Rapeman 2 (1994) - full transcript

Wooden balls should be
washed with water.

When the law is powerless,

I will punish the guilty.







Production by KOJI ABE





Teacher... where can I find a
good part-time job?

I thought you already had a job
at the convenience store.

I quit that one...

because I had to stand
all the time.

And the pay was shitty.

Is there a part-timejob that
pays $25 an hour?

If you find one...
let me know.

Have you thought about
telephone sex?

Do you really think so?

Stop that... there's no such
thing as easy money.

You must work and
apply yourselves.

Why are you so cranked up?

I'm not talking about

I heard that a girl
made over $200.

I'm shocked... Do you know
what you're talking about?

No. But you're a man...
maybe you have experience.

Stop this nonsense.

- I think we're on to something.
- I bet he does.

- I think teacher calls those phone lines.
- Sounds like it.

What? You say the bride didn't
show up for the ceremony?

No... she sent this ring
back to me the next day.

How could something
like that happen?

I don't know.

But... I noticed about a month ago
she came in, wearing...

very expensive jewellery...
and she bought a Mercedes-Benz.

Sounds like she found
a sugar daddy.

Since that time... I felt
people were looking at me...

like I was an idiot... and
my father won't leave home.

He feels so ashamed.

It's always hard for
an old guy.

My mother committed suicide.

Please... listen sir.

I want revenge against Keiko.

Please help me.

Wow... $30,000.

I think I'll put a downpayment
on a yacht.

What? #302 isn't occupied.

Maybe I'd rather have a horse
than a yacht.

#302 empty.

Hello? l5 anyone in here?

I thought so...
This is some kind ofjoke.

You are a dirty whore
in a white uniform.

Tell me...

Did you consider the feelings
of your fiancé's family?

Their disappointment on their
glorious day.

On your wedding day...

I curse you to lose the groom
in the same way.

What happened?

She had a liaison in the
empty room.

How dare you cheapen our
workplace like this.

Why? Why only me?
You all do the same thing.

I don't see you as
part of our group.

Besides... you enjoy it
too much.

Please... forgive me... I won't
tell anybody about this.

- Let's begin.
- Yes.

Stop it!

MaY l help you?

Well... I was looking for...
the men's room.

Fool... it's over there.

Land Deed and Lease

I'm not really sure...

- Mr Araoka...
- Yes?

There's mention of the
rights of the person...

who owns the land... not
the person who builds on it.

There is clearly an advantage
for the landowner over...

the key holder of the lease.

Is that me?

Does the landowner want to sue?
But let me say...

I don't want to make a big deal
out of this conflict.

I understand... Let me talk
to the owner for you.

Would you?

I'd really appreciate anything
a lawyer like you can do.

Right... We attorneys aren't
only interested in lawsuits.

Peaceful settlements are part
of ourjob as well.

That's so true.

Those cosmo's are beautiful.

Those are my favourite flowers.

Is that right?

Do you know the meaning behind
those flowers?


Cosmo's stand for love...
affection... and fidelity.

Love. Affection. Fidelity.

They are waving in the wind...
giving themselves to the breeze,

but they are quite strong.

Even though they are easily
destroyed by the weather...

They will grow again from
strong roots.

That's the essence of
the strength of love.

True love existing in a
turbulent environment.

I'm sorry.

What the hell?


Keisuke! I'm sorry.

- Come with me...
- Eh?

Come on, quick!


I can't go anymore.

Please... please. Be strong.

Come on. Let's go.

He? We're going on this?

Get down.

- What? What?
- Don't look.

My head.

What a mess. Right?

What do you mean? It's not
my problem... It's yours.

What did you do this time?

Those two guys are
Kowloon Mafia.

Kowloon Mafia?

Hong Kong Mafia.

Before Hong Kong reverts
to China...

they are desperate to move into
Indochina and Japan.

I'm trying to get a story
on their activities.

I almost had a great shot...
but they saw me...

I don't understand how I keep
getting hooked up with you.

I thought you were trying
10 help me.

You're a nutcase.

- God... they're still looking for me.
- Eh?

We must be very careful.

About what?

They have the reputation of
chasing people into hell.

That makes them tougher
than Japanese Yakuza.

And they know your face too.


Uncle... Who was that lady?

I love you, Cosmos Flower...
so much.

Uncle... are you feeling okay?

The meaning behind these flowers...
love... affection... fidelity.

So his time has finally come...
I must see his doctor.

And I need to contact the director
at Sunflower Orphanage.

I need to get help for him.


Don't worry... I haven't caught
Alzheimer's Disease yet.

I'm in love.

In love?


I forgot how it squeezes
my heart.

You need to go to the hospital.


Little Mina... good to see you.


What i5 this?

We always appreciate how
you take care of Mina.

This is a picture she drew
in her kindergarten class.

Is this me?


Let me see.

Yes. It looks exactly
the same.

You're a great artist.

You did very good.

Mina believes you are her
real grandfather Mr Araoka.

That's real good...
thank you Mina.

Can I have this as
a gift from you?


I will take good care of this.
I'll buy a frame for it.

And put it in my office.

Would you draw a picture of me
next time?

I promise I'll playjump-rope
with you.

That's nice.

We have to go now.

3Y9 bye.




It seems you like to be
called grandpa.

Weren't you just saying...
Love... affection... fidelity.

How gov'!!-

What are you saying?
You don't know about nature.


Let's go.

Mina... Mina...



Mina! Little Mina!

Be strong...
she'll be alright.


My dear...

What about Mina?
Have you heard?


How did it happen?
She was with you.

I'm very sorry.

Take it easy...
It wasn't her fault.

There was a driver who
ran a red light.

what about Mina?

Mina did great.
Don't worry.

That means...?

Hospitalization for a month or so...

But she's going to be alright.

Thank you very much.

Take care.

Very good news.

We define death... when the
function of the brain stops.

If a patient is dead by your

Do you agree with the practice
of organ transplant?

This principle has nothing to
do with a doctor's opinion...

It depends on how the patient
views death.

As a matter of fact... we have
very few organ donations...

from families who
witness brain death.

Don't you think I still look young?

Where should we hang it?



Do you have an opinion on the
scarcity of organ donors?

We expect to see this scarcity...

That lady is a famous doctor.

Seems to be.

In the near future... man-made
organs will solve the problem.

And do you feel this will
be acceptable...?

Mina was very lucky to have
such a good doctor.

I bet she'll be out ofthe
hospital in no time.

I can't wait to see
her smile again.

This is the moment I've been
waiting for... here goes.

Is that cocaine?

Turn around...

This is a souvenir from
Hong Kong.

"Iv gm.

Do you like it?

Very much.

Enjoy it.

Let's go.

See you.

Shit... is this worth
the scoop?


This is getting exciting.

Good afternoon...

Thank you grandpa.

Get well soon.


Mina... do you want something?

I want Mickey...

What is Mickey?

Old man...
of course... Mickey Mouse.


I didn't know you liked
Mickey mouse.

Butl like Donald Duck
as much.

When you get well
we'll take you to Disneyland.


I really appreciate you guys
being here.


Chief doctor's visit.

This is Chief Doctor Tachibana.

Thank you very much
for visiting...


You look very good.

She should be getting out
of here very soon.

Thank you very much.

See you soon.

Thanks again.

Did you hear what he said?
She'll be out soon.

Yes... I'm not sure, but our
chief doctor was recommended...

as the national candidate
for the association.

He deserves it...
he's very special.

Very special, right.

If he were ten years younger
I would've attacked him. .

Can I help you?

Nothing... I'm going...

I'm sorry. Terribly sorry.

That's alright...

Are you okay?

It's nothing.

I'm very sorry.

Thank you.

Nurse, would you deal with
this one?


Come in.

Excuse me.

Chief Doctor... what should
I do with the case?

Well... let's use the patient
in ward 202.


This is an opportunity
from God.

Do you understand?


This is a gift from a prosperous
country to an unfortunate one.

Am I making sense?

Yes. Absolutely clear.

You understand me.
That's very good. I trust you.


An opportunity from God?

A gift from an Asian country?

This... can't be true...

can it?

Doctor... you said she was okay.
How did this happen?

I'm sorry.

Give Mina back to me.
Doctor. Doctor.


I hate all this work here.

We're doing the work
Kanazawa is supposed to do.


I don't understand why
she quit.

I guess she got a new

But she just cancelled her

That's nothing new,
she'll never settle down.

I wouldn't disappear because
of a new boyfriend.

Why? Why only me?
You all do the same thing.

I don't see you as
part of our group.

Besides, you enjoy it
too much.

Please... forgive me... I won't
tell anyone about this.

Let's begin.


Stop it!

MaY l help you?

Thank you for your assistance.

Excuse me.

Uncle... I think there's
something fishy.

Like what?

We need to wait for the
autopsy results.

We'll see what happens later.

Please help us.

We'll be okay.
ltrust this attorney.

I'll do my best.
Please be strong.

Maybe I can help.

Have a seat.

What do you want?

I can't bear it any longer.

My son is in so much pain...

in that hospital.

Please, I'm begging you.

I want to see my son smile again.

Money is no object... please.

I understand you... trust me.

Thank you very much.

Your dream will come true.

Right away...


What's wrong girls?
It's too early to be tired.

You're not fair...
you're on a bike.

Get moving... if you keep bitching,
I won't give you credit.

Go. Go. Hurry.

Please. Take care of your wife.

Keisuke... It didn't go well.


The result of the autopsy
wasn't good.

The hospital doesn't have
any liability.

I don't see a case here.

I understand.

I think we betterjust
let her rest.

We don't want to cause any more
stress for the family.

Miss Yagi...


You finished the tests.

You should be leaving
the hospital today.


What's wrong?

I want to check everything out.

From my head to my toes...
I want to be sure everything's okay.

Are there any exams
I haven't taken yet?

I don't think so...

Please, make sure.

I understand your fear.
I'll ask the doctor.


My wife is sick in bed.

She still believes the doctor
is responsible for Mina's death.

She even made threats
against the doctor.

I understand.

To be honest, I don't
feel well either.


I know what you're
going to say.

But I can't let Mina's
memory go.

What i5 this?

Iwant to make the one
responsible feel my anger.

I don't think Mina would
like this, but...

I can't face my wife.

I understand, but...

Please help us.

You don't think the patient
will last beyond tomorrow?

What can I do?

You don't have a donor in mind?

It's very difficult right now.


Before then... I hope we have a
new patient in Emergency.

What do you think?

I know Dr Noda seems fishy.

I don't quite see the connection
with Mina's death.

The autopsy showed
nothing suspicious.

This goes against our credo...

To rape someone out of anger.

But I still want to help.

Should we turn this job down?

I still think it's strange about
that nurse who disappeared.

We can research it a bit.

Hands up.

What are you doing here?

Well... well...

How was l?



I pissed my pants.

What are you doing here?

As you can see...
I am... a patient.

You saw Dr Noda and the
mafia in a meeting?

They had some kind of
business transaction.

Do you think there's some
connection with the missing nurse?

That's it!


I thought the nurse came into
money because of a sugar daddy.

But that wasn't it at all...
there was another reason.

What does that mean?

The nurse found out about the
mafia and the hospital.

That's why... she threatened
to blackmail them.

That's it.

She threatened the hospital.


I overheard a conversation about
helping an unfortunate Asian country.

And an opportunity from God.

Opportunity from God?

I wonder if the chief doctor
has something to do with this...

I will do some detective work
from inside.

Be careful.

What i5 this?

What are you doing here?

Excuse me... where is patient
Rikako Yagi?

Yagi... hold on.

Miss Yagi... she left yesterday.


This is Rikako and I'm not
at home right now...

I can be reached at the
hospital, Room 206.

Or leave a message at
the tone.

It can't be.

Can't be?

What's that?

I'm afraid she might
already be dead.

This can't be happening.

But it is... she's not at home,
and she's not at the hospital.

If she left the hospital
she would've called us.

There's something shady...

There's something shady going on
between the Chief and Dr Noda.

I think Mina was killed
by them.


Let's do it.

We can't let them getaway
with this.

It's a disgrace to the
name of Rapeman.

Let's do it.

Is that right?
She was a reporter?

Yes... but we don't need to worry.

She's not going to share
information with anyone now.

That's true... besides, we
are only helping people.

We are on the side of
the righteous.

I think she was investigating
some criminal activities.

I understand and also believe
there's something fishy here.

Did Rikako give you any news
before she disappeared?

N0... nothing at all.

Is that right?... I see.

This is about life or death...
we should inform the police.

Thank you... please help us.

Yes... that's right.
Please. Immediately. Yes.

They will begin an investigation
right away.

That's great.

I hope Rikako is alright.

Yes... all we can do now
is wait.

Can I get you some coffee?

Fine. Thank you.

I'm a very big fan of yours,
I really enjoy your company.

I like hearing that,
even if it's lip-service.

I'm not lying, but I guess
I'm too old for you.

I'm flattered.


For you.

Blue mountain?


What's the relationship between
your hospital and the mafia?



Tell me.


Organs? Really...
Where is Nurse Kanazawa?

What happened to her?


Did you kill her?


Did you kill her?

You must know about the patient
who disappeared from your ward.

Tell me.

Tell me about it.


Tell me about her.

We're planning to fix her

Fix her?

Does that mean
remove her organs?

Please come in.

Hello... thank you
for your trouble.

Your fee will be paid
right away.

Can you use him as an
organ donor too?


Have a seat.

We'll deal with him. But bodies
are difficult to get rid of.

Perhaps we should dump his body
in his office and set a fire.

You are a surprising lawyer

Excuse me.


Mr Lam is here.

Dr Tachibana...

Long time no see.


Miss Yasuda... you are prettier
all the time.

Thank you very much.

When is the operation?

Within minutes.

Is that right'? Very good.
Can I see the donor's face?

Of course. Be my guest.

Thank you.

This way sir.

Where is Dr Noda?

She should be in her office.

Oh... she looks healthy.

In think we'll get good
organs from her.


What's going on here?

He's just a mouse, sneaking
around the hospital.

Who are you?

He's too big to be a mouse.

I've never seen such a big mouse,
even in Hong Kong.

But organs from mice
aren't any good.

What about his eyeballs?
Aren't they good?

What's going on, Miss Attorney?

Let's begin.

What are you doing with Rikako?

I can't believe it.

It can't be...
Tell me you're kidding.

I will tell you two things...

Mina was killed for her organs,
and you are too old for me.

I'm sorry... Excuse me...
I'm looking for somebody.

Nam Myo Horenge-Kyo.

Nam Myo Horenge-Kyo.


What are you doing here?

I'll explain later...
we've go! to hurry.

Rikako is in the operating room.



Come on.


The lady attorney is part of their team.


They killed Mina for her organs.


I will call a detective friend.

Wait. Be careful.

I know.

I... I am so angry.

We must... act quickly,
before the police arrive.

Listen... I hereby hire
Rapeman for a job.

Please rape the lady attorney.


Uncle, I accept your offer.


I trust you.

It contains more than usual.

Thank you.

Attorney Yasuda...
here's your fee.

Thank you.

How's the condition of
the hospital business?

Because ofthe organ sales...
it's in very good shape.

Don't you think the operation is
over by now?


I'm going to check.

You exchanged a sinless
life for money.

Think about the torment of the
parents who lost their child.

The police will be here soon.


But before that I want the
chance to smash her face.

Where is she?

We'll look for her.

A woman like you
must be sent to hell.

I didn't kill by myself.

"Didn't kill' by yourself?"

You're even more sinful to have
helped the killers...

You are a representative
of the law.

You killed!

What's taking so long?

I'll check...
be right back.

Who is it?

You want money?
Take it. Take it.

When the law is ineffective...
I will punish the guilty.

Mina... I will try to live longer
to make up for your short life.

Uncle... there will be more
hardships facing us.

But we must do it...

otherwise the world will
never be safe.

Let me pray for her.

Poor little Mina.

If doctors and attorneys are
like those people...

I don't know what to
believe in anymore.

That's true.

Trust never exists without
faith in someone.

Without trust,
relationships are empty.

It's becoming more difficult to
find somebody trustworthy...

among politicians, attorneys,
doctors and other respectful jobs.

What about teachers?


Translation and subtitles by:
Yuko Mihara and Thomas Weisser

Subtitle editing and timing:
Evildee and Dimax9 for ADC

This DVD is for non-profit use only.
If you paid for it, you were ripped off.