Rapture (2014) - full transcript

It happens without warning. All electrical devices are abruptly shut down. Dark, unearthly clouds form over cities and towns from which lightning strikes and vaporizes its victims. Food and water are suddenly contaminated, causing a bacterial infection that kills within the hour. Ominous robed figures sweep the cities and landscapes, vaporizing everyone in sight. As the nightmarish events continue to unfold, the grim reality becomes clear that by day's end mankind will be extinct.

(foreboding music)

- Repent, safe be God and
thy sin shall be washed away.

Sanctify thyself with the blood of Christ

and cast the evil from thy flesh.

The only way to salvation is
through the Lord Jesus Christ.

Save thy soul now.



(foreboding music)

(tranquil music)

- And this is the living room.

You can see 18 foot
ceilings, double paned glass.

It's so open and of course there's

the two toned granite countertops.

- That is nice.

- And the house is featured
with stainless steel.

One of the nice features
of the dining room

is the sliding glass french doors here.

(tranquil music)

Now this is my absolute
favorite part of the property.

The view.

(phone rings)


Excuse me.

- This is everything we talked about.

This could be our future.

- I sure hope so,

I don't think I've wanted
anything more in my life.

- Lets just see if we can get
'em to budge on the price.

- I'm so sorry.

Honey, I did the unthinkable,
I asked for directions

and we are turned around.

It's 11 miles to the freeway that way.

- Alright we're turning
around I'll call you back

a little later okay, alright bye bye.

(tense music)

- Where's my water?

- I forgot it, lets go.

(tense music)

- Oh that's so sweet,
Andrea sent us a text saying

that she's praying for us.

Honey it's the thought that counts,

try and have an open mind for once.

- Hmm, not today.

- Think of a prayer as
a little bit of hope,

its better than nothing at all isn't it?


What was that?

You're still steering?

- Yeah, yeah I can still,
it's harder to steer

but I can steer.

- Did it run out of gas?

- No.

I'll check the engine.

- I'll call Roadside Assistance.

Honey my phone must have died when

it slipped out of my hand.

Rob, your phone's done.

- What?

Don't worry, I'm sure there's
an explanation for this.

Why don't you go wait inside,

there's bound to be somebody coming by.

(foreboding music)

- Rob!

I don't think anybodies coming.

What time is it?

- Teri, there's two people
on foot coming this way.

Let's see if they know what's going on.

- [Teri] Should I wait here?

- I'm not gonna leave you here

Oh, my watch stopped.

- Your watched stopped?
- Yeah.

- Your car broke down?
- It sure did.

The phone are out and my watch is stopped.

- Ours too.

- Any idea what happened?

- Well I've lived out here for a while

and every now and again
something strange happens

but nothing like this.

There's a military base
not too far from here

and they do a lot of testing, so.

- You still want to move out here honey?

- Yes.
- Ah huh.

- Well I'm Kate.

- Hi, Teri.

- Nice to meet you, this is Petra.

- Hi Petra, nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.

- Rob, nice to meet you.

- Hi Rob, nice to met you too.

- That is so nice.

- Well thank you very much,

this is a little gift from my coworker.

- Oh how sweet.

- So how far are we
from getting some help?

- Well the freeway is about
three miles from here.

- Oh that would work.

We'll just take it slow and easy okay.


Kate you know the way, lead on.

(tense music)


- Run!


- The stupid shopkeeper stabbed me man.


- You robbed the store?

- Come on man.


Rico what are you doing,
get over here man.


- Come on, we need to get out of here.

(dramatic music)

- Hey guys, what is that?

(foreboding music)

- [Kate] Well that's the smell

that's been in the air for the last hour.

- Honey what is it?

Don't touch it.

- It's as hard as a rock.

Looks like some sort of lava.

What do you think this is?

- Could be part of a
meteor or something that

fell out of a plane.

Rob I think if this is
emitting any kind of radiation

we shouldn't be this close.

(dramatic music)

- You okay

- [Jess] I just need to rest a second.

- Come on, we got to get out of here.


(dramatic music)



Anybody home?!


- I need water, I need water Rico.


- I'll go find something
to bandage you up with.

- Ah Rico!

The water feels like acid in my stomach.

- What are you talking about?

- It burns, I don't want to
die man, don't let me die.


- The keys are still in it.

- Hey guys.

(dramatic music)

- Rob look!

(dramatic music)

(lightening crackles)

- Guys look.

We gotta go!

(intense music)

- Under the overpass!

- Kate!

- Kate hurry come on!


- Oh my God no.


(intense music)

- What are we gonna do?

- We're gonna got to
Ashton and get shelter.

- You mean the town we
just saw pulverized?

- We can't just stay here Teri.

Come on, lets get Petra.



We're gonna go into town,
we're gonna seek some shelter.

- Please come with us Petra.

(dramatic music)

- [Woman] Oh my God.

Dad, oh my God.

- There's a house through here.

(foreboding music)


Okay, stay here, I'm gonna
go see what I can find okay.

- Yeah I'm just getting a
little light headed, that's all.

- Find something to eat, you need to eat.

Look up there, there must be something.

- Rob we can't take someone else's stuff.

- It's okay, here.

Okay, be right back.

((unintelligible shouts)

Hey my wife and I saw what
happened from the hill.

- Yeah we can't figure
out what the hell it was.

- No man, it came out of nowhere.

Killed 200 people in a matter of seconds.

- Anyone that wasn't
indoors is just smoked.

- You know if there's any help on the way?

- We can't call out, we can't drive.

Everything stopped working.

- And we got zero communication
with anyone outside of here.

- [Rob] Where's the
nearest town from here?

- Leclare, it's about seven miles west.

A few people started for it on bikes.

- Yeah, there's a military base there.

- That sounds good enough for me.

- I mean we're just gonna hold
tight here til help arrives.

- Yeah if help arrives.

- We'll need it soon,
there's no food or water.

- What do you mean no food or water?

- It's contaminated somehow.

Anyone that eats or
drinks anything gets an

instant infection, it works real fast too.

About a half dozen people
have already been killed.

- Teri!

Teri, Teri!

(unintelligible mumbles)

What happened to him?

- He drank the water.

He didn't know.

- Teri, please tell me you
didn't eat or drink anything.

- No he stopped me before I could.

- Thanks, thanks for that.

- So you know about it too then.

- Yeah.

- Did you know about
those things out there?

- What things?

- I don't know what they
are, but they're coming.

If we stay here much
longer we're all dead.

Come on, maybe we can see 'em.

- Teri come with me.

- No I should stay.

- Teri, go with your husband, I'll stay.

- But I've had training, I'm
the only one that can help.

- Alright, I'll be right back.

(intense music)

- You hear it?

That weird sound?

Its them.

Oh my God, there they are,
they're headed right for us.

See those telephone poles way back there?

Look just to the right, you'll see 'em.

They're all over the place.

You can't look at them for too long,

it's like a blade jamming
through your skull.

Some sort of defense mechanism.

If they even look at you you're toast.

I've seen it happen.

- What do you know about this?

- We're under attack.

I mean they're taking us
out by the sky, by the land.

They've contaminated all
of our food and our water.

We're being exterminated.

Come on, lets get out
of here, they're coming.

- [Both] Lets go.

- Jesse.

- Rob what was it?

- We got to go.

- Well what about him, he
needs medical attention?

- Teri there's nothing we can do for him.

Teri please.

- Rob, they're brothers.


- It hurts, Rico it hurts so bad.

Help me.

Help me bro.

- There's nothing I can do.

- I don't want to die man.

I don't want to die.

Forgive me Rico, you were right.

You were right man.

- Jess, Jess.

(soft music)

- Heavenly Father, please be
with us in the time of need.

A man died before our eyes,
Lord we are all sinners.

Please have mercy on his soul.

Though I walk through the
valley of the shadow of death

I will fear no evil,
for though art with me.

- Listen everybody, there's
something else coming

this way from across that field.

You might want to evacuate.

- What the hell are you talking about?

- I seen it too, please listen to him.

- Whoa!
- Whoa whoa!

- If we can see it we can shoot it.

- Yeah and what if that doesn't work?

- This thing got my mom and my sister,

I'm willing to take a chance.

- Bikes, does anybody have bikes?

- The family next door to me has some.

- Will you take us there?

- Yeah.

- There they are if you want 'em.

- We won't take 'em if you want to

get your family out of here.

- Not a chance.

- I appreciate it.

- Might want to hide your family.

- Rob, why aren't we staying here?

This is where we're safe.

- Trust me, we're not safe.

- What did you see?
- Take the bike.

- What did you see?!
- Take the bike!

We're not safe.

(dramatic music)


- Go back to the house Michael!

(dramatic music)

(gunshot bangs)

- Michael come back here!


(soft music)

(sweeping music)

- Do you have anything to drink?

- No I'm sorry, I don't.

(intense music)

- Run, run!

- Guys, there's a cloud!

- Ride faster!

They're coming for the bikes.

- Teri get behind me.

(gunshots bang)


- Teri are you okay?

- Come on sweetie, get up.

- Oh my God!

- Guys lets get out of here!

It's coming, come on, quick quick,

tress across the street, lets go!

- Oh no!
- Go!

(dramatic music)

- Help!

- Petra!


- Help!

- Get up, hurry, hurry!

(dramatic music)

- Petra!


- Come on!

- [Man] Stay with me, come on!


(thunder rumbles)

- I think we'll be safe.

(intense music)

- What is it?

(intense music)

- We got to get out of here,
they're headed right for us.

- Well keep it low, low, stay very low.

Go, go go, go go.

(dramatic music)

- I'm sorry guys.

I just need a minute to catch my breath.

- Are you okay?


- Rob I don't think I can do this anymore.

- Come on sweetie, come on.

We got to go just a
little bit further okay.

We got to get where it's safe.

- I feel like we're in
the middle of a nightmare

and I just want to wake up and be home.

- Guys, guys we got trouble.

(tense music)

They're coming at us from both sides.

We're trapped.

- What's that sound?

- Its them.

We got about two minutes
to figure out to do.

- We can't go back out to the road.

- Rob.

- Wait a minute.
- What?

- Wait a minute, this
way, come on, this way.

Fast, come on.

(dramatic music)

Alright go go go.

(dramatic music)

Don't move, don't even breath.

(intense music)

- Our government's been
working with aliens and their

technology since the '50s.

They've been waiting
for just the right time

to clean us out and take
our planet for their own.

And they're using
technology that's way beyond

anything we know about and
we're completely defenseless.

Just look how easy it was for
them to do all of this huh.

In one day, we're erased,

there's nothing we can do about it.

- Stop wasting your breath Rico,

you're not convincing anyone.

- So you're gonna tell me
there's another explanation?

Like what for instance?

- A very well constructed sneak attack,

using technologies either
known or unknown to us.

- By who?

- The government has
more than a few enemies.

Maybe they've all joined forces?

- They couldn't do all this, no way.

- It's got to be a new
form of biological warfare,

controlling weather, lightening.

The way to target specific
temperatures or energy emissions.

Clean kills, no destruction.

- What about the food and the water?

- Radiation frequency maybe?

- But you're forgetting one
thing man, those creatures.

What, you can't tell me they're human.

- They may not be.

- Then what are they?

- Possibly cyber-genic.

It's the only logical explanation.

- [Petra] Chapter one, verse seven.

"Behold he cometh with clouds
and every eye shall see him

"and they also which pierced
him and all kindredth

"over the earth shall wail because of him.

"And the sun and the air
were darkened by reason of

"the smoke of the pit and
I saw when the Lamb opened

"one of the seals and I
heard as it were the noise

"of thunder, one of the four beasts sang.

"Come and see, therefore shall
our plagues come in one day,

"death and mourning and
famine and we shall be utterly

"burned with fire for strong

"is the Lord God who judgeth us."

- Guys, guys, guys, hold up, hold up.

- That would have been us.

If they hadn't taken our
bikes that would have been us.

(intense music)

- That's a trailer park.

And that looks like the road right there.

- I don't think we should go
anywhere near the road Rob.

- Yeah.

Yeah we'll stay close to the trees.

Rico and I are just gonna go up ahead

and check things out okay.

Give me a kiss okay.

- Teri.

I need to talk to you.

- If I'm right the highway's
up a little further,

that should lead us to LeClare.

- Just got to get there before dark.

- Lord willing.

(dramatic music)

- "And I looked and behold a pale horse

"and his name that said on him was death

"and hell followed with him,

"and the power was given
unto them over the fourth

"part of the earth to kill
with sword, with hunger

"and with death, and with
the beast of the earth."

- Lets just take 'em around this way.

- "And the name of the
star is called Wormwood

"and the third part of the
waters became Wormwood.

"And many men died of the waters

"because they were made bitter."

Teri, I believe that
this is what is happening

and that in God's wrath
everyone is being taken,

with no time for so
many to find salvation.

If this is so then please tell
me now, before it's too late.

Do you want salvation for
your child and for yourself?

- Yes, I do.

(emotional music)

- It's' all clear, we can go.

Everything alright?

- Yes.

- Teri go on ahead with Rico,

just want to have a word with Petra.

I just want to make something very clear,

the trauma we've all been
through has put my wife

into a very fragile state.

She's exhausted, she's
hungry, she's scared.

I'd hate to think that you have taken

advantage of the situation.

Is there anything I should know about?

- Yes there is.

Teri has given herself to God.

- I see.

You know its just like you
people to do that isn't it?

Its your way.

You single out the weak, the vulnerable,

you fill their heads with
your subversive beliefs

and superstitions, cloud
their judgment and reason.

- Rob Teri's mind is her own

and she's not weak, she's very strong.

Maybe the real issue
here is that you don't

know her as well you think you do.

- No the real issue is this,

I want you to stay away from her.

Do you understand?

Don't talk to her anymore.

This, I don't want to know about this.

I don't want to see it,
I don't want to hear it.

What we're faced with here
Petra is a cold hard reality,

it's not fiction, it's not fantasy.

Stop deluding yourself.

- About 2 billion people
would disagree with you Rob.

- And I'm okay with
that Petra, I really am.

(haunting music)

- What is it?

- We got to keep moving, we
got to stay ahead of 'em.

We're only about a quarter
mile or so from town?

Teri no!

- I have to see it.

- I don't want you to see it.

- I know.

- Its gonna be about two seconds

the pain is gonna hit you hard.

- What are we gonna dO?

- Even if we do make it
to town it won't matter,

not with that coming.

- We just got to get to the
base and get underground

and then we'll be safe.

- If anyone there's still alive.

- I'm counting on that.

Hey, hey, hey, I told
you to stay away from.

- Rob stop it.
- You're hurting me.

- Shut up!

Shut up!

- Come on.

Stay away from her.

(haunting music)

LeClare's just up over this
next couple of hills right?

So we're close?

- Yeah.

(emotional music)

- Rico.
- Huh?

- Rico.
- What?

- Oh my God.

- What?

What is it?

- Oh my God no.
- What?


Oh my God.

I didn't eat anything.

Oh my God

How did we get infected?

I didn't eat anything,
I didn't drink anything.

- Oh no.


- Teri, Teri.

Don't give up on me, please.


They'll have doctors who can help us.

- You think so Rob?
- Yeah.

- Do you?
- I do.


- Rob its done.

- No, no, there's still hope.

There's still hope because
we're still alive okay.

- We can't beat this.

- Teri you're giving up on me.

You're giving up on me, I'm
not gonna let you do that.

I won't let you give up on me.

- I just can't do this
anymore, I really can't.

- Don't say that.

Listen to me, we don't know what's on

the other side of the hill.

We don't, the cavalry could be
sitting there waiting for us.

A little bit of hope is better
than nothing at all, right?


- Right.

- Okay, so we're gonna keep going.

All of us.

- You may have to carry me.

- I will if I have to.


Okay stand up, stand up.

(emotional music)

(intense music)

The bushes to our left, we're
all gonna make a run for it.

On three.




(dramatic music)


Come on!

(dramatic music)


(dramatic music)

Teri run!

(dramatic music)



She's gone, no!


- No, get in, oh no.


(emotional music)

I'm so sorry Rob.

- She let herself die.


This never would have happened

if you hadn't done what you did.

My wife, my boy would be alive right now,

right now.

(emotional music)

I'll help you to town

but once we're there and we're safe

I never want to see you again.

(intense music)

(haunting music)

(unintelligible singing)

- Before you go I just
want to say one thing.

If I would have told you
yesterday that the world was

going to end today would
you have believed me?

Or would you have called it fiction?


And yet here it is.

It happened.

What if I told you that by
coming with me right now,

through those doors,

you can be with Teri again.

Be reunited with her and your child.


Is that worth considering?

A little bit of hope is better
than nothing at all, right?

(soft music)

May God be with you Rob.

(uplifting music)

(haunting music)


(haunting music)

(soft music)

(haunting music)