Raquel's Shoeshiner (1957) - full transcript

The film tells an episode of the life of a kindly hearted bootblack who becomes accidentally the tutor of an orphan but nevertheless spends all his time and effort for the sake of the boy.

Come on, Chavita.
You've played enough.

What are you waiting for?

My godfather promised me he would
buy me a ball like that one.

You'll have it for sure.
What does he do?

He's a bootblack.

A bootblack?

-Do you know what Chapultepec means?
-Don't you?

-Of course. You people just come...

...to find out the dollar's worth
and to buy Mexican curios.

You should travel, get educated,
you lack enlightenment.

Any kid can tell you about
anything here.

When was this ''castilo'' built?

Castillo, not ''castilo.''

lt was built in....
lt was the year....

When the Battle of the Cricket
on the Mount of--

No, it was after the
Aguasucia plan...

...it was in....

-No, before.
-Before what?

The year l was about to tell you.
With dates, people disagree.

Do you know how long Maximilian
and his wife lived here?

Of course, l know it too.

According to the encyclopedia l read
when l'm sleepless...

...they lived here since they arrived
until Mr. Maxy...

...had to give back the equipment
because of Mrs. Carlota. Depending....

Because some state secrets....

Mrs. Carlo said, ''So what?''
And of course...

...they discussed, and obviously
it was very clear that something...

...psychological came out. Give me
your other sock to make it even.

-They had children?
-lf they had, we would've known.

-People gossip.
-Yeah, right.

They could've slipped, though. But
it's not our business, nor history's.


-Can you change a dollar for me?
-What's the price today?

-1 2.50.
-Foreign exchange is what l have.

For the decoration and retouching
of your socks, 1 peso of change.

-l think it's expensive.
-You're right. But check your feet.

lf l charge per square meter,
it would be double.

-l still think it's expensive.
-Keep thinking. Consider...

...human and physical wearing and the
history class l gave you. You owe me.

-l hadn't considered it.
-Think about it. lt's me who loses.

-What are you doing here?
-Visiting the castle.

-What's that box?
-lt's my camera.

-You think l'm stupid, right?
-Think what you want.

You know polishing is banned. Do you
know where the 6th precinct is?

lt's my second homeland where
l've spent the best of my youth.

-We're going there.
-lf l'd known, l would've moved on...

...and you would've caught up.

-What? An assembly?
-Don't you know?

-That's why l ask.
-A disaster.

-About our light robbery?
-For your pal, worse.

-Thrown out.
-Sort of.

-From the 1 7th floor.
-But he lives in the first.

-Tell him slowly. Don't shock him.
-Cut the mystery.

Your pal, the mason, was working
in a building, at the 1 7th floor...

-...and he dropped a brick.
-That's it?

-He was attached to the brick.
-And didn't let it go.

Once he grabbed something, he didn't
let it go. Remember my clock?

-The tissue was spread all over.
-Was he crying?

-His brain tissue.
-Did they pick it up?

-They hardly picked him up.
-Very unlucky.

Today we were playing cards.

Good gracious! So he hit his head.

His body is over there.

-What is it?

-My father fell down.
-He's probably okay. lt was the scare.

-Don't cry, we'll take care of it.
-My friend, what a misfortune!

We better go and take
Chavita with us.

Come with me, son.

-He's gone, he's gone!
-How come? Wasn't his body here?

Yes. Everything but his watch
is broken.

God! How could that happen to my pal?
He was so calm, so relaxed...

-...so calculated and sane.
-He didn't open his mouth.

-Yeah, he was so silent.
-What are we gonna do without him?

-He couldn't even cover the expenses.
-Why did it happen to him?

-Come on. l can smell the alcohol.
-He was so good.

-For drinking.
-lt's a relief to have you here.

-Let me find calm in your arms.
-Go on, do it.

l feel a squeeze in my chest.

Do you want me to loosen your bra?

No, l'm thinking about the future.

Don't. Keep holding on to me.

He left only $2 as capital.

No will? By law, legacy is yours.

-He didn't have anywhere to drop dead.
-No wonder he fell headlong.

-l can't afford the burial.
-Bad news. He can't go walking.

-We'll see what can we do.
-But what?

-Don't worry. l have the means.
-To pay for the funeral?

We can collect money
and luckily there'll...

...be some left to worthily
celebrate the event.

-Okay. l leave it all to you.

-My head is out of order.
-Your head is out, but you have--

-Couldn't he be playing the fool?
-lf you saw what was left of him....

With that crash, he must look
like a burger.

Don't worry. Let's go.

Calm down, more people died
with the atomic bomb.

Mrs. Paquis?

-Watch her. l'll watch the body.

-Come, have some chicken broth.
-Go on. Save the breast for me.

-The dead man lives here?

-You have him here, right?
-They brought him here.

We come from the funeral home
''Rest in Your Place.''


Come in.

-Were you a relative of the dead?
-No. Pal of the living wife.

-The one he left.

So do l have to talk to you
regarding the burial?

Unless you want to do it
with the dead man.

-Of course not. Where's the body?
-lt was here not long ago.

Dress him and measure him.

l brought this to help you stay up.
Do you prefer coffee?

No. Hard times must be sugarcoated.

First, second or third-class burial?

Stop it. Not you, you go on.

Don't try to impress me.
A modest burial will be fine.

Not too high, not too low.
How's fourth class?

Oak coffin, rosewood inlay, $400.

What? You're crazy.

ln that case he can ride with the driver,
get a view, and it would still be cheaper.

Just the cover is $ 1 00.

The cover $ 1 00. What if we take him
without it? He'll look fresher.

-Forbidden by law.
-He can catch a cold.

-lt could rain.
-He gets wet and shrinks.

-Cheers, Mr. Edelmiro.

-And a nice-looking cheap wood?
-Like which?

-A cheap wood with fatwood inlays.
-lt doesn't bear the weight.

-Right. Oak, then.
-Black and gray?

No, man, that's too sad.

Something cheerful,
like yellow or orange.

-Sorry, but l've never seen such coffins.
-Neither have l. lt could match.

-All l can do is make it gray.
-Okay. Make it gray.

-Anyhow, it'll all be black for him.

Give me another one.

-Method of payment?
-Only cash.

Others offer easy terms
and they even raffle a stove.

-We don't do that.
-Why? Mistrust?

-No guarantee for the payment.
-l don't pay, keep the dead.

-What do l do with him?
-Bury him. Use him as a sample.

-Other dead are waiting. l must go.
-Come on. Will they leave?

-No. Make a decision.
-What do you think?

-l'm for the dead.
-At what time will the burial be?

-Tomorrow at 9:00.
-All set.

Let's go.

Good night, gentlemen.

Opportunists. They see you can pay,
they take advantage.

One more. For the anger.
And no more.

-l must collect the money.
-Together we can collect more.

-Maybe you collect for you.
-Don't you know me?

That's why l tell you.
Remember that time with the hose?

The police came and--

-Was it me?
-Come on--

No, that was me.

-And the radio? Don't deny it.
-That was gossip.

Okay. Forget it. Help me, but l don't
want to have a deficit.

-What happened to him?
-Who knows?

We can't bury him yet.
They were so close.

Well, they will have to split up now.

Let's wait a little while.

-l think we're late.
-Let's hurry up.

-Did they lower the body?

-Are you a relative?
-l was the closest friend.

-Closely kept, he had it.
-He was terrible.

She's okay.


Sorry for being late. The collect
and the flowers took some time.

-Here l am at your service.
-Thank you, sir.

lt's nothing. Look at you.

Calm down. These things happen.

lt's something natural.

Calm down, don't cry.

What's with you? Resign yourself.
Such is life.

Come on. Don't make a wry face.

Heal. Come on, come on.
lt's all right, now.

Oh, God!

And you? Resign yourself.
Come on, resign yourself.

The moment came when you left us...

...leaving us wounded and jeered.

-Pal, here we are--
-Hey, mister.

-Don't interrupt. l'm inspired.
-Show her some respect.

-Her? He was a man.
-This might be the wrong dead.

-That coffin is too stylish.
-Wrong coffin, same dead.

-Leave or l'll call the police!

Maybe you're right.

l'm surprised he had
these high-class friends.

-Get out of here!
-We're going. This is no good.

Hold on. l'll take my flowers.

However, we join you
in your sorrow, babes.

Look. There he comes with Edelmiro.

Carrying his wreath.
He thinks of everything.

-ls the body here already?
-First one to arrive.

-He was always on time.
-Here we are for the last goodbye.

What a terrible moment!

Come on! Calm down. lt's over.

-You don't know how hollow it feels.
-l do know.

But remember, in time, emptiness
is filled by somebody else.

Think of Chavita.
He needs his mother.

-Think of me, l need love.
-Who's gonna say the response?

l will, under my responsibility.
Come with me.

Response dedicated to the dead
and his friends.

Our country has lost...

...an architectural jewel.

We are sad.

An architect with your future
won't ever be found again.

You left on your way up.

You were on the 1 7th floor.
We didn't expect...

...that you'd come down that way.
What a strike.

Such is life.

We're here for the last goodbye.

You left us and there's
no stopping you. No way.

You were a man, had self-respect.

You kept your distance.

Last time you lost it, though.

What a strike! What a strike!

We cry for you now.

You were a man!

A real man! A real man, always!

-My God!
-What happened?

-Don't push me, man.
-l didn't.

He couldn't have pulled me.
Where were we?

-A real man.
-You were a real man.

-Remember when he fought three men?
-They hit him hard.

He was a chatterbox.
But it's in the past.

We want you to know--

Why don't you dedicate some
words to him? Some rattle.

Mr. Sebas...

...you leave us.

But we are here to join you
in your last trip...

...and to offer this floral offer.

What a paradox!
What a paradox!

You are gone! You are gone!

My pal!

Leaving a widow, still in circulation...

...despite the life he gave her.

Let's sing a song for him.

Let's be happy saying goodbye
to someone we love.

-So he goes pleased?

-Go ahead.

-My friend, that's what you liked.
-He liked it so much.

Shut up, ma'am. lt's over now.

He was my first love.

You sound so serious, he left
believing it. He had everything.

We even settled him down
in his last abode.

-You were all very kind.
-He didn't deserve it.

lt was a classy, cheerful burial.
No untidiness.

Within the limits.

You can't ask too much.
He wasn't a very orderly man.

-Did you pay the expenses?
-There was even $62 left, minus drinks.

At the end, everyone
was drinking hard in pain.

-Do we give it back or keep it?
-l can use it to go to Guadalajara.

-My parents live there.

-Their status is good. They'll help.
-Why didn't they do it before?

l married against their will.
They didn't want to know about me.

You're not alone. l'm your son's
godfather. Like the father.

-You're the mother. lt can go easy.
-Do me a favor.

-So soon?
-lt's about Chavita.

Take him over. l'll visit my parents,
apologize and ensure his future.

-l meant....
-Thank you.

-Do you want to stay with him?
-Yes, Mom.

-Do you want me to stay with you?
-What else can l do? Behave.

-When are you leaving?

-l'll have to feed us both.
-He doesn't eat much.

Neither do l. Not because l lack my
appetite. lt's out of poverty.

Don't worry. l promise l'll write
cheering you up and sending...

-...my best wishes.
-You're so generous. Don't bother.

l want to do it. l mean it.

With her intentions and
what we can make out with...

...we'll see how we can manage.
Let's pick up your few clothes.

Polish, boss?

Polish, boss?

Can l have your cigar?

-Don't fall behind.
-lt's a beautiful ball!

-Let it go!
-What's wrong?

-This grimy boy grabbed my ball.
-''This grimy boy grabbed my ball.''

-Spoiled boy.
-Don't insult the kid.

-He must not insult my kid.
-Scumbag. They shouldn't let you in.

-So, what are you doing here, parrot?
-Parrot? l'll find an officer.

-Don't scare me with that.
-l didn't mean to keep it.

l just wanted to touch it.

Don't grab what's not yours.
You have me to buy you the ball.

-Really? When?
-l don't know. l'm no fortuneteller.

Let's go to work.

-They're big.
-And smart. They are similar to us.

-ln what?
-They can eat and not drink for days.

-And men?
-They can drink and not eat for days.

Remember your daddy. Speaking
of your daddy, let's see the monkeys.

Here they are.

-Are they all alike?
-No. There are marmosets...

...chimpanzees, gorillas....

-Let's feed the monkey.
-All right.

Peanuts for the monkey.

This one for Chavita.

A peanut for the monkey.

A banana for this monkey.

Take this.

He's eating a lot. Watch.

Look how he swings.

See, Chavita? An orange.
This is our meal.

Another peanut.
This one for you.

Another one for me.

Let's go. There's a lot left to see.

-Your kid is nice and healthy.
-Thank God.

-God and food. He's about to explode.
-Excuse us.

Go ahead.

We had it good.

Look, a banana.

-What are you doing?
-Feeding the monkeys.

-You can't go near the animals.
-That's why l stay away from you.

-l mean monkeys.
-And l mean officers. You don't...

-...know how to treat citizens.
-You shouldn't be allowed here.

With all these cages,
how are you free?

-Let's go or this monkey bites us.

-They are beautiful.
-They're zebras.

-What's their breed?
-Four-sided, they have four legs.

-They're robbers. Look at their robe.
-And what type?

-Flannel. Sensitive to cold.
-What's their family?

lt's not my business.
Stay away from people's families.


-Godfather, she's my teacher.
-So you're the godfather?

-At your service.
-You've missed school. Why?

-We must work to survive.
-Then study at night.

Whoever doesn't study as a child
will grow up to be an ass.

That's what l always say. See?

-Did you study as a kid?
-Children don't ask that.

-But to be somebody you must study.
-So you reached there?

-A little late, but l did.

My godfather wasn't like Chavita's,
talented, smart and intelligent.

Right. You should've seen how
he took the fruits from this kid.

-Shut up. Be discreet.
-l thought you could go with him...

-...to the evening classes.
-Me? Why?

-Your prosody isn't well.
-Prosody? l don't know her.

l just saw her once but--

-People chitchat a lot.
-No, it's a part of grammar.

l knew it. l was testing him.
He has become very forgetful.

-So are you coming?
-lf it is to help, count on me.

lf we combine our knowledge
and experience, we'll get far.

Yes. l'll be waiting for you tonight.

-Bye, miss.

You hadn't told me about her.

-So we're going?
-Sure. With such a teacher...

...you learn many things.

Don't copy. My lines will be crooked.

l'll tell her. You won't have recess.

Attention, kids.

l asked you to write a paper about
water. Did anyone write it yet?

-Yes, miss.

Good. Being the oldest,
you must set an example.

-The subject is cozy.
-Easy, not cozy.

Cozy to make it easier.
But water is water.


Whatever the subject is,
don't forget prosody and spelling.

Remind them and you won't mix them.

Do l go on with prodosy and spelling?

Start with the water thing.
Come here so everyone listens.

Right, miss.

-Did you study it deeply?
-No, you know water is scarce.

-l went to the lake for half a pail.
-All right. Start when you want.

Yeah, l'm prepared.

Look, my sandwich.

Egg sandwich.

My marbles. No wonder
l didn't find them.

l wrote it down here. l don't want to
be tangled up in scientific matters.

But it's written in shorthand
and too fast.

As l translate it, the gerunds interfere.

-Try to remember. You'll do fine.
-l'm steep regarding water.

-So here l go.
-Hold on. Boys, pay attention.

Boys, concentrate.

Water, children...

...is an element that, when clean,
is clear, translucent and sheer.

-Am l doing fine?
-Well, yes.

You falter. lf you're not sure,
l'll try it another way.

-These things require a boost.
-l'll provide it.

So let's give them a short recess
and we'll boost each other.

-Go on.
-Look at you.

l'll continue.

Water is found all over but at home.

There's water in oceans, rivers,
lakes, milk...

...and lately, in classy
neighborhood fountains.

-Do l go on?

Kids, water is divided in two groups:

Major and minor waters.

-And you say the major are...?
-Specialized scientists and l say...

...we agree to state there's no doubt
that water must be clear.

Everything must be clear.

Major waters are the ones that fill
the oceans. Pacifics and gulfs.

-And minor waters?
-Those fill up smaller things...

...like small buckets.

Don't l deserve an A, a star
or a scholarship?

-l'm afraid you get none.

You forgot very important things.
What's it made of? lts formula?

Come on, the chemical formula....

-Does water have a formula?

-Chavita, you know it, right?
-Come on, he's just a kid.

The chemical formula of water is H2O.

lt's made of one oxygen
atom and two hydrogens.

-Very good answer. You wrote it down?

-What for? l've known it all my life.
-Why didn't you say it?

l let them flaunt. Can't do it
all yourself. Wait till we get home.

-Don't get mad.
-But l studied like crazy...

...didn't sleep to give
a conference about water...

...and this illiterate ruins it.

-We'll consider it for another time.
-Send them to recess.

We'll talk about our personal business.

Some other day.

Would you like to have dinner
at home so we can discuss the future?

-We'll talk about him as well.

We'll talk about it calmly, okay?

-Class is over. See you tomorrow.
-See you tomorrow, miss.

See you tomorrow.

-ls he indefinitely in your custody?

-Do you know what that means?
-Duty increases, food decreases.

-Do you have the means?
-Well, no. But l'm a career man.

-From Candelaria to Chapultepec...

-...and back.

The polishing thing is not very
shiny, you know?

-l can imagine.
-l have to think of something else.

-Did you decide already?
-lt's about opportunities.

One must show mental and physical
experiences, abilities, so people...

...find out who you are
and identify your lineage.

-That's beautiful.
-l've not always been a bootblack.

-l was a rock-breaker before.

-You made jewelry?
-l made holes in the street.

That's why l say men
must have aspirations.

l'm sure you'll succeed.
lf l can help you....

lf we help each other, much better.
So do you accept our invitation?

l do.

-What about Saturday?
-Very good. We'll be waiting for you.

-lf you want, bring the dessert.

-Yeah, sure. l'll feel better.
-Yeah, we will too.

-See you Saturday.
-You're staying?

-l must grade the assignments.
-l'll help you. l'm an ace...

-...with verbs and redundancy.
-Have some rest. lt's late.

-Okay. See you, teacher.
-See you.

-You liked her a lot, huh?
-Sure. She teaches a lot and well.

lf we keep studying with her, our
future is assured. You'll be useful.

-And you?
-l'll be used. lt's the same.

-lt shrank, didn't it?
-Will you buy me the ball?

-Don't bother me with that now.
-ls it expensive?

Some balls can kick you out.

-The ball?
-The teacher, you fool.

Did you know masons earn a lot?
Dad could make up to $ 70.

-That much?
-lt's a lot, huh?

-But risky. Remember what happened.
-He went to heaven, didn't he?

On the rebound. First, he fell.

Let's pray. lt's late.


-...who flies...
-...who flies...

-...cover us.
-...cover us.

-This blanket's ruined.
-This blanket's ruined.

Don't repeat it.
lt's between you and me.

-Guide our...
-Guide our...

-...innocent steps...
-...innocent steps...

-...so we get there...
-...so we get there...

-...clean, fit and having eaten.
-...clean, fit and having eaten.

-Easy. Keep us from...
-Keep us from...

-...corruption and fraud.
-...corruption and fraud.


-And my petition?
-Each prays to his own saint?

Then l'll pray first. By the way,
l'll pray for the teacher.

-Your turn.
-Dear Virgin...

...may he find a good job so he
can buy the ball for me.

lf it's as mason, let him not fall.
lf he does, help him resist.

Nice prayer. Very optimistic.

You just pray that if l fall, l resist.

Don't pay attention. He's a kid.
Get in bed.

-Are you asleep?

-You said $ 70 a week?
-At least.

Falling is the problem. You'll
take me there tomorrow. We'll see.

-Are you a mason?
-Doesn't it show?

-Your tools?
-The boy has them.

His dad fell from the 1 7th floor.
l think he was pushed. Don't you?

-Come with me.

-Build an 1 1 '6'' wall here.
-lt's too cheap.

-That doesn't pay for the bricks.
-1 1 feet, 6 inches tall.

-That's different.
-Here it starts, there it dies.

-l begin here and kill it there. Okay.
-ln the middle, a gap for a door.

-Okay. Bye.

-What do we do now?
-Stick the bricks with that mixture.

Okay. Let's do it.

-The wall at the 7th?
-The mason that came today is there.

Let's check it out.

-What's this?
-The wall he asked for.

-This is not a wall.
-lt's modernist.

-l've never seen anything like it.
-Yeah, it was hard.

l don't have a theodolite. l studied
the angles and l think it came out fine.

-Don't tell me.
-l must or you steal my idea.

Pay him off and then come to my office.

He seemed impressed. Maybe he'll
give me better assignments.

Here you are! And get the hell
out of here right now!

Told you. The door is crooked.

lt's a window, like a skylight.

-But it's crooked.
-Gothic style. Like Renaissance.

-They didn't like it.
-They don't see a man's knowledge.

-How much did they give you?
-$ 1 0. Not bad, huh?

-ls it enough for the ball?
-No. But it is for the dinner.

Let's go now. Heights make me sick.

-More beans with your tortillas?
-No, thanks. Call me by my name.

-Whatever you say.
-What time will we have the cake?

You're a spoiled boy. l've taught you
to behave in front of good people.

-Wait. Don't hustle.
-Don't scold him.

He has to wait until you say so.
Children must be decent. They have....

-You cut the cake or l cut it?
-l'll do it. Hand me the knife.

Very poor, but very clean.

-ls this one for Chavita?

Thank you very much.

lt's good, isn't it?

Are you satisfied?

-Yes, thanks. lt was great.
-Simple but tasty. Meat today is tough.

Fish made me suspicious.
They gave me a bad look.

l then thought, ''vegetarian meal.''

You love botany and it's light.
Tomorrow you'll feel fresh.

-More cake?
-No, thanks.

-l mean, can l have more?
-Yes, sure.

And you?

Yes, because he said we would satiate
ourselves with what you brought.

Shut up. Don't speak
when your mouth is full.

You still have cake.

-How's everything?
-So-so, miss.

l tried to work as a mason. A discussion
on modern art made me quit.

-We didn't agree.

He is accredited, his works
are well-known...

...but he's not done good.

As l told him, if the building is my
responsibility and the revolving...

...of the subsoil is related to the
pile in the plan, as l said, these...

...are lines, 4 times 3 is 1 8, and
there we have the circumference.

Something similar happened
at the campus, so subsoil...

...must be considered if you think
of quakes. l said, ''Take your plan...

-...l take mine and that's it.''
-l'm very sorry.

l will work at night.

Do you think it will pay?

At night it's harder.

l'll work in a cabaret. My friend
said there was a lot of work there.

-Don't let them pervert you.
-Would you be sorry about it?

Honestly, yes.

-Go and walk the dog.
-Do you have a dog?

We don't. Our neighbor has three.

-Go on, Chavita.
-All right.

Where were we?

lf you go places where
there are many beautiful women....

No. l'm only interested in one
woman in my life.

-Only one?
-Yes. lf she just loved me...

-...as l love her....
-Why don't you ask her?

l'm not prepared.

ln such situations,
the trousseau better be ready.

-Besides love, comfort is important.
-That's not important.

-Well, no, but....
-A letter from my mom!

-l must go now.
-Why? Do you want more beans?

No, thanks. l have a lot of work.

-Bye, Chavita.
-See you Monday, miss.

Good night. Thank you.
Everything was delicious.

Hope to have you back so we can have
some more beans. There are plenty.

-Yes, sure. See you. Take care.
-You too.

You knock on the door before coming
in. You almost caught me red-handed.

Read your mom's letter.

''Dear son--'' Colon. ''Tell your godfather
to be patient.'' Period.

''Your grandparents have been tough.

l'll keep trying to win them over.''

-Does she send something?

''l send you and him a thousand kisses.''

-A thousand pesos?
-No, not pesos, kisses.

''And my thoughts. l never forget
you. Your mom, Leonor.''

l was surprised. ''Kisses.''

Since her help doesn't help us,
l'm off to work.

May l go with you?

Kids mustn't go to those
dens of vice.

-And my kiss?
-Of course.

-We'll never split up, will we?

-Go to bed. Dream of angels.
-And of you.

lf you find a place for me
among them, l'm not against it.

Dear God, protect him. Let him come
alive from that den of vice.

Give him many pennies
so he can buy my ball. Amen.

ln the name of the Father....

-What are you doing?
-Having fun.

-What? Who are you?
-The bootblack. And you?

-The headwaiter.
-Change the butter. lt's terrible.

-And the wine. lt's fermented.

-Go away. This table is reserved.

-Give me another one. l was late.

-Take him out!
-Wait. l'll leave. Calm down.

-Calm down?

-Take him out now!
-What time's the show tomorrow?

What do you care? Get out!

Don't be overbearing!

-What happened?
-Don't you see? l was sitting there...

...and this man came and took
me out! You said l could work here.

-Not in there.
-Where, then?

-ln the dressing rooms.
-You should've said that.

Come with me. Come on.

Here. You'll have plenty of work.

-lf they take me out again?
-l'll bring you back in.

Sure. You're not even well connected.
Just dressed as a clown.

They'll probably kick us both out.

Your shoes--

Let me know when you are dressed.
Your new bootblack is here.

-Mimi needs you.
-Who's Mimi?

-Our big star.
-Let me finish this.

Anita, l'm waiting for you.

-Right away, ma'am.
-Who's that?


Gorgeous. l'll be right with her.

-Do that later. Hurry up.
-l'll hurry.

There's work here. Really!

Wow! Look at your foot!

Needs a new sole, but l'll sure polish it.

Mimi. lt's your turn with the ''Bolero.''
Hurry up.

-So there you are.
-Yes, darling.

Don't you ''darling'' me!

lt was good, wasn't it?
That turn we did when--

l don't understand a word
that you're trying to say.

-But l know one thing!
-Sure, sure.

You ruined my number.

You insulted and embarrassed me!

-When we rehearse--
-Why did you do that?

-You said so.

-lt was her turn with the bolero.
-No, with Ravel's.

Jeez! So you hire strangers
and discriminate us?

-l'll complain!
-Take him out!

-First, you pay me. Then l'll go.

-You can't--
-Come on!

Don't you--!

l'll leave! You don't need
to take me out.

-Why did they let you go?
-No, l stood them up.

l couldn't compete
with the stranger Ravel.

Do you think we'll
do fine in Acapulco?

Sure. We must focus
on black-and-white shoes.

They pay the best.

-Where is Acapulco?
-lt's approximately, if we leave or if we....

-We'll ask a tourist. They know.
-Do you know the ocean?

l heard about it.

But l don't want you
to be scared by it. l'll tell you.

The ocean is a long expanse
of salty water surrounded by soil.

-Are we going to bathe?
-Yes, but we'll do it slowly.

We have to get used to water.
Hand me my tropical outfit, my bikini.

-Forgot something?

Okay. Now, with God's help
and a ride tomorrow at this time...

...we'll be breathing iodized air...

...and sailing in the Acapulco ocean.

Here we are.
This is where you get out.

Thank you, man.

-That was a nice dive.
-Yes, but what are we doing here?

l can't work here.
No one wears shoes.

-l'm tired.
-Let's sit down here.

For the table number five.

-Served, sir.
-Thank you.

-Did you order this?
-No, but it's probably on the house.

-This is our table.
-And our drinks.

-May l help you?
-He took our table.

-And is having our drinks.

-lt's you! No bootblacks here!
-l'm not a bootblack.

-What are you then?
-Well, sort of a tourist.

-What is this box?
-My camera. Right, Chavita?

Whatever! Get out of here.

-No pulling.
-l pull if l want!

-l'll leave, but don't pull.
-Don't pull? l pull!

-So pushes are allowed?

Why didn't you say so?

Let's go, Chavita.

-Polish, sir? Need a shine?
-We have no shoes.

l mean, coconut oil for your body.
You're pale. You'll peel off.

-No, thanks.
-Stuffed shrimp? Crab?

-Look at them. Oysters?
-Are they fresh?

-l caught them in the morning.
-This morning?

-Some other morning.
-They're bad. They stink.

-They're stuffed oysters.
-With what?

-Roquefort cheese.
-You're lying. That smells funny.

-He's the one who smells funny.
-What do you mean?

lf you're not going to buy it,
don't bruise it.

lt is strong.

Let's go, Chavita.

Shrimp tacos. Shrimp tacos.

Eel quesadillas.
Take a look at this shrimp.

They look like crab.

Chub, buy chub.

Octopus tentacles.

Marine meatballs.

Fresh oysters.
Want me to grease you, miss?

-Grease? With what?
-Coconut oil.

-ls it good?
-You must try it.

And l won't get a sunburn?

l put it on you, you stay in the
shade, and no sunburn.

Hand me the oil.

You gave me the ketchup.
l said oil.

Don't go far away.
l won't look for you again.

Mixing is better. The smell will
help. You'll have an even peel-off.

-How do you feel?
-l feel very good.

Later you'll feel even better.


-My God!
-No, she's my daughter.

Your daughter? l can't believe it.

You don't think l'm her mother?

Come on! You're like her granny.


Shall we continue?

-This coconut oil feels wonderful.
-l want some too.

My daughter wants you to put oil
on her after you finish with me.

After? No, right away! Come here!

The skin feels different.
Feels like velvet.

Here's where you need it the most.
Look how my hand rotates.

-lt's enough.
-For you, not for me.

-Let me continue. l'm hot now.
-How much is it?

Nothing. Come back tomorrow
and l'll change your oil.

Thank you.

You're welcome.
Your daughter is....

Please, come tomorrow.

Chavita, where are you?

You hid again, boy.

Excuse me.

Oh, baby!

-What are you looking for?
-My godson. He's always hiding....

-l told you to stay nearby.
-l was playing.

Yeah, right. Do otherwise
and you'll see.

-l'm hungry.
-Let's see what can we catch.

-And the seafood you're selling?
-lt's for sale.

-Do you want to get poisoned?

So let's grab something fresh.
Come on.

-Very nice, don't you think?
-Yes, but very dangerous.

Another man is going up.

That one was better, Chavita--




How the hell did you
climb up there, boy?


Oh, God, this boy!

Don't move!

Don't come up here!
l'm going down!

-Godfather! l'm here!
-Oh, my God!

-He's the swimmer l need for the hotel.
-Talk to him.

-Why did you do it?
-Do it? l slipped.

-Are you wet?
-Just a little splashed.

l'll spank you right here
so you stop being bad.

-l'd like to talk to you.

Go to the hotel as soon as you can.

When l stop shaking and l'm dry,
l'll be there.

-l'll be waiting.
-Go get my shoes and my hat.

l'm all shaky.

-l'd never seen a dive like yours.
-And won't ever see it again.

-l'm looking for a swimmer like you.
-What for?

-As a lifeguard.
-lf you keep searching....

-What for? l already found you.

$50 a day. Food and shelter.
ls it good for you?

-You're kidding. Sure.
-So it's a deal.

-And my boy?
-Does he swim?

-No. But he can notify the danger.
-All right. $ 1 0 for him.

-And swimsuit.

-When do we start?
-Tomorrow. Come with me.

Sure, my manager!

-Do you see everything clearly?
-And how!

-Nice, huh?
-Yeah, nice.

-But dirty.

-Dirty? What are you talking about?
-The beach.

Yes, the beach is dirty.

-Don't disturb.

-They are calling you.
-What is it?

-Somebody's drowning!
-What can l do?

-You're the lifeguard!
-l didn't push him.

lf you don't know how to swim,
don't get in. With one wave...

...you're out of control.
Tell me the exact spot.

Tell him to keep afloat, mouth shut,
in control and l'll be there soon.

-The tire?
-lt's down there.

You ruined it.
Talking about what was happening.

Now l have no choice.
l'm allergic to water. Let's go.


-Where is he?
-Over there!

-lsn't he faking it?
-She's drowning!

lt's very salty!

The tire!

-Chavita, the tire!

-Hold on to the tire!
-Give it to me!

Don't take it away from me!

Hold on! Don't fumble!


Hold on!

Don't lose it!

Swim, godfather! Swim!

-He's drowning!
-Hold on!

Come on!

-Here he comes now!
-They're coming!



Give me the tire, damn woman!
Don't fumble.

-Stop the waves.
-How do you feel?

-What happened?
-You almost drowned.

That lady didn't let me swim.
She kept pushing me.

-Do you feel fine?
-A little swelled, but fine.

-Do you want some water?
-More? What do you think l swallowed?

My God! l think l swallowed a fish.

Come in.

-lt's you. What happened?
-You almost lost your lifeguard.

-Yeah, l heard it was hard out there.
-lt's a miracle l'm here with you.

-Unbelievable. You're so good diving.
-But not towing and she put me...

...off poise, turned me, pushed me.
l couldn't use my right arm, my ace.

lf you didn't reach her,
she would've drowned.

Certainly. She had swallowed
a lot of water.

l arrived at the precise moment--

She drank so much water,
she was floating, you know.

She came here and left $500 for you.

Thoughtless woman.

l risked my life.
That's not much, l think.


-Plus $ 1 00 from me.
-Something's better than nothing.

-You're paid and fired.
-Why fired?

-You offer no guarantee.
-Well, well. Honestly, l don't.

-See you.
-l doubt it.

Me too. No more water even if it's holy.

l won't take this off until
l arrive in Mexico. $500.

There's that cramp again.
Told you.

And for $500. Oh, well.

Why did you take the risk knowing
you can't swim?

Didn't you want your ball?
Now we can pay for it.

-Passengers to Mexico. Go aboard.
-Come on. Let's go.

-Go home and wait for me.
-Where are you going?

There's something l have to do.
l won't take long.

-Don't you know where they are?

lt's annoying. l'll go to his room.
Maybe there's a message.

Yes, maybe.

Here you are.

-Don't you have a better one?
-Some have just arrived.

-But they're expensive.
-No problem. l want the best.


-That's a good one.

-lt's 1 25.
-l'm not asking. Wrap it up.

-Chavita will be surprised.

Mind your business. Wrap it up.
l won't roll it all along.

Yes, sir.

-Won't you kiss your mom?

My son!

-And your godfather?
-He's coming.

-Where were you? l was worried.
-ln Acapulco.

-Since all goes wrong for him...

-...we went to try his luck.
-Don't worry.

From now on, you'll have
everything you want. Look.

-lsn't it what you were longing for?
-lt's beautiful.

Look what my mom brought me!
What l wanted!

What's wrong? Won't you say hello?

l didn't recognize you.

-Yes. Things have changed.
-Yeah, l can see.

l came to get married.
Aren't you glad?

l'm surprised.

Good afternoon.

-This is my future husband.
-Nice to meet you.

-Chavita, he will be your father.
-Hello, Chavita.

We get married tomorrow.
The next day we leave for Guadalajara.

-Will you take Chavita with you?
-He can't live here as a beggar.

You're right. lt wouldn't be fair.

-We hope you come to the wedding.
-l can't promise.

-l have to work.

No way. Chavita, say goodbye.
We have to buy you some clothes.

-May l stay with him?
-Don't be silly.

Yeah, don't be silly. Go with her.
Be obedient.

What would you do with
a useless man like me?

-Will you visit us?
-l promise.

-You're crying.
-Me? Men don't cry.

With the change of climate,
l think l caught a cold.

You're the one who's crying.

Wipe your tears and be good.

Let's go, son.

-Thank you very much. Good luck.
-Good afternoon, sir.

-Don't forget to visit us.
-Let's go, Chavita.


l got your picture.

-What did you think?

ln that suit, muscles disappear.
You really liked it?

A lot.

Where's Chavita?

He left.

-How come?
-His mom came for him.

-lt would happen someday.
-Yes, but l came to love him.

lt's risky loving other people's kids.

-Nothing better than your own.
-To be honest, yes.

Have you ever thought
of getting married?

Have you?

Yes. But first l have to find a
diligent woman, who loves kids...

-...and is willing to give me my own.
-A child?

-Yes, to use the ball.
-Which ball?

The one l bought for Chavita.
But a ball without a kid...

...is like a kid without a ball,
isn't it?

-Keep it. We'll need it soon.

Does that mean that you and...?

Polish, sir?

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