here.

I don't flippin' get it.

Thank you for participating
in our guided tour.

This way, please.

Please head inside.

Would you like to try on a wedding dress?

Maybe not the dress...

No way. You should try one on.


Can I make the request?

Of course. This way, please.

Sorry to make you wait.

Your mouth is gaping open.

I'm surprised because you're so beautiful.

Then it was worth all the time spent
picking one out to show you.

Please take your time.

Do you think a free guided tour
is enough to satisfy you?

You'd have to ask my younger self.

You actually know without asking her,
don't you, Shoko-san?

That scar on your chest...

You were able to get that heart transplant.


So, you came here from the future.

Are you mad?

Not really.

I just feel relieved.

That Makinohara manages
to go through a successful operation.

Yes. My little self will receive
a transplant operation soon,

and will overcome her heart disease.

Everything about the puberty syndrome
should be resolved by the time Christmas is over.


I can only spend up to Christmas with you.

So, will you give me one last memory?

Of what kind?

A memory of my first love.

I don't know why you're so fond of me.

There were plenty of reasons
why I'd be attracted to you, but...

You gave me the opportunity to raise Hayate.

But that's...

You were also the one who taught me

that it was better to say "thanks" and "I love you"
instead of "I'm sorry" to my parents.

You came to visit every day when I was
overcome with worry on the hospital bed.

All the feelings for my first love
remain in my heart for no one to hear.

So you need to take responsibility for it.

What should I do, then?

On the night of Christmas Eve, please go see
the illumination at Enoshima with me.


Beginning on the 23rd, Kaede will
be staying over at her grandfather's.

I haven't heard of such plans,
and besides...

Mai-san will have time off from early evening.

Please decide.
Whether you'll spend time with me or Mai-san.

Shoko-san, I...

You don't have to say anything.

I will be waiting.

6:00 p.m. On the 24th,

at the entrance to Bentenbashi
in front of the dragon lantern.

How was the date?

Just like your theory, she had a scar
on her chest from an operation.

So you saw Shoko-san's breasts.

It's not like I stripped her to see it, though.

But how did Shoko-san come here
from the future?

It's likely better to say "she arrived at the future"
instead of "she came from the future."

"Arrived at the future"?

When we visited Shoko the other day,
she was surprisingly more vocal about her worries.

She was wishing for her body
to just stop growing altogether.

But she told me she wanted to show
her parents how she'd end up as an adult.

Maybe the Shoko that wishes
to become an adult

and the Shoko that refuses to grow up...

Those two existences are the cause
of her puberty syndrome.

What do you mean by that?

The Shoko that refuses to grow up
is likely trying desperately to stop her internal clock.

What if, as a result, the world that she sees
has drastically slowed down,

and everything in that world
is moving in slow-motion?

What if we, and the Shoko
who wishes to become an adult,

saw that world from our perspective,
what would it relatively look like to us?

We're talking quantum physics, my favorite.

Nope. It's about the Theory of Relativity.

Like the Japanese fairy tale
in which when you returned from Dragon Palace,

several decades had passed on land.

So Shoko-san is kinda like Urashima Taro, huh?

Right. Because time moved faster
for the Shoko that refused to grow up,

she arrived at the future ahead of us.

I'm home!

Oh, welcome home, Big Brother.

Yup. He just got home.

Yup. All right, see you.

Who's the call from?

It was from Dad.

He said Grandpa and Grandma
really want to see me.

Mai-san called a few minutes ago, too.

Said she wants you to pick her up
at the train station around 9:00 p.m.

Apparently, she has something to talk about.

Something to talk about?

Please keep today's chat a secret from others.

It'd be terrible if the future changed
and I couldn't have that operation.

The film shoot is going well, so I don't have
any plans from early evening.

About the 24th...

We're going on a date.

How about we go see
the illumination at Enoshima?

I'd rather go see the jellyfish at the aquarium.

The one that's being advertised
in the trains lately?

Yeah, that.

I kinda got curious
after seeing the ads every day.

You like jellyfish?

I think I'd like jellyfish
that I watch with you.

I see...

Then I'll head straight from work, so can we
meet in front of the aquarium at 6:00 p. M?



Senpai, did something good happen to you?

You're grinning and stuff.

More like did something happen to you, Koga?

Eh? Why?

Your upper arms look chubbier.

You're so cruel, Senpai! I'm supa pissed off!

Sorry, I'm late.

Not at all...

I'll come a little earlier tomorrow.


There's yet another entry.

That's right...

Um, Sakuta-san...

My illness isn't getting any better.

The symptoms are held back
with medication for now,

but it won't be effective for the long term.

I see...

Yes, so that's why...

I don't want you to visit me anymore.

No way.

I'll come tomorrow, and the day after that.

Well, there might be some days
that I can't because of work,

but until you're discharged,
I'll visit you every day.

But, I...


You gave it your best, Makinohara.
You really gave a valiant effort.

Sakuta-san, I...

To be honest... I didn't want to be sick either!

Why does it have to be me?

I want to keep living, too!

Live... Live... and I...

You've been doing your best every day,
more than anyone else.

That's why you don't have
to keep trying all by yourself anymore.

I'll be here again tomorrow.
And the day after that.

I promise you.




- Makinohara's condition has suddenly changed!
- Shoko...

- Verify the operation room, stat!
- Shoko...

- ICU is secured!
- How are the vitals?

This pain!

What's going on!?

Why does it have to be right now!?

Could it be...

That my...

Your heart is racing right now, isn't it?

Don't get me so excited.

I'm the same.

When I'm with you, my heart races.

I'm telling you,
it's bad for my wounds so please stop.

It'll be all right. I'm sure it will heal.

The wound in your heart,
and the wound on your chest...

I will heal them both.

I'll make sure of it.



There was a call saying you suddenly collapsed.
You surprised me.

I had a dream...
About when I first met you.

I see.

It was just like this back then, too.

This scar showed up on my chest, and...

Hey, Shoko-san...

My heart is the one inside your chest, isn't it?

In the end, you always notice these things.

I was given a future by you, Sakuta-kun.

What did you mean by that just now?

In ten days, on December 24th...

On the 24th, it starts showing in the afternoon.

It was on the way to the meeting place
that he promised with you, Mai-san.

Sakuta-kun was involved in a traffic accident.

How do you know such a thing?

I came here from the future.

It's true.

Even after being transported to the hospital,
Sakuta-kun didn't regain consciousness.

Eventually, he was declared brain-dead.

Then they found a donor card
among Sakuta-kun's belongings,

and I was miraculously able to
receive a heart transplant.

I see.

I found out everything after the operation,

when I tried to tell Sakuta-kun
that the procedure was a success.

That was when I heard everything
from Mai-san.

So please, spend a quiet Christmas
with a stay-at-home date this year.

But that's...

It's fine. My younger self still has a bit of time.
Please have faith in modern medicine.

Now, it's dangerous for me to stay here
for too long, so I'll be heading back.


Please take care of Sakuta-kun.

I wish it was all a lie.

You know, Mai-san...

I have no intention of breaking up.

We have to change plans
for our Christmas Eve date.

Nodoka won't be home since she has a show,
so we can spend it alone at my place.

We're going to visit a shrine
in the new year, too.

I'm sure it'll be a hassle
with all the people on New Year's Day,

so maybe around the end of winter break?


I'll make you some chocolate
for Valentine's in February.

I'll be graduating come spring,
but I'll be a strict tutor, so brace yourself.

And after a year's time,
we'll be going to the same college.


I want you to choose a future with me.

That is my request to you.

I won't stay over tonight.


So, good night.

Good night.


What about your club activities?

I saw you walking home,
so I took the day off.

Is that a confession of your love?

Azusagawa, have you been avoiding me lately?

I think it's just you...

I know about how you collapsed on Sunday.

And about how Shoko is now in ICU,
because I went to the hospital yesterday.

I see, so you already noticed.

I considered the possibilities.

After all, each time your wound opened up
was when Shoko-san showed up.

You're amazing.

My guess is that Shoko and Shoko-san
can't encounter each other due to quantum properties.

However, you ended up meeting Shoko-san...
Although the two are partially the same existence.

Because two copies of your heart exist,
when there should only be one normally,

you have that wound on your chest, don't you?

She said I was gonna get run over
by a car on the 24th.

Sakurajima-senpai knows about this?

She knows. She heard about it with me.

I can't say much of anything, but...
you two should really talk it out.

Yeah, you're right.



...don't want this.

How are your exam studies going?

Not progressing much because you're not here
tutoring me in a bunny girl outfit.

If I wore a bunny girl outfit,
you wouldn't be making progress for other reasons.

I might make progress elsewhere.


You know, Mai-san...

By the way, about Kaede...

She said she wanted to cut her hair
before going to her grandpa's, right?


A makeup artist I know has a salon in Chigasaki.
Why don't we take her, if she doesn't mind?


I can tag along if it's Sunday afternoon,
so you can ask Kaede for me?

Got it.

Um, and...

Oh, my break's about to end.
I'll call again tomorrow. See you.


I think it might be good
to lighten up this area a bit more.

- Yeah, she might look good with that, too.
- And why are you here, Toyohama?

I had an appointment today, too.
That a problem?

Anyways, about the 24th...

I'm heading straight home after the gig.

Don't worry. We'll leave some cake for you.

I'm not worried about that.

The chicken, then?

Sakuta, you really are a blessed guy.

What's this all of a sudden?

I mean, my sister of all people is the one
that's so excited to spend Christmas with you.

She's just been asking about what to cook,
which store to buy the cake from, what to wear...

Just imagining her
doing all that is so cute.

I'll never forgive you if you make her cry.

I'm done.

H-How is it?

I think it looks good.

Does it look a little over-the-top?

Looking over-the-top is someone like this.

I am so not!

Nodoka, sorry but can I ask you
to take Kaede back home?

Hm? What about you?

I have something I promised Sakuta after this.

Kaede, do you think you can
go home without me?

Big Brother, how old do you think I am?

Then, it'll be fine.

I'm glad Kaede is slowly
gaining independence from her brother.

Are you alluding to me with that?

I want you to flourish as a sister-loving idol.

Take good care of Mai-san.

Huh? What's that supposed to mean?

So, where are we going, Mai-san?

This brings back memories.
Do you remember going to Ogaki together?

That's already six months ago.

Which train takes us the farthest?

How far are you thinking?

Really far.

I want to keep changing trains
and go further than we did that day.

Starting now, I think Ogaki is as far as we get.

If we run out of trains,
we can spend the night in an unfamiliar city.

In the same room?

If you want to.

This story sounds like a dream.

And in the morning, we'll head out again.

We'll travel forever to a place far away...
a place very far away...

That sounds really fun...
But you're joking, right, Mai-san?

You're the one, Sakuta...

You're the one who needs
to stop joking around!

Don't talk to Nodoka and Kaede
as if you were saying goodbye!

If anything, something is wrong with you!

Don't give up all by yourself!
Don't decide without asking!

What am I to you, Sakuta?


Then, I'll bear the burden.
Shoko's life, together with you.

And so... I'll bear the burden of life!

Please, stay with me like this forever!
Stay by my side until Christmas is over!

Take a train and go with me
as far as we can go!

That would be really fun, wouldn't it...

But I can't.

Why not?

I still have school tomorrow.

Just be absent!

You have work again tomorrow, don't you?

I don't care about work anymore!

It means nothing compared to losing you

You know, I really love you.

It was a shame that you were always busy
so we couldn't go on that many dates...

But the person I want to be with
is the usual Mai-san.

That's the Mai-san I'm in love with.


Fine! I don't care if you hate me
as long as you stay alive!

Just stay with me like this!
Until Christmas is over!

After that, you can hate me all you want!

That's impossible.


I could never hate you.



Because I'll always love you.


I swear that I'll always love you.

You're a liar...

But I'm also a liar...

I don't want you to hate me.
Please don't hate me.

Welcome home, Sakuta-kun.

Is Mai-san back at her place again today?


Where's Kaede?

She's already asleep.

Shoko-san, I...

I didn't want to make Mai-san cry like that.

I don't want her to cry like that again.

That's why... That's why, Shoko-san...

Yes, what is it?

I'm sorry, Shoko-san.

I want to keep living.

I want to be with Mai-san forever.
All the way into our future.

I'm the one that needs to apologize.

I'm sorry I forced you
to make such a painful decision.

If I had done things better,
I wouldn't have made you suffer.


It's not your fault.
You put up a valiant effort.


You managed to tell me.

That's why you need to make Mai-san happy.


My happy, giddy days of living with Sakuta-kun
comes to an end today.


Take care.

I'm heading out.

For all of you, what kind of a year was it?

Isn't it cold today?

Seriously cold.

It's wicked, right?


Shoko's mother says
that she wanted you to see Shoko.

Sorry to trouble you all the time.

It's nothing.

You did your best, Sakuta-kun.

You put up a valiant effort.

She really is amazing.

Makinohara is still doing her best right now.

It's me.

Mai-san, I...

I had a dream last night.
Of us heading to a shrine in the new year.

You were bragging that you swore to the gods
that you'd make me happy.

That does sound like me.

It really is like you,
lying to me even in my dreams.

I won't let myself forget about you.

I will keep living with you.

Mai-san, I...

Why? Is it supposed to be at the next red light?

How about we go see
the illumination at Enoshima?

Please come see
the illumination at Enoshima with me.

Can it be, that from
the very beginning, Shoko-san...

This is insane.

Shoko-san is out of her mind.

She knew from the very beginning
that I would go to where Mai-san is.

That's why...

6:00 p.m. On the 24th,

at the entrance to Bentenbashi
in front of the dragon lantern.

Because she knew I'd never show up there.

Everything about the puberty syndrome
should be resolved by the time Christmas is over.

If I had done things better...

Take care.

What the hell?!

Something is seriously wrong
with you, Shoko-san!

Whoa! That was dangerous! Look out!

I can't let it end like this!

Please, let me get there in time!




My daughter... Mai...
Is she really...

We've done everything we could.
A true shame.


Give Mai back to me!

Give her back!



Why didn't you protect her, Sakuta?!

Why... Why... Why...

I'm sorry...

I'm sorry...

If only I was the one who died...

I see...

That's right...

Because I've been saved, Shoko-san...

I couldn't... protect anyone.


The door's unlocked.

Sakuta, you here? We're coming in!


I saw the accident on the news.

We called you so many times.

Sorry to make you worry.

You have four messages.
First message: 7:03 a.m.

Big Brother, it's all a lie, right?
Tell me it isn't so...

That something like that
wouldn't happen to Mai-san...

Give me the phone.

Sakuta, if you hear this message, please call us.

You can call your family on the move.
Let's go, Sakuta.

Where to?

Photos and videos of the accident
are making the rounds on social media.

There were a few with you in it, Sakuta.

I see...

You should stay at my place for a while.
The media will be surrounding this house.





We are at a funeral home in Tokyo.


Under the rain that began falling
since early afternoon,

Mai Sakurajima's funeral service is underway.


As many of you may already know,
four days ago, on December 24th,

actress Mai Sakurajima passed away
in a traffic accident.

That's exactly right...
Actually, the day before the accident—

I've never done anything like this before,
so there's some areas that I'm not confident in.


But Mai-san, I'm sure that the boy can't help
but be under your spell.

Who do you think I really am?

Though, I do have the upper hand.

I thought so!

But I'm sure my love for him is stronger.

Oh? Is that okay to say?
I'm sure he'll be watching this too, right?

Please help...

Please help...

Someone... Please save Mai-san...

I don't care who...

Please save Mai-san...

Please... I beg you.

I'm begging, please!

Please stand up, Sakuta-kun.

It's your job to save Mai-san.

Is it not?

Why... Why are you still here, Shoko-san?

I see. You still don't know, do you?

Mai-san's heart is residing right here.

It wasn't made public,

but that night, Mai-san coincidentally
became my donor after the accident.

She also had a donor card?


But... Then the future has changed.

Let's go save Mai-san.

Go where?

To the past, of course.

Such a thing is—

It's possible. Leave it all to me.

It's all right, there's no need to worry.

Since Mai-san's funeral service
is today, nobody is here.

Why the nurse's office?

You need a bed to go back to the past.

Shoko-san, this is...

Plum soda for adults.

You already know that the future exists here
and there, and how I came from the future.

That's caused by
your puberty syndrome, isn't it?


My younger self developed puberty syndrome
because she was anxious about her future.

But this moment, in which I am speaking
to you like this, is not the "present."

You caused this. Do you have any idea how?

Just like my younger self, was there a time
when you refused your own future?

I want you to choose a future with me.


I want to keep living.

Looks like you have an idea of when.


You need to accept it.

The weak part of yourself
that refused your own future.

Believing in that weakness is the first step
to recognizing now as "the future."

If this is "the future," you can go
to the "present" and save Mai-san.


What is it?

I want to make Mai-san happy.

And you can.

That's why I have something I need to tell you.

I want you to stay alive, Shoko-san.


I pray for it. I wish for it.

I know that.

But I'm not a doctor.
I don't have special powers, either.

All I can do is to make Mai-san happy.

But I couldn't even carry out that one job.

That's why... That's why, Shoko-san...


I can't do anything for you.

That's okay.

Why am I...

I thought I already decided.



Looks like the dose I snuck in is working now.

To send you to the "present,"
I needed to break away

your common sense that tries to
to make sense of the present moment.

It's only in your dreams
where you can toss the ordinary aside.


I will be all right.

When you return to the present,
first find someone who can find you.

Good night, Sakuta-kun.


Am I really back?

Ma'am, he jammed his finger.


I'll chill it, so sit down over there.


Hey, Kunimi...

What's going on?

...first find someone who can find you.

So we're talking quantum theory...

Right now, half of me is in the future
and the other half in the present.

Until someone finds me
my existence is not confirmed.



Hey, Futaba! Notice me!




I'll borrow this for a bit.


Damn, I can't use it?

We're starting off with some high hurdles.

Guess I'll follow Mai-san's example.

Someone! Is there anyone that can see me?!

I don't care who! Anyone who can see me!
Can anyone hear my voice?!

Excuse me! Can you see me?

Look at me! Look!

I want to save Mai-san!


Someone... Come on, find me...

Please... Find me...

I beg you...

Senpai, what are you doing?


Y-You can see me?!

Of course I can see you.
Are you all right, Senpai?

L-Let me touch you.

Let me touch you.

What the!?

Actually, I had a dream about you last night.

A dream?

A dream where you were in trouble
at the train station.

It was nagging on my mind
for some reason, so I came by.

Quantum entanglement...

What's that?

Everyone needs a cute kouhai
with whom you've kicked each other's butts.

Sheesh! Forget about that already!

Koga, I have a favor to ask you.

Huh?! H-H-H-Hold on!

I want you to meet up with my other self.

There really is another one of you here, Senpai!

Hand the phone to me there.

You need to tell me more about this later.

Is this really me?

It is. I came from four days in the future.

Four days from now? Meaning you already...

Yeah. I know what's going
to happen today after this call.

That's why I came here to change the future.

Hold on. I didn't get into an accident?

Right before getting hit by a car
Mai-san shoved me aside to save me.

Because of that, I'm still alive.

That's why you shouldn't head
to the aquarium at all costs.

- But...
- If you go, Mai-san will die in my place.

But if I don't go,
what will happen to Makinohara!?

I made up my mind.

What are you thinking, if you're myself?
Don't you care what happens to Makinohara!?

I want to make Mai-san happy.
I can't do anything for Makinohara.

Are you really me?
You're out of your mind. You're crazy.

I don't care if I am.

If I can live and make Mai-san happy,
that's fine by me.

If I have to watch Makinohara die,
then I'll get into that accident.

Even if that means making Mai-san cry?

Just be sure to stop Mai-san at all costs!

I really don't get it, do it...

I'm on break right now. Need something?

Do you know where Mai-san is?

The TV station, right?

I want to know which station.
I want to go see her right now.

Huh? You can't just suddenly show up
and be able to see her.

That's why I'm asking Lady Nodoka to help.

I'm begging you, seriously.
I want to make a surprise visit.

Are you fooling around?

This is the result after thinking hard.

Well, whatever, since it'll spare me the trouble.

Hurry and get in!

We'll enter the station
saying that you're film crew.

Sorry about this.

Please make up with her
properly this time, okay?

Excuse me, I have a guest for you, Mai-san.


A Christmas present from me.

Thank you, Nodoka.

And I'm sorry to trouble you again, Ryoko.

Can you leave the two of us alone for a bit?

How long are you planning on doing that?

That's not the real reason
you came back from the future, is it?


You really are Mai-san. You're alive.

I'm glad. I was able to actually protect you, Sakuta.

I was finally able to be of help to you.

Mai-san... You intended on saving me
from the beginning.

Didn't I tell you before?
I love you a lot more than you think.


Let me take a good look at your face.

You haven't grown too much.

I'm only from four days in the future.

Oh? I had voicemail from you.

Saying a future version of Sakuta was around,
so I had my hopes up.

I'll grow up in due time, so please wait.

I have to get going now.

I have plans to go on a date with Sakuta.

Wait, Mai-san.

Let go of me.

It's all right.

It's not all right!

If he knows I'll be in an accident,
Sakuta will do even more to sacrifice himself!

He's definitely thinking that he should be
the one to get in an accident!

He's just not the one to be able
to accept robbing Shoko's future to stay alive!

If I don't go, Sakuta will die!

Please, just stay here!

I'm begging you...

I can't take it anymore.
On you no longer being here.

I'll be all right.
I'll do something about myself.

Sakuta, are you all right with that?

I've made my decision. So I want you to wait.

Is it really all right?

Knowing me, I'm sure I'll be in shambles
from crying on the way home.

So please hug me like this
when the time comes.

If you do, I promise I'll make you happy.

I understand.

Thank you, Mai-san.

But you got one thing wrong.

I don't really need you to make me happy.

The two of us will be happy together.
Sakuta and I.

I really can't win against you, can I?

I'll be waiting for you.

Sorry to make you wait.

I haven't been waiting.
Besides, it's before the meeting time.

In any case, your outfit for the occasion
is quite interesting.

I've been wearing it all day,
so it already feels like a part of me.

I'm sorry. I must have failed.

It wasn't a failure at all.

Thanks to you, I'm here.

My future self.

Sakuta-kun, let's hold hands.

It's a bit embarrassing.


I'll take it all with me.

The time I spent with you,
the memories, everything.

I'll take every last bit to the future.

Sakuta-kun, why do you think
people forget about various events in life?

I won't forget.

People must forget, because they can't endure
holding on to painful memories forever.

Then, there's no reason for me
to forget about you.


To me, you are a bittersweet memory
of my first love.

There's no need for me to forget about you.

You really do have a twisted personality.

I have to get going soon.


Goodbye, Shoko-san.

Bye-bye, Sakuta-kun.

At the quantum level,
my two selves can never meet.

On the other hand,

it also means that as long as I am not recognized,
we can exist simultaneously.



I see, so that's what happens.

Are you hurt anywhere?

Hey, you...

I'm all right.

I took it from her...
Makinohara's future...

But... There was no other way for me.

I'm home.

Welcome back.


It's already 10:00 a.m., so get up.

I'm awake...

Eat your breakfast before it's cold.
I have to head to school now.

It's winter break already, right?

I was absent yesterday for filming,
so I have to go pick up my report card.

Then, I'll go with you.



Hey, are you all right?



I'm not all right!

Sorry I made you worry.

I'm not all right...

I thought I'd never see you again...

I'm so glad... I'm so glad you're alive.

What happened yesterday?

So much that I don't know where to begin.

In any case, I did what I needed to do.

Which... Senpai are you?

Both. We fused together.

I don't flippin' get it.

Sorry to make you worry.

I really appreciate you, Koga.

Here's some souvenirs from Grandma.
She says hello to Big Brother's girlfriend, too.

Oh, I know what this is.
It's super tasty, Big Sis.

Toyohama, you're plastering yourself
on to Mai-san more than usual.

Did your sisterly love get even worse?

She said she had a bad dream this morning.
One where I got into a traffic accident.

I see. Well, not much we can do about that.

My Mai-san can spoil you
all you want just for today.

I don't need your permission.

Nodoka, you can step on Sakuta's foot.



I hope Shoko gets better.

What's wrong?


Hey, Futaba. Makinohara's puberty syndrome
is still ongoing, isn't it?

It's Makinohara in fourth grade that's writing and
erasing on that printout, right?

Makinohara from three years ago
is worried about her future.

And that's causing
the puberty syndrome, isn't it?

Do you understand
what you're saying, Azusagawa?

Right now, we're not in the "present,"
but rather the "future."

So if we can save the present,
the Makinohara who is in fourth grade,

won't we also be able to save
the current Makinohara that's in seventh grade?

This is way different from avoiding
a traffic accident from happening.

As for illnesses, it's not like
the conditions improve by simply restarting.

Toyohama said she saw a dream
where Mai-san got into a traffic accident.

Does this mean that memories could be passed
to others who are indirectly involved?

I had a similar dream myself...

One where I brought home
a stunned Azusagawa from his place.


But even if pieces of current Azusagawa's memories
could be sent to Azusagawa from three years ago,

I don't think anything would change.

You can't change things. Besides...


Even if you were able to change the past,
and Shoko could overcome her illness...

Would you really be fine with that?

If the fourth-grade Shoko
doesn't develop puberty syndrome,

that means you'll never meet Shoko-san
at Shichirigahama Beach, doesn't it?

If you never met her, you never would
have applied for Minegahara High,

and you would never have met Kunimi or I.

And you'd never
come across Sakurajima-senpai.

Are you saying you'd be fine with that?

Of course it's not fine. But...

Will you risk all of your precious memories
for a small chance that you're not even sure exists?


Yes, Azusagawa here.

Hello, this is Makinohara.

Mrs. Makinohara...

Um... Could you come visit Shoko?

Is something wrong?

The doctor says she won't last much longer...

You know, Mai-san...

I really do want to save Makinohara after all.

Yeah, I know that.

It's fine if you want to go ahead and do so.
You can change the past.

It's okay if everything that
has happened until now is all wiped out.


You promised me that day, right?
That the two of us will become happy together.

We're only taking a slight detour
so we can fulfill that promise.

Yeah, just a little bit.

It's just forgetting everything,
and then starting over from the beginning again.

You're right. That's all there is to it.

From there, I'll meet you once again.


And fall in love with you once again.


And you'll confess your love to me once again.

I'll make sure to find you again, Mai-san.

When you do, we'll become happy together.

I promise you.

Shoko, Azusagawa is here to see you.


You kept your promise...
That you'd come visit every day.

I heard from Mom.

There were days I couldn't
because of work, though.

Thank you very much.

You know, about that future plans
printout you wanted advice for...

Sakuta-san, I've been having a long dream.

It was a strange dream.

I was in high school, teasing and cheering
you on at the Shichirigahama Beach.

Then I was in college,
and I was staying over at your place,

making meals and cleaning in the dream.

We also went to a chapel with an ocean view.

I put on a wedding dress,
and you blushed as you complimented me.

It was so fun that I could spend my days
with you like that, even in a dream.

It wasn't a dream, Makinohara.

It really was fun.

You're wrong. Those all really happened.

I know that, Sakuta-kun.

I know it all now. That it was my real future.

That right now is the "future."
I understand it all now.

That's right... That's right.

That's why, if we change the past,
we might still find a way to save you.

Even if you redo the past,
it will be hard to cure my illness.

But, I think it's possible to save you
from the sadness that torments you now.

What are you saying?

I know it all now.
I was causing you agony, wasn't I?

You're wrong. It's not your fault at all.

You and I first met
because of my puberty syndrome...

I've never regretted even once that I met you.

You really put in a valiant effort, Sakuta-san.

So, it's all right now.

I will redo this properly now...

To create a future where I never meet you...

To reach a future where
you don't have to be in sorrow.

No, that's not it.

That's not what I meant to say.

It's all right to redo things
for your sake, Makinohara.

Please leave everything to me...

I'll be sure to make you happy, Sakuta-san...


Makinohara? Makinohara?

How's Shoko?

She's asleep for now.

I see...

Sakuta, look at this.



What's up with this...


I just heard from Shoko's mother.

Yesterday, she suddenly mentioned
how she wanted to finish the homework.

What should I do?

What can I do to save Makinohara?

Makinohara knew everything all along.

About Shoko-san, about herself,
and how she could change the past.

I'm sorry, Sakuta. This is all I can think of.

Shoko gave tremendous effort for this.

So, you should finish
Shoko's homework for her.

Please compliment Shoko for her efforts.


It's the new year...


Ma'am, I'm done!

- Me too!
- Me too!

I'm done!


Big Brother, it's morning.

It's still winter break.

You're the one who said
your part-time job starts again today.

Are you practicing going back to school now?

I already did.

I'm still really nervous,
but I got to the school gates.


Morning. Did you run away from home?

I already ran away from home.

I got a small gig at a shopping mall
in Saitama today!

Sakuta, it's unusual for you
to work a morning shift.

And you, what happened to your team practice?

Doesn't start till afternoon.

Koga, are you showing up late like a boss?

This is the shift I signed up for!


Well, you know, Koga, did you balloon up?

Did you get mochi skin after eating
so much mochi over the new year holiday?

Senpai, you really piss me off.

Supa pissed!


I'll have the hearty carbonara...

Wait, make it this one instead.

You don't have to go on a drastic diet, Futaba.
You haven't really ballooned out...

Oh, I see.

I'll inform Sakurajima-senpai that
you were giving me lewd looks.

I'm going on the new year's shrine
visit date after work.

She'll totally scold me, so please keep quiet.

That means it's better if I tell her, doesn't it?


Nothing less from you, Azusagawa.
Such a rascal.



Mai-san, can you lend me some change?

I donated at Fujisawa Station on the way,
so I don't have change.

Then, use a bill.

Were you able to make a wish
worth the 1,000 yen?

I wished to not encounter so many
strange incidents in the upcoming year.

Strange incidents, huh?

But, you were able to meet me
because of one.

I've had my fill of wild bunny girls.

You really love the ocean, don't you?

Though I love you the most.

So you love the high-school girl
that appeared in your dreams that much...

This is the spot where you two went
on many dates, wasn't it?

Though they were all in my dreams.

You love this place too, don't you?

For me, I'm attached to this place
because I filmed here.

A girl with a heart disease awaiting a donor.


When I first received the offer,
I felt that I just had to play this role.

I bawled my eyes out watching the film.

Everyone else in the theater was crying, too.

I don't know why I felt
like I really wanted to play the role.

But I wanted to do something.

It's like how you donate money, Sakuta.


If you run that much, it's dangerous!

Watch your step!

It's fine, it's fine!

Dad, Mom, hurry up! Over here!


That girl...

Hurry up!

Someone you know?



Yes, Sakuta-san!