Rape Zombie: Lust of the Dead 3 (2013) - full transcript

The zombies that arose after the nuclear outbreak are still high in numbers. The group of girls have lost some of their comrades and are fighting off the horny zombies to stay alive themselves. Can they stop the plague for once and for all?


the sin of a woman who doesn't let a
man do her is heavier than the earth.

Regarding the declaration of war
on us issued by North Korea...

There is a public comment from the first female
prime minister of Japan, hanako tsuchiya.

Live: Office of prime minister hanako tsuchiya well,
I am the very first female prime minister in Japan..

Now that I am in charge,
I won't let men do as they please anymore.

They're moving but have no biological
functions, that's medically impossible.

Is it possible that all men
on the planet have become rapists!?

If a woman is raped by
a toxic man, she dies soon after.

If they ejaculate inside you,
it's toxic enough to kill the women!

Oh, another woman is being attacked...

The rapists appear to be two
businessmen and a college student?

There is no choice but
to cut off their dicks!

I knew it, we should've banned
all those sick videos long ago...

Freedom of expression is
major crap created by men!

It's all because we gave them too much
freedom to create sickening sex fantasies!

Stand up, rape em all, all men alive!

Yes, all male self-defense
officials have become toxic...

So there are excessive
amounts of firearms.

Let them know man's strength!

It's a women's world now,
we must protect ourselves.

All humans are descendants
born from the same mitochondria...

That's how evolution should be...

Any comment about nuclear weapons?

Satellites have captured an image
of a nuclear rocket fueling in North Korea.

What is the status of us
interceptor missiles?

It may be born already, the very
first one of our next generation!

Military forces have been re-organized
with the remaining female soldiers.

North Korea
issued a declaration of war.

Well then, that's all for now!

I am on my way to Hawaii
by chartered government jet!


What are we gonna do?

How are we gonna survive in this world?

You bastard!

Shit, it's Amazon!

It's our territory, we won't
let otaku do what they want!

Many people actually saw it.

Don't tell me some made up horror story.

A night crawler in the class room?
Give me a break.

Toxic man?

He looks normal.

It's still alive.

You are committing a security breach.

I was watching you fight,
you are invincible.

Nothing beats Pentagon technology.

I am a cyborg machine, d-1010889.

More... more... give me more!

Give me more pussy, let me do more!

Don't be silly, you don't
know how precious you are.

Will you give us shinji's sperm sample?

Sperm sample?

What should we do with it?

I'm so tired.

Let's just sleep tonight.

As a payback, there might
be an all-out attack on Amazon.

If an all-out attack is confirmed, our
next big meeting will be quite heated up!

I wonder if miss momoko will sing.

Special audience hall
we're gonna miss her vip event...

Photos are permitted
for the next 30 minutes.

For those most honored,
you're allowed to take a personal photo..

Oh, darn it!





You were peeping again?

You should've been more
quiet if you knew I was here.

You're pretty wild as usual.

Don't talk to me like that.

Who do you think saved you?

I didn't ask for anything.

Where are you going?


It'll be big trouble if anybody sees you.

To women, it doesn't matter if
you belong to akiba empire or not.

Otaku is otaku.

So creepy. Put your usual outfit on.

Akemi, wake up.

You must be hanako of the toilet?

So, the rumor is true!

You scared me!

No, you scared me!

You don't look like a toxic man.

I hate to correct you but...

Toxic man is the way to
describe a sweet person by otaku.

The rape monster is called dokyun.

So are you otaku?

I used to be, but after being ravaged
by a wild school girl, not anymore.

Then, I became dokyun
and kanae cut off my dick and I died.

I don't get it, you're alive, aren't you?

I was cloned and regenerated.

But she didn't mean to
bring me back to life.

My body was scattered
all over because of the explosion.

So I was revived by mistake,
it's like I feel guilty being alive again.

I still have no idea what you're talking
about, so you're no longer otaku, right?

Well, you could say that I guess.

Well then let's have some fun.

Please stop it, I don't
like this kind of stuff.

Why do women never listen,
is it because you're all so stupid?

Listen, you're harassing me!

Shut up!

Show some guts as a man!

You got a dick, don't you?

What the..1?

You have no dick.

So, when I was revived as a clone,
some parts were missing.

I have no dick or vagina.

At least I don't rape and can't get raped,
so it's kind of a relief.

So in a way you are like a
she-male after the operation?

Okay, call me whatever you like.

Hey, did it hurt when
you had the operation?

I won't let you kill momoko!

It's a monster's baby, we must kill her!

It's nozomi's baby.

Either way, I will protect momoko!

I promised to protect her.

Shower time is 5 minutes,
the next group is waiting for their turn.

So, how are you hanging in here?

If you have any questions,
don't be shy to ask me.

Yes I will.

Don't waste your time, she has a husband.

Oh, that's right.

You are lucky, but don't brag about it.

Erika doesn't have a steady now,
so she's a little frustrated.

Don't worry about her.

Yes, thank you.

Here, touch me.

What's going on?

Is that why you've been
acting weird lately.

Akemi, you are hurting me.

Sayuri, how long have you
been doing this behind my back?

What's so funny?

Behind your back? It's
just play, take it easy.

How dare you.

Protecting citizens is your duty, isn't it?

You think it's okay to
steal someone's lover?

You're paid from our taxes!


Akemi, stop!

It's my fault, I couldn't tell you
I fell in love with her, I'm sorry.

What are you doing?

What's going on?

Explain to me!

Oh, such a turn-off.

It's nothing.

Sarg, you're also having
fun with chika, huh?

It's the same thing.

It's a love triangle.

Let me tell you, we aren't a self defense
army anymore, it's just a mock uniform.

You may be an elite or something but
you haven't paid taxes for that long!

Everything is make-believe,
we're playing refugee.

And self-defense army.

Right, sarg?

That is...

But, love is not make believe!

That's the best make believe of all!

Love is about making
babies in the first place.

Women with women can't make any babies.

The population in Japan was already decreasing
and then this toxic men syndrome...

We have no choice but annihilation.

So we're all just killing
time till the end.

Well, sarg, I'll go back to my duty.

Let's have some fun again.

I don't mind a threesome.

Excuse me.

Maki, sabu is harmless.


He is our Guinea pig, a harmless toxic man.

What? Let me go!

He was in your room before,
but we had him moved here.

Listen, maki. Our research is
to figure out what's behind love.


Yes, love.

The problem we are facing...

All normal men have lost their
rational minds and became rapists...

We just have to remind
them about love and the rational mind.

We women need to re-educate men.

Like this, sabu.

If men can love women like before,
we are more than half way to our goal.

If we could just neutralize the poison from their
semen, we can all happily make love again.

Besides that, we asked you to come
here for your husband, shinji's sperm.

Um..we haven't.

What? You couldn't collect it?

I guess it's difficult to
collect it in the test tube.

Then, let's use a condom.

You can use it as usual,
tie it up and bring it here.



He's our rising star since he is normal
and hasn't turned into a toxic man.

You understand, don't you?


Of course.

Maki is at the doctor's office.

I think she'll be back soon.

You are?

I am Karen.

Ok, Karen.

That's a nice name.

Friends used to tease me,
saying it doesn't suit me.

It suits a school girl like you.

You know I am actually still a virgin...

Is that so?

There's a lot that I should've
done before the world became like this.

Well, maybe so.

To tell you the truth,
I'm a really horny girl.

I started masturbating
when I was very young, too.

I am easy to get wet, almost always.

I make my panties messy,
so I don't wear any most of the time.

What, really?

So, now?

Would you like to see?



It's okay you're the last
normal man alive, aren't you?

Um..l guess so.

I'm not sure why, though.

Will you be my first?


Huh? What?

Oh what, what!?

According to the victim, Karen, she went to look
for his wife maki and he suddenly attacked her.

I don't understand why
it happened like this.

Shinji! It can't be true!
Let me go see him!!

Calm down, he's no longer your husband.

He's just a rapist monster now!

How stupid are women, huh?

I bet that couple must have been sexless.

That's why he didn't turn into a toxic man. Old
wife, old girlfriend are just family members.

No guy wants to have
sex with a family member.

If you did, that's just
like incest, that's sick!

Don't you get it, same old sex
only makes a guy's dick limp.

And while he was losing his sex drive
for so long, he met a young pretty girl...

Of course he goes crazy with a hard-on.

That's exactly how men react.

Who cares about love shit!?

What do women know about love?

Re-educate men!? Give me a break, women!

We won't let women control
man's concept of love or the sex drive!

We remember well,
the day women laughed at us...

I remember well,
the day I was being bullied...

Sounds like they started
the grand empire meeting.

The class began to bully kids
to please the girls in the class...

So the cause of
brutal bullying was women...

We have come beyond sex,
we have anime, games, adult video and...

Got it!

We know about love way
better than normal guys...

Who go after women for sport and sex...

Look at those jocks, good looking rich
guys, they end up being toxic zombies.

Men with real satisfied lives
turned into toxic men.

God gave them true form.

So as a result who's the real winner now?

No need to even think,
it's us, virgin otaku!

If you go in now, that's suicidal.

I wouldn't recommend that.

You were on TV?

Just some evolution studies researcher.

If you're gonna risk your life,
you need to think of timing.

It's not the right time yet.

If there are any movements,
I'll let you know by this.

Now, let us get revenge
on our true enemy, 3D women.

I have no interest in
you or that maid girl.

I just want to watch the evolution
of the human race, I'm an evolved otaku.

That's all.

Let those zombies go after them...

And enjoy the bloody shower!

Let those three dimensional
women become extinct!

This is akiba empire...

We are alive!

Let us welcome the living
goddess, miss momoko.

Let them fear us by
making our battle roar...


Let us humiliate three dimensional women...




I heard that living goddess momoko was an
otaku idol when she was a business woman...

So, she started singing and dancing even
after the destruction of her personality...

So, you're done collecting information?

I gave you a lot of info,
tell me what's your real task?

I heard something, way before
the world became like this...

Unbelievable rumor on the Internet...

Project herod.

Project herod?

That's pretty dangerous.

What do you mean?

it literally means to swallow a sword.

In your kind of terms,
a mistake or bad decision.

Not that!

Herod is mentioned in Matthew 2:16 to 2:18.

It refers to an infant slaughter.

What is that?

Nozomi, you really know nothing.

How could you live like that?

No wonder everybody hates otaku, you
think you're better than everybody, huh?

Cut the crap, what is that herod thing?

Three wise men came from the east.

They were guided by the star, and told
that the second person born in Bethlehem...

Was a threat to king herod...

So he ordered the killing of 12,000 infants
younger than 2 years old in Bethlehem.

Infant slaughter so he ordered the killing of 12,000
infants younger than 2 years old in Bethlehem.

Joseph and Mary escaped
so Jesus was safe, though...

It is said that the actual
number killed was 20 or so.

That is...

Was it born?


Momoko, we must escape!


You came just to kill a baby
with that much technology?

Self-proclaimed leader
of the world, the United States...

Your plan is to eliminate
the roots of new evolution?

If you get in my way, I'll
have to eliminate you.

Huh? If so, may I get to
choose how to get killed?

I prefer to be electrocuted
instead of being roasted or chopped.

Electric shock style.

Don't you get it?

Men... women... the human
race was finished long ago!

One more step.

You will protect momoko, right?

All men, go to hell!


Help us one more time.

Hey! Raid!

Bastards! Eat this!

Men, go to hell!

Sergeant, I am running out of ammo!

Same here!

Too many balls to shoot, huh?

Sarg, that's a good one.

Rape them all!


At this very moment?

That's right. I don't want
to regret not doing it later.

If you use a condom,
toxic men are harmless.

I've proved it already.

You don't say.

You've done this with other Guinea pigs?

I'll let you have a turn later.

A man feels good... so good... I love men!

I feel like doing more, it feels so good.

So... this is a toxic man?

This is so different from lesbian-play.

Sarg, don't worry about me, go ahead!

As a self-defense army officer,
I must save as many people as possible!

I'm cumming... cumming!

Oh, why!?

I knew it.

That's why...

That's why...

I broke them.


Shinji! You're not a toxic man,
you're my husband!

I don't wanna die.


I forgot how sex feels... it feels... good.

In this world, there's good things, too.

We're making love again.

We're doing it again.

We're pretty much done here, too.

What's with this toxic man?


What's with this one?

Now I know why sabu didn't attack us, it
wasn't because of our re-education of love.

It's because he was gay.





Shinji, shinji.

Tell me how you feel.

I am so happy that you're my husband.

I am so... happy.


I won't let you hurt momoko!