Rape Zombie: Lust of the Dead 2 (2013) - full transcript

After a nuclear attack, a strange virus has turned 90% of the male population of the world into lust-filled zombies. However, in Akihabara, Japan, some males have been found who are uninfected. This small group of healthy men decides to team up with the Zombies to satisfy their own carnal desires. The women survivors must now band together and fight to survive in post-apocalyptic Japan!


the sin of a woman who doesn't let
man do her is heavier than the earth.

Regarding the declaration of
war issued by North Korea against us...

Here is an official comment from the first
female prime minister of Japan, hanako tsuchiya.

Live: Office of prime minister prime minister, hanako tsuchiya
well, I am the very first female prime minister in Japan...

Now that I am in charge, I won't
let men just do as they please anymore.

They're moving around without signs of
biological processes. It's medically impossible!

Is it possible that all men on
the planet have become rapists!?

If a woman is raped by a toxic
man, she dies soon after.

If they ejaculate inside,
it is toxic enough to kill a woman!

Oh, another woman is being attacked...

The rapists appear to be two
businessmen and a college student?

We have no choice but
to cut off their dicks!

I knew it, we should've banned
all those sick videos long ago...

Freedom of expression
is a bunch of crap created by men!

It's all because we gave them too much
freedom to create sickening sex fantasies!

Rise up, rape'em all, every man alive!

Yes, all male defense personnel have become
toxic, so there are more firearms now.

Let them know man's strength!

It's a women's world now,
we must protect ourselves.

All humans were descended
from the same simple organisms...

That's evolutionary fact...

Any evidence of nuclear weapons?

Satellites have captured an image
of a nuclear rocket fueling in North Korea.

What is the status of us
interceptor missiles?

It may already exist...
The prototype of the next generation!

Military forces have been re-organized
with all remaining female soldiers...

Well then, that's all for now! I'm on my
way to Hawaii by chartered government jet!


Let's open this today.

Miso mackerel?

How about canned crab meat?

And rice.

Didn't know we still had some left.

It's the last of it.



Are you sure you want to open
this souvenir from okinawa?


Yes, it's our anniversary.


What are we gonna do next?

How are we gonna survive in this world?

Not sure, but we can make it.

I'll protect you.

Thank you, shinji.

I'm so happy we're married...

It came from the hallway.

Stay here.

Be careful.


Toxic men don't die from decapitation...

I sawiton TV.


Let's escape from here.


Obviously, it was killed after fighting.

That's easy to tell by
the chopped off head.

The question is, where did
the killer escape t0?

Chief, there was a 3D woman
running towards showa street.

It's not good if she makes it to the
Amazon group at ikebukuro.


No, she was with a man.

A man? Not zombie but a real man?



No, he didn't seem creepy,
so it's not likely.

They were even holding hands.

There is no 3D woman who
would hold hands with otaku.

I know that.

Then, I don't get it.

So, it's a so-called couple?

Something like that.

Hard to believe there's
still a normal guy alive.

Shall we have him go after them?

There's kakizaki platoon
in showa area, call them.

This is bito platoon,
calling kakizaki platoon.

This is kakizaki platoon, go ahead.

Come in kakizaki, hey kakizaki.

This is kakizaki. What's up?

How are things over there?

We found a 3D woman at an abandoned house,
so we're having a zombie go after her.

There is another 3D woman
coming in your direction, a couple.

A couple? Got it, we'll
send our zombie after them, too.

One zombie was already
killed by them, be careful.

Don't worry, our zombie is takashi.


Okay, let's make a house to house search.

3D women are like roaches, if you
find one, there are thirty or more...

Yes! Yes!

U.S. troops?

Oh, he's taken action.

Hey, look!

A rescue maybe?

Let's find out.

You have committed a security breach.

What are you saying? Speak Japanese.

What are you saying? Speak Japanese.

I am not hostile.

Rescue is part of my duty.

The helicopter going around
has first aid supplies.

The temporary government
in Osaka sanctioned my mission.

It doesn't matter what the
Osaka government said.

This ain't Japan anymore, you'll be
surprised to hear, it's now akiba empire.

No wonder missy from the us didn't know about
us. We'll just take the aid supplies, thanks.

But, we don't allow security
breaches and interventions.

Let him go.

Get them!

What the hell is she?



Shit, it's Amazon!

It's our territory, we won't let
otaku do what they want!

You bastard!

You guys are so creepy!

Why don't you go back to
akihabara and jerk each other off!

He was shot in one ball
so we can still use him.

Okay, bring him.

We'll get our payback!

Sergeant, why didn't we kill them all?

I can't stand otaku guys,
they're just so gross!

Saving lives is our first priority.

Are you alright?

Yes, thank you very much.

And who is this?

It's my husband.

So, you're not an otaku virgin?

Yeah, you don't look creepy at all.

Rather, pretty good-looking!

I am not otaku.

What are you doing!?

If he's legit, he'll still
become a toxic man.

No, he won't!


There is a temporary shelter over there.

Security is very strict and no
otaku or toxic man can infiltrate it.

There's enough food.

We can accept your wife
but I'm not so sure about you.

First, you need to see Dr. yagami.

The shelter is also a research institute to
find the cause of the toxic man syndrome.

Let's hear the doctor's opinion.

You are amazing.

I was watching you fight,
you're invincible.

Nothing beats the Pentagon's technology.

Can you communicate through speech?

If you can, I'd like to talk to you.

I am a cyborg, model d-101089.

I am the property of the U.S.
defense department.

Oh, that's quite a friendly
function, you make me happy.

Do you have a functioning g-spot as well?

I do not understand your question.

I see you don't get the joke, okay.

So, what's your mission?

To research the atomic bomb
attack on Tokyo and to rescue refugees.

You talk so smoothly, I suspect
you have another mission as well.

So, what's your true purpose?

I have no response to that question.

I get it, but to do research,
won't you need a collaborator?

What is your objective?

Nothing much, just killing time.

Tell me about the outside world.

TV and Internet are shut down so
I have no clue what's going on.

What's going on in the world?

Due to toxic man syndrome, 90% of males have
lost their sanity and become rapists...

And after their hearts stop functioning,
they continue attacking women.

All the women raped die from the
toxic bodily fluids from the toxic men.

It is evident from early tests that toxic men can
only be killed by destroying their testicles.

Every nation's military and police have been taken
over by women and are now under their control.

Most countries around the
world have restored order.

World population is approximately...

3 million male.

So, it's 100 million in total,
we've been reduced to a 1/60 ratio.

Well, it could have been worse.

What is this?

I am telling you, somebody saw it.

Don't tell me some made up horror story.

A night crawler in the classroom?

Give me a break.

Here you go...

Oh, didn't you already eat?

Can I have another one?

I see your young so you get
hungry often, but we need to share.

But okay.

Thank you!

Miss harumi?

Oh, it's a man, but he isn't creepy.

That's a man!

Is that a man?

He's not... he's not... he's not creepy.

He's not toxic nor an otaku.
Is he a normal guy?

It's still alive, unbelievable.


When we complete this study, it will
be a big step for toxic men research.

What is the condition of his penis?

The expansion rate is 120%.

Corpus cavernosum is good.

Cowper's fluid secretion is also normal.

It's fully erect.

Which means...

He's got a boner.

Sounds good.

Excuse me.

So you are normal and alive,
nice to meet you.

Um... yes.

Your examination has to be delayed.

We are about to communicate
with the toxic man.

Toxic man... is it capable
of communication?

We must attempt it.

If he can talk, we may
be able to persuade him.


More... more... more...


What do you mean by more?

More... pussy!!

More pussy... let me bang, let me bang!

Let me bang more!

Why do you only talk about sex?

Because I was born a male,
it can't be helped.

To all men, every single woman
encountered is a sexual object.

If a woman resists,
I have no choice but to rape her.

What about your rational
mind or social nature?

What about social imperative human wisdom, and
laws passed down to us through the centuries?

And ethics and morals?

That's just a thing.

Since the dawn of mankind, 2 million years
ago, men have always been raping women.

It's only 5,000 years since
rape was legally banned...

The entire duration of mankind versus
5,000 years, think about it as money.

5,000 yen is just a token amount,
but 2 million yen is an annual income.

Just can't beat ancient history.

Love... what about love?

That's also primordial, isn't it?

Love? You mean sex?

Rape is how we love women, you fool!

Don't you have the decency
to care about a woman's feelings?

Huh, the trauma of sexually abused victims?

Give me a break, woman.

What about men's feelings?

The rate of suicide is
3 times higher in men.

It means men get hurt feelings
3 times more than women get raped.

Until all women take full responsibility for
men who kill themselves from broken hearts...

Men should not be blamed for rape.

Look at yourself!

It's all your fault for being so stuck up.

You, yourselves, asked for it!

Why don't you try being a man
for a change, having a boner like this.

It's tough not getting laid.

It's so bad, it makes you wanna die.

What can I do with this
boner even though I'm dead?

That's right, only when I am putting
my dick in pussy, can I forget this pain.

That's why I will do
more, I will bang more!!

I will bang more, yeah,
I will bang and bang!!

Stop it.

Well, doctor, please
take care of these two.

I have nothing against your data,
but the sex ratio doesn't fit Japan.

It's more like 50/50.

Or, there could be more men.

Why is that?

Because Tokyo, no, all of Japan
is the land of the virgin otaku.

The akiba empire...

A world class condom maker
has been doing sex research.

The frequency of sex in the world.
The lowest was always Japan.

The lowest: Japan compared to the
numbers of leading countries...

Japan is less than half.




a few hundred times a year on average.

Japan... only 45 times.

Less than half.

It could be less than one third.

In my opinion...

45 times a year on a weekly basis...

Almost once a week
it should be enough.

How many Japanese are
really having that much sex?

Maybe I think this way
because I'm Japanese too.

I guess people around the
world are a lot more into sex.

Another way to say that is...

Non Japanese men are getting plenty.

Japanese men are getting laid the least
Japanese men are getting laid the least.

Also Japanese women are
the most stuck up in the world.

That's not to say they won't have sex.

At least not for free.

You mean prostitution?

Just like samurai and harakiri...

Geisha and yoshiwara are
common terms around the world.

Older than samurai history...

Licensed quarter older
than samurai history...

Massage parlors.

Sexual health land.

Paid dating with a high school girl.

Japanese traditional customs.

If you pay, you can sleep with a nice woman. There are some
nice women who let you sleep with them if you pay for it.

But they're a minority.

Most of them only let someone
they like have sex with them.

The influence of western culture they only
prefer good-looking, successful and popular men.

Good looking...



Greedy bitch
they're all greedy bitches.

So that's the cause of the
high male survival rate in Tokyo?

Exactly... otaku life-style was invented
by those unlucky guys in Japan.

Otaku life-style.


It's time for my shift.

You can rest till morning.

You have had very little sleep lately.

I can't sleep.

Besides, is there any progress
with the doctor's research?

We must keep positive.

You're right, I'm sorry.

It's okay, now get some rest.

Yes, ma'am.

Getting well-rested is part of your duty.

Um... sarg?


You have been cold lately.

If you're nice to me,
maybe I can fall asleep.

No history of injury or disease...

Blood test shows no
allergic reaction either.

I thought so, I didn't think I was unusual.

Don't be silly, you don't
realize how precious you are.

You're one of the only
surviving normal males in the world.

Is that so?

What about those guys
who use the toxic men to attack us?

They looked normal as well.

Are you talking about otaku?

Non popular creepy otaku.

Indeed, otaku guys are not toxic...

But we haven't found the reason why...

Otaku are so creepy and useless.

At least, they are not normal...

80 they are not our object of research.

The reason you are so precious is...

You're not otaku nor a virgin,
and you didn't become toxic.

I'd like you to cooperate with us.

Will you give us shinji's sperm sample?


Sperm sample?

Yes, the next time you have sex, please?

When you get the sample,
please get it to us within 3 hours.

We've talked to the sergeant...

You will be staying at
our research facility.

This is to maintain your
privacy as a couple.

But shinji, you must not
contact the other refugees.

You mean, I could become toxic?

I should say, you better not
irritate the other refugees.

For instance, an
unattractive male teacher...

Can become very popular
at an all girls school.

Something like that,
everybody's very interested in shinji.

Nozomi hasegawa


Let me introduce them...

They're staying in the room next door.

Maki and shinji.

Oh, you're the surviving couple.

She's helping us with our research, nozomi.

Nice meeting you.

You, too.

How do you do?

Nothing in here.

So far, it seems safe here.

Hey, shiniji...

What should we do with it?

I'm so tired...

Let's just sleep tonight.

Yeah, all right.

It feels good...

It's been a while...

I will make you cum.

No, that's not fair to you...

Why don't you cum first?

How could you talk like
that to your superior?

No, we must cum together...


The patriarch was someone from...

Patriarch south India to China.


It's zen.

I know zen.

It's Japanese spiritual culture.

9 years facing the wall he stayed home
and faced the wall for nine years.

In reality, every form is empty...

And emptiness is the true form.

From earthly desires
to liberation and enlightenment.

Consciousness, which didn't
take root in either India or China...

Remained in Japan.

It was established on a large scale...

In the kamakura period.

It became the moral code of the samurai...

And it spread among the general public.

Another patriarch at the time...

Was kenji miyazawa, creator
of fantasy literature.

He cared for his sister who died young
and he remained a virgin all his life.

A virgin for life he cared for his sister who
died young and he remained a virgin all his life.

He collected a great number
of "shunga" paintings.


Stylized color paintings of sexual acts...

Between men and women.

Works of utamaro kitagawa...

Or hokusai katsushika...

Have been shown at the British museum.

You mean "ukiyoe"?

It is known to have influenced
Van gogh, Picasso and pop art...

Of the mid century in Japan.

Such style...

And sense of full color...

Have been passed on to...

Moe style anime ...The modern
anime design of "moe".


Moe doesn't mean cute.

Moe is deeper than that.

Can you read what that sign says?




Sen rikyu.

From the toyotomi period.

The ideal way created by the
great haiku poet, matsuo basho.

Somewhat sad and stale taste...

Wabi, sabi.

Add moe to that...

And it creates the
principal spirit of otaku.

The good spirit of otaku in these days...

Is not to mourn the lack of sex...

Or attaining enlightenment...

and disconnect from others...

Not having a stable job...

Facing a computer screen for 9 years...

Watching moe anime...

Playing gal games...

Following pop idols..

And searching porn websites.

Those otaku were learning the zen method...

Emptiness is the true form those
otaku were learning zen method...

Sex drive, moe, sublimation they learned
how to sublimate the sex drive into moe.

then they started achieving enlightenment.

That's how they survived
the toxic man syndrome.

Defeat girls

oh I've been looking for this for years...

Is it true that maeda
platoon was wiped out?

Yes, all bodies were identified.

So, did Amazon do that?

There's nobody else, is there?

As payback, there might
be an all-out attack on Amazon.

I say yes, cause there's
no reason to keep 3D women alive.

If an all-out attack is confirmed...

Our next big meeting
will be quite heated up!

I wonder if miss momoko will sing.

You bet! I heard her
new song is ultimate moe.

I need to see her holy
face soon, or I'll die...

We're gonna miss her vip event...

Shit, I can't take it.

Special audience hall

now, to honor the achievement of
sugimoto platoon for killing 133d women...

We're about to entertain
a special audience.

Photography is permitted
for the next 30 minutes...

A special select few will be,
permitted to take a personal photo.

Miss momoko, please strike a pose.

Will you hold mister Akira?

I remember well,
when women laughed at me.

I was bullied,
and video taped by women.

The boys planned the funeral
to impress the girls in the class.

Men had to prove themselves to be desirable,
resulting in bullying and social inequality.

Hence, bullying was caused by women!

We should have known long ago...

That there is no gadget cat from
the future coming to the rescue!

Greedy 3D women will always go after...

Violent jocks..

Or a rich boy with a pretty face!

We are dorks...

Destined to remain virgins
for the rest of our lives!

But listen, I don't mean
to be a sore loser...

We don't need real sex with 3D women!

We have advanced beyond
sex, we have anime...

We have games,
we have manga, also adult videos...

And of course straight
to video movies, too.

And more than anything,
we have our own holy idol.

Unlike those normal guys who go
after women for love, games and sex...

We know more about true love.

Look at those jocks
and good looking rich guys...

They end up being toxic zombies.

Men with truly satisfied
lives turn into toxic men.

God gave them true form.

So... as a result who's
the real winner now?

No need to even think about it...

It's us...

Virgin otaku!

Let us have revenge
on our true enemy, 3D women.

Let those cold blooded greedy women...

Who humiliated us by
calling us creepy...

Get what they deserve.

Let them teach you, virgin otaku...

Never forget what they did to us.

Let's work off this grudge!

Let those zombies go after them...

And enjoy their bloody shower.

Let those 3D women become extinct!

When our mission is completed...

We will have a cry of triumph.

Let's praise us, otaku, true men...

We live with akiba empire!

Let us welcome miss momoko.

Let them fear us by making our battle roar!








You! You must be the toilet ghost!

I knew it!

You scared me!

Do you think you can do that!?

Shelter game.

What are you doing!?


Love is not a game!

It's all about the game.
Mankind will be ruined anyway.

I am saying we will be ruined...

We just have to educate men, like Sam.

Our research is about love.


Actually, I am a virgin and a good girl...

A raid!

Rape them all!

Sarg, we are out of ammo!

Same here!

Too many balls to shoot?

In ancient times, there was a Princess...

Worshipped as an idol goddess.

After losing her sanity,
she started singing as a reflex reaction.

Project herod?

Project herod is known
as infant massacre...

With this much technology,
that's all you got?

If you get in my way, I have to kill you.

Long ago... mankind...
Men... women were finished!

Kanae... save us one more time!

This is something lesbians can't get!

It's so good!

Have you done this with
a Guinea pig before?

It's not a zombie, it's my husband!

I'm so happy that we're married...