Raped by an Angel 2: The Uniform Fan (1998) - full transcript

A dentist obsessed with young women in various uniforms stalks two sisters. The oldest sister is romantically pursued by a thug that was just released from prison. The dentist also has the hots for her and the two paths eventually cross.

This is me.

This, this...

and this, are all me.

I was once a boy scout.

I was a little captain when I was 10,
I loved making knots.

So when I was 13...

One day,
my cousin asked me to play with her.

She had me tie her up.

I did what she said.

That time I had a good time.

She kept kissing me
and made me want to piss.

Finally she let me piss on her.

I felt very comfortable.

Since that time,
I always played with her.

However, she was older than me.

I can't always be with her forever.

Go away! Leave me alone!

You know,
you'll get bored with one same toy.

I start dating other girls...

especially those girls in uniform.

Those colorful uniform
makes me excited every time.

So I became friends with
a girl fire-fighter...

a beer girl, a beautician.

In order to make friends with
dental nurses...

I became a dentist.

My present girlfriend is my nurse.

Every time I make love with Mabel,
I want her to wear uniform.

And I like her to resist,
this is funnier.

I've been with her for 18 months.

We've made love too many times.

I begin not to find
satisfaction on her.

Why do you want this every time?

Don't you like this?
- No...

I'm going out.
- Where are you going?

I'm going for a drink.

I've told you clearly,

I don't want others to check me. OK?

Lankwaifang is my favourite spot.

There're many adultery people.

Even if I rape or kill all of them...

I just won't feel regrets.


Whenever I find my sexual lust
is beyond my control...

I'll come to this hell place
to find my target.

Tonight I just don't have luck.

I fail to find any target.

I start to feel annoyed.

At this very moment,
I spot something.

Sir, have some coffee.

No parking here!

Sorry, I'm leaving.

Yes... but after I fine you!

Every time
when I cut open their uniform...

I'll get an erection instantly,
it makes me uncomfortable.

My women told me mine is much bigger
than ordinary men.

So when I have an erection,
I'll feel uncomfortable.

I have to be very careful.

Fine me...Fine ME?

I'm fining you back!

I deduce your point, 50 points...

I'll suspend your license!

I'll feel satisfied very soon
every time.

But I have to be very careful.

I mustn't let police get clues of me.

Boss! Boss!...
- These guys do care about me.



Aren't those guys your men?

No, they're waiting for the bus,
I don't know them.

Where's my car?

Parked under there,
I have no money for gas.

Chase then.

Boss, walk over this fire pot
and everything will be fine.

It'll burn my scrotum, man.

Hold it...

Damn you!
Get me some leaves for a bath.

Okay...I know.

What is it?

Where's my car?

It's parked in your parking lot.

Give me the key, quick.


You said you have no money?
What is this?

I keep this for dinner.

Okay...I'll buy you buns for dinner.

I need money to buy leaves.
- Ask them to debit it.

How can I get a credit? Where?

What do you mean, Shitty?

You've kept the car here

since I went to jail?

Boss...the leaves.

Boss, you raped and killed that girl
within 2 minutes?

Don't bullshit!

I wonder which bastard
killed that traffic warden

and left her body in my car.

Then report to police at once.

Report...to police?
I've just been released...

you think police will believe me?

Drag her to another car at once.

Then I won't be involved.

- What is it?
Boss, she is still bouncy.

I think she has just died.

Want to have fun with her?

No need.

Drag her out at once!
- Okay...

Don't move...
Take it easy...


What are you looking?
I'm from Hung Hing!

I'm from Tung Shing!

Tung Shing?
You're smart to tell away, go!

Those bastards are too sly.

They want to block me
before I make a fame?

Let me teach you something.

In this field, it's important to
block others quickly.

Block him before he makes a fame,
take him as a nuts.

Then they will have to way out.

I know this.

Shit! It's too muck...

I run up with this troublesome matter
once I am released.

Maybe you bastard did this.

If I had this guts,
I wouldn't follow you, boss.

- Nothing...have tea...

What did you say?
- Have tea...

I asked what you said.
- Have milk tea...

Milk tea!

Fried noodle.



What would you like?

Give my boss a Big Bust Tea,
I want a Mingle.

What Mingle?

Mixed Horlicks and Ovaltina.

Boss, are you hungry?

Give us a Wong Ha Wai's Toast.

Give us a Western toast.

Boss, you haven't read newspaper
in there?

I know everything.

I even know Wong Ha Wai's boyfriend
had a man wash him.

You know this too?

It's Lam Kau.

Boss, it's them.

Take it easy,
let's wait the other to come.

They must have powerful weapon.

- Boss.

Don't you say you have no money?
You have a nice lighter.

I found it in the street.

Western toast!

Boss, eat Western.
- What?

Eat Western toast.

Eat Western? Come on, you eat it!

Here he comes.

Have you fixed it?
- I have fixed it, boss.



I never expect someone will
rob a food stall.

Pick up that money!

Boss...take your hands off me!

Give me face, I'm from Tung Shing.

Watch out!

Take it easy!

Let go the hostages,
I guarantee you'll have a fair trial.

You can't run away!


Ass-hole! Leave me alone...

What is it?

You do look smart...

You won't end well
if you do this evil deeds.


Let go the hostages!

Bitch! Don't bullshit!

It's good to act in movie,
make the..."The Longest Nite"...

"The Longest Nite" was copied from
you, you know that Lau Ching Wan?



Thank you, Sir!

Sir, are you alright?

My boss have seen
all kinds of situation.

Will you please come
and give a statement?

Boss, you're smart...

I snap on your face
as you are not righteous.

You take me as Jacky Chan?

You were released only this morning?

That's right, Sir.

I was released this morning,
so I'd have tea in the afternoon.

What a coincidence!

What coincidence?
Mind your words.

I can't have tea this afternoon...

My boss has a fame in Causeway Bay,
even Chan Ho Nam gives him face.

Who do you think you are?

You claim to be
triad member in police station.

It's Shitty.

Sir, in fact you should thank me.

If I hadn't acted smartly to
distract the robbers...

how could you have shot him?

Do you think I am correct in this?

You should treat me to
a late supper indeed.

Though I shouldn't expect this
from you.

You sit down.

Are you Mr. Kong?

Just call me Kong.

I am Tong Chee Kong.
My name is similar to Tong Chee Hwa.

And my English name is Leonardo.

It's the same name as
the boy in Titanic.

Your nickname is Bulky Kong,
you used to fool in Causeway.

You were sentenced to
9-month imprisonment

as of peeping others taking a bath.

I am really innocent.

Look at me, I am a righteous guy.

That time I only crawled out to
help a granny fix her aerial.

Did you?

But you had 1 1 records of
being taken back to the station...

when we raid erotic places,
how do you explain this?

I went to see my relatives,
many of my relatives work there.

We don't need you to explain about
you sex appeal.

But you might have to explain to
Court about what happened today.

I will do as pretty girl asked me to.

Sorry, please respect me,
it's a deal.

Boss, she refused you.

You don't know about wooing girls.

If a girl refuses you,

you'll have to make more efforts...

and treat her another better way.

I must fix you this time.

You want me for something?

Co-operation with police.

I ordered afternoon tea
for the colleagues,

I ordered one for you too.

What about lce Lemon Tea?

It's not too good, I'll pay you.

It's trivial.

Take it back.
No, take it.

No, forget it.

Okay, thanks.

You're welcome, there's a photo.

Madam, you were once girl-guide?

You too?

I'm a boy-scout
when I play ball games.

What do you mean?

I watch others play games...
with an erection.

What are you doing here?

I just want to make friends with you.

I appreciate you
being straight forward.

But let me tell you straightway...

No way! Go out!


Boss, how is it?

Ask 200 people to come here.

I want 200 people to comfort me
as she refuses me.

Sister, this is Jenny.

I have toothache,
accompany me to see a dentist.

You're grown up, you go alone.

I am very busy.

Peter says he knows a good dentist.

Shall I ask him to go with me?
- Do as you please.

Okay, thanks, sister.

How is it?
It's okay.

Good, let's see a dentist.

My tooth aches much.

Don't worry, it'll be fine after
seeing the dentist.

Nurse, I bring a friend to
see the dentist.

Have you come before?
- No.


I want to go out if there's no
booking in the afternoon.

A new patient has just arrived.

Doctor, I want you to
give me a body-check.

Take my temperature with your rod.

Okay, take her inside.

Miss, you may go inside.

Peter, will it hurt?

No, this dentist is famous,

you won't feel pain at all.

If it hurts,
you must buy me a JPG watch.

You want me to die?

Doctor, will it hurt?

Let me check for you, don't panic.

Open your mouth.

It hurts!

You have 3 decayed teeth,
I'll fill them up for you.

Will it hurt?

Yes, if you don't want
to feel pain at all...

I can give you a pill.

After taking the pill,
you'll feel like you're in a dream.



Doctor, you need my help?


You're mad, you mustn't do this.

You go out!

You'll be sent to jail
if you do this.

Okay, you want this? I give you.

Hey, you don't feel painful at all?

No, it doesn't hurt at all.

Remember, you must have
3 dental check annually.

Thanks, Doctor.

But for you,
I'd have lost much money.

We're leaving, good-bye.

You're daring,
you peep at my love letters?

Don't play me a fool.
What then?

Though I am aged,
I still have many boy friends.

Shall I believe you?

This is Robert, he lives in Toronto.

His children and grandchildren doesn't
look after him now, and he's bored.

He keeps calling long distance
and chat with me.

you have married so many times...

is your most beloved man my grandpa.

How come you are so out-dated?

Usually romantic love bears no fruit.

My most beloved man...

is a triad member.

You needn't boast to me.

He's handsome and gentle.

I recall going to bed with him, l...

How come you're so erotic?

At that time,
I used to go fighting with him...

You're a real heroine,
I'm really convinced...

Of course.

Let me fetch you some soup.

Thanks, heroine.


You're daring!
Jenny is still under-aged!


What are you doing?
What are you hiding?


Take your hands off...


What is this?

Do you know you'll be sent to jail if
you make love with under-aged girls?

I'm under-aged as well.

We're both under-aged,
it'll be all right.

Shut up! You go away now!

You've turned bad.

I didn't do anything with him.

We only had a kiss.

You're pretty smart.

You're back? Have some soup.

Have soup!

The soup you make is best.

You talk sweetly.

Eat it.

Bastard, you dare come back?

Eat it while it's hot.

Madam...your flowers.

You are...

I'm Shitty, man of Bulky Kong of 3/F,
1 01 Lee Garden Road of Causeway Bay.

I'm Brother Kong's top man,

others call me Brother Shitty.

You've come to the wrong place.


My boss sent you this bouquet.

My boss is a righteous man.

He's good at fighting,
but he's willing to be beaten.

He's romantic,
but he's whole-hearted to you.

He's a good man.

If I were you,
I'd consider dating with him.

You needn't advertised for him.

If you date with Brother Kong,relation
between police and triad can improve.

If police and triad are in good terms,
then this world will turn peaceful.

Madam, take the flowers.


I am a bit nuts.

But my boss has much money.

You can never spend up the
protection money he gets every month.

You needn't make a statement now.

But whatever you say may be recorded
as statement to Court.

You get out...

Sorry, Madam.

My man doesn't know what he's doing.

I'm bulky Kong, you remember me?

I don't.

No way, I am so smart,
how come you forget me?

You're pretending.

I don't know if you're nuts or an idiot.

I never expect

a damned scoundrel
like you dare disturbing me.

Don't you fear I raid your places?

I don't, why must I fear?

I don't have any places at all.

A poor scoundrel!

I have no time to fool with you.

I have to eat now, it's a deal.

Okay, let's eat together, Madam.

You're not counted in.

Next time then.

What does this mean?

Didn't you see, she stared at me
before she shut the door.

Stared at you?
- I still have a chance next time.

It's bad,
I can never escape from her.

Okay...I am hungry...

Great, Let's go eating, come on.

Eat? We've spend all the money on
flowers, we've no money for food.

Don't we? Let's get a credit then.
- You get a credit again?

Peter, Boss wants to see you.

I won't go,
your boss wants me to sell pills.

Boss said you have promised him.

I haven't, don't force me.

You eat words? Beat him!

- Why are you beating him?
- Leave him alone!

Stand aside, take him up!

Be smart and compensate $5000 to
our boss at once...

or else we'll beat you
whenever we see you.

Let's go.

Leave your girl here so that
you will come back.

Go, what are you looking at?
Peter, don't leave me!

Beat it! Quick!

Don't go, Peter...

What are you doing here?

None of your business,
you want to be beaten?

You want money? Come and talk.

- Police? You're boasting.

You won't go?!

It's okay, don't be afraid.

You're brave.
- I'm only reasoning.

Peter, it's okay, come back.

Are you alright?

- Thanks.
No need for that.

It's bad if I rely on you,
I'll be harmed, you shit.

Don't be angry,
Peter couldn't help either.

I live near here.

What if you come to my place
for a rest?

Come on.

What a nice house!

It's funny today,
I can drink beer with my uniform on.

This is my first time like this.
- Cheers!...

You live alone?
- Yes.

You always bring girlfriends home?

How come I have girlfriend?
- You cheat me.

Let's cheer again!

My room is a chaos.

You must be hiding a girl in here.

How come?

Give me one minute,
I must clean up the room.

Make it quick.

I do want to have such a big room
for myself.

You'll have one
when you make a living yourself.

You were once a boy-scout?
- Yes.

I was once girl-guide too.
- Were you?

Do you want to plank my bottom?

Plank me...

Beat me...

Open it up...
Can you undo it?

What are you playing?

He's undoing this knot,
it's a tight knot.

I fail, come on, undo it for me.

I won't help you,
undo it for yourself.

We're going camping next week,
you come too?

Where to?

Wu Kau Tong.

It's good if you go to Sheung Yeung.


I have a house there,
I can lend it to you.


Yes, it's empty indeed.

You really will lend the house to us?

I've stocked beer and soft drink,
you can use them.


I must thank you first.

You're welcome, come on, drink.

Good-bye, see you next time.

There's pubic light bus at the
street corner, come if you have time.


Who treats us these egg-tarts?

You take advantage of me?

You know I am waiting for you?

You really let this guy woo you?

go and make it clear to him.

Madam is losing temper.

Po Wan, eat this egg-tart first.


congratulate you on wooing Madam.

Congratulate on your sperms.

Congratulate on your sex life,
you make love all night.



New lyrics with old song,
it worths a bit.

Boss, frankly speaking,
you're so smart at wooing girls...

tell us so that
we can learn from you.

I might as well tell you...

but not everyone can use my tricks.

You must be as attractive as I am...

before you can make the girls
burn crazy.

Crazy?...Boss, you're powerful.

Boss, tell us the first time
about you and Madam.

Am I familiar with you?

How can I tell you
such personal affairs?

Go away...

Boss, don't go, tell us please.

This is nothing special.

It was a night full of moon light.

We walked hand in hand on a beach.

Have you made it with her?

We must take time, not so hurry.

Maybe the wind was dry.

I kept licking my lips
with my tongue.

I licked and licking,
then our two tongues were together.

Our hands start searching
each other's body.

I finally found the zip of the bra.

With my superb
unzipping techniques...

I unzipped it easily.

I then slip my hand inside,
and rolled and rolled.


Of course Madam, and not me.

Go to hell!

You can have your sexual imagination,

but please don't talk erotic stories

or about me in front of others.

I have never had interest in you,
I haven't never dated with you.

Please don't make me the character
in your erotic stories in future.

especially when the man is
the dirty you!

Boss, fight back.

Why fear her? Beat her!
Screw her! Why fear?

Beat her!
Bear her!

Bear her, don't have mercy on her.

Women are so changeable.

Frankly speaking, we must pamper
women, and not beat them.

Don't take me as a woman!

Hey, you want to find fault with me?

Nuts, I won't find faults with women.

Don't bullshit, let's have a duel.

I don't have my gun
with me right now.

If you win,
I'll sleep with you tonight.

If you lose,
you must get out of my sight forever.

Boss, beat her, don't be kind to her.

Let's have duel!

Bear her! If you win,
you can sleep with her!

Go! Boss!

Don't force me. I mustn't lose face.

You force me for this!

Don't ever let me see you again!

Why? Aren't you convinced?

You aren't convinced?
Let's fight again.

I want to apologize to you.

I know I boasted, but I can't help.

Shitty told my men
I sent you flowers...

I can't but keep on
telling them lies.

Then I go on boasting and boasting.

You know, in this field,

we must boast and boast to live on.

Have you thought that your boasting

will affect me seriously?

That's why I let you beat me
and then apologized to you.

I really mean to apologize to you.

Okay, I accept your apology.

I know you let me beat you
when we had the duel.

Just a bit.

I'm leaving.
You're leaving like this?

What else do you want?

Are we to take
as if nothing had happened?

That's it.

Let me treat you to dinner.

No way.

I'll tell you when I want to.

The weather forecast by Observatory.

There'll be isolated shower tonight
and tomorrow.

You're going camping tomorrow,
you'd better be careful.

The weather is bad now.

Right, did you receive
a badge last time?

Sure, I'm skillful at tying knots.

Can you make a coin-knot?

Sure, I've tied Peter many times
with this...

and he can't escape.
- You're not smart.

In fact, we've found
an alternative trick.

When we do a little trick when tying,
the knot can be undone easily.

What trick?
- Let me teach you.

Let me answer the door.

This and this and then this.

- It's you?

Please accept my presents.


You bought them for us?
- Yes.

Why are you so old-fashioned?

It can be undone with just one pull.


You're clever.
- Sure.

Po Wan, your boyfriend
is coming with oranges.

You're welcome.

I come to apologize to you.

Take your time to chat,
I'll leave now.

Take care of yourself.

Don't murmur,
I won't come back once I leave here.

I have accepted your apology already.

Will you have dinner with me?

Give me a reason
why I must eat with you.

If you will eat with me, I'll donate
$50,000 to Community Chest.

Just a dinner,
you mustn't do anything else.

Of course not, look,
I don't look like a dirty guy, right?

Right, Po Wan, go for a dating.

You do look very down recently.

Who suggested camping today?
It's pouring now!

I can't help.

Don't Philip
say he has a resort house here?

Right, didn't he give you a key?

I haven't taken it with me.

Here is it.

You fool us!

I'd have come here if had know.

It's good here,
we needn't be soaked up.

It's much warmer here.

This Hi-Fi is great.

There's much food here!

I'm soaked over,
I'll go and change clothes.

The rucksack is there,
take it for yourself.

Over there.

Eat some.

Why it takes you so long to change
clothes? Go down and eat something.

You scared me to death.

- Coming! Coming!

Miss Yue, Boss.

1, 2, 3,!

Boss, Miss Yue.

Your men take you as lead
in Causeway Bay.

You come here.

What is it, Boss?

What are you up to?

boss is dining with Madam tonight.

I want to take some men
to show our power.

You make a movie?

I want to have a quiet dinner.

I see! I know what to do.

You've chosen a quiet restaurant.

Yes, it's perfect for a chat.

How can they maintain it?

I think there're more people
in morning session.

Be smart.

Guy, you're dining here?

But we're having a negotiation.
Go to another restaurant!


What do you mean?
you want to dine here?

Yeah, what is it?

There'll soon be a fight,
you are skilled at that?

Go away, guy!

Boss must praise that I am competent.

What are you doing?
You're hindering my business.

go to donate blood if you must.

If help you flood blood,
you'll die instantly.

Do you know who is the owner here?

''Let me teach you something.
- What?

In this field,
we must block others quick.

Block him before he utters a word,
and take him as a fool.

Then he has no stake to negotiate.

I know this too.''

Who is it?
- It's...


Beat you ass-hole!

Boss, you're much cleverer than them.
Of course.

You got beaten
before you utter a word.

I beat...

You asked me out, what for?

I asked you out as I want to woo you.

You're quite straight forward.

Right, I am a straight forward guy.

I never talk sweetly.
The most I do is to fool others.

I never call prostitute,
the most I have is massaging.

I never gamble,
the most I play is Big 2.

I never drink,
the most I drink is half a bottle.

You mean you're a good guy?

Sure, I quit smoking,
drinking and gambling.

Well, I never give money to my mom.

I'd better tell you directly as well.

I love women to be direct.

I won't ever love you.

You needn't be so directly.

I won't give you illusion.

We met each other from a case.

We can be ordinary friends...

but if we are not to...
go on any further.

Okay...Let’s discuss this later.

I never change my decision.

I never like making a mess.

I know...

It's tired after talking
such a long time.

Let's order something.

I'll go to toilet.

Boss, how is it?

Don't ever ask me.

My first love went to on avail.

You used to have many girlfriends.

Those were prostitutes,
I didn't like them.

I really love this one.

Ask those scoundrels to go away,
don't let them see I'm weeping.

your great love makes us all moved.

Clean your tears.

Okay...I know you care about me.

It's late, go home and do homework.

Who dare ruin places of
our Hung Hing?

It's him!
Boss, I'll go home and do homework.

Freeze! Stand there!

Police! Take it easy!

It's Madam,
I've seen you at the station.

We can hold a talk.

This guy ruined our place.

He cast all our customers away,
how to settle?

Aren't you high-handed
in this district?

Just a little bit.

Brother Kong is leader
in this district, don't you know him?

Who the hell he thinks he is? Leader?

I just rarely show up recently,
please give me face.

He's only joking, give me face.

Ask him to leave at once.

Since you say so...okay,
I'll give Madam face.

Even OK you must pay the bill.

You can only rent video cassette
with this.

Let me pay the bill.

You? Help!

You asked me here to eat wind?

I feel I am just a poor dog.

You people in this field are
either a hero or a poor dog.

But being a poor dog
in front of you is uneasy.

Why must you be a boss of this kind?

I know nothing but be a boss.

What else can I do?

I can't work in McDonald's
or drive a taxi...

Go and act in movies.

If I act in movies,
Eken Cheng will lose his job.

You're crying again?

You think I want to be a scoundrel?

They forced me to join triad
when I was 15.

I used to be
a little nobody at first.

The bosses I was with
either fled away...

or chopped to death...

finally all of them were gone.

And the men under me pushed me
to be their leader.

You're quite lucky.

I don't understand,
I don't look like a boss at all.

I'm not handsome, I can't fight well,

I'm not wicked and sly enough.

I've checked your file.

You're not too bad.

The worst is that
you were accused of molesting.

That bitch asked me to pay her $500,
but I refused...

She was enjoying at the beginning...

You needn't explain.

Forget it.

Thanks for accompanying me.

We're friends, right?

You take me as friend?

You don't mind I'm in this field?

You never do evil deeds...

There're good guys in triad too.

I'm a good guy.

It's late, I'll leave.
- Let me take you home.

No, your car has broken down.

Forget it,
if it hadn't broken down, we...

we wouldn't be chatting here.

Promise me...be a good man.

I am a good man.

It's late, good-bye.

Hey, I am a good man. Let's kiss.

Po Wan, police called
and said something happened to Jenny.

She's now in hospital.

What? Take it!
- Wait for me.

Where's my sister?

Madam, she's inside.

Po Wan.

Where's my sister?
- Sorry.

How come?

After they left the camp site, they
went to a dentist's resort house.

They drank and took pills.

The kid soon found himself
and Jenny naked on a bed.

Jenny died.

Now doctor is examining the semen
left on her body.



Son, how can you do this?

I don't know anything.
I have no idea.

Wong, something happened to my son,
come at once.

It's he?
- Yes.

None of your business?
What are you doing?

Leave my alone!

Madam, don't be like this!

Take it easy,
I'm member of Legislative Council.

I feel sorry for Jenny.

but seniors received complaint from
Peter's father.

You know, his father is someone
in the Legislative Council.

You even beat him up.

So the seniors decided to
have you posted...

and it'll be valid at one.

I'm sorry.

You want to die? Come on.

Don't tickle me...

I'm bored,
I won't come back once I leave.

Miss Yue!

Miss Yue...
- Who are you?

I'm Philip Wong,
I'm Jenny's dentist.

The resort house belongs to you?

I didn't know this would happen.

I know Peter.

I thought he's a good guy
so I lent him the house...

but I didn't expect
this would happen.

Where were you when that happened?

In Zhuhai, I only got back to HK
two hours ago.

It was then that I learnt this news.

Doctor, I will see you later.

Sure. You can page me.


I've found you at last.
It's difficult to locate you.

I know you got posted.

Never mind me.
I come to cheer you up.

Leave me alone.
- Why?

Didn't you hear? Leave me alone.
- Get away.

What get away?

You know who I am?
Must I send men to beat you up?

Madam, he's threatening me.

Don't you know who I am?
I am Bulky Kong.

Why do you keep murmuring?

You'll soon be given
a parking ticket, nuts.

Wooing girls?

Madam, Don't play me a fool,
it costs a few hundred dollars.

Look at the ground.
- What is it?

No alighting, Mr. Bulky Kong.

Madam, I just want to help you,
I want you to feel happy.

Drive away if you want to help me.

Why don't we go to see a movie?

Or we can have a deep kiss,
come on...

Doctor, I haven't killed anyone.

I haven't killed Jenny.

Calm down, I come to help you.

I really don't know why.

I drank some beer
inside your refrigerator that night.

I only drank two cans.

I then lost conscious,
I remembered nothing then.

I can drink up to eight cans usually.

How come your semen was on her body?

I don't know.

Did you ever make love with her?

Just playing,
Jenny never let me enter her body.

Was it that you went crazy...

and when Jenny refused to make love
with you then you killed her?

I really can't recall a thing.

This won't help.

When I was in training camp...

I learnt a method to face myself.

It's to climb up the rooftop.

Just do as I am doing.

Stand up here.

Face yourself.

Come up here.

Open your arms.

Ask yourself if you have done that.

I...I am scared.

How can I help you this way?

Don't worry.

Open your arms, I'll help you behind.

Hey, is there any feeling?

Nothing, I only feel scared.

Do you remember who did that?

I can't recall at all!

I seem to recall something.

- Don't shout!

Don't hinder my thinking.

I recall who did that.


I did that.


I did that.
- Help...

But you have no chance
to tell others.


Very cheap, just $30 for one,
very cheap.

That guy jumped down.
- He stained the place...

Po Wan...Why are you stunning?

That guy killed himself
out of his guilt.

Peter didn't seem to be
that kind of guy.

- What?

Do me a favour.
- What is it?

I know you're the one
who keep Peter's letter.

I want a photocopy.

- Okay.

Miss Cheung,
I'd like to see Peter's homework.

I suspect about the letter.

The writing seems to be his.

It was really written by Peter?

Peter used to
write several words wrong.

I mentioned it to him
and punished him too...

but he still wrote them wrong.

Just like the word "regret".

He always spelt that wrong...

and like this "stupid",

he liked writing this way.

One more proof, the word "father".

He wrote a different way.

Maybe he found this funny.

But he wrote them all correct
in this letter.

Was this letter really not written
by Peter?


What is it?

Nurse, I have toothache.

Both of you?
- No, only me.

Wait a while,
I'll talk to the doctor.

What's the point of
seeing the dentist?

No relation.

I have a decayed tooth, so I come.

See, do you see?

How can we find clues, Boss?

Have you seen a dentist before?

A dentist
must move near you to check.

When he moves near me, I'll stare at
him with my righteous regards.

I'll stare and stare
until he regrets.

When he regrets,
he'll show uneasy eyesight.

Once be show that eyesight,l can tell
whether he is the murderer of not.

You can catch him then?

We can't catch him,
we can only beat him up.

You mean whether
he shows uneasy eyesight or not,

we can still beat him.

Right, let's beat him
after the dental check.

Then we can save the money?

You stay out of my business.

I am doing this for your good sake.

Go to hell!

What shall we do?

Follow him, quick...

Nurse, what are you doing here?

Come on, don't sleep here.

Alright,...Let me hold you.

He's not human...

What has he done?

Tell me, I'll help you.

I am Bulky Kong,
leader of Causeway Bay.


You have bruise here.

He plays football with you here?

See if there's any in here.

He always rapes women, and beats me.

Who has he raped?

What are you looking for?

Why are you taking off my trousers?

I don't want, what are you doing?

Molest! - Rape, Help!

Take your hands off...
- Help...

- Rape!

Hands off! Help...

Help...he's going to rape me.

Sir, it's him, he tries to rape me!

What is it?
- Sir...

Don't move, hands up!

I come to see a dentist.
Hands up!

What are you doing?

No one will believe me even if I say.

Where do you live?
I'm asking you.

Madam, believe me, they fooled me up.

Sit down,
everyone knows you're horny.

- She won't listen to you.

How did he molest you?

He...tried to take off my clothes...

I couldn't help...
I couldn't resist him.

Miss Yue.

I didn't expect your friend
will do such a thing.

He's not my friend,
I don't know about him.

I know you've been suspecting that

I'm involved in your sister's case.

I do hope to clear things up.

This case is already a past.

It's good like this.

You needn't mind about Bulky Kong.

Please say sorry to your assistant.

Sorry to bother her.

It's okay, just take as if
nothing had happened.

May I call you Philip?


Of course.

I want to invite you
to dinner as apology.

Accompany me tonight.

You needn't treat me to dinner.

What if I invite you to dinner.



For your health.

Sorry that Bulky Kong stirs up
so much trouble.

It's okay, as long as you understand.

Call me Po Wan.

Your sister's case.

I do fell regret.

Let's forget the past.

You're so understanding.

Go away!

I advise you not to go inside.

I don't believe Madam will
accept his wooing.

No, Boss, look.


- I see.

Don't stop me!

Take me away. Let's go away.

Hurry, let's go.

I am very angry.

I've been so gentle
since I woo Madam.

But that bastard is so aggressive...

You can't take advantage here,
what if...

I wonder what trick you have...

Attacking is our usual practice...

Attacking whom?

No...I attack my mother.

She always asks me for money.

I can't resist
so I want to attack her.

Let's go.

Damn you!

Damn Lt.

Bastard! Dare you woo my girl!

I must kill you bastard!

Dare you woo my boss's girl?
Kill you!

Kill you bastard!

Kill you bastard!

Kill you bastard! Go to hell!

What noise is it?
- A shot.

How come you know?
- I got shot.

I must lock you and your dog!

I haven't take a dog with me.

Is it me, Boss?

You say you're a dog?

Okay, you go out.

Philip, don't stir up things.

Go out!

Why do you take all my clothes off?

You are interested in men too?

Have you ever had a tooth filled?

Yes, but I don't want
a filling today.

I won't give you a filling.

I will only drill a hole
on your nerve system.

I'll drill your nerve system slowly,

I guarantee you
have never had this experience.

I've tried, I don't want it again.

You think you have a choice?

Boss, I support you,
I hypnotize you, it won't hurt...

That bastard is only drilling
your tooth, it won't hurt.

What? What did you say?


You called me bastard?

Good drill...he deserves this.

You must die this time!

Am I right?

Yes, very correct, go ahead.

Drill his ass, cut his leg so that
he can't walk again.

You ass-hole...

If I survive,
I'll definitely have you beaten.

I want to know all details of
Yue Po Wan.

I want to know her family members...

Why must I tell you? Shit!

Stop drill, I'll tell you.

No, he'll fix Po Wan.

If I don't tell,
he'll drill me after drilling you.

Why don't tell him then?

Don't say, ass-hole!

If we let him know,
he might just rape Madam.

Madam is not a girl,
she can't be virgin anymore.

She can clean herself
after the rape, nothing serious.

Ass-hole...you ass-hole...

Okay. Tell me.

She only has a grandma,
living in Happy Valley.

Po Wan, this is for you.

Why are you so kind to me?

I want to ask you to dinner.

Where to?

You decide.

Come to my home,
I'll introduce my grandma to you.

Good idea.

Tonight at 8.

- Thanks.


I'm now going to
screw your beloved Madam.

I'll make her excited.

I must be stronger than you.

But she might not let you screw her.

Sorry, I'll leave now.

I hope you die on bed.

I wish he becomes impotent.

I wish his dick aches, I wish he...

What did you say?
- I wish you a pleasant evening.

You're powerful, Madam is flirty,
perfect partners.

You're perfect partners!



You mustn't harm anyone again.

None of your business,
watch them closely for me.

Something will happen to you.

I'm still here
after raping so many people.

Can those stupid police arrest me?

Who do you take me as?

A whore!

It's enough!
You'll beat her to death!

Don't beat me!

Don't be afraid.
- Don't kill me.

It's not time to kill you yet.

I still have to tell you the details of how
I raped Madam.

You must want to know everything
about it.

Good-bye, I'll go screw her now.


I forget to tell you,
this room is sound-proof.

You'd better save your breath.

How are you? I come to see Po Wan.

Please come in, Po Wan is cooking.

Sit down,
I'll do the cooking for a while.

Okay, thanks.

You've come.

I've waited you for a long time.

How is it, am I pretty?

What are you doing?

This is for you.

You're girl-guide too?

Yes, an experienced girl-guide.

We have a gathering tomorrow,
so I'm trying my uniform.

We can dine soon, Have some tea.

Come and sit here.


I'll do to the cooking.

You're bad.

I'll help granny, sit for a while.

I don't need your help, go serve him.
- Okay.

Granny doesn't need my help,
she asked me to serve you.

There's new clues about Jenny's case.

Is there? What is it?

They found some skin cell
at Jenny's nail.

After lab test,
it's proved not to be Peter's.

Now police suspect it's another man
who raped Jenny.

Is it done by her other classmates?

No, they suspect it's you.


How come?

I was only joking, don't be serious.

Very nice, it's tea from Taiwan.

We can dine now.

Time to eat, come on.

Sit down.

Let's eat.
Let's eat.

What are you?
I am a dentist.

One of my husbands was a dentist too.
Was he?

Granny, stop telling
others your romance, okay?

I'm not boasting,
I know how to extract teeth too.

When she was small...

I tied her tooth to the door knob...

just pull and I extracted her tooth.

you scared me to death that time.

Let's eat...
What's wrong? I feel faint...

Wan, how are you?

No, I really feel faint.

Let me help you inside your room
and check, come on.

You're a dentist, do you know how to?

Yes, I know a bit.

Be careful.

Hey, wake up...

Wake up...

What are you doing?

Untie me...please.

I have no strength, my hand ache.

Bite it...bite.

Bite it. Come on, bite here.

Right, bite...

Hey, is it loose?

It's off...
It is done?

You bit me hard!

Granny, is there medicine?

I'll go and search.
Sorry to bother you.


Why don't you come over?

Wait for me a while.

Attack me? I was in the field
when I was young.

You bastard,

you raped my younger
granddaughter, and now her?

Dare you rape me first!

Don't move!

I'll blow off your head if you move.

You feel strange?
What I drink is your cup of tea.

You dirty beast!

Po Wan, listen to me.

You needn't explain!

You killed Jenny,
and pushed Peter down the building.

Your finger prints are on the letter,
you nuts!

Give me a chance,
I don't want all this.

You fire! Blow off my head!

Take it easy!

Drop your gun...

Go over to the window.

Tie your right hand
on the window with a coin-knot.

Give me your hand.

You've been a girl-guide...

you know these two knots
can't be undone.

Admit fate.
You were born to be screwed by me.


No way, boss, it hurts! Rest while.

Rest? My girlfriend will be raped
very soon!

Don't move! What are you doing there?

Take it easy, show me your l.D. card!

We're rushing to save someone...

Why are you dressed like this?
You're rushing to a fight?

Listen to me...
I.D. card!

My girlfriend will soon be raped.

I.D. card, say no more.
I don't have l.D. card.

Come to the station with me
if you have no l.D. card.


Granny! Granny!



I've raped women in
almost all uniforms.

I haven't raped a policewoman yet.

Thanks for fulfilling my wish today.

I won't let you off!

I won't let you off either!

I must screw you
five times tonight...

and them send you to see your sister!

Coin-knot is indeed easy to untie.

With an extra tie,
it can be undone easily.

You bastard...

I must kill you!

Give me a knife...

How are you?

Call for ambulance, quick!

Are you alright?

Put this on, are you alright?

How come there's such a big thing?

I castrated him,
I am skilled at that.

Among nine of my husbands,
two were castrated by me.

You mean it?

He deserves this.

Boss, why are you bleeding
at your nose?

I deserve this...