Raphaël ou le débauché (1971) - full transcript

1830, somewhere in France. Aurore is a young, beautiful and virtuous widow. She meets Raphael, a man of leisure, a debauchee. Raphael is obsessed by the death, and wait for it by chasing women and drinking. He first tries to seduce her, but is impressed by her and gives up. But Aurore felt in love with him, and tries not to look as inacessible. A romantic drama, with dispair, cynism, disgust for life and love.


We must hurry!

Hello, my children!

Hello, my disheveled uncle!

- Hello!
- Hello Monsieur!

- Where are you running'? - We're going
to the lake to see the sunrise.

It's the last day of summer.

Oh, too late...

What a hurry you were in this
morning, dear sun.

It's been, what...

twelve years I've been coming here to
greet you on the last day of summer.

This is the first time you haven't
waited for me.

Finding you already up, idiot,
it wasn't worth getting up this early.

It's a little late, but still very

Maybe it's an omen.

Let's go!

Gentlemen, I see from your pious air
that you're looking for the church.

There is one very near.

See the steeple there, at the far
end of the meadow.

I told you, there are still sometimes,
in our countrysides, charming corners.

- Are you virgins, my beauties?
- No, unfortunately.

But if you're in urgent need,
there's a convent very close by.

The insolence is charming.
Let's see the rest.

Tell this horse-face
to give me back my cape!


Paul! You, with those people,
and in this state...

- Your mother would die! - She did die,
dear Bernardine. Two months ago!

You saw, it was Paul! He's our
neighbor in the city.

Poor guys--

- Him'?
- Everyone.

Always half-drunk.

They sleep around with girls and have
orgies that are always the same.

Nothing touches them,
nothing interests them.

I don't really see any good
reason to pity them.

But you, why do you pity them'?

Because they pretend not to be sad.

- Where are we going?
- To drink, my dear friend.

The tavern opens at 8 o'clock.

Oh, barkeep!

Let him sleep, the tavern
opens at 8:00.

Why would it open earlier?

Still two hours before 8:00...

Six hours before noon...

More than 12 hours before night.

And before our death, how many?

If you want wine, we have some.
But I'm sure it's not as good as...

We will drink it!

I slept very very well,
there were two or three bad nights,

but as much as possible since.

Thank you.

And which of you will walk
on this wire?

It's me.

- And when you're up there, do you think
of death? - No. I think about my feet.


Then maybe I should go up there.

Which of you will walk on this wire with

- Let him sleep.
- Oh, you'll break your neck.

Let him play his favorite game!

100 Louis that I don't kill myself!

That's that! Let's gamble on your death,
that'll wake us up.

Stop your friend! Does he want to
kill himself?

You guessed it. Let's say it's an
idea he likes to play around with.

But it's true that you think
about your feet.

Always the head, the heart,
the soul.

And the feet then.

Very important, the feet. Henceforth,
I'll no longer think about my feet.

I'll think about my toes.
About my heels.

I'm bored already.

Gentlemen! Here I am alive,
and rich!

Tra-deri-dera, tra-la-la.


Three days without seeing you,
where were you?

I came last night and I couldn't leave.

I think about you endlessly.

I sit here kneeling, I kiss your hands,
and you look at the ceiling.

No sleep all these nights, I enter this
room a madwoman, and you say nothing.

I've already said a lot this morning.

How handsome you are. I love you.

Look how I made myself
beautiful for you.

Put your hands on me.

Oh, how...how I've waited.

I thought I warned you...
maybe I forgot?

In general, unfortunately...

I no longer desire women whom
I once had.

It's not so serious.

I'm having friends over
to my place tonight.

- Will you come'?
- I know.

But I still don't know what I'll
do tonight.

Who made your eyes like that?
Is it not Rebecca?

Poor Rebecca hasn't seen you
for a hundred years.

At least three days.

You say nothing? You want
another girl, not Rebecca?

Oh, I was half-dead this morning.

Will you tell me all about it'?

- I like you.
- I know.

- How are you, Malvina, my beauty?
- All right.

How did you guess I had a question
for you?

On the lake, this morning, the little
blonde in the shirt whom you knew.

Tell me about her.

Bernardine Déréault?

What do you want then'?
Do you want to get married?

No, but I very much like to exchange
ideas, from time to time,

with young people who are very cultured
and of high birth.

Well, she and her sister Diane are
spending the summer with a widow.

A certain Madame de Chéroy.

Bernardine, you won't put on
your dress tonight!

But yes, of course!
Oh, I love balls.

Is this ridiculous, futile or normal,
Monsieur Count?

No, no, no, ladies!

Don't count on me to philosophize
on the day of a ball.

My first ball... Aurore, were you
scared too'?

I'll step on the feet of all my suitors,

and I won't find a single witty
word to say to them.

Of course, they'll be old, fat,
or ugly. I wouldn't be so afraid.

Rest assured, there will be very few
handsome men there.

And if one asks you to dance, tell him:
"You'll find me naive or stupid,

"but I find you so handsome that I
don't have words to express it."

He'll think you're a free spirit and
you can even step on his feet.

When you talk about men,
always make fun of them.

And love too. Always say that
no one really loves anyone.

I think... that one thinks one is
connected to someone for a while...

And then, I think...

that one thinks one is connected
to someone else.

It's unbearable

that you've talked only about love
since this morning.

What do you want to talk about
on the day of a ball'?

- Good evening.
- Good evening.

Good evening.


You said you couldn't live without me,
and I haven't seen you for two months.

Were you dead'?


And I am revived at the sight of you
in front of me.

Adrien! I've decided to remarry.

Does your proposal still hold?

It's just that...you had me to
understand that...

Oh my god, I forgot!
Someone had told me anyway.

You're married now.

Your wife, no doubt?
She's charming.

Those two over there wanted to die
for me if I didn't love them.

Instead of me, they married two morons.

And the despairing lovers got fat.

You didn't love them'?
Not them nor others?

- Not them nor others.
- And your husband?

Oh, he was old and ugly. Very very ugly.
Especially when he was alive.

He seems to me a bit less ugly now.

Good evening! Good evening
my dear friends.

Your place tonight.. everything
is so pretty.

And here's my cousin Emilie.

You know Diane and Bernardine, my

- See you later.
- Oh, you're already here'?

Good evening.

- You dropped your handkerchief.
- Thank you.

I'm not returning it to you.

- You've already taken three from me.
- Each has its own place close to me.

And together, we're waiting for you.

You'll come, we know it...when'?

Come now...get this idea out of your

You'll come. We know it.

- And we'll wait.
- That's enough, really.

I'll start to get annoyed.
Good evening, Monsieur.

Nevertheless, to show how much
I like you,

I'll make you a promise.

If one day life is unbearable for me,

being a good Christian I could not
end it myself.

Well, that day, Monsieur Senator,

instead of killing myself,
I'll marry you.

Maybe. While I'm waiting, if you'll
permit, I'll dance!

- Who's that?
- Aurore de Chéroy.

Well, I've chosen my citadel
for tonight.

You won't be alone beside those walls.

- Do you know them'? - These are
friends of the son of the house.

- The one in blue...
- Ah, yes.

I believe he seduced half of the
women here.

Raphael de Loris is a foundling,
did you know?

- No! - Yes, yes! The de Loris men were
adopted, nothing is known about them.


- I didn't hope, Bernardine, to see you
here tonight. - Bernardine?

That's your name.

Let's not stay here.

Come on.

I followed you out of pure curiosity.

- How old are you?
- I'm 19.

And all of life
and many balls await you.

It's nothing to smile about!

And you, at 19, didn't you
wait for anything?

I awaited everything,
and had everything.

Everything, except one thing.

- But maybe I'll finally have it.
- What?

- Your hand that you hide behind your
back. - Why are you doing that?

That I won't say, but didn't
you say you were curious'?

I think you're crazy!


- No.
- Stupid?

- No!
- Ugly?

- I said crazy! - Then you find me
funny, intelligent and handsome.

I think that love blinds you.


The one that I perhaps could feel
for you.

Or perhaps not.

Let's go back to the parlor.

Have fun. Dance.

Is Monsieur de Loris interested in
Mademoiselle Déréault then'?

Dear master of the house, dear Alfred,
my greetings. How'd you get here'?

On foot. Or on my hands, after
I'd been drinking.

- Do you like Bernardine?
- I don't know her, do you'?

I saw a lot of her this summer
at Madame de Chéroy's place.

This widow, this dragon...

If I want to see this girl again must
I bring candies to the chaperone'?

Think about it, she can't eat
anymore, she hasn't a tooth left.

- But even toothless she bites.
- We'll tame her if necessary.

You can start now,
she's just behind you.

Where's that?

Aurore, excuse me'?

Here's Raphael de Loris,

who'd like to be introduced to you.

Oh no, no, I'm done for today,
I don't want more introductions.

I mix up all the faces and names.

And anyway, I'm going-

Then you - who's this?

Raphael. Raphael de Loris.

I'll never remember.

Aurore, are you leaving?
I must tell you...

We'll take that.

Come join us again at Francesca's,
she's giving an intimate little party.

- Of a kind rather different than this.
- Ah, that too.

I remember my first dance.

I secretly put my mother rice
powder on my buttons.

What emotion then.

What boredom today!

Young man, you'll learn that when you
eat too much spice,

- you'll have a burnt palate.
- Smell!

The odor of honeysuckle.

There are some odors dearer to me.

The one of Clarisse's skirts, for
example, especially when she's danced.

Shut up, imbecile!

And breathe.

Kiss me.

Take care of your mistress.

Take care of your mistress.

She's not happy.

She drank way too much.

My name is Jeanne.

Call Clarisse.


The girl's driving me crazy.

I'll do anything to please you.

Stop, Francesca, you must rest.

You're right.

I'm going to sleep.

Tell me goodnight.

Goodnight, Francesca.

Last night's version of Norma
had actors that suited it.

An enticing Norma,
vibrating with the text,

with her warm and enchanting timbre,
with her noble and beautiful attitude.

And so appeared Francesca Grisi,

a superb singer with much
fire and dramatic emotions,

who once again dazzled and charmed
us in this new work...

created for her
to play the role of Norma.

Let me take it to her.


My darling! [Italian]

Good God!

For Monsieur de Loris.

- I'll look for a doctor!
- We must inform her family!

- And the theater.
- Yes, do that.

I'd like to be alone with her
for a moment.

"At the beginning of autumn,
on a certain Friday,

"for a word of love that was
never spoken to her, Francesca...

"sadly put an end to her life."

I'm thirsty.

Where does Madame de Chéroy live'?

I've been sleeping...

Oh, I'm dead!

I think I'm in love.

- Me too!
- Not me.


Thank you.

Hello, Bernardine.

- Hello. - Hello, Paul, hello,
gentlemen. Do you want milk too'?

- Why not'?
- The dance was so wonderful,

we didn't go home to sleep.
You too'?

Us too.

Madame de Chéroy is sleeping.

No, on Saturdays she's at the
cathedral mass.

And it's Saturday... I believe.

Are the rest of you staying?

If my lord allows it,
we haven't finished lunch.

- We haven't even started. - Ladies,
thanks for the morning smile.

- You seem angry.
- I hate men.

You forget, I believe, where you are.

What do you want'?

Thank you.

- We saw each other last night at the
ball, isn't that right'? - Yes.

You haven't slept much since.

You should go sleep.

Instead of courting ladies in holy

Then you're in love with me.

Oh, absolutely not.

Then what drives a man of your

to kiss the hand of a woman during her
prayer, in the middle of a mass'?

Maybe it's simply boredom.

Two things dispel the boredom of
my days.

The pursuit of beautiful women,

and the search for good wine.

At this hour, the taverns are

And almost all of the women are in bed-.

- Almost all. - What are you hoping for
from me with this beautiful speech?

When I leave you, I'll have
killed an hour or two of my clay.

- To kill time'?
- Yes.

It doesn't need you for that.
It's dying all the time.

It seems to me, on the contrary,
that you should want to it back.

To prevent it from dying.

I don't like hopeless enterprises.

He loved them.

I'd like you to come with me.

There, that's where I'm going now.

Where you go, I'll go, Madame.

What an intoxicating morning.

The mass, now the hospital.

Do you think it immoral
to amuse ourselves this much'?

Come on.

- Have you ever come here'?
- Ah no, I swear to you, never.

Hello, sister.

Hello Madame. I have sad news:
Braneque is dead.

- When was that?
- Yesterday, late afternoon.

And I didn't see him again.

He waited for you.

I was supposed to come, I promised him.

And because of that dance,
I didn't come.

And the others?

Old Elie hangs on, she'd like
to see her son's wedding.


this is for you.

When you leave,
you'll go dancing.

You'll put them on and think of me.

- Is that a promise?
- Yes.

I find her worse.

The doctor gives her a few more days
and it'll all be over.

I wanted to show you people...

for whom every minute is precious.


- Because... - Why would every minute
be precious for these poor fools'?

Does that bring them an extra minute'?

A minute of life.

What life'?

In this superb, perfumed palace?

You led me here to convert me
to joy'?

I don't know.

Yes, I believe so.

I'd like wine too.

Another glass and more wine.

Unfortunately, it doesn't make me

to be happier than the least

I promised him I'd come.

And because of that dance,
I didn't come.

And he died all alone-.

Who was this old man?

I don't know,
I knew him from the hospital.

No one came to see him, ever.

He asked someone to give me his glasses.

Madame de Chéroy, you're
a funny kind of girl.

Yesterday, at the dance, as soon as
I saw you, I wanted you.

This morning at the church, again.

And now, I'd like to take all
your tears cried against me,

and make you cry for me.

- Otherwise...
- Be quiet.

But these are the things you should
think about, not old people dying.

I know what I want to think about.

And I know why I live.

But you, why do you live'?

I don't know, I was hatched one day,
I roll along.

Save that look for your old people.

As for me, now I'll roll along some

It's been over two hours we've been
together, thank you.

There are millions and millions
of stars out tonight.

Every day, or almost every day,
I see...

people who love me,
who I worry about.

Close to the harbor there's a
neighborhood of leprous houses,

where certain families live.

Water oozes from the walls.

The wood on the stairs rots away.

Those who live there are miserable.

Pale and sad, like those houses.


The owner of these slums squeezes
every last drop out of his tenants.

And when they have nothing left,
be it summer or winter,

he throws them out into the street.

It's only today...

that I learned that the owner
was you, Monsieur Senator.

Would you have taken me until now
for Saint Vincent'?

You would have been mistaken.

For these houses to make profit,
they can't cost money.

If those living there don't pay,
we put in others who do pay.

These are the housing laws,
dear beautiful lady.

- And the spectacle of these miserable
lives... - Leaves me indifferent.

I have the pleasure of being absolutely
closed off from others' misfortunes.

From my own too, as well.

In fact I am, by luck, completely

With one exception.

You're my Achilles' heel, my beautiful

An Achilles' heel and a club-foot
for the other,

If I were you, I'd stay in bed.

The hat and gloves of Monsieur

Monsieur Senator is leaving.

And I implore you, don't come back.

You abuse the power of your

Me, I abuse those who give me

We're made for each other, and
you'll see that we'll agree on that.

Good evening, the company was charming.

Then, Monsieur Libertine,
are you becoming wise?

Are we playing the lottery'?

Could Bernardine be converting you?

But maybe it's me who's
converting Bernardine.

Paul, tell me about...

- I forgot his name.
- Then it's difficult.

But he's your friend.
He has brown hair and blue eyes.


Raphael de Loris, maybe?

Raphael de Loris, that's it.

- You like him'?
- Not the way you think.

He goes to so much trouble for me,
I don't know why.

Besides, he's looking at himself,
I don't think that pleases him.

Good evening, Paul.

You'd better get going,
the fog is coming in quickly.

- Sleep well, my children. - Goodnight,
uncle! - Goodnight, uncle.

Oh, I'm not very cold, anyway.

- What's that smell?
- The mint'?

No, this is the lavender we
planted alongside the wall.

Paul must have forgotten something.

No, this isn't Paul.

But who are you?


Suddenly tonight I wanted to see you

Me too, I wanted to talk to you.

I'm going to sleep.

Are you coming'?

Goodnight, Aurore.


- Are you cold?
- No.

I like the air to bite my skin a little.

All day long, since we parted, I've been
making imaginary speeches to you.

And now I don't know where to begin.

Since this morning, you've also been
in my imagination.

But we didn't make any speeches.

Give me your speeches, and
afterwards it'll be my turn.

You're mistaken about me,
I believe.

I thought about you, for it
seems to me...

I'm afraid that saying it
will hurt you...

It seems to me that I could help you.

Help me'?

Help me have a beautiful night.

And don't worry about my miserable life.

Goodnight, then.

It's very rare that something
arouses my desire.

And God knows why, I have a furious
craving to make love to you.

Look at yourself.

This is a craving that, unfortunately,
I don't share.

Good night.

Since I arrived, your mouth says
one thing,

and your eyes say another.

Let me listen to your eyes a little.

Don't prevent them from speaking to me.

On this subject they have
nothing to say to you.

Do you have the intention of
taking me by force'?

Why not'?

I think I'd like that even better.

Ah yes, that's it, hit me, harder!

Bite, too! You don't want to'?
No'? Then I will!

Why don't you scream?

You don't want to wake the house up'?

Or maybe you don't want anyone
to disturb us'?

I manage my affairs on my own.

I'm not afraid of you.

I don't need anyone to help me.

You're warm.

Me too.


I don't want a master.

I want to remain alone and peaceful.

I don't want you here.

Why do you play this role
that isn't you?

You demean yourself and hurt me.

Because I'm base.

I like this.

I see.

Then don't prolong this ridiculous
and uncomfortable position.

And let's finish this quickly.

I'm tired.

I was married, I know what it's like,
I won't die.

Ah, well, no.

Not tonight.

The craving has completely passed.

For once, thanks to your tedium,
virtue triumphs.

Too bad.

- Elisa, did no one ask for me'?
- No Madame.

How warm I am.

- Did anyone ring'? - No,
there are cows crossing the meadow.

This day won't end.


- Is Monsieur de Loris home'?
- Yes, Madame.



- Monsieur?
- More grapes and walnuts.

Aurore, are you coming in'?

My friends, Madame de Chéroy.

Madame de Chéroy, my friends.

To tell the truth, the only thing
that matters in my life.

- Could we be alone a moment'?
- Yes, but a short moment.

I can't abandon my friends for too long.

A moment will suffice.

Excuse me. It's over there.

I thought that you would come to
apologize to me today.

And not finding me, you came looking
at my place.



that's not it at all.


This revelation...

This secret...

You're too far away.

Come closer.

Is this close enough?

- Why these mocking eyes?
- Are they'? Sorry.

Does it displease you so much to
see me here, at your place?

Another evening, I'd be delighted.

But you see, tonight we're expecting...

- a visit from some girls.
- Excuse me.

Oh... what did you want to tell me'?

It wasn't very important.

Ah, good evening, girls.

After the desire for good food
is satisfied, sensuality rears its head.


which will you choose tonight?

- Good evening, Danielle.
- Good evening.

- Good evening, Lætitia.
- Good evening.

Ah, my snake, my eel,
wrap me up in your coils.

- Good evening.
- Lucresse.

- This one!
- Good evening, Lucresse.

- And you, what's your name?
- Jasmine.

Fine, that one.

Good evening.

- You smell of jasmine, Jasmine.
- Is that on purpose'?


I'll take you back to your place.

I'll tie the horses and join you.

I could make you my mistress tonight.

And leave tomorrow morning without
a look.

The way I do every morning.

Is that what you want'?

I don't know what's come over me.

I'm no longer master of my gestures,
my thoughts.

After you left yesterday,
I couldn't sleep.

All day long I waited for you.

And tonight...

tonight I went to your place.

And no one could have stopped
me from going there.

Does it happen like that, sometimes?

So quickly?

I have no experience in that.

Is that what love is'?

Do I love you?


I hope not.

Because, devil knows why,
I don't want...

you to be miserable,

because of me.

I'm not 15 anymore.

You don't change anymore at my age,
even if you want to. I don't want to.

I chose the life I lead, and a woman
like you has no place in that life.

And I have no place in yours anymore.

What would I do in your garden?

I can't see myself gardening.
Two days here and I'd flee.

There's nothing for us to do together.

The day and the night don't meet.

Farewell, Aurore.

I'm really quite noble tonight.

But as I'm no saint, it's better
that I leave quickly,

before I lose my nobility.

I'll take you home.

I wanted to tell you that...

I lost my head a little, but
I know you're right.

I also wanted to tell you:

thank you.

Here's the master of the house.

Where were you, you scoundrel?

Leaving us all alone in the hands of
these greedy creatures.

In their hands and feet.

Is that what you wanted, Aurore'?

I don't want it.

I don't want to talk about it.

Come on.

Hit me.

Hit me.


The last few days with Aurore
have been a real frenzy.

Dining in the city, theater, balls,

all with a sort of
forced cheerfulness.

Do you have any idea
what this means?

She wants to have fun, I think,
nothing more.

She's lived a very withdrawn life.

Maybe she wants to remarry.

Norma was the great role
of Francesca Grisi.

- You know, the girl who hung herself.
- She hung herself for a man, I believe.

Yes, for one of those libertines
who haunt our poor city.

Madame? Allow me to present
my sister, Mademoiselle de Granville.

My dear, here's Madame de Chéroy.

You see, if you marry him, you'll have
a charming friend as well.

I demand to know what we're doing
here, gentlemen...

You can't always run around looking for
love affairs, Monsieur.

It's been centuries since you've come to
my place to drink chocolate.

It's true, it has been centuries since I
came to your place to drink chocolate.

I don't know how to lie,
I have no excuse.

- You forgot me.
- It's true, I forgot you.

- What to do with a good-for-nothing
like you? - Forget him too, my dear.

On second thought, I'm not staying,
I'm going to Ester's. And you?

On second thought, me too.

Me too.

- I'm not staying.
- Why'?

- Tonight I want something else.
- Where do you want to go'?

- Towards the harbor.
- Why not'?

No, I want to be alone.

Watch out for yourself.

Hey there! I want you to say
some kind words to me first.

Come on.

Ester's...is it that house
on Place Richelieu?


- I'm dying of fatigue and boredom, I'm
going back. - I'll go with you.

No, no, no. I'll get annoyed,
uncle, stay here.

Place Richelieu.

- Madame'? - I absolutely
must see Monsieur de Loris.

I'll see if he's here, Madame.

Monsieur de Loris isn't here, Madame.

But I'm his friend.

Can I take his place in any way?

- Do you know where he is'? - He told me
he went towards the harbor.

- Maybe he plans to embark for
somewhere. - Thank you Monsieur.

Over there, the streets are too narrow.

Too badly paved.
The carriages don't go there.

Are you sure you're going down there'?

All right, don't blame me.

I'm crazy.

What am I doing here'?

I want to leave.

Is there another room'?

Bravo my dear Lasalle.

Let's play for you, my brave one.

Kiss me to give me luck, my beauty.

Who's that?

It's Aurore.

My dear Aurore, I'm totally drunk.

Come on, big girl, as long as he's not
playing, let's play something else!

I'm always so drunk...

but what's more, I'm very wet now.

Aurore says nothing.

Aurore doesn't budge.

Maybe I'm mistaken,

and Aurore isn't there.

No...no no.

Aurore is real.

And Aurore's been crying.

You see. my dear Aurore,

I'm in my proper place.

Do you think it's yours too'?

My good friends.

Go drink to my health over there,

and then we'll resume our dice party.


this isn't my place.

I live on a wire...

stretched between two trees.

And my balance is shaky...


the desire to walk...

and the desire to sleep.

It wouldn't take much to destroy it.

You see,

for my part I've prepared
a speech for you.

And when I'm finished speaking
you'll leave.

I have a heavy head, I don't know
what I'm saying very well anymore.

I've always lived without morals,

without law of any sort.


there is...a...

a line...

that I will never cross.

That is the one I have traced,

between you and me.

Farewell, Aurore.

Is this what love is'?

Do I love you?

That is the question I put to you
the other night.

I know the answer to that one.

Tonight I have another for you.

Isn't this love'?

Don't you love me'?

My dear,

I love all the women I haven't had.

Come on, leave.

We've already said too much.

In the middle of rivers,

there are sometimes whirlpools
that pull you in,

pull in the unfortunate swimmer
who finds himself nearby.

It's good to fight the waters sucking
you into a whirlpool.

But the big difference is that a man
dreads and flees Whirlpools,

whereas he looks desperately for love,

which is like a whirlpool swallowing
him and annihilating him.

He knows it,

and he can't fight it.

Farewell, Raphaël.

This is the first time...

that I've said your name.

Good, good, good Raphaël.



There, it's raining.

Did Aurore say where she went tonight?

I knocked on her door
but she didn't open.

Untouchable Aurore.

Pure Aurore.

The worst libertines were...

afraid to take you for
fear of desecrating you, my beauty.

Do you know that?

Make everything as it was before,
my God.

Help me forget him.

I want his face.

I want his body and his flesh on mine.

I'm punishing you.

You're weak, you're stupid,

you are a woman of pure
idiocy and nothing but.

And if Aurore were no longer pure,
would you touch her'?

And if Aurore were in the gutter
with you?

Would you still be afraid of her'?

Stop there.

Go back to the house.

Shouldn't I wait for Madame'?
- Go back.

You're late, Norville. Come on!


Hello, Mademoiselle.

Here, have a seat.

What's your name?

You don't have a tongue? Let's see.

- Possessive.
- No, impatient.

We'll share afterwards.

Well, come on.

If you're nice, I'll be very generous.

Undress me.

You're a funny kind of girl.

Being a "fille de joie",
do you like it'?

So much the better. We'll change that.

Let me leave.

I like you.

Go outside, girls!

Go to sleep.

They're always more hurried to get
dressed to leave

- than to undress when they arrive.
- It's cold this morning.

You're not too cold with
your torn dress?

A little, yes.

You seem sad.

What will you do now'?

I don't know.

Tonight there's a big party, they asked
for a lot of girls - you want to go'?


Are you going back to your place
to rest'?


Come sleep at my place, and then...

I'll lend you a dress for tonight.




Poor Raphaël would have
liked to meet you.

The night is made to enjoy,
not to sleep.

Let's get his feet. Go!

Thank you, dear friends,
for this lovely awakening.

Night already?

If only my whole life could pass
as quickly as this day.

Barely dawn, already night.

Barely born, already dead.

- No, I'm not coming with you.
- Oh, he doesn't like us anymore.

I told you before, he doesn't like
our company.

Let's go.

Don't tell me you sent for all
the girls in the city.

That's the advantage of having
rich friends.

See you later, buddy.

You have to admit that nothing...


...nothing can beat
a good, successful orgy.

- Cover yourself.
- No.

Do what I tell you.

- It's for you that I'm here.
- Be quiet.

I knew that one day I'd meet you
in a place like this.

All the harm you could do to me...

I've already done it to myself.

And the great distance between us,
I've traversed it completely.

And here I am in front of you.

Now I'm a woman like all these women.

And you have no reason to push
me away.

It doesn't matter to me
that it won't last long.

Words, words!

There are a hundred girls here,
who needs another?

- You want me to take you like
one of these girls? - Please.

- Here'?
- Yes.

I remember, Aurore,
the first time we met.

I said to myself,

here, at last, is a woman that
I will never have.

She was a queen.

And a queen who, on that day,
I loved.

Who you loved?

But tonight you're ugly.


...sad and ugly.

- Unbearably so.
- That's not true.

I'm not ugly.

Wake up now, Aurore.

You have to remove all this paint,

and get dressed properly.

Then you'll go back to your place,

in your white house, in your garden,
close to your friends.

And you'll return
to the Aurore of before.



When I see you as you are
tonight, it's...

it's myself that you make me see.

And I don't like myself.

Now, come on.

Little mule.

I always have to explain
everything to you.

This time, you must try
to understand on your own.

That's the only way of
understanding, really.

Go, leave quickly,

and be good.

I'll inform Monsieur Senator.

This place has been waiting for you
for a long time.

- I made you get up.
- Not at all.

I've been working for an hour already.

I go to bed early and get up early.

Did you get your feet wet'?

Allow me...

...to remove your shoes?


Your stockings are wet too.

Remove them if you like.

We'll get married whenever you want.

- What brings you, my prince'?
- I need you, Lasalle.

We'll finish that in a moment.

You must kill someone for me.

- Yes.
- Name your price.

I'm listening.

In four clays, there will be, at
the Granville castle, a party.

A wedding.

This person will be there.

At a certain moment, I will tie a
red handkerchief to this person's arm.

This person will be there.

And you'll shoot.

But be careful: I want to be
absolutely sure of the result.

You must aim well.

You must aim there.

Shall we dance'?

- Leave us, we're sad.
- Why sad'?

Do you think it's fun to watch Aurore
marry this disgusting old man?

- And where are the young newlyweds?
- They're on their way.

Come on, come dance.

You can cry when you get married.

- And Monsieur de Loris?
- Oh, I don't think he's coming.

There they are.

Come on, let's watch the
acrobats, that looks amusing.

Ah! Here come even more people -
approach, approach!

Make way for the young newlyweds!

And now silence!

I'm getting ready.

I'll get up on the other one later.

It's nothing to laugh about, young girl!
If I'd been up there, I would be dead.

And now I'm going up.

I really like that little one
over there.

Monsieur and Madame, young newlyweds,
receive my best wishes & give me yours!

Young man, you're a happy man,
your woman is beautiful.

As for you, Madame, what a handsome
spouse you have there.

When will you leave him'?
In that case, think of me.

Ladies, gentlemen.

He's crazy, he'll kill himself!

He's never seen a wire he didn't
want to climb and walk across.

Is he going to blindfold himself?

All this is perhaps a bit melodramatic.

After all, you only die once.


Too bad,

I still have something to say to her.

My friends! Let's not let this
deplorable incident disrupt our party!


Take care of this.

Hey, musicians! Over here!

Let's dance, my dear.

I'm not a great dancer, but I have to
dance to our marriage.

Let's go!

Let's go, my friends, for my sake.

Dance, you too, dance!