Rarandoi Veduka Chudham (2017) - full transcript

While attending a wedding, a gregarious young man falls in love with a stubborn woman.

Do you have a reason to say something?

Which girl is her royal prince
I think you should get a guy like that

A good man came down from the sky
I see dreams

That's our story

That is our story

This green is a rich village
A game between two teams

This is Prabhaker
Head of the village

This is Prashan
The other village head

Your stuff in your village
Sale. They can not be in our village

Because I can not.
Saying no.

These two are Prabhakers' friends
- Krishna, old

Tell me about the friendliness of this plant
Tell about these three

A soul takes life

Tell me another thing? This is around
They say winning the Kabadi

It's related to the village standards

But which competition is not
Win these three

These are old Naryuan's

Big sister engagement

This is my dad. An American bridegroom,
a doctor thought of a bridegroom.

An American Doctor
Brides are coming

After ten days' marriage. One day
Brother. I do not like this marriage

It is wrong to do this at this time

I do not like this marriage

It's good enough for you to say
We're leaving without two

Trusted crew did this
Knowing. Looks like Pannada's Padula Padma

Eden was Krishna in that heart then
Dwarfs started

A few years later

Older sister Sureka

Pabkar married this girl.

This is our daughter, our brigands
Ancestral daughter

There's only one girl in the middle of a heated family.

Everyone loves Brambamba.
When he was old, he was like a dick

Bruegha, who grew up at the age of 14,

Bramamba letter. Again
Give it to my dad

Will kill him. Now say it
I have no connection

This is so
Do it again


Trancer, Flea
Do not give your father

Is she writing you?
Do you mail me to my daughter?

Do not you understand....
Sir, give it up, sir

It was a mistake. I'll take care of not losing it
I will not send schools again

Going to school. But not in this school

Leave the village. This is yours
Not angry with my son

I'm doing the love of my daughter

Do not you.
Something like this without going to school in the school

Tell your dad? With your father's hand
What if you do not die?

He told me to give him his son again.
And then I said that I was not connected

Returned. I gave it to Dad.
There is no connection to this

I've seen everyone's work
They get caught

If one goes, 10 will come.
Get on the road and marry you.

He'll come and put him to death.
Then you do not get bruised

Look, Dad. That may have been his marriage
I was told. Give it up

My dad scolded me
Drop it

He is blamed
What your mother knows. Madness

The gold is not identifiable
There's a good guy coming in from the class

Walking and walking. In one word
A king like a prince is happy

Look, my dear.
- Look, Dad.

From that moment on, our brackets
A royal prince was judged

See, I'll be playing with you all this time
I was trying to see that sacrifice now

What are you looking at? This is the light reading
If you read a book. The county would be 1

It's dancing with you all year
At the same time, I offer such sacrifices

Give it to everyone. Bye. Bye
Write well. Bye

Padma's marriage on the 17th Everything's for you
You must come definitely

We'll be fine for 4 days.
We'll take care of ourselves. Right

What's this?

How's the exam? Written perfectly.
1 is sure

What is your second job in exams?
Your mother is 3 liver. Rs. 100 crore

Rs. 100 per Sai Barb in the village

1000 home for our home

Out of college, run out of 1000

In the college, he is 1000
The coconut

Shiva Anore Milk
The sacrifice of the lady to the craftsman

Give it all
That will make it 1

My daughter is 1

Let's go for the wedding

You are Buny, Lakmi sister
Find where to find

Sister in your grand class exam
It's over, right?

Make some marriages
What do you say?

There, to my granddaughter, from here
Is the one finding the answer?

Then an asteric comes down
You need a good one

My granddaughter should go with the flowers

It's a super car

In short, a royal prince
A person like that should come

On the bride's side, they come
Come on








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Induction of the Zoom header section

The groom is fine, right? Mmm

Who are you bride?


Come on, mamma, grab the corn

What is this?

Are you a sister?

Do you?
I'm also a fellow

Rape to catch the knife

How much nurse for your wedding?
Everyone does not dance

If you ask, it is called "Soft Ware"

How are you going to marry me?
I know

Kiev. Started?
Come on

Who are you bride? Brother.
Everyone is frien. Laundry.

Do not say goodbye.
We need to render

Grandma is a good joke.

To get it bigger?
Is it more expensive?

We've never heard of our people
Two kilos are more expensive

Do you have more?

It looks good
But you'll do more than that?

Why should I look at me?

That girl is going on. My friend
Then put on the cream

Get out, the groom came. What are you doing inside?
First come with the bridegroom

Hello, baby
Where is the bridegroom?

Coming. Is not he the bride? not
The bridegroom is my criminal

You got scared, right? Are you scared, do you?

If a person like you is married
Very fun. Thanks

Brother. Coming
Come with me

This is the groom.
Wash your leg well

Wash it well
Or it will be sad

All right, all right. Let's go
Let's go. Let's go inside

You've already seen a man's picture
Have not you seen? I've seen it

Then why not ask? Give you a chance
What's that girl's name?


Why did you call me my name? Bramanambāda?
So I'll brave love

Why are you talking to me?
You are not a Brahman's friend

Here you go.
Let's wait

Come on, Honor son

How to see it
How is my cousin here?

Come on
Thank you.

What are the people on this man's side? Brother
Even if it's a male. Even if it's a girl

Honoring honor

I will honor you as an adult

Hey baby. come here

Are you waiting for honor? What is the respect?
Wait for the queue in the queue?

The head was upside down. It was like gods
I'm sure that the men are in a state of mind

Let's respect it.

The dignity has been lost

How's the wedding the job?
This is also a wedding

Our daughter's marriage to Hyderabad
14th wedding

They're getting married

One day the Meendi festival,
Recording Dance, 4th day marriage.

All the money in Hyderabad there
Well prepared checkbox. 6 The next day, Sobban

Do you need this gold suit?

I want to know how good I am

Do something. You have a lot of property.
Get that from me

Hello, my dad saw me? Do not
Powder has grown. Correct the lipstick

Where's Dad?

Did not expect you, did you?

What the hell are you doing?
What's the golden chest?

It's a strange thing

Mastermind says this.
Please, folks

This admiration is different

If this sounds like a scare,
Talk about the gold. Drinking stupid

From here, from America, I brought these bags
I had to come with the husband

What about your fiancee?
He's not ready

Is not the brother-in-law?

If their cousin has come to his marriage
Your husband is useless

Leave. Tell me to quit

What are they strange about?
What are you saying uncle, uncle?

They were supposed to have given the body the right information.

Because I tried many CDs, DVDs
There's something wrong with this

You do not think about it
Go look at it

Do you speak uncle? (They say it's wrong)
What do you call the sisters?

Fine, what is it?
Give. Your bodies are telugu

Coming from there
It does not look here

What's wrong...?

Get out of here. Get out of here
What's happening, son?

What do you want?

I am the bride's brother

What's wrong with...

What a respect? Manamālayāṭavat
They're not gonna come here

Just like that, in a girl's case.
What's in the girl's room for you?

Went to put on the clothes?

I do not see my dress


Take it. What are these injustices?


Now... I'm not going to have to tell you a thing

What's wrong? What's up
Brother the Bridegroom. My name is bride

You're a bunny

Do not believe me. She
Deceiving. What are you saying, brother-in-law?

You're the bride. Oh, I'm....

You take revenge on what I did in the morning
I know Sis. I know

I know Sis

Oh, dear. This is an important thing. Say not to joke

No, boy. Look, I'm getting married

Sorry. Okay

This is the most beautiful person here for you
You thought you were the bride.

Okay. Everyone thinks so
Why did not you come in here?

There's something important to do with the cousin
Oh yes The other side is in the room. Go

The cousin has come to work
Go get going

Get ready

What the hell?

Did you think of a game?
Oh, I think I'm a bride...

Not everyone wants to do business

I do not even do this so much
Why is it so exciting to find the cellphone? Take the blue

We need money for a low interest
AO low-interest?

Was this a rural bank?
The door is Babu. He gives it to the fuse. that is all

These are for guests to sit down
Not like barrels like yours. Nægiṭinavalā

Get out of the ground

Have you reached the wedding? Went to take revenge on the family?
Do not laugh. Earthquakes




Put it back

What is it with you?

Even for marrying
Even getting married in the village is like this

Do not get angry. Tell

Not even getting married
Food should be perfect. That's what I want

There are ten thousand property
It's okay to get married

You do not have to tell what to do.
Do your work

What a mess this is

You give it






Who gave you yöko to cook?

Not just where and where they are
I want to know where to stop

Who discarded goods?
Do not you know how to buy me and aluminum?

It's made.
I cooked it like cooking

What the hell is that? Everybody cooks everybody.

What's going on?
38 years experience. So what?

Listen to me. Say. You gotta say something.
What is it? Goods like a wife.

You have to look carefully. Or else it's over.
I'll go with another guy and sleep

If you get more gas, the cylinder is running out
Not for you. About that cylinder

Hey Hey. What do you tell me about my food?
Stop. Down

I'm looking for my husband. is it?
My wedding is urgent

Where is Brin?
I do not know


Have you seen my dad? not
Where's my dad? Dad, Dad

Did you see Bethany? Did you see my dad?
I do not know your dad. So I did not see the bronze

What's this for? Is this? Do not smell like Eve
Eat it

Dad, why do not we remember? I do not know. know
Definitely I know.

I'll show you
Where is your dad?

Here you are

Dad. Come on, son, come in
My son is here

Dad. My son

Have you had a baby?
Daddy's been eating?

You a very good one?

You are as daddy
Go and sleep

I just thought now
You said it now

You've eaten lavender. Dog ..
Sleep went to the chips

He said he did not know me

Son, I was down the road with us

Shall we honor it?

Why do you honor me?
You may have had a good time


Let's get some beer

A number came
A cue came

What? What? Oh, great

Most mothers come to life like a tiger

It's over
Let's go back

Seeing that baggage, he went to the feast.
Let's go


What's the problem here? An apprentice has come
What happened to a cobra?

What happened? An apprentice has come
Let's do cellphony

Wait, wait. They take care of the goods as their wife
Do not hit this...

What is this in the middle of the middle?

Uncle, uncle is there.
Where, where? Get out of here. where are you...?

The whole thing is drunk

Hold on

There are girls
Support a little bit

I'm asking for help

Ask for help. Then why is that a pole from that?

Your sins. Hold it. It's a big sound.

Remove the cloth
Remove the stick

Forgive me for what I've done in the meantime

What is this?
It's not good to act

Do not do it

What's crying? What happened?
Your mother is not well. She's already very well now

My mom wants me to do me a doctor.
He was also shot

Now, Mother needs to be treated.
No one will help. That's why it's sad

How much for medicines?
00:28:00,650 --> 00:28:01,750
Dad come here

Hey, Gopal, come here
why? Take the check book. Give the check book

Give the pen

Sign it

Get this and take your mother out

Do not cry again

Take care of Mom
Thank you, Sister

Sly, I need 25,000

Not 250,000

This is Mom's medicine
Your cash money

Mom, Laxmi, too, has given me a meal
Can not you do this for her?

What's that crazy thing?

What happened?
250000 lakhs have been given?

Whatever he asks for
That's it

Why did you give it? Mom, it's......
You're spoiling him?

Money is mine. Whatever good you do
Do not be mad

Right? Right?
You're killing yourself

You two have to do anything
Mother, mother

You do not have to come to see the Kabadi
Ayo forgot. Started?

I'll go. Bye

Kabadi said that the boys are running

Let's go wages. where is? Why. Years
Have not they got one of them in our village?

Ever won?
Then why go there for what?

It's always like that
I do not know how to play

No male?
If there are males,

What is she doing?
The game is going through the middle

I'm in your bunch
To play?

Play brother

Give your brother a good job

This time, brother of ours is winning our group in kabudi

Let's go
Let's go

What is this boy playing?

That way


Great son
What is your name, son? Siva


Everyone come. The bride's ready
Come on. Come on

Father, hi. Hi. Come on
best wishes

You have to go so fast
Wait, Dad. No, boy

Is this son Crisana's son?

Did not Mom come?
Your mom is dead. do not you know?

Brin, I'm going.

Here. what?
The phone number. What do you want me to do?

Not anything. When I'm gone, I'll be fine
I did not talk to you. It feels like

I'm sorry I did not give my cell number

But if you have my number, then, Brin
I'm always talking

Hope like that

Now go

Okay, you stay here
I'm leaving

What? You see? What's that girl?
What is this Mr. Ranuga?


A lot of lives have been married
Even if they got children. No contact here

I felt it. Even if I do not like it
I love her

It's stolen

That's why I wear gold
It's not good to walk

Am I mad?
Look at me

These kinds of collections have not been seen in my life

Dad, I'm not leaving, Dad
This is how it is

Sister. Why cry?

You do not wanna cry. For every girl
This is an opportunity

Whatever you do not understand.
Your parents are 24 years old

The relationship with you is getting distanced today

They know this too. You're leaving now

In your busy lives, you will live

Four years ago, you're coming

And then a week is your home
A week is in that house

That's what your parents say
I see another 10.15 years

Knowing that the relationship is distant
I'm going to be happy to send you

Where is it you just to cry like this?

Everyone was happy
Now everyone is upset

It's all about you

Your embraces are tight
Come on, come on. And everyone will be happy

Good courage

Good to talk
He's a big man

I started
Then I do not know where to go

Just wait
Sure, good

I waited for you

Have fun?

What happened, son?

Why not?
L feel lonely

I understand your feelings
Have fun with everyone

There's no one at home

I've had that feeling several times

That loneliness can not be anything new
You should marry

Hello, sir. Do your job
My marriage is too long

I'll get in touch with you. That's not it
There was no one like Martha who got married

I'm not getting married
Does it mean you get married?

The idea is fine.
That's what it was

It's very young

Let's get late
Let's try it

Last week, you danced in the party, sir

This is your age too, sir

An old man said
My number is 120

You're just 20

Why does this girl meet you?
You're on this office MD

Do you know what that 20 is? Why?
Because you are my son

What is this remedy?

Nothing. His teaching
His will. Do not talk

Because you want to do an MBA
He gave a bounty aid. Now I say no

Your anxiety has increased

What's your problem?
Said get

What's the problem? Go on your own
It's freaky

Do not do anything
But do not be afraid to do anything

Let's do something?

Let's go there

Tell me if you do not like me
Next time I'll be with you


Raja's house has a guest house

Like a star hotel
Would you like to stay there?

Now, send in from the village

He will be there if he is there
You're scared what will happen

If they're here, they'll have their love
I'm afraid of what will happen

Hello. Welcome

I should be like a five-star hotel in my room
It does not matter how long. Fucking brother

Find a good Rommet
I'll handle it. Send it out scared

From a village, a girlfriend I know is coming
Care must be taken carefully

Okay, sir

After dinner

Dad, the room is great

Do you like it? Your brother wants a good partner
This is the daughter. Hello uncle. Greetings daughter

will come again


It's okay now

Two new fries
I need to look a little

Why do not you shut the door?

Not closed?
Suddenly forgotten

What's wrong?

You'll soon have to hittanor
It's coming in

That's not my brother
She wants to see her mother, father

He told me. is it?

I did not say

Do not say

It's embarrassing
I was told. Understand it

Let's go, let's go
Take a loot. Let's go

They say now
Today is a good day

Fresh? Hey, are you new, huh? When I said so
Love with everything

Yes, fresh. The asthma is good. Tomorrow is in a bag
Come on. Kneels in the museum

You like that? Pull yourself in too
There are many. Come back tomorrow

What's your name? Bramanambā.
My grandmother's name. Well

Let's go shopping
Let's go down

I'll eat and eat in the morning

Talking to me again
If you tell my dad

Everyone will be killed. Let me tell you now
And then I have no connection

Speak tomorrow morning

Two years there. Look at Nandagaya and stay there afterwards
Whatever you say, you do not ask. Let's go

I'll get the bags, cell phones
Take the phone

That's not the pocket

Turn around here

Where are you?
Who is this?

Tell me where it is at first. Who? I am
Who am I saying? I'm frank

100 years old. Now, where am I? Where are you?
Vayisāg. Vayisāgda....

When did it come? Yesterday. where are you
In college. Come for a while?

Which college? Gotham college
I'll be right back

I'm curious.
come soon

Put on the bus. Informal Trustee spoke
Not to go to 3 in 3. You two go

The driver will not come

What are you doing here?

We came to the MBA
is it? Does that mean two years?

What is your pleasure?
 No, just ask

What happened?

I've never been to the village anymore

Did not they go anywhere?
went to..

Thirupathi, Sri Shylam was gone
That is, God is a Buccaneer

The first came up on the road. Frightened. Nightly dreams are visible
It's not enough for the college

Mom and Dad will get excited

Nobody wants to know. First you called

Is so scary for such a small thing?

Do you feel that way?
I'm scared somewhere

Do you know what? In this world
There is no fear

There is. Do not say

Now you come here.
There is a small throat between here and there

It was hard to imagine what to do with this space
You are Kebellawela. Think about it and get scared

You easily pass this grid
It's all over

Is It Easy? Yes.
my goodness....

My courage came

Let's go, slow down.
Quickly. Whoa, Whoa


That's not where is my number?

That's it.

I thought you were good
That's why I took it

Is your father head?
If he says anything, he will

He brought in a guard

The guard came. You're staying together for 2 years, are not you?
You have to make a good connection, right?

Think about it

Have pondered.
You thought you were right

I'll try.
But definitely it is him
Use it

Are you OK? Now it's come. You gave me 9.00 courage, did not you?
9.00 am I did not look at the time. The 9.00

12 was fine. Afterward, he was scared.
I wish Siva would be better. Came

You have a little gift

What is this? A DreamCatcher. That means
They take bad dreams and give good dreams.

Usually this is hanging the door
You're targeted everywhere

Daddy's been in the office, right?
What happened?

That's why dancing is more dancing
I did not feel like that

What did you think?

Your appearance is a little old
That's why this dye is for the younger look

I'm with you because you are my friend
I'll tell you a secret

what? The girls who worked in my room are a good person
He took blessings

But now

Near the corner, Hai Dalin also says

Tell me anything
I want to make it shine

When you tell me about the tender,
I think about my hair color

That job was long overdue

My other coins fit my guess on Wednesday

You get 790
The tender is ours. Right?

Okay, you make me color
I'll go get the tender

Sir. What happened? There's another 10 minutes
We'll get our own

I'll tell you
Do not worry

Do not worry, you are perfect
800 million

I want to get over

United Workers Company receives

Number one, sir

United Workers Company. Your dad said yes
Mother's name is said. Both are one

Do not set up your ridiculous lineup

You meet Krishna

25 CRs

You do not even like to say anything about your name

It sounds like a bit big
For many years now

Go and tell

It's empty
Come to the hostel

Today, college cuts
Sleep well

come here. What?
Wait there. You see?

where is? There

He's in our hostel
Put someone in the line

I got it. Either the other room
One of them should be

Or I'm from our room
Okay, you should be right

You're here with me
The person in the room sees

Do not stay here next time,.....

Why did you tell me? What bank is ATM? ICAI Bank?

I did not ask the address
Ahio is the one bank.

is it? Where is it?
In our village. ATM is where the ATM is

See how to fight

I do not want to fight this

It's that. You can get it from an ATM.
This bank has my own connection with me.

Afterwards, it will be walked through Visas

Get in. I'll go with a good place
Let's go. to where. Just say yes

Is this? Let's take her away
Something like a kovil

Did you think that?
Let's go

I like the temple

Brading I got a new ring tone
Get a call on my phone. Stay

That's great. Do you know what?
Every time you call, this will be playing

is it. I like that very much
is it? Only your mind is low

Bring two cassettes

Bramamba does not drink coffee

You drink

Very good
Drink. Hello

Now say. Bring me, Kofi
Break down the cotton

I have no connection

It's not like that

Said get

You say coffee breaks with coffees
Then I did not have a connection. Said get

Be unfaithful. Said, I said
Get coffee for the cup. Take the money

Love is Love
There must be

Will you help me? what
I do not know wizag. Are you going shopping with me?


Is not dad? Do not come with your father?
The road is coming. for me?

What's that? A DreamCatcher


You too did eat. Eat
I'm also very fond of you

What is it? Toaster
Who gave it? My friend

Do not stick with the guys

What's your problem?

These boys laugh talking
A friend gets close

Love gifts and love

After that,

Dad. Look, Dad
My mom doubted me

It's not a doubt, Mother Dad
We are scared

Saying so without telling the way you should say

I did not do anything
you go

Mother, I said, dad
Prince will marry

Because you need to talk

That's not what I'm talking to.
I had a suspicion. what?

Do you love me?

What's the matter?
You asked if you would love

What do you think? Say. How do you say Nothing
I do not have that kind of feeling.

If you think like that, I'm talking
It will be even more. Yes, no?

You're suggesting one day. I will not say it.
I do not like it

You'll be sad
I do not like it

That's why. Tell me about love now
Let's stop talking

Bridi's life is clear. You too must be. Tell

Are you in love? Now I'm in love
If you say you stop talking

At such times, you have to be kind


no no. Not really, are you?
No, really not

Is it completely clear?
Yes, obviously

Then you can talk
Tell. Any special stuff?

This girl is very clear

It makes this absurdity crazy

I told you not

Have you seen the village girls?
It was said that there was a syncope

He's getting ready to film Mannadan

With experience

They're caught with girls who kill with life

Do not talk if you're in love. Do not make friends.
Think about those who make such a fight

Shut up and leave the girl happy and happy

I'll ask a question

This is the reason for your birth
Can you tell me?

Can you explain your happiness?

No answer

This is the day of death
Can you tell

There is definitely no answer for this

All I have is one answer


Angry talk

Going hard or not

To sacrifice to your photo

Do your work right

Ask for whatever help you need

My son. Halo
Nice to meet you

From the Cutter Care

Just come to the Bunch
Emergency. Ever

Why did you suddenly come?

Nothing. Sunday. There is nothing to do

Pay the time. It's not like that...
You know how busy there is

know. Spoke to Kamishnar. I talked to the minister.
How do you know?

The phone was on it
Oh, forget it

You need to show me something

get up. what?
get up

This is the 1st birthday of the day

This is the 5th birthday day

This is a school day program

This is in the games

This is the first day of school

Say, tell me


How did you do it? Your friend. My cousin
Marriage. That's what he asked

Why add?

What happened? The photos you showed me

I'll show up.
You're collecting

Bramanaba does not like

Brian, you have misunderstood

Listen to me, Bruno
Lied about my friend

Nothing. Listen to me
Do not say anything

Where are you coming?
I do not like what you did

Now I say. You were about to meet me
I am going to jump, but I go and jump

I have no connection later

Something small
Get your hands off

Not then. Today, too
Definitely used

Use, use, say
All of you, I'm using

Once again, if you sell books in Brunswick
Bury right here

Listen to me, Frederick
Rotation. Karunākarā

Actually what happened?
I do not like these fighting

Bullheadedness. Madness, stupidity
You're the one who's got all together

It's difficult to change you.

Just do something
Let me do this

Do you know what this means?

Grief-stricken comfort

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Stop it now
When do you come

Stop playing
You see? Then what?

She told me to cut her carrot

What the hell are you up to?

What's wrong is...

That's the sequin....

Earthquakes, tsunamis, collection of cirrus
These girls say

The relationship between ladies and ladies...

Cut vegetables?
It's all over

Only carrots are left.
Hurry to get dressed up. Right

All of them are destroyed when they cut vegetables
This is a woman


Where did you stop?

A Chehelmma

Is it cooking your food?
There is a sacrifice in our house too. beat it

She's the woman. Is it all about publishing the donkey?
Silly girl

Before they get married, they do not know this before
Talk about relationships

You're lucky

do not be silly
You have more time. Do not come out

Over? Yes, you

Cut this out
I will go

where are you? Rotation. What happened?
Come back? will come

What happened? My thing is not healthy.
Would you send me home?

Do not worry
Nothing will happen to your ladybug

That's not it. I called up urgently, right?
There's no such thing. I thought myself

Shh, do not talk once
Nobody talks

I'm talking to you

I got it. Do not call, do not talk.
Why are you with that?

That's why it's called. I hit hard and helped a lot.

There's no such thing. How are you thanking
Do not understand. It's okay


You descend. What happened?
He came to the village

No one wants to see it
Down. There?

Bye Siva
Okay, you're safe

Get up in the bus

Get off the bus?
Where exactly am I?

Now where to go

Venetia. How did you come, daughter?
What is this?

Because this came right behind
You do not talk. You cheated me

I did not say that I was well

That's not it. Lbelin. Blood pressure
This is what happened

You are not well enough to say I can not wait
Quickly came

Oh, crazy
Where can I go do not see your marriage?

Look at your marriage, your children
It's going

Look at the desires of this age
You're uncle

Get on the bus? Yes, yes
How are you?

Because of the age of high blood pressure
It has fallen

We were so excited
Let us?

That's me
I was upset

I like your help very much. What did you say?
Very much like your helpfulness

I like your help very much

Bradley Signal is ok. Say again
where are you? Not Signal? I?

He's in the sky

She took a spoon
Who was that? Visa. I asked for visas for America

That means a girl in America
It's not like that

Is it India?
Did I wear the gift shirt?

I did not go to that girl yesterday
Did that mean another girl?

I am a cheerful man
No girlfriend

That is, it used to be.
 Not even past, not even now. Is that what the future is?

That's not it

If you like my mole
Imagine how shy the girl is

Do not get angry. So I'm a shit?
Not that....

will come

I'll be right back
Are you so beautiful?

Coming now. There
Are you going to that one?

You bloody brain

Are you nagging me? There I am....
Come to the house. I'll tell you

What are you? I screamed
What did you get out of that one?

Brennan open the village
I got into a lorry

These are the girls. First love
Then it's dropped

I hear what I say.....
Hey, Hayo

He's right now. is it?
They did not say that they would not make a deep impression


When she finishes her exam, she's fine
Look at the time

Tell me then and then together.
Beat up

Let's go

Dad. Boys' pictures around us
Australia, London, and the United States

If you are looking at pictures. Dad
What can I see? You look....

It's shame...

What is it, Prabhakar? It's always working in that port.
Property, money, and power

It feels impossible to do anything

All right, it's the right port. Rocky
Is it... lost?

People have to sit

Let's do it
OK OK. Do something

I came up
where are you? I'm at home

What happened?
wait a little

See whatsapp

What is it?
It's my situation

I do not understand what to do

You do me a job. Everything is first
The messenger should come from you.

Okay. Lessons for this week
I have to work.

The chapters are over

Then Siva. Can

Because bun. a friend. Village. Come on
I'll handle everything

I'll call you later

Because your real estate is writing anything?

But property

Bridegroom. What? Marriage?

Me. What are you so terrified?

not. Look, I've been looking this out for a long time
A long day?

You did not like it?

not. But there was a new connection.
What did you say? You said you wanted something

There is one life

What kind of person is Eido

What kind of person is it?

The one for me.
You want to be a good man coming out of the sky

That is, from the sky

I want to go with the flowers


It's a super car

Siva... Okay, all right

In short, a king
A person like that should come. That means....

Does that mean a cache?

Who will do it? A royal prince...
There must be good traits

If you're normal, you'll be fine
It's better. Ordinary?

It's normal. Now... the guy I met is like that
Like this, he will do it

I want to be
It's like this

Not like this

Now you're there. about you
What do you have to say big

That's right

The one who gets me must be like that

Bermuda's embarrassing

Okay, I'll leave. Go, go for it?

You're so strong, Shiva

Get married to our own
 Think of your sister

If you all...

Why was my mom talking with Mom?

Nothing. I got married with my stepmother
Are you a king?

What are you doing, bro point?
He's a businessman in America

There's their own SoftVoir company

That means, after the wedding, get the hell out of here
Going to America

Remember me too

After my husband, my husband, my husband
To stay behind him

Here your mother and father are crazy
You will also be contacted by your friend

Dad... your mom talked, did not you?
You wanna get married with your cousin, do not you?

That's your will
The final decision

What do you say is right
Nothing's right, Dad

Give me some time
I can not imagine anything at once from him, Dad

All right, dear
Think about it

Do not you go to sleep?
Not on sleep. What happened?

If I'm getting married. Mother Dad
Grandmother, Grandpa

Can not see anyone, right? Going
America is not one day. I can not see the first one for the year

The groom, bride
When I was Eido

what is doing?
Nothing. You're in the office

did you eat? Not yet
What's wrong?

What are you talking about? There is nothing to talk about.
I'm in a mess. What happened to you?

I'm getting another call
I'll take it later

I need to talk when kate says
What's wrong?

My father was arrested

Come on

What happened?
They say no

What happened?

We're designing the port in the design
The engineer has been changed

Engineer Banerjee Prabhaker
The company has joined together

God took God back to the police

Like a god like your father

They gave them engineers
God did injustice

Who are you?

Dad's eyes for the first time in life
I saw the tears. Because you, because

What is your dad crazy about us?
What about us?


Come on.
Come on. Dad

Take your son
Or he will die.
Take it

Kill. do not
Do not come to my cross

Stay away from this
If he gets upset, he'll kill you and put him to the ground

I want to talk to you
Come to the beach

Why did I cut it when I called?
Father is a problem in the business

When I talk to my mind
Do not talk a bit?

Calling tap calls
I will not regenerate. why?

Get away? Am I not a heart
Will not I be sad?

I've been chatting with you for 24 hours

I have my questions
It was said that father was a business problem

That means more than me
 Dad, is it worth it? Hey....

Are you crazy? Is Dad the Great?

Big one
Nobody is in that position

Talk too much

I do not want to talk to you

You do not like
I have a lot of problems

If there are any problems, stop. Stop. You're speechless
Every time I do, my pride is increased

Am I speechless?

Without knowing what to say
What are you reading about the mouth?

You've loved yourself so long
I can not understand myself anymore

Did you love me? Not only did you see you now
Love forever, love,.....

Then you will not be loved. If you say love
They did not say that they would not speak

What's wrong? Did you just want to look like a queen?

Would I cry if I come to your eyes?

Calling one phone call is a madman
Is it coming?

What was wrong with me?

What's the matter What did I do?
You're talking badly

Your conduct is also disrespectful. Where I am
Have you acted rude in time?

What's the matter What's the matter

Scared one way
Is not there a brake in the brake? Remember?

After that, the arms were handcuffed

That's what he had on the bag

Brake pad for brake control
The exams gave hands to hand. Is that also wrong?

Can not you say that?
Contact with chance

What do you understand about me? You
I get angry and kick the ball.

Shiv, how strong are you asking?

The thugs who fought for you

The groom is normal

He asked what kind he was doing

No dialogue
Goggles only

You do not have any ideas for so long
You were talking to me because of love

Now, there is no love
That's what I did for love

I did it all.
I'm working myself

I'm ruined, I'm ruined
I'm dead

I do not have a life like this

I did not have a headache
Come to meet you and ask him to marry

Please do not marry me

I am a normal person
Go get your royal maiden

I'm angry with you
Shiva is ugly

What do they say?

Why not?

Everything comes to the broomstick?

I've been waiting

So much money I spent in love so far

Get those goods and give me the money to get me


Will you help me?

I have my own email
Send a picture of your royal image

See what she looks like

What shoebox will he be wearing in his life

He's finished

The person coming in is not a king

Have you considered?

I'll marry the brother-in-law father
That's very happy, daughter

Married to marriage

come soon

Bradley, it's sitting here

Do you still think about Shiva?

Now what is his name?
I do not know. But if this is not appreciated,

I'm in love

Send him the last messenger
The first feeling I felt

Like courage, he carried on his responsibilities
Like Mother, Father's affection

I did not get it right then

Better with him, by the side
I thought it was good

I did not understand that I was in it

I thought to get used to it

But I'm all that is

I already understand

Then go and talk to Bruyn

He wanted to get away from me. I did not come near him.
You will not want to see me at all

I can not

Looks like the mood

The other one is not romantic with Bremen
Did you say?

No more mess ups
Drink this

Get this first
Hold it

We need to celebrate today
Do you know what happiness is? What are you doing?

Who gets loose
Where is Shiva?

What happened?
That was good

That's why the truth's out there coming out

Where are you going? Want to go
to where?

I want him. She can not be
Kept smiling. He's mine

Without him...
Tell me, let me tell you. Let's go and say sorry

What's so urgent?
You can not be too late for a second

Even if the heart is in the left
It's always correct

What is Frenner's room?
That way. That one

Son, who are you?
Where is Brin?

I went to the village
Did you go to the village? What are you talking about?

Tell me where.
Why are you going to the village?


Who do you want?
Bring Ryan, come out. He should speak too

Why? I love her
It came to talk. Say sorry

He went to marry his cousin
Do not lie. Tell him to come

Bring that one

Talk to the doctor
A small wound. Can go two weeks

Are you here?

Here it is

What's crying?

What happened?

I was lying to me. Not since childhood
A good guy comes from the sky

Come on. A royal prince arrives
I was crazy

Otherwise, once for once, to me

If the fate guy sucked you, you would
be kissing, and you would come by

If there's a good person coming up
It's him who understands me. You did not say...

The rackets are done

I want her mom
Somehow I want to

Dad's downstairs. Let's talk to him
You must definitely get married

Hold on, sir

Hey. Dad
What happened?

What's crying? Do not marry me.
What happened?

She loves someone
From childhood, all of you are all right

I thought that nobody else wanted the world anymore

Now he's just staying all without you
It feels like I can live

I need him
That's how Dad loves it

All right, you stay

Do not Cry

You should be happy
This is not getting married. You're happy

I'll get to them and talk to you

Tell me

Her name is Siva
Uncle's name is Krishna

It came to the marriage that day

You said the name of someone, but he was at his foot.
Right now, this is a scam

But now you do not. Even if that boy is accepted
He does not accept his father

This is not done because of her son

Why, Dad


He was my friend a while ago
That means he's a my enemy at a time

She escaped with my hired sister

My siblings killed my sister

My siblings have cheated me

One of them took the aunt
You think so

I think it's love

I do not know how much you are.
I believe in fraud. It's the same

I refused

Say no

I will do the same as Aunt
what is doing?

I can do anything
You can escape

Even bigger is himself
I am also a human

Me, sadness, anger, insecurity have everything

It's born a little earlier than you
There must be a little bit of resentment

If it's not enough, I'll kill him

Whose kill? She
Those kids?

Little children are these. Then my inside
The one who's staying inside me

I'm dead
I'm here

Be mindful

Because he's your father
Threatening a little girl

You stay
I'll call

No, Mom

In your dad's words you see a threat

I'm sorry, Mom

This is my bar

This marriage will not stop
Not for me

I'll marry your dad

Not the problem
What is the real problem?

He loves father

Who is that girl?

How long since?
From a year

I had to say it.
This did not even tell him

What happened?

To say love

Talk to me
Stop it, Dad

At least it's okay to talk
Did not say

Now he left me completely
His lassa will marry

How happy this year is?

Because she's gone now
It's very sad

Who's with whom?
How long are you?

God has written down first

Forget that girl

You can not cope with the tears of your eyes

That's why you did not say dad

My daughter loves you
Come with me

Come with me anyway

He cried I can not wait.
Your father's been years ago

That his sister had run away
Now you can not give

Their problems are for their lives
Can not be destroyed

Want to pay for my sins?

Take it, son

Take my daughter

Can you help me escape? What's wrong?
His mother. This is what you think

He'll come in on purpose
She can not come to this village

Whatever you do, okay
If you want to kill him

This thing was never talking to you
But let me tell you

After Agni 's sister Priya was engaged
Found walking along the road

Come on
Come on

Get in the car

Where are you going now?

tell me


Something is hiding

I'm not going to a friend

I'm waiting for the elite of the next village
We both run away

Our elder?

We've been in love for over two years

I'll talk to you

Do not you, Krishna
do not

It's okay to go this way, Priya
I'll talk to you

Priya died

After 3 days, I went to your old house

It was ready for a wedding

Everyone looked at me wisely

I saw him and he was angry

Leave me. My sister's dead
It was an accident

I ran away from my sister, right?

He took you out of the arithmetemy
I did not even think I was gone

Tell me how to say this
It's not possible. Priya is dead

Crisha ran away
It cheated us

Awah's cooks and friends say

My parents are my sister
 I got married and gave him my life

I protected my family's honor

This is all Pabkach's acting

He married Olde's sister for the property

I trusted Prabhakar's lie

Go to

Pull him out and get out

Know the truth of that turmoil
I was not in a state of mind

Prove the truth
Not even a witness

Even so. Dude girl's life
Because they can not be destroyed

It's from there

How unusual is that?
Got Dad?

He had to speak right then, Dad

I do not have much evidence to show my friendship

Sincerity was a lie
What to say?

I do not want to stop your marriage

You come with the girl

But whatever
Remember it's my friend

But whatever
Remember it's my friend

She can not be anything

Your dad took my sister away. Until you take away my daughter
Waiting for me to wait?

Do you take my daughter?

 - Get up

Take the cell. Take your daddy away
Do not call Karp you are getting beaten today

Hello, hello
Who is this?

My name is Siva. You're getting married
Not with your son. With me

Writing in the card
Bridegroom Shiva Manemalie Bramanama

This is permanent

No, my dad understood it wrong

Now I do not understand

There are many things you do not know

A New Deceit? not
Bitter truth

What's the truth?

Seems like a fool
Are you making a new story for my daughter?

What evidence?
I do not have the evidence. Your home is

Let's write those Pabkar letters to your nurse
All your pictures are with your little sister

What would you do if you said?
I was not scared

The pain of your sister's eyes does not look
For years, she's crying

I can go and ask him

He's got pictures now, he's got letters

Come on, come on

Say, those letters, the pictures are there
Showing, Showing1-2 of 2

What do you have in your pictures?

Where did you hide?

You've been looking forward

What else is suspicious?

Says. Says

Compensation years ago
I have no evidence to prove myself

Show me a lie
There was no other way other than that

The one who made the mistake was the proof

I did not forget to use the phone

The strongest line

Come on, move it
Deu, turn this around

Are you kidding me?

Where's my dad?

Come. why
Look, I thought

Just sit here

Be careful

Go in and go and open the door
Get out of here

He told me to wait for my son
Here she is

You misunderstood me
I told her what happened

Come on, my ghetto
Marekksmi trusted me

A better man than I could get me

This is your royal prince

Have you got a laugh?

It was love

My filial grandfather
I need a bridesmaid

If she cries, she'll be kissing kisses
You should be a good person

In a word, a royal prince
I need someone who likes it

See, the story changed

Look at a girl as a queen
Kanyi Raja Kumara

From now on this is permanent

Do not you dare?
Now say it. I have no connection

Please, do not

He's falling into his eyes

Now she says it's not related afterwards

Because you do not have anything to do with anything?

Now she says no connection

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