Ranarangam (2019) - full transcript

Deva (Sharwanand) is a powerful gangster from Visakhapatnam who moves to Spain to put his past behind him. But what happens when he realises he can't shake off his enemies no matter where he goes?


You should deal with people like me
to get the Minister's consent.

Hello, Master. Where are you headed?

I have to meet the Minister.

What are they doing here?
This isn't a movie set.

Sir, it's you?!

I didn't recognize you with those glares.

Please come, sir.
- Come.

Hello, sir.

Hello, Collector. What brings you here?

I have some urgent business with you, sir.

This is Sanjay.

A close friend of mine.
- Hello.

I know.
So tell me. What's the matter?

You're well aware Vizag's been granted
an International Airport.

This is the proposed area.

I own 700 acres land on
this side of the road.

If the airport is approved...

Government compensation won't
match up to my loss.

But if the airport is on the other side
of the road...

Your land price will multiply by 20 times.


I'll use my influence in Delhi...

And make sure airport
is on the other side.

But for all of this to work out...

People from these 5 villages
need to vacate the area.


Is that why you were showing dominance?

It's difficult, man.

It would fetch you 200 crores.

It's a tempting number but...

Only one man can handle the situation.


We found them loading 4 drug boxes
in the ship to Mumbai.

We couldn't get them to reveal
the supplier and buyer.

Do you know why you're still alive?

I know. I'm sorry.

Deva found out about the drugs
and killed two of our guys.

We can't go on like this.

Hello. I'm Kevin.

I can't deal with the product
as long as Deva is here.

Do something about it.

Don't worry.

Minister and I are coming to Spain
for a conference.

We'll talk to him, okay?


Thanks, Mona.

You're welcome.

Thanks, baby.

You can do nothing but bless
their couple at her wedding.

Take my advice and forget her.

Let's see.

I might bless her or you might
bless us both.

Let's see.


I'm pretty confident about this.

It's your decision.

Your little princess is here.

Why do you look dull, love?

Are the results out?

They failed me on purpose
this time as well, Deva.

Yeah, right. It's their
ulterior motive to fail you.

Look at him seriously!

What did you just say?

No. No.

What did she say?

She's got me into trouble again.
- It's only the mid term.

You can prepare well for the Finals.
What do you say?

That's my confidence, Deva.

You're not upset about
my results, are you?

Pssst! Not at all.

Thank god! I was worried about you.

He's gotten used to it by now.
- Hey!

Got it, sir. I'll shut up.

We're going to watch a movie tonight.
Be ready.

I have a lot of work. I can't make it.

- Mona will be coming.
- I'm in.

- What about your work?
- I can do it tomorrow.

Forget work. Mona is important.

How come you're here?

I need a small favour from you.

He owns a land at the new airport.

He's got a deal we could benefit from.



Minister wants to meet you.

For what?

He wants to talk to you
about the new airport issue.

Okay. I'll see you next week.

We're meeting Deva next week.
We should go to Spain.

Hi, Deva.

Hi, Mayor.

- Happy birthday!
- Thank you.

And this is for you.

A Union Minister came from India.

- Okay.
- And he wants to meet you.

Sure. Call him.

Just a minute.
- Yeah.

Hey, Deva.

Excuse me.

Union Minister.


Hello, Deva. I'm Tiwari.

Minister of Shipping...

And he's Ramesh. My PA.
- Hi.

Okay. Now coming straight to the point...

We didn't receive 4 cartons of product
from Gita Shipping.

We found out who's behind this.

It's you.

So you are the reason.

We don't know how your association
with the last Government was.

If you want to unload cargo from
Gita Shipping at any port...

You should load our product
without any questions.

No further discussions.

If you mess with us...

You'll end up where you started.

He will look weak if he accepts now...
Don't worry about it.

I'll handle him.

If it's true what they say about him...

He's very dangerous.

When he said those word...

It got me thinking where it all started.

10-40. 10-40. 10-40.

How much, bro?


Can I get it for 20?

Watch it from the interval then.

- How is that possible?
- I know, right?

Funny guy.

- We're from the same village.
- That is why you're getting it for 40.

A movie's fate is decided
after the morning show.

Now it's based on online ratings...

Back then it was the price
we sold the tickets.

10-40. 10-40. 10-40.

How much for the ticket?

- Why 40?

Because I waited in queue to buy tickets
for a clown like you.

Can I get it for 20?

You can get a pack of tobacco
for sure.


You take up 2 seats of space
and he wants to pay half the price.


He saw me.

Hey! Go away.

That cop saw me...

You leave. I'll deal with him.

Okay. Okay.

Hey. What are you doing here?

Serving mankind, sir.

Oh, really?

Yeah. I'm just shouting out
random numbers.

That's it.

Stop it and show me what's inside.

It's the affection I have for him.

I can't show it to you.

Do something then...

Make it 50...

Give me the extra 10.

This is why you're always above us.

10-40. 10-40. 10-40.


10-50. 10-50. 10-50.

Make it fast. Movie is about to start.

What's got you thinking?
Movie will play anytime now.

Get in. Get in.

We sell tickets from the morning show
to the late night show...

And we're here from the late night
to morning.


'After NTR has been elected as
the chief minister...'

'As he told before the elections'

'He has banned alcohol in the state.'

Why do you need a toned body?

Are you going to set
the theater on fire?

Don't embarrass me in front of a girl.

Where were you all night?
We missed you.

I was admitting Ravi at the hospital.

Our friend Ravi?

What's wrong with him?

Nothing, man. He's been in love
with a girl since 3 years.

Did she dump him now?

Her husband found out about it.


So how much was the collection

We got 350 rupees excluding the expenses.

Excluding your gambling money as well?

Where did he go?

He's done showing off here.

He's off to the bus stop.

- Hello, bro.
- Hey, Mahesh. How are you?

- Breakfast is hot. Want to have some?
- No.

We only have the specials in the area.

Is that why you're often cussed here?

Shut up and bring tea.

He's going to end up homeless
before she's flattered.

- Master, what's the time?
- I don't know.

It was 07:30 when we woke up.

Not sure how far it's come.

Why are you taking so long?
Make it fast.

Will the bus come at the same
time tomorrow?


What do you have to do with it?

This is unusual...

What is he doing at the bus stop?

Is he trying to woo her?

Let me ask him.

- Bro...
- Hmm?

They say even a crow looks like
a nightingale when you look closely.

Did that come true in your case?

Your crow and my nightingale
are completely different.

- Oh.
- Look over there.

Wow! She looks so pretty.

When Shah Jahan built Taj Mahal
for Mumtaz...

I thought he's rich.

But few women deserve such a gesture.

They're worth it.

Where was she this whole time?

She shifted recently to our surroundings...

The other girl has been here
for 15 years.

Whoa! She's beautiful...

She's mine. Fix!

''A beauty winks at me''

''O beauty! O beauty!''

''A lady makes my heart sway''

“O mesmerizing lady”

''A beauty winks at me''

''A lady makes my heart sway''

''Maybe I'm drowning in the
depth of your eyes''

''O beauty!''

''Maybe your glances are poking me sweetly''

“O mesmerizing lady”

''A beauty winks at me''

''A lady makes my heart sway''


''Are you a miracle or a mystery?''

''Let me grace your side however''

''My heart pushes me into your arms''

''Shall I caress you this moment?''

''I looked in the mirror for the first time''

''Wondering if I'm good enough for you''

''Like showers of pearls on a muddy field''

''Our union is beyond words and feelings''

''A beauty winks at me''

''A lady makes my heart sway''

''A beauty winks at me''

“A lady makes my heart sway''

What the hell, man!

There's no water whenever
I want to bathe.

Do you have to bath now?
You can take a shower tomorrow.

There's a new movie releasing today.

Make it fast.

You know I don't go to work
without taking a shower.

You're good for nothing even
if you take a shower.

Just put the shirt on.

Come on, guys.
- Hmm. Let's go.

Why are you late?

Some guy dropped a 100-rupee note
on the road.

Did you give it back to him
as an act of morality?

No... I waited for him to leave
and picked it up.

I get 50.

No way!


Look over there.

Manga is here with her gang
to watch a movie.

Guys, what are you gossiping about?

Your girlfriend is here.


The girl who keeps you on your feet.

I've been noticing her from a while...

She's staring at you.

I know.

Then go talk to her.

You don't have to push him.

He's not coy like me.

He'll approach her with ease.


I'll talk to her.

Shanti was going to come.
But she ditched us at the last minute.


I think she has already watched it.

What? Who are you?

Err... The bus stop...

Just because you see me
at the bus stop everyday...

Doesn't mean I'll talk to you
whenever you bump into me.

That's what I thought...

But those idiots gave me
the wrong idea...

Let's just play along and fool them.

- What do you mean?
- Let me explain.

You keep talking.

Are you out of your mind?

What do you think of me, huh?

Why should I talk to you?

What are they talking about, guys?

- Is she wooed already?
- No.

We pushed him into wooing her.

Thank you.

For what?

You spoke to me even
if it was just cussing.

If you don't mind,
can I have your number?

Are your friends fooling around with you?
Or are you fooling around with me?

Not at all.
It doesn't have to be your number.

Just write down some random number.

I'll boast about it to my friends.

Do you think they are idiots?

Don't you see it on their faces?

It'd be great if you leave now.


It was nothing.

She's flattered.

This is a phone number.

I don't think you've seen one before.

Look at him.
He wooed her in a week.

You're useless.

If he fails, it's just a week of work.

But if I fail, three years go in vain.


Now that I succeeded in love...

Sell the tickets for 10-20.


10-20? Really?

We'll be at loss.

Hello. Who is it?

It's me from the theater.

Sorry. Wrong number.

I was just checking if it's
the wrong number or not.

Now you know. Hang up.

Yeah, I know.

This is the wrong number I want.

Are you trying to flirt with me?

Not at all...

You only gave me this number, didn't you?

Hey! Who are you talking to?

Someone you don't know.
Why do you care?

My name is...



I wouldn't have to remember it
if you hadn't told me.

What's your name?

I don't have to tell you because
you don't have to remember it.

Woah! So you won't tell your name.

What if I gave you the wrong number?

The bus won't change, does it?

We would've talked at the bus stop.

What if my dad picked up?

No big deal.

I would've asked him to drop you early
at the bus stand.


Oh, really? Okay tell him.

Hey! Hey!

Dad, call for you.

Hello. Hello. Who is it?

Umm... We're calling from
the census department.

You want to count on the phone?

We're collecting data of people
who own a landline.

Enough of your investigation. Hang up.

Who was that?

- I'll be back in 4 days.
- Take care.

- Hello, brother.
- What?

Water's scarce in the colony...
There's no water supply.

There was no water yesterday.

Corporator is hosting some function.

All the tankers are at his place
from the past 3 days.

Thats the difference between
the rich and the poor.

Look over there.

We can't let someone else control
our anger and thirst.

Let's go, guys.

Tanker is here. Go fill water.

Don't quarrel, okay?

You solved our problem and
helped us with water...

God bless you.

You're here for me.
Of course, I'd live long.

I also bought another tanker.

How long will I live?
- Long enough.

- Okay.
- Hey, Babji!

- Where did you go?
- I didn't come because you guys will fight,


''Love is like a book of the unknown''

''First few pages give nothing away''

''Why don't you make it clear?''

''Even neem tastes sweet with time''

“Propose her if you have guts”

''If it's a no, your life is in vain''

''Why doesn't she respond?''

''She's like this angry parrot''

''Give me your heart in return''

''Don't embarrass me, my love''

''I whistle at you to come running''

''I pray to God to make you notice me''

''Fold you hands in prayer''

“Propose her if you have guts”

''She came into the colony
and grabbed attention''

''The beauty spot on her waist
makes me swoon''

''I whistle at you to come running''

''I pray to God to make you notice me''

''Keep rocking your life''

“Propose her if you have guts”

''Keep rocking your life''

Are you guys lost?

How dare you bring a tanker from
the Corporator's place?

Oh. Are you disappointed that
I didn't hit him?

We'll hit him tomorrow.

Hey, let's not create a mess.

Guys, your tanker is back there. Take it.

We will take it.

We will also drag you
all the way with it.

I couldn't believe water will cause
the third world war.

I can't help but believe it now.

- Move!
- Stop!



Hop in!

Where are you going?

I'm innocent, sir. I just came.

We did too.

- Hop on.
- What happened, sir?

- Sir, I'm really innocent.
- You can talk later. Hop on.

Visakhapatnam is surrounded
by sea on one side.

Hills on the other side...

And a few idiots in the middle.

This guy stands at the top.

MLA Simhachalam drops
the prohibition of alcohol.

Not bad.

He printed a color photo and
saved my day.

Just look at that.

You know...

Truth is highly valuable.

It should be preserved not wasted.

If you're so concerned about Vizag
as a reporter...

I am the MLA.

Don't you think I'm greatly concerned? Huh?

You write Vizag's report...

I'll work on the development.

Not just the liquor business…

I have all the reports on
your illegal deeds.

He's talking, guys.

Don't interrupt.

All right. I don't want to interfere.

Go on.


Being alive won't cut it.

You need to be lucky.

Sir, our men were arrested
in a tanker issue.

Skip the details.

Tell me what to do.

Sir, it was a friendly banter.

Please let us go.

Hey, do I look like in idiot to you?

There was nothing friendly about it.

We aren't fighting despite being
in the same cell.

Doesn't that mean we're friends?

Why don't you request him too?


I bribe you every month to keep
threats out of my way.

Not to arrest my men.

They work for the Corporator. Let them go.

Okay, sir.

Who works for the Corporator?

It's us, sir.

We voted for him twice.

Sir, it's not them. It's us.

- Let them go.
- Okay, sir.

Sir, he's one of us.

My family doesn't even know I'm here.

Let me go, sir.

I'll inform your family.

Get inside.

Lock the cell.
- Come on. Let's go.

What will you do alone?

- Brother...
- What?

- Let them go.
- No way.

- I need a pen and paper.
- What for?

I need to plea the President
for forgiveness.

It's for inmates on death row.
Doesn't apply to you.

Oh, we don't have that chance.

Talking to you guys is a waste of time.

Taking you to court is a waste of fuel.

Hanging you is a waste of rope.

Why are you still holding us, sir?

Please let us go.

Sir, they're creating nuisance.

Why do you want trouble?
Let's release them.

If we release them without a bribe...
They won't know the value of freedom.

Take some money and let them go.

- How much do you have?
- 100 rupees.

- What about you?
- 100.

Okay. Give me 400 bucks
and I'll leave you.

I loaned him my 100 bucks.

I put his 100 bucks on interest.

He said he'd pay me back.

So four of you have
100 bucks in total.

To be honest, he is good at Math.

- I know, right?
- Don't flatter me.

You gave me only 100
I'll leave you guys in the morning.

Sir! Sir!

Say another word and I'll charge you
with his cases.

Get lost!

He took our money and ditched us.

Hey! What have you done?

What are they holding you for?

They arrested me for getting married
four times.

Four of us haven't gotten married once.

I can't believe you're married
multiple times.

I have an alliance tomorrow.

I don't know if they will release me.

So you are either getting married
or sitting at the police station.

Who's looking after your wives?

Why are you looking at me?


Manga is my only love.
I might flirt with other women.

- But Manga is my one and only.
- How could you cheat my sister?

Ah! That was a cheap escape.

So let's drink some alcohol...

Suri, go get a full bottle.



Why did you give him money for alcohol?

I have a feeling he'll gamble
with that money.

He's quite particular
when it comes to alcohol.

That your opinion...

I'm not sharing my alcohol.

Shut up. Look over there.

Our girls are looking for us.

How was the felicitation
at the police station?

It was fantastic!

Hey, where's the shawl?

Shawl? Want me to steal one?

Oh, is it, Babji?

He forgot to bring.

They hit you and you're trying
to cover it up.


I hit on girls.

There is still no one to defeat me.

Our college lectures are far better
than his nonsense.

Let's go.

Manga... Manga...

Were you worried when I was away?

I'm worried you're back so soon.


That's like a slap on the face.

Come, let's play cards.

Hmm. Pick a card.

How long will you take?
They're harassing me for liquor.

- You never win anyway.
- That's right.

Why did you bring only half bottle?

Did you drink the other half?

Liquor is so scarce.
You really think I drank it?

Water is scarce not alcohol.

Prohibition of alcohol.

What does that mean?

Our State is going to be
a dry State hereafter.

Do we have to go to Orissa to booze?

You can buy it here illegally.

So it's kind of like our tickets business.

They buy liquor from other States
and sell it here.

Sounds like a good business.

Yes, we get to booze everyday.

We need to sell alcohol not drink it.

It's the usual stuff, sir.

You can cross check.

Hey! Stop that bicycle.

Okay, sir.

Stop! Stop! Stop!


What's this?

Empty bottles.

Don't you find them in Andhra?

My dad is a construction worker...

We place pieces of glass on the walls
for security purpose...

But alcohol is prohibited in our State.
We're short of bottles.

So I am going to Orissa to buy bottles.

That's a twisted story for
a construction worker.

Thank god your dad's
not an Engineer.

Okay, go.
- Thanks.

Hey! Stop! Stop! Stop!


What's that?

Milk cans, sir. Half of milk
and half of water.


Appala Naidu, check it.

It's milk, sir.

Give some milk for us and go.

Okay, sir.

Weather is very cool...

You want some alcohol?

I'm not so lucky yet.

Would you drink if you had alcohol?

Got something?


- How much?
- Quarter for 100 bucks.

How many have you got?

Around 2 cases.

Bring everything you got.

Hey! Why aren't you busy
selling our stuff?

We're sold out.

Did you drink everything?

Who would pay me for drinking it?

Here's 10,000 bucks.

10,000 bucks for 2,000 capital.

This is great.

If it was black tickets...
It would've taken a month's work.

Don't think of the past
when you're moving ahead.

Let's start selling milk from now on.
- Okay.

Super idea, bro.

Only uncles and youth drink liquor.

But milk everybody drinks.

What's that?

- No. No.
- Look. Look.

Whatever you say.

- Look...
- We'll sell milk.

Many of our heroes helped us succeed.

Mega Star in earning a living.

NTR in growing heights.


Let them go.

Stop! Stop!

- What's this?
- Empty bottles.

For what?

My dad's a construction worker.

Oh, no! We've had enough of his story.
Send him through.

- Okay, sir.
- I'll see you tomorrow, sir.

We didn't know who was right or wrong.

When the leaders were fighting for
the chief minister's position...

MLAs were busy shifting sides.

Including Simhachalam.

Our business was unstoppable.

Bro, give me a nib.

They look so polished, man.

Did they rob a bank?


Hello, wrong number!
How are you?

You're calling whenever you feel like...

You didn't tell me any specific time.

Why did you call?

I don't miss you at all these days.

If this doesn't change...
I was afraid that I'd forget you.

What do you say?

Will you please tell me the truth now?

I want to meet you.

Meet me?

I can't come out right now.

That is why I came to you.

Who the hell asked you to come home?

I don't need an invite.

I go wherever I want to.

What's the matter?

I have a lot of work.
I can't come out with you.

I don't have any work...

We can go once you're done.
I'll wait here till then, okay?

Hello. Hello.

Why did you ask me out?

What's this?

I'm running a business.

We are gaining profits...

So I bought you a gift

and take you out for lunch.

I don't mind the gift.

But lunch...

We'll get to that later.

Hey, girl!

You didn't tell me your name.

I'll tell you if you promise
not to see me again.

- Shall I?
- No...

I'll find it out somehow.

Take care.

Your parents will be worried.

It's getting dark.

Give me a half bottle.

300 rupees.

Why? I bought it for 200 yesterday.

Where? In Orissa?

Does our old post office
come under Orissa?

Old post office?!

Who sold it to you?

I remember the hub but not the seller.

Show me where this hub is.
And take this for free.

Free? I'll show the way twice.

Come with me.
- Let's go.

Bro, someone's selling liquor at
the old post office at a lesser price.

Who dared to go against us in Vizag?

He must be well aware of our business
to sell at a lesser price.

He doesn't know about us.

Go to him right now.

Warn him physically not verbally.

Hey! Hey! Wait.

Like Bhavani said in the film ‘Siva'...
Sit down.

Warning has to be so terrifying...

One has to fear the thought of
entering the business.

Okay, brother.
Come. Let's go.

It's not just you.
This is new to me as well.

But I'm still looking at you.

I'm admiring you.

Order, sir.

What do you have?

Whatever is on the menu.

If I could read, I'd have been
a jobholder like him.

Want to have chicken biryani?


- Do you have that?
- Yes.

Get us one biryani and two cold drinks.

Thank you, sir.

So what business are you into?

Oh that?

CM announced prohibition, right?

So we buy liquor from Orissa
and selling it in Vizag.

You didn't have to tell me the truth.

You could've lied about the business.

How can we lie to someone we love?


So why are you telling me?


What did you say?

Everyone's looking at us.

No one from our area visits
a restaurant of this class.

It's not about where you're from.

It's about where you're headed.

Where are you headed?

If everything works out well with you...

I can go anywhere.

Why are you bringing me into this?

Do you realize what you're asking?

Hmm. What?

Look, Gita.

I love you.

It's your decision.

Damn it! I asked him for the bill
long back.


Bro, this is the shop.

Guys, go check.

- Who is it?
- Who are you guys?

Let go of my shirt.

Where is it?

Guys, let's go.

Don't even think of selling again.

Forget about selling liquor...

I feel they'll quit boozing too.


Did they attack you?

It's them.

We can beat them later...

Who's going to pay for the stuff
you damaged?

Do you know who we are?

I don't want to know.

Answer my question first.

Answer your question, my foot!

Who's going to pay the rest?

Do you know why I spared you?

So that you will tell your boss.

Go tell him.

Let's go, guys.


Suri is visiting from India tomorrow.

Send a car to the airport.

Okay, Deva.

Sir, please help.

He just had a heart attack.

We need to take him to the
hospital immediately. - Help her out.

Rush to the hospital immediately.

- You speak Telugu?
- Yes.

It was an emergency. Sorry about that.

Do you know the guy?


I was waiting for the bus
when he passed out.


- Want me to drop you?
- It's okay. I'll take care.


I'm sure. Thanks.

- Nice to meet you.
- You too.

See you later.

Deva, Suri and gang have arrived
from India.

Hello, sir. How are you doing?

I'm good.

How's your daughter?

Tell me why you're here.

International Airport had been
sanctioned in Vizag.

He owns a 700 acre land
beside the site.

- Where's Deva?
- Someone's visiting him from India.

He's upstairs in the office room,
talking to them.

What are you doing here then?

You're hopeless.

We would've had two kids by now
if you stayed away.

You're dealing this with composure.

What's your share in it?

Deva, hospital...

- Suri uncle... When did you come?
- I landed this morning.

Are you staying or leaving
tonight as usual?

No. I'll leave tonight.

We need to go to the hospital.

- Okay, I'm coming.
- Bye!

Bye, dear.

So what's your share?

200 crores.

So you're abandoning 12,000 people
for your share of 200 crores.

Don't you think it's wrong?

I mean... Government
sanctioned them shelters.

Most of them don't have the documents.

They're staying there purely
on my assurance.

None of the authorities mess with them
out of fear for me.

You were voted Minister to solve
the issues in your region.

Not to create new problems.

If you worry about him...

I'll have to worry about you.

If you get our job done,
I'll give you 600 crores.

What's going on?

Did you quit gambling?

Are you losing money on it?

I quit.

How much do you want?

I have to take my daughter
to the hospital.

- See you.
- Okay, Deva. We'll leave.

Are you out of your mind?
I told you not to interfere.

Every man has his price.

I haven't come across anyone
who ridiculed money.

There's a first for everything.

Let's go.

- Hi, doctor.
- Hello, Deva.

She's not keeping well.
Can you have a look at her?

Okay. Let me check.

Thank you.

I'll stay with her, sir.

- Hi!
- Hi.

What are you doing here?

My daughter is not feeling well.

Okay. Don't worry. I'll just check.


Deva, MK just called.

They're refusing to load our containers
in Mumbai.

That's him.

You'll have a long life, sir.

Minister sir was just mentioning
about you.

You called at the right time...
About the load.

We told you last time.

Your ship will be unloaded only
if our load is released.

Send our load and call me back.

Ask Karthik to come immediately.

Okay, brother.

- So are you okay now?
- Yeah.

- Happy to go back to school?
- Yes.

Nothing to worry. Just a viral fever.

2-3 days of rest and she'll be fine.

- Okay.
- Let's go.

Who was that madam?

Oh, no!

The pills must have damaged your brain.

You just saw her.
Did you forget already?

What do you think about hiring a new maid?

Oh, that girl?

On our way back home...

Some guy had a heart stroke...

And she sought our help to save him.

Is she married?

What are you implying?

If you find a doctor alliance for me...
You think I'll forget Mona?

No chance!

What does that look mean?

I don't think she is married yet.

Get in.

See you.

- Bye.
- Bye!

See you.


You asked me to call you once
the package is loaded.

I've been trying to reach your PA.

Maybe he's in your restroom.

Deva, I am...

You're thousands of miles away.

Yet I can sense your fear.

Being powerful isn't enough...

You should have an idea who to use it on.

I'm extremely sorry, Deva.

Please get me out of this.


My men are waiting outside.

Give them the key card and leave.

Also take her on your way out.

And by the way...

Happy birthday!


Hi, Gita.

Hi. What are you doing?

Nothing. How are you?

- Has the fever gone down?
- Yeah.

It's been a week since you said
you'd come home.

- I'll come this week for sure.
- Deva, tell her.

Sahasra! Hello!

Hi, Gita. I'm sending the car.

You'll have to come for lunch.

Sure. I'll be there in one hour.

Okay. Bye.

- Hi!
- Hello!

- How are you?
- I'm good.

- Hi.
- Hi.

- Sorry. Am I late?
- It's okay. Come. Sit.

Food is spread out but there's no water.

They'll get it. You sit down.

What's wrong in doing our work, Deva?

Just 2 minutes back,
you told a statement...

Can you repeat it, please?

I said there's nothing wrong
in doing our work.

- Hello.
- Vinay, where the hell are you?

What's the matter?
Come upstairs urgently.


What's wrong?

Pass me the remote.

It's right there.

I can't reach it.

Is it about the remote?


You didn't have to stop me
from bringing the water.

I can bring you the water.

I didn't leave the water here
for you to fetch.

It's an excuse for me to leave.
- But why?

Telling you is a waste of time.

What are they even talking about?

Nothing new.

She talks about her treatments.

He talks about her settlements.

Which grade are you in?

Grade 8.

He wants her to pursue medicine.

But she's going to be an actor.

Gita's brother took a voluntary retirement
from his Government job...

Only to fund her education with that money.

If she got married,
there's no one to look after the family.

So she is still single.

- Suri uncle...
- Tell me, dear.

Vinay will send you a man's details.

I don't know how you'll do it.

Get him a good job in our company.

Send me his detail,
I'll take care of the rest.

I'm giving him the phone.


About the airport issue...

Neither the Home Minister nor
the CM can go beyond me.

This is my last call.

If you compel me to call again...

You won't be alive to answer it.

You must have assumed
I'll throw a silly threat and leave.

Are you still thinking about that?

Listen to Deva. Let it go.

It's not possible.

It's not a matter of 100 bucks to let go.

It's about 1500 crores.

Money is all there is on your mind
right now.

If you keep this up,
we'll have to mourn for you.

Listen to me.

It's impossible as long as Deva
is involved.

Sir, ma'am is asking for 2 crores
you'd send home.

Tell her she'll have it by afternoon.

Oi! Ministry is not enough
to maintain her.

- I'll have to be the CM.
- Make a try.

Hello, ma'am.

Sir will send it by afternoon.

There was one MLA Simhachalam long back.

Do you know him?

Of course.

He's been out of sight for 15 years now.

He called me last night.

He told me exactly what you told me.

It's impossible as long as Deva
is involved.

That's what anyone would say.

But his version was slightly different.

You said it's impossible as long as
Deva is involved.

But he said we could do anything
if Deva is no more.

It's not as easy as it is in your head.

We'll never know unless we try.

Who are you calling?

He has a lot of enemies abroad as well.

I'm calling one of them.


We hit is business and he sent his men...

- When we beat his men.
- Cops are coming.

- Cops?!
- Hey! Clear the stock.

Get it out of here.

Hide all of it.

Clear that box as well.

There's more inside.

Put it there.

Search the place.

What brings you here, sir?

We have information that
you're selling liquor here.

Are you from Orissa?

Alcohol is prohibited here.
Tell him, guys.

You'll know where I'm from
once I find the stock.

We checked everywhere, sir.
We didn't find anything.

Whatever. Let's leave.

You got lucky today.

I'll expose you someday.

We'll get to that later.

First tell your boss you failed
to crack me up.

Get going.


Where are you going?
He's not here for the holy offering.


Are you here to wash away your sins?

Yeah, right.

What sins have you committed?

I'm talking to you.

Come on! That's too much.

You know I've got a great following
in my colony.


Hey! It's my dad.

I thought your dad would separate us.

I didn't know he'd bring us this closer.

- Uncle!
- Hey!

Your daughter is right here.

Shall I call him?
Come. Let's settle this.

Come, let's fight it out.

Do you like kids?


Why don't you get married then?

I must find the guy I love.

I guess you're talking to him right now.

How many girls have you
used this line on?


Hmm. What happened?

What else?

The first girl gave me a tight slap.

What about the second?

I just told her.

I wonder what her response is going to be.

Do you know him and his profession?

Yes, dad.

But it's nothing like you assumed.

Then there's no problem.

I just want you to know
my opinion beforehand.

You say you know what he does.

So you must also know the risk.

Having tensions in life is quite common.

But living a life with tensions
is worrisome.

Why are you bringing this up?

Let's find her a good alliance
and get her married.

You need direction as much as
you need freedom.

That is why I'm so particular.

It's your life and your decision.

It's up to you.

Bro, sister-in-law...

What did you tell your dad?

Don't want to know what he said?

I know what your dad must have said.

I want to know what your words were.

What's to discuss when
I know what you do?

I believe my dad will accept us
if you quit everything.

Look, Gita...

What makes us different is...

You were raised.

I grew up.

My life had no purpose till now.

Right or wrong, I'm running a business now.

Many people are dependent on me.

I can't let you go.

I can't leave my people behind
for you either.

What happened?

They appointed 2 constables
for the day as well.

We haven't had a single customer
since yesterday.

This can't go on for long.

He assigned 2 cops as we're selling
in our colony only.

What can he do if we sell all over Vizag?

Yeah, right.

Don't you think you're in way
over your head?

Do you know the kind of money
we need to make it work?

I know.

With this, we can settle down for life.

Not so soon.

We should escape the police eye...

Sell our stock and earn money.

It's a lot of work.

Sir, the vehicles just crossed us.

We're already in position.

Follow us closely. Over.



Damn! We're caught.

Hey! Hey! Hey!
What are you doing?


Ask the lorry driver to move forward.

Quick! Move forward! Move!

Sir, they got away.

I don't know about you, man.
But I almost pissed my pants.

You're just being honest unlike us.

That's it.

Hey! I knew you'd escape and head here.

That is why I came here directly.

We bought a lorry full of stock
with all our money.

But he bribed the lorry driver.


Even a bulb doesn't glow without power.

What made you think you can shine
in this business?

Oh my goodness!

You'll get hurt if you fall down.

If you take hasty decisions,
they will backfire.

Like so.

Be careful hereafter.


Kevin. I've sent money
to all your accounts.

Don't worry. Everything is set.

Your job will be done tonight.

Hello, Deva.

I guess someone's following me.

Do as I say.

Get out of the car!

Before I'm done with the movie...

Find out who's following me and why.



Deva, someone paid them to follow us
and get caught.

I'm suspicious about this.


Deva, get up!

Deva, get up!


Deva, get up!






Suri uncle...

Don't worry dear...

He will be fine.

- Is the surgery done?
- Still going on.

The operation is done.

His condition is critical.

He should be under observation
for the next 24 hours.

Who did it?

We don't know.

I'll go get something to eat.


Gita, you've been here since yesterday.

I'll watch the kid.

Why don't you go home and freshen up?


I have to be here when
she wakes up.

It's okay.

Who were those guys?

Why did they want to kill Deva?

I don't know.

He's a really nice man.

People aren't all for humanity, I guess.

This is the consequence.

I've been working for him
for 12 years now.

I'm not aware of what happened
in the past.

Except for when he is with Sahasra...

He was quite a serious man.

But ever since you came into his life...
I can see him smile.

I can't believe this happened.

I'm not sure about his feelings.

But Sahasra really likes you.

I know they're good people.

You helped my brother without
my knowledge.

I know Sahasra is the reason
he got a job.

By God's grace...

I just wish he were safe and sound.

His condition is stable.

Now you can go and see him.
- Thank god!

Sahasra, let's go see Deva.

Did you find out who it was?


I did a background check on the guys
we found in the tunnel.

Someone from India paid
a hit man to follow you...

I couldn't trace the calls as the phone
was turned off.

I have a feeling it's Simhachalam.

Excuse me.

Time is over.

You have to leave right now.



Just got a call from the hospital.

Deva is out of danger.

You hired some local goon
to save the money.

He couldn't finish the job.

You wanted the land so badly, huh?

Dig your own grave in those 700 acres.

We would've lost the land
if you approved the airport.

But now that you messed with Deva...

He's going to put us both in trouble.

Okay, ma'am.

Madam saw some land...
- Ask her to...

Get lost!

Sir is really frustrated.

What's with the serious look?

Bidding farewell, eh?

He got lucky and survived the other day.

Everyday is not a Sunday.

Our whole plan failed.



Deva will be discharged tomorrow.

Yeah. If he's discharged,
you'll be the first person to die.

Make sure he reaches the mortuary
from the hospital.

I'll go finish the discharge formalities.

I'll see you soon.

I don't want to see you again.
Only he's coming back. Not us.

Why are you so annoyed, Babji?

Isn't it obvious? I've been locked up
for 6 months now.

Manga must be so worried for me.

You're exaggerating.

Of course, I will.
You know we share special bond.

I thought it was one-sided.

Who says so?
Did she tell you that?

If she did, I'll kill her and go to jail.

Auto! Stop!

How much to the old post office?
- 70 rupees.

I've only been in prison for 6 months.
I know the fares.

- Whatever. Get in.
- You should be locked up in my place.



You look after everyone in this colony.

We were really sad to hear that
you were in prison.

What would we do without you?

I'll be fine as long as you're with me.

To warn you...

Those cops came here
when you were away.

It's okay if they trouble us...

We just want you to be safe.

They're men of power and stature.

Why do you mess with them?

What's that?

- Milk.
- Check it.

That's not how you check.
This is how you do it.


What? Are you going to hit us?

Old habits and new addictions
don't go away so easily.

I'm here to confirm the same.

You know what you've got to do, right?

This time, you won't be granted parole.

Let's go!


We found the driver
who tricked us last time.

Leave me.

Devotion is all you need to trust God.

But when you need to trust a human...

You need courage.

It was a mistake. Forgive me, Deva.

Not at all. It wasn't your fault.

Everyone does it for money...

Be it our smuggling...

Or you being an informant.

Deva, listen to me.

The next few words from you will decide...

If you will get out of here
alive or dead.

So... Choose them wisely.

In the goods carrier arriving tomorrow...

4 compartments contain substance
belonging to the MLA.

Keep him here till his information
is proven valid.

It's true, Deva.

Take him, guys!


Change the signal.

If you don't want me to use this…

I want you out of here.


Our substance has been stolen
from the goods carrier last night.

If there's anything in the world
that money can't buy...

Is money itself.

That is why it's so valuable.

This is more than what he offers.

Make sure your men don't cross
paths with us.

Money will keep coming your way.


Commissioner… It's me...

My material is missing from
the goods train arriving from Araku.

I doubt it's those bastards who did it.

I want my material back by evening.

Sir! That's not so simple.

Do something...

File a missing items complaint
at the police station...

We'll take further action.

Commissioner asked me to report the theft
despite knowing what the material is.

He must've changed sides.

Paidithalli, listen to me...

As Paidithalli controls all
the port contracts…

He fired the people helping me out
from my colony…

And employed others in their names.

What are you doing here
with your gang?

Why aren't you hiring our people?

It's my wish. I don't want to hire them.

What are you going to do?

I'll stay here until you do.

What's the matter with you?

Nothing, sir.

We found out there's
an emergency inside.

So we rushed here to check
on our people.

Nothing of that sort happened.

Call our people out then.
We'll see them and leave.

You can't see them.
None of them are here.

He's lying, sir.

Register says they're present, sir.

You can check.

What's this?

I put attendance for them and take money.


He framed you quite cleverly.

He has the Commissioner's support.

Settle this issue with him
as soon as possible.

What the hell have you done? Come on.

Bro, can we talk in private?

I know this is all your planning..

I want you to end this right now.

What do you want?

Make our people's jobs permanent.
- Permanent?!

- They lost their jobs for having supported me.
- Yeah.

They should be at profits,
don't you think?

If I do that, I'll be at 70K loss
every month.


Now, suppose you flunked
the port contract. What's the loss?

Suppose you go to prison for this case.
how much will you lose?

Suppose you have to compensate
the missing families.

How much will you lose?

Compared to this loss…

I'd rather lose 70K per month.
Call them back...

I'll take their fingerprints and
send them home.

That's right. You're smart.

Our case states they're missing.

Why would they show up?

So if you give me the documents…

I'll forward the fingerprints to you.

See you.

Deva! Deva! Deva!

Commissioner is saving Deva
from every threat.

We can't hurt him unless
you transfer the commissioner.

Those were the days KA Paul
was touring for World Peace...

As the Commissioner was on our side…

Our business was booming.

Anyone in Visakhapatnam should
come to us for alcohol...

Handling stock is my responsibility...

You take care of the deliveries.

Our business grew, we realized
money comes in many colors.

People who didn't stand chance against him
started coming to us...

I thought I was helping the ones
who sought my aid...

But he mistook it for
my rebellion on him.

Bro, they've arranged an alliance for Gita.


Manga told me.
Do you know who the bridegroom is?

Which school is she from?

She's not in school.
She's in college now.

Oh, so soon?

Soon? She's been going for 2 years now.


This is the best alliance
I've ever been to, dad.

- This marriage will last 2 years.
- What brings you here, sir?

I'm here to show him his way back home.

What did he do, sir?

It's his 5th wedding...

Why are you blushing like
it's your first?

Come, let's go.

I'll take a piss and come, sir.

Why stink this place?
Let's go to the station directly.

Let's go. Come on.

I opened up to you because
you were my cell mate.

But you back-stabbed me, bro.

I'm not here to cancel the wedding
and be a hero...

Make sure this wedding doesn't kill
the freedom you gave her...

Find her an better alliance...
To someone who will take care of her...

I will take care of the dowry...

Both of us want her to be happy.

See you.


Do you have a gun?

I have it. Come here.

You don't have a gun?

Even you won't get married
if you stick with them. Go away.

Careful. It's not a toy gun...
It's an origina gun.

Come on.

What did you say?

Find an alliance that's better than you?

You will bear the expense?

Should I bear him for a lifetime?

If you're so concerned about
my happiness…

Don't you know who makes me happy?

Listen to me.
- Hey!

Who's holding the gun?

Shut up and listen.

You think that getting your girlfriend
married makes you great?

What do you expect me to do?

Marry me.

Do you want to kiss?

''Sita's wedding bells are ringing''

''Rama's wedding bells are ringing''

''As the rituals offer your blessings''

''There's crowd and chaos around''

''In the wedding trellis of joy''

''Relatives come together for you''

''Trumpets play in full swing''

''Holy knots are tied for bliss''

''Sita's wedding bells are ringing

''Rama's wedding bells are ringing''

''As the distance fades''

''As the romance kindles''

''Squeaking bangles give away the panic''

''Rattling door reminds you of privacy''

''Her sighs speak a ton''

''Moments melt away''

''Sita's wedding bells are ringing''`

''Rama's wedding bells are ringing''

Hey, Seshu.

What are you doing here?

I'll tell you later.

Deva! This place is not safe for you...

We should leave immediately...

Let's go.

Turn off your mobile phones.

It's switched off.

Let's go.

Where is he?

Don't call me off the hook.

We're on it. Hang up.

Bloody hell!

He will lose his life at most.

But I'll lose both the Ministry and life.

Do something...
Keep the post and lose your life.

It was supposed to be my mind voice, sir.
- Yeah, right.

You're here on my wife's
recommendation, right?

He'll definitely contact
one of his accomplices.

Alert our men.

You are tapping the phones, right?


Government sanctioned lands to all of them.

MLA promised them homes
and took their signatures.

Now he says those lands belong to him.

You should help them
get their land back.

Follow my instructions.

Simhachalam's people should vacate
right away.

What if we don't?

Go tell everyone what you just saw.

Otherwise, I'll come for you.

He's messing with our land now...

We have to meet him again.

Call him home.

Uh-huh. He'll not come, sir.

It's a waste of time.

Is he so powerful now?

You wouldn't believe me
even if I told you.

He's highly powerful now.

We should show him what fear is.

What is it, love?

Pick one.


Should I pick again?

What's happening?

Names for our baby boy
or baby girl.

What's the hurry?

It's not too soon.

Only 6 months to go.





When they were returning home
from the market...

Simhachalam's men kidnapped
Manga and Mahesh.

They've sent Manga home this morning...

But we're yet to know
what happened to Mahesh.


Mahesh is...

I want the people behind this dead.

I know there are three others with you.

Tell their names

and I'll let you go.


I'll tell you!

Srinu, Vasu and Akhil.

Leave him guys...

I totally forgot.
Kill him before you let him go.


I hope you understood
what it means to mess with us...

You'll take their place
if you repeat this.

Seshu, we've been
quiet for long enough...

It's time to go hunting.

As long as we're passive,
the culprit won't show himself.

Listen to me.


Suri, this is Seshu.

Deva is safe with me.

Thank god!

We've been worried for him.

Where are you guys?

I'll tell you later.

Do you know attacked us?

No. Nothing yet.

I'm enquiring.

Be on it.

I'll call you later.

Seshu! Seshu! Hello!

Excuse me...


There's a problem with my car.
Can you please drop me?

Sure. Please come.

Oh. Okay. Thanks.

Did you call Suri?

I did. He doesn't know who did it yet.

Give me the other phone.



I'm sharing the location.
Come here immediately.

Okay, bro. Let's go.


Hey! Suri just received a call.

Find out where it's from and
trace the location...


All the important moments in life
strike at once.

I found out I was going
to be a Father.

Babu found out about
our booming business...

And lifted the prohibition on alcohol.

Liquor shop tenders were announced
all over the district.

Whoever controls it rules the business.

We were busy preparing for the event...

But he's been in the business
longer than us...

So he had other ideas.

- Hey! Put him in the car.
- Who are you guys?

You gathered here to submit tenders
for liquor shops in Visakhapatnam...

Place your bids in this box.

Hey! Only we're allowed to submit
the bids.

Got it?

That's not fair, sir.

It is fair and square. Sit down!

Hey! You know who we are, right?

Does anyone have the guts
to bid against us?

To keep us away from
the tender submission...

They kidnapped Suri on the same day.

Does anyone have the guts
to bid against us?

If Suri's not home before
I reach my place...

I'll head straight to your place.

- Excuse me.
- Yeah?

Have you seen these guys?


Tell me. Who sent you?

- Who sent you?
- Stop it!

Who sent you guys?

Who sent you guys?

Kevin sent them.

I guess he's not the only one.

You called Suri from the gas station
from one phone.

I called Maurya from the other.

If they tapped Maurya's phone...

They would've come here directly.

But they rushed to the gas station

So they tapped Suri's phone.

I'm sure someone is operating
from above.

Then why did Kevin send his men?

Let's ask him.

Let's go.

Hi, Kevin.


Bring them with you...

Okay, Deva.

- Hello.
- How far away are you?

Deva, we're headed to the place
you mentioned.

We'll be there in 10 minutes.

Be careful.

You guys carry on.

What happened, sir?

MLA seat might go to one of
Deva's contestants this time.

Is it?

If it comes true,
our life is such a waste.

What do we do now?

We should kill him to change that.

Call Adi.


In the next elections...

Raja Babu will be representing
our constituency.


You managed to gather a few people...

And you feel like a leader in politics.

In politics we have commit lot of sins...

Don't worry.

He'll join you soon.

Guys! Run away!

We're taking our baby home
for the first time.

Let's visit a temple first.

Sure, let's go.

- You guys carry on.
- Okay.

You must be feeling uncomfortable.

I'll get it done.



I want everyone responsible
for this dead.

Deva! Deva!

- Tell me.
- Sir...

Deva killed the CI and Paidithalli.

Don't step out. Where's Deepak?

You wait.

We searched everywhere for him...

We couldn't find him.

He must have feared you
and fled the city.


Keep searching...

We should find him...

I must kill him.

Have some water.

I'm fine.

I'm leaving, my daughter-

I'm not giving you the baby.

I already gave you my daughter...

Now, I will not give you
my grand-daughter.

You've trusted me with your daughter...

I couldn't save her.

I will make sure your grand-daughter
is safe with me.

How can I trust you?

I will quit everything.

I will take my daughter away
from these dangers.

We are still grieving our daughter's death.

He should also know the pain.

Be careful.

Deva, it's Suri on the phone.

Tell me.

I spoke to Simhachalam

Like we assumed, he's behind this.

He had Gita and Sahasra kidnapped.

He wants you in return
for letting them go...

What do we do?

I'm coming.

Where are we going?

Simhachalam told to meet us here.

Did he call you?


Shall I reveal a truth nobody knows?

10 days after Simhachalam
went missing...

Looks like you're going somewhere.

Deva, listen to me.

Would you listen to me
if you were in my position.

I was never suspicious on you.

But when you said Simhachalam
called you...

I started looking into you ever since.

This is Simhachalam speaking...

You can't get the job done
as long as Deva is alive.

Killing him is the only solution.

I'll tell you what to do.

Meet the Minister tomorrow.

His condition is stable.

If he gets out alive,
he'll kill all of us.

Sanjay, trace the last call on my phone.

Deva is at that location.

Kevin failed yet again.

We'll be in trouble if he talks.

So I had him killed.

Suri, the doctor and the girl are
in our custody.



Simhachalam just called me.

You made a really big mistake.

I didn't do anything wrong.

You made a mistake.

Why don't I contest from our side?

Bad idea.

There are people more deserving than us.

I was hurt.

Not in that context alone.

What brings you here, Collector?

I'm here to meet Deva regarding
an important matter.

Whatever it is, you can tell me.

What's the matter?

Why would I come all the way
if it was in your league?

I would've sent my PA instead.

Deva is inside.

Why are you here at this hour, Ramesh?

I had to give this money to Deva sir.

Deva isn't in town. Give it to me.

I'll pass it on when he's back.

Deva told me what you'd do
with the money.

2.5 lakhs. Give it to Deva.


I guess the whole town knows
about him now.

- Suri, are you going to the club?
- Yes.

- You're not allowed there.
- What?

Deva settled your debt at the club.

He warned the club owner
not to let you in.

We started this business together.

We shared the profits equally.

But you became the Deva

and we are just Deva's associates.

I was furious.

And I acted upon my anger.

I'll grant you political power
you can't imagine.

Are you going home?


Let me drop you.

It will blast within
30 minutes of planting.

Make sure you get him this time.

Gita died from the bomb planted for you.

I finally got the chance to seek revenge.

Let's not back off now.


Sanjay, we are coming to the place
which Suri mentioned.

Minister is already on the way.

You were with me all these years...

You still didn't figure out
who Deva really is.

You thought I rushed here
as soon as you called?

After you kidnapped them...

This is not a job...

To share responsibilities
and seek retirement.

Retirement in this field means...

There is no one left to claim
the position.

You want my position and power...

But I want...

An end to this.

What happened?

- Pankaj…
- Huh?

Deva has a gift for you.

''Set your foot forward with me''

''Don't hesitate to ask me anything''

''Fight against the odds,
walk along with me''

''Shower me with praises,
take me to your altitude''

''Give me immense joy,
walk along with me''

''Wonder who I truly am''

''Come to my side''

''On the sea shore, during the sunsets.''

''Wonder who I truly am''

''Girl, you're picture perfect''

''Girl, you're picture perfect''

''Girl, you're picture perfect''