Raped by an Angel 4: The Raper's Union (1999) - full transcript

Miss Kwan a writer with writer's block and her goofy cop boyfriend are being tormented by an American named Daniel who's housing two escaped rapists. Daniel and the two friends spend there time combing the bars and clubs looking for girls. They cross paths with Kwan and her friends and the madness and carnage begins. Anthony Wong also stars as a lunatic named the Human Milk Drinking Doctor. A madman who rapes lactating women. He's reformed though (through working as an projectionist in a porno theater). Wong helps the couple defeat Daniel and his co-horts.

Special report.

This morning there was an escape
all the Stanley prison.

Two well known rapists both escaped

They are the "Rain Killer" Chan Kok-wan

and the "Tuen Mun Rapist" Ko Sheung-wai.

Police is doing a wide range search
for these two fugitives.

It's scary that the two rapists escaped!

They should capture those two men
and gang rape them.

The "Rain Killer" doesn't have to work in the rain.

I am the "Tuen Mun Rapist" Ko Sheung-wai.


Hello, editor,
I am not trying to avoid you.

I just don't have any ideas.

Listen, I, Kwan Shi-han have been writing
novels for the last 8 years.

I have used up all my ideas right now.

I can't stand talking to you anymore... Okay

I have been with my boyfriend
for the last 4 years.

There is nothing fresh anymore.

What? Dump him?!

I am a love story writer and
you want me to dump my boyfriend.

If I write action stories then I guess
you will want me to go shoot someone?!

You are nuts!

You deserve it!
Who told you to come try to scare me?!

You said you want some new feelings.

That is why I dress up as a rapist
and trying to rape you.

I am not playing with you! Stupid!

What did you spray on me?
It's hurting my eyes!

Pepper spray!


I learned this from the

self-protection book.

Next time I will use an electric shocker.

You are going to shock me next time!

Come on, let's do it!

No way!

Stop it

Don't come any closer.

I am too excited, come on.
Take off your clothes.

No... I won't!

I can't hold it anymore!
Hurry... Let's get it on!

Said no!

We've been together for 4 years,

all you know is to have sex with me.

What do you want?

You won't give it to me and
you won't let me sleep with other girls.

My pennies is about to become useless.

I don't care

- if it is useless or not!
- You are wearing black underwear?!

I can't hold it... come on.

Okay, if you can answer my questions first.

Get up

Get up

What is it?

Put on your pants first.


What kind of bird
can you put in the freezer,

below twenty degrees.

And after three days
the animal will still be alive.

What kind of bird is it?

I know, the special trained bird.

It turns up the temperature
when it is inside the freezer.

Come on...


Wrong? Okay,
it must have worn a big jacket!

Come on.

You are really stupid.

The answer is penguin, stupid!

Penguin, or whatever. Come on.


But I already answered you question!

But you got it wrong.

Ask something easier.

Okay, I will ask you a new one!
Wait a second.

Where is your money?

Where did your salary go?

What is wrong with you?!
Why did you check my account?

You lost in horse racing, right?


No sex for you as a penalty.

Hit me then.

I once tried out for the SDU
although I didn't make it.

But I am strong enough to stand your lashes.

I am going to hit you one hundred times!

Go ahead! But just don't hit my head!

...4,5,6,7,8,9, 10.

I told you not to hit my head.

If I go on like this,

my pennies is really going to become useless.

What happened? Your car broke down?


You live here?!

I live in the big house at the front.

There are only two houses here.

You are here to see your girlfriend?

Yes! We just have an argument

and I am leaving now.

I am Daniel, I am an architect.

Architect! I am Fai.

My friends call me Smart Fai,
People who hate me call me asshole.

I am a cop.

You are a great cop!

Come on, don't flatter me.

Let me help you with your car.


What happened?
Have you checked everywhere?

I don't know but the engine won't start.

...Two rapist have escaped...

They are the "Rain Killer" Chan Kok-wan and t

he "Tuen Mun Rapist" Ko Sheung-wai.

That two rapists escaped
& there must be lot of trouble.

Don't worry! We will catch them soon.

I heard that your girlfriend is a novel writer.

How do you know?!

I know

I envy you.

There is nothing!

We just have some SM fun
when we have nothing to do.

Really? You guys like the rough stuff?!


I never tried.

Isn't it fun?

It is alright.

Why don't I give you a ride?

Are you all the way to Mongkok?

Yes! Get in.


Where in Mong Kok?

I am just going to go check on something.

- Get in the car.
- Okay.

The target is in sight, everyone standby.

Miss Po-wan

Wei sir, she hasn't slept for two days,

let her sleep.

Ever since her sister got killed.

She uses this job to take her
mind off her sister

Are you okay?

Yes! Just a bad dream.

What is going on?

Target is on the move.

Wei sir, someone is coming.

Check who is it.

It's officer Fai.

Officer Fai.

Wei sir, you look like
you are having good luck today.

What happened to your mouth?
Did your mother hit you?

No, is a nasty mosquito bite.

If you want the details,
I can give it to you...

Shut up!

Are you finished?

He is Big-mouth.

Wei sir, target is leaving the building.

- Miss Po-wan.
- Yes.

Target is in sight, all units standby.

Who do you think you are, the disc jockey?

Police freeze!






You must be brother Cow?!
I am just doing my job.

You don't have to pick on me.

If you like, I will just let you walk away.

You can go now, okay?

Shut up! Are you finished?

No... The way you hold a gun is so cool!

Just like the Hollywood movie stars!

You are going to be a great thief star.

You don't have to kill a cop.

You know what,
if you need help in the future,

just give me a call.

Here, I will give you my phone number.

You are very annoying!

Shit! You have more bullets?

What is your stupid name again? Fat Cow?!

The weather is getting cold.

I should kill you
and put your meal to cook in the hot pot!

Die, asshole.

Hollywood star?!

Asshole! Pick on me when
I forgot to bring my gun?!

Eat this!

Get up!

Don't move!

Get up!


Are you okay?

Am fine!

I arrested more than eighteen of
this kind of rascal a year.

Take him in!

If you don't want to get arrested,
then get in the car.

I am Daniel.

Are you the one
who helped us escaped from the jail?


Why did you help me?

Are you scared?

Enough talking!

Go to my house first.


Take a look around.

Why helping us?

Because we're on the same wavelength.

You like raping women too?

But I'm different than you.

I have a plan to get the girl I want.

And I will leave no problem behind too.

Are you really that good?!

Of course!

So ll need two partners that can trust.

How many girls have you raped before?

I am a U.S. citizen.

If ll remember correctly, in U.S...

I raped seventy-one girls.

What about in Hong Kong?

Not too many.

What do you mean?

Let me show you something first.

Don't hit me...

I will do whatever you want.

Let me go.

I like treating women as my pet.

I'll replace them when I get sick of them.

I know you guys
have been waited for this so long,

I will let you have one.

I want the one with big breast.

You're too thin. Go away.

You lied to me!

You said you are going to let me go
after give you good service.

You haven't showered or a long time.

Let me help you.

No! I don't shower!


How can you go home like this?

My dad is rich, he will give you lots of money.

Let me go, please!

We will talk after a shower.

I want you to be cleaned before making love.


It's coming! Let's start from the top.

Your breasts are dirty.

Now we will wash the bottom! Open wide...

How is it? Did you have fun?

- Of course!
- I like it!

Let's start a rape ally today.



We are brothers now!


We will rape as many girls as we want.

Who lives in that house?

A novel writer.

Her body is quite nice.

Why don't we go rape her?

Don't worry! She lives so close,

we will save her for last.

What do you think? Do you like it?

Is this it?

I have a better one in my room.

There are three girls down below.

Three women?!


My boss is almost forty and is not married.

And she always acts like
she is having orgasm in front of us.

She is good at that too.


I should take a look of it myself.

My boyfriend always complains that
I don't show enough emotion during sex.

He always asks me is it his problem.

I think man is stupid!

Let's talk about something else.

I don't have a boyfriend for six months already.

Everyone thinks that being an actress

there must be lots of men after me.

The truth is, we are scared by the press.

We also scare that once the man got
what they want,

they will sell the story for money or bluff.

I don't care about Valentine's Day or Christmas,

If I can't find a perfect man.

I rather sit at home.

If I go out with a rich man
they will say the guy bought me.

Go out with a poor guy and
they will say I bought the guy.

This is sad?!

If you don't like man then we can be lesbians.

How about?


You spray me with milk?! Stop running!

You two are nuts!

Stop running.

Stop it!

You girls are not young anymore.
Stop playing with milk.

Why didn't you duck?

That is gypsum!

You slut!

Why did you call me slut?

Men are punks and you two are sluts.

What should I do now?

Go shower, stupid?


Will she be mad?

Of course! She might even rape you too.

Slut! I will hit you with my breast.

You girls were like this
when we were still in school.

But nothing have changed since then.

One of you is a star and

the other one is a disc jockey.

How can you act like this?

What happens it someone finds out.

We were just playing.

I got an ideal

We should call all our old friends to go out.


But you have to get your orgasm boss to go.

Please don't call her that in front of her.


She like people call her Natasia.

That name sounds like a pie of shit.

Why are you so nasty?

You are a dirty slut.

Don't run!

Let's bring them back here and rapist them.

We have to show some professional.

When we find a target
we have to enjoy for a while.

We have to get them at the time.

Do we have to wait for a long time?

Why not? Why are you so impatient?

Do you have any suggestion?


Very clear.

Think about it,

if I shoot this thing to her house...

we will be able to see everything.

Why don't you shoot it then?

You have very high tech equipments

I used to work for the C.I1.A
as an electronic engineer.

I always design very small cameras
and small bugs for them.

But later they discovered that...

I put some of those devices
in the girl's dressing room.

Then they fired me.

Don't worry! We will have Chinese now.

My equipments are more advanced that the C.l.A's.

If you can't hold it

then go rape those two girls.

Good idea!

What about you?

Let me think.


Where is she?

Can you give me a towel?

I will go and get you a towel.

Oh, no!

What is it?

Fai's gun!

Why's in here?

I was beating him this morning

and he might have forgot to bring it back.

What are you going to do?

I have to deliver it to him!

I will go with you.

It's okay! Take this towel to Icy.

Miss Po-wan,

I think you should take a month's off.

Am fine.

Last year you almost got raped by
that crazy doctor.

Today, you saw a same incident.

I worry that you might
not be able to handle this.

I think you should take some time off.

Let those two men be running
around raping girls,

it is a nightmare
for all the girls in Hong Kong.

I wish you will let me handle this case.

I have to ask my supervisor

for an answer on this matter.

You two are dismissed.

Yes Sir.

Yes Sir.

Thai, take care of it!

Yes Madam.

Are you okay?

Am fine!

Thanks for not telling on me

that I didn't bring my gun.

Don't do it again.

I think you are the best female cop.

You are beautiful too.

Stop kissing up to me.



What are you doing here?

You left something at my house.

Okay, now go home and cook.

Go home and play with the dog! Go!


So you can hug that girl again?

She fainted, that's all!

Stop acting?

If you leave your gun at my house again,

I will...

What happened?

Nothing! I can explain.

Come in with me,
I want you to explain this to me.

Go home.


I don't know why you like Fai.

You have no taste!

Is he your boyfriend?

No anymore, you can have him.

Today is really a bad day.

You asshole!
How dare you tell me to go home?

Sorry! I really love you.

If I dare go out with another woman.

I swear that I will get AIDS.

Also I will be shot three times
a day by the thieves.

Go to bathroom and no toilet paper for me.

If I gamble I will lose.

If I kiss someone else
she will bite off my tongue.

He didn't even say that three words.

I give you one thousand roses
as to show you my love.

Where are the one thousand roses?
There is only one here.

Here they are!

Why are you following me
around like a dog?

I will forever follow you like a dog.

I will put you to death.

Please forgive me, please?

Go away.

Don't come any closer, I will call the cops.

No need. I am the cop.

Come on,

Go away! Stop messing with me.

Give me a kiss.

Okay! Let me ask you three questions.


If you get it right will forgive you.

Why are you doing this again?


Listen to me.

Question number one.

When I first knew you...

It was Dec 24, 1995

at Mr. Fat's party, right?

I want to ask you
that what color of shoes was I wearing?

Green... no yellow...

No! Purple... no...

ll remember now, it was rainbow.

Is pink!

How are you forget?

Ask another one okay?

Okay! I will ask the second question.

When I first went out to eat with you...

I know! We dated at Tai Pang Restaurant.

We have Swiss chicken wings

and roasted pigeon, right?

I am not finished yet!

That night,

did I have coffee or tea?

Tea! It must be tea! You don't like coffee.

I got it! Yes!

Come on.

You are so stupid!

I didn't drink anything that night!

Are you sure?

Don't worry!
There is one more chance... ask me.

Okay! You should know this one.

I will get this one? Ask me.

The first time I slept with you...


at Romantic hotel, room108.

We did it three times and used four condoms.

We then kissed each other
all the way till the morning.

After that we had breakfast
and then I took you home.

How can you forget it?

I went to Canada
with my mother on Dec 24, 1996.

Who did you go with to the Romantic hotel.

And did it three times
and used four condoms?


Don't hit my head!

No... Don't hit my head...

I have to...

Don't hit me! I will do anything!

Please don't hit me!

I will do anything you ask me.


Yes... I will do everything.


Let me go, I will rape you, okay?



Come on, rape me.

What are you doing?


Come on... Rape me!


You don't like it?

Right! This is good.

Are you crazy?

How am I going to talk to anyone tomorrow?

Not my problem!

You can kiss your boss for all I care.

Get out!

Where are you going tomorrow night?

Why do you care?

I want to go out to dinner with you tomorrow.

I can't!

I'll go with my friends to Ian Kwai Fong.

Why didn't you ask me to go?

Okay! I will let you go but you have to...

let me hit you two hundred times
without screaming.

Come on.

Forget it!

I will call you tomorrow then.

Damn you!

How dare you pick on me too?

If you continue to be like this
I'll not change engine oil for you again!

Good! I will change engine oil for you now.

Old habits die hard.

I've made it clear to you.

You shouldn't kill women.

We have different interests. That's all.

Give me the other one. I'd like to do her.

Both of them are gone.

Let her go.

There's nothing.

Forget it.

Let's go catch some new.

What's wrong with you?
I told you to bug the phone

and is not to dismember it.

You should know that
I only know how to cut things open.

Why not wait, rape and kill?

I told you, raping women is an art.

You can make it go as long as you like
if you do it right.

And there'll be no trouble afterwards.

If you do it like you did before,
you'll get caught.

As long as I get to rape.

No worries. I'll make them can food.

Sol can eat them whenever I want.

Why not now?

- Can't you wait?
- No.

My name is Natasia!

Don't I look very sexy.

I am her boss.

I taught her

everything about love.


Look at the way I smoke cigar and

you know men love me.


Hey kid,

Want to dance?

Old woman, are you okay?

You only have two little rocks on your chest
and you try to get me?

Do you know geography?
This is called highland!

Do you know biology?

Two things hanging down there are balls.

No more, I am very tired!

Miss, can I have a dance with you?

Who are you?

My name is Daniel and

I am your neighbor.

- Will you dance with me?
- Really?

I don't know you.

What does he want?

- Right.
- He is very annoying.

I just want to buy you girls a drink.

No, thanks! We are leaving.

W aiter.

I will buy them two more rounds

of their drinks.


I said no! Didn't you hear me?

Don't be like this.

It's because of you,
courting girls are beautiful.

No wonder you can be a DJ,
very good in expressing your feeling.

Stop messing around here!

My god-brother owns this place.

He knows lots of cops!

Don't say that I have never warned you.

I didn't know big movie star Icy is here too.

I am sorry!

Icy doesn't know you either, leave.


Okay! Maybe next time then.


Don't get mad! Let's go to my house!

I have some nice wine of year 82.

Okay! Let's finish all these first.

Why is Icy so late?

She is here.

Why are you so slow?

You used to be very good at driving.

Damn it! The cop got me for speeding!

I got a ticket too.

You didn't beg for mercy?

Park in my space then!

I will move my car.

It's okay! I will just park in the front then.

Hurry! I have lots of dirty jokes to tell you!

Who is it?

Icy, don't you remember me?

Don't you know this is a private place,

you can't park here.


There is no more parking space down there.

Can I just park here for a while?

No problem!

Are you just vomit?


Use this.

She is very good.

Breast attack!

I am not scared of you!

Flat chest!

I will flatten your breast...

You should have recorded
all these and sell it.

Too bad Icy is not here!

She missed everything.

You are not bad.

What is taking her so long?

I will go check on her.

I will go with you.

It's okay! You girls have fun.

Drink up all the wine!

I still have lots of them left!

I will be back soon.

No problem.


What are you doing?

Miss Kwan, what are you doing here
in the middle of the night?

I am looking for my friend.

I didn't see anyone here.

That is impossible! Her car was parked here.

Where did she go?

Do you know this is a private place?

I can get someone and tow your car away.

I have to find my friend first before!
I move the car.

From your eyes,

you suspect that I kidnapped your friend?

I warning you!

Don't you dare touch her car!

Please let me go.

I am a movie star.

We know.

I never get to rape a movie star before.

I finally have the chance today.

I told you I was in charge of this house.

Please let me go!

I will give you one million.

Do you know that this house
is worth couple million dollars?

You should know that all three of us like you.

But you have to pick one.

If you serve us good.

I will let you go.

No! I won't...

This is strong acid.

If I put a few drops on your face,

you will never be able to fix it.

I pick him...

Why do you pick him and not me?

It's settled!

I love girls who serve me well.

If you can serve me well.

I will let you go.


If 1 lie, I will get AIDS!

Oh no!

Icy's cay is still here but she is missing.

Icy, where have you been?

We are worrying about you.

Kuen, I puked a lot so I decided to go home.

I am not going to your house anymore.

I'll also go to Thailand tomorrow.


Icy said she went home already.

That's fine.

Her voice sounded very strange.

Don't worry, she is home.

Let's go home and sleep.

But I just think something
has happened to her.

What's wrong?

Okay, why don't we all sleep here tonight,

and we will all go look for her tomorrow?

- Okay!
- Let's go to sleep! I am very tired.

Will you let me go now?

You served me

so my brothers have to return
the favor to you.

You lied to me! You will get AIDS!

I already have AIDS!

Icy lives alone.

She always calls me every other day.

But she haven't called me for a week.

I went to her house to look for her.

Her clothes and passport was still here.

She couldn't have gone to Thailand?

She called me that night.

And told me she would
go to Thailand the next day.

Don't worry!

We will do our best to find her.


Fai, get their report for me.

I will send it to the special branch.

Yes Sir.


Wai sir, somehow I think this case
is related to the rapists.


Miss Kwan, come sit over here.

Madam, I thought you were on vacation!

Yes! But I was bored.

Your girlfriend?

We are partners.

You must be Miss Kwan!
I have no interest in your boyfriend.

And he have no interest in me too.

Here are some cakes,

are you interested?


Good! I love cakes!

You never have cakes before?

I am too fat, I guess I shouldn't eat them.

You guys want some.

I heard that Miss Kwan's friend is missing.


Last year I went up against a rapist.

Later I spent lots of time
to investigate all rapists' file.

I think someone might be able to help you.

Really? Who?

You know him. His name is Doctor.

Since he finished his sentence,
he is no longer a rapist.

A rapist can become a doctor?

That guy is weird, his full name is

Human Milk Drinking Doctor.

He likes to capture women
who just gave birth & he drinks their milk.

He never raped anyone before.

He is crazy.

But he is like the ancestor of all rapist.

He talks to the whole world's rapists.

Where is he now?

He is a projectionist
at a X-rated movie theater.

He said by watching X-rated movie
can help him control his sex drive.

Let's go fine him now.

I think it should be this one.

Let's go.

Who is it?

I am Fai,
Madam should have called you already.

Come in.

I think we should go now.

Don't worry, he is the ancestor of all rapists.

He should have something that can help us.

Let's go.

- Are you sure?
- Yes!

I am scared of nut cases.

Sorry, you must be Doctor?

Please sit down.
You can watch the movie if you like.

We have something to ask you.

Want some milk?

No thanks.

I want to ask you about...

There are something good
about watching X-rated movie.

It can control my sex drive,

and I can also learn English too.

Oh yes, oh no, I'm coming.

Sorry, we are not here to learn English.

Two rapists have just
escaped from the prison.

Her neighbor is a strange man.

And her friend

strangely disappeared in front of his door.

We can't find her yet.

He is a professional.

What does he look like?

He is big, strong and quite nice.

Looks like a business man.

He told me his name is Daniel.

Criminals mostly are very smart.

And rapists are the smartest of all criminals.

Even since the invention of internet,

rapists from all over the world are able
to communicate to each other.

There are 31 of them I always talk to.

Daniel is once trained by the C.l.A.

and he is a high-tech rapist.

He rapes the good looking girls.

He likes to force the girls to take off
their shirt by themselves.

And wants them to serve him
like he is their boyfriend.

You think he is very good.

Then why you tell us all this?

I don't like him. He is too cocky.

And I think he is very low class.

He always wants to rape girls.

And me, I just to force
the girls to give me milk.

Okay! You are the greatest!

Rapists are like animals,

They will only appear when there is a target.

You should tell your girlfriend to be careful.

Ho do you know I am his girlfriend?

His face is like a triangle.
He must be very selfish and horny.

If you are not his girlfriend,
why are you so nervous?

Why are you talking shit about me?

Let's go outside and fight!

Okay, let's see how crazy you are!

No, forgive him.

Let me go.

Come back

Sit down, I have to teach him a lesson.

Be careful.

You think you really are a doctor?

Are you okay?

Am fine.

Look at you. You lost, right?

No, I won. But that guy didn't hit me.

He bit my nipples.


I told you not to kill this girl.

Her body will stink if you kill her.

I buried the last two with lime
and they doesn't stink at all.

This girl talked too much,

so I cut off her tongue.

Are you crazy?

You are crazy too.

Freak! Why do you have to kill all of them?

There are no girl
left for me to rape anymore.

Are you Kuen?

Who is this?

Is me!

Why are you calling me?

Just to say hi.

I don't want to play with you!
My house have no power.

What should I do?

I don't think you can help me on the phone!

Stop calling me! Come back now.


Don't worry! You are scaring yourself.


Icy, what happened?

Don't worry!
I will give you some ice for your wound.

Put this on...
don't worry! Don't be scared.

Go to hell.

Icy, let's go.


No! I must call the police!

Where is the phone?

Who cut my phone line?

Okay! Cell phone!

No power?

Where is the battery?

Icy, go out from the window...



Hide inside.

I call police!

Where is the Phone?

Not working?



Fai? Why are you here?


Why did you hit me?

Icy is missing!


Just now.

Give me your phone.


Fai sir is here.

Fai sir, we found a girl's body.

Let's go check and see if she is Icy.

I am not going! I am scared!

Don't be!

Bra, I am selling nice bra.

- Bra...
- How much?

Buy one! You can try it on here.

Sick ass!

What's wrong with that?

Give me a bra.

Miss, what did you say?

I want to buy bra!

For your?

Of course!

You need legs to wear pants.

My bra is not for flat breast woman.

You don't need a bra, go away!

Sick ass!

It won't fit you!


You changed profession?

The economy is bad right now.

No one wants to watch
X-rated movie anymore.

So ll have to sell bra now.

Come on buy one.

Okay! Let's talk about something else first!

- Come on buy one.
- Okay... no problem.

I need you to help me to catch Daniel.

You have nice breast, buy one.

Okay... later.

You are a cop!
You should be able to solve it yourself.

I don't have enough evidence to arrest him.
I can't get a search warrant either.

American rapist

like to build a basement at a big house.

There they will hide many dead bodies.

Have you check on this yet?

How can we find that basement?

Rent a house next door and dig a tunnel...

Inspectors are here.

Help me move my business...

- Go to my house first.
- Let's run away first.

Come in.

A stranger is here.

Is him!

He is the Human Milk Drinking Doctor!

He is all rapist's ancestor.

But he retire already.

I chatted with him on the net before.

Doctor, here is the remote.


He knows that this house is monitored.

Go get him.

Let's see what they are going to do first.

Do you have milk?

Left or right?

I want cow milk not human milk?

I will get it for you.

I was born on the year on cow.

I think she is the one, thanks!

Why so loud?

What did he say?

I can't see what he is writing?

We will do this to them.

Here is your milk.

Oh yes!

I have feelings for you.


I want...

Want what?

I want you to go watch
a play with me tomorrow night.

Romeo and Juliet?

No, the play is performed
by the group "Bull Shit".

The play is called "Human milk after dark."”

The story is about a mother

who only feeds her sons after dark.

At the end all her sons died.

It's very sad.

We will see.

Your eyes already sold you out.

I know you really want to go.

Tomorrow night, 8p.m.
Meet me at the Art Center.

If you are ox.

I'll be the fly on your ass.

Let's talk downstairs.


What are you doing? Let's go.

What is the different between
a fly on ox's ass

and on pig's ass?


Han, is cold out here,

can we talk inside?

No, Doctor said that my house

has been wired.

He told us to come down here and talk.

Look around your first!

What did the Doctor write?

He is very good with the laws.

He said we have to get Daniel
to commit crime one more time.

You will go attract him? No, no!

Yes. I want to revenge for lcy.

I will get him to commit him.

And get the other two criminal guys.



Will you go with me?

Go with you?

Fai, will you protect us?

Of course!

She can go but I don't think you should go.

Stop argue.

Her breast is not big enough! I should go.

I take off my clothes,
they will faint right in front of me.

Stop it.

Do you have a plan?

We will go in first and

the police will wait outside.

We will carry a device.

If anything happens,

we'll push the button & you guys will in.

I'll give each of you one just
in case of anything happens.

How long will it take
for you guys to rush in?

If there is no gate, around one minute.

There is nothing to worry about, right?

What if the rapists finish you
girls off in one minute?

A rapist won't rape you for 1 minute.

It will at least 1 hour.

I thought you don't like me?

People will change.

Where is your police boyfriend?

We broke up already and
I came only with my two friends.

It's boring here! Why don't you
go to my house to have a party?

I have coke at home that can make you high.


I never lie to a girl.

But what about my friends?

They can come too.

That bastard is very good.


Which one do you like?

I like the one with big breast.

It will take a long time to kill her.


Miss Kwan, can I dance with you?


You don't want to dance with me first?

You have to look after have handbag.

The ugly one is very funny.

I like her.

Oh no, what should I do?

Oh no!

I need to stool.

What is the matter with you?

Why didn't you go earlier?

I can't hold it anymore, hold this.

So many locks?

It should be safe now.

Heard that you are an editor.

Hey, can you wait until
I finish using the bathroom?

You have to listen to me,


Let me ask you three questions.

If you get all of them right then
I will let you go.


First question.

Who is your grandmother's

daughter's daughter?

Is me.

Very good.

Second question.

What do Chinese, African and American

have the same color of?

Teeth and blood.


Okay, third question.

The longest word start with letter's.

3, 2, 1. Answer me.


Stupid! I wrote that book.




Stop messing around, where are you?

What's the rush?
Let me do an operation on you first.

What is going on?
What is taking them so long?

Calm down.

We have to wait for the singal.

I know, but my girlfriend is inside,

of course I will be nervous.

Don't worry. Last time I almost got killed

but I am fine now, right?

I heard that you didn't take off
your clothes last time.


It's useless.

You think people can hear your scream?

Let me tell you your friends...

and having fun
with my two brothers right now.

Now it's my turn.

No way!

I hate you.

Okay! I will do your ass then.


Forget it.

The remote is here.

You think you can run away?

Let me tell you,

you have to make love to me tonight.

Go to hell.

It's useless to resist.

You like to play rough
then we will play rough.

Where are you going...

Let me perform
an operation on you, okay?


Natasia... help me...

I told you that you can't
get away from me.

- No...
- Operation time.

Where are you going?

Should I cut your throat first?

Bitch! Kick me?

She is dead! No more fun.

Don't kill her first, wait for me.

Leave the top to me.
You can perform an operation down there.

- Down there?
- Help...




Let me go...

- Madam!
- Don't move.

Fai. Go save them.

- They are down there.
- Be careful.

Come with me!

Don't move.

Don't move.

Help me!

Don't move! Police!

Luckily you came just in the right time.

Hurry... Go save her.

Is your breast okay?

Don't worry!
It's five inches of fake materials.

Go save her.

- Take her outside.
- Don't move.

Don't do anything stupid.

Get out!

Let us go or I will kill her.


Let us go!

I will cut her throat.

Don't kill me.

Don't move,
do you dare try to threaten me?

Move one more step or I will kill you.

Really? Let me stab her eyes first.

Don't do it.

What are you doing?

Don't shoot.

Come here, hurry...


Punk, die!

Call an ambulance.

Yes sir!

It's only me and you left.

You will die with me.

I told you not to threaten me.

3, 2...

01:18:46,249 --> 01:18:48,832
He really did commit suicide.


- I am scared
- It's okay...

- It's okay...
- I am scared!

What happened to your breast?

Don't worry, it's fake.

Take her to the ambulance.

Let's go.

Are you catch Daniel?

The basement just exploded.

And we found six legs down there.

I believe Daniel is dead.

Come on, I will take you home.

It's ok, to go find Madam first.

You go back first then.

Be careful!

Don't come any closer.

Just give it to me once.

It's better than getting yourself killed.

You are crazy!

Of course!

But I am a smart crazy man.

That's good if you are crazy!

You can spend the rest of your life
in mental hospital.

Put down your weapon.

Put it down!


Be careful!


Go back over there.

Leave, don't worry about me.


Do it or he will die.

Okay I will listen to you!

Tonight! I want to show you.

How a strong man like me
will make love to your woman.

And give her the best orgasm of her life.

Take off your clothes.

I will give you all the money, let us go.

I told you to take off your clothes!




Don't worry, I am here.

It's over...

Don't panic, you will never see him again.

Why did you come back all of a sudden?

I came back to ask you something.

Come on.

You can do whatever you want tonight.

That's great.

My friends ask me
to go to night clubs tonight.

Since you said I can do anything tonight,
I am happy!

Go to hell!

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