Rapid Eye Movement (2019) - full transcript

A publicity seeking radio DJ is driven to the edge of insanity when he attempts to break the 11 day world record for staying awake-under the threat of a deranged caller who will kill him if he falls asleep.

Stay awake, Rick.

Stay awake.

Stay awake, Rick.

The world record, 11 days.

Eleven days.

Stay awake, Rick.

You can do it.

I'm watching you, Rick.

Stay awake, or you're next.

Stay awake, or you die.

You'll wind up in hell
like all the others.

Save the children, Rick.

Save the children.

You are worthless. Give up.

Give up!

Save the children.

Give up!

- You failed your job.
- Rick, I'm right here!

- You failed your job.
- Come on, Rick!

I'm here!
Can you even hear me, Rick?

Save the children.

Talk to me!

Please, talk to me.

and I'll kill you.


What are you doing?

Get out of the way!


Get out of the...

What are you doing, man?

I've had enough
of your pestering!

I am working as hard as I can.


I'm... I'm working
as hard as I can!

Do you think we could cure
a disease overnight?

Do you think my job is easy?

Do you think so?



♪ I'm happy, I'm alive

♪ And I know he's about to cry

♪ But it's just a little jive

♪ So I'm gonna let
The sinner life shine ♪


♪ Oh, yeah

We gotta go!

They're awesome!

- ♪ What am I to do?
- Yes!

This is what I'm talking about.

Watch and learn, boy!

♪ Tell me what you got
'Cause I am... ♪

Rick, we're on the air!

Gotta hear the end
of the song, man.

We gotta go.

Why? Why?

Why does he do this to me?

He's on in ten.

Oh, Charlene,
you know he'll be here.

Always is.

Back it up, Phil.
I saw them first.

Greatest gypsy punk band ever.

I got some sweet action for you.

A cinch to beat
the point spread.

You're an intern, Phil.
Not a bookie.

He's conning you, Rick.

Shut it, Miguel!

Your place is in.
Play that second song first.

Hi. Hey, Rick.

Hey, how are you?

One whole minute to go.

I hope they're worth it.

WZLW New York.

The Rick Weider Show.

Good morning, friends and neighbors.

Another glorious WZLW New York

day of possibility.

What you're hearing
right now, folks,

- is the best...
- Yeah, punk!

...gypsy punk band alive.

And you and I
are gonna make them famous.

So, wherever you are
this morning,

start this day dancing!

One, two, three, quatorzo!

That's it.


Hey, hey, hey!

What are you doing later?


Something... else.

♪ It don't matter How it goes, and the fact ♪

♪ God'll hit you

♪ Straight directly
Through your soul ♪

♪ We play uptown

♪ We play downtown

♪ East and west

♪ And everywhere we play
We play our best ♪


Those crazy gypsies,

we gotta get them to some A&R...

You remember Mr. Larabee
from Clamorant Media?

Well, well,
enter the feudal lords.

We need to talk numbers.

- He can talk to sales.
- They're not the problem.

You are.

You've been
on the fringe for too long.

Your slot's going Top 40.

You new owners, you're just...

I don't do Top 40.

Uh, I do the eclectic,
and it works.

Pulse of New York.

We want all nine million
listeners of the city.

Not just a sliver
out in Williamsburg

that feeds your ego.

My ego?

Was it my ego
that promotes undervalued artist

instead of your processed
plastic bump and grind bands?

We're not renewing
your contract.

Not with these numbers.

Not ever.

Your ratings, they just need
to come up.

Or you're done.


Tough meeting, Rick, huh?

Almost makes me believe

that there's justice
in the universe after all.

I never took you
for a dreamer, Marcus.

Just a... Just a sore loser

for not getting
the morning slot.


Well, I'm keeping
my slot, though.


Try that again, mother...

Oh, Rick, um,
your wife's here.

- She's looking for you.
- Oh, shit.

Hey, sweetheart.

What you doing here?

Do you have any idea
how humiliating it is

to show up to your first
marriage counseling session

and get stood up
by your husband?


It's just that I...

I'll give you one more chance.

- Okay?
- Okay.


There's a...

super exclusive marriage retreat

in Newport
at the end of the month,

and I want us to go.

You know I...

I had to pull a lot of strings
to get us in.

- Mm-hm.
- And I just...

Please, I just need you
to wanna go, okay?


I guess, yeah.

You guess?

God. Does it mean nothing
to you?

How much sleep I have lost
worrying about us?

You're losing sleep?
You're losing sleep?

Yes, Rick, that's what I said.

You're a genius.

I gotta go, okay?

The 28th, buddy!

Remember that!

Oh! Um, I was just...

Sleep deprivation.

- Get me intel.
- Yeah. Of course.


A stunt's not gonna raise
your ratings quick enough.

No, no, no. A sleep deprivation
marathon would be great.

What's the record on this thing?

Two hundred
and sixty-four hours.

That's 11 days awake.

Whoa, 11 days?

Seriously? Okay, 11 days it is.

No harm in trying. Let's, uh...

Let's make it
a charity fundraiser, huh?

We'll, uh, we'll find
a disease or something.

When might
this earthshaking

slumber party happen?

Somewhere around
the 28th would be perfect.

We're doing a Wake-A-Thon
charity fundraiser.

So, who's got me a disease?

How about AIDS?

No, too '90s. Next.

How about breast cancer?

- I don't like breast cancer.
- Nobody likes

- breast cancer, Phil.
- Come on.

Raise my eyebrows.

Fibrocystic disease.

It's another woman thing.

- Is it fatal?
- No,

- but that's... But...
- It has, it has to be fatal.

It has to be something
that grabs people by the throat.

It could be
in today's headlines.

Dr. Harold Rance,
SMA researcher murdered.

That's the dude
hanging from the bridge.

- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- Yeah.

- It just happened this morning.
- Yeah, his, his guts

were like,
hanging all out, and...

What's, uh... What's SMA?

"Spinal Muscular Atrophy."

"SMA is the number one
genetic killer of children.

Victims never acquire
or progressively lose

the ability to walk,
stand, or move.

And, ultimately, fatal
respiratory complications.

No known cure."

And so, New York, with this Wake-A-Thon,

SMA will feel the wrath
of Rick Weider.

A webcam will show me awake
around the clock

inside a glass booth
on the street in Times Square.

Even bathroom breaks
will be strictly monitored.

Keeping a watchful eye on me
will be Dr. Maurice Falco,

eminent expert
in the field of sleep research.

Any thoughts, doctor?

This is not just a question
of mere physical endurance,

for that would punish
only mortal flesh.

It is rather an intense assault
on the mind,

or dare I say,

it's the soul...

that denies a man
his deeply needed nightly escape

from the horrors of this world.

Sobering thoughts,
indeed, doctor.

So, I'll be awake day and night,
night and day,

starting October 24th.

How long can I last?

Four days? Five? A week?

Or beyond?

Stay tuned for news,
weather, and sports.

Rick Weider.

As an SMA parent,

I can't tell you what this
Wake-A-Thon means.

Oh, no. You're, uh,
you're expressing it fine.

Well, it's great

to hear a man as passionate
as yourself involved.

Impossible is nothing
when it matters.

After all,

"A man's reach should always
exceed his grasp."

"Or what's a heaven for?"

Robert Browning.

He's not quoted much.

Yeah, and he didn't
really become popular

until after he died.

The world record, 11 days.

Can you do it?

Uh, it's, uh... It's daunting.

But are you
committed to it?

It would bring so much attention to our cause.

Well, I'll, uh,
I'll certainly give it a try.

It's a decision
of the will.



That's what Dr. Rance
couldn't understand.

Uh, wait, Rance, the...

The dead guy on the bridge?

He didn't care enough

about what
he was leaving undone.

That's why
we don't have a cure yet.

We need dedicated warriors.

Like yourself.

So, how much money
will you raise?

Uh, we, uh, we haven't set
a definite goal yet.

- Millions.
- Millions?

Uh, we'll be lucky
to get 20 grand, sir.

Twenty grand.
Twenty grand.

Twenty grand?

Are you out of your mind?

You need to have a bigger vision for this, Weider.

Okay, why, why don't you give me
your number,

and we'll orchestrate something?

It'd be wonderful
if you could help us.


- I think that was the killer.
- What killer?

- That, that killer? The...
- The bridge killer.


- Whoa.
- If...

we could get this guy
to confess or something,

we would be news!

Co... confess?

Rick, how is he
gonna confess on air?

That's not gonna happen.

- We should call the police.
- No.

No, no, no.
We gotta milk it first.

"Milk it"?

Haven't I
taught you anything?

- Not, not really.
- What the...

- Right. Okay.
- We'll milk it.

- Right. Do you wanna...
- Go back to school.

- Go back to school, Miguel.
- We'll milk it. No...

- We'll milk it.
- Go back to school.

You son of a bitch.

Don't tell me
you forgot the date.

- Look, Kathy, I...
- Deliberately.

You deliberately did that.

No. Wait, wait, wait.
No. Hold it.

You don't understand.
Uh, sorry, sir.

My job is on the line,
my career, my whole...

Now, I have a chance
to catch a killer on the air.

- It could be huge!
- A killer?

What are you talking about?

Are you completely
delusional, Rick?

All right, look, you're busy.

Let's talk about it tonight
at home. All right?

No, Rick. You know what,

I'm gonna go stay
with my sister for a while.

- I have to do some thinking.
- Oh, come on, really?

You hate her.

Good luck with your stunt.

Good morning, New York.

The great WZLW Wake-A-Thon
with me, Rick Weider, has begun.

We are broadcasting live
from Times Square.

Night and day, day and night,

I'll be awake,
fighting the good fight for SMA.

The number one
genetic killer of children.

Now we need money for research,

and I am going to stay awake,
as long as it takes,

to convince you
to make a donation

Let's do this, guys.
For all the SMA kids.

♪ You got my attention

♪ You got my attention

♪ You got my attention

♪ I would walk the world
For you ♪

♪ You got my attention

♪ You got my attention

♪ You got my attention

♪ I would lose sleep over you

♪ Lose sleep over you

♪ Lose sleep over you

♪ You got my attention

♪ You got my attention

♪ You got my attention

♪ I would lose sleep over you

Wake up.

Wake up!

The study of sleep deprivation
is not bedtime reading.

The rats' brains hemorrhaged.

The American
Medical Journal, 1965.

But it didn't include,

the rats
ate their own tails first.

A Wake-A-Thon?

You'll be asleep
before the first day

of this circus is over.

Oh, and by the way,

guess who's gonna be getting
the morning slot?

Rick Weider.

Let me ask you

Oh, hey.
Uh, thanks for calling back.

Let me, uh, let me get
your name and number

in case
we get disconnected again.

You are going to reach
for something.

- Right, Rick?
- Yeah, man, I'm reaching.

You, uh, you mentioned
the doctor before.

- The doctor that...
- You've got to give them

more substance than sensation.

Honestly convey your passion to your listeners.

Uh-huh. You're right.
The human element.

So with you. So, tell me, you...

Stop yessing me,

You're not expecting enough
from your listeners!

You have no idea
what they're capable of

if they can believe in you.

Be real! Be honest!

They will rise up in solidarity with our cause,

and we will triumph!

Do not blow this!


What the hell was that?

Ah, he was just a prank caller.

I take back what I said.

This will be over by lunch.

Rick. Rick?


Um, this is Dr. Gray,
the SMA expert.

Hello, doctor.


I'm moving out of SMA
into other fields of research.


Oh, that's a shame.

Joining me once again
is Dr. Gray,

who has been illuminating us
on the subject of SMA.

So, Dr. Gray,

tell us more about the,

the challenges of dealing
with this deadly disease.

The families must face
difficult lifestyle decisions,

uh, in order to make life

for their children, and...

of course, the specter of death
is always a burden to bear.

Intricate stuff.

Prognosis is tricky.

Time-cost issues,

parental expectations...

For, for tangible results.

Ta... Tangible results?

To save a life.

We need to find a cure.

Uh, and you think Dr. Rance
was making headway?

I mean, he died so suddenly.

Were, were you working with him
toward that tangible result?

That's a...

That's difficult to go...

...to go into.

Oh, uh, we'll...
we'll be right back.

I'm terribly sorry.

I'm terribly sorry.

Don't worry, man.
It's radio. No one saw it.

Yeah, um...

I've, uh...

I've been under...

tremendous stress.

- Pharmacy is two blocks down.
- Oh, okay.

I've, uh...

I've been getting these...

these terrible threats.

That was... disgusting.

Smile. It's for charity.

WZLW Rick Weider.

"Tangible result"?

I'll give you a tangible result.

He doesn't look healthy enough-It's that guy.

to live anyway.

- What?
- Yeah.

You see him now?

He definitely doesn't look like he's gonna make it.

You gonna threaten
one of my guests now?

Call this a lesson
in dedication.

You're not gonna do anything.

You're just another media-crazy,
celebrity ballbuster.

- Get a life.
- Like Gray's?

And when I'm finished
busting, Rick,

you'll be a star.

Go find Gray. Now.

- Okay?
- What?

- He's going to the pharmacy. Go!
- What's going on?

Just please!

- Tell me what's going on.
- Please go find Gray now!

Go! Go!

Okay, jokes over.

Knock it off,
or I'm calling the police.

Better call the morgue.

Charlene, do you see him?

Not yet. What's going on?

Wait, look.

I don't know what you're after,

but this isn't helping
your kid, okay?

Look, you hear me?

I said this isn't helping.

She died.

She died.

Charlene, what's happening?

I'm looking.

Come on, Charlene.
Give me something.

Uh, yeah.
Excuse me, excuse me.

Oh, god, Rick.

Oh, god.


He's... He's dead, Rick.
He's dead!

He's dead.

He's dead!

Message received?

You killed him?

You killed him for a radio show?

Five million.

You're going to raise
five million dollars

before you fall asleep.

Not 20,000.

Not a hundred thousand.

Five million dollars,

or you're next.

You're insane.

Five million dollars
before you sleep.

Or you will never...

wake up.


Wait, that's impossible.

It, it can't be done.

Look, Rick, you can't...

You can't stay awake
until we raise five million...

Five million.

What am I gonna do, huh?

If I fall asleep,
he's gonna kill me.

I have to break the record.

Okay, okay.
Say that you do break it...

...there's no guarantee

you're gonna raise
that much money.

I mean, it's not even possible
to go 11 days.

No? Tell her, Falco. Tell her.

But if you could
get past 11 days

and break the record,

the research data alone
would be invaluable.

Research data. Great.


Nice cage.

But your ratings,
they haven't improved, and...

you've got a dead guest.

You really think
you're gonna raise

five million dollars
with this sideshow?

Do you?

Money will pour in. You'll see.

All right.

Of course, it will.

♪ And I love you

WZLW. Good morning!

Day two
of the great Wake-A-Thon.

We, uh, we had, uh,
an exciting show yesterday.

Emotions ran high.

And, uh, the city was dared
to raise the bar

to five million dollars.

So, let's jump it,
New York.

Help alleviate
a child's suffering.

Make your pledges now.

♪ A blessing from heaven

♪ I'm so grateful

♪ For this love that I found

Wake up, son!

Wake up for life.

Please don't give up now.

♪ Gets stuck
Between the stations ♪

♪ Then just move that antenna

♪ Until you tune me back in

♪ I loved you

♪ For you who thought I was

♪ Now I'm

♪ Leaving you, baby

♪ Because all your friends

♪ They say

♪ They might like
What they see ♪

♪ But I can't go on
Livin' my life ♪

♪ Livin' my life

♪ Through your vision of me

Rick Weider.

You're not telling
the dollar amounts.

How much have you raised?



What do I call you?

We started this
with a quote

from Robert Browning.

Leave it at that.

Okay. Okay, Browning.


Do you think Dr. Gray
was wondering,

"What's a heaven for?"

Gray was a selfish
little sponge

soaking up perks
from the drug companies.

I have bigger plans
for you, Rick.

You want me to be real
for my audience, huh?

Why don't you be real with them?

Come on the show,
and, uh, tell us your story.

Inspire us with your dedication
that killed doctors

to make them find a cure faster

or whatever the hell it is
you're doing.

Five million dollars

before you sleep.

Hey, look, look, look, Browning.

Um, your, your daughter died,

and now you wanna help others.

I, I get that, but...

Rick. Rick! You're on!

Rick, you're on.


All right,
this is The Rick Weider Show,

and we're rocking
to find a cure for SMA,

and, uh, and to stay awake.

Are you okay?

I've been trying to get you
for two days.

Detective Murdoch.

Your killer
just threatened me again.

To, to murder me if, if I don't
raise millions before I sleep.

A murderer? Oh.

That's a great hook.

Grab your audience,
reel 'em in.

Hey, hey, hey.

Do I look
like I'm making this up?

Why would someone
wanna kill the doctor?

I don't know.
How the hell should I know?

Um, maybe, maybe, uh...

Maybe he knew too much.

About what?

About him.

Him, the files.
Files or something.

Files, files that...

can link him
to the first murder,

and so, he kills him.

With a poisoned syringe?

The first doctor
had his intestines

hanging over the East River.

That's an entirely different MO.

So what?

How many phone calls
did you receive from this, um,

supposed killer?


I don't know, three?

No. No, four.

When was the first call?

About, uh... About a week ago.

When did he reveal to you
that he killed the first doctor?

The first call...

So you knew days ahead
of this, this Wake-A-Thon

that this guy was the killer.

I might have tried
to reel him in myself,

and that was stupid.


And now he's...
He's killed Gray,

and he's set on killing me.

That is not a hoax.

So you've gotta do something.

Police work isn't done
in front of your microphone.

For the last two days,

I've taken statements
from his associates,

searched their offices.

I even had an autopsy done
on Dr. Gray.

He died...

of a heart attack.

A heart attack? No.

For SMA.

Have a nice day.


Psst. Rick.

Ricky boy.

Oh, Rick.

From your throat...

Rick. Rick.
Oh, Ricky boy.

Oh, Rick.


Down here.

Hi, pal.

Wow, you certainly
look like hell.

You don't really think
you're going to break

the record, do you?

Eleven days.
That would be something.

You're a loser, though.

So, no chance.

Hey, guess what?

I've got a hot date
with your wife tonight.

I mean, with you
being such a dud,

she'll come running
into my big beautiful arms.

"Mantis, love."

- Stop talking to me, okay?
- Ooh.

- Stop talking to me.
- She's going to...

- Stop talking to me, okay?
- love it, love it.

Love it!

- Shut up.
- Hey.

Do you see that, chap?
What's he doing out there?

- What?
- Strange.

Hey, this is Kathy.

Leave a message.


Darling, you're...

You're my bride,
and you're the...

You're the most important thing

in the world to me. It's...

I'm not gonna let anything...

come between us.

I'm not, I'm not going anywhere.

I'm just,
I'm just sitting here, uh...

hoping that...

Rick Weider.

I miss her.

I miss my little girl.

How'd you find my cell number?

It's not that hard.

Smart guy, huh?

You can make a murder
look like a heart attack, too.


mother of invention.

You're a loser, Weider.

I popped by earlier.

You sounded terrible,

so I figured I should check
on my investment.

How old was she?

I said,

how old was your daughter
when she died?

I don't wanna talk
about her,

- circus boy.
- What was her name?

None of your business!

You gotta give me
something, okay?

People are telling me
you're a hoax.

- You know better.
- I know squat!

I just, I just...

I need a human face, man.

She's not your poster child.

What's the investment for?

Who are we fighting for?

Who are we fighting for?

Who are we fighting for?


Got you, you bastard.

- What the hell's going on?
- Clarissa.

Her name is Clarissa.


I need to speak
to Detective Murdoch.

This is an emergency.

All right.

What is this, this emergency
you're going on about?

What? Are you having
a heart attack, too?

You wanted evidence, Murdoch?

Now, I got you evidence.

You gotta be kidding me.

Browning's daughter's name...

- is Clarissa.
- Clarissa?

- I think it was Cla... Clarissa.
- Clarissa.

I got that out of him
while you were...

looking for donuts up your ass.

Is that right?

So, all you gotta do is, uh...

is you gotta find...

...Clarissa, who died of SMA
on the list.

And, uh, that'll get you
her last name.

And then, and you trace it

- to the killer. Simple.
- Dr. Rance

and Dr. Gray's deaths
are unrelated.

Deal with it.

The idea that a murderer
is gonna call you

and offer you evidence

- is absurd.
- Listen!

No, you listen!

You use me again...

to boost your dog and pony show,

and I'll arrest you.

You better take his, uh,
blood pressure again, doc.

Sorry, Rick.

Cops, huh?

Now, now you're a doctor.

Why don't you find me...

Gray's list?

You may as well ask me
to steal gold from Fort Knox.


"A man's reach should always exceed his grasp."

"Or what's a heaven for?"


You need
to have a bigger vision

for this, Weider.

They can believe in you, Weider.

They can believe in you...

Why, Weider?

Oh, damn it.


She is not on the list.

What list?
What are you talking about?

Didn't I tell you I...
I got ahold of Gray's SMA list?


You, you said it was Fort Knox.

Turns out it wasn't so hard.

Had a friend of mine...

...hack it.

What's on it?


is a registry
of every single child

who's died from SMA
in the last 30 years.

I've scanned every single name.

No Clarissa.

No Clarissa?

Wait. Are you tell...

Are you telling me
that there's no Clarissa

who died of SMA?

Clarissa, Clarissa, Clarissa.

Clarissa had the disease.

She, she...

She died tragically.

Poor thing, and, uh...

And, uh, and then maybe
your kids...

knew her, you know,

or, or the family from, uh...


If, uh, you could
give us a ring,

we would love to hear from you.

Mm, what...

What are you doing here?

The marriage retreat
starts today.


I've got a car outside.

Uh, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Marriage retreat. Okay, okay.


You look
like you need a rest.

Yeah, sure.

Well, but wait a minute.

You want me
to walk outta here, and, uh...

go to some retreat with you?

But it's...

Fuck, Rick. You've had
a good run here, okay?

I'm sure your ratings
have improved.

Now just... come with me.

Do the right thing.

- Come with me.
- You don't understand.

If I walk,
if I walk out of here, it's...

Someone is going to kill me.

Okay, you know what?
I understand you're exhausted.

I understand
where your paranoia is...

I am not paranoid, okay?

Someone is actually
going to kill me.

Okay. Listen, okay?

You either come with me
and you save our marriage

or we're through.

Why can't you just
help me for once?

Help you for once?

These last nine years
haven't been me helping you,

me by your side, Rick?

You think you'd be here
without me,

and now, here I am
trying to save our marriage,

and you can't.

You want my help now

with your precious
ratings, Rick?

- Yeah, that's what I want.
- Yeah?

Then how about you and me

- right now?
- Mm. What?


Let's make the front page
of the news.

- Oh, I can't, I can't do that.
- Yeah, you can.


- What the hell?
- Yeah?

- No.
- Yeah?

Come on.

Mm, right.

Wait, wait, wait. Wait.

No, I'd, I'd fall asleep
afterwards, you know?

Oh, come on, baby.
Do it for your ratings!

No, no. This is my show.

Okay? I call the shots.

This is... I do things my way.

Do you understand this? Do you?




- We can wake...
- Wake up!

- Come on, Rick.
- Wake up!

I'm here. Can you even hear me, Rick?

Talk to me.

Please. Talk to me, Rick.

It's intriguing just to...

watch the human brain

do its thing.

Look, you've gotta
give me something.

Like, uh...

speed or, like, smelling salts.

Cocaine. I just...

I just... I need drugs.

I do happen...

to have an old formula. It's...

not exactly FDA approved,
if you know what I mean.


Always the easy way, huh, Rick?

I'm not dead yet, you tool.

Dude, I'm taking your spot,

so I don't know why you're doing
all this crazy stuff.

I'm taking your spot.

- Yeah, yeah, yeah. Blah, blah.
- Yeah, it's mine.

- You're not getting my slot.
- Your slot's mine.

- Now come on. Calm down.
- The spot's mine, dude.

- Get away!
- No, don't touch me, dude.

- Get away. Get away from me.
- You're losing your mind.

Get away from my booth.

Get away from my booth.
Get away from my booth!

- No, no, no. Calm down.
- You're scaring the children.

Get away!

Scaring the children.

Wake up,
wake up, wake up.


Rick, what's...

going on?

Are you okay?

Stay awake, Rick.

Come on, I know you can.

Wake up, young man!

Wake up!

Wake up, young man!

And you...

This one's
gonna be you, Browning.

I'll find you.

This is you.

I know this...

- This one's gotta be you.
- Hello?

Hello, yes.

Yes, I got your, um...

I got your number
from an SMA registry.

And there's, uh...

- There's no Clarissa on it.
- What?

So maybe they changed the name.

- What are you talking about?
- Huh?

Is your daughter Clarissa?

- What? Get lost.
- I know it's you, Browning.

- Browning. Browning!
- Go to hell.


Stay awake, Rick.
Stay... Stay awake.

That clock's not right, is it?

What do you mean?
It was... It's 135 hours.

You trying to screw
with me, dude?

No, why would I do that?

You're changing clock times now.

- No, I promise you. Why...
- You're, like, getting

really helpful, Miguel.

- Why would I do that?
- Thanks, dude.

What's going on, man?

- I'm so fucking sorry.
- Oh, you know what?

- I'm fucking sorry.
- What's goin' on, man?

I'm sorry.

Hey, what do we have?

I was talking to the preacher...

He's giving stupid,
mean-spirited assistance.

- What the hell?
- I don't know, Rick.

- What is going on?
- What is this about?

- What happened to him?
- This is unbelievable!

- Rick, just...
- Dude.

What's going on?

- I gotta call her. Get off me!
- Who are you calling?

- Who are you calling?
- You need to just calm down.

Relax. Have you eaten?
Did he eat?

- He drank. He, he...
- Has he eaten something?

Is Kathy there?

Who is he calling?

If she, you know... Wait, wait.

Is, um...

Okay, when, when she gets back,
well, it's me again.

So, when she gets back,
she can...

It's okay. Never mind.
I'm gonna try again at five.

- Okay? Yeah.
- Are you feeling...

Are you feeling, like, anxious?

What happened?
Did something happen?

- I can't do this.
- Yes, you can.

You can do this.
You can do this.


- I gotta get out...
- I promise you,

- I'll get you something.
- You guys like salsa?

- I'm not hungry right now.
- Yeah, I love salsa.


- Rick.
- Salsa.

Salsa, salsa, salsa.

- Salsa.
- Do you know what time it is?


- He's here.
- What?

- Browning.
- What?

- Do you see him?
- I can't hear

- what you're saying. He's not...
- He's here! Browning!

- It's Browning!
- Rick, come back!


Ooh! Ooh!

Oh, man, Rick.
That was... That was awesome.

We are in the footsteps
of Edison.

Thomas Edison. He...

He fought to eradicate sleep.

He was a raging, driven man.

Didn't win,

but he contributed.

Gave us the electric light bulb

to find our way
through the darkness.

Man, do you even have a license?

For whatever it is
that you do?

Over to you, Miguel.

Call me if you need me.

sweet prince.

It was Tesla, by the way.

That's strange.

Isn't that the exact
same amount of money

we had four hours ago?

What? What are you
talking about?

No, I'm just saying
that it's kinda weird

that not a single person
has given us a dollar since.

Should I wake her up?

It's gotta wake her up, or I'm
gonna try to do it myself.

Just like last summer.

I need her help.

- Hello?
- Uh, yeah, Charlene.

- Um...
- Is everything okay?

Yeah. Something's gone, uh,
wonky with the board.

- Oh, my god.
- I need you to, um...

to check the total
at the source.

Check the total at the source.

Okay, hang on.

Log in.



Monitor's... all right.

Oh, boy.

Charlene, are you there?

Oh, my god.

- Oh, my god.
- What?

What's going on?

It's gone.

What? What's gone?

- It's all gone.
- What's all gone?

The money!

The... The, uh, account.

The... The pledges are,
uh, empty.


What the hell is happening?

I saw you.

You're out there.

So, what
are you gonna tell your wife

about that coed
you were dancing with?

You're a good liar.

No, you're the liar, Browning.

No Clarissa died from SMA
in the past 30 years.

Do you...
Do you even have a daughter?


Just put her on the phone.

Are you finished?

Hey, listen.

Listen, about this, uh,
arbitrary five million, uh.

Let's, uh... Let's make it
half a million.

Still a lot of money, huh?

You're in no position to negotiate.



I'm dead.

There's no way
I can raise this money now.

Rick, the money's been stolen.

We have to call the police.


No, the word will get out.

Whoever took the money

had to be someone
who could get in.

Like who?

What if Browning took the money?

No, no. Browning wouldn't,
wouldn't screw over SMA.

No, hear me out.

There is no Clarissa.

Dr. Gray, he died
of a heart attack.

This guy isn't a murderer.

He's an opportunist.

He was just looking for
the biggest pot of money

he could find.

No, no, no.

Browning didn't, didn't know
about the money.

On the phone, he...

He didn't know
what I was talking about.

Someone else.

If we can't find the money,


I'm dead.

Breathe. Look, look at me,
look at me, look at me.

Just breathe. Relax.

Relax. Rick, Rick.

- Shut up!
- Rick, listen to me, man.

You're not well, huh?

Let's get you
to the medical room,

we'll run some tests.

No, I'm not leaving.
No, no, he's out there!

I can't leave.
I can't cross that street.

He's out there!

Okay, yeah, I need that stuff.

We got that stronger stuff
that you were talking about?

I need it now. Now!
Get it, get it. Get it. Now.

Come with me
and you save our marriage,

or we're through!

We're through!

They're not
the problem.

You are.

You are.

- What ya lookin' at?
- They're not the problem.

- We're through!
- You are.


We're through!

- Clarissa.
- You are.


They're not
the problem.

- Clarissa.
- You are. You are.

- You are. You are.
- Top down. Top down.


Top down.


Holy shit. He took it.

He took the money.

Larabee took it.

This should do the trick.

This should do the trick.

You be, uh, careful though.
This is potent stuff.


- Teresa, Teresa.
- Hi.

Come here.
Come here, Teresa.

- Yup.
- Come here.

- Hi.
- Yeah, hey.

- You... You okay?
- Yeah, I'm great.

Never been better.

Good. It's really great
what you're doing.

It's really great
that you're here.

- Yeah, um...
- I like you. I like you, Teresa.

You're a good girl.
I like good girls.

Thanks. Thank you.

Um, Charlene, she...
Charlene, um,

she said if you can't, um,
leave the booth

to take a shower, you should,
should have these baby wipes.

Oh, thank you.

- Charlene said that?
- Yeah.

So, I'm gonna do
what Charlene says, right?

- Um...
- You like Charlene?

Uh, yeah, sure.


- Yeah. Okay. You like, like her?
- Yeah.


Thank you. Happy now?

- Um, she's...
- Happy? Happy now? Go. Go, go.

- Oh, yeah.
- Tell Charlene I did it.

Rick Weider.

Yeah. Hi, Rick.

Uh, Roy Angstrom
from The Daily News.

I have it
from a confidential source

that the money you're raising
in the Wake-A-Thon

has gone missing.

Would, uh...
Would you care to comment?

Uh, what?


Uh, who, who told you that?

It's, uh...

It's, uh...

Rick, you sound upset.

Are you confirming?

Uh, no, I got it. I got it.

I... I mean,
I got it under control.

All right? It's, uh...


So, the money
for the dying kids,

it's, it's all there, right?

Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yes.

I mean, yeah. Yeah.

You sound
very nervous, Rick.

You sure you're telling
the truth?

You okay with us looking
at your financial statements?


Rick, Rick, Rick.

Rick, Rick.

Oh, my.

Look at you, my boy.

What a mess you're in!

It's all your fault, you know?

Your lack of talent.

Your worthlessness.

- Worthlessness.
- No.

Oh, yes.

There's no denying it.
You know that.

Why don't you just give up
and be done with it?

What chance do you really have?


I can do this.

Can't I?

No, you can't. You're a failure.

No one cares.

Just die already.

♪ I lay my life down

♪ I lay my life down

♪ It's you, my love

♪ It's you, my love
I can't live without ♪


Good morning.

Morning, New York.
This is, uh...

the seventh day.

Seven days awake.

Wide, wide awake.

You know, they...

They tell us
that God created the world...

in six days, and then...

rested on the seventh.

Well, God...
God may have taken a little nap

on, uh, on the seventh day,

not me, I'm still going.

Still fighting.

Still awake.

I can't rest.

I can't rest, won't rest.
I can't rest, won't rest till...

Until we get those
five million...


Thousands of children,

dying children
are waiting for...

for your help before they die.

And then, the parents are left
to cry their eyes out...

until they die.

The worst...


about having

to stay awake day after day

after day, after day,
after day...

is having to have to spend

every waking...

waking minute

with your...

horrible self.

You've got to face
everything rotten,


every miserable thing

wrong with you.

And just when you've
had enough, and you can't...

you can't stand
the wretched sight anymore,

you just... you just wanna
put your head down

and fall asleep, and...

dream, just dream.

Dream about
all the little things

that make you happy.

But you've gotta
stay awake

until you've got
five million dollars.

Come on, buddy, you can do it!

I'll rest when we get
the five million.

So, give it to me, New York.

So I can dream again.


Uh, I, I... I've been trying
to reach you, Kath.

Honey, so...

so much is going on,

and I can't trust anybody
but you.


I can't.

Honey, I need you,

to, to help me
fight this through.


But they're not listening to me.

No matter what I do,

they just still don't listen.

I saw a divorce lawyer
this morning.


When I heard you
on the radio,

I always thought
that you just loved yourself

more than anything.

But that's not true, is it?

You hate yourself.

And you always have.

And if you can't love you, then,

well, you're sure as hell never
gonna be able to love me.


I want a divorce.


Good, this is radio.

It stinks in here!

- Get out.
- You okay?

Get out.

- You okay?
- Get out.

- Hey. Hey, hey, hey!
- Get out.

- I'm out of here.
- Get out!

I'm going, I'm going!

Help me.

You can do this, Rick.

You can do this.

You're doing it, Rick.

You're doing a great job.

You're gonna stay awake. You're gonna break the record.

Keep going.

Wake up, sleepyhead.
I believe in you, sweetheart.

Good job, darling.

Keep it up.

You are the best, Rick.

You are a radio god.

You are a radio god.

You are a radio god.

You are a radio god.

You are a radio god.


You are a radio god.

Rick, you are a radio god.

- Rick, come on!
- Stay awake. Come on.

- You're on the air. We're live!
- Stay awake. Stay awake.

- Stay awake.
- You got this.

- Come on, get up!
- You can do this.

- Yes! Yes!
- Come on. Come on.

- You can do this.
- Oh, my god. Come on, come on.

- Yes! Yes, yes, yes!
- Yes!

Put it back.

WZLW, Rick Weider.

- We are back.
- Yep.

Against, uh, against all odds,

for the cause
of the eradication of SMA.

- Mm-hm.
- Good job.

I'm still awake.

This is day...
Hey, hey, what day is it?

Day eight.

- Eight?
- It's eight.

Holy... how'd we do that?

What do these kids with SMA do?

Or their parents?

- They're counting on you.
- We've got to prevail.

- The rage...
- Yes.

against the dying of the light!

- Yes!
- Yeah!

- We must prevail!
- Yes!

- So, send your money in.
- Mm-hm.

And, uh, let's just give
these kids a fighting chance.

Do it. Do it. Do it
while, while there's still time.


Do it.


Great job, buddy.

You're back.

Oh! Oh!

- Okay.
- You're gonna be fine.

You got it.

Hey, I just got a call
from POSMA.

Have you been making
obscene phone calls?

- People of SMA.

It's a support group
for parents.

They're complaining
that somebody

is calling them
in the middle of the night,

asking if their kids
are still dead.

You know, Browning's
one of them. I know it.

Look, Rick.

These people have lost a lot.

You have got to be
sensitive to that.

Why is that? Why isn't Clarissa
on this list?

He told me she died.

She should be on it.

Well, maybe she...

died of something else.

- Sign up here. Help find a cure.
- SMA pledge.

Come here.

Hey, you know,
I was thinking, um...

You know, I heard
about this place downtown.

- Yeah.
- Uh...

It's a cool, like, dinner,
like underground vibe.

They have, like, jazz bands.

And I was thinking, you know,

maybe if you're not doing
anything later...


No. I... I have a lot
of work to do, actually.

I have a midterm on Monday,

- and...
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Um, maybe some other time?

- Yeah, yeah, okay.
- Yeah.


And we're back with Nancy Turner

who, uh...

tragically lost
a daughter to SMA.

So, um, tell us...
tell us, Nancy, about, um...

about the final days.

Megan, she could...

she, um...

she couldn't do anything.

The process was long
and difficult for all of us.

She was so, so brave.


Ooh, that must have been
real hard.

Well, she died in her sleep.

I was glad for that.

I'd kill to die in my sleep.

Oh, my.

You have had a time of it.

I should have brought you
some soup.


I mean, you want me
to drown or something?

I know that we gotta...
we gotta think

of these things going in.

It's like having children.

You know, there's a risk there.

A risk worth taking.

Yeah, that's what they say,
you know.

What, uh, whatever comes,
you accept the responsibility.

Life is in God's hands.

God? God isn't raising money
for SMA research. I am.

God... God isn't...

didn't ultimately help
your kid from dying.

Let's face it.

When push came to shove,

you... you didn't take her
to... to a healer,

you took her to a doctor.

She... She's in heaven now.

And, uh... So tell me, tell me.

Did you, uh, did you donate
the kid's brains?


Or did you just store her
in the ground

where she's no use to anybody?

How dare you?

- Please, I am so sorry.
- No.

I, I didn't...

Well, that went better
than expected, didn't it?

- Charlene!
- I don't care how tired you are,

- you self-serving monster!
- Wait a minute.

Wait, wait. Charlene, okay.
It's... It's not his fault.

Okay? He's just tired.

- He's really, really tired.
- Yeah, I'm just really tired.

- Yeah, he's tired.
- He's really tired!

He's really tired.

- It's okay. Oh!
- I'm tired.

Yeah, it's okay.

- Oh, my god.
- Oh, please!

Oh, my god.

I've had it!

It's okay.


Yeah, yeah. It's okay.

Just go, go get coffee.


Abusing a guest?

Get control of yourself.

The lady,

she lost a child, too.

But she isn't here
threatening me.

I won't be a martyr for you.

For SMA.

Or for anyone else.

Oh, you might.

The DJ dies for SMA research.

And five million will be
a drop in the bucket.

And I win, and you'll be damned.

No. Damn you.

Damn you.

This... whole thing's
cost me my marriage,

my job.

I have nothing.


I lost everything!

My wife left me
when my Clarissa died.

I... I cared for her.

More than my own health!

I, I trudged through the snow
with her in my arms,

to get her
to the emergency room,

because 911 wasn't responding!

Those five million bucks

won't settle your grief.

Come on, come on.

What the hell?

Psst, hey.

Yes, I'm back.

Listen. Listen carefully.

Look at her.

Look at that slut.

She cooked up
this plot against you.

It's her and Larabee.
They're in this together.

Did you ever think about that?

That moron Larabee,

he's out to get you.

He's gonna take your job away.

It's really her that set
this whole thing up.

Ooh, wouldn't you just like
to put your hands

around her throat
and crush that windpipe of hers?

Oh, yes.

Look, Rick.

I'm sorry about yesterday.

I guess I'm pretty tired myself.

You found your comfort,
haven't you?

Oh, you disgust me!

You need to up your dosage.

I saw you kissing him.

You're on his side,
aren't you?

Why... Why him?

You think you're the only one
whose job is on the line?

Oh, Charlene.

I begged him not to fire you!

But he doesn't seem to have
a problem with you now.

He thinks you'll actually
break the record.

He doesn't have a problem now?

That's 'cause he's got
the money.

Don't make any more trouble
for yourself.

Your new boyfriend Larabee
is a sharp customer.

Just get him over here tonight.

I... I'm gonna trip him up
in a subtle way that he...

he can't see coming.


Give me the money, you prick.

Give it to me or I'll kill you!

Get off me, you maniac!

- You won't get away with it.
- What money?

I'll take you down.

I'll make sure he gets you, too.

You mean the SMA money?

It's gone.

That's it.

I'm pulling the plug
on this sham. You're done.

Wait. Please, please,
please, hold on.

Wait, wait, look at me.


I need you to get me
the money back, okay?

'Cause I wanna live.

So, look, I'll, uh...
I'll do anything.

I'll play Top 40.
See, I love these stuff.

♪ Baby, baby, wait, wait, wait

♪ Baby, melt your broken heart

- ♪ Baby, I'll
- What the hell's going on

- in here?
- ♪ I'll

You're one pathetic bastard.

You're not taking me
off the air.

You do that,

and everyone will find out

about the kickbacks
you're getting

from record companies

to play your precious Top 40.

That's very funny.

How'd you know
he's getting kickbacks?

He's getting kickbacks?

You just said he was!


Oh, yeah. I... I was bluffing.









I think the pills
are kicking in.

He's technically awake, right?


The machine is registering REM.

It's a dream phase.

- Rick.
- Look at him.

Rapid eye movement.

He's crossed
a very dangerous threshold.

We've pushed him too far.

We should let him
drift off to sleep.

No. No.

Rick, forget about it.
It's not safe.

Man, I wanted the glory
of this as much as you,

but I can't let you
go on with this.

Now come on, Rick.

You could get
permanent brain damage.


Who you calling "Rick"?


Can't you see?

I'm an imposter.

What have you done
with the real Rick?

Where is he?


I'm a fake.

- I'm an imposter.
- Rick, Rick, listen to me.

You're not in control
of yourself anymore.

It's too risky.

I will not...

I will not give up.

Listen to me.

If you lose enough sleep,
you will die.

I will not give up.

And you know
what will finally kill you?

- You'll freeze to death.
- Huh?

The human body
has an internal thermostat

that regulates
our body temperature.

When you lose enough sleep,

your body temperature drops,

and then you effectively
freeze to death,

that's if your brain
doesn't hemorrhage first.

What? Freeze to... Freeze...

What do you mean
"freeze to death"?

Well, even in 100-degree

that's what will kill him.

Do you notice how cold you get
when you're tired?

When his internal thermostat
goes kaput,

he will go into hypothermia.

And then...

And I have videotape of lab rats

that'll make your skin crawl.

Look at him.

Like all warm-blooded creatures,

he's instinctively
gorging on food

to try and raise
his body temperature

when he's so cold inside.


- Rick.
- Mm-hmm.

I wanted you
to break that record.

But I'm your doctor first.

I told you, I'm not Rick.

I'm an imposter.

I have to find Rick.

I have to find Rick.

Damn it, Phil. Grab him!

Uh, we're...
we're here with Brett,

and, uh...

his... his parents.

Brett is 12.

And he's... he's known SMA...

all his life.

I, I bet that's... difficult.

Yes. Yes.

Do you... Do you know of, uh...

any children
that have already...


Yes. Yes.

Did... Did you know Clarissa?

I don't think so.

Oh... okay.

We, uh...
I... I know that the...

There... is there, uh, any...

anything, money,
whatever, any...

anything that, that...
that we can do?

We really need a cure.

A cure, folks. You heard that.


We are... are still way under

our, our five-million-dollar

And, uh, there is...

there isn't enough time
in the world

to... to help these children.

So we need to develop a cure.

Uh, Brett, is, is there...

any... anything else that...

you wanna say?

Never give up.



Hey, Rick,
you all right?

You all right?


I need to tell you something.

Well, sure.
What is it?

I've seen something.

It's just something...

What did you see?

I've seen...


I understand.

The synapses in your brain

are doing strange things
right now.

You'll be fine.

- It's gonna be okay.
- No, no, no.

It's real.

It's more than real. It's...

I'm seeing things clearly now.

And it's...


I've looked into eternity.

And He told me...

that I'm the chosen one.

A beacon.


Beacon for hope and light.

Look at all the faces
of those people out there.

I can hear their souls.

And they're crying out...

for help.

That's what I'm...
That's what I'm doing in here.

They need to know that...

they can endure.

What you need
is a cup of coffee.

I love you, man.

I love you.

- Mm.
- Coffee.

- Rick?
- Kathy.

Kathy, I'm a beacon.

What were you gonna do, Rick?

Just fake your own death
and skip town?

Huh? Fake? What?

Embezzlement, Rick?

You bastard!

I mean, to put all that money
that you stole

in our account.

I mean, how could you drag me
into this?

Are you kidding me?

I mean, I knew you were
a selfish jerk.

- This is... This is crazy.
- But I had no idea

- that you were a thief!
- Um, I'm checking our account.

The press
has our bank statements.

They are harassing me, Rick!

They are calling me,
and they know, okay?

They know.
What the hell are you doing?

Are you giving it to them?

Holy shit. Password.

What the hell
are you doing over there?

Radio god.

How could you be so dumb

to put it in our account?

Oh, no, no.

No, no, no!

Son of a bitch.

What the hell's going on?

Must be this, Rick.


Hey, what's up, Cliff?


- I've been set up.
- Relax, Rick.

I've already got the FCC
breathing down my neck.

Don't pull the plug, Cliff.

We'll, uh, we'll still raise
the five million.

Don't say anymore!

We could lose
our license over this.

Don't you dare!


See you later...

radio god.

- Look. Hey.
- You ruined it.

- Listen, Browning.
- You ruined it!

We can finish this.

- You and I.
- It's over.

No, wait, wait, wait.
Wait, let me fix this.

- Let me fix...
- You'll be dead

in a few minutes.

I'm coming for you.

Right now.

Marcus. Marcus, please.

He's trying to kill me.

It's Rick, it's Rick.
He's trying to kill me.

- Whoa. Slow down, Rick.
- Now, could you help me,

- Marcus?
- What?

Marcus, you have to put me
on the air.

Just go put me on the air.
I, I, I...

I can't die like this.
I can't die like this.

What are you talking about?
Who's trying to kill you?

Just put me on the air.

It's not a hoax, believe me.

- Believe me!
- Dude. Dude, I can't.

Man, I'll lose my job.

Marcus, Marcus, whatever...
whatever you thought about me...

Yo, if... Listen, listen.

If someone's trying to kill you,
why don't you call the police?

- Why're you calling me?
- Put me on the air.

Just tell Charlene...

Tell Charlene to just
call Murdoch and listen in.

Dude, I can't put you on, dude!

Oh, shit.

He's calling.


I'll conference call him.

I'll conference call him,

and... and you can hear it
for yourself. Okay?

We're gonna
catch him together.

Put me on the air!


Where do you think
you're running to, Rick?

Nowhere to go.


The following is Rick Weider,
WZLW Radio.

You're about to hear
radio history in the making.

Browning, Browning,
you've got to listen to me.

It wasn't me.
It wasn't me. It was Phil.

It was...
It was the intern, Phil.

That prick. He...

He... He stole the money,
and he put it in my account.

It was him.

Always blaming someone else.

- Get off me, man.
- You knew my password.

And you transferred the money
into my account.

You called the newspaper.
You set me up.

The show is over, Rick.
Give it up.

Phil took the money.

Tell him.


Rick, what's happening, dude?

Hey, hold on. Hold on, hold on.

What are you doing in here?

What are you guys doing?

He's after us. Shut up!
This is all your fault!

- We're closed.
- Do not listen to this,

- this selfish son of a bitch.
- I'm doing this

charity thing at the moment.

You want to get a job?

I can give you a very nice job.

Please, I'll give you
all the money in the world.

Please, please help me.

What's going on?

Son of a bitch.

I'm doing this charity thing.

I will give you
lots of money.

We're closed,
and you need to leave.

He's there! He's there!

Oh, my god.
Did he just get shot?


He's okay. He's okay.

- Yeah, 1-30-43, 1-30-43.
- Go, come on. Come on.


What is he talking about?

Wait, wait, wait.

I think he's trying
to give us an address.

You took the money
from dying kids.

Just shut up
and give me the phone!


I was just out
to raise my numbers.

Steve Larabee.

Dang him. I sat out there,
so he could play his Top 40.

Anything, so long
as the numbers go up.

Right, Phil?

I don't know anything!


It had to be you.

And Larabee.

Larabee's got his payoffs.

From the record companies.

No, no, no. Get him off the air.

- Get him off...
- No, no, it's breaking news.

- Go to commercial.
- It's breaking news.

You cut into commercial. Move!

It's breaking news, man!

- I don't care if it's...
- He stays on!

He stays on!

- It's my show. He stays on!
- What he's saying...

- He's lying. Nothing...
- No, no, no.

- that he's saying in there...
- Rick stays on!

- No, he's getting off! He's off!
- Rick is staying on!

- You're fired!
- Rick's staying on.

- I don't give a damn!
- You're fired!

- You're getting off.
- I don't care.

- He's staying on now, though.
- You will never work

- at another radio station
- Whatever, man.

- in this country again.
- Whatever. We're tired of you

- anyway.
- Enjoy unemployment.

I'm tired of your crap anyway.


What's your cut, Phil?

What's he paying you?


What did I ever do to you,

except take your lousy bets?

You deserved this, Weider.

You're screwing everyone over

just as you please.

Hey! Hey!

Get your pencil-pushing ass
out of my station!

Or I will bring down
an investigation on you so hard,

you will never work
in this industry again.

And Rick goes back on the air.

Oh, god.

This wasn't even about you

and Larabee embezzling, was it?

It couldn't be.
The money is in my account.


This was just about
taking me down.



For Teresa.


She couldn't see me
with you there.

- I tried so hard.
- What?

No. No, no, no.

You're not so hot now,
are you, Rick?

It can't be. Seriously?
Oh, my god.

Who the hell is Teresa?

You did this for a girl?

Why didn't you just
buy her flowers,

you dumb son of a bitch?

Morning man Rick Weider
is in the clutches

of a deadly attacker.

You are listening to him
via his cell phone.

This is real, people.
This is happening right now.

He's gone.

I'm out of here.

Later, loser.

Phil, run!

Oh, god. Oh, god.

This is live, people.
This is not a game.

His life is in jeopardy.

He is in the clutches
of a deadly attacker.


No. Wait.



Uh, wait.

- You failed.
- Wait.

You failed!

You failed!

You failed!

God, no.


- No.
- You failed.

You failed!


- Still breathing.
- We have one down. Roll EMS.

How about... How about Clarissa?


Is this what she wanted?

How about...



is that what she wanted?

You don't know the pressure.

The doctors.

The constant whining.



She'd be finishing college now.

My little girl.

My little girl.

She didn't die of SMA, did she?

That's why she wasn't
on the list.

Oh, is this...

Is this how she died?

You did it, didn't you?

You murdered your own daughter.

She was suffering.


No, you were suffering.

You were suffering.

And you couldn't
take it anymore.

And you killed her.

You gave up on her.

You gave up on her!

- You did. You gave up on her...
- You don't know!

You don't know what it's like...

to look at all the other kids,

and see them,
and how happy they are!

And you were weak.

And you killed... Clarissa.

She was six,

and I was giving her a bath.

And I pushed her head
under the water.

I pushed her head
under the water.

But I'm not giving up.

I'm not giving up.

We can do it.

we can raise the money.

We can still raise the money.

For the kids.
We can still do it.

We don't have to stop. Together.

You have to die.

You need to die.


Yeah, you're right.



I love you, Kathy.


I love you, Kathy.

Come on, asshole...

and kill me.

Hey, hey! Hey, take the money!

Hey, take the money!

For the kids.

It's great publicity.

Let's do it.

Do it, and we'll raise millions.

Do it for the kids!


You okay, Rick?


I gotta find Rick.

I gotta find Rick.

- What the hell?
- I gotta find Rick.

Browning down.
Weider on the run.

Find that lunatic! Now.

Oh, god.



Kathy, I'm never ever
gonna give up on you.

I won't...

I won't give up on you.

I just...

I just really...

really need some...