Rapeman 1 (1993) - full transcript





Production by KOJI ABE

Written by SHINTARO




Thank you for the gift.


Yayoi... Yayoi...

What are you doing?

But... We've been dating
for six months.

I thought maybe we could...

Who said we're dating?

Have you ever looked at
your face in the mirror?

Are you joking?

You should feel honored
just to drive me home.

I'll get a ride from someone
else next time.


Never call me again.


But I'll keep the gift.
Bye bye.

If I'd known it would be like this,
I would've never left the farm.

I sold my cow for this,
please forgive me.



No, I didn't. I couldn't.

I'm not lying to you.

Yes, I don't know what people say
about me but I'm very faithful.

Hello? Hello? Yayoi?

I have a gift, from the list
of guys you bankrupted.

Yayoi? Yayoi? What's going on there?

This is just a taste of the
anger felt for you.

It's time for repentance.

Do you understand?

You must understand
how they felt.

Answer me, Yayoi,
what's going on?


Hello, Yayoi?
Can you hear me?

- Good morning, teacher.
- Morning.

Happy birthday.

Did you forget your
own birthday?

Here's a gift from us.

Yes, a hanky.

Thank you.

I never imagined you
girls were so sweet.

It's very nice.

What is this?

Red Cross, Red Cross.

You're going to be late. Hurry.


Does Red Cross give purple
feathers with donations?

I don't know.

Here is Shin Kaneko, candidate
for the Senate House.

Teacher, panties?

Wait a minute.

Tomoko Kayama is the wife of
the candidate for Senator...

Takashi Kayama?


A politician's wife?

Why won't you accept?

I'm not saying for sure.

But when a politician is involved,
it's always much more complicated.

Small guys like me always
take it up their ass.

Please, won't you reconsider?

Well, anyway, I'll listen
to your reasons.

Takashi Kayama and I were
dating seriously.

I was so happy.

But when he decided to run
for office...

His secretary, Tomoko, told me to stop
seeing him during the campaign.

She convinced me that a scandal
could be fatal to him,

because of the nightclub.

But I've never done
anything unethical.

If my occupation could hurt
his political aspirations...

I promised her, I wouldn't
see him during the campaign.


After several months, I heard
they became engaged.

So secretary Tomoko and
candidate Kayama...


Please, let me ask, only once.

Only once.

Let her feel my pain.

Please. Please help me.

Uncle, I feel uncomfortable
about taking up this case.

Do you think somethings fishy?

I'm not saying that but
something seems wrong.

The girl offered us $4.000
for our service,

and she only manages
a Ginza nightclub.

But she was crying
in front of me.

Her tears are worth $4.000.

Avenging Tomoko is
worth it to her.

But I don't know.

Rapeman represents justice:

Vengeance when the
law is powerless.

You're right, I'll do it.

Thank you.

That's my Keisuke.

With this $4.000,
we've reached our goal.


Sunflower Orphanage Fund.

Now we have the money
needed to keep the place.

That's right.


How long were you in
Sunflower Orphanage?

I lost my parents when I was five,
so maybe thirteen years.

Thirteen years.

I've known the director
for forty years.

Forty years? When you met her,
she must have been beautiful.

Yes, she was pretty! Pretty!

That's Kayama's campaign van.

This is a gift from a girl
who's lover was stolen by you.

Hey, watch where you're going!

- Uncle?
- What's wrong?

They took photos of me.

- Is that the car?
- Maybe.

Thank you very much for
your job.

Ms., you're really beautiful.

You'll meet someone better
than Takashi Kayama.

I hope so.

You never know, happiness could
be right around the corner.

Madam, sometime I'll stop by
the Ginza club and say hello.

- Yes. Please do.
- Yes.

- I'll be waiting.
- Yes, yes.

Excuse me.

This way.

Say, may I help you?

Have any apartments?

Yes, I have one available.

Do you have something
under $500, four rooms.

Are you kidding? If such a thing
existed I'd buy it right away.

- Is that true?
- Yes.

I'll check somewhere else.

Yes. Yes.

I should put a sign:
"Serious tenants only"


Who was the lady
that just left?

A crazy woman.

She was taking photos of you
from over there.


I think it's the same person
who took the photos of me.

That's no good.

No good at all.

That's terrible.

We need to get those photos.

Chief editor, I understand,
but I'm not fooling around.

I understand, I understand.
Please give me a chance.

Don't fire me, I'm on a
big scoop. I promise.

Yes. Yes, I'll fax it right away.

Yes. Yes.

Listen, if you do what I say,
I won't hurt you.

Will you cooperate?

I'm only here for the photos
and negatives.

What? What photos?

Don't play around.

I don't know what you're
talking about.

Okay, I understand.

I need to give you a taste
of my profession.


See on the roof?

If you don't give me the
photos and negatives,

we're sending your rape scene
to every media center.

Are you prepared for that?

Wait, I'll give them to you.

Please don't touch me.

Where are they?

Over there, in the drawer.

Is this the one?

If it's the wrong one, you know
what happens next.

These aren't the rape photos.


These pictures are still
very interesting.

The top Yakuza officials
from Kyokuryu-kai.

This is the boss and
a gang leader.

And that's the madam.

Kyokuryu company.

Thank you for coming.
It's always good to see you.

We will have a bright future.

Excuse me.


Let's help each other, shall we?

Of course, it'll be good
for both of us.

Numata, is everything all right
with you?

Certainly, sir.

How about the police
investigation on trafficking?

- Have you heard from them?
- No, not recently.

When I say I'll stop them,
I'll really stop them.

Or, are you saying you
don't trust me?

No, I didn't mean to insult you.

Be careful of the words you use.

Ms. Numata, forgive him.
He meant no insult.

I'm terribly sorry.

Ms. Numata is a true woman,
even I respect her.

She is most capable.

Yes, certainly. She's very sharp.

Initially I wasn't expecting much from
her but I've been pleasantly impressed.

She's too professional
to be a woman.

That's right.


Excuse me.

I told you, if you'd give me the
wrong photos, I'd be back.

That's all I have.

You can do whatever
you want to me,

it's not going to help.
Sooner or later,

the police will eventually
stop Kyokuryu Yakuza.

I'm not from Kyokuryu.


I only want the rape
photos from you.

Rape Photos?

What are you talking about?

You really don't know?

So you don't know.

Let me ask only one question.

What do you know about the lady
in this photo and Kyokuryu?

She's the madam at a
Ginza nightclub,

and Kyokuryu Company owns it.

That's it?

A slight misunderstanding.

I'm sorry. Forget I was here.

Oh, my favorite realtor.



I just stopped by to say hello.

How nice. Come this way.

- Watch your step.
- All right.

What would you like to drink?

Let's see... I'll start with a beer.


Ms. Akemi, bring us a beer.

Right away, madam.

Thank you again for
a job well done.

I feel so much better now.

Really? Very nice.

- Madam...
- Yes?

To be honest, something
unfortunate happened to us.

That is?

While raping Tomoko,
someone else took photos.

Who would've done that?

We have a suspect in mind.

But I'd rather not mention
a name right now.

We're investigating and
we retrieved the photos.

Do you know who else showed
up in another photo?


A Kyokuryu boss and a
gang leader.

And you, madam.


Madam, are you sure there's
no relationship between

the candidate's wife and
the Kyokuryu?

Yes, I'm sure.

Don't worry, we're investigating it.

Thank you for waiting.

Excuse me for a moment.
Akemi, please take care of him.


You're pretty.

Welcome to the club.

How old are you?

How old do I look?

Based on this lovely thigh,
I'd say nineteen years old.

You... Are you kidding?

Let me kiss your cheek.

It's me. Something unfortunate has
happened dealing with the situation.


What's wrong?

It's not nice to watch
somebody pissing.

If you want to live longer,
quit sniffing around.

What are you doing to me?



It's terrible, you don't
deserve something like this.

There's something they'd
rather keep hidden.

Her sad pitiful story was all fake.

The car escaping from the
rape scene was involved.

They took the photos
for some reason.

Think about it. The madam told
us when to do it and where.

She told us when to go to the
garage to attack Tomoko.

The madam played a trick on us.


I want to walk away
from this case.

We can't just forget about it.

I understand your feelings.


Uncle, Rapeman's motto is:

"Righting wrongs through penetration"

Uncle, we have a
responsibility to uphold.

Think about the children at
the Sunflower Orphanage.

We can't donate dirty money
from gangsters.

Do you think it's all right?

Do you think that will make
those kids happy?

I really don't want to walk
away from this case.

I remember you said
it smelled fishy.

You were doubtful about
the madam's story.

I'm sorry I was blinded
by her tears.

If we stick our noses into
this case, Keisuke,

we'll find ourselves in
some big trouble.

I'm also responsible for
your safety.

I couldn't face Lady Sunflower
if anything happened.



We should close Rapeman
Services for a while.


Welcome to the club.
Are you alone?


Follow me, please.

What would you like to drink?

Water and liquor.

Whiskey's all right?


Is this your first time
to come here?


I'm Akemi. Nice to meet you.

Nice to meet you, too.

Go ahead.

That was amazing.

You should buy a bottle
if you drink like that.

It's much cheaper.

- Yes, I'd like to do that.
- Thank you very much.

I can't drink anymore.

Maybe a kiss can
rejuvenate you.

I'm rejuvenated!

Can I drink with you?

Everybody, have
whatever you want.

Bring another bottle.

I need to take a piss.

- Are you all right?
- Are you okay?

I can piss by myself.

Here's the bottle.
Start drinking!

Be careful.

Who took the rape photos?

I don't know.

Is that so?

I'm going to ask one more time.

Who took the photos?

I don't know.

Who was it?

I was simply asked to
set up the rape.

Who asked you to do it?


Kyokuryu asked you, right?

I don't know anything.

Why did they target
the candidate's wife?

I don't know. I don't know anything.

I'm giving you a special
gift for tricking us.

You don't know what you're doing.

Kyokuryu will move against you.

Are you all right?

I don't think so.

I better go home.

All right, but come back soon.

Are you okay?

I can't stop the hiccups.

Sometimes a shock can stop them.

See? Your hiccups stopped.

Is this a joke?

That was great.

- Good morning, teacher.
- Hello.

You smell like alcohol.

Please don't talk loud.

Teacher, wait.

Maybe we should cancel
the class. Wait...

Stop talking at the same time.

Maybe you should take this..

You can't bribe me with
chewing gum.

Candidate's wife in
unsuccessful suicide.

I'm sorry.

Excuse me.

- The class is canceled.
- Really?

Teacher, my bag!

- Drive carefully.
- See you later.

Class is canceled!

I didn't do anything.
What did I do?

Bitch, you have a big mouth!

We made your dream come true.

You became a Ginza manager
in your twenties.

But that's all over.

All over? What does that mean?

Hello, Ms. Numata.

Have you seen the newspaper?

Sure, we didn't expect that
result. But it's no problem.

Do you still think
our plan is safe?

We guarantee it.

Candidate Kayama isn't stupid enough
to expose his wife's shame.

If you say so. But aren't there
some other loose ends?

Do you think I'm a loose end?

I heard Rapeman showed
up at your place.


But I didn't talk.


Ms. Numata, don't worry about this.

I'm going to kill everybody
involved in this mess.

For starters, that one.

You can't.

I'll do whatever you want.
Please don't kill me.

Uncle. Uncle.

Uncle! Uncle!

Could it be?

You don't know what you're doing.

Kyokuryu will move against you.

Here he is.

Who is this old man?

He's the contact for Rapeman.

What are you trying
to do to me?

What do you want me to do?

How about letting me go.

Who is Rapeman?

I don't know.

Even if I knew,
I wouldn't tell you.

What a goofball you are.

If you don't want to
tell me, that's all right.

But you'll end up floating in the
Pacific Ocean along with the madam.

Who are you?

I'm from the gas company.

It's just a routine check.

There's been many gas leaks
recently in this neighborhood.

- May I come in, please?
- OK but hurry.

Yes, thank you.

Who the hell are you?

- Excuse me.
- He's with the gas company.

He needs to check the
unit in the corner.

We're having a serious
conversation here.

Of course, sir.

But I need to take a look
at it, I have my orders.

What kind of civil servant is this?

You're taking too long.

I'm sorry, everything
is all right here.

I'll be going now.

What an idiot.

I better get going.

Please, give my regards
to your boss.

You're no good.

- My turn.
- No, my turn next.

Hey, Gas Man.

What are you doing here?

Nothing's over there.

I need to pee so bad.
I'm looking for the bathroom.

It's right around the corner.
Do it quickly.


What's that smoke?

Gas is leaking!
It's going to explode.

An explosion?


Quickly! Quickly!
Get out of here.

Uncle! Uncle!

Are you okay?

Keisuke, I thought
I was done for.

I don't think it's
going to explode.

The old man is on the roof.

If he's found, we'll be in trouble.

You're right.


Move it.

This way.

Come on, hurry.

Hurry up.

I can't run anymore.

Don't say that.



Get in.


Uncle, don't get up.

I still wonder, why were you
guys being chased by Kyokuryu.

You're a high school teacher
and you're just a realtor.


Sir, here's your water.

I can't imagine you guys are
involved in drug trafficking.

I'm a professional educator,
I wouldn't be involved in drugs.

Perhaps you've been nibbling
on the boss's wife?

Absolutely not.

So what's the reason?

I think you owe me that much.
I saved your life.

News report from candidate
Takashi Kayama's home.

He has just announced his
decision to drop from the race,

due to the scandal surrounding
his wife's attempted suicide.

Here is Kayama's car.

Mr. Kayama, please
give us a comment.

Did you really drop
out of the race?

Yes, I'm very sorry for the people
who always supported me.

What is the reason for your
wife's attempted suicide?

She's been upset due to pressures,
a certain amount of mental stress.

What? Was I used by the Kyokuryu
to make this man drop out?

If that's true, this is
a great scoop.

It's my first big scoop.

Listen, do you really think Kyokuryu
was behind the dropout?

Let's say it's true. But what
is your involvement?

I need to do it for myself,
and for Uncle...

And for...

That's the car!

That car belongs to Yabuki,
one of the gang leaders.

Why is it important?


That's the dragon lady
Uncle was talking about.

She's not part of he Kyokuryu.

She looks familiar to me.

Look how the gang members
are bowing to her.

She must be very important,
perhaps Jinno's woman.


- I remember...
- What?

She is Kaneko's secretary.

Who is Kaneko?

You know, Kaneko was
running against Kayama.

That explains a lot.

What do you mean?
Tell me what you know.

Kaneko was running against
Kayama in the election.

That's right. So?

Do you think...

In this district, three people
hold government positions.

Two are committed to the
ruling parties.

But the third is independent and
therefore the most influential.

So with Kayama out of the
race, Kaneko takes over.

I think I'm beginning
to understand.

This is getting exciting.

Where are you going?

No place. Just stretching.

Here they are.

They're mine.

You son of a bitch, you'll see.


Mr. Jinno, what are
you doing here?

Sir, what do you mean?
You called for me to come here.

What? I don't remember doing that.

But I got the message from Numata.


What's going on?

I don't know either.

I had a message from Numata too
she told me to come here.

But Numata isn't here.


Is that you, Numata?
What's going on here?

Sir, what are you doing
there so late at night?

You told us to come here.

I didn't do anything like that.
I've been looking for you.

So you say you don't know
anything about this?


- I'll talk to you later.
- Yes.

What is going on here?

I don't know.

This smells like a trap.

If the media gets a photo of us,

they'll start piecing this
political puzzle together.

My career would be over.

Big trouble.

Please, go home.

I'm leaving. Excuse me.

Be careful.

I was hoping to break
this story right away.

We must keep quiet for a while,

and use our information to frame
Numata and the Kyokuryu.

That will be the best
story for you.

You think so? Will I get
a Pulitzer Prize?


I'll do my best.

Excuse me, sir.

You need to leave for the
downtown headquarters.

Can I leave after the ceremony?

That'll be all right.

Are you ready for
the festivities?

We'll be ready soon.

Shin Kaneko is declared
the winner.

Let's go.

Shin Kaneko, in a landslide,
is declared the winner.

He is the new representative filling the
independent seat in Tokyo's 17th District.

Good job. Congratulations!

Thank you.

Congratulations, sir.
How are you feeling right now?

To the people who supported me.

To those who sent me to the House of
Representatives and to the entire nation.

I promise from the bottom of my soul,
a program of complete political reform.

I will devote my heart to
the people of Japan.

This I swear.

Ms. Numata, excuse me,
there's a phone call for you.

You can use the booth next door.

Thank you.

Do you intend to run for
Prime Minister office?

It's too early to say. But if the
citizens wants me to represent them,

I will take the responsibility
and take it very seriously.

Hello, this is Numata.
Hello? Hello?

Nobody there.

Are there any other questions?

Is it true you have dealings
with Kyokuryu Yakuza?

I know nothing of that.

Nothing could be further
from the truth.

So you're saying you
never met with them?

Of course I've never met them.

Is that so?

Then who was the man you met
here, three nights ago?

Three nights ago?

You set it up!

Please explain yourself.

Do you believe this woman?

During the campaign, I never saw
anyone except my staff.

What newspaper do you represent?
Are you an editor?

You've insulted me!


Sir, are you ready?
Time for the ceremony.

I almost forgot.

Now it's time for the ultimate
celebration for Senator Shin Kaneko.

Everybody, get ready.

Does everyone have
their cameras ready?

What is this? What are these?
What are these photos?

You made a big mistake
when you pissed me off.

This is a gift from the old
man you almost killed.

Can you feel the anger of Senator
Kayama and his poor wife?

- Can you explain these photos?
- Who is this?

Is this man in the photo
Kozo Jinno, the Yakuza boss?

I don't know. This is a
setup, I'm innocent.

She's trying to ruin my
career as a politician.

- What's going on?
- I don't know.

This smells like a trap.

If the media gets a photo of us,

they'll start piecing this
political puzzle together.

My career would be over.

Shit, I don't know.

I have never dealt with
Kyokuryu Yakuza.

My secretary can clear
this up. Numata!

Numata, where are you?

My boss, Kaneko and the Kyokuryu boss
have been friends for several years.

He forced me to use the Kyokuryu
to create the Kayama scandal.

Mr. Kaneko, sir, is that
Secretary Numata's voice?

Is it true? Did you mastermind
the Kayama scandal?

Mr. Kaneko?

Please answer.

Just one word, sir.

Mr. Kaneko.

- Mr. Kaneko.
- Senator.

- Give us a comment.
- Please.

What is that?

I don't know, perhaps
the lines are crossed.

Emergency! Emergency!
Kaneko has fainted.

That's it, Kaneko's career is over.

What is that?

I can't trust politicians
any more.

Bribes and embezzlements are
up in the business world.

It's child's play compared to
what the politicians are doing.

Can things change with
new elected officials?

Sooner or later, maybe we can
replace the bad politicians.

- It's very sad.
- Yes, indeed.

That's why we're here.

Keep your penis strong.

Anonymous donation to
Sunflower Orphanage,

an envelope containing $10000
was found in their mailbox.

The letter simply said: "Please use
this money for the children."

The orphanage was saved once
again from foreclosure.

Congratulations. Now it's
time for the news.

We're at Kyokuryu Offices
in Minato-ku.

Here comes Kozo Jinno, the
notorious Yakuza boss.

Following him is the gang leader
Enoki, accompanied by the police.

And now we see a number of
other Yakuza officials.

Jinno's face is noticeably pale.

Look. Junko's on the news.

She's doing a really good job.

Good afternoon.

- May I ask you something?
- Yes, of course, anything.

I heard this is the place where
I can arrange for a rape.

What are you talking about?

This is it.

It's called Rapeman Services.

Depending on your request,
we might fulfill it.

You need to have a good reason.

Can we help you?

Are you saying you're Rapeman?

No. At my age, you can't expect
more than three pumps.

I would think so.

So then, who is Rapeman?

Come on, tell me.

Wait. That's top secret
information in this company.

I see. I'd like to use the service.

Is that true? Thank you.

Who is the rape target?


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