Rapeman 3 (1994) - full transcript

Wooden balls should be
washed by water.

Hiroyuki Okita

Sakae Umezu

Yoriko Ogawa

Riza Nakajo

Naomi Matsuda

Asako Kurayoshi

Produced by Koji Abe.

Written by Shintaro
Miyawaki and Keiko Aizaki.

Screenplay by Tetsuya Sasaki.

Produced by Tomoyuki Imai
and Takehiro Kikuchi.

Directed by Takao Nagaishi.

Urgent, urgent! There's going
to be an inspection today!

What? You've got to be kidding!

Wait... - Eh? - Is Sakita doing
the inspection? - Yes.

- Don't worry, don't worry.
- You scared us for nothing.

Really? Wait.
Wait for me, don't leave.

Take off that belt.
Unroll your skirt.

Alright, go on.

Good morning. - Good morning.
Are you OK this morning? - Yes.

Wait a minute!
What's this hair style?

And this skirt... the length
should be at the knee.

Look at this trick...
Do you know the consequences?

I'm sorry, I won't do it again.
Please forgive me.

I don't think so. If you violate the rules,
you must suffer the consequences.

I'm going to call your parents.

Madam Fukushima,
let me talk to her.

You won't do this again, right?

Let's go and fix your skirt.

Teacher Sakita - your sweetness is keeping
us from conducting an effective inspection.

On the contrary; punishment is
not always the best method.

She's right: the length of a
girl's skirt is insignificant.

Mr Iwasaki - teachers like you
have forgotten how to discipline.

That's why the morals of the
school are crumbling today.

Besides, this isn't any of
your business.

It's no wonder you haven't
been assigned a homeroom.

Excuse me? I can't believe
you'd say something like that!

- It's not true anyway.
- We'll see about that.

- Good morning, Ms Sonoda.
- Yes, good morning.

Miss Sonoda, can't you give
a greeting in the morning?

Good morning, everyone.

What kind of attitude is that?!

She's just a bit blue this morning.

You are everything I despise
in a teacher!

We'll see - I'm going to talk
to the director about you.

But... wait...

Don't worry, Mr Iwasaki.
I'll make a counter-report.

I can't win against a
spinster's hysteria.

- Well, I'm a spinster, too.
- Miss Sakita...

You're an exception.
You're sweet and pretty.

I'm flattered...
even if you don't mean it.

You have the reputation
of being a gigolo.

Gigolo? Not at all.
I'm being honest.

We'd better get going.

You're not supposed to be
home tonight!

I left some important notes
for tomorrows meeting.

Get them and go.

Is it a good idea to give attitude
to your own husband?

I only married him to fit
into this society.

He's incapable and quiet...
That's why I chose him.

You are a very bad girl...

Make room for me...
Let me share your shelter!

God, I hate sudden rain!

The weather report is never right.

I think maybe the Earth
has become distorted...

What's going on in this
world today?!

Uncle, I've got a treat for you...

What are you watching in
broad daylight?

Ah, Keisuke. - So you just
realised I was here'?

You're not supposed to watch
movies while you're working.

I've got nothing to do in
this bad economy.

Have you noticed,
recently in adult films...

you can see fresh young girls,
instead of dried-up old women?

You shouldn't use your time to
critique XXX videos...

You should be doing promotion
for your real estate business.

- Do you want some tea?
- Yes.

Aren't you too old to be
watching that kind of stuff?

It has nothing to do with age!

If I get a really good XXX video,
I'll share it with you.

I'm going to search for the
ultimate XXX video.

'Ultimate XXX video'?
You're just a dirty old man!

- Did you say something?
- No, I didn't say a thing...

- Excuse me...
- Yes?

Are you looking for a condo
or something?

- Excuse me...
- Yes? - Ls this...

A secret business...
taking orders for... I heard...

What? You want us to
rape your wife? - Yes.

But why?

It's embarrassing to say this...
but my wife is a... lesbian.

Since we got married, she has
never allowed me to touch her.

I did some checking up and
found out she has a lover...

A female lover... And then I
asked, “What's going on here?"

She didn't say "Sorry,"
but rather, "So what?"

Recently, I've been staying
at a Capsul Hotel.

At home, she's always
with her lover...

Why don't you just divorce her?

If you want to rape her before
getting divorced, we can't do that.

We can't punish her for her
sexual preferences.

She isn't guilty for punishment
by Rapeman.

- You don't understand...
- What don't I understand?

- I still love her, despite this.
- What?

You can laugh at me,
but I want her to...

experience the exhilaration
of sex with a man.

If things continue like this,
our marriage will be a disaster.

Please, teach her the role
of a real woman.

This is a sensitive issue, the relationship
between man and woman.

The old song says, "There's a deep
river between man and woman“.

Please, have your tea and
then leave. - I'm serious...

But this goes against
Rapeman's philosophy.

Alright... I have $10,000 here,
all of my savings.

Please... accept.

We'll do it.

Who are you?

I am... the symbol of man.

You have a very strong and
distinctive female structure.

- Men are disgusting!
- Disgusting?

And you believe women
are not disgusting?

Stop... stop it!

A man naturally fits into a woman -
that's the way nature planned things.

You can't deny the nature of things.

Appreciate this gift!

Give me more!

Thanks for your job...
I made a lunchbox for you.

- I don't need it.
- Wait...

Because of the job you did last night,
we can eat for a while.

Don't misunderstand: I didn't
accept because of the money.

I took it because of his serious face.
Did you see his face?

- Whatever you say.
- Don't be upset...

- You're just in a bad mood.
- Who caused that bad mood'?

We should choose our jobs carefully,
otherwise I won't be able to do my best.

- I understand.
- You don't understand...

- Please, don't be blinded by money.
- I hear you and understand...

Come on, be in a good mood.
Everything's alright...

Take the lunchbox...
You'll feel better.

Don't walk so close...
girls with girls!

What kind of attitude is that?!

We need to nip it in the bud.

Hurry up. Over there.

Keiko, are you OK?

- You're bleeding. - I'm OK.
- Let me help you.

You aren't supposed to do that.

You can deal with it yourself.

- Don't get so close together.
- You're awful!

You don't have to cry over this.

Teacher, you've gone too far.

She's right - what's wrong with
caring about friends?

Well... I guess...
I didn't mean to...

What did you mean by,
"Don't be so close together“?

We have no choice. There are
only girls in this school.

So why are you talking about
girls and girls being close'?

Are you saying girls shouldn't
be friends with girls, but only with boys?

Are you suggesting that we should
be involved with boys?

No, I didn't mean...
I meant nothing like that.

I'm talking about the
'extremes' of being close.

- Dirty mind!
- What?

You have dirty thoughts when
you see girls together.

I think you've been watching
too many dirty videos.

No, I don't watch dirty videos.

I'm joining this boycott!

I can't go to a class instructed
by a dirty-minded teacher.

- Everyone agree?
- Yes. - You're right.


- Who is this?
- This is our customer.

- Mr Haruoka... who is this?
- This is my employee.

Let me make some tea for you.

Because of your good job,
she quit her lesbian ways.

- We've had normal sex since then.
- That's good!

However, she can't have a climax
without the costume. - Eh?

She's becoming too demanding!
She says something is different...

I understand your problem, but...

I spent all my money,
so, please...

Can you arrange for it one more time,
as part of the service?

'Part of the service'? But...

Good morning!
I'm sorry about the other day...

You're being too friendly!
Don't touch me.

We'll have to get the uniforms
cleaned now.

Dirty-mind disease may
be contagious.

Am I a disease?!

What am I supposed to do
about this boycott?



Let's start class.

Do you mean it?
You forgive me?

I don't need to forgive you.
You did nothing wrong.

Thank you... I'm so happy to have
an understanding student.

Teacher, if you hug me,
people will misunderstand.

I didn't mean to. I'm sorry,
I'm just so happy.

I know.
Let's start!

Open your mouth...

Oh! I got a seed!

- Are you alright?
- I swallowed a seed.

I kissed you indirectly,
through the whistle.

- Can I have it?
- No, you can't...

That's mine.
I need it for work.

Why should I give it to you?
I want it for an amulet!

What's this all about?

No good, no good.
Don't look at the floor.

- Look at the basket. Alright?
- Yes.

Come on. Put it in.

Good! Good shot.

I was selfish when I said I
was happy to have you here...

But what about you? Do you have
trouble from the other girls'?

- They are mean to me.
- I thought so.

But they were also mean before.

I've been mistreated by them...
but not because of this.

What's wrong? Why is a girl
like you treated badly?

You're outgoing, a nice girl.
So what's the reason?

I'm only nice in front of you.
Actually, I'm an introvert.

If you don't mind, tell me
about the problems.

Mr Iwasaki, why didn't you tell
me about the boycott?

You know we can't have this
sort of thing going on.

I was waiting for them to
realise their mistake.

- I thought you trusted me.
- Yes.

Mr Iwasaki is a good man. I know
you are just teasing him, but...

think hard about his feelings.
It's hard for anyone,

- but especially for a teacher.
- Not at all.

You deserve to be punished.
I order you to do 5 laps of bunny hops.

You don't have to get involved.

Sometimes it's necessary to
punish a student.

Why aren't you doing the exercise?

She's okay - she's been
attending my class.

I don't care. I'll do it.
I like the bunny hop, anyway.

- Sonoda, you don't have to do it.
- I don't care.

She's weird... when we're alone,
she opens up.

Girls at that age must go
through emotional imbalance.

Guys don't understand that.

I'll help you work with
the girls...

But then I'll ask you, when I don't
understand something. - Yes.


Oh, Sonoda.

- I want to tell you something.
- Okay. What?

Excuse me... This way...

I can't tell you right here...

Would you come to Central
Bridge at pm tonight?

- Okay.
- Thank you, teacher.

- Teacher...
- Yes?

Please, don't get too close
to Ms Sakita.

That girl is weird!

- Mr Iwasaki.
- Miss Sakita.

You and Sonoda seem to be close.

She had something she wanted
to tell me - What was it?

She's strange...
She can't tell me here.

What could she be talking about?

I'd guess she's in
love with you. - Eh?

She's jealous of my
involvement with you.

But, she didn't see you coming.

She plans on telling you
about her love for you.

I can't do it... I'm a teacher
and she's just a student.

It doesn't matter - you're
both a man and a woman.

She's a difficult girl...

She sees you as the only person
who understands her.

Please be careful with her.

She's late.

- Sorry.
- Excuse me... Uncle?!

Oh, it's you, Keisuke.
What great timing! - What?

I owe you for the work you did.
I have something for you.

What's that? - This is the
best video from my supplier.

Again with the dirty videos?!
Give me a break.

I'm waiting for someone, and I feel
terrible, like a cold is coming on.

Listen to me: your sickness
will be blown away.

This is a video of real
high-school students.

I don't want to see high-school girls,
I have enough trouble with them!

Come on. If you see it,
you'll feel a lot better.

Are you ready?
I'll start it now.

If you must.

- What...?!
- I knew you'd like it.

That's our school's uniform...

Mika Sonoda!

Teacher! Help!

She's calling to me.
She's in danger!

What are you doing?!

It just started. We've got to
watch it together.

Wait! That cost $100.




I'm her teacher at school.
What's this all about?

I see... her death was caused
by an overdose of toluene.

She's not the kind of girl
who would sniff toluene!

Ma'am - I understand how you feel...

but she was arrested for this before,
along with shoplifting.

I never knew about that.

We informed her homeroom
teacher, Ms Sakita.


I believed Mika could straighten
herself out, so I said nothing.

I never imagined she could
die like this.

There must be some mistake...
She's not that kind of girl...

She's not the kind of girl who
should die like this!

I know what you mean...
She wasn't that kind of girl.

I knew her very well.
Please, stay calm.

Mrs Sonoda, did you notice any difference
in her behaviour of late?

Not especially...
I don't think so.

Sometimes she looked depressed...

- Did you say depressed?
- Yes.

When she first started school,
her grades were good...

and she was cheerful everyday.

Then her grades got
worse and worse...

but I thought it was because of
normal 'young girl' problems.

I believed she would tell me
if something was really wrong.

But now...

I can't believe she was involved
in drug abuse.

Teacher - please, you must know
she wasn't the kind of girl...

who would get into something
like this by herself.

Something must have
pushed her into it...

Somebody out there made
her do it.

I have the report from
the medical examiner...

As we thought, toluene
was the cause of death.

From the conditions at the scene of death,
we believe it was an accidental overdose.

Detective, I have seen other
students messing about with toluene,

but usually it's two or more
experimenting with it.

I think it's unusual for her to have
taken this drug by herself.

Besides, she was supposed to
meet me for a conference,

and I have evidence of
her being there.

I think she may have been
involved in some foul play.

But we already examined the
site thoroughly.

But would you please look at
the evidence again?

She had a history of solo
criminal activities...

She'd already been arrested for
drug abuse and shoplifting.

Please, don't force us to say
distasteful things about her.

- Detective, please do it.
- Please.

Please continue the investigation.

I'm convinced there's someone
hiding in the shadows. - Please.

I'm sorry - I can't.


- We feel terrible about Mika.
- Well...

Do you two know anything about
drug dealers around here?

I've heard about it.
Somewhere in Shinjuku...

dealers are selling cocaine
and toluene to students.

Shinjuku? That's 30 minutes away.

- Teacher, are you going there?
- No way...

I wouldn't go someplace like that.

No way!

- Hey, mister. - Yes?
- Do you want to play? - What?


You can do anything you want...
Except, no kissing.

Wait... I don't...
You can't... Wait...

I'm looking for this girl.
Know her?

- Are you a five-oh?
- Five-oh?

- Five-oh... a cop.
- No. No, not at all.

I'm a friend of hers.
I heard she's playing down here.

Here, look.

I don't know.
I've never seen her.

Oh, all right...

By the way, how come
“no kissing"?

I save kissing for my boyfriend.

It wouldn't be fair to him if
I kissed strangers, right?

Yes, you're right. I understand.
Excuse me.

Hey, are you sure you don't
want to play? - Yes.

See you around.

"No kissing"...
Does that really make sense?

Do you know her?
Do you'?

That's him.

Do it.

Excuse me...
Have you seen her?

Excuse me, do you know her?

- That's Mika.
- Do you know her? - Yes.

So... So, she was around here?

- She was selling 'spring' with me.
- Spring?!

Come here. This way...
I need to ask you something.

- Talk to me?
- Yes.

- But I can't talk on the street.
- What can we do?

Can I... Can we...

You're saying that Mika
was doing prostitution?

Before I answer, you owe
me some money. - Eh?

My pimp saw us come in here,
so he's expecting some money.

Alright, okay...
You want £300?

Let me take a shower.

- Wait, wait...
- What's wrong now?

Was she being threatened
by somebody?

- I don't know.
- Wait a minute...


Police. This is a sweep
for prostitution.

- Prostitution?
- Teacher, what are you...

A teacher?! Bastard!
Such a dirty teacher!

But, what are you... I never laid
a finger on her... Yes.

What kind of a teacher
are you? I suspect...

your fingerprints will be

- You have no excuse.
- Wait a minute...

No excuses... You had enough
fun for one night, teacher.

- Take him away.
- Yes.

- Stand up. Get up!
- Wait, please!

I'm innocent.
You're hurting me! Stop!

- Excuse me...
- What?

How can it be a 'sweep',
if I'm the only one arrested?

He said it was a sweep?
You need to wake up.

Detective Imamura is on
the vice squad, too?

I told you to wake up...

He's responsible for youth crime.

- Excuse me, sir.
- Come in.

- Uncle.
- Keisuke!

I'm sorry. This is all because
I showed you that dirty video,

and you got too excited!

Captain, this is all my fault.
Please arrest me instead.

What are you talking about?
It's so embarrassing. I'm innocent.

How can you say such a thing?
You were caught red-handed.

Captain... I'm innocent, I swear!

Teacher, you may be innocent of
prostitution charges...

but you were still with an under-age
girl in a sex hotel, eh'?

That's a scandal, right'?

I understand: you are a teacher
at a prestigious high school.

If the media gets hold of this,
what's going to happen?

Well, I don't want to create a bad reputation
for our city due to a teacher scandal.

Besides, Miss Sakita has
intervened on your behalf.

Just this one time, I will
make an exception.

Miss Sakita, you believe
I'm innocent, right'?

I was just investigating
Sonoda's death on my own.

Hold it right there!
Her death was an accident.

That's the official verdict of
the medical examiner himself.

Besides, we have testimony
from the girl you picked up.

If you keep making excuses, the Captain
will change his mind and re-open this case.

That's enough. I personally
believe in him...

but the school officials have
decided to suspend him...

until everything has
been cleared up.

But... I'm sorry to say this...

The Principal says for him to
start looking for a new job.

Enough of this!
I truly am innocent.

Captain, we're sorry.
Please, help us with the school.

Uncle, I really am innocent.

You don't understand the
situation here!

Pardon us, please!

I felt there was nothing else
we could do...

- Under the circumstances...
- Don't worry. I understand.

I got a bit out of control. There are so
many weird things going on.

For instance, that detective is supposed
to be working on youth crime...

but they were involved in
a Vice Squad bust.

But still... that girl was under-age.

So there's nothing strange
about him being involved.

But when I was arrested, there were
no other Vice Detectives.

Do you think it was a set-up?

There's something going on
that doesn't meet the eye.

Very quickly, they decided that
Sonoda's death was accidental...

even though there are many
unanswered questions.

And there is definitely the
possibility of homicide.

And yet, Homicide Detectives
were never involved.

So somebody is behind all this?

Maybe we should investigate through
the distribution network of those videos.

Let me do it...

You need to lie low for a while.
If they bust you again, you're history.

I trust you.

It's impossible to tell you
where the tapes come from.

That's the rule of this industry...
'Silence is golden'.

I know, but that's why I'm asking you.
To be honest...

I'm a big fan of the girl in the uniform,
the one who gets it ripped off.

- I want her autograph.
- Friend... - Yes?

You're too old for this behaviour.
Don't underestimate me...

Do you know what I could do?

I could report this to the police.

Old man, understand the
consequences for doing that.

I am prepared for it.

Perhaps if you...

If you just whispered in my ear,

just like talking to yourself...

I feel like talking to myself.

You'll feel better if
you hold this money.

I wonder if that was Chima,
from Shinjuku...

Chima from Shinjuku...

Rotten bastard!

Teacher! Help me!

There's the money.

You think we're yakuza?
But we do business the right way.

You work for us...
and we pay you.

Let's do business together
again soon.


Keep your face to the camera.
Scream for help.


What are you looking for?

Me? I was... I was hoping to
buy some toluene from you.

For yourself, an old guy like you...?
Are you fucking with me?

No, no. It's a graduation gift
for my grandchildren.

Gift?! I never heard of a grandpa
buying drugs for his grand kids.

It might be a pathetic story,
but listen... Domestic violence.

When they run out of toluene,
they become uncontrollable.

My wife went away...
and I'm all alone in that hell.

I understand...
$30 for a bottle.

I have exactly $30.

Come on. The police are sweeping
the area. We'd better go.

How did you know that?

None of your business.
You'd better get lost, too.

I couldn't believe my eyes...

They're selling drugs,
right out in the open.

I saw it too...
Nobody seems to care about it.

Know what? Before the police came,
the dealers were informed.

They were beeped with a message,
a tip-off of some kind.

Somebody has tapped into
the police system.

The dealer has a big operation.
Someone is providing information.

I wonder why the Japanese police
are tolerating this 'outlaw zone'...

There's something big going
on behind this. - Eh?

Could you find that place again?

We'd have to be really careful.

Oh, this is good shit!

The stupid musician was
growing it in his back yard.

Vice team made the bust after
a two-year investigation.

Now you can sell it...
for a good profit.

Are you sure it's safe? - Anyway, this
stuff is logged as discarded.

We shouldn't waste anything.

That's right. We must utilize all
our natural resources, eh?

The profit will be divided 70/30.

All right. We're here because
the Nakita D. P. Is here.

I remember last year,
when Nakita District Police...

won the award for the least
criminal activity in the city.

Whatever we do, criminals
still repeat their behaviour,

so the best answer is to
control them, under our umbrella.

Our relationship is good for
a healthy nation.

We're helping to keep Japan
a safe country, eh?

By the way, the Big Boss wants
to set up another video session.

You mean the high school porn?

Yes. That was the best video of them all.
He wants some more.

- All right, we'll do it.
- Great.

But can you choose
a quieter girl this time?

Tell them to pick someone who can
keep their mouth shut.

I'm tired of cleaning up
the mess afterwards.

We are aware of that...

We've already addressed the
question of discretion...

But now there are serious
qualms about continuing.

It'll be alright: the stuff will
work its magic, like usual.

The timing is good. We've got some
shit coming over from Columbia.

This stuff is 100% - there won't
be any more complaints.

Anyway, we'll shoot
a great video, high class...

We can get $20,000 for this one.
It'll be terrific.

This is 2A, this is 2A.
AP in KK3.

This is 3W. Go ahead.

This is 2A, this is 2A.
AP in KK3.


Three Vice Squad detectives...
non-uniformed, nosing around.

I'll talk to them when
I get back to the station.

Nakita D. P. Is the best!

Listen, it's Chuni...
No problem.

We'd better get going.

What are the sales
so far this month?

Last month seemed
to be a bit off.

You guys are pushing too much...
Alright, we'll work harder.

Make sure you do.

A police/yakuza team...
Nothing could be worse.


I still think there's something more...
Something bigger and darker.

Maybe Sonoda was trying to
tell me about it.

And she was killed
because of it'?

She was forced into prostitution,
but... I think...

I think she was video-taped first,
and then blackmailed.

How can we expose the Big Boss...
pull him out of the shadows?

Through Assistant Detective Maeda.
She needs to meet Rapeman.

Keisuke... but we have no client.

- There is a client.
- Who?


I gave her this amulet...

Then she left it for me,
on the bridge.

This is the payment.

I understand.
That's enough for the job.

Let's do it.

What's the problem?

What are you doing?

- What is this?
- In the car.

Do you know what you're doing?
Assaulting a police officer!

A police officer? Police officers
are supposed to save citizens...

Tell me the relationship between
the oops and Chima.

- What are you talking about?
- All right...

You're a pig... a pig wearing
a uniform to hide your identity.

- Talk!
- No!

The list of the girls who are
arrested by Imamura...

They get the list...

And then they blackmail the girls,
forcing them into prostitution.

Somebody else...
Who else is involved?

It's... It's...

Who is the one who ordered the
death of that innocent girl?

Tell me!


School girls... a lesbian show...
Top boss will be there tonight.

What are you doing?

- Let me check your bag.
- What?

He thinks we're shoplifters.
Go ahead...

but when you don't find anything,
we're going to sue you.

I can't believe it!

- Is this true?
- We didn't do it.

I can't believe it.
You were arrested red-handed.

If you admit to the crime,
I know how to make things better.

If you don't talk, then I'm
forced to do my job.

I'll take you to the
juvenile detention center!

Please wait.
Let me talk to them, please.

I can't wait. They're thieves,
and I can't let them go.

Please, sir. I will be responsible.
Let me keep them.

Teacher, what's going
to happen to us?

I can't avoid reporting this
to your parents.

The school will probably
expel you.

No! That's terrible!
My family will disown me.

Besides, we didn't do anything wrong.

I'm sorry, but it's out
of my hands...

You were caught with stolen

But we didn't put those things
in our bags.

Maybe I know someone
who can help you...

Do you know a lawyer or someone
who can help us?

- Maybe...
- Teacher!

- We'll do anything.
- Please help us.

It's slippery;
watch your step.


Imamura went upstairs;
I was following him.

Keisuke, what're you doing here?

Assistant Maeda talked
to Rapeman...

She said the Big Boss would be
here tonight, for a special show.

A show?

Maybe like the one
Sonoda was in.

It can't be.

What's wrong?

Two high school girls were
arrested for shoplifting...

They were framed by Imamura...

and then Sakita showed up
to talk to them.

That's Sakita's job - she's in charge
of discipline at school.

This is more than a co-incidence.
She seems too much involved.

What're you trying to say?
She wouldn't be mixed up in this!

I don't know...

Anyway, I'm going to check upstairs.
Don't move from here.

Trust me... Maybe everything
will work out.

What the hell are you
doing here?!

What?! You're the old
geezer from the other night.

I need more stuff... so...

What? So you're sneaking
around this place?

But I need more stuff for
my grand kids.

Uncle, I told you it's dangerous.
Why didn't you stay downstairs?

Keisuke... Sakita is here,
with those two students.

Is there any other reason
for her to be here'?

Are you the one who can help us?

I'm the one.
I'm on your side.

I'll help you more
than you realise...

Are you sure those girls
are okay this time?

I don't enjoy killing people.

You didn't have to
kill the last one.

I had no choice. She was
going to report the situation.

- You would've got in trouble, too.
- You cornered her.

She panicked and wanted
to get out...

You will only use them once.
I won't allow more than that.

I understand.

Here's this month's cut.

What kind of freak do we have here?
ls it ready?

He has a mental disorder.

No matter how successful
a person is, he can't beat it.

Maybe you're right...

Let's see... The first one was
a virginal high school student.

And now this time, a threesome
with two virgins.

I can't wait to see what
happens the next time!

Maybe he'll want an elementary
school girl or something!

Then teacher Sakita will have to
get a transfer to elementary school.

Don't screw around...
This is the last time.

Wake up!
You're a dirty teacher...

You can't go back and pretend
like nothing has happened.

I'm going to keep this secret.

It's too late for you
to get out!

If you try it, you'll be killed.

Wait, wait, wait!
Sakita is just nervous now.

I don't blame her.
She was trained as an educator.

She must be wrestling
with her conscience.

Mika's case was a bit too
much for her.

Let's calm down now.

Here you go...
Try this.

I have enough for all year long.

Even stubborn teachers can't help
themselves when faced with that.

Just like a monkey and

Teacher! Help us!

Who are you?!

Go. Run.

This show is well-planned
this time.

Who's making all that racket?
What's going on'?

Who the hell are you?!

Just a citizen who still
believes in justice.

Justice is power.

That is what a corrupt detective
like you believes.

Justice is the path
decent people walk.

Let's cut through the shit...

Let me show you the
real path of justice.

- Is this the Big Boss?
- No.

Did you ever think about the
feelings of the girls...

who were violated in this room?

- Forgive me, please.
- Forgive you'?

Do you think your sins
are forgivable?

I was pulled into this quicksand.

When I tried to escape...
I couldn't see the way out.

Say whatever you want...

Who is the Big Boss'?

Leave me alone!

You couldn't see clearly
because you're an addict.

Your inability to function...
created a string of victims.

Do you understand the terror
of those poor girls...

Their terror as they screamed for help?

Do you feel it?

Can you feel the pain...

The pain of the girls who
trusted you?

A woman like you...
who wears the mask of a teacher.

You're nothing but a bitch,
on a collision course with hell!

Tell me... who is the Big Boss?

Who's the one who ordered
the death of innocent Sonoda?

Keep your face to the camera.
Scream for help. - Help!

You've gone too far.

I was so into the show,
but now you've ruined my mood.

Shut the fuck up...
you pervert!

How many people have cried
because of you?

Wait... Let's talk...

You seem to be brave...
Why don't we become partners?

Then I could cover up anything
you might do... even murder.

Think of the possibilities...
with my power and authority.

Let's enjoy life together!

Who do you think I am?!

Sick bastard!

Stop, Keisuke! Stop!

When the law is powerless,
I will punish the guilty.

Is this the Big Boss behind
the operation? How sad.

Police Captain and Detective
Dealing Drugs.

Dirty Female Teacher Disbarred.

Keisuke must have felt
very bad...

Now Mika can rest in heaven.

I'm sorry I couldn't help her.

Don't blame yourself...

You're the only one who
believed in her.

I think she's also
thankful to you.

Please... live for her.
Be strong.

Thank you, teacher.

I will be strong for her.

Translation by
Yuko Mihara & Tom Weisser.

Subtitles transcribed
and timed by lordretsudo.

Hey, teacher!
Good morning.

He was so cool...
I couldn't see his face...

because it was covered by a mask,
but I know he's cute.

Yes, I agree.
I think, very cute.

We're not talking about you.

Compared with you, he is
the moon and you're a turtle!

- You're going too far this time.
- It's the truth.

But, don't you think the masked
man's voice was like teacher's?

- Eh?
- You've got to be kidding!

He didn't have such a stupid voice.

I think you're right.
Let's go to school.

We've got to tell everybody
what happened. - Yes, come on!

They're going to tell everybody...
What a quick recovery!

Sometimes I think high-school girls
are from another planet.

What is this hairstyle?

And I told you the skirt length
should be right here.

See? You're hiding your top
under your belt again...

Why don't you stop picking on
these girls? Enough is enough.

You are enough. That's why you
don't have a homeroom.

Yeah, right...