Rapture (1979) - full transcript

A low budget horror filmmaker gets in touch with an eccentric who is trying to film his consciousness during drug abuse.

Ministry of Culture's Special Quality Prize
Year 1979

Nicolas Astiarraga Producciones Cinematograficas

This very morning, I'll send you
the reconstructed film and this tape.

If what I think is going
to happen does happen,

no one will send you the last film,

you'll have to come get it.


with Eusebio Poncela

Written and Directed by
Ivan Zulueta




And now, backup, please.

She gets in the coffin and we stay with here until...

- Until here.
- Here what?

Well, here you mark the beginning of the fade.

It goes to black and it says The End..

What about the flaming coffin?

There's no need
for it, can't you see?

We throw it out.

- Let's see if we can straighten this out.
- What?

This is no good.

This one as well? Why?

Because she's looking
at the camera the entire shot.

She gets inside the coffin, and there,
she looks at us.

Look, I think here are some more takes.
Let's check them instead...

You're joking, it's the only interesting bit
in the entire picture.

Come on, time's up!
Let's go!

No, forget it, I'm staying.

- See you Monday.
- Bye.

Look, this way we can skip final credits.

She looks at the audience, they
automatically understand...

that she is delighted in becoming
a vampire.

It's fun, she's isn't sorry about it.

And there ends the story. Full stop.

Fade to black, isn't sorry about it.


the important thing is to know
what she does and doesn't want,

nothing else matters, it's irrelevant.

- Superfluous cinema.
- Get out of here!

Jose, I don't get you.

I don't get you at all.

You're acting weird.

If we're going to work like this,
I guarantee you'll ruin this film.

Which, by the way,
was fine until today.

Until today!

Better then The Curse, no doubt about it.

And boy, were you happy then.

- Do you think so?
- You betcha!

Of course it were starting your affair with Ana,
and you were happy.


What's the matter, that went...
nowhere, right?

Forgive me for insisting,
but this is no way to do it.

Shooting ended yesterday,
you drove all night,

you've been messing this up all day long;
another take and off to bed.

I don't want more takes.

I want what we saw,
fading to black from where I told you.

Yes sir, no problem.

Fade? I'll fade it. Dissolve?
I'll dissolve it. No problem!

Still, come Monday,
I don't wanna hear about no bat scene,

no flaming coffin...
and that Film is this or the other,

'cause I'm sick of...
- Film? What Film?

Screw Film.
- Oh, I know, I know...

You're screwing it, alright!

Of course, and do you know why?

Because, in the end...
- Yes.

It isn't I who loves Film.
- But Film...

But Film, who loves me.

Fuck off!

"The Humanoid"

"Oliver's Story"

"The Deer Hunter"

"Best Picture of the Year"


"An unforgettable tale!"

"And so our opera program ends."

"It's 10 PM and Gran Via's temperature...

"is now 28 degrees Celsius."

Oh, it's you?
So, you're back.

- How about the movies? Lotta work, huh?
- Yes, yes...

Wait a sec, there's something for you.

The postman brought it last week.

It's registered,
therefore I signed for it.

Sometimes they take them back,
never to return.

I tried to give it to Miss Ana,
but she got away.

- You know? I haven't seen her since...
- Is Miss Ana here?

Yes, she came around a couple of days ago.

Let's see, today's Friday, right?

Friday... Saturday.

So, she came with a bag,
asked me about you...

and I told her you would come
by the end of the week...

I left for the parcel, came back,

and she was already on the 3rd floor...

and I know she
doesn?t' like to be disturbed...

so the parcel stayed here, you know?

You're out of here right now, I don't care.

You're out of here right now, I don't care.

You're out of here right now, I don't care.
I don?t care!



"The Curse of the Werewolf"

"Tonight's show"

"When will this loathsome,
tiresome dandruff problem end?"

"Get rid of it with
Zp11's Revlon shampoo."

"Zp11 contains zinc pyrithione
to effectively destroy dandruff.

"Revlon's Zp11 shampoo."

"Jose, it's me, Pedro, remember?
This I'm sending you is...

"Just listen and watch, or better yet,
devour and digest it.

"Right away, if possible.

"It may be urgent to--"



"Maybe you don't recognise my voice,

"but it shouldn't come as a surprise,
if you remember who I am."

Is that you?

"Jose, it's me, Pedro, remember?

"This I'm sending you is...
just listen and watch,

"or better yet, devour and digest it.
Right away, if possible.

"It may be urgent...

"Maybe you don't recognize my voice,

"but it shouldn't come as a surprise,
if you remember who I am.

"Do you remember?

"I know we only say each other twice, but so what?

"I'm sure that only you
could understand what happened.

"All and all,
if it's not because of you,

"I would still be filming my aunt
or at best my cousin Marta.

He got her doing all sorts of things,

singing, and dancing,
playing the piano, cooking...

Everywhere except the bathroom!

Yeah, but I mean...
What does he do? Are they narratives,

is there a script,
is it documentary-like or--

- Who knows, do you think he shows them?
- Oh?

No way!
he only one who saw them once...

and I'm not too sure about it,
was my ex-husband.

- Carlos?
- Yes.

You see, it was probably so strange

that they never spoke
to each other again.

- But what did Carlos said?
- Oh, he's so rude, I don't even remember.

What I do know is that, more than once,
while walking...

in front of Pedro's door,

he was inside, watching his own movies...

and crying in desperation.

- And?
- And, what?

They're not dramas.

He cries because he doesn't like 'em,
he's aghast, horrified by them.

His own films!
Isn't he something, Jose?

- It's a devotion, for him.
- Right.

Wait, stop, Jose, stop,
it's here to the right. Stop.

"I was very fond of Marta.

"As you know, she thought me
the indispensable tricks...

"to stay strong in my path,

"and not having to
march to the beat of other's drum.

"You know what I mean.

Although she matured, as of late,
and started to get motherly on me.

"Thinking she could follow me

as when she was little
and we lived together."

- You were talking about your cousin.
- Oh, right.

For my cousin, cinema is...


- You're quite mad.
- You see...

he's a bit...
raw, so to speak.

- The film thingy?
- No, man, him, Pedro.

Obviously, if he doesn't eat, nor fuck,
doesn't sleep or anything--

I told you he "barely" ate,
or drank, or fucked...

So, as it is,
how old is he?

- Well... it depends.
- What do you mean?

He's a guy that has lived for 27 years...

but is... 12.

- I know several.
- I don't think so.

Hey, there he is, stop, stop.

Blow the horn, blow it,
where is it?

I'm gonna give him the film,
wait for me.

Pedro, Pedro, it's me, Marta.

"When you came to check the house
for a film you were going to do...

"I was by then looking
for help for a long time.

You were not
the first--

What film? Are you dumb?
Look what you've done, you fool, fool!

Out, get out of here, fool.

Jesus, the way you
act sometimes, Pedro.

Shit, shit, shit!

- Doesn't he melt?
- Melt?

Do you remember Christmas time?

39, 40, 41

Those mushrooms? Well,
those bits, anyway.

Paco's rabbit, always walking around,
ended up eating them.

- Paco? Lu?s was the one that had a rabbit.
- Oh, right, at Luis'.

- So?
- Do you remember what happened next?

Yeah, no one could tell you from the rabbit!

That's right, but the thing is

it was the rabbit who ate
the mushrooms... not us.

"...but you were the best one."

"Usually, people who came with Marta

"did not deserve me
leaving my state of being, at all.

"I rather preferred to get it wrong
than to have to explain myself.

"Yet with you it was different.
Not only did you make movies,

"you were also predestinate
to hate it intensely.

"Your magnetic halo denounced you."

- I kind of like this.
- You do?

This has become a mess,
it was not like this at all, I swear!

"And besides, you arrived
at a crucial time.

"Marta was more correct
than what she thought."

- Aunt Carmen, where are you?
- Martita, is that you? Come in, I'm--

"I was for too long filming
again and again my surroundings.

"The same sparkles,
the same pauses, do you remember?"

You there?

Come on, let's have dinner.

The cake was marvelous,
but it ain't like it used to be.

- Well I fancied it a lot. What about you, Jose?
- Exquisite.

- The pastry has to--
- Shall I turn the TV on?

I refuse to eat
with the TV on.

I can accept it at coffee,
but it is incompatible with food.

You bet, it is bad for everything.

- Do you enjoy television?
- I only watch the movies.

Movies, of course.

It's a bummer, because there are
some very good, and I miss them all.

I go to the movies, a lot, you know?

We used to travel all the time

and we used to bring
marvelous colour films.

Yes, I remember, and almost
every single one was about water sky.

I'm going to get coffee myself,
seeing that Asun is probably down.

- You bet.
- The white is fine."

This woman, I mean...
I'll never get it, so fat, so not right.

But she's a genius, right?

Well, you fancy her,
like all youngsters.

But I'll never understand her success.
She had it, hadn't she?

Her? The most famous one ever.

I assume you'll
have famous actors in your film.

- What's the title again?
- Wolf Men.

Oh, right,
and you said I haven't seen it?

It's curious, and still...

are you sure Alan Ladd isn't on it?

I've seen them all,
and if I'm not mistaken--

Yes, well... the movie hasn't yet
been premiered or even made...

Right, right, that's why I
take the liberty to give you advises.

As a matter of fact... No, Alan Ladd, no.

But it is very important that you
shoot it in colour, believe me.

I'm not at all impressed
with this black and white wave.

This very same film,
for instance, was in colour.

When I first saw it it was in colour...

and look at it now,
poor thing, grayish rubbish.

- This TV set has colour, right?
- It had, but I scraped it off.

Do you know what they do?
They freeze them, so as not to bleach out.

And it shows, of course,
it ain't the same.

She's completely colour-blind.

Don't whisper, luv,
I'm aware of it all.

And I'm not of unsound mind or anything.

In fact, I've got very good memory...

and it ain't the same
like this rather than as it was.

Let's see the film, shall we?

"I give life to those fascinating
sirens that you so enjoy to see.

"But I'm actually a person--

"Underneath all this glitter,
Maby Sarden is as human as--"

Another thing I don't get,
and you, sir, have to explain me--

- Informal, aunty, please.
- OK.

-- is why all of a sudden
they start to sing or cry...

and produce the strangest voice,
as if they were chickens.

That's dubbing, aunty,
you know perfectly well.

I do? Well, that didn't happen before.

But it has been in use forever,

and besides they don't
sound like chickens.

Oh, chickens dickens!

Isn't this depressing,
where's that magnificent colour it had?

"You tried to look
skeptical and vulgar."

"And now, dear friends,
I would like to say good night to you all."

"But your back of the neck betrayed you,

you were eager for
something to happen."

You're confused, aunty.

She has forever insisted that that dress...

is white with blue flowers, for instance.

So don't tell me how
the film was, smarty pants,

because you have
never seen it till the end.

Don't get mad, aunty.

Tell me why the need for
all this renovation to sell the house.

The buyer has insisted on it
before formalizing the transaction--

- Your friend gets absent easily.
- What about that coffee, Jose?

- I like it cold.
- That's not a bad idea, with this heat.

Well, I'm off to bed.

Tomorrow, Martita will show you around
and I hope you like it.

I don't think it'll suit him.

And if you like it I hope you cast me,
in any form, disguised, even.

So that I can see me,
because I was filmed before,

but since we can't see it...
And I want to see myself.

- In colour.
- Of course, young man.

I'll sunbathe starting tomorrow,

and in a fortnight I'll
look like a golden apple.

- It's going to be a pale picture.
- I won't do it, then.

Good night, aunty.

Good night.

Try not to open the windows;
otherwise you'll be covered in beetles.

Wait a second, I'll bring you that thing.

"You've passed the first test with ease.

"I decided to carry on...

"when Marta had finished dealing with you
or you with, or whatever.

"But I had to wait a long time.

"I couldn't just show you the
pictures directly, you know what I mean?

What, you don't want to keep talking about your cousin?

You enjoyed that, huh?

Say, Marta...

you wouldn't happen
to put something on my drink?

- Your drink?
- At supper, I mean.

Oh, shut up and sniff that.

I don't want to talk about my cousin no more.

Jose. Jose?

All in one go...
I'm dead.

fortunately, I took my lenses off in advance.

Here, Jose.

- Good night.
- No, no, no, wait.

- No, no. Sleep tight.
- Wait, let me tell you something.

- Sleep tight and dream all night.
- Wait Marta, I've got--


"With you, I wanted to play fair

and I though a conversation
would be a good prologue."

Invite me, I want to talk to you.

Less than that,
wait, let me do it.

I'll do it.

"According to Marta, I kept that dust...

"to go back to my childhood,
each time she came to see us,

"But I couldn't disagree more."

My cousin told me you make cinema.

And some music too.

What kind of movies do you make?

Well, never mind,
I only want you to help me.

To explain to me what I have to do
to film at a precise rhythm.

Do you know what to do with a pause?

No, I don't know what a pause is.

"I guess the conversation
wasn't such a good idea,

"but it ended up being useful,
as every time I make a mistake."

The pause is the Achilles Heel,

is the vanishing point,
our only chance.

Let's see,

what was your favourite trading cards
collection when you were little?

I say...

this is incredible.

A delicate shite; if you overdo it...

no good.

A true cunt, indeed.

But it works for me...

it works for me with the others,

those who come from the outside...

because I don't speak with my family,

they're all right.

Nor do I fuck, well...

I do with my cousin, and her husband too.

King Solomon's mines.

- That was my favourite collection.
- That's wicked!

I don't sleep, you know?
Only when there's no other way...

I take some of that dust...

that lower my rhythm.

But I don't like it,

they make me grow up.

You should be more careful, shouldn't you?

You look too grown up.

But King Solomon's mines,
good choice. Come.

Come on, let's go,
can you get my sweater and jacket?

Come in, don't stand there.

Wait, I'll clear you some room.

- Are you always cold?
- Almost. Sit down, will you?

"I love to spot the key objects,
and it ain't easy,

"not even my own,
it's worse with my own.

"You were quite the surprise.

"The surprise factor counts,,
and there was none for you."

Here, let's see if
you like it that much.

Tell me, how long could you
spend looking at this picture card?

And this one? Remember?

And this border?

And this other?

Years, centuries,

an entire morning, impossible to know it.

You were in mid-escape.


suspended in pause, raptured.


Well, well, you're not too bad.

'Cause that's what this is all about, you see?
No wee memories.

Quite the contrary, it'll have to be
here and now.

And for starters.

This was for you to know
what I'm talking about.

And let's get on with it
because the effect is eroding...

and I'll be transformed
into a pumpkin in no time.

- Care for another line?
- More? No way!

I'm going to show you this,
but you won't tell a soul, will you?

"Truth is all this introduction
to end up seeing that garbage,

"albeit nice.

"What shamelessness on my part,

"but I had to make you interested in it
by any means necessary.

"I knew that once the projection started...

"I would be out of combat.

"I was making the same images
for centuries, mind you.

"All my life, back then,
was like a huge wank without cum.

"Although I, deep down, thought
that was to cum.

"How far was I from understanding
the sense, the function,

"the part, the game,
that making cinema represents.

"You promised to help me.

"But once you left,

"back to your life, your things,

"I suppose for you I became,
something hysterical and absurd,

"exotic maybe.

"Something that opens one's eyes
and then is forgotten."

How on Earth--?

- How can you...
- I sell the house.

...dare to come back?

Well, actually I thought about it.

I had never painted my lips, ever,

only balm in case of a cut.

Until one day someone kissed me
and called me drab,

and then onward I smeared
myself red, day and night.

Perversion red, fascination red,
violation, penetration.

"A strange guy that had found you--"

And you did kiss me,
only to take the red from my lips,

and to stick me to keep me quiet.


"With its strange obsession for film."

I'm trying to say that...

- I want you to know that I've always went...
- "By then, as well,"

- where others wanted me to go...
- "your repertoire of rapture..."

and I've always returned by my own means.

"...games was
wider that it is now,"

- And now...
- "...I think."

Well, now this isn't
as easy nor as fun as it was.

- "I wonder..."
- Not fun at all,

"...if you're still with your friend..."

actually, and that's the worse of it.

- And you do nothing about it.
- "...and with that dusty-dust."

"You're one of those that could
know how to use them,

"but I don't know."

"I was afraid you forgot all about me.

"Marta told me that you wouldn't
shoot at our place after all.

"And I asked myself what was the use,
in my tender age...

"kept at such a cost...

"if I couldn't get what I wanted.

"And I got nowhere, except to those unbearable spasms."

- What are you cooking?
- Final surprise,

I've got a bit of the best in the world.

But this ain't acid--

Look, there's fucking... and blow.

But, of those blows that are not fucking,

these blows...

they're fuckin' A!

- Coke.
- Horse, girl.


Got a problem?

I can't be better than I am right now.

Well, it doesn't shock me,

but there's always better
and you know it.

I know that hooks.

Humbug, it's like everything else,

you shouldn't overdo it.

If you overdo it, no good.

- That's why I feel like I'm easy prey.
- A true cunt, indeed.


- Take-
- You talking about this? Wow!

A delicate shite.

Did I mention Pedro?

That guy from the weekend in which...


tell me we'll start the film
in a couple of weeks.

"Fortunately you didn't say farewell;

"that gave you a guilt and owing complex.

"I thought the spasms could kill me;

"I was toying with the idea
when I got...

"that wonderful apparatus.

"The results fulfilled me.

"I no longer needed to trust my hand,

"something syncopated.

"I felt tempted to go to town
and tell everyone,

"but I kept cool,
and called only you."

You shouldn't cede, Jose,

this has less and less
to do with original project.

You're the director, right?
Stand ground, then.

Who cares, luv?
The title is of no importance.

Besides, "Wolf Men" wasn't exactly...

But "The Curse of the Wolfman"
is so much worse.

That's so trite,
the whatever of the whatnot.

Look, if I don't do this one,
I won't get of the ground, ok?

I know that if you don't do this one
you'll never get of the ground.

But do it with the original title,

with both sequences they want out...

and with my voice. I mean,
what's with the dubbing of my voice?

There's where it hurts you, hey?

I'm not too sure about
this countryside plan.

Hey, have you noticed
how pale you're becoming?

- Yes.
- You need sunlight, girl.

You need fresh air,
country bugs,

get rid of Madrid's mess.

It's so much better
to be home, sleeping.

- No.
- Yes.

No, goddamit!

Besides, this is a very special kid,
I want you to know him.

It's worthwhile to meet him.

You'll see the kind of pictures he makes.

"Of course, I didn't tell you to
bring this Ana of yours,

"a girl somewhat excessive,

"capable of using whatever
she has at hand in a fortnight."

- Fuck, I forgot to bring it.
- What?

What do you think, doughnuts?

What about you, got some?

Cheer up, Turner.

Hey, if it isn't...
look, Marta's aunt.

- Hi.
- Hi.

Well, it's about time.

Too bad I'm not going to be here.
Tomorrow, perhaps?

Oh no, I'm sorry, in the end we decided to shoot

it all in Madrid.

- I though Marta ha told you so.
- Well...

- We're here to see Pedro.
- ...it won't be now that I'll...

see myself in the pictures, right?

- Have you sold the house?
- Yes, and do you know where we are going?

I can't guess...

- To Hollywood?
- To Lourdes.

Isn't it marvelous? Or miraculous, perhaps
it suits better.

Indeed, indeed. Is Pedro going as well?

Truth is I haven't had
the nerve to propose it,

he may find it insinuating
and that's not it.

Besides, he has been so happy this past week,

I have to wait for him to have a bad patch.

I don't know, "on vera".

- I'm Carmen.
- I'm Ana, how are you?

We'll talk later, nice to meet you.

- Close the gate for me, please.
- Don't worry.

So as to keep the cows in.

"That made things a bit more complicated.

"I had to invert the day plan and

due to the rush, I got the wrong object.

"Well, she was a tough one, no doubt.

- "Because, truth is..."
- Pedro!

"when she was little she saw..."


"an Hamelin's Pied Piper staging,

"with the exact same set that
I've placed on display for her."

Is that you?
I'm upstairs.

Come help me get down.

"Still, the fact is that it didn't grab her.

"And, to be honest...

"I'm afraid that without her sticking it up her vein...

"I wouldn't be able to rapture her as I did.

"What a mess it turned out to be."

- Wait, have you got dusty-dust?
- What?

- You have to give me some,
otherwise I won't get in.

What if I don't have them?

Yeah, you do. Give me some, come on.

Well, alright, but quick,
she mustn't notice it.

- Put some more, don't be so cheap.
- More?

I just told her I don't have any.

You shouldn't have brought her, then.

Don't start again and let's go,

- she'll get pissed off.
- Let her.

Come on, go ahead and be discreet, please.

What a hot day, today.

Ana, you're making a fool of yourself.

Come on, take that away and stop acting out.

A fool, me? I'm not hiding, Jose.

Yeah, you think your the best.

You're such a bore--

"I know this hooks."

- No, enough.
- Enough yourself!

And that's it, OK?

Don't make me talk,
give me that and that's it.

- No.
- Give it to her, of course.

A little more, who cares? All in all...

Really, it shows

you're no longer for pauses or raptures.


- A bit worn out.
- What's he saying?

Mainly you!

Would you cry before a mere Kim picture card?

- Or from King Solomon's Mines?
- I can't see how that's funny.

I challenge you to lose yourself
more than 10 minutes in that place.

- Enough is enough!
- Oh, that's no good,

this way it would have to be two hours,

and on my little chair.

Wouldn't you agree?

I've brought you something.

Do you like it?

Not bad.

Not bad!

Let's see,

what can produce a rapture on this girl?

You've won!

Congratulations, maybe I was wrong,

and it turns out you're
static creatures, like myself.

I hope you agree with my picture,

nut I'm hungry now.

I haven't eaten in a month,
and I have to eat.

A month according to others,
a day for me, you know what I mean?

A single day. Relaxed.
No tensions nor dusty-dusts.

You'd find it a bore, no? Well it ain't-

Do you follow me or what?

Christ, how hungry and thirsty I am.

I'll drink alcohol. All in all,
a century is a century.

We'll push the boat out.

Really, I fell asleep within five minutes.

But it's true, it is true.

This Betty Boop, this one,
with this tear...

that Lila stitched for me when I was 5.

This was my favourite thing
in the world, the best one.

It is too strange?


The "gazpacho" (cold
vegetable soup) was nice,

but it's not as good as before.

Would you like some alcohol?

No? Really?

You can keep her.

If you think it can help you getting there.

Take it.

This is really good.

But I guess it's time for me
to show you my gem.

"I see now... now, I mean,
since not long, I understand,

"that those images were not as
fascinating to you as they were to me.

"For me they were the best."

It's the only mistake, the only one!

"But one must take into account...

"that I still believed in the cameras that shoot,

"on filmed things,

"and on the projectors that project,
you must understand.

"I did not guess, not by a long shot...

"how far away was I from my true trajectory."

And that's it for today.

Thanks to the admirable help from my friend...

I managed to touch what I wanted.

I'll leave this place tomorrow.

New places await me, other people.

Famous places that no one knows.

Thousands of occult rhythms that I shall find.

The mirror shall open its doors and we shall see...


the..., the... the other!

Therefore, stay still, stay still everyone...

Stay still, World, for I am coming!

"Once again...

"I was gloriously wrong in my course,

"but, let me stress out,
maybe it was all necessary...

"to get to where I was now.
It was, no doubt about it.

Be still, will you?

Will you shut that music up?!

Don't scream at me, there's no reason for that.

- Care for some tea?
- No.

- Can I talk to you, now?
- What for?

To know how it went.

How was the shooting, if you're please,

how do you think the
film is going to be.



And just so you know,
have been trying, and I almost did it.

And don't look at me like that,

I went three - no - four
days without touching it.


But still, it's really hard.

When one is as we got to be, Jose,

- so swell.
- Like everybody else.

There are holes everywhere, right?

Isn't it?

Jose, why don't we make another picture together?

Or have a baby, the two of us,
or let's take acid together.

If we got onto something,
I don't know, muscular, energetic,

fuck, bodily.
We would avoid this, right here.

The arguments, your screams,
my inappropriateness, everything.

We won't fight again...

because we won't see each other again.

Who said so?

How dare you?

- Do you want me to leave?
- Ana.

Is it really what you want? Tell me!

Please, Ana, Ana.

A month ago, I mean,
the last time you told me this,

you went away to never return

and to be a lead actress
with F. Fern?n-G?mez.

Can you tell me--?

But never mind...

What am I saying?

Look, don't tell me a
thing, I don't want to know.

I know it all and so do you.

Leave me alone!

"Actually, the next day I took some money,

"and abandoned home, aunt and all.

"All that I have filmed thereafter

"is on the reel I'm sending you,

"and which I suggest you start seeing now...

"if you haven't already."

Look what you've accomplished!

dreadful, a monster.

Why did I return?
Because I'm an idiot...

and I don't know what pride is.

And I don't include other in my mess...

until they bore me.

They bore me even of myself,
of course, to cap it all!

If it comes to it,
you could assassinate me, I'm sure.

Don't worry, I'll pack and leave.

Because, believe it or not,
there are places where I'm not in the way.

And people that takes me as I am.

I'm fed up with hypocrite saviors!

And you seemed smarter.

Will you invite me for a sniff?

I hate you.

- You're a bastard, Jose.
- You're the bastard--

Me! Ninety quid on the rug and besides--

You've smacked me, I haven't tasted it in a fortnight.

Smack, smack.
Tasting, sure, but you've dreamed about it.

- Not me, you..
- Sure, me...

dreaming, tasting, stealing,
killing and blowing up.

Yeah, well, what?
You've got me trapped, so?

You gruesome, fucking gruesome.

- Do you wanna see a film?
- A film?

I'm not too sure.

Remember Pedro?

Yes, I saw the Betty Boop thing.

- I didn't want to take it, remember?
- Indeed.

When was that?

It was... wow!

We were yet to start The Curse, right?

A year, give or take.

Just a moment, ok?

"I thought I was on the verge of total rapture,

"starting my path to glory.

"Already on the train trip
a mad euphoria took over me,

"Segovia-Madrid turned out to be Venus-Pluto,

"the speeds added up, divided, multiplied,

"so many rhythms, all different,
never before seen by me --"

"I thought I was on the verge of total rapture,

"starting my path to glory.

"Already on the train trip
a mad euphoria took over me,

"Segovia-Madrid turned out to be Venus-Pluto,

"the speeds added up, divided, multiplied,

"so many rhythms, all different,
never before seen by me, but felt,"

"were, actually, there all along,

"but for, not against.

"The thing is that now I felt them,
they were happening.

"I was finding treasures in everything

and anything would
bring me to an ecstasy,

"or at least that was my understanding.

"Anyways, I got myself onto this
apartment up on a tall building...

"and dedicated myself to possess it all.

"I didn't want to establish
contact with people, as you well know.

"I wanted my relationship to be
produced exclusively through film,

"shooting and projecting.

"But, of course, as I needed new prey...

"I had no other choice
but to talk to them,

convince them, make appointments,

"invite them to drink, eat,
anyway, as you know...

"I can't do these things without some help.

"Well, lets not fool ourselves, truth be told...

"I needed pleasure, not help, at all. Additional pleasure.

"All in all, even without trying,

"I saw myself trapped by a thousand

little things that
absorbed all my energy,

"unknowing what would happen next,,
as if in a spiral...

"and totally forgetting what I came here for.

"At last a day come in which
I had nothing new to see,

"nothing to surprise or enchant me,

nor strength to shoot, nor anything.

"My voice had deteriorated
definitively, as did my looks.

"I suddenly shaved, ate and was the entire day...

"surrounded by people that hindered me.

"The last film had come out black,

"the camera was used by the others
and I didn't want anything with it,

"and I only tried to forget my cinema,
or call it what you want,

"and perhaps kill myself.

"Where did all that ecstasy,
magic and rapture gone to?

That state of grace I was going to recover.

"Where were my vanishing points?

"I couldn't even embrace it,
I had wrecked it all.

"I despaired utterly,
threw everyone out, friends and lovers,

"and I cried as never before,
ever, not even in my worst days,

"not even in my worse private screenings of old...

"had I cried like that.

"At the 4th day I fell asleep...

"with the intention of not getting up, never again,

"but astonishingly a rapture took place,

"without me doing a thing,

"something had passed
through me during sleep.

"Then I noticed that the camera, on the foot of my bed...

"had been shooting its "click click"
since who knows when.

"All in all, I decided to have the film developed.

"Have you seen that red frame? Stop it,

don't let it pass
you. You must check it.

"You'll see that the frame prior

to the red one is not
like the other ones.

"Do you see it?
I get up and then, flash!

I collapse again.
It seemed as if I saw something...

"or something is about to happen to me.

"Ten seconds latter something happens to me...

"and ten seconds after that I return to my position.

"Do you notice it?

"Watch it carefully.

"It's as if the camera had refused to photograph it.

"When I saw it for the first time
I felt something unexplainable.

"I knew, from the moment I got up,
that something had happened..."

I felt like I was someone else.

"But that film confirmed it to me,
it gave me back my strength."

"I had waited four days to be able to see it...

"and immediately I knew
that I wanted nothing but that,

"nor in bigger quantity.

"I had been without food or sleep
or drugs for the last four days."

"Something without immediate precedents.

"And know, all I wanted was that.
And what was that?

"When I woke up, that afternoon,

"it became quite difficult to mend myself.

"I thought the city had made me fleshy.

"while the remains of a hurricane,

ten times as strong as the previous one,

"pierced through my brain.

"It had happened again, more and better.

"Who shall come to help me?

"I asked myself, with the slightest curiosity.

"Maybe it was some ally from childhood,

"the real one.

"Or even some bloodsucker,

"I was told they operated during daytime, lately.

Here you go.

Can I have...? Can I have three,
six, six cartridges?

- Kodachrome?
- Yes.

That's... four thousand pesetas.

- When?
- As always.

- Four days, alright?
- Yes.

"I quickly recovered my good old habits.

"Again I felt a rhythm, my rhythm.

"To isolate myself and renounce
people became charming again,

"and cinema and I became accomplices again.

"Still, accomplices of what?
That was not clear at all.

"That red frame, was it a coincidence?

"Or was it an incompatibility
between the picture and the rapture?

"On the other hand, I did not
chose the theme to be filmed,

"nor did I marvelled the least
in seeing me asleep on the projection."


"The pleasure was on the other side
and I felt so good,

"that I waited four more days,

"dying to see a new red spot."

"That was when I made a grave mistake...

"that almost cost me my life.

"I felt so weak that I accepted the visit...

"of this friend of mine."

Pedro, please open
the door, I know you're there.

I assure you I'm not leaving without
seeing you, do you hear?

You are OK, are you not?

- I've brought you tons of croissants.
- Gloria.

And I came from a party
that you would die for,

if you're not dead already, of course.

Did something happened to you, Pedro?

Pedro, for god sake!
Answer me, at least.

- What is this? Are you with someone?
- If you...

I'll open the door if you bring me

the film they'll give
in exchange for this.

- It's close by.
- Well...

But in the meantime kick out whoever

you've got there, 'cause
I wanna see you alone.

Here's the pastry. Christ, what a mess!

"How could I thought I could leave unharmed...

"from such return to the most immediate past,

"without going first through a steriliser, or the like.

I'll let you come in if
you promise to stay still.

Think you can manage it?

Let me in, whoever you are.

- Can I have my film?
- Oui.

That voice, where do you draw if from?
Is that you?

Say something, come on.

Give me my film, that's what I say.

Well, well, and we worrying all along.

You take the phone off the hook... but,
where have you been all along?

What's wrong, mate?

- Look, I've got to--
- I bet you don't know where I'm coming from?

Leave, I don't want to know.

Hey, why are you
treating me like that?

Is that cold turkey or what?

I've got to see it alone, alone.

Who do you think you are, boy?

- I think--
- I can't see it with others.

It may backfire on you,
have you forgotten all that I've teached you?

Do you remember how you were not so long ago?

The monstrous pleasures that...

I would never imagine that actually--

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.

You've got a really bad memory.

But I've given you back the taste
for the fundamental things.

- And I'm not going to allow you to mistreat me.
- Alright. it's 10.

- I want you there for 7 hours.
- Do you take me for a Pekingese?

- For a Bulldog, actually.
- Up yours!

You look dreadful, do you know that?

If I want to.

And to think I came so charming with my pastries.

But, can you tell me what are you doing?

Wait and you'll see.

What's wrong, have you relapsed into your psychedelia...

...and your stupid drugs?

You fall asleep and you pee.

Well, Tron, I can get fed up, let me assure you.

"The curiosity in knowing
what was behind that red spot...

"that growing red spot,

"blocked any hint of good sense."

"I was a total fool.

"That situation allowed me to accept three premises:

"One: the camera's behaviour was not by chance.

"Two: my ally considered acting increasingly.

"And three: someone was going to

tell me what the film or the camera...

"or whatever, refused to registrate.

"Could it be some filthiness never before seen?

"I asked that, in between dreams."

"Yet a single day without my
compulsory appointment was all it took...

"to loose again control.

"It was the damned abstention syndrome,
pure and simple."

What have you done?
What have you done? You fucking whore!

Bitch! What have you done!
How dare you, stupid!

- Take that! You fool!
- The dress, the dress!

Fool! Fool!

"Again I drifted from my destiny."



Shut up!



I swear you wont live to tell the tale.

"Be careful, because relapses are the worse,

"and that's the advice of the head nurse.

"And it's true.

"At night it hadn't been so bad, but now...

"It was I who wasn't keen on
that sort of thing.

"And again I lost the thread,
the whole thread.

"I didn't had the strength,
neither to cry for four days,

"nor to survive one more minute.


"I recognised my allies.

And I was ashamed of not doing it before.

"They were the artisans of it all.

"I knew there was nothing to fear.

"I only had to surrender myself."

"They possessed me, they devoured me,

"and I was happy in this surrender.

"And why not? Before such passion...

"so total and raptured."

"I always knew that cinema and
I planned something special,

"based on mutual trust,

"or, more accurately, at lease in my case,
total idolatries,

"but it was necessary to be
at the edge of the abyss...

"to understand what was going on."

"I threw away all my films
except the ones I'm sending you.

"I even became...

"an incidental spectator of others' films.

"Now it was a question of letting one be done,
and not so much doing."

"It was from that moment on that
I lived my cinematographic peak.

"Superior to anything I had imagined,

"an totally unrelated to what was foreseen.

"Although you may be able
to see something that eludes me,

"the missing link."

"But this wonderful pause did not last long."

"A few days ago I noticed something
I hadn't thought about before.

"I had never considered, during
those ecstatic days...

"what could happen after.

"And I admit it frightened me a little.

"I saw that I had 20 frames left - of whatever.

"The red spot had extended...

"until it left 20 free frames
at the end of the cartridge,

"and with each session,
it took 10 more then the previous one.

"Which means I had...

"two times left, two dreams,

"two doses, two raptures.

"Two of whatever, but two nonetheless.

"Bearing in mind that
I didn't knew, nor do I now know...

"what was to happen,

"I had 4 days left to see the second to last result...

"and surrender myself afterwards."


What's the matter?

Ana, it would be better if you didn't even try it, please.

What the fuck, stop it, are you deaf?

You know that I would've preferred
you hadn't returned, right?

You know that fucking smack
destroyed our sexual life, don't you?

You know it all!

And all of a sudden you strive to fuck,
all odds against,

has if nothing had happened.

Fuck no! It can't be done, it doesn't work.

Not only did it end;
even when there was a relationship,

if I shooted, I couldn't fuck. Happens a lot.

Understand this once and for all,
it's impossible for me.

Out thing ended a long time ago,
but it didn't work for longer still.

Accept it, it wont happen again,

so don't get higher than what you already are.

Got to sleep, this isn't of interest to you.

"On the last session...

"only four days could there be for whatever,"

"and neither I nor anyone else...

"knew what was happening to me."


That now is now, and your doing it oh so wrong.

"But I didn't knew who to turn to.

"I hadn't seen Marta since last year.

"I chose you.

"I've been calling you
three days in a row, for nothing.

"Maybe I've got your address wrong...

"and you wont get this package.

"Dammit it that's the case.

"If it wasn't for you, I would perhaps

be at Lourdes, utterly hysterical.

"In any case, and considering what happened,

"I'm happy I didn't find you.
I called Marta.

"She came to see me and
I told her what I could."

Man, I don't know.

I don't know.

I mean,

you're absolutely sure
of what you've told me?

Yes, well, that's that.

And yes, I believe you.

I mean, of course I believe you,

surely you know I've
always been on your side, right?

Despite the fact you were
unable to call me during an entire year.

But still, that proves nothing.

To convert some spots into vampires
that come and suck your blood!

It can be dangerous, Pedro.

Have you looked at yourself?

And everything.

Is there no one to clean this up?

It stinks to high heaven!

If Aunty sees you, she'll have
the fit you've wanted for so long.


this was not the reason I've asked you to come.

Come on Pedro, tell me that when this business ends...

- where out of here.
- When this business ends...

Marta, you disappoint me.

Well, you know I wont allow
this thing to come tomorrow and...

devour your as if it's a Praying Mantis.

Promise me...

that you will not touch it today...

until I wake up.

Promised, but this very night
we'll talk, all right?

Oh, and by the way,
when will I see something of yours?


Pedro, Pedro.

Marta, Marta.

"When I woke up, Marta wasn't there.

"I thought she had left, bored of the plan.

"I got empty handed, dying to know...

"what was it that she saw.

"In any case, I had...

"to wait for the film
to be developed to know.

"I've just seen it...

"and it is the end of the reel you're seeing.

"It is and it isn't surprising.

"I believe my camera never forgave Gloria...

"and it was Marta who took the blame.

"But, leaving aside Marta,

"I like it, I adore it...

"and so it is that we
have arrived to the present day."

"This very morning, I'll send you
the films...

"and this tape that I've recorded for you."

If what I think is going
to happen does happen,

no one will send you the last film,

You'll have to come get it.

What's up?

That light, please, Jose, close it.

I'm out of here.

No need to, I was going myself.

It doesn't matter anymore.

Stay if you want.

- How long will it take?
- Four days.

- Can't it be less than that?
- Well, three then.

All right.

Here it is.

Translated by wickerman,
based on subs transcribed and synched by tah.

Subs synched for the 1.34GB rip
(remastered dvd)