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- Good morning teacher.
- Morning.

21 ST

"Through spirit and charity."

There are still some good
Japanese people left here.

Thank you for your service!

Ah! Don't! Stop!

It's too early to pick up
a girl.

Pick up a girl? No way!

- Then why is your lip quivering?
- Dirty old man!

I am not! Stop it!

- I was just impressed by her work.
- Sure, teacher.

- Haruka Misaki!
- What?

You mean the singer?

What's the big deal about her?
I don't understand them.

I wish those kids would respect
someone like you instead.

Haruka Misaki? Do you mean
the pop singer Haruka Misaki?

I can't stand her attitude
as a human being.


She is a devil with a
woman's mask.

Well, may I ask who you are?

I am her personal assistant.

I suppose you have a serious
reasons for this feeling...

I wouldn't be concerned if she
were only a demon to me...

But she is cruel to everyone.

Her popularity allows the girl
to do horrible things.

Can you tell me what kind
of horrible things?


- Yoshimi... a light.
- Yes.

I am a star! And you used a
cheap lighter for my cigarette?

I'm sorry.

I don't even want it now!
Ninomiya... some tea.


You should try harder to
make me happy.


What is this?

Did you want English tea?

See? It's too hot to drink.

I'm sorry.

No tea then?

- Yoshimi... my nails.
- Yes.

That hurt!
Are you trying to kill me?

I hardly touched you.

As soon as I see your face...
I know you will hurt me.

What does that mean?

Then take care of your nails
by yourself.

- What the hell are...
- Yoshimi!

What are you saying?

I can't stand her attitude!

You're the one with
the bad attitude.

You're fired... you are
easily replaceable anyway.

All right.
Then let me tell you something...

you are the lowest of the low,

as a woman and as a human.

No matter what you say...
lam THE STAR here.

Not only me...

but many crew members have
been fired by this woman.

When I see her on TV,
she doesn't appear that way.

Here is $10,000.

This is all the money from
my savings account.

Please help me. I want to destroy
her career with this money.

You want to destroy her career?


Good. Very good.
Hold the pose. Very sexy...

Don't you think the photographer
was leering at me?

Well... I don't think so.

Bu! I fell it.

It'll be over soon.

Ask the producer to change
the photographer.

It's too late to make
a change like that!

What do you mean?
lam the star here!

Miss Haruka... are you ready?

Yes. Coming.

Don't be so selfish.
Please do your job.

- Are you alright?
- Are you alright?...

Who placed the cooler in the
middle of the hallway?

I'm sorry.

Your words don't mean shit.

My leg is worth more than
your lousy neck.

Today's session is canceled.

No way!

Call an ambulance immediately!

But your leg doesn't look...

Shut up and call an ambulance!

Are you alright?

I don't want to hear any more
apologies... The shoot is over!

Go home now.

Okay. Nice job everybody.
Go home. Leave everything up...

Who the hell are you?

I am Haruka Misaki!

So what?

Maybe you're not into music...
but I'm an important star.

You are supposed to give dreams
to people.

You should have a warm heart
and care about others.

You have no right to be
admired by good people.

You don't deserve the spotlight.

Your show business days
are over.

- Haruka Misaki?
- What happened?

- Let me see!
- What?


Did you know Haruka Misaki
has decided to retire?

I know.

You know? How did you know?

No. I didn't know.

Of course not. An old guy like
you couldn't know about it.

He didn't even know
Haruka Misaki's name.

You're right.

A senator with the Misei Party?

No... I am Asakura, the
secretary to Senator Minagawa.

Please... take a seat.

What is the secretary to a
senator doing here?

I want you to rape
my girlfriend... my fiance.

Your fiance?
Why do you...?

What is this?

A vase...

It costs $50,000.


A religious scam.

Religious scam?

I want to save her from
the trap.

According to the rules of the

If she has sex with somebody
outside the cult...

she will be excommunicated.

Yes... and you are a member
of the cult too?

Are you kidding? I'm the
secretary to a senator.

Then why don't you simply
rape her yourself?

Sir... I told you of my position.

What if she accused me of it?
Think of the bad publicity.

Accuse you? Can you explain
a little better?


Last autumn, she lost her
mother to a fatal illness.

She was devastated by it.

They took advantage of her

She started attending the
religious sessions.

Since then...


For our happiness...
this vase is very important.

I hear you...

but Still,
$50,000 for this vase?

Don't you think our happiness
is worth $50,000?

Of course I do.

You are more important
than money.

But listen to me...

If you could really be happy by
simply buying a vase for $50,000,

then lots of people would do it.

This is simply a
religious scam...

It's a multi-level scheme...
illegal in this country.

I don't think so.

If you came to our service
you would understand.

It's not a cult at all.

If you're correct, then why
did this vase cost $50,000?

If we continue the way we're

the 21st century will be
a disaster.

This vase will help us.


Wake up.

You are the one who should
wake up...

if you can't understand
what this religion is doing...

our relationship is over.

No. It's not over.


Believe in me.

I believe.


Stop. I'll have you arrested
for sexual assault!

Sexual assault?...

We are engaged.


Where is your engagement ring?


Listen... I am a public servant.

I cannot belong to a
religious sect.

Can you please be more serious
about our future together?

Shinichi... if you don't join my
church, we can't get married.


That's a rule...

Friends of the 21st Century
doesn't allow...

marriage with a non-member.

Then quit such a wacky religion.

We've nurtured our relationship
for five years...

You've only been in this cult
for three months.

I should have joined a longtime ago...

then I wouldn't have lost
my mother.

Your mother would've died

How can you say that?...

I asked you to join the sect
because I cared about you.

In my political position, I
can't play favorites...

toward a religious organization.

Someday... you will understand.

I'm not looking forward to
this assignment.

In this country, people have the
freedom to choose their religion.

You're talking about REAL
religion, not a cult sect.

Nobody needs to respect
a sect...

that tries to sell a
happiness vase for $50,000.


Yeah... the secretary paid it
to prove his love.

But it's the principal
of the thing.

Even though he really cares
about her...

he simply should stop
buying this stuff for her.

It's not that easy.

Think about his feelings.

He loves her so much that he's
paying someone to rape the girl.

Now... please.

Who? Who, are you?

What are you going to do?
I'll scream.

This is a disgrace against God.
You will be cursed.

Before you believed in God...
you believed in your fiance.

A woman who doesn't care about
the real love of her man...

doesn't deserve to mention
the name of God.

Stop! Don't hurt me!

This is not a matter of
refunding money.

You need to accept the
responsibility for your work.

Responsibility? Please...
take this with you.

- Throw it away.
- What?

This isn't worth anything to me.
It's junk.


I was going to break this vase
in front of her...

when she came back to me.

Then, at least take the
money back.

I'm not asking for a refund.

I wanted to get my Junko back.

You are not a responsible person.

I was too stupid to trust you.

You didn't do the job.

I certainly did.

This is an insult
to Rapeman Enterprises.

Keisuke... did you have trouble
getting an erection?

Friends of the 21st Century.

According to our rules...

we are supposed to excommunicate
you because of your conduct.


But since you confessed your sin
I will keep your secret.

But only this time.

Thank you very much.

Under one condition...

I will do anything you say.

Your confession was made
in ernest...

but I will inform you later
of further orders.


- Are you prepared?
- Proceed with my discipline.

There is evidence of the devil
living inside your body.

You felt pleasure from the sex
you experienced.


You don't believe enough in God.


You must learn to love this pain.


We are an army of God fighting
for Friends of the 21st Century.


We are a family.











Through spirit and charity.

Through spirit and charity.

Hope everything went well.

My mother, from the country...
sent me some boxes of apples.

I sent one to your home.

Is that right? Thank you.
Send my best regards to her.


Is your mother coming to town
for your wedding?


What's wrong?

The wedding is still on
right? It's supposed to be...

When is it?

Well... to be honest... I'm
having trouble with the hall.

You haven't booked it yet?
Why don't you mention my name.

That should do the trick.



Support the refugee children...
donations please!

Please give us money to
buy milk for the babies.


You're the one who got us
into this mess.

That's true... but I'm no
good with religion.

- Remember the saying...
- Eh?

You can't catch the fox without
going into the foxhole.


We don't have any budget for
donations... you understand.

A vase is out of the question.
We're just looking around.

I know.


Do not believe your body belongs to you.

If you love your body too much,
that is the first step to...


You will not be able to control
your emotions.

You must think of your body as
part of nature on Earth.

We are all part of God's nature.

When we realize our body and
soul is part of the universe...

we will be released from pain
and anxiety.

Then... you will be able to live
like a real human. Understand?


Thank you very much.

And so... I'd be interested in
your opinion on the service.

Let me guess... you had heard
that new cult religions...

are always asking for
donations and expensive gifts.

Would it be possible for us to
observe more?

Of course.

Let me show you.



I don't know...

He's our Father.

He is the messiah who will save
the Children of the 21st century.

We call the messiah our Father.


He is planning to retire...

so that he may reach the
higher state of zen.

He will take a position as our
spiritual guardian.


He is too pure for
worldly problems.

So who will become the leader?

There will be an election
by all members.

But that's still in the future.

No problem today.

Vomit out the ugly desires
of the flesh.

Drown your impure thoughts
and lust.

Crying is nothing to
be ashamed of.

The real danger is attitude,
which can cloud true emotions.

I understand.

Would you like to join them?

Not right now.

When you truly expose yourself...

you'll finally achieve the power
to protect your loved one.

The power to protect
your loved one?

You want to be baptized?
You're kidding, right?

No, I'm not kidding.

That religion sold a lousy vase
for $50,000.

There's nothing wrong with what
the priestess was saying.

So, to figure this out...
and to help that poor girl...

I need to join... to be a member...
just like her.

You don't have to go that far.

I think the man called Father
is a genuine Holy Man.

Besides, you're the one to blame
for this whole mess.

You're going to be baptized too.

When you forget your past life...

when you begin to feel a
oneness with the universe,

one very important symbol will
appear in your pure mind.

Stop the meditation.

When you see the symbol...
write on the paper.


That is her fiance's name!

Do you think we can save the
hungry refugees with this money?

We can't force the people to
give if they don't want to.

You aren't making enough
effort toward our goal.

You were a sinner once.

Didn't you swear to make amends?

If you continue in this manner...

the happiness promised by your
vase will tum to anguish.

Don't say that.

I will do anything... please,
priestess Hibari, guide me.

This is your last chance.

Let's give thanks for what
nature has given to us.


What the hell is this?

Keisuke... we have to eat
something better than this...

or we won't survive.

Mr Araoka... you don't want to
eat this?

Don't, wait, I'll eat.

Don't forget to give thanks.



Uncle... don't you wonder where
the girl went?

She hasn't returned.

Don't bother me, I'm eating.


Of course.

Please... help us feed
refugee children.

We need money to buy
blankets and milk.

How much longer are you going to
play this religious game?


I don't think I can do it any longer.

Was her name Junko?
Junko never came back.

I wonder where she went.

Maybe she felt stupid and left.

I hope you're right.

Please. Please give a donation.

Thank you very much.

Your goal is $1000.

You may not sleep nor eat
until you get the money.

Help the poor children.
Donations for the refugees...



You will die before you can
help these refugee children.

There's something wrong with
your leader...

leaving you on the street this late.

Obviously you don't care about
the children who need milk.

You only care about yourself.

Junko... you have been
deceived by them.

That's why nobody respects
the Japanese.

I don't know who's right or wrong.

Who can blame either
of these two?

Good morning teacher.

Teacher... you look
depressed today.


What's wrong?

Did your girlfriend dump you?

I feel envious when I
see you girls...

You don't have any troubles.

How wrong you are! We have lots
of trouble and pain.

We go out of our way not
to let it show.

Whatever you say. Get moving.


Young man... you must be a member.


Father... why are you
cleaning the street?

The spirit of charity
must not be proud.

I always enjoy doing
my share in the mission.

If you only give orders...

your spirit isn't ready.

No matter what you say... the
man called Father is genuine.

You are brainwashed...
look at that girl...

Look at her life.

She sold all her furniture...
lost her savings...

Her personal life is a disaster...
the same for that secretary.

You know what he did? He
borrowed money from his mother.

To buy that vase.

But there's nothing wrong with
the philosophy of the church.

Hey... do you really think that?

Just listen... we need to conduct
a better investigation.

Are you sure?

What do you mean you
couldn't collect the money?

I gave you a goal of $1000.

I'm very sorry.

I need to make certain
you are clear on something.

Are you ready to sacrifice your
life for Father?


Tell me what that means.

Absolute selflessness.

One more time... you will show
how sincere you are.

Be grateful for the opportunity
our Father has given to you.

How? Show me what to do.

Think about what you can
do to raise money...

for milk for refugee babies.

I understand.


I'm sorry.
I'll be right back.

Hey... I'm in a hurry.

Junko... please give us a
chance to talk.

There's nothing to say.

You borrowed money again?

It's not your business.

What are you spending it on?


Please leave me alone.

You're stupid.

So now we will move on to
our new member award.

Mr Keisuke Iwasaki.

New member award...
Mr Keisuke Iwasaki.

We are honored to welcome you
as a new member...

and we are looking forward to
watching you progress.

On this day, the 11th of June
from Genichiro Kuichi...

the founder of the
Friends of the 21st Century.


The last award... I want to
present to the best member.

Junko Ogura.



You know Kagimo in the
Progressive Party.

When I implied the position
of the minister...

He changed his attitude and
wagged his tail.

Next election we will get a
blanket endorsement...

from the Progressive Party.

I am very optimistic about the
development of the New Party.

But we must tread very carefully.

It could result in the
breakdown of the Progressive...

ls that so?

But no matter what... we need to
begin worrying about...

money for the campaign.


Someday you will understand
what I am saying.


Yes. I'm sorry.

Why did you receive this?

We do not conduct religious scams.



This is all my fault, as the
director of this church.

No... I'm not blaming you...

This is a false allegation,
we should stand up and fight.

I don't think that's a good idea.

That kind of publicity would
be dangerous.

The media would quickly take
everything out of context.

Our name would be ruined
all over Japan.

Then what should we do?

It's hard for me to say...
but there are only two choices.

Either you must take
responsibility and retire...

or we dissolve the church.

No, we won't dissolve...
we can! Allow that lo happen.

Our members would be confused and lost.


I will retire.

But then, Father...

My existence means nothing
compared to the church.

Then who will take your
position here?

Including that and other matters...

I would like to appoint you to
organize things.

Come in.

Excuse me.

Did you call for me?

Congratulations on the
New Member Award.

Thank you.

I am the one who recommended you.

Is that so?

I understand you are a
high school teacher.

How did you know?

So... have you decided to
become baptized?

No... not yet.

If you buy this vase...

You could be eligible today.

But... I don't have much money.

We aren't concerned about
the price.

I know the vase costs $50,000.

You decide the price.


Some people buy it for $50,000
while others pay $500.

Is that how it works?

You pay what you think
your happiness is worth.

But... I don't think so.

If you become baptized, you can
sell the vase to someone else.

As long as the church receives
the first $10,000 from the sale.

It's up to you how to manage
the purchase.

To be honest... this is special
treatment, just for you.

Why special treatment for me?

I want you to become
my right hand.

The right hand of the
next Messiah.

Uncle! It's all clear now!

What are you talking about?

Priestess Hibari is driving
the Father out of the church.

And she plans to become the
new messiah.

It's a multi-level marketing scam...

and she's responsible for it.

I see. I didn't trust her
from the beginning.

- But there's more...
- What?

I feel there's a larger power
manipulating the whole thing.

A larger power!

You don't have to thank me.
We always appreciate your help.



Thank you very much.

Then... when the occasion arises
we will pay the amount you need.


Bye-bye for now...
see you the day after tomorrow.

Father... now it's time for
your grand retirement.

Tonight... we begin the ten
year anniversary...

for Friends of the 21st Century.

Before we start the ceremony,
I have very important news.

As per his strong insistence,
Father has decided to retire...

effective tonight.

Until we decide on the
next Messiah...

I will take over as his substitute.

Now... let me introduce a special
guest speaker for tonight.

Our church's honorable member,
a senator from the Minsei Party...

Ichiro Minagawa.

I can't believe my eyes.

Thank you very much for
your warm welcome.

I am Ichiro Minagawa and
I appreciate your support...


I am honored to be invited
here today.

As a special speaker on this
10th anniversary.

For the Friends of the
21st Century...

Thank you for your lecture tonight.

Sometimes patience is the
key to prosperity.

Our success was dependent
on your help.

I'm just here to promote healthy
and peaceful religious activity.

However I feel envious of your
magic hand.

Your ability to create such
an official looking document.

Don't say things like that...
I simply know the right people.

Thank you very much.
Bu! Now...

Don't worry about it.

I won't allow the prosecutor to
move on this case.

Thank you very much.
What about the media?

You are so thorough...
that will cost more.

Do you want to be paid with
money or votes?

You are so confident.

As long as trouble and
depression exists in society...

religion always has a
bright future.

You are an evil woman.

Look who's calling me evil.


I can't believe this.

I'm telling you about the
secrets behind the cult.

But you still don't listen to me.

Listen... my Senator and your
Priestess are manipulating it.

I don't believe such a thing.

Even though you were
deceived by them...

You're still pan of the
whole mess.

I think you are mistaken...

Let me go.
I can't be late for worship.

I can't give up on you.

I won't stop!

I hear you wanted to see me.

You have been recommended
to be head of female members.

Father recommended me?

No, I did.

From now on... this room is
occupied by me.

So? What do you think?

Yes. I accept.

In that case... I have something
to ask... as a comrade.

What is it?

The investigation.

I understand.

We should not allow the
government to interfere.

It's an abuse of their power.

I understand... It's my
obligation to sacrifice my flesh.

To stop the abuse to the church,
I will offer myself to them.

Thank you.

Father will be very happy.

What I feel like doing...

is destroying this damn vase.

But I'm afraid of a curse from God.

No, I can't.


Uncle... there's an emergency!


Can you contact the secretary?

Well... for what?

I'll tell you later...
Hurry! Hurry!

Senator... can I talk to you
for a moment?


About the religious cult
from the other night...

It's none of your business...
keep quiet and drive.

Are you getting some kind
of a kickback...

in exchange for stopping
the government investigation?

What does that mean?

So I am correct.

Do you want me to fire your ass?

I don't care.


Hey... I am Minagawa,
an important senator!

Is that you Senator?

Let me go!

I want Junko!

Give me Junko!


Wait a minute, Mr Secretary.

There's an emergency.

I am no longer Secretary.

That's not important.

Right now, your fiance is
in trouble.



Freedom. Justice. Love.

Through spirit and charity.



Why are you here?


What is this all about?

Do you know each other?

This is my fiance.

Please don't misunderstand me.

I didn't choose this man.

This union must take place to
save the unfortunate children.

She makes sense to me.


Aren't you ashamed of yourself
for taking advantage of this?

A secretary of a politician
should be smarter than you.

The definition of a politician is...

a man who will do anything
for money and votes.

I didn't ask for this girl...
they sent her as a gift.

So... why have I been doing all
this for the church?

Did you hear what he said?

You've been trying to escape
from reality.


I'm not wrong!

Fighting between lovers should
take place in private.

A worthless secretary and a
crazed religious prostitute...

That's the best couple in
the world!

You don't know what you
just did!

You underestimate the power
of citizens...

they are not motivated by
money and votes.

You are fired...

But there's more...
I'm going to destroy your life!

That's it. There's no more
I can do for you.

Go after him.

He is a real man. He cares about
you more than God does.

So Rapeman's assault didn't
change her...

but the passion of love
finally reached her.


Remember the money
the secretary gave us?

This is the true Heaven.

I can see how much you
love money.

But if you want to make money
you should sweat.

Who the hell are you?

When the law is powerless...
I will punish the guilty.

Watch out... I know some
powerful people!

Your sacred dishonesty is over.

What does that mean?

This money symbolizes countless
tears from good people.

First you should make
a confession.

And then you will go to the police.

You deserve a very special
place in Hell.

You took advantage of people's
quest for religion.

You are truly a witch...
but never a human.

You should have listened to
your own sermons.

I want to hear the
motto of the church.

Appreciation. Freedom.

And what?

Through charity...

and spirit.

Don't forget.

Scandal! Senator Minagawa
connected to cult religion!

And illegal religious scams.

One abused the faith in God,
and the other...

abused the faith of the public.

I feel very sad... living in a
world where we can! Believe...

w... in God or politicians.

But, I'm glad Junko woke up and
I hope she will be happy.

I'm also worried about the
Secretary who lost his job.

Well... they can be happy
without money,

as long as they believe
in each other.

That's true.

I'm going.-

Keisuke... I also respect the
job you do!

Good morning.

You are...?

I heard the church has dissolved.

Nobody wanted to come anymore.

Basically, I was wrong.

I don't think so.

Can I ask something?


Father... why did you
become a clergy?

I lost my wife and son
at the same time...

It was my fault.

Since then, I decided to spend
the rest of my life...

in the religious world.

That was a long time ago.

In the beginning, the people who
had personal trauma...

would get together
and discuss...

what to do for the
children of the future.

We formed the group
Friends of the 21st Century.

I never imagined it would
end like this.

Now, there is nobody who
believes my message.


It's not true. I'm here.

Me too. I don't have a job,
so let me help you.


I think you should continue
what you've been doing...

You seem to have support.

To be a leader is your mission.

Thank you.

Let me do that.

No. This is my job.

Don't say that.

Please, let me.

I want to help too.

Teacher... what are you
doing here?

We're all going to be late.

Oh. Right.

Translation by:
Yuko Mihara & Thomas Weisser.

Transcription by: Evildee
Syncing by: Dimax9