Ramsey: The Vandy Case (2021) - full transcript

Private Investigator Kevin Ramsey is hired to discreetly look into the murder of Sarah Vandy, TV star and wild child with a scandalous reputation. As Ramsey weaves his way through the mystery, Former lovers, Obsessed fans and Activists all look good for the crime but "Sometimes the killer is standing right in front of you and ya don't even see em".


Beat it!

I tried.

I thought I told you to beat it!

The night Sarah Vandy was killed,

I was working a divorce job,

taking pictures of a cheating husband.


This just in,

a New York City police
officer has been shot

and critically injured in the Sunset-

Have yet to release the identity

of the officer, but Focus on
New York News has been told

by several police sources

that the critically
injured officer is Sarah-

The former child
star turned tabloid darling

who joined the NYPD this past January.

We expected her to quit the police academy

long before earning her badge and gun.

But she graduated this past June

and was assigned to a training unit

in Brooklyn's 72nd precinct.

Sarah Vandy is the second
New York City police officer

killed in the line of duty this year.

Hey, kiddo.

Thanks for picking me up.

No problem.

Mom says thanks too.

Did you hear about what
happened to Sarah Vandy?


Guess I was wrong.

Perez did let her go out on patrol.

I thought for sure they'd keep her home.

Yeah, well, I guess they
felt it wouldn't look good.

I remember how much you used
to love that show of hers.


Everything okay?

Yeah, sure, why?

Just asking.

Seem kind of quiet.

I'm just stressed.

Quarter exams are coming up, so...

You'll do fine.

What happened to your charm bracelet?

I thought you never took that thing off.

The clasp was loose,
so I gotta get it fixed.

All right.

Watch your fingers.

I'm sorry for making you late.

I got it.

Michaela Vandy called
me the very next morning.


Is this Kevin Ramsey?

This is him.

Mr. Ramsey, this is Michaela Vandy.

You may have heard of me.

My sister Sarah and I,
we used to be actresses.

We starred on a TV show
called "Family Jewels."

My sister became a cop recently.

Yes, Miss Vandy, I have heard of you.

Have you heard about
what happened to Sarah?


I am so sorry for your loss.

I wanna hire you to investigate her murder.

I'm sure the NYPD will
do a very thorough job.

What do you need me for?

I'll explain when we meet.

Let's cut to the chase.

Why me?

Why not some big investigative firm?

Because you used to be a cop

and you're not afraid
to piss off other cops.

When can we meet?

This afternoon if you like.

This afternoon is fine.

I live at...

No, wait.

We can't meet this afternoon.

How about this evening?

About nine o'clock?


I live in the Hayes Tower, Apartment 303.

Are you sure you're up to this?

I'll be fine.

Listen, I know your history.

Just a little heads up,

there's a whole lot of cops standing around

in front of the building,
you know, cuz of Sarah.

Just thought I'd tell you.

Not a problem.

I'll be there.


Were my suspicions correct?

Was he cheating on me?

Yes, he is.

I knew it.

Did you get proof?

I did.

Show me.

Everything's been uploaded to the drive,

password protected.

Let's go inside.

Let's not.

Why not?

What's the problem?

You're a client now, Chloe.

I don't let clients in my place.

A client?

Just because I hired you to
get the goods on my husband

and we're not friends anymore?

I'm cutting back on friends.

What's that supposed to mean?

Means I wanna keep this professional.


Come on.

So none of the cops standing outside

of Michaela's building
even bothered with me.

The doorman, however...

Your call is important to us.

We will be with you shortly.

Can I help you?

Yeah, I have an appointment
with Michaela Vandy.


Kevin Ramsey.


Miss Vandy.

It's Carlos downstairs.

Hi, Carlos.

There's a man here named Kevin Ramsey.

He says he has an appointment to see you.

Yes, he does.

Send him up.


You can go upstairs.

Apartment 303.


Mr. Ramsey?


Come in.

Michaela, he's here for you.

Hello, Mr. Ramsey.

Miss Vandy.

Have a seat.

Give me a shout if you need
me for anything, Michaela.

I will.

Thanks, Lucy.

Would you like a drink?

No, thank you.

Who was that?

Lucy Garrettson, my personal assistant.

I'm sorry, I should have introduced you.

Not at all.

Where was she the night of?

She was here with me, all night.

Still have a personal assistant?

Thought you gave up the celebrity lifestyle

like your sister.

My fame lingers on.

And I still need some help
managing it sometimes.

Have you read about my
sister in the tabloids

or gossip columns, Mr. Ramsey?

You know about her relationships?

I've read a few things.

Well, there were some relationships

the tabloids never found out about.

Relationships that I think
may have led to her murder.

I have to be honest, Miss Vandy.

I doubt your sister's personal
life had anything to do

with her murder.

This to me looks like an
obsessed fan or a cop hater,

most likely the latter.

Why do you say that?

Well, because all the anger

over the police shooting three weeks ago,

the one where the unarmed boy was killed?

I think your sister
might have been murdered

in retaliation for that.

I don't think so.

But whatever the truth is,

I want you to find it before the NYPD does.


So that if I have to,

I can figure out a way to keep it quiet

or at least say something
in Sarah's defense.

I might have to lock horns with some cops,

maybe even some high ranking ones.

And as you may know,

I am not exactly the
NYPD's favorite person.

I know.

I read about you in the newspapers

back when you testified
against your ex-partner

for beating his wife.

I know most cops think you're a rat.

Hiring me could cause problems for you.

You sure you want to?


All right, then I'm hired.

My fee...

Whatever it is, Mr. Ramsey, I'll pay it.

Just find this person before the cops do.

Okay then, why don't we get started?

Why don't you tell me

about those relationships you mentioned?

Well, first there was her
bodyguard, Corey Ray Sandford.

I thought I read somewhere
you both shared a bodyguard,

big Russian guy named Mishka.

We did.

But when Sarah turned 18,

she got her own place and
hired her own guy, Corey.

I kept Mishka on for a while,

but when I gave up acting, I let him go.

Why do you suspect this Corey?

When Sarah gave him the
boot as her bodyguard,

he took it hard.

And she gave him the boot why?

She gave everyone in her entourage the boot

when she decided to join
the police department.

She wanted to live a cop's life.

Cops don't have bodyguards and publicists

and personal assistants.

So what'd he do?

Nothing too serious.

He just kept calling her and calling her,

asking her to reconsider for
friendship's sake, but...

Look, she paid him well,

so maybe it was the money he missed.


And then again, maybe he missed her too.

They had a fling once.

How do you know?

Sarah told me.

Do you have any info on him?

Phone number, address, anything like that?

No, but I know he works as a bouncer now

at this bar on the west
side, a place called Harry's.


Him in the photo.

May I?

Do you know if this Corey owns a gun?

Yeah, he does.

It's licensed though.

He's got a New York State
armed security guard license.

Who else?

Her last celebrity
boyfriend, Brandon Simms,

the owner of Excalibur.

Ah, night club that got
raided a few months back.

The cops shut him down?

Back when they hooked up,

Brandon wasn't just her boyfriend.

He was also her drug dealer.

He provided her with all her coke.

And when Sarah decided
it was her grand destiny

to be a cop instead of an actress,

she stopped using and severed
ties with him completely.

Let me guess,

he wasn't too happy about
losing his favorite customer?

No, he definitely wasn't.

And when the narco squad
raided his club, he blamed her.

He was convinced that Sarah ratted him out

to get in good with the department brass.

He swore to get back at her one day.

She told you this?


Do you have any information on him?

A phone number, an
email, address, anything?

No, no, I'm sure you could
find him at Excalibur's.

He's reopening it as a family
friendly restaurant this time,

I guess to polish up his image.

Do you know if he owns a gun?

No idea.

Anyone else?

Sarah told me she slept with someone,

one of the recruits in her
police academy company.

She wouldn't tell me his
name or anything about him.

Do I assume correctly
she dumped him as well?


And that guy definitely owns a gun.

Who else?

That's it.

At least that's it for
the people I suspect.

Okay, these three will get me started.

Did your sister ever
tell you why she decided

to become a cop?

She said it was because
she wanted to be able

to arrest people.

She said, if anyone ever
messed with her again,

she wanted to be able to lock 'em up.

Who messed with her?

She wouldn't tell me.

Like, maybe I'm wrong, but I
think somebody molested her

or something when she was a kid.

I think that's why she
became so wild so young,

not because of the fame.

Lot of sexual abuse victims react that way.

You're right.

They do.

I got enough to start.

If you can think of anything
else, just gimme a call, okay?

I'll show myself out.

Good night.


Is he gone?


Look, you don't have to stay tonight.

I'll be okay.

Of course I do.


Really, I'll be fine.

Could you just make me a cup
of tea before you go, please?

- Sure.
- Thank you.

There will never be another Jaheed Jensen.

When we finish with the racist
fascist cops in this city,

they're gonna step back
when they see a black youth.

They will step the hell back.

As I was leaving the building,

your boss, Chief Loomis, decides
he wants to bust my balls.

See you later.

What the hell are you doing here, Ramsey?

No, wait, don't tell me.

Some cop hating scumbag hired you to prove

that this department is somehow responsible

for Officer Vandy's death, right?

Even if that were the case,
you know I can't say anything.

So why ask?

Listen, Ramsey.

I'm gonna make this simple for you, okay?

If I catch you sticking your
nose into this investigation,

I'm gonna lock you up

for obstructing government administration

and everything else I can think of.

So just butt out.

You got it?

Yeah, I got it.


My name is Mason and I'm a sex addict.

Hi, Mason.

You all know my story, but
we got a new face here tonight,

so I'm gonna tell it again.

My addiction started shortly
after my daughter was born.

And now, looking back,

I think I needed to prove to myself

that I was still the stud
I always thought I was.

I think of myself as a father, a husband,

a man with a family that depended on him?


See, I still had to be the stud.

So I turned to sex to build myself up.

First, it was internet porn.

I'd watch it hours on end,

jerking off to images on the web

instead of getting it on with my wife.

Then it was one night stands,

having sex with women who were
willing to do it with a guy,

didn't give a shit about him,

just as I didn't give a shit about them.

Women who were probably addicts like me.

And finally, prostitutes.

I'd solicit them on the web
and meet them in motels.

And my wife getting pregnant
again didn't slow me a bit.

I just kept going.

I was...

I was having sex with a prostitute

when my wife lost our baby.

She miscarried while I
was in a filthy motel room

with a woman I couldn't stand to look at

but still wanted to screw.

And that was the bottom for me.

And that's when I turned
to Sex Addicts Anonymous.

Since then, I've gotten my
addiction under control.

And I still stumble now and then.

I'm not celibate, for Christ's sakes.

The difference is I don't
live for it anymore.

I live for other things.

And I take it one day at a
time, just like they say.

Thank you.

Thanks, Mason.

Is there anyone else who'd like to speak?

Well, in that case, please,
join me in the closing prayer.

God grant me the serenity

to accept the things I cannot change,

the courage to change
the things that I can,

and the wisdom to know the difference.

And the wisdom to know the difference.

Thank you all for coming.

What do you think?

I don't think I can ever get up

in front of a group of people

and talk about myself like that.

You know, I used to feel the same way.

But as you can see, I got over it.

Might surprise yourself.

I doubt it.

I gotta be honest,

sometimes I wonder why
you even looked into this.

We screwed around so much
more in college, didn't we?

You tell me.

Look, it's the same thing as with drinking.

If you think you have a
problem, you have a problem.

I guess.

So you gonna join us again next week?

Think about it.

Good enough.

Despite Michaela's suspicions,

I was convinced Sarah's murder was

an anti-cop assassination,

but in order to investigate
that angle, I needed help.

And the only person that could
help me was Mason Rivers.

Would it be against SAA rules

to work with someone
you're hoping to sponsor?

Not at all.


I'm working a high profile case

and I might have to reach out

to one of the more militant
members of the black community.

High profile, huh?

I don't suppose I can get any details.


Let me talk to my client first.

Swing by your place, say, nine?

Yeah, fine with me.

Thank you.

Michaela, it's Ramsey.

Listen, I gotta bring
a buddy in on the job.

He's a licensed PI just like me.

Same rules of confidentiality apply.

As long as you think it's necessary.

It's definitely necessary.

Look, I'll call you as
soon as I've got something,

all right?

Thank you.

Good night.


So what's this job you told me about?

I've been hired to investigate
Sarah Vandy's murder.

You're kidding.


By who, her sister?


So Michaela Vandy hired you

to look into her sister's death.

I guess she's worried

about what the homicide
detectives are gonna find out.


Now, she suspects some of her
sister's former associates.

To me, this reads like a payback killing.

Payback for the Jaheed Jensen shooting.

So before I start questioning anyone,

I'd like to interview the Reverend Manning.

Since the Reverend isn't
fond of white people,

you need me to get you in the door.

You got it.

You'll be compensated, of course.


So when do you wanna do it?

Today, if possible.

Can you get me in?


Yeah, the reverend's a
former client of mine.

I can get you in.

I'll call him.


Are you guys sure you
don't want anything to eat?

No, thanks.

I'll call him and we'll go.

Where are you going?

Going to Brooklyn for a while.

Help Kevin out with an investigation.

Help him reach out

to a not-so-Caucasian-friendly
community leader.

I'll only be a few hours.

Which community leader?

Reverend Manning.

The founder of the Step Back movement?

What could you possibly
want to talk to him about?

Come on, babe.

Can't say.

Mom, can I have the last
piece of your birthday cake?

For breakfast?

It's all I feel like eating.

Okay, go ahead.

Thank you.

No school today?

She wasn't feeling well.


So what college did she end up choosing?

The John Jay School of Criminal Justice.

Yeah, she plans on being
a private investigator

like her old man, believe it or not.

Good for her.

I'll be right out.

I think it's great

that Pamela wants to follow
in Mason's footsteps.

He was heartbroken when
they were estranged.

Be careful today.

Don't worry, Teri, everything will be fine.

I worry every time he leaves this house.

See ya.

Mr. Rivers.

This is my friend and
associate Kevin Ramsey.

We're here to see the Reverend Manning.

You mean, you're here to
see the Reverend Manning.

He has to wait outside.

I've spoken to the Reverend this morning

and I told him that I was
bringing Mr. Ramsey with me.

He said he was okay.

So you brought him, but he can't come in.

Give the Reverend my regards.


Come in, both of you.


Mr. Rivers.

Man, how long has it
been since we last met?

Seven years?

What do you want?

You heard what happened to Sarah Vandy?

Who hasn't?

Rumor has it, it was payback

for the Jaheed Jensen shooting.

What do you think?

Think people are angry.

It's possible.

What does whitey over there think?


What is this, the 70s?

I think it's more than possible.

So what do you want from me?

Have you heard anything?

What if I have?

My friend here has been hired

to look into Sarah Vandy's murder.

He's not trying to turn
anyone over to the cops.

Just wanna get all the facts

before the facts become common knowledge.

Oh, I get it.

So if it turns out that she's killed

by the coke dealer to the
stars or someone like that,

it can be covered up.

Have you heard anything?


All I heard is what they said on the news.

Same as you.

You know, if it is a
brother that killed her,

it's not gonna do our people any good.

Nothing involving whitey
does our people any good.

What do you care, Rivers?

You're not exactly down
with the cause 100%.

Not if you're hanging out with this guy.

Will you let us know if you hear anything?

If I hear anything,

I'll look into it myself.

How's that?


Yes, Reverend.

Show these gentlemen out.

What do you think?

Think he's telling the truth.

He doesn't know anything yet.

So where do you go from here?

Where Michaela Vandy hired me to go.



Come in.

Hey, Ramsey.

What can I do for you?

I need a background check on a few guys

and driver's license photos.

No problem.

What's the first guy's name?

First guy is Corey Sandford.

Corey with an E-Y?

Yeah, Sandford, common spelling.

Works as a bouncer at
a place called Harry's

on the west side and
allegedly he's got a gun

and a New York State carry permit.

Anything else on him?

No, that's it.

It's been a while since
you've required my expertise.

You been on vacation or something?

Nah, I just haven't needed you, pal.

Breaking my heart.

Here we are.

Corey Sandford, age 37.

Lives in Brooklyn, no criminal record.

He does have a valid New
York State carry permit

for a 38 caliber handgun.

And who's the next guy?

Brandon Simms, nightclub owner,

runs a place called Excalibur in Midtown.



That's all you got on him?

That's all.

Now besides the usual info,

I need to know if he's got a
gun and a carry permit as well.

Just the two guys?

No, I've got a third, but
I don't have a name yet.

He's a cop.

Now, can you hack into the NYPD database?

Are you kidding?

That was like the first
database I broke into.


There we go.

Brandon Simms, age 30, lives in Soho.

Two arrests for misdemeanor assaults,

community service for both.

There's no registered guns or permits.

Can you print that as well, please?

Thank you, Scotty.

Thank you.

I'll call you as soon as
I get that intel on the cop.

And can you do me a favor?

Run a check on Michaela Vandy.

See if there was any bed
blood between the sisters.

A favor?

A payable favor.


You know where to find me.

Thank you, Scotty.

Oh, hey.

When you say goodbye to my
mom, tell her I'm starving.

Sure thing.

Even though I came up empty
with Reverend Manning,

I was still convinced
that Sarah was targeted

because she was a cop.


I checked out the people
Michaela paid me to check out.

Brandon Simms around?

Furniture's being delivered
tomorrow at 10, Jack,

that's a.m.

All this has to be outta here by then.

I'll take care of it.

Hey, there's a private
investigator here to see you.

Think it's about the Sarah Vandy thing.

I checked his ID, it seems legit.

You told him I'm here?

I told him I would check
to see if you were here.

Well, tell him you couldn't find me.

Yes, sir.

No, wait, hold on a second.

Send him in.

It's probably just a reporter.

Yeah, probably,

but I wouldn't put it
past that bitch Michaela

to hire a private investigator
to point the finger at me.

Send him in.

I'll take care of it.

Brandon Simms?

And you are?

Kevin Ramsey.

I'd like to ask you a few
questions about Sarah Vandy.

You willing to talk?

Sure, I'll answer your questions.

First, I have to confirm
that you really are a PI.

Anyone can have a convincing fake ID.

I oughta know,

been in the nightclub business
since I left high school,

seen thousands of fake ones.

Who hired you?

Can't tell you that.

I knew you would say that.

That's okay.

I know who it was.

Excuse me.


It's Brandon.


Brandon Simms.

Sarah gave me your number.

Look, I know you never really cared for me.

I just wanted to call

and tell you how sorry I am for your loss.

Sarah was a great kid.

Oh, no, no, no, no, no, that was nothing.

No, I was just upset that the
cops were raiding the bar.

That's all.



It's not okay.

Well, look, there is
another reason I was calling.

There's a guy here in my bar.


His name is Kevin Ramsey.

He says he's a private investigator.

He wants to ask me some
questions about Sarah?

He isn't by any chance
working for you, is he?

Yes, Brandon, yes, he is working for me.

I thought so.

Yeah, can you just answer his questions?

Yeah, no.

It's all good, I totally understand.

Hell, I don't blame you.

Can I just talk to Kevin please

while he's there?



All right.

Again, I'm sorry for your loss.

She wanted to talk to you.

This is Ramsey.

Can you come to my house tonight?

Around eight?

Sure thing.

I'll see you then.

So what is it you want to ask me?

Where were you Monday night, 10 to 11?

Same place I am every Monday night.


Jack can testify to that.

And do you own a gun?

No, I do not.

And even if I did, I
wouldn't have killed Sarah.

Now, Michaela said that you blamed Sarah

for the raid that shut this place down.

No, I didn't.

Sarah swore that you
were gonna get back at her.

It's like I told
Michaela, I was just upset.

I didn't mean it.

If there's anyone to blame
for the cops raiding this bar,

it's me.

I blame myself.

I should have ran a tighter ship.

But even if I did blame Sarah,

I would have to be insane to kill a cop.

Especially one that slept with
the Chief of Patrol's son.

Say what?

Wow, Michaela didn't tell you.

She told me that Sarah had
slept with one of the recruits

in her academy company,
but didn't know which one.

Dum dum dum.

Yeah, well, that was James Loomis.

You know, Chief Loomis's son?

And I got that straight from Sarah

the last time I spoke to her on the phone,

try to patch things up.

Two days later, she sics him on me.

Has him come in here,
threatening to arrest me,

flashing his fucking badge.

So what did you do?

I laughed in his fucking face.

I told him I don't give a
fuck about him or his badge.

If he didn't get outta my
club, I'd kick his ass.



Then what?

Pussy took off.

One week later, I get raided.

You know, he's the one that
you should investigate.



Because there is no
way on God's green earth

that Sarah was faithful to him.

She just wasn't that kind of girl.

And you know how hard pussies take it

when their woman cheats on 'em.

And besides, he owns a gun.

So, am I clear as a suspect?

We'll see.

Cops question you yet?

Not yet.

They will.

Like I said, I don't give a shit.

Scott, it's Ramsey.

Cop's name is James Loomis.

He's a rookie fresh outta the academy.

Now his father is Chief
of Patrol, John Loomis.

Email me whatever you can find, all right?


Goodbye, Mr. Ramsey.

That Corey?

Corey Sandford.

Who's asking?

I'm a private investigator.

Mind if I ask you a couple questions?

About what?

About where you were Monday
night, between 10 and 11.

Would this have anything to
do with Sarah Vandy's killing?

Someone thinks I'm the shooter?


Michaela, right?


Of course it's her.

Who else could it be?

She thinks I shot Sarah?

Did you?

Hell no.

I liked Sarah.

She was spoiled, self-centered,

and a little bit on the wild side,

but she was basically a good person.

And you weren't pissed
that she sent you packing

after she joined the police department?

Sure I was, but that's
not enough to kill her.

So where were you that night?

I was right here.

If you don't believe me, ask
the manager or the bartender.

Do you have your gun with you?

My gun's always with me.

Why not?

I have a carry permit.

When the cops get
around to questioning you,

they're gonna confiscate
it, run tests on it.

You know that, right?

They can do whatever
they want to do with it.

I didn't kill her.

Thanks for your time.


Tell Michaela if she needs
help handling the reporters

or the paparazzi, I'm available.

Door's open.

Come in.



Would you like a drink?

No, thank you.

What did Brandon have to say for himself?

He denied having anything
to do with Sarah's murder.

He also said he was at the club
at the time of the shooting

and he's got a witness.


Some guy named Jack that works for him.

Brandon's loaded.

He could have paid him to lie.

Maybe, but I doubt it.


Anyone he pays

to lie for him will
automatically suspect him,

maybe enough to blackmail
him, or worse, go to the cops.

Brandon comes across as a little too slick

to set himself up that way.


What about Corey Sandford?

Did you have any chance to talk to him?

I did.

He also has two witnesses

that place him elsewhere at
the time of the shooting.

So where does that leave us?

With every obsessed Sarah Vandy fan

and cop hater in the city.

And the cop she slept with.

Any progress identifying him?

Yeah, Simms gave him up.

Name is James Loomis.

He is the son of the NYPD's
current Chief of Patrol,

John Loomis.


That's just great.

Apparently your sister asked him

to have a talk with Simms.

One of those stay away
from my girl or else talks.

Sounds like something Sarah would do.

Do you have any way of getting
in touch with that cop?

Friend of mine's a hacker.

He's got his ways.

But look, considering
who this cop's father is,

my questioning him could have
some serious consequences.

Don't worry about it.

Okay, then.

That's all I got for now.

I'll let you know how things
shake out with Loomis.

Can you stay a while?

I don't wanna be alone.



Make yourself comfortable.

Sure you don't want a drink?

I'll have one.

What'll it be?

Scotch if you got it.

Oh, I got it.

To Sarah.

To Sarah.


So when's the funeral?


It's gonna be one of those
big inspectors funerals.

I would've preferred a
private family only service,

but I know Sarah would've
wanted the big send off.

She's entitled to it.

She got killed in the line of duty.

You know, Sarah always wanted
her death to be big news.

Even as a kid,

she used to tell me I don't
care if it's a gross death,

as long as it's what makes the headline.

Well, she got her wish.

She sure did.

How about you?

Were you always into
fame as much as she was?

Hell no.

I don't even like acting that much.

I only did it cuz she did.

I know it may sound strange,

but cuz Sarah's younger than
me, but Sarah was my idol.

She was always so much more confident

and outgoing than I was.

I couldn't help but look up her.

And I knew if she got
into acting and I didn't,

we wouldn't spend much time together, so...

Is your family coming
in town for the funeral?

Oh yeah.

They're coming.

Don't sound too thrilled about that.

I got a lot of issues with my family.

Everyone's got family issues.

Not everyone.

Take it from me, everyone.


I really shouldn't keep you here like this.

I don't mind.

Well, I...

I feel better.

You should go.


And I need some air.

Walk me out?


Don't forget your coat.

- Miss Vandy.
- Carlos.


Carlos, stop!


Stay down.

Come on.

Come on.

You bastard, huh, you son of a bitch!

What do you have that I don't have, huh?

You know what you have?

The right to remain silent.

I suggest you use it.

And he gave you no indication

that he was obsessed with you?

No, never.

Carlos has been here since
I moved into the building.

I've never seen him violent.

I've never even seen him angry before.

Where was he the night
your sister was killed?

He was here in the lobby, working.

You sure about that?

I stayed up that night.

I saw him.

I told you to butt out of
this investigation, Ramsey.

He's here because of me.

I hired him to investigate Sarah's murder.

You what?

You heard me.

Christ, what the hell for?

I have my reasons.

Is it because you don't
trust the department

to find your sister's killer?

You think that we would
fail one of our own?

Oh, I trust the department.

And I still want Ramsey to
conduct his own investigation.

And if that's what I want,
you shouldn't object.

No, of course not.

I apologize.

Let me know if there's anything you need.

I will.

Thank you, Officer.

That was impressive.

Sure you're all right?

Yeah, I'm fine.


Oh, I don't know.

What do you say we take that walk?

No, I'm...

I'm gonna go up.

How far is your car?

Two blocks.

There's probably a whole
army of reporters out there.

Want me to get a cop to escort you?


Don't worry, I'll be fine.

I'm sure you will be.

Thank you for this.

You got it.

Good night.

Good night.

Coming up on the 11 o'clock news,

a high profile private
investigator believed to be working

for Michaela Vandy is
attacked by her doorman.

High profile my ass, Jesus.

Hey, Nina, everything okay?

I heard about you on the news.

What were you doing at Michaela
Vandy's apartment building?

Investigate a personal matter.

She hired you?


What kind of personal matter?

I can't answer that.

You know the deal.

Does it have anything
to do with her sister?

Christ, Nina, you know
I can't tell you anything.

Why did her doorman attack you?

Because apparently he's
obsessed with Michaela

and I guess he thought I slept with her.

Why the hell would he think that?

Because I went to her
apartment and because he's nuts.

Please don't go nuts on me too.

Are you okay?

Yeah, yeah, I'm fine, thanks.

Listen, was Katie watching
the news with you?


Okay, do me a favor.

Don't say anything to her about this.

She's going to find out
from her classmates anyway.

Yeah, well, if she finds
out from her classmates,

she finds out from her classmates.

But for now, let's not say anything.


Thank you.

Listen, I'll call you tomorrow
with all the gory details,

but right now I just wanna get some rest.

All right.

Good night.

Good night.


So the morning after my fight with Carlos,

the doorman at Michaela's building,

I went to the 63rd precinct

and I questioned John Loomis's kid, James.

I stopped him as he was
getting into his car.

Come on, come on.

Get your hands off, come on.

Officer Loomis?


Kevin Ramsey, I'm a private investigator.

I'd like to ask you a few questions.

I got nothing to say to you.

Come on,

let me ask you a few
questions about Sarah Vandy.

I said I got nothing to say to you.

Brandon Simms said you slept with her

and that you went to his
club and threatened him.

Brandon Simms is a lying sack of shit.


Which count, the sex or the threats?

I told you, no comment.

All right.

I'll talk to your father,

see what he has to say on the matter.


Okay, yeah, I screwed her back
when we were both recruits.

So what?

There's no rule against
recruits hooking up.

Were you still hooked
up when she was killed?

No, we'd split by then.

Amicably, no hard feelings.

Where were you on the night?

On a beat, walking patrol, same as her.

Only Manhattan instead of Brooklyn.

You don't believe me, ask my Sergeant.

Since you don't want me
to talk to your father,

do I assume correctly he didn't know

about your relationship?

Hell no.

He'd go ballistic if he found out.

My dad was dead set against
Sarah joining the force.

Were you the only cop
she was sleeping with?

As far as I know, but I
wouldn't be surprised if I wasn't.

Everybody at the academy wanted her, okay?

Even the instructors.

How do you know?

They said so.

Well, I mean the recruits did,
but the instructors couldn't.

From what I heard,

one of the instructors made
a play at her, got shot down.

Which one?

I don't know.

Just overheard two of the
female instructors talking.

Didn't say any names.

Okay, thanks for your time.


Captain, can you be seen talking to me?

Oh, come on, Kevin.

Of course I'm not ashamed
to be seen talking to you.

All my time on the job,
I talk to whoever I want.

People know what I stand for.

Besides, who's gonna fault me

for talking to my late partner's son?

I can think of a lot of people.

A lot of cops anyway.

What can I do for you?

Your son still works at the academy, right?

Close that door, would you?


Do you know if he's heard any talk

about one of the instructors
coming onto Sarah Vandy?

Why do you want to know?

I can't say.

Has he heard anything?


Short answer, no.

But the general consensus was

that all the instructors of the
academy wanted some of that.

All the recruits too, for that matter.

Any of the instructors
around for me to talk to,

if they're willing?


Look, the Academy's between classes.

You know that, so they've all
been temporarily reassigned.

Do you mind if I take this?

Oh, no, no, go ahead.


Can you come over again tonight?

My family's gonna be here

and I need another buffer besides Lucy.

Sure, what time?


I'll be there.

Matt, thank you for your time.

As always, a pleasure.

Look, Kevin, I'm sorry I
couldn't be of more help to you.

You know, it's really too
bad that you left the force.

I mean, I know, I know you were,

God knows you were taking a lot of heat,

but you would've made a great detective.

Just like your old man.


I'll see you round.

Take care of yourself.


See you round.

That night, I met Michaela Vandy's family.

Waltons they were not.

Come in.

Mr. Ramsey.

Miss Garrettson.

Come in, pour yourself a drink.

Make yourself at home, mingle.

Michaela will be right with you.

- Hey.
- Hey.

Thank you for coming.

Thanks for the invite.

Are you okay?


You look a little worn out.

Worn out?

You mean wasted?

Yeah, I mean wasted.

Don't worry about me.

Come on, let me introduce
you to the family.

Mom, Dad, this is Kevin Ramsey, PI.

That's PI as in private investigator.

Ramsey, this is my dad,
Frank, and my mom, Constance.

Mr. Vandy.

Mrs. Vandy, I am so sorry for your loss.

Thank you.

Your daughter was a very special person.

Yes, she was.

I've heard a lot about you.

You're that cop that spoke
against domestic violence

in the police department.

The one that testified against his partner.

Ex-cop, but yes, that's me.

Well, you certainly said
what needed to be said.

How is it that you know Michaela?

I've hired Mr. Ramsey to
investigate Sarah's murder.

You what?

What for?

The homicide detectives are
investigating her murder.

Of course they are.

That's why I need Ramsey.

Cuz I wanna know all the
facts before they do.


Why do you think?

I don't know, you tell me.

Jesus Christ, Dad, you know how she was.

If she had anything to hide,
I want some time to hide it.

But she was finished with all the nonsense.

We'll see.

You know, it was Dad here
who first had the big vision.

Big vision?

Sarah was destined to be a star.

He was a driving force for her career.

And mine, of course.

I was, and look how
things turned out for you.

Why are you laughing?

Oh, and this is my brother, Tom.

Tom wasn't included in the big vision

even though he was the oldest.

That's not true.

I gave him a shot.

What's with you, Michaela?

That was...

No talent and not cute enough.

That was the general consensus, yeah.

The opinion of the acting,
singing, dancing coaches.

It's not my fault they
said you didn't have...

You didn't have to agree
with 'em so quickly though.

They're just upset, honey.

Do they think I'm not?

Honey, why don't you slow
down with the drinking?

That might not be such a bad idea.


What better way to honor my sister?

I don't suppose you've heard
from any of our co-stars,

have you?

As a matter of fact, we did.

Lois Madison called.

She said she and the twins
can't make it to the funeral.

Kate and Lynn are shooting a pilot.

She sent her condolences.


Her condolences, that's so comforting.

Kate and Lynn were the kid actors

who played the twins on "Family Jewels."

Sarah helped make them start

and they can't even make it to her funeral.

That's not fair, Michaela.

They can't miss a big
opportunity like that.

You know the business.

Oh, I know the business all right.

They were all very fond of Sarah.

In fact, Lynn would like
to play her in the movie.


What movie?

Of course there's going to be a movie

about Sarah eventually.

And I think Lynn would
be very good in the part.

What's with your sister?

Maybe she had someone
else in mind for the role.


Why don't you lay down?

Tomorrow's gonna be a long day for you.

Yes, hey, why don't you?

Maybe I will.

All right, you can go.

Go now.

Go on.

Go, get out!

Go, go, go, out.

Not you, you, I want,
I want to talk to you.

I wanna talk to Mr. Ramsey, so you can go.

Don't worry, I'll be fine.

I'll be okay, go, go.

So you talked to that cop yet?

I did.

He said he was walking a beat that night,

only in a different borough,

and his Sergeant will confirm it.

He did admit to sleeping with her though.

Of course.

He also said he heard a rumor

that one of the instructors
at the academy had come on

to Sarah and she gave him the brush off.

So I went and talked
to my dad's old partner

whose son works at the academy.

He'd heard the same rumor,

but couldn't or wouldn't give me a name.

What about the instructors?

Did you talk to any of them?


No recruit class at the moment,

so everyone's been reassigned.

What about that cop Loomis?

Do you think he's gonna go
public about sleeping with Sarah?

Hell no.

He said his dad was dead set
against her joining the force.

He goes public, big Chief
Loomis probably disowns him.


I guess that's it then.

Do you mind if I ask
you a personal question?


Go ahead.

Well, what you said about
your brother not being included

in the big vision.

And the crack that he made
about not being cute enough

or having enough talent,

he comes across as a pretty bitter guy.

Did he resent you and Sarah?


Maybe a little.

How little?

At one point,

I think it was "Family
Jewels" second season,

he asked us to refuse to act on the show

unless the producers gave him a part.

We wanted to, but Dad would've killed us.

So we said no.

He didn't talk to us for a year.

You're afraid of your dad.

Kind of.

Yeah, he's the sort of man who
always has to have his way.

You know what I mean?

Yeah, I do.

Does your brother live here in the city?

No, he lives in California.

He's just home for the funeral.


Just curious.



He was in California that night

and he would never do
anything to hurt Sarah.


You know, it's getting late.

I think...

I think you better go.

Hope I haven't offended you.

No, it's...

I just wanna go to bed.

Lucy's right, I have a big day tomorrow.

Will you be okay alone?

I'll be fine.

Do you want to be alone?


You sure?

So sorry.

I'm not my sister.

But you always wanted to be.

You don't know me.

You don't know anything about me.

And you don't know a
goddamn thing about me.

Sarah's wake's tomorrow.

I gotta go to the funeral
home to talk to the director.

How are you getting there?

The police are sending someone to drive me.

Should come too.

Would you mind if I stayed
here until after you left?

I don't think it's a good idea

that we're seen leaving together.

No, I don't mind.

Hey, hey.



Next morning, I found out
from an anonymous source

just how Sarah Vandy was
able to join the NYPD

despite her past.

Why, Chief Loomis, fancy meeting you here.

What the hell are you doing here?

Don't you remember?

Michaela Vandy hired me to
investigate her sister's murder.

What happened?

Didn't the cops outside
tell you I was here?

No, they didn't.


Guess it's traffic details
for all of them from now on,

right, Chief?


Since Miss Vandy didn't mention anything

about you stopping by today,

I can only assume you don't
have her permission to be here,

which means you got a
search warrant with you.

I have a warrant.

Good, let me see it.

I'm not showing you shit.

In other words, you don't have a warrant.

Well, unlike you, sir, I do
have her permission to be here.

So anything you intend on doing,

you'll be doing in front of me

and I will be reporting back to Miss Vandy.

Beat it.

Look, Ramsey, you used to be a cop.

Used to be is right.

Well, I'm asking you,
from one cop to another,

not to tell Miss Vandy that
you caught me here today.

For her sake, not mine.

For her sake.

Sarah Vandy was bad news

and I'm not just talking
about all that tabloid crap.

Talking about criminality.

It would hurt Michaela

for her to find out how low her sister was.

What kind of criminality?



Who was she blackmailing?

If I tell you,

do you promise me not to
say anything to Michaela?

Okay, I promise.

Who was she blackmailing?


That's why I came here today.

Looking for the hard copies

of the evidence she has against me.

Evidence of what?


Sarah Vandy had her heart
set in joining the NYPD,

but she was smart enough to know

that none of the brass at
one police plaza wanted her

on the job.

So she hired a private investigator

to dig up dirt on one of us.


The guy tailed me and he got videos

of me and this girl I've been seeing.

He must have also dug up my email address

because one day I get this
email from a so-called friend

of Sarah saying that I better
make sure she gets accepted

into the academy.

Two videos of me were attached to it.

I knew Sarah was behind all of it.

So the night that she was shot,

the first thing I did was I made sure

that internal affairs
confiscated her laptop.

I had a computer divisions
guy, a friend of mine,

hack into it and into her cell phone,

which was recovered at the crime scene,

but he came up with nothing.

So I figured maybe Sarah
forwarded the goods to Michaela

or sent them to her in a spare
thumb drive or file card.

Michaela would've told
me if Sarah had done that.

There's nothing here.

Maybe that bastard Rivers has them.


Mason Rivers,

the PI that Sarah hired
to get the goods on me.

How do you know it was him?

From the check I did on her cell phone.

Funny, I thought it
might turn out to be you,

but I guess Sarah wanted someone

with no ties to law enforcement.

Rivers was never a cop.


- Well?
- Well what?

Well, aren't you gonna ask me

where I was the moment Sarah was killed?

Man, I know what that badge means to you.

Get outta here.

You're having a lot of
fun on this one, Ramsey.

Don't have too much fun.

I promise.

Who was she blackmailing?


That's why I came here today.

Looking for the hard copies

of the evidence she has against me.

You wanna tell me about it?

There's nothing to tell.

She hired me to do a job and I did it.

Why wouldn't you tell me?

Oh, come on now, you're
really asking me that?

I guess not.

I just didn't know you
did that kind of work.

What kind of work?

Digging for dirt.

Job's a job.

If I didn't do it,

she would've just hired
someone else to do it,

so I said yes.

Well, Sarah inadvertently let Loomis know

that she had videos of
him and his mistress.

Now, he's been going crazy
trying to get his hands on 'em.

No luck so far.

Any idea who's got 'em?

I do.

She thought the evidence
would be safer with me.

She was right.

But if I were you, I'd
destroy 'em immediately.

Trust me, that man is not above
a legal search and seizure.

He'd have to be crazy to do that.

Now that you know about him and Sarah.

Yeah, well.

You think he might have done it?

No, I don't.

I wish I did.

Believe me.

But if he wanted Sarah killed,

he would've had her killed
before she was sworn in as a cop,

not after.

Badge is God to that man.

He'd never kill a fellow cop,

even one that was blackmailing him.

Trust me, I know the type.

Yeah, I guess you do.

So you gonna tell Michaela that
Sarah was blackmailing him?

Of course.

Yeah, well, can you do me a favor?

Leave me out of it.

I don't need the aggravation.

All right.

Hey, what's up?

Is she okay?

Yeah, I'll get over there right away.

Do you want me to stay with her

until you get home from work?

All right, whatever you say.


Everything's okay?

My kid just got into a fight at school.

I gotta go get her.

I'll talk to you.

So what happened?

Didn't Mom tell you?

I want you to tell me.

Those girls started talking

about how she saw you on the news.

She said that you're probably
screwing Michaela Vandy.

I got mad and told her to shut the hell up.

She told me to go fuck myself,
so we got into a fight.

So that's it.

That's not it.

Now you're suspended for a week.


And probably grounded for two.

Why should I be grounded?

She's the one who started it.

You know how your mother
feels about fighting.

So did you screw Michaela Vandy?

That is none of your business, young lady.

That girl you did it with,

was she prettier than Mom?

No, she was not prettier than your mother.

That's not why I did it.

Did you love her?

No, of course not.

Then why'd you do it?

I don't know.

How could you not know?

- You wanna know?
- Yeah.

Bottom line, you wanna know the truth?

It was lust.

Lust has nothing to do with love.

Sometimes it doesn't even have
anything to do with looks.

It is just something that happens.

Something that is hard to resist.

Now look, I have said this
before and I will say it again.

I will say it as many times
as you need to hear it.

I am sorry.

Truly sorry.

Do you want me to stay with
you until your mom gets home?

No, it's okay.

You sure?

Get your one day reprieve.

We'll go to the jewelry store,
get your bracelet fixed.

No thanks.

I bet your mom will say yes.

She gave you half those charms herself.

Dad, don't worry about it.

I'm fine.

Okay, bye.


You look familiar.

Have we met?




Hey, wait a minute.

Now I remember.

He's that guy on the news.

What guy?

The private investigator
who got into a fight

with Michaela Vandy's
doorman just the other night.

I saw him on the news.

They said he used to be a cop.

Yo, you an ex-cop?

So what?

So I don't like cops, that's what.

Yeah, but you like money, right?

Not yours.

Let's go, Lorraine.

Oh, come on.

Yo, yo, listen, listen, hey.

Bam, twice as much.

Let's go.

That's right, pussy.

Watch you make the headlines.

Pimp wastes ex-cop.

Go ahead, hit me.



What's up?

I think it's time I joined
Sex Addicts Anonymous.

That's what's up.

Oh man, I've just, I've had enough.

You free?

No, no, no meetings.

I can't, I can't see people.

I just...

Can you come to my place?


Tonight would be great.

Eight, 8:30, nine, whatever.

Thank you, bro.

I'll catch you then.

So me and Nina split up and
Katie will not forgive me.

My life is coming apart at the seams.

And I have no guidepost.

Cuz every time I think about you two,

all I can think about is the
yelling and the screaming

and the fighting and the
rage and the hitting.

And the lies and the denial.

Mom, you forgive him, everything.

You defended him from everyone.

Never once did you defend me.

Never once did you defend me from him.

"Oh, it's your father."

And what did all that forgiveness get you?

A lifetime of black eyes, and fat lips,

and wearing shades, and covering it all up.

'Cause that's who he was
and that's who you are.

What kind of guidepost is that for me?

Your only frigging son!

And I am beyond low right now,

so low that I'm here in a frigging cemetery

talking to the people I
detest most in this world.

You know what my only regret is?

Not saying it to your faces
when you were still alive.

Oh man.

Can it get any worse?

I don't think you'll ever see me again.

Call Ramsey.


Where are you?


Everything okay?



I told you the wake's tomorrow

and everyone's at my place again.

You know, my family.

I bailed on them, I
couldn't take it anymore.

Can we meet somewhere?


Where are you?

In my car, driving around Brooklyn.

You got GPS?


Come to my place.

I'll text you the address.

I'm in the backyard, so
just come down the driveway.


Drive safe.



Come on in, sit down.

Thanks for letting me come over.

You must think I'm terrible.

Not at all.

It's the worst time to be with family.

When they're all mourning someone,

that's when they're the most unbearable.

Yeah, but I should tough it out for them.

Can I offer you anything?

No, I'm good.

- Shit.
- What?

I was supposed to meet
with someone tonight.

Let me make a quick call.



I'm meeting with a client tonight.

You don't have to come over.

Are you sure?

I just left the office.

I'm positive.

Everything's okay, don't worry.

Everything's okay.

That's why you called before
and said you wanted to join,

because everything's okay.

I'm still joining up.

We'll talk about it tomorrow.

All right.

All right, fine.


Did I come at a bad time?

No, it's okay.

You know what?

I will have a drink.

Got any wine?



Beer it is.

Beer it is.


Join me for another?

I've had enough.

So there's been a development

that I think you should be aware of.


Turns out your sister was blackmailing

Chief of Patrol John Loomis.


Maybe he's the one that did it.



Who else had that kind of motive?

He's too much of a cop to kill another cop.

Not even to save his marriage?

All he had to do to save his marriage was

make sure she got hired,
which apparently he did.

You still think a cop hater did it?

I do.

Unless you could think of
someone else she had issues with.

No, there's no one else.

Not that I'm aware of anyway.

Well, then my investigation
has come to a close,

unless you want me to figure
out which cop hater did it,

but I think we should leave that

for the homicide detectives.

Yeah, okay.

You've done enough.

Thank you.

You know, they cried for her today?

All of them.

I knew my mom would eventually,

but I didn't think my dad would, or Tom.

I shouldn't have left them, I...

They're just unbearable.

Hey, hey.

Do not beat yourself up over this.

I should not ask you,

but do you want something
a little stronger?


No, no, no, no.


Because you're my client.

It's unethical.

Think it was unethical last night?

Well, I do now.


I'm sorry.

Look, the wake's tomorrow.

Why don't you go home
and just get some rest?

You wouldn't have rejected my sister.



Send me your bill.





Michaela, wait.

I said we couldn't meet tonight.

Yeah, yeah, I know.

But since I was in the area already,

I figured I'd stop by anyway
just to see how you were doing.

Come back.

Let's talk.

What for?

Just hear me out.

Should I go?

Yeah, I'll call you tomorrow.

You know what?

No, come back with us.

What does he have to do with this?

I'll explain in a minute, come on.


Sit down.

I don't wanna sit down.

Say what you wanna say.

I am not rejecting you.

I am rejecting my addiction.

Your addiction?

- I am a sex addict.
- Oh, please.

I have been since my teens.

Before you came here
today, I hit rock bottom.

Forget the details.

But I have decided to join
Sex Addicts Anonymous.

This man right here is
going to be my sponsor.

I am not rejecting you.

I would never reject you.

But I have to reject this sick
way that I have been living.

I'm sorry.


I am so sorry.

I am so sorry.


I care about you too.

Go, go!

Oh, Jesus Christ.

Hey, hey, hey, just stay with me, kid.

Stay, stay with me.

Hey, you, stop!

No, no, no, no.

Stay, stay, stay, stay,
stay, stay, stay, stay.

You're okay.

Get over here, hey!

Put it down.

Put it down or I'll blow your head off!

Now, put it down.

Give me the gun, slowly.

Slowly, slowly.


Hi, Dad.

Come on, come on, Michaela.

Goddamn it, kid, you gotta stay with me.

Stay with me.

Jesus Christ.

Oh my God.




How could you ask me that?

You promised Mom that you
would never cheat on her again.

And she believed you.

She actually believed you.

But I didn't.

You did!

You were at Sarah Vandy's apartment

and I know because I saw you.

I followed you!

You taught me that, remember?

You fucked her and then you're
trying to fuck her sister?

Oh, Jesus.

You're a liar!


You're an addict, you're disgusting!

No, you're right, baby.

You're right, no, don't.

You're right, baby, I'm wrong.

I'm wrong, I'm sick, okay?

Okay, I'm just-

You're a liar!

I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

I'm sick, okay?

But listen.

I didn't wanna do any of this.

I didn't wanna do any of this!

I'm man enough to admit that, okay, okay?

But right now, right now it's
not the time to talk about it.


Because we got cops rolling
up in here in any second now.

And trust me, they don't wanna
see us with guns in our hands

and they don't wanna see
you standing up, okay?

So here, you're gonna
follow what I do, baby.

Come on now.

Look at me, come on.

Come on, get on your knees, come on.

Come on, baby.

Get your hands up, get your hands up.

Look at me.

I'm a private investigator!

We are unarmed!

I had wanted to go with
Michaela to the hospital,

but the duty captain
insisted I come here first

to give my statement.

He wouldn't cut me any slack.

The detectives need your statement.

You're gonna have to come
to the station house.

When department tow gets
here to take the impounded car,

we're done.

What's that?


Just curious.

Come on, get outta the way!

I need to talk to you.

Who is it, Katie?

It's Dad!

Mom saw the news again,
so she's gonna be mad.

Get lost.

I need to talk to our daughter.

You have nothing to say to her or to me.

Talk to Michaela Vandy if
you wanna talk to somebody.


I'm not leaving until I talk to her.

About what?

Mom, just let me talk to him.


Go ahead.


In private.

Mom, I will tell you
everything about it later, okay?


Mom, just let me talk to him.

What is it?

Do you know a girl by
the name of Pamela Rivers?

Why do you ask?

Do you know her?



Because she shot Michaela Vandy tonight

and the police found your
charm bracelet in her car.

Now what was she doing with your bracelet?

I left it in her car.

When were you in her car?

How do you even know her?

I've only met her twice myself.

I've never introduced you.

We met at the Step Back movement

after the Jaheed Jensen shooting.

All the kids at school turned on me

for having an ex-cop dad.

It doesn't matter that
all the cops hate you.

You used to be one
yourself and I'm your kid,

so they turn on me.

Nothing I said helped,

so I decided to join an anti-cop group.

I figured they'd have to accept me again

if I did something like that,
or at least lay off of me.

When I Googled Step Back,
I found Pamela's profile.

It said that her father Mason
was a private investigator

who helped the lawyers investigate
police brutality claims.

That had to be your friend's daughter.

So I emailed her

and we started texting
and meeting at the mall.

She told me that her father
was screwing Sarah Vandy.

And you see, when I told
her you were unfaithful too,

she said we should drive
around the precinct

where Sarah works and ambush her one night.

I mean, it started off as a joke,

but you see, the more time
her dad spent with Sarah,

the more it sounded like a great idea.

Pamela knew someone from the
movement would get her a gun,

so we decided to do it.


We knew where she worked and,

well, you can read it in the newspapers.

So we drove around one
night until we saw her.

I thought I told you to beat it!

And what?

I ducked when Pamela fired

in case Sarah managed to shoot back.

I guess that's when the clasp
on my bracelet came loose.

I didn't even realize it
was gone until I got home.

Pamela and I were supposed to
meet tonight to get it back,

but Mom wouldn't let me go out.

I guess when Pamela saw her
dad with you and Michaela,

she freaked.

Did Pamela tell the cops about me?

Is that why they told
you about the bracelet?



I don't know.

I just, I saw it in an evidence bag.

Well, is there any way
you could get it back for me

without anyone knowing?

You have no idea what you did.

Look at me.

Do you realize what this means?


Now, remember, Katie is a minor,

which means she can only be
questioned in the juvenile room

with her mother present and her lawyer.

Pamela wasn't wrong about me and Sarah.

After I finished the job for her,

she got what she wanted from Loomis,

we kind of fell into this thing.

I should have told you
that I fell off the wagon.

I never saw this coming.

Neither did I.

I should have got on the wagon.

We did what we wanted,

but we destroyed our kids in the process.

I see that so clearly now

because that's what we are.



But the problem is,

we don't destroy ourselves.

We destroy everyone we love
and everything we touch.

This just in.

Eye on New York News has been
informed by police sources

that two underage girls are in custody

for the murder of New York City
police officer Sarah Vandy.

Both will be charged
with first degree murder

and conspiracy to commit murder.

Since Sarah Vandy was an
on-duty law enforcement officer

at the time she was killed,

both girls will be tried as adults

due to the gravity of the crime.

We'll have more information on this story

as soon as it becomes available.

For Eye on New York News, I'm Della Simms.