Rapture in Blue (2020) - full transcript

Pressured to satisfy his girlfriend's desires, an anxious young man begins to struggle with both his sexuality and his sanity after meeting the insidious new boy who has moved into his childhood home.

(telephone ringing distantly)

(ringing continues, builds)

Tell me, God, it isn't true...

flames so hot that they turn...


(burner humming)

VALERIE: I thought you
said this place was empty.


(tea kettle whistling)

(whispering) Jason, let's
get the hell out of here.

(door opens)

(humming gleefully)


(glass shattering)

(train horn blares distantly)

Who are you?

I could ask you
the same thing.

What are you doing in my house?

Your house?

My name is Jason Aylwood.

I used to live here.

Sebastian Brown.

I just moved in.

VALERIE: We were just seeing
if the key still works.

It does!

Come on, baby.

Let's go.


Take me someplace else.



Aren't you forgetting something?

JASON: Come on, let's go.

VALERIE: What the hell was that?


(owl hooting)

VALERIE: Sebastian Brown.

What a fucking creep.

(moody rock music
playing on car stereo)

Didn't your mother ever teach
you not to talk to strangers?

Val, I...

I think we're the strangers.

Hello, stranger.

(car passing by)

Where are we gonna go now?

I wanna go all the way.



No, not here.

(cellphone ringing)

JASON: Sorry, it's my dad.

Just let it ring.

Val, wait!


Oh, God.

VALERIE: Not there, either.

Someplace just for us.

I was gonna wait
to tell you, but...

turns out I have the house
all to myself tomorrow.


you're more than
welcome to stop by.


in order to do that...

Jason, look at me.

First, I'm gonna need to
hear how much you love me.


Valerie Monroe...

I love you.

Prove it.

(music continues)

(car passing by)

I want it to be perfect, Jay.

I want you to be my first.

Will you be my first?

Each other's first?

(wind howling, footsteps)


What was that?

What was what?




(music stops)

VALERIE: Baby, stay in the car.

Jason, come on.

Let's just go home.

Jason, who's out there?

Why... why don't I
take you out tomorrow?

And then later, we can...

go back to your place and
have the most perfect night

of our lives.

Oh, Jason...

Jason, you do love me!


Uh, hello...


Um, I-I was taking
her home, and I-I...

I realized that I left my... um.

(dog barking)

(gothic rock music
playing inside)

I'm just fucking with you.


I wanted to apologize
about earlier.

This place has been
empty for so long,

and we didn't have
anywhere else to go.

It's not so much that you
snuck in with your girlfriend.

Only that, uh...

we just got here, and well...

we only have so many mugs.

Is anyone home?

(music continues)

JASON: It's so strange.

(train horn blares distantly)

Strange like how?

Well, strange like...

I've been here before,
because I have.

But still, I...

I haven't.

We have the same room.

JASON: The last night I-I
slept here when I was...

eight or nine...

my parents and I had come
home really late from...


I can't remember.

They... they told me to go right
to bed, so I hurried in, but...

there was something...


The air was so...


heavy and wet.

(electricity pulsing)

And then I looked down...

and I realized that
I was stepping on...

broken pieces of glass.

Someone had punched in the back
window and let themselves in.

And on the floor...

was a single trail of
blood leading inside.

So I followed it...

deeper and deeper...

until it disappeared
underneath the closet door.

(hinge creaking)

Who was in there?

No one.

(loud knocking)

(knocking continues)

I don't want to be here anymore.

Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.

Wait a minute.

Are you sure you
don't wanna stay here?

You can spend the night.

I don't care.

(sirens blaring distantly)

All right.

Well, at least let me
write down my number.

You don't think I'd have my
own number memorized by now?

This is my house!

No, it's not.

I shouldn't have come here.

There's a last time
for everything...

just as there is...

the opposite way around.

There's something
black in your soul.

And if you're not careful,
it's gonna devour you.

(dog barking)

Let's hope you're right.

(thunder rumbles distantly)

(cellphone ringing)

I'm ready when you are, Jay.

(Ariana Kelly's "Wine (A
Sea Of Future)" plays)

Living in darkness proved I'd

Never say the words
I prayed as the

First time I laid eyes on you

Laid my eyes on

You chained your fate
since the dates when I

Pictured us to be
in love in light

Despite all my dreams of you

Drowned in time

All I want

Is all I need

You take from me

A sea of future ahead of us

A future ahead of us

I'll be right back.

Heat from the fire
grows higher, it's

Telling me to face
the flames and burn

'Cause everything I knew as true

Split in two

'Cause all I want

Is all I need

And now I bleed

A sea of future ahead of us

A future

Turn me blue

Come back to you

Escape my name, oh...

(music fades)



(people murmur indistinctly)

Deep, dark blue...

(gasping, panting)

Jason, where are you going?

(wind howling, paper rustling)

(thunder crashes)

(electronic music
playing in club)

(sirens blaring)

Ugh, cool off.

Kiss me.


Kiss me, Valerie.

I can handle it.

Look at me.

Jason, where are you?

Why aren't you here right now?

This was supposed to be...



(wind howling)

JASON: Listen.

Somebody followed me to
Sebastian's last night.

After you dropped
me off, you went back?

I left my jacket.

I had to go back.

But, listen.

There's a picture...

an impossible picture
from someplace else.

Somebody was watching me...

and I think they
followed me here, too.

Prove it.

I can't.

I don't have it with me.


It's not you, it's me.

VALERIE: Can you
just take me home?


(sirens blaring, wind howling)

(telephone ringing)

JASON'S FATHER (on machine):

You've reached the
Aylwood residence.

Please leave a message.


JASON'S FATHER (on speaker):

Jason, I'm gonna take that
goddamn cellular phone away

from you if you continue
to ignore my calls!


Now, your mother and
I are flying back

first thing tomorrow morning,

and we're gonna need to
have a talk with you.

Per our agreement,

I hope to God that you've not
brought that white-trash girl

or your low-life
friends into the home.

And son,

I really hope you haven't
been smoking cigarettes

inside again.

(static feedback)

We're gonna have
to figure out what

to do about this situation.

(glass screeching quietly)

This is not the way
any of us planned

things to be going, son.

(metal clattering)

We'll talk tomorrow.

(hangs up reciever)

(thunder crashes)

JASON: Where are
we gonna go now?

VALERIE: I wanna go all the way.

JASON: Here?

VALERIE: No, not here.

JASON: Valerie Monroe...

I love you.

(dark synth music playing)

VALERIE: Prove it.

(thunder crashes)

WOMAN (singing):
Deep, dark blue.

SEBASTIAN (whispering): Jason.

(electricity pulsing)

WOMAN (singing): Turn me blue.

VALERIE: I want it
to be perfect, Jay.

SEBASTIAN: There's a last
time for everything...

you to be my first.

SEBASTIAN: ...just
as there is...

VALERIE: Will you be my first?

opposite way around.

VALERIE: Each other's first.

opposite way around.

VALERIE: Each other's first.

opposite way around.

VALERIE: Each other's first.

opposite way around.

VALERIE: Each other's first.

opposite way around.

VALERIE: Each other's first.

opposite way around.

VALERIE: Each other's first.

opposite way around.

(thunder crashes)

(embers sizzling)

(cellphone ringing distantly)

(owl hooting, distorted)

(wind howling)

already realized.

Just down the corridor.

Meandering upon the threshold.

The brink of implosion.


Tilting within division.

It is not you.

It is me.

Feel my touch.

Hear my sound.

Send for me.

Come for me.

VALERIE (distorted):
Jason, who's out there?

(thunder crashes)

(gasping, panting)

(door slams shut)

(quick, heavy footsteps)

(glass shattering)

(thunder crashes)



(gasping, panting)

(train horn blares distantly)


SEBASTIAN: Back so soon?

(thunder crashes)


He found me!

He knows where I live!

He came inside my house!


Who did?


There's something
wrong with my brain.



You're here now...

and you're not going anywhere.

This is our house...

and we never have to leave.

Stay here with me.


You wanna kiss me, don't you?

Just like you did
the other night?

It's okay.

It's okay.

(moaning, gasping)

(thunder crashes)


(faucet running, stops)

(electricity pulsing)

(rhythmic knocking)

(hinge creaking)


(loud knocking)

(knocking continues)

(thunder crashes)



(thunder crashes)

Jason, I know you're in there.


(glass cracking) Ah!


Jason, open the door.

then I looked down,

and I realized
that I was stepping

on broken pieces of glass.

VALERIE: Jason, open
this fucking door!


(voices echo loudly)

(voices stop abruptly)

(glass cracking)

You still want me, huh?

You want it from me, don't you?

You wanna take it from me?

I don't know what
you're talking about.

Do you know what
you're talking about?



Proof, Jason.


(thunder crashes)

(camera flashes)

Val, how did you...


Are you out of
your fucking mind?

This was supposed
to be our night!

But it's too late!

You fucked it all the
way, you cocksucker!

You shouldn't be here.

You need to leave, now.

Do you see yourself in
these pictures, Jason?

Is that you?

Is that what you look like?

It's not what it looks like!

It is, Jason.

It is.

It's you!

Get out of my fucking house!

What the fuck?

VALERIE: Jason, come back.




I love you!


(crying) Jason!



(groans) Jason!


(distorted screaming)


(wind howling)

(electricity surges,
glass shattering)

(hinge creaking)



(door opens)

(telephone ringing)

(glass shattering)

JASON'S FATHER (on machine):

You've reach the
Aylwood residence.

Please leave a message.


speaker): Jason...

where are you?

(train horn blares distantly)

(thunder crashes)

(screaming, reverberates)

(Tamaryn's "Violet's
In A Pool" plays)

Filled up with noises

From the dark depth

Stark screaming curses

On the card deck

Now the knock

Under foot

Come in closer

Do you wander while it's curling

Round the corner?

It starts turning it on

This is it

The sound is moving in

Not shutting off

This is it

The sound is moving in