Ranah 3 Warna (2021) - full transcript

It's not an easy matter to stay up from all the crossroads. It is not an easy matter to keep fighting hard to get the desired goals and love. Alif is aware that everything needs sincerity.

You confuse me.

Why do you always lose against me?

I went to school in Bandung,

studied at ITB,

while you are only
an Islamic boarding school graduate.

You must take the high school equivalency
test first, so you can take the UMPTN.

You can dream to go to America,

but is it possible for you
to realize i, if you are like this?

Give up, Alif. Just teach
reciting Qur'an at the mosque.

You should be a fisherman.

Don't be ashamed of catching fish
in your own village.

Listen to that!

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-Yes, Dad?

Are you going to help Daddy or not?

The Kudo miss the touch of your hand.

Sure, Dad.

Hurry up, then.

The front has not been cleaned.

You are busy studying all day long.

-When is the exam?
-The day after tomorrow.

Will you take International Relations
as your major?

I will, Dad. After the exam the day
after tomorrow, you are free.

But you can also watch the European Cup.


The soccer game is already over.
The final is tonight.

-Germany vs. Denmark.

-They are great.
-Germany will definitely win.

Looking at tonight's match,
who do you think will win?

The Dynamite Team, Dad.

Come on. Score.

-It won't go in.
-It's definitely going in.


What did I say?

-What's wrong, Dad?
-It's okay.

If Denmark wins tonight,
it means they have proven it, Dad,

that anyone considered an underdog,

as long as you have
a champion mentality, will surely win.

That is not certain. Look at that.

Lif… Lif… Look at that.

What did I say?

Randai may call me an underdog,

but I will prove that I am
the "Dynamite Kid" of Maninjau.

Look, let's make a promise in this tower.

We will meet at the picture
of our own tower.

Sahibul Mantara. Manjadda wajadda
"Whoever strives shall succeed."

Manjadda wajadda
"Whoever strives shall succeed."

Whoever strives shall succeed.


Don't forget to pray
before starting the exam.

You only have 30 minutes left.

You have completed the exam.
Don't think about it.

You have completed the exam.
Don't think about it anymore.

Okay, Dad.

Slow down, Daddy.

If you want to ride a motorbike,

it means you also have to take
responsibility for other people.

You're not the only one riding,
others do too.

Press the clutch. Insert the gear.

Release slowly.

Dear God. Release slowly.

-You can do it, Lif!
-Look ahead.

Look ahead!

-It's hard.
-Try it, Lif.

-Now, you can ride a motorcycle, Alif?
-Yes, I can.

Thank God.

Be careful.

-Randai, did you just get here?
-Yes, I did.

-Have you finished the exam?
-I have.

I have to go back to Bandung tomorrow.

This is my address.

You can stay at my boarding house
if you want.

-Thanks, Randai.
-You're welcome.

Listen, Alif.

Even if you don't pass, just go there.

Then you won't be too sad
to face your failure.

Well, I must go home, now.

-Be careful.

-Where are you going?

What's the rush?

-You don't want to come in?
-Thank you.

-Do you want to go home?
-Yes. I must go home.

-Excuse me. Greetings.


-How was the exam, Alif?
-God willing, Mom.

Thank God.

Darling, have you taken your medicine?

Not yet.

Not here yet?


What if I fail?

It's okay.

The world will not collapse.

Mount Merapi and Singgalang
will remain standing.

Look, Alif.

What you need to know is,

your mother and I
are proud of your struggle.

Take it easy.

That's the "Harmonis" bus, Daddy.

Yes. That's right. That's the bus.

-Is the morning newspaper available now?
-It's available. Here it is.

-Thank you, sir.
-You're welcome.

Go on. Read it.

In the Name of Allah,
the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful.

I'll look here, you look there.

It's okay.

You can try again next year.

Let's go home.


There is still one more page.

Take a look.

Over here, Dad.
Whose child's name is this?

This is my son's name.

Are you trying to fool me?

-I passed.
-Thank God.

Thank God.

God is the greatest.

-Where are you taking the Kudo?

-Thank you, Mr. Lenggang.

-The Kudo is not ours anymore.

You must let it go.

You sold the Kudo, Daddy?
Why did you sell it?

The Kudo has done its last task
in helping our family.

-To pay for my college tuition?
-You don't have to feel guilty.

Your siblings still need money
for their schooling.

Eli will be in high school soon.

When I have enough money again,

I will buy a new one. Better than that.

Wait here.

Why don't you try it?

I bought it at Pasar Atas.

I ordered it
from the shoe and sandal maker.

It is made of genuine leather. Cow-hide.

Take good care of the shoes.

Thank you, Daddy.

Please pray for me, Mother,

that Bandung is not the only place for me,

but that I can continue my studies
all the way to America.

But don't forget your religion.
Don't forget to go to Mecca.

Yes, Mom.

Forgive me, Alif.

I can't get you to Java,
let alone to America.

It's okay, Daddy.
I used to migrate to Java.

The most important thing is, you
have to take care of your health, Daddy.

Listen, Alif.

When in Rome, do as the Romans.

Take care in your new place.
Don't make mistakes.

Alright, Mom.

I have to go now.


Eli, don't fight with your sister.

Yes, brother.

Do not forget.
Take good care of the shoes.

-Love those shoes, so they last.
-I will, Daddy.

Take care of your health, Daddy.

-Help Mom while you are at home, okay?
-Yes, brother.


-Don't forget to contact us, Lif.
-Definitely, Mom.

Be careful, brother.

Excuse me, sir.

Do you know this address, sir?

This address?

Go that way.
You'll find an alley behind the market.

Enter from there.

-Thank you, sir.

What nice shoes. It must be made
from genuine leather, right?

Right, sir. My father ordered it
from Pasar Atas, Bukit Tinggi.

You are from Padang?

-You just arrived?

-Thanks, sir.

-Mr. Anto.

My shoes are damaged again.

I just repaired it.

Right. My friend borrowed it
to play soccer, so, it's damaged.

Okay. Give me half an hour.

I'll come back.

-I'll go now.

-Thank you, Mr. Anto.
-You're welcome.

That is my umbrella.

Thank you.

It's not fun without Ustadz.

Ustadz said
it's okay if you want to recite.


You are already good at reciting.

But I just heard one of your friends
has a good voice in reciting.

The reading is correct.

-What is your name?

Let's listen to Masyita
reading Surah Al-'Asr.

Then we recite after her.

Come on, Masyita. Read the Surah Al-'Asr.

Now, let's recite it together.



-Hi, Sister Nisa.
-Hi, Ganis.

Here. I got you all fried bananas.
Do you want it?



-Do you teach here?
-No. I just came to help out.

Mr. Hamid, the teacher, is ill.


But it is a relief that
you can help teach here.

No. I was in front of the mosque, earlier.

What do you think?
Do you all agree to him teaching us?


You live around here, right?

Right. I just arrived from Bukittinggi.

Don't tell me you're Randai's friend?

I am. You know Randai too?

Yes. He told me yesterday
that one of his friends will be here.

I'm Raisa.

I'm Alif. Alif Fikri.

Let's recite again.

Well, this is Randai's boarding house.

-This one?

By the way, Lif.
Teach me to recite Qur'an, okay?

At the mosque over there.

Not only us. With my roommate. Dina.

-It's okay, right?


Okay, then.


-Alif, you finally got here.
-How are you?

-Thank God. I'm fine. You?
-I'm fine too.

Guys, meet Alif.
My best friend from Maninjau.

He'll study at Padjajaran University.
He'll live here with us for now.

-Welcome to Bandung. I'm Imam.

-This is Indra.
-Hello. I'm Indra.

Where's Yazid?

-He's outside.
-Well, the other one is Yazid.

If you want to rest,
just sleep in my room.

Wake up, Lif.

I made fried noodles for you. Come on.

Ndai, what's that?

It is an international
aircraft design competition.

We are currently designing aircraft jet
engines to take part in the competition.

The prize is not bad.
You definitely want it.

To America, Lif.

Unfortunately, this competition
is only for engineering students.

At 2 p.m., it's time for the Unpad girls
who are boarding in front to visit.

-They asked to be taught statistics.
-Do you mean Raisa?

-You know her?
-Yes. She brought me here, earlier.

She joined tutoring in Bandung.

I became a teacher there.

Raisa is also interested
in the Minang culture.

She is studying Minang dancing now.

She studies with you?

Yes, with me, Lif.

Who else? Can you do it?

No? Never mind. I want to get ready.

Do it simultaneously.

One, two.

You are all disobedient. You are juniors.

-Hurry up. Move it!
-You, at the back, move!

You, squat!

Damn you!

What did you say? You don't like it?

Do you want to fight? Calm down.


Everyone, take the squat jump position.

Mamat! Lower.

I'm Memet.


Why are you staring at me?
What's wrong with you?

-Want to challenge me?
-We are not here to be enslaved.

All of you are spoiled!

You better go home!

-Hold it!
-Do you want to die?

If you dare, go one-on-one.

-Don't oppress us here.

You are all too much.

We are here to study, not to be like this.

Although I'm like this,
I'm the leader of a motorcycle gang.

Want me to call them?

You should appreciate
this student orientation event.

We will appreciate it
if we are valued here.


We are not kids.

Treat us fairly and humanely.

That's right!

I will beat you all up.

God damn it. Attack!

Peace to all!

We are all brothers.
You are a shame to our country!

The leg position must be correct.
Mamat, correct your leg position.

don't put your feet down until tonight.

I wish you hit them harder.

The seniors must die.

You just came and screamed peace.

I beat them up.
They are already overwhelmed.

But they went too far.

We are here to study, not to be bullied.

I agree.

Therefore, our resistance cannot end here.

-Our rector must know.
-That's right, Matt.

Pardon me. My name is Memet.
The leader of Viking Sumedang.

Sorry. I'm Agam, from Malang.

Rusdi, from Ambon.

I'm Alif, from Minang.

I tweaked very hard.

-Remember. Until dawn.

"Following up on
student orientation activities

that are not going well.

So, we are from the university.

We will review the implementation

of the student orientation program
at Padjajaran University."

-Go to Garam Beach.

It's best to eat clams.

Rusdi, Alif, Memet, and Agam

are legends like Malin Kundang.

You're great, Rus.

Rus, put on your shoes.

I can smell it over here.

This is some progress.

Met, what are you reading?

You mean this?

KUTUB. Our faculty magazine.

By writing, we…

Oh, my gosh.

It's true.

The female students
of the communication faculty are pretty.

-Are you Ali Fikri?
-Yes, sir, I'm Alif.

I've heard a lot of stories
from the students about you guys.

You're the Islamic boarding students
of Bukittinggi?

-Maninjau, to be exact, Mr. Togar.
-I see.

-Do you want to be a writer?
-I want to go to America, sir.


Just like you.

That is Australia.
I haven't been to America.

-But it is possible, right?
-Sure it is.

As long as your article is good quality.

Here. This is my article.

Writing in the Islamic Boarding School

is different from writing
in a university magazine.

I'm ready to learn more.

Being a writer requires hard work.

Many have failed
because they're not strong enough.

I am disappointed.

I got tired of teaching,
but there were no results.

But I want to try.

-If you want to try, make one for me.
-Okay, sir.

-Do it now.

No. After the apocalypse. Do it now.

Yes, sir.

Taufik, which one did I ask for, earlier?

-Hey! Are you finished?
-Yes, sir.

Bring it here.

It's garbage.

This is not a free-writing magazine,

where you can say what your heart desires.

Only scientific writing applies here.

The introduction
and the logic must be strong.

The conclusion must also be strong.

I will wait for your new piece
tomorrow morning at 6 a.m.

Yes, sir.


Masyitah, you memorized it so well.

Over here.

This is our first day.

We start from Surah Al-Baqarah, okay?

-Hey, Dai.

Your eyes are tired. Why don't you
go to sleep if you are sleepy?

A little bit more.

It's nice of you to study
at Padjajaran University.

You don't have a lot of papers
and it's not difficult.


-Are you going to use the computer?

Don't be too long, okay?

I'm afraid it can overheat,
then, it hangs suddenly

and all the files are gone.

-Do you understand?
-I do.

You should focus on the subject.
You talk about everything else.

See, also your paraphrasing.

It does not connect. You are not focused.

Here. Fix it. I'll wait for that
at 4 p.m. on campus.

Why do you write like this? Shame on you.

One, two, three, four,

five, six.

Alif? Come on in.

Seven, eight. One, two.

Raisa, someone's looking for you.

-Raisa. Sorry. Dai.
-What is it?

I need the room key.

I also want to borrow your computer.
I have to make some revisions.

Your disk must be cleaned.

Lots of viruses.

-Thank you.
-You're welcome.


-I have to go.

-Come on, Raisa. Continue to practice.
-A campus assignment?

No. He wants to be
a campus magazine writer.

Alif aspires to go to America.

He thinks his articles
can take him to America. Let's continue.

Lower and gaze toward the moves.

One, two, three.


Not bad.

But it's not good enough to be published
in the Kutub magazine

because your point of view about
the war in Palestine is not original.

So many people have written about this.

Try to find other ideas.

Okay, sir.

Gosh. Dai, Alif.
The girls of Unpad are coming.

Go get changed, Lif.


Where is Randai?

He invited us to watch a movie at ITB.

Randai is inside. Wait a second.

I just wanted to pick you up.

-Let's go.
-Come along, Alif.

-Come along?

Do you want to come?

-Don't you want to write?
-It's okay. Just come along, Alif.

The more the merrier. Come on.

-Wait. Let me get changed.
-You don't have to.

What are you going to wear?
No need to change.

This is a sarong.

-Don't take too long.
-Yes. I won't take long.

You guys are early.

Didn't we make an appointment
for this time?


Damn. Where are the girls?

You heard them, right?

The smell is still there.

That is the smell of your armpits.

Hey, what's up?

Come on, Lif.

-Is it okay?
-Let's go.

-A lot of people come here, right?

Today, the film is very exciting, Raisa.

An action movie. You like it, right?

Yes, I do, but sometimes I'll be afraid.

What's important
is that you like it, right?

You're funny.

Come on, Lif.
This is the first time for you, right?

Yes. This is my first time too.

-Hollywood movies confuse me.

They often make films where
the villains are Arabs, right?

But, Raisa, the film
was inspired by real events.

An American plane was hijacked
by terrorists in 1985.

Yes, but not only in this film, Lif.

Other films are also like that.

Look. America must be the hero

while Arabs are the villains.

But it is only a movie.
Don't take it too serious.

You're right.

-Thanks, Dai.
-You're welcome.

Lif, the movie was exciting.

Send my regards to Memet. Okay?

-Thanks, Raisa.


-Raisa has a point.

Why does America always
corner Muslim countries?

You have the same ideas as Raisa.

Don't get me wrong. It's a good question.

-Where is the room key?
-What for?

Give me the room key.

-I am using the computer, okay?
-Do not be long.

I am going, okay, Syif?

Here. I got you fritters.

-This is nice, Rus.
-Wait. There is an opening.

-What opening?
-Me, the Chancellor of Uno gangs.

-Say thank you very much, Lif.
-You're too much, Rus.

This is great. But your first salary

should be used to treat friends like this,

so that the next salary will be
smoother and not jammed.


Especially if a portion
of pan-fried bread is added.

-Your salary must continue smoothly.
-Be grateful, Rus.

But it's true. Sweet pan-fried bread.

-With chocolate sprinkles.


-Can I have your autograph?

-He is like a thesis supervisor.

-Gam, get the pen. Inside the bag.
-Here. I have one.

I am looking forward to your next article.

-"Can I have your autograph?"

"I am looking forward
to your next article."

Gosh, Alif.

Lif. You got a telegram.
Tucked into the bulletin board.

-There are fritters.
-Mind your manners.

Whose birthday is it?

-Mind your manners, Met.
-Give me some.

-There's a sweet cake.
-I already ate it.

Greetings, Amak. Amak?

-Mom. How's Dad?

The doctor said I must be ready.

You must also accept it.

Your father waited for you to come home.
Come in.

-Go on.
-Uda, look at him.

Father, I am here.

I am here. I'm here.

-You are here, son.

This is me, Father.

I am so cold, son.

Please, cover my body.

Help with the dhikr, Father,

so you won't be cold and in pain.

Alif, you're an adult now.

You are a man now.

Take care of your mother and siblings.

You will get better.

You will be healthy again.

You will definitely recover
and be healthy, Father.

Finish what you are doing.

Don't quit school.

I won't.

Promise me now.

Father! Amak, Look at him!

Look at him. Dhikr, Daddy.

There is no God but Allah.

-Dhikr, Daddy.
-There is no God but Allah.

There is no God but Allah.

There is no God but Allah.

Don't leave me, Father!

-You must let him go, okay?



It's time for you to have this, Alif.

Don't forget to always carry it
wherever you go. Okay?

Alright, Amak.

Alif, you've been here one week.

When will you return to college?

I will not go back.

It's better if I stay here and help you.


I'm the only man in this house.

I have to help you, Amak.
To look after you and my sisters.

-What will you do, Lif?

-I can work.
-Don't worry about the money.

If necessary, Mommy will borrow money
to the end of the village by the lake.

-Don't worry.
-I don't want you to be in debt.

Let me do my duties.

I'm sure

Father would be happier
if I could be a responsible man, Mom.

That's not the way it is, Lif.


-How was school?

What is that?

Mom, the photographer
at the market left this.

He said Father ordered this.

-Go eat your lunch.
-Yes, Amak.

Father was so proud

the copy of the magazine article.

He carried it everywhere.

He showed it to everyone he met.


Your father was very proud of you, Alif.

Alif, I'm really sorry.

I haven't been able
to meet your needs overseas.

You don't have to worry, Amak.

I will work while continuing my studies.

I promise you, Amak.

I will send money to you
and my sisters at home.


-Where is he going? He said nothing.
-Looks like he's skipping class again.

He's making a habit of skipping class.

I brought you all original cloth
from Bukittinggi.

Affordable prices. Good quality.
You may open it and check first.

Please choose.

Here's the money.

Why are you in such a hurry?
Where are you going?

I have an appointment
with a customer at Buah Batu.

He wants to see the fabrics
that were sent from Bukittinggi yesterday.

I think this is indeed your real talent.

Not a technocrat or scientist.
but a trader.

-For a while.
-Until when?

Until you have enough money
to go to America?

-What's that?
-My debt to you.

Hand over all your belongings.
Hand it over quickly, bastard!

-I have nothing.
-Hand it over.

This is my merchandise.

Please don't.

There is nothing valuable.

Give me your wallet!

Please don't.
That's for my mother in the village.

Is there a lot of money or a little?

Throw him out.

Man shabara zafira
"Whoever is patient will be lucky."

What luck?

Here. Take back your money.

You can pay me later.

You definitely need this money
to make ends meet.

You can pay me back when you have money.

Take it.

-Thank, Dai.
-It's my pleasure.




Randai went to campus earlier.

Randai said you were robbed.

-Are you alright?
-I'm okay.

But I lost everything.

-Not everything.
-Everything, Raisa.

My merchandise and the money
I earned are also gone.

What about your life?

It still there, right?

You still have this, Lif.

Geng Uno protested.
They say you're busy now.

You rarely gather with them.

Now, you also rarely go to college.
Randai said you want to quit college

and become a cloth trader.

Sometimes Randai talks too much, Raisa.

Is it true that you ere going
to quit college?

It's not true.

I worked so I could continue my studies.

-You're selfish, Lif.
-I'm selfish?

My father passed away, Raisa.

I work for my mother
and younger siblings in the village.


If your mother wants you
to work to make money,

then, why did your mother
send you back here?

You forget the people around you, Lif.

Love your shoes.

Don't wait until it looks like this.

Here. Use this
so that your face is not scarred.

Shoes are the most patient friends
of humans.

Although being stepped on,
it remains loyal.

But unfortunately,
the more advanced the world gets,

people get more and more impatient.

Being patient does not mean being passive,

waiting with a tormented heart.

Remain active.

Actively looking for solutions.

Active to never give up.

God has promised

that He will be with the one
who is patient.

Be with them unil the end.

Hey, Lif!

I am not finished yet.

"Man shabara zhafira."

Whoever is patient will be lucky.

Whoever is patient will be lucky.

Your father left me a message. Read it.

Thank you for being
a good brother and a good teacher.

Although we haven't met face-to-face,

my son has told me about
your kindness teaching him to write.

To you, I leave Alif in a foreign land.

I hope you don't mind,

deep down,

that I have asked for open arms.

-Mr. Togar. I…
-Gosh. Look at you.

If you want to write
fiction or a melodrama,

your tears will be perfect for that.

But if you want to write
scientific papers, wipe your tears.

Use my computer. Write a two-page article.

We'll see which printed media
matches your writing.

And prove that you are worthy
of being HAMKA's neighbor.

Lif, what did you do
with my computer last night?

I've told you many times to turn it off.

All my assignments that
have to be collected today are gone, Lif.

-Can I help you, Ndai?
-How could you possibly?

This is a technical lesson.
You will not understand.

This is why you should not
borrow something for too long.

-What did you say?
-It's because you borrowed it too long.

The engine overheated,

the computer broke down.
Everything is messed up!

Why are you so mad, Randai?

All my files on the computer are gone.
It makes me dizzy.

Can I sleep in your room
a while to get some rest?

There is an empty room next to Rusdi.
This room is empty.

Of course you can rent it. Here it is.

The occupants of this room
were students majoring in law.

He started college in 1984
but graduated last month.

Can I use this room
early next month, ma'am?

Sure you can.

As long as you pay.

Why does she always do that
every time she says it?

Take a look first.

Smooth, okay?

It sure suits you. Okay?

Finally, we can stay
at the same boarding place.



That's Canada, Rus, not America.

There is a globe
in an Islamic Boarding School, right?

Canada and America are still neighbors.
One continent.

America and Canada are the same.

What are the requirements?

Each participant must take two selections.

The first stage,

take the English selection test.

Second, they have to take
the artistic talent selection.

The only song that I memorized
is the Persib's song.

-Thank you.
-Persib is in my heart.

Persib! Persib Bandung.
Long live the Persib!

-What is the title of the song?
-Overseas song.

I am a wild animal.

Stop. What was that, actually?

-The Minang martial arts.
-Why does it look like Kung Fu?

Well, Alif, you can go back
to the waiting room.

Sir, I ask for one more chance.

-You can't.
-Just a moment.


-Alif, what is it?

I promise I will make
my country proud there.

Alif, your performance was below standard.

It is time for Indonesia to show
all its abilities in all fields.

But your time is up. Thank you, okay?

Mr. Habibie.

He succeeded in becoming the ambassador
of Indonesian technology in the world.

Mr. Agus Salim. He is an expert
in debating at the United Nations.

Both of them clearly boast
of Indonesia's reputation in the world.

It is time to show that Indonesia can…

Well, with what?

Here. These are my articles
in various mass media.

-From politics to arts.

Literacy and ideas.

It is a measure of advanced civilization
that we should show to the world.

It is time for Indonesia to show
that Indonesia has talent

and also the ability
to compete intellectually.

Where are you going?

Ndai. It's almost time for me to leave.

Where are you going to live?

There is an empty room
in Rusdi's boarding house.

The savings from my articles
are enough to pay the rent there.


Thank you, dude.

You've helped me so much.

Thank you.


Lif, did you get the news?

What news?

Did you pass
the selection to go to Canada?

Each participant was notified immediately.

Not yet. I haven't heard anything yet.

-Didn't you get a letter?
-Not yet.

-A phone call?
-Not yet.

Maybe you haven't been told.

How about you?

Congratulation, Raisa.


Hey, Ndai. Have you finished the class?

I have.

Just a moment, okay?
Let me turn on the motorcycle.


That's the story. Right.

Alif! Hang on a second.

Alif, someone called you earlier.


He wanted to say something,

but I thought you had gone to lunch.

Who called, ma'am?

From a committee of something.

I forgot. But he said he would call again.

I'm also waiting for that call.

Just wait. I'm on the phone.

What was that?

Well, Sinta the second wife of Mr. Panji,

she wants to be a singer.

She wants to be the next Nike Ardila,
but her music is dangdut.

Dangdut in a wheelbarrow.

They are just too loud and noisy.

Just wait, okay? I'm on the phone.

We had a social gathering
at Amel's house yesterday.

Do you know what Amel bought?
Suddenly, a two-door refrigerator arrived.

The fridge has two doors,

but the house has one door.
We had trouble putting it in.

We were forced to wait. It's crammed.

Confused where to put the refrigerator.
We just watched.

Then the electricity was connected. Five
minutes later, the electricity went out.

What else could we do? Not enough power.

Just wait.

I don't think I want
a two-door refrigerator.

A one-door refrigerator is enough for me.
What is in it is more important.

There are melons, pudding,

there are steaks, but not with Amel.

Her two-door fridge
is only filled with guazi.

It won't make you full,
it only gives you sore lips.


Sister, a boarding boy
wants to call his girlfriend.

Call me later, okay?

But… Wait. He can't wait anymore.
Okay. Greetings.

-Only five minutes.
-Thanks, ma'am.

Look at the warning sign.


Only for five minutes. Remember that.
There's a sign.

Okay. I am waiting for his call.

Yes. Hello?

That's right. I'm Alif Fikri.


That's right.

That's right. Thank God.

Okay. Sure. Thank you.


Thank God, ma'am. I passed. I am leaving.


Here. The Indonesian-Canadian
youth exchange program.

You're going to Canada?
Congratulations, Alif.

-Thank God.
-Come on. Hug me.

Let me kiss your hand.

Thank you for praying for me, ma'am.

-Congratulations, Alif.
-I thought I wouldn't leave.

-Congratulations, Alif.
-Thank you, ma'am.

Don't forget the souvenirs.


Alif, hurry up.
Everyone is waiting on campus.

Just a minute, Rus.

Be patient.

Alright. Be patient, Rus.


-I am proud of you.
-Thank you, Randai.

You win this time, but I promise you

I'll follow you to America. Certainly.

Alif, please take care of Raisa there.

Be careful.

You're handsome today.

-Yes, Rus.
-Stop talking. Hurry up.

Do you intend to go or not?
We're going to America.

-Greetings, everyone.

Welcome. You all are our guests of honor
at the Indonesian Embassy.

Because there is a storm
in the Atlantic Ocean,

sadly, your trip will be delayed.

But God willing, tomorrow's weather
will be even better

so you can continue your journey.

I am glad to have you all here.
Please, take some rest.

-Make yourselves at home.
-Thank you, sir.

My staff will accompany you all.



-Let's take a picture here.
-Please, come in, everyone.

Greetings, everyone.

-Ustaz Salman.
-Those who have finished taking pictures,

please come in.

-Don't leave the bags in the car.
-Good heavens.

Greetings, Ustaz Salman.

-Yes, Ustaz.

Greetings to you too.

-How are you?
-Thank God. I'm fine.

-How are you?
-Thank God.

Are you working here now?

Thank God. I've been here for two years.

-How about you.
-I went to Unpad, Ustaz.

Wait a minute. How did you get here?

-It's a long story, Ustaz.
-Okay, then.

As a Madani kid, I can conclude
in two sentences.

-Whoever is serious…
-Will succeed.

Those who are patient will be lucky.

-Good heavens.

-We met here instead.

By the way, these are…

-I'm Alif's friend.

-I'm Raisa.

Have you guys finished taking pictures?

Yes, we have.

If you are done, come on in.
Don't leave your belongings.

-Are you sure there's nothing left?
-No, sir.

Please, come on in.

Have you seen Rusdi?


Rus, come on.
Ustaz Salman is waiting for us.

We have been waiting for you.


Where are you going?

We were invited by Ustaz Salman
to a Palestinian refugee camp.

He also has to deliver medicinal supplies
from Indonesia.

Well, I'm coming with you, okay?

Can I?


Let's go, then.

There, you will meet
many volunteers from Indonesia.

And we regularly provide assistance
to the refugees.

Let's just say this time,
we're on a trip to Jordan.

Don't tell others about this, okay?

-Okay, Ustaz.

How are the Sahibul Menara friends
doing now?

I haven't seen them in a long time.

I miss them.


We're from the Indonesian Embassy.

-Alright. Please
-Salman! Welcome.

Hey, Fahmi.

-Thank you for coming. How are you?
-Thank God. I'm fine.

I brought some friends from Indonesia.



-Greetings to you too.

Alif, help me.

-Let me help, Ustaz.

-Bring it inside.


-Alif, have you finished?
-I have, Ustaz.

Fahmi will come with us to the embassy.

Where is Raisa?

-We must leave now.
-Let me get her.

Wait. Let me find her.

Come on, Rusdi.

Help me.

-Help me.

Alif, what did she say?

Please, help me.

Calm down, madam. What is wrong?

I heard you will go to Canada.

I'm looking for my daughter,
Lela Al Qudsy.

Please, help me.

The volunteer took her away
five years ago.

Pardon me, madam.

Do you know the volunteer
who took her away?

I don't know.

-You don't know?

-Please, help me.
-With Allah's permission.

-Help me.
-We will try our best to find her.

-Thank you.
-You're welcome.

-Please, help me.
-What did she say?

This mother is asking for our help
to find her daughter in Canada

Because five years ago,
some volunteers took her to Canada.

Please, help me.

-God willing.
-Let's go, Raisa.

Give this letter to her.


How will we find this girl?

That's Canada.
I even got lost on our campus.

-It's really nonsense, you know?
-At least we tried, Rus.

This is a photo from five years ago.

We don't know if this child
is alive or dead.

If you saw the look in her eyes, Rus,

you would not be able
to bear to refuse it.

There was a gunshot.

Allah is the greatest.

Calm down.

How is it, Ustaz?

Allah is the greatest!

-Alif, help him.

Hurry up!

We must leave immediately. You stay here.


-If there is anything else, contact me.

-Excuse me, Ustaz.


Do you know

what's been on my mind
after that incident?

God has given me a chance to live.

That means I have an important task
in Canada.

I have to keep my promise
to that woman, Lif.

I have to find Laela.
The name of this girl.


Our main objective in going to Canada
is to study as well as possible

because we carry the good name
of Indonesia there.

-That's right, Lif. I know that.
-I mean

we will fulfill our main obligation,

then, we find Laela together.

Buddy. It's really cold here.

My lips are chapped.

Is the City of Saint-Raymond
not far from here?

Yes. The City of Saint-Raymond
is still part of the Quebec region.

-They speak French.
-Alif, Rusdi.

Stop chatting. The bus is waiting.

-Let's go.

Welcome to Saint-Raymond.



Hello. My name is Raisa. Nice to meet you.

Nice to meet you too. I'm Francois Pepin.

Alif! I work at a local TV station here.

Congratulations, Raisa.

Yes. I'm Alif. Alif Fikri. From Indonesia.

Are you Francois Pepin?

It's written "Pepin"
but pronounced "Pepang".

Pardon me. Pepin.

Alif, I have to go now.

Alif! I work at City Hall.

Take care, brother.

Nice to meet you.


Hello, Mr. Rivers. I'm Alif Fikri.

You're late.


Hey. This is what it feels like
to work, right?

Work at City Hall.

I'll go now. I have to work.

Don't forget to smile!

Bye, Rus.

-Enjoy work, Alif.
-Take care, Raisa.

You too.

Sorry for the long wait.

I just finished the interview
with the mayor

on environmental programming
in Saint-Raymond.

With Francois.

Thank God.

It is tiring but fun.

I brought some apples. Do you want some?

This one is for you, Alif.

What, Alif? Do you feel homesick?

I did not come here to be a farmer.

My expertise is writing,
reporting, and news.

-Not hanging out with cows.
-There must be a positive side, Lif.

Being a farmer here is different
from being a farmer in Indonesia.


You can still study.

I also told him that earlier, Raisa,

but this kid does not believe me.

You want to swap places with me, Rus?

Feed the cows.

-It's fine if you want to.
-Enough, Lif.

You try to send a caveat. We can do that

if we feel uncomfortable
with our workplace.

I did, Raisa,

but it's been a month
and there has been no response.

-Where are you going?
-I want to go home.

-My cows are waiting.


-Look, Alif.

We were asked to cover the
Indonesia-Canada youth exchange program.

Francois suggested we interview you.

-You don't mind, right?
-Sorry. Not me. I do not want to do it.


Alif, it won't take long.

Just your brief impression.

-I can say anything?
-Yes. Free.

Okay, Lif?

-Yes, Raisa. Why are you cutting?
-Are you sure want to go home?


I want to go home.
I can't stand all this, Raisa.

So far, I have been patient enough,
but now what?

There is a limit to patience.

He is also right.

I smell like them now.

Then, why did I come
all the way to Canada?

I left my mother and my younger siblings
for this,

-unimportant things like this.
-Do you know

what will happen if you go home?

You'll be blacklisted.


You're a coward.

If you go home, it means
you're running away from problems.

Then, what choice do I have?


There are a lot, Lif.
You just don't see it.

Being patient without doing anything
is not something you need to be proud of.

Your heart gets smaller.
It makes you forget to be grateful

with what you've got so far.

You really are a problem.

Finish what you've started.

Don't drop out of school.

Promise me now.

Being patient without doing anything

is not something you need to be proud of.

Your heart gets smaller.
It makes you forget to be grateful

with what you've got so far.

Why are you so quiet?

I need your help, Rus.

I don't want to help
if you just want to run away from here.

Raisa spoke to me.

-You managed to make a woman cry.
-Raisa cried?

Raisa is worried about you, Alif.

Not only her. I'm worried too.

Until she said that
she doesn't know you anymore.

-Raisa, is is Alif.

Can I talk to you for a minute?

It's late, Lif.

Forgive me, Raisa,

if my actions have troubled you

and I let you down.

You are absolutely right.

I was patient the wrong way.

Being patient without doing anything,

not worthy of being proud of.

I don't want to be a coward.

I want to be Alif.

The Alif you used to know.

Thank you

for your honest advice.

Your words opened my heart
that has been shrinking.

Alif, I'd like to apologize.

-Is it okay?
-You can have some more if you want to.

Thank you.

What is that?

Okay. Thank you.



Bring the letter here.

Thank you.


Alif, why?


-You are welcome.



-It's about Laela. I know where she is.

When Francois and I
edited Mr. Morgan's interview material,

I saw the photos behind it.

I found this.

It's the same, right?

Yes, it's the same.

Now what?

-Come with me.
-Where to?

Look for Laela's house.

Okay. Wait a second.

Hello. I'm Francois Pepin.

Pardon me, sir.


-Excuse me.


What is it?

Thank you.

-You first.
-No, you first.

Thank you, Alif.

You helped me complete the search mission.


That's all.

Now, it's your turn.

Thank you, Raisa,

because it was not only your mission

but also my mission.

Our mission.



You two always leave me.

Do not forget me.
I'm also part of our journey.

But I want to say
congratulations to both of you.

I watched your show on TV
with my home-stay family.

-They cried. Were touched.
-Thank you, Rus.

Well, let's go to Morgan's house.

He invited us to a barbecue.

-Where are you going?
-To City Hall. I'll catch up.

Are you sure you want to wear the hijab?

It's not that it's cold

but because it feels comfortable
in my heart.

I will wear it forever. Insya Allah.

You look beautiful.

-It's okay.

You want to race?

Be careful, Raisa.

-Thank you.

Go, Raisa!

Alright, Alif!

Go, Alif!


Alif, congratulations.
You turned out great.

Good evening, everyone.

Thank you for attending

the Indonesian
Cultural and Culinary Festival.

He's my friend.

Thank God.

-Thank you very much, sir.

You're great.

-I have a question, sir.
-What is it?

Can I eat now?

-You don't need to ask. Go eat.
-Come on. I'm hungry.

This is Canadian food?

What is Canadian food? It's weird.

Look, Raisa.

-Raisa, wait a second.

Say it.

You don't want to die of curiosity.

Thank you.


Alif. Mr. Stefan was looking for you.

He said he wanted to invite you
to be a correspondent.


-Lif, you must know.



Randai, why are you here?

-Raisa hasn't told you yet?
-I was just going to tell him, Ndai.

My team made it through, Lif,

as one of the Asian candidates

at the Aeronautics Design Challenges
and Competitions in New York, Lif.

So, since New York is not far
from Quebec, I came here.

You're great.

Do you know, when Raisa said that
there will be an event here tonight,

I came straight here. I am proud of you.

I got the news
that you also received an award.


-Raisa, you're going to dance, right?
-That's right.

Excuse me.


-Mr. Anto.

You're still wearing these shoes.

Yes. I am as loyal as it is faithfully
accompanying my journey, sir.

Where has it been walking until it broke?

Already treaded the "Three Color Realm".

Indonesia, Jordan, and Canada, sir.

Okay. I will try to fix it.

Who knows if it can be
good again like before,

but I'll clean it up first, okay, Lif?

-This is your son, Mr. Anto?
-That's right.

Three months ago, he just graduated
with a bachelor's degree.

-Did he graduate from ITB?
-Yes. Industrial Engineering.

He said he was going to expand
the Indonesian shoe industry.

What a joke.

When will you graduate?

God willing, tomorrow is my graduation.


Yes, sir?

The person who gave these shoes to you

must be proud of you.

Take care of these shoes.

Put it somewhere
so it can be a good memory.

Yes, sir.

Move closer, ma'am. Look at the camera.

One, two, three.

-Thank you.

Mr. Togar.

Are you Mr. Togar? I'm Alif's mother.

Right. Hello.
Let me borrow your son a bit.

Go ahead.

Fresh. From the publisher.

The first book of the Perangin-angin
Publishing company.

Thank you, Mr. Togar.

Don't be complacent.

A complacent person is very dangerous.

If there is already a first, there must be
a second, a third, and so on.

-I will wait for it.
-Thank you.

What's that, Lif?

-My book.
-Your book?

It's my book, Mom.


Where are they?

Hey, Rusdi, Agam!

Finally, we graduate.

Alif, it's time.

Here it is, Rus.

I saved it, stored it, and took it out
at the right time.

But this is…

Raisa has the right
to know about this letter.

-But we all know that Raisa…
-Where did you get that information?

The whole campus also knows
that Raisa is still single.

Remember, Alif.
Whoever sincerely does it will get it.

Rest assured. If you sincerely do it,
you will succeed.

Go on, Lif.

Go on. Give me that certificate.

-Greetings, Raisa.
-Greetings to you too. Alif?

-You too, Lif.

I have something to say to you.

Me too, Lif.

Let's go over there.

Mom, Dad, excuse me a moment.

What are you trying to say, Lif?

So, I want to say that…

Alif? Hey!

Why are you stunned?
What are you trying to say?

I was…

I was…



Finally, you became a scholar before me.

Congratulations, buddy.

Raisa, have you told Alif?

-Not yet.
-Alif. I've proposed to Raisa.

After I graduate, we'll get married.

That fast?

I've been contracted to work in Japan.

-You too, Raisa?

I will continue my master's degree there.

-Let's take a picture.


Let's take a picture.

Look at the camera. One, two, three.

One more time.

Smile, Alif.


Forgive me, brother.

It turns out that you
still have to be patient.

That's it.

I have been trying to be patient
as long as I live.

Supposedly, the luck I got.

But what do I get now?

Is this luck?

You're too much.

-You really can't be grateful.
-Why are you suddenly mad?

Our friend is upset, Rus.

I am also sad to see him sad.

When you nearly got hit by a bomb,
you weren't like this.

What? You're really sentimental.
You only know how to cry.

-What do you mean by that?
-Because of Raisa, right?

It means that
you have not been sincere, Alif.

You think the world is very small.

Winning or losing, that's not the goal
of "Man shabara zhafira".

-That's what you taught us.
-Why do you speak so highly now?


Maybe Raisa is not meant to be with you.

Maybe this patience is required of you.

You need to be patient to get
the best woman for you.

I'm sure your soulmate
is somewhere, waiting.

Well, maybe somewhere out there.

-Maybe in Jakarta.
-Maybe in Europe.

Maybe we never know.


-Thank you.
-You're welcome, brother.


-Don't cry.
-Don't be sentimental.

Do you all remember?

Our promise when we graduate.

How come we must run
while carrying the flag?

Is it swimming in the Cikapundung River?

-Not that.

Come on.

-Wait for me!


That's my umbrella.

After being tossed around by fate,

after being an underdog,

I became a winner, then lost again.

And I finally realized

that patience is the best vehicle of life.

Keep looking and waiting for a way out
from God is worship.

Only the patient
can reach the ultimate goal.

That is to solve all problems

with the best possible resolutions.

This is my tower. The tower of my friends.

You've been waiting by VOA
in the conference room.

We are there now.

Finally, God is with the patient.