Raptor (2001) - full transcript

When a series of unexplained vicious animal attacks strikes his community, Sheriff Jim Tanner and his assistant Barbara trace them back to a Dr. Hyde, a former military researcher whose government funding for a dinosaur cloning project was cut. When the Pentagon discovers Hyde obtained foreign backing to continue his experiments, they send in a strike team to save Tanner and Barbara and stop Hyde.

(engine revving)

(pop music)


- When can I get behind the wheel?

- Oh, you wanna take it?

Take it now!


- Oh, my God!


- Hey, over the ridge!


(tires screeching)

(rocks tumbling)

I'd like to see the slow-mo on that one!

Hey man, I'm gonna go take a piss.

I'll be right back.

- [Girl] Be careful.

- Alright.

- Finally!

You animal!


(ominous music)










(eerie orchestra music)

- Yeah.

I'm telling you, ma'am, I sent
the check in three weeks ago.

- Well, you may have sent it,
but we haven't received it.

- Okay, give me a couple of days

and I will send you another check.

- That's fine, but if we
don't have your payment

by noon tomorrow we'll have
to shut off your power.

- What?

I'm the damn sheriff in this town!

- Look, there is no reason
to raise your voice.

- I've got three homicides on my hands!

- That's fine, Sheriff,
you have a nice day.

Hello, DWP.

How can I help you?

- Son of a bitch!

- Why don't you guys go ahead
and put the body in the wagon?

- Okay, no problem, right now.

- You don't look much like a happy camper.

- So tell me what you got, Ben.

ID'd them yet?

- Judging from the decals on the vehicle

I'd say students from Plains College.

- Uh-huh.

Lot of blood.

- Yeah.

- How old were these kids?

- Not more than 20.

- This blood isn't more
than four or five hours old.

So whatever happened here
happened around dawn.

- Yeah, definitely wasn't
a traffic accident, was it?

- Uh-uh.

Hold it up.

Oh, boy.

Closest thing I ever saw to this

was a hiker attacked by a grizzly.

- Or a shark.

We've got neither of them around here.

- Oh, hi, Barbara.

We figured you'd be showing up.

- Your daughter thought it was

important enough to call me in.

I guess you forgot, huh?

- Mm-hmm.

- You two know each other?

- Barbara Phillips.

You wanna show me the bodies?

- Glad to.

- Oh, man.

- Jesus, this is bad.

- [Ben] We pretty much
ruled out a grizzly bear.

- No bear did this.

- What about a cougar?

- I don't know.

January 22nd, just off
Route 91 at the basin wash.

We have a footprint.

From the looks of it I'd say it's

an animal somewhere
between 150 to 200 pounds.

There's part of another one over here.

But it looks to me, whatever it was,

attacked from a two feet,
not a four-footed stance.

- But you can't tell what it was?

- It wasn't a cougar.


- What the hell was that?

(dramatic music)

Could have been the wind, maybe.

High desert gets pretty quirky sometimes,

even in broad daylight.

- If that was the wind...

- We'll know more after Dr. Johnson

does the autopsy on these poor kids.

Let's go.

- I'm waiting.

I am waiting for an explanation.

- Sir, it was all quiet when
I did my 15:30 security check.

- 20 minutes to discover the breakout.

Who was watching the monitors?

- Lyle was supposed to be doing
that while I was on patrol.

- Lyle?

- Sir, you told me to
make the neurotransmitter

a top priority so I was
very busy with that.

- Lyle, it's a very simple question.

Were you or were you not
watching the monitors?

- No, sir.

- Karen, you know that premature hatching

is always a distinct possibility.

Therefore, is it too much to ask that

you might oversee the
monitoring of these eggs?

After all, it is your job.

- Yes, sir.

- I'm counting on you.

I'm counting on all of you.

- Sir, I can't be in
three places at one time.

- Well, you better be, goddamn it!

The buck stops here!

And here!

And here.

- The breach has been repaired, sir.

This will never happen again.

- Marvelous, in the meantime,

we have a hatchling on the loose.

You'd better figure out
what you're gonna do, McCoy.

- Dr. Hyde, it's life
expectancy could be as little

as three to five days
without the laser treatment.

- Let's hope so.

I don't want a police investigation.

- What about the rest of
the embryo chicks, sir?

- They're out of here tonight.

Karen, would you please handle this?

- We'll ship them out
to the Utah facility,

use some local farming truck company

so we don't attract any attention.

- Ah, brilliant!

McCoy, hatchlings on the loose.

Lyle, do something!


- [Man With Cap] How about
giving us a hand with this load?

- Driver, not a loader.

Alright now, ladies.

Buckle up, we got a long road ahead.

- [Tony] McCoy signed off on it

and the security guard's
telling everyone it's okay.

- Send Swanson to the
infirmary and tell him

to keep his goddamn mouth shut!

And that goes for you and the others, too,

or I'll personally guarantee you'll be

back plucking chickens in Arkansas!

- Hey Merle, how are you?

- Hey, Tony.

- Sorry to say, no one in or out.

- Oh, I gotta get these cluckers over

to Fort Rogers and I'm three hours late.

- Alright, we'll say you left already.

(ominous music)


(country music)


(ominous music)

- Holy criminy!

How'd you all get loose?

What the hell's going on back here?





(tense music)

- Sheriff, it's Baltin.

I'm on Route 49 about three
miles south of the overpass.

I've got an abandoned vehicle.

Looks pretty bad.

- Bad?

Bad, like in an accident?

- Nah, it's a poultry truck.

There's dead chickens
and blood everywhere.

Headlights are on, door's open,

but the driver got out in
a hurry and got whacked.

- I'll be right there,
run a trace on the plates.

- Copy that.

- I'll be back.

- [Ben] Oh, shit!

- [Jim] What?

- Look at this, Jim.

Carl Joseph broke out of prison.

- Christ, that's all we need.

- He's headed this way.

- Ben, don't worry about it.

It's not gonna happen again.

- What's not gonna happen again?

And who's this Carl Joseph guy?


- A bad dude.

Jim and Ben put him away a couple

of years back, but it wasn't easy.

- He's threatened to come
back and burn the town down.

- Ain't gonna happen.

- I'll shoot the son of a bitch first.

- Pin him up.

Honey, work until 11,
then let Clark take over.

See ya.

- Yes, Daddy.

- Do not stop off with that Tommy guy.

He's too old for you, I mean it.


- That's exactly what I told
Barbara this morning about you.

- Oh, that's funny.

- Yeah, Clark, it's Mike.

I need you to run a
commercial plate for me.


2918J5, right.


Shit, alright, shit!

I'm gonna have to call you back.



- [Lola] You drive me crazy, Tommy.

- I love you so much, baby.

I love you.


Oh, my God!


(stomping and hissing)

- Oh, my God, what was that?

What do you think it was?
- I don't know.



Take it easy, baby, it's
just some stupid animal.

- Well, I don't like stupid animals.

Let's get dressed and get out of here.

- Okay, don't be scared, let's go.

- Are you ready?

- Hold on.

Oh shit, my wallet.

- I wanna go home.

- I think I dropped it in the back.

I'll just be a second.

- Please, hurry.

- I'll be quick, baby.

(ominous music)





(engine revving)


- What the fuck?

(glass shattering)



(cell phone ringing)

- [Barbara] Hello.

- Barbara?

- Hey Jim, what's up?

- I've got another suspected
animal attack, Route 49,

three miles south of the overpass.

- I'll be right there.

- No, I already did that.

There's no sign of him.


Yeah, alright I'll get back to you.

- What happened, one of
your men get attacked?

- Well, I'm missing a deputy after

he called me about that mess over there.

Here, go check it out,
tell me what you think.

Clark, what did Mike say to you

when he told you he'd call you back?

Besides, 'oh, shit'?

Okay, well, put out an APB on
him and send me a tow truck.

I'm gonna impound both
these vehicles as evidence.


Well, what do you think?

- Don't step over the ground
while I'm looking for tracks!

- Sorry.

Well, the way I figure
it the driver pulled

over here to take a nap and the cougar,

or whatever it was, comes in
here 'cause of the chickens,

you know, chickens make a lot of racket.

So the driver gets out to see what's up--

- No tracks here.

- Well, there goes that theory.

- I wonder if the poultry company

knew what they were shipping?

(suspenseful music)

- Okay.

According to this manifest here

they were moving laying hens from

the Eunice Corporation
to some ranch in Utah.

- Eunice Corporation?

Doesn't sound much like
a poultry farm to me.

- Maybe not, something
to check out tomorrow.

- [Ben On Radio] Vaca 30
calling Vaca 1, come in, over.

- This is Vaca 1, go Ben, over.

- [Ben] Sheriff, your daughter's
been hurt, not sure how.

- How bad?

- [Ben] Not sure, I'm at the hospital now.

- On my way.

- I'll follow you in my van.

(siren blaring)

(dramatic music)

- Hey, baby.

How you feeling?


- I'm sorry, Sheriff, she can't hear you.

- What happened?

What happened?

- Jim, we don't know.

A trucker found her by the side

of the road out by Lakeshore Drive.

He brought her in less
than a half an hour ago.

I questioned him, he's clean.

He's just a good Samaritan.

- And nothing from her?

- Not a single word, even though

her motor skills are perfectly intact.

- Baby, baby.

Come on now, look at daddy.

Baby doll, come on, look at me.

Honey, check in.

- [Doctor] Sheriff.

- Honey, it's your daddy.

I want you to talk, come on, look at me.

- Sheriff!

I'm afraid your daughter is suffering

from a rare form of traumatic catalepsia.

- And that would be what, doctor?

- Well, something so
terrified your girl that she

shut off part of her mind
to avoid thinking about it.

- That's not like her.

Baby, look at daddy.

Honey, I know something terrible
happened to you out there.


And now what, doctor?

- Well, cases like this
are rather uncommon

and a bit out of my league.

But I can say that the
mind is very resilient.

In some instances, patients fully recover

in less than 24 hours.

- And other instances?

- Well, some people may
need an outside stimulus,

some sort of a sound or a picture
or smell to reawaken them.

- Thank you.


- Yeah?

- This gets worse.

I dispatched a car out
where they found Lola.

- Uh-huh?

- They found Leonetti's truck smashed

and burned down at the
bottom of Calopso Bridge

and a severed hand near the shoreline.

- Any witnesses?

- No.

- Baby?

Honey, daddy's gotta go.

I love you, I love you, I love you.

Doctor, do whatever you can, alright?

- We'll take good care of her.

Sheriff, I want you to
get some rest, all of you.

I'll call you first thing in
the morning with an update.

(somber music)

(doorbell ringing)

- [Jim] You ready to go?

- Yeah, how is she?

- Doctor says she's fine but
no change, whatever that means.

You still want to go out to
Eunice with me and check it out?

- I'm game.


- The last time I heard you say that to me

I believe I spent the weekend of my life.

Let's go.

- Lyle?

Are you in or are you out?

You're worse than a cat!

- If I could have a word, sir.

- Yes, what is it?

- In private.

- If you'll excuse us,
I'll talk to you later.

What is it now, Lyle?

- I feel terrible about what happened.

- And you're telling me this because?

- I really think I ought to leave.

- It wasn't your fault, Lyle.

We only lost one.

- But those kids, the radio said--

- There you go again,
Lyle, you work yourself up,

you're jumping to conclusions.

Even I don't know what happened for sure.

Perhaps it was our precious
little T-Rex, perhaps.

Or maybe, maybe it was just a wild animal.

- We could be guilty
of criminal negligence.

- Don't be absurd!

Accidents happen.

Yes, of course, there was
the unfortunate incident.

The Army had to shut us down.

They had to, Lyle, it
was government funding.

They have to distance themselves.

There were never any
criminal charges, were there?

- No, but I--

- Lyle, we are so close!

A dinosaur with a brain, a creature

of superior strength, size, intelligence!

We can train them to work with men;

land clearing, mining, shock troops.

- They could be pretty shocking, alright.

I don't wanna go to jail
for second degree murder.

- Well, I'm sorry that you feel that way.

I don't have to remind you that

you did sign a confidentiality clause

when you came to work for me, huh?

- I know that.

- Of course, you do.

Well then, thank you.

Thank you for your time.

I value it.

Before you go there's one last thing

that I was going to ask
you to do this afternoon.

It has to do with the training
session of the Aplha T-Rex.

- Isn't that Karen's department?

- Normally yes, but it was something

that you said last week
that made me think.

I'm curious how it will react

to the unfamiliar, such as yourself.

Normally, Karen is working with him.

So perhaps on the way out
you could just walk down

the laser corridor and I could monitor it.

I'd really appreciate it.

(ominous music)

Lyle, you're approaching
the laser corridor now.

Just keep going, Lyle, you're doing fine.

Now remember, you're going to experience

some discomfort because the area

is climate controlled for
the subject; hot and humid.

You're doing just fine, Lyle, keep going.

Now remember, I've got the
T-Rex immobilized by the lasers.

He can't move, but you can.

(suspenseful music)

(lasers humming)

- Look sinister enough?

- Maybe we should have called first.

- It's more fun surprising them.


- Yeah, who is it?

- This is Sheriff Tanner from

the Vaca County Sheriff's Department.

I'd like to speak to the person in charge.

- You mind if I ask what
it's about, Sheriff?

- Yeah, just a routine investigation.

- Yeah, okay, hold on, I'll check.

- He'll check.


- Sir, we have a local
sheriff at the gate.

Wants to speak to the man in charge.

- I'm not here.

Go on, Lyle, I'm still with you.

Just keep going until I tell you to stop.

You're completely protected
by the laser barrier.

Now reach out and touch it.

You'll see what I mean.


See, just a little jolt.

The barrier around the T-Rex
is a hundred times stronger.






- I don't know what to tell you, Sheriff.

I looked all over for him.

He's nowhere to be found.

- And you are?

- Oh, I'm Josh McCoy, head of security.

- Well, Mr. McCoy, we've had some unusual

animal attacks and I was
wondering-- (roaring)

What the hell was that?

- Oh, that's, uh...

That's just a fuel
pressure control release.

- Mr. McCoy, would you tell, uh...

- Doctor, Dr. Hyde.

- Dr. Hyde?

- Yep.

- Would you tell Dr. Hyde
we'll be back tomorrow?

- I'll do that.

- Well, thank you very much.

- [McCoy] No problem.

- Did you hear that?

- Yeah, we both did.

Two days ago at the murder site.

It was lower, it was further away,

but it was definitely the same sound.

I even got it on my tape recorder.

Which gives me an idea.

- He's coming back tomorrow.

He may be a little bit more
difficult to get rid of.

- Hmm, the problem is we
don't know what he's found.

He could come back with a search warrant.

- So what do you want me to do?

- Check him out.

I want to know who this
Sheriff is and I'd like

to know some information
about the woman with him.

- Shouldn't be a problem.

- And if he does come
back bring him to me.

I'll take care of it.

(sinister music)

Why does this have to
happen when we're so close?

- What's that?

- Lyle, he's quit.

- He quit?

- You just missed him.

- Well, he never said anything.

- He's gone to work for
a firm in Silicon Valley.

- You know, doctor, you
should really get some rest.

- We have to finish this, Karen.

You and I.

(dramatic music)

- Doctor, you said that
sometimes a certain stimulus

could bring a patient out
of traumatic syndrome.

I think I have that stimulus
right here on my tape recorder.

- Let's try it.

- You ready?

- Let it rip.


- This might work.

Looks like she's coming out of it.


- It's alright, daddy's here.

It's alright, it's okay!


Oh, baby.

- Oh God, daddy, it was awful!

It was some kind of lizard or
something and it got Tommy!

It got Tommy and then it
started to come after me!

And it was clawing at my neck.

I didn't know what to do.

I didn't know.

- She may still be delusional.

- I seriously doubt that.

- Look, I am not crazy!

I know what I saw!

Daddy, you've gotta find
it and you gotta kill it.

- That's the plan, baby.

Honey, lie down and relax.

I'm gonna go find him and I'll check in

with you in the morning, alright?

Honey, you okay?

- Yeah.

- [Jim] You okay?

Calm down.

- Please don't go.

Please don't leave me.

Please take me with you, daddy, please.

- I wouldn't recommend it.

- We should listen to the doctor.

He's got a degree.

Barbara, I gotta tell
you, I was really worried.

If you hadn't come up with
that tape recorder idea

who knows when she would
have come out of it.

- Forget it.

What worries me more is what she said

about that lizard thing she saw.

I mean, if she's not mistaken,

and I seriously doubt that she is,

we're facing some truly new
and frightening menace here.

- This is so weird.

- You know, for some
reason you're much nicer

when you're not trying
to act like Mr. Cool.

- I am?

- Yeah, you are.

- (laughs) That's nice to know.

- Come here.

- Well, what do think,
have I still got it?

- Not bad for an old guy.

- An old guy?

I get a little gray at the temples

and I'm suddenly an antique?

- Some antiques are highly sought after.

Prize possessions.

Worth seeking out.

Worth bringing in for a nightcap.

- Barbara,

I would love to,

but there's something I gotta do.

- You're going back to Eunice, aren't you?

You can't even wait till tomorrow.

- Some things can't wait
and this is one of them.

- Well then, don't you
think you ought to bring me?

- No, gotta go solo.

I got a feeling something
is way wrong out there

and it could get really hairy, so...

Thanks for the memories.

- You're never gonna change, Jim Tanner.

- You know, you've got really soft lips.

- Bye.

(ominous music)

(water sprinkling)


- Oh, Max!

You scared me, baby!

- Jim?

Jim, if you're there, pick up!

- He can't hear you, he's on a code five.

- What the hell is he staking out?

- He didn't say, but I
couldn't get ahold of him.

- Oh, great!

Jim, listen, I think Carl Joseph's back.

I got three emergency calls from downtown

reporting vandalism,
break-ins and looting.

The clerk at Hal's Liquor said somebody's

smashing store windows
right now down the street.

I'm gonna go check it out.

- You're not going down
there alone, are you?

You know what the Sheriff
says about backup.

- Don't worry about me, I'll be alright.

This time I'll be ready
for the motherfucker!

(dramatic music)

- This is Hanson calling for Vaca 1.

Hanson for Vaca 1, come in.

(tender music)

- Come on, come on out!

(suspenseful music)

I know you're in here,
I know you're in here.

I know you're here, come on out!

I've been waiting for you!

Right here, come on!

Got nothing to lose!

Here I am.

Here I am.

It's just me and you now.

We'll go down together, come on.

(birds chirping)


Show your face!



(gun firing)



(dramatic music)


That's for some peace and quiet.



(horn honking)

- Jim, I'm really sorry.

When did it happen?

- Last night.

Whatever got him ripped his insides out,

deep punctures, a lot of blood.

- Listen, identifying animal
attacks is my depeartment.

You don't have to.

- It's better if I ID him than his wife.

- Hi, can I help you?

- Glover?

- Right this way.

- Why don't you go in the
other room while I take a look?

- Sheriff, you still got
a missing deputy, right?

- Mike Baltin, yeah.

- Um, I just got this coroner's report on

a dead body found on a ranch
just over the county line.

Body's been partially eaten.

(dramatic music)

- So?

- I'm almost afraid to say.

I found this embedded in Ben's thorax.

- What is that, some kind of claw?

- It's not a claw, it's a tooth.

- Wow.

We're gonna need bigger guns.

- Yeah.

(suspenseful music)

- Yeah, sorry to keep you
waiting, Sheriff Tanner,

but we have no files on
anything called Eunice.

- Well, thanks anyway.

- You know, there may
be certain factors here

that require more extensive

- What kind of factors?

- Linkages that aren't
immediately apparent.

- What about Carl Joseph?

Might he have something to do with this?

- He was arrested in Boise by
police yesterday afternoon.

- Well, that's good news.

- Listen, Sheriff, I'd like
you to keep me informed.

If you turn anything up,
call me, day or night.

- No problem.

(dramatic music)

(telephone ringing)

- [Receptionist] Morning,
this is Project Bluebook.

- Yeah, give me extension 7B.

- You didn't tell him
about the sound we heard.

- Right, 'cause we're going back

with a search warrant this time.

I'm pretty sure the Eunice Corporation

is a front for more than fresh eggs.


Call the FBI, the number's
on the desk, Agent Wylie!

- Whatever you say, Sheriff!

Excuse me, one second.

- Hey, this is my case, too.

I'm coming with you.

- Where did I put it?

Where did I put it?

Okay, tell Clark to
get me a search warrant

and to get it to me while
I make this last call.

- [Barbara] The Sheriff needs
a search warrant right now.

- Miss Anderson, Sheriff Tanner.

- Look Sheriff, I already
told you that I can't--

- No, it's not about my bill again.

This is official business.

- What is it?

- I need you to shut off the power

to the Eunice Corporation
in one hour's time,

unless you hear from me otherwise.

- I need a good reason to, Sheriff.

- Well, I'm investigating them

in connection with six deaths.

I'm on the way over there
now with a search warrant.

And if I don't get out of there

in a hurry I may be the seventh victim.

- Well, I guess that's okay,

but I'd like something in writing.

- Okay, I'll fax it over right away.

Then will you do it?

- If I don't hear from you before then

I'll shut off the power at 3 p.m.


- Right, thank you, Miss Henderson.

- I appreciate your position, Agent Wylie,

but I can assure you we sold it off

to the private sector 12 years ago.

- And you've had no further involvement?

- No, we do not have
any ongoing commitment

or relationship whatsoever
with the Vaca Flats facility.

- [Wylie] Are you sure?

- Yes, thank you.

(dramatic music)

- [Secretary] Yes, sir?

- Get me Dr. Hyde at the
Eunice Corporation right now.

- [Secretary] Alright, sir.

(telephone ringing)

- Control room.

- [Secretary] May I speak to Dr. Hyde?

- Can I tell him who's calling?

- [Secretary] Colonel Von Vandamar.

- Colonel Vandamar.

- Ah!

Hey, congratulations on your promotion!

- Doctor, let me come
straight to the point.

We terminated your research
with us 12 years ago.

Did we not?

- Unfortunately, yes.

- Well, it's come to our attention

that there have been
unexplained fatalities

in the vicinity of your research facility.

Very much like the
incidents that caused us

to terminate the Jurassic Storm project.

- Oh, I don't know what
you're talking about.

- Have you privately
reactivated the project?

- Of course not, Major,
uh, Colonel Vandamar.

Even if I wanted to, how
could I possibly find

that kind of funding
in the private sector?

Without backing of the highest government

and military levels it
would be unthinkable.

No one would touch it, would they?

- May I ask what you are doing?

- Applications on the
human genome project.

- Very well, doctor.

I'm sorry to have disturbed you.

Thank you for your time.

- Anytime, Colonel.


- Yep?

- Sheriff Tanner to see Dr. Hyde.

- Yeah, just a minute.

Doctor, the Sheriff and that
animal control woman are back.

- I'll be right there.

Karen, I'd like you to recheck the work

that Lyle was doing on
the neurotransmitters.

His work was rather sloppy
in the last several weeks.

- Do you want me to go with you?

- No, no, no, no, I'll handle it.

Please just recheck the settings.

- Yes, sir.

(ominous music)

- Buzzing you in, Sheriff.

- Ah, Sheriff, Miss Phillips.

I'm sorry, I wasn't advised as to

what time you'd be here today.

I was actually on my way to a meeting.

I'd be happy to stop by your office later

if that works for you.

- There's no time for that, Dr. Hyde.

I have a search warrant.

- Ah well, that won't be necessary.

I'm happy to answer any
questions that you might have.

First, could I offer you some
coffee, perhaps some tea?

- No, thanks.

- None for me, thanks.

- Ah yes, singlemindedness
in the pursuit of the truth.

As a scientist I have to admire that.

Sheriff, how can I help you?

- I'm investigating six deaths

which were the result of attacks by

an unknown wild animal or animals.

They all occurred within
five miles of this place.

- Well, I'm sorry to hear about that.

I can't see how I would be of any help.

Actually, I'm not much
of a wildlife enthusiast.

- Are you doing any research
into animal testing?

- A bit.

- Well, I did some checking
before we came up here

and according to the internet, Dr. Hyde,

you may be the world's
top animal behaviorist.

- Oh Sheriff, you have done
your homework, haven't you?

I am very impressed.

- So what kind of animals
are you working on now?

- Actually, I'm working on
the human genome project

and occasionally we have to compare

the human and animal gene sequences.

Did you know that we share 99%

of our genes with the domestic cat?

- No.

- The animal we heard yesterday
was a lot bigger than a cat.

And so were the prints and
the tooth that I found.

- Could it be, Miss Phillips,

that your imagination is as strong as

your power of observation and logic?

- Dr. Hyde.

- As I said, that won't be necessary.

I'm happy to show you the labs.

Please, I have nothing to hide.

- Show us the labs.

- Follow me.

We'll start with the sequencing lab.

Please, after you.


All aboard.

(elevator music)

- How many floors down does this thing go?

- Six, it used to be a
nuclear testing facility.


- What was that?

- I believe it's "Stranger in Paradise".

(ominous music)

As you can see, it takes a lot

of power to manipulate the sequencing.

- Seems like all of this gene splicing

would be really, really--

- What, expensive?
- Yeah, expensive.

- What is the price of dream, Sheriff?

If my experiments work
out I can assure you

all mankind will be knocking at my door.

- But the question is,
whether to get in or get out?

- You may scoff all you
want, Miss Phillips,

but when my work is
complete the entire story

of DNA research will have to
be rewritten from scratch.

- Really?

Well then, I guess I'd like to start

with a chapter where you somehow manage

to clone a dinosaur that escapes

and murders a half a
dozen innocent people.

- Your lady friend isn't a very
good poker player, Sheriff.

She's just revealed her hand.

- Actually, I prefer dominoes.

See, like the Sheriff here, I
did a little surfing myself.

Read all up on your research history;

cloning from fossil DNA,
failed government project,

loss of funding.

- Yes.

That is enough.

- Hold it.

- No, you hold it, Sheriff!

- Guns, guns, guns.

At this point I'll have to
refer to an old western cliche.

Put 'em up, partner.

(dramatic music)

And our tour is over, please follow me.

Off we go.

Inside you go.

Go on.

(speaking foreign language)

- I don't like the sound of that.

- Oh, you don't, huh?

Well, if you kept your trap shut

we wouldn't be stuck in here.


- Like Hyde didn't have some ulterior plan

to keep us detained, did he?

- [Jim] Damn it!

I should never have broken
my rule about backup.

- Would you mind telling me how
we're gonna get out of here?


- Oh, man!

It's gonna be awhile, Barbara.

- Yes, yeah, the call came in
no more than five minutes ago.

According to the deputy,
Hanson, the Sheriff

of Vaca Flats went out to
Eunice over an hour ago.

He has not been heard from since.

He also says that he had the place

staked out most of last night.


- Okay, Mark, I'll be getting
back to you, thank you.

Well General, it looks like
Dr. Hyde has lied to us.

I believe he has
reactivated Jurassic Storm.

- How could he do that?

Where the hell would he get the money?

- The FBI ran traces on his phone.

There have been calls to Pakistan.

And of course, we don't know
for sure what that means.

- The son of a bitch is
getting foreign funding.

- General, if it ever came out that we had

anything to do with the original project.

- Shut him down.

Get Special Ops in the air right away.

Make sure it's a dark operation.

- [Secretary] Yes, sir?

- Get me Delta Command right away.

(helicopter whirring)

- Go, go, go, go, go, go!

Move, move, let's go, let's go!

Delta 29, Delta 29, this is Alpha 14,

ready for takeoff, over.

- Hold up.

Alpha 14, this is Delta 29.

Trip just arrived.

Estimated time of departure, 45 seconds.

Stand by for my command.

Let's go!

- Devinger, take her up!

- Yes, sir!

(helicopter whirring)

- On the chopper now!

Let's go, come on, Benny, get in there!

Let's go, light it up!

Alright, let's go!

Double check your gear.

Make sure your weapons are on safe.

Alpha 14, Alpha 14, this is Delta 29.

What the hell are you doing?

You're supposed to wait
for my command to take off.

This is a joint operation, over.

- Roger that, Delta 29, but takeoff

is now 14:35 Marine time.

Gotcha, Connolly!

- Alpha 14, this is Delta 29.

This is not a training mission!

This is the real deal!

Now, if you don't get with the program

I'm gonna have your
ass busted down a rank!

- They're having a pissing contest again.

- Yeah, and we're always downwind.

- Lance, catch up with Alpha 14.

You catch him, I'll buy
you a fucking Cadillac.


(dramatic music)

- Alright, listen up.

After we secure the perimeter,

we'll enter through the northeast wing

and sweep sector by sector
looking for civilians.

We'll rendezvous back
at the freight elevator

at level one and meet Delta 29 there.

Got it?

- Yes, sir.

- Got it.

(helicopter whirring)

- How did it go with our visitors?

- Excellent.

(ominous music)

- Damn, I told that idiot three o'clock.

- Which one?

There's tons of them around here.

- Yeah, I know.

- Once we link up with
York we're gonna work

our way down through the building,

level by level till we
locate these targets.

- And our orders are
to search and destroy.

- What exactly are we looking for, sir?

- That's classified, soldier,

but you'll know 'em when you see 'em.

- Anybody have any questions at all?

- What are the targets, sir?

- It's a need-to-know basis, Lewis.

When you need to know, you will know.

- Animal, vegetable, mineral?

- What are those, things
you had in your ass?

Listen, all I can tell you people

is it's organic and it's
been genetically engineered

and it is dangerous as hell,
so keep your eyes open.

Lance, what's our ETA?

- [Lance] Five minutes, sir!

- Roger that.

(dramatic music)

- We have visual,
turning on approach, sir.

- Delta 29, this is Alpha 14,

circling the land at
northwest field, over.

- Roger that, Alpha 14.

Delta 29 ETA 40 seconds southeast sector.

See you on the ground.


- [Lance] Sir?

- Get us down on the southeast sector

soon as possible, ASAP.

You got it?

Alright, double check your gear, folks.

Make sure your weapon's pressure checked.

(helicopter whirring)

(dramatic music)

- Alright, move it out,
move it out, move it out!

Devinger, keep the engines running!

- Yes, sir!

- Let's go!

- We got visitors!

- Visitors?

- The Marines, sir, they've landed.

- Oh, shit!

- [York] Are you employees here?

- Uh-huh.

- This facility is now
under Marine control.

We are escorting you out of
here for your own safety.

Brady, take them to
evac and hold them there

until you turn them over
and then report back to me.

- Let's go, move it.

- Let's go!

- Damn, that Vandamar!

- What do you want me to do, sir?

- Nothing, not yet.

The lasers will keep
them out of the basement.

- Yeah, but what if they
get past the lasers?

- Karen, nothing is more
important than our project!

- Well, then, I'm gonna do something.

(dramatic music)

(suspenseful music)

- Alpha 14, this is Delta 29.

We're good to go, over.

- Delta 29, perimeter is secured.

We are moving in, over.

- Roger that, Alpha 14.

(dramatic music)

Lewis, take the six.

- [TJ] Are you sure this is gonna be okay?

- TJ, I want the entire
power grid shut down now!

- [TJ] Whatever you say.

- Jim, we gotta get out of here now.

- Tell me something I don't know.

- No, you don't understand.

Hyde can't let us stay here.

He's gonna turn them loose.

- And that's gonna make us dinner, right?

(dramatic music)

- TJ, just do it now!

- [TJ] Okay, here we go.

(alarm beeping)

- Thank God for Henderson.

Come on, come on.

(dramatic music)

Stay with me, come on.

- Karen, what's going on?

We've lost power all over the system!

- Oh, my God, the laser
sword protectors not on.

They can get out of their training pen!

- Check the tracking program,
the laptop's on batteries.


- There are three loose already.

- Check it, check it, recheck it!

(dramatic music)

- Sir, when they called it
dark ops, they weren't kidding.

- Alpha 14, this is Delta 29.

We lost power.

What's your position, over?

- Delta 29, we are on level
three and we are dark, too.

- Roger that, 14.

There's a backup generator on level four.

Check it out, over.

- Well, if there is, we'll
get the power back up.

But if this is sabotage
we got another problem.

- Yeah, all the more
reason to keep going, 14.

Now, check it out!
- Alright.

Reese, get your ass down to
level four and get us juiced up!

- Yes, sir!



(suspenseful music)

- Lewis, where's this fucking elevator?

- There's a connecting corridor up ahead.

- Alright, Benny, I want you to sweep

this corridor all the
way down to the elevator.

Hold the elevator once
the power's back up.

You got it?
- Got it.

- Alright, we're gonna clear
the rest of this level.

Then we'll go down to the basement level.

That's where the target's probably housed.

Alright, get moving.
- Yes, sir.

- Let's go.

(ominous music)

- Doctor, we gotta warn those men!

- No, Karen, no!

They're trespassers!

They have no right to be
here in the first place!

- They are human beings, for God's sake!

- Let it be!

(suspenseful music)


- Holy shit!

(machine gun firing)


- What's that?

- Had to be Benbo.

- Benny, Benny?


(electricity zapping)


Back to the elevator, people!


- What the fuck is that?

- Down, Lewis. (gun clicking)

Shoot these motherfuckers!

(guns firing)


Sladek, six o'clock!

(guns firing)

- Are those what I think they are?

- I don't wanna think
what I think those are.

- Yeah, they're fucking
dinosaurs, alright.

We have to find and
kill every one of them.

You got a problem with that, Sladek?

- No, sir.

- I didn't think so, let's go.

Keep your fucking eyes open!

- Okay, wait here.

- Bullshit!

You're gonna leave me here?

- You're gonna be safer
here in the stairwell.

I'll be right back.


Stay here.

- Why am I safer here?



(generators whirring)

- Captain, got it.

- What took you so long?

Get your ass back here now.

- Roger that, sir.


- That's Captain Asshole to you, son.

Remember, I'm still your daddy.

- Yes, sir.

- Which?

- Up, up, up, up, up, up!

You think jabbing like that is gonna help?

- It's not gonna hurt.

(elevator dinging)

- There we go.

- Delta 29, what's your status?

- York, we've walked into
a real shit storm here

and I have lost a man and
I am not happy about it.

Have you found Hyde?

- Negative.

- Personally, I hope his ass got

munched on by one of his little creations.

Here's what we're gonna do.

I'm gonna simplify our mission.

We're gonna blow this
facility and all its contents

and get the hell out of here, ASAP.

We have enough C4 to blow
this place to kingdom come

and that is just what
the fuck we're gonna do.

- That's an affirmative.

- Alright, get on it.

- Alright, Reese?
- Sir?

- Stay with me.
- Yes, sir!

- Johnson, Sanders, get down to

the next level and plant some charges,

then get ready to get
the hell out of here.

- Sladek, come here, come here, come here!

Take your satchel charge
down to the area down there

where I showed you where
that support beam is.

I want you to set it up down there, okay?

And do me a favor, don't
blow yourself up, okay?

Go, go.
- Why not?

Sladek's always first, right?

- Yeah, yeah, go ahead.

Where's the blueprints?

Lewis, come over here,
goddamn it, stop fucking off!

Let's see, okay.

How many charges you got left?

- Six.

- Alright, great.

- Well, I guess we won't
be needing this anymore.



- My God, I've had enough of this.

- Push door open.

- Damn it!

Where is McCoy?

If he'd gotten the power back on

we could have saved some of them.

- Your creatures, or the men?

- What is wrong with you, Karen?

- You murdered those men!

And Lyle, he didn't quit, did he?

- Lyle forgot why he was here.

We're scientists, Karen.

We have to think about the
bigger picture, the greater good!

- I know!

The ends justify the means.

But I wanted to help people, not this!

- You can help me, Karen.

I need you.

- No, no!

Not anymore!

- Karen.

Karen we can continue!

The Utah facility!


I'll do it myself.



- Oh, my God.

(ominous music)





(charge beeping)

- Crow, this is Delta 29, over.

Crow, this is Delta 29.

Where the hell are you, over.

- This is Crow, go ahead Delta 29, over.

- We have scared employees moving at

a rapid pace to the front of the building.

I need you to get your
chopper in the air ASAP,

rendezvous with us and meet in the front.

You are to, by any means necessary,

keep these employees from
leaving the premises, over.

- Roger that, over.


- Hey!

Wait, wait!

Hey, right here!



- Devinger, what the
hell's happening up there?

(helicopter whining)


- Oh, shit!


- Captain York!

- Yeah, Brady?

- We just lost the back up chopper.

I don't know exactly what happened.

She just crashed!

- Report to level A, sector C immediately.

- Yes, sir!

(cell phone dialing)

- Colonel Vandamar, we need another

evac chopper here right away, sir.

- Mission status, Alpha 14?

- 20 minutes and we're out of here.

- Very well, evac chopper's on its way.

- Roger that.

- 20 minutes, General.

- Excellent.

(suspenseful music)

- Lewis!

Hurry it up!

(charge beeping)

- Sanders, I'm gonna check out over here.


- No! (gun firing)


- Johnson, what's happening?

- Sanders is down!

- Johnson, where the hell are you?


(gun firing)

- What's that?

- Sounds like gunshots to me.

Spigot, why don't you
use your fucking brain?

- You're an asshole, Connolly!

- Yeah, I know.


- Eat this, you motherfucker!


- Come on, you two!

(dramatic music)

- Captain, I don't know
where the hell I am!

- Well, just keep moving up, son!

(gun firing)

Johnson, get your ass
up that stairwell now!

(gun firing)

(frantic music)

(gun firing)





- Heads up!

(guns firing)

- Fall back, fall back!



- Lewis, take Brady out there
to investigate those noises.

- Me, sir?

- No, Lewis, your fucking mother!

Now get out there before I
stick my foot in your ass!

- Shit!

(guns cocking)

- Ho, ho, ho, ho, we surrender.

- Who the hell are you?

- Sheriff Tanner.

This is Barbara Phillips,
animal control officer.

- Animal control officer?

Great job you're doing.

- Thanks.

- We'll get you out of here, Sheriff,

you and your lady friend.

I'd like to get you out now but

I can't afford the extra manpower.

- Thanks.
- Sounds good to me.

- Me, too.

- Well, that's good because that's

the only fucking option you got right now.

Where's your explosives?

Keep on watch over here, come on.



(dramatic music)

(men shouting)


- What the hell is this?

- Breakfast?

- I don't think so. (gun cocking)

(guns firing)


- Let's get the fuck out of here!

- We're good to go here.

Lewis, what's going on?

Talk to me guys!

What the fuck's going on?


You all should get upstairs!

- Come on, let's go.

- Go, go, go, go!

- Get upstairs!
- Go, go, out of here!



(dramatic music)


(soldiers shouting)

- Go faster!



- Hey.

- Oh, my God, Hyde.

- Stand by, hold your fire.


That son of a bitch.

Light him up!

(guns firing)


- Oh, my God.


- Fall back, back to the chopper!

Come on, Sheriff!

Back now!


- Come on, I got an idea.


Open those big doors.

- Okay.



- Oh!


- Jim, look out!




Big stick!



I got you!



You big sucker!



(dramatic music)



- Oh, my God.




- Eat this, Barney.



- Oh, thank God!


- Wow, I got him.

- You got him!


- Barb, let's get out of
here, it's gonna blow!



(fire crackling)


(somber music)

(eerie orchestra music)