Rams (2020) - full transcript

A decades-long feud between two sheep farming brothers comes to a head when disaster strikes their flocks.

(Gentle uplifting music)

(Sheep bleat)

(Inhales and exhales deeply)

(Engine rumbles)

(Engine stops)

Well, look at you, my beauties.

Come on, girls.

Oh, there you go.

You are beautiful,

you are beautiful...

..But you're the best.

Yeah, there you are.


Come on.

(Dog barks in distance)

(Whines and barks)

(Quiet bleat)

(Dog barks)

(Quiet bleating)

(Bleating continues)

(Dog barks)

What is it, kip?
What's up, mate?


(Lamb bleats)


(Door creaks)

(Hooves clatter)

(Door creaks)

(Atmospheric country music)


In you get, kip. Come on.


Alright, come on.

(Starts engine)

Hey, floss, come on!

Come on, girl.

Come on, come on. Good dog.



Come on, kip. Come on.

-Come on.
-(Engine starts)

(Car door thuds)

(Music swells)

(Hooves clatter)

(People laugh and chatter)

(Man calls out indistinctly)


(Carnival music plays)

Good boy. Hey.

How are you, col? You right?

Yeah, good.

-(Men speak indistinctly)
-(Sheep bleat)

conversations continue)

(Sheep bleating)


How's my man?

Oh! Now we're into
the good gear.


You mind if I just
have a little...?

-Thank you.

-Man: G'day, col.
-(Lionel wolf-whistles)


Ooh! Hey.

Wow. (Chuckles)

How do you do it, mate?

Man: Hiya, frenchie.


He's gonna be a busy boy,
I reckon.

What do you mean?

(Stammers) See all these
blokes all dressed up,

walking 'round like
they run the shop?

(Whispers) Merino farmers.

They got millions
of merino mummies

looking for the absolute best...

..Daddies, kalgan horns,

So they can have
millions of adorable,

little, delicious babies.

Girl: We can have
merinos on our farm!

Nah, nah, we're not merino.

Merinos are...

Well, if you're gonna
farm sheep...

All: Farm a real sheep.

Lionel: You see, maddie,
you have to understand,

merinos are like beer.

Kalgan horns are like champagne.

You never struck me as
the champagne type, Lionel.

I dunno. Rum and coke, then.

Frenchie: Kalgan horns
are more like a craft beer,

you know, smaller vats,
select ingredients.

I'm trialling organic hops
this year, actually.

Oh, you can feed it
to your llamas.

Alpacas. They're alpacas.



Lionel: Yeah,
it's a fine ram, alright.

Be a close call, I reckon.

Hey, hey, hey!
Hands off, mate.

(Sheep bleat)

Woman: Jackson.

All those breeders registered?

Er, yeah, yeah. All here.

Um, actually,
I haven't got, er...


I'll register les
for you, shall I?

Yeah, no worries.

Thanks, mum!

(Women chattering)

(Speakers pop)

Jackson: One, two, two.


This is the one we've
all been waiting for, folks -

the kalgan horn ram judging,

the Tom stocks memorial cup.

-That's my old man.

Uh, yeah.

Judging today is the new
district vet Kat O'Connell,

who is from dorset in the UK,

which is home to
the kalgan's ancestor sheep,

the dorset horn.

Oh, and sal too.

She's, er...
She's the apprentice.

So... yeah, anyway, er...

Hang on a tick.

Oh, hey, steady on, frenchie!


Kalgan horn were first bred
by the grimurson family

in the plantagenet region
in 1924,

thriving in the wet winters

and particularly able to survive
through the hot, dry summers.

Kat: Come on up.

It is So Well-suited

to our unique microclimate

that it is bred nowhere else

in the southern hemisphere.

First-cross lambs from
kalgan horn are market-ready

or can be joined
with a short-wool...


(Jackson continues indistinctly)

-Oh, you're gorgeous.
-What's that?

I was talking to my sheep.

(Clears throat)

I'd like to see a little
less square in the nose.

I mean, it's acceptable but...

Pretty good for a llama, but.

With the muzzle, it needs
to be like a mandarin rind.

You want it rough
and a little bit loose.

Don't we all?

Yeah, nothing. All good. Sorry.

-(Whispers) Not appropriate.


-Jackson: Oh!
-(Crowd groans)

Unlu...unlucky, mum.

-(Scattered applause)
-Oh, Well.

-(Chuckles) See ya, frenchie.

Jackson: Ooh,
there goes frenchie.

-What? No!

Down to the final three, folks.

Wouldn't we all love to take
the champion ram home today

and put him over
one of our ewes, eh?

Well, you need to pay
for the privilege

and the winning breeder
will make sure of that.

Ah! Bad luck, Lionel.

No surprises here,
ladies and gents.

The grimurson brothers
find themselves

the last two standing yet again.

You get one of their lads
over your ewes,

they'll be pinging
lambs back at you

left, right and centre,
no worries.


The muscling
in this hindquarter,



A lot of meat on that carcass.

Great carcass, mate. Good job.

(People murmur)


(Cheering and applause)

Jackson: And les grimurson
is the winner!

('Before too long'
by Paul Kelly)

You little ripper!

-(Metal clatters)
-Jackson: I'll get it.

There you go. Yeah, no worries.

(Clicks tongue)

(Grumbles lowly)

G'day, can I just
get a pot of this

and a summer breeze,
a pink one, please?

Thank you. Thanks very much.

(Women chatter lowly)

-(Women continue chattering)
-Here we go.

Angela, Sally, at the bar.

-Oh, hey.
-I saw you at the show.


-Oh, yeah. Sally.
-Lovely to meet you, Sally.

-Yeah, you too.
-You local?

Fergo: Oh-ho! That's rough.

He's a real heartbreaker,
your boy.

Chip off the old block, eh?

(Clears throat)

I meant you, not stocksy.

Not that he wasn't...
You know, I was...

It's fine. Don't worry about it.

-Oh, come on, col. Cheer up.

You're a shoe-in next year,
mate, I reckon.

Frenchie: It's just that
hindquarter muscle, mate.

That was the only difference.

I reckon he knows that, mate.

Yeah, I Know he knows that.
I'm just tryin'...


-Lionel: Righto.

-What have you got there, mate?

Oh, I just, er... they're...

I...i just drink 'em
sometimes, So...

"I just drink 'em sometimes."


-Stop it!
-Just leave him alone.

-Cheers, darlin'.

Hey, Jacko,
I drink 'em too, mate.

-Angela: Leave him alone!

(Soft music)

(Sheep bleat)

(Colin grumbles)

So what's the story

with this hindquarter
muscle, then, eh?

Hmm? Come on.

Let's have a look at you.
Come on, mate.


(Ram bleats)

What is this?



Ohh! Oh, g...

(Breathes deeply)

-(Gate rattles)

(Whispers) Mate, we gotta go.

Come on. Good boy.

Come on. Yeah,
we gotta get outta here.

(Water runs)

We gotta get this off you. Whoa.

Oh, whoa. No, mate, wait.

It's ok.

It's alright.

-(Door creaks)
-(Music plays on headphones)

Hey, mr grimurson.

It's sal.


Gary and Susan's oldest.

She in?

Good morning!

I was just thinking about you.

Were you?

You're a welcome distraction
from faecal samples.



Ah, here.

Um, thank you, Colin, for this.

Uh, you're right.

The writing's not gonna
set the world on fire,

but that stuff
about your family,

the grimurson family,
that's, er...Quite a saga.

What's up?

Les's ram.

I think it has ojd.

Johne's disease?

No, Colin. I Don't think you
need to worry about that.

He has all the symptoms.

Um, listen,
do you want anything,

a tea or a juice or...?

No. No, thanks.

Kat: As far as I Know,

you've never, ever had ojd
in this part of the world.

(Coffee machine whirrs)

And don't forget, I had
a good look at that ram.

Colin: But you were judging.

You...you were looking
for different things.

Would you like me
to have another look?

I could talk to les.

Would you?

You two haven't spoken
in 40 years.

Why start now?

If it is ojd,
what are the chances

that both our flocks
are infected?

I Don't think it is ojd.



Les: What a load of crap.
Who gave you that idea?

Alright, So we get
the results within 48 hours.

-(Sheep bleats)
-You don't need 48 hours.

I can tell you now
it's bullshit.

Kat: Just doing my job, les.

Les: It's bullshit,
isn't it, mate?

She wouldn't know what she's
on about. (Clicks tongue)

Kat: We'll take
good care of him.


(Tense music)

(Thunder rumbles)

(Kip whines)

Come on, kip.

(Thunder crashes and rolls)

(Kip whines)

Come on, mate. You're alright.

(Continues whining)

(Thunder rumbles)

Alright, mate, there we go.

-There you go. Yep.

Cop that, ya sneaky bastard!


-(Grunts fearfully)
-Les: Bullshit, it's ojd!

You're a sore loser,
you miserable prick!

-Oi! Col!


Les: You're as weak as piss!

Weak as piss.

Eh, col, get out here!

(Slurs) You want 'em
to kill my ram.

Ya think you can do that?


Come out here, you weak prick.

(Kip whines)

(Thunder rumbles)

Shot your boot!


Shot your boot.

(Grunts softly)

(Thunder rumbles)

(Rain patters)


(Mumbles indistinctly)


Bugger, shit, damn,
poop, cack, robb's jetty.

Bugger, shit, damn,
poop, cack, robb's jetty.

Bugger, shit, damn,
poop, cack, robb's jetty.


(Gentle piano music)


(Bone thuds)

(Gentle music continues)


(Engine rumbles)


-Brang the young fella along.

So what's this about?

Oh, you know, just a bit of, um,
target practice last night.

(Lionel chuckles)

-Lionel: So are you sure?
-Colin: What?

Lionel: Les's ram,
are you sure it's ojd?

No, i'm... look.

I'm not an expert.
Kat's the expert.

Don't whip it around.
Just hold it steady.

Shit, if we got ojd
in the valley...

You lot on the east side,
you don't have to worry.

Mate, that creature's
already been joined up

with half me ewes,
same as Bob's.

(Music plays faintly on radio)

('One way street'
by Bob gallion plays)

(Song continues on radio)

? Every sign reads misery for me

? down this one-way street

? no detour signs

? for me

? loneliness... ?

kip, come on!


Come on, dog.

? No end in sight... ?

go to les.

(Les grunts)


(Les sighs)

Les: What have you
got there, floss?

-(Kip grumbles)
-Come on.


(Sighs) You were right.
It's ojd.

Yeah, I'm So sorry, Colin.

I should have, um...

The department.

I'm So sorry. I've only just
found out about this myself.

They, um...They need
access to the farm.

Newsreader on radio:
Plantagenet sheep farmers

have been shocked
by the discovery

of a highly infectious disease

on a stud farm
near mount barker.

Ovine johne's disease, or ojd,

is caused by bacteria

attacking the lining of the gut.

The disease has been present

in other parts of the country,

but until now there
hasn't been an outbreak

in western Australia.

Affected sheep can
no longer absorb nutrients

and ultimately starve to death.

Ojd has the potential
to be especially devastating

in the mount barker region,

with its unique heritage breeds
and higher rainfall.

The department of agriculture's
infectious diseases team

has travelled
to the plantagenet region

to carry out further testing

in the hope of containing
the outbreak.

An emergency bio-control plan

has been put in place
for the entire valley

and local farmers
have been ordered

to slaughter their sheep.

It's a cruel blow for
a community still recovering

from a fatal bushfire
two years ago

which took the life
of top breeder Tom stocks.



(Clears throat)

So what do we do now, you know?

-Like, I mean do we...
-There's no fighting it.

That's it, mate. Done deal.

Yeah, I Know,
but they found, like, what?

Only 20-odd head
infected on two farms?

I mean, mine were clear.

Yeah, it's the contact
between farms.



..They don't muck around
with this stuff.

They're taking the whole
bloody valley. That's it.

Les: Why don't they take us
while they're at it?

-Finish the job.
-Frenchie: Look, let's not...

I think we need
to trust the department.

Oh, the bloody department!

Yeah, I mean, them?
(Chuckles bitterly)

That pommy vet,
she's bloody useless.

They don't know, do they?

They just...They just
come down here and...

(Spoon clatters)

Jackson, be a darl?

It's overkill, obviously.

Fergo: Well,
they don't care, do they?

Easier to wipe out
our whole valley

than risk it finding its way
to their precious merinos.

Even then, you'd think
there'd be a bit of leeway

for such a rare breed.

I mean, the entire
breeding stock.

They're not pandas, mate.

-I'm not saying that...
-It's overkill.

But the decision's been made.
We can't fight bureaucracy.

Les: Bullshit.

They can decide all they want.

They're not taking my sheep.

You don't have a choice, les.
They're gonna come and take 'em.

Oh, you go on and do whatever
you want, the lot of you.

Yeah, go on! Obey orders
from bloody bureaucrats.

But not me. Not my flock.

(Softly) No, no. No.

(Solemn music)

Here, Jacko.

(Music continues)


(Engine rumbles and stops)

(Car door thuds)

Uh, Colin,
this is Brian de vries.

Yeah, I Know.
From the department.

-What are you up to?

-What are you working on?

You know, I was just fixing
a board on my deck there

and I saw some dry rot
in a stump.

Next thing you know,
you're drawing up plans

and this and that.

De vries: Full Reno, eh?

Been there.

-Good timing.

I mean, you know,
you got plenty of time now.

You know, now...

Well, you won't
have any sheep to...


Colin, we need
to run you through

the decontamination process.

Yeah, right.

All this old wool,
obviously, um...

..Rags and, um, bits of
old hessian sacks,

they'll have to be burned.

You'll be fully
reimbursed, though,

of course, for everything.

Oh! Things like this, old tools.


The worst of the porous wood,
that'll have to go.

You can hold onto all this.

Kettle. Kettle should be fine.

Actually, the whole place
is in pretty good Nick.

Steel cladding -

just needs a good clean.

Bad luck for you. (Chuckles)


Oh, we do new for old, So...

Like next door here,
your brother's shed.

It's an absolute wreck.

-(Door thuds)
-Old and rotten.

Whole thing's gotta go,
get replaced.

Brand-new shed.

He'll be laughing. (Chuckles)

Hey, retro.

(Camera clicks)

Colin: Grandfather
built this shed.

Him and his brother,
90-odd years ago,

from timber
they milled themselves,

from trees they felled when
they cleared the land here.

Yeah, you had to
in those days. (Chuckles)

I reckon we spent
half our lives in here.

Bit easier now though, eh?

You know, there's
a bloke in town...

(Clears throat)
You know what his job is?

He installs sheds. Yeah.

He doesn't build you a shed.

He installs a shed,

prefabricated from...

..A factory somewhere.

China probably. Hmm.

I'll get you his number, eh?

(Colin mutters) Dickhead.

Anyway, the transport
should be here Friday,

fingers crossed.

Been an absolute nightmare
trying to find stock trucks.

No-one wants
to touch these sheep.

The department
is setting up a facility

to...deal with them humanely.

-A facility?
-De vries: Oh, yeah, yeah.

Don't get me started.
That's a whole 'nother headache.

I tried to tell Perth.

Finding someone
to process these sheep,

I mean, they have
no idea, no idea.

They were raised here.
I raised them.

They will rest on this land.

Kat: Colin, you know
there's counselling.


Failing that,
I'm always up for a cuppa.

A cup of wine, preferably.

I wish...

No, it's fine.

It's fine. It's ok.

(Softly) Ok.

You know, these people...

It means everything to them.

(Grunts) No reception!

(Chuckles) You just forget

what it's like out here,
don't you?

Yeah, you do.

(Starts engine)

-(Hooves clatter)

-(Sheep bleat)

(Colin claps)

Hup! Hup!

Get up there.

(Melancholy piano music)


Music continues)

You're beautiful...

..And you're beautiful...

..And you're beautiful.

(Melancholy music continues)

(Music darkens)

(Trigger clicks)


(Birds squawk)


(Breathes shakily)




(Melancholy piano music)

(Engines rumble in distance)

(Hooves clatter)

-(Les shouts) No!
-Man: Les!

Les: Mate, no.

Man: Come on, les.

-Les: I Don't give a toss!
-De vries: Les...

Les: I Don't give a toss what
your piece of paper said.

-De vries: Can we get some...
-Man: Alright, alright.

-Man 2: Come on, les.
-De vries: We talked about this.

Les: Take your truck
and piss off!

No, don't, don't!
Let...Let go of me.

-Les: Don't, you bastards!
-Man: It's alright.

Les: Let go of me!

-Alright, can we just...

-We've talked about this.
-Please, I'm begging you.

Please, don't take 'em, mate.

They're mine! They're mine!


(Les sobs) No!

(Bolt clunks)

Les: They're mine!

(Sorrowful music)

(Thuds truck)

(Sheep bleat)

I hope boxing
doesn't run in the family.

-Yeah, go!
-(Sheep bleat)

(Flies buzz)

Oh, Colin.


Colin, I...

Oh, no, that's not... no!

You can't do that.
That's not on, that's not on.

Over here, see this?
What do we, er... what do we...

Can we... we've got
a situation here!

You have to do what they say.

Then in two years...

(Flies buzz)

(Fire crackles)

(Sorrowful music continues)


You right?


You just seen him?

Yeah, he asked me
who my mob was.


So the good news is that
all the sheep that you...

That were slaughtered,
uh, are covered.

And you'll see here,

this is what we call
product loss compensation.

So that's based
on your average income

over the last three years.

Just in case
you're wondering, though,

it's only a two-year deal.

We're not gonna pay you
to do nothing forever.

(Dr vries chuckles)

Um, and So if you comply

with the soil-testing schedule,

then after two years
you can apply to restock.

But, er...

Mm, yeah, absolutely
no more funny buggers.

Ok? You gotta follow
the rules, basically.

Um, ok, any questions? Feedback?



Where do I sign?

Oh, I just have to run you

through all your other options.

The buyback scheme
is actually quite generous.

-I'm not selling up.
-Well, ok, but I do...

-I am legally obliged to...
-I won't sell my land.

I think you'll find
that if you have a look

at the rate of compensation
being offered, it...

Oh, no! Wow! Ok, great.

That's good. That's your
autograph down the bottom.

Great. Oh, oh, there is
actually one other thing.

I was wondering
if you could help us

communicate with les.

-Les grimurson.
-House next to mine.

Yes, Well, I mean,

he's not really
communicating with us.

Well, you're brothers,
aren't you?


No, we haven't spoken
either for...

..Quite a while now.

Right, Well, he needs to start

decontaminating the shed, the...

Everything, actually.

I mean, if he doesn't
start burning soon,

then it'll be summer.

You see, in summer,

it's a total fire ban
around here.

No kidding.

Soon. Well, not soon.
Now actually. Asap.

Otherwise, it's six months
until the end of summer.

So if he doesn't start,
he'll hold everybody back.

In six months, you,
everybody will be held back.

And So you need...

Well, we need
to communicate that to him.

Thank you!

('Black coffee'
by humble pie plays)

? Black coffee, ooh

? is my name

? black coffee, black coffee

? is not a thing

? black coffee, ooh-ooh

? freshly ground
and fully packed

? black coffee, black coffee

? that's where it's at
and I Know

? way back yonder... ?


Hey, floss!

Flossie, come on!

? You see my skin is white

? but my soul is black

? hot black coffee,
that's where it's at...

(Sings along) ? black coffee

? that's what I mean now

? black coffee

? that's what I want... ?

man on radio:
And we're in for another

beautiful mount barker
summer's day.

32 degrees sometime this arvo,

hot and dry right through
to the end of the week.

Ooh, probably even
the end of the month.

Right now it's 29 degrees,

the wind's out
of the nor'-northeast

and we have 75% humidity.

Time to check your bushfire plan

and if you're
a brigade volunteer...

-(Kip barks)
-(Report continues)

Ah, you won't want this, mate.

Right now it's 15 after the hour

So keep your dial
right where it is

as the hits just keep on coming.

It's another beautiful Sunday.

('Beautiful Sunday'
by Daniel Boone plays)

Ah. Oof!

? Sunday morning,
up with the lark

? I think I'll take
a walk in the park

? hey, hey, hey,
it's a beautiful day

? I've got someone
waiting for me

? and when I see her,
I Know that she'll say

? hey, hey, hey... ?

-(Colin bleats)
-? it's a beautiful day... ?

-good morning, my lovelies!
-? hi, hi, hi

-? beautiful Sunday... ?
-(Sheep bleat)

Here we go. Here we go.

(Mutters indistinctly)

Oh, yeah!

Oh, my lovely girls.
Lovely, lovely girls.

(Coos) Ooh-ooh.
Ooh, I love you.

? When you said, said, said

? said that you love me

? oh-oh-oh, my, my... ?

-kip! Go!
-? it's a beautiful day... ?

oh, no. Get her, kip! Get her!

Come on, come on. 'Round you go.

Bring her in.
Get behind, get behind.

-(Sheep bleat)
-(Kip barks)

-Good dog.

Away you go, away you go!
Bring her in. Good dog.

Get... yep. Good, good.

Oh, come on.
Stop muckin' around.

Bring her in, kip!
Come on. Kip...

-(Sheep stamps)
-Stop muckin' around!

Bring her in, bring her in!

-(Pieces clatter)
-Oh! Come on.

? Hey, hey, hey

-? it's a beautiful day... ?
-good girl. Go on.

Nothing out here
for you, darling.

-? Hi, hi, hi... ?
-you're a good girl.

-? Beautiful Sunday... ?

? This is my... ?

as for you...


-Dj: Thanks So much to Bob...
-Colin: Oh, yeah.

..For giving us such
a happy start to the day.

That's my boy.

-Let's keep things going...

..With a tune
for all the lovers out there.

('Playboy' by
gene & Debbie plays)


-? Hey, boy... ?
-(Sheep bleat)

? To me, you're just a playboy

-? never mean a word... ?

? You say, boy... ?

you'll be right, mate.
Any day now.

? So afraid you'll go away
and leave me lonely

? why, girl... ?

(Colin whispers)
Nice and quiet. Here we go.

Yep, come on.

Yep. Away we go.
Come on. Come on.

That's it. Good girls. Come on.

Yep, very good. Come on.

Get some fresh air in you.

That's it. Yeah.

(Whispers) I Know where
there's some lovely grass.

Away we go.

Alright, ladies. (Sighs)

You have a delightful
evening, alright?

(Bird hoots)

And you know what to do.

Good dog.

See ya later.


(Gentle music)





(Breathes deeply)

(Engine rumbles)

(Gentle music continues)

(Engine revs)

Colin: Ohh...


Oh, sorry, mate.
Am I keeping you up?


(Birds hoot)

(Birds chirp)

-Hold still, lachy.

Nothing we haven't done before.

(Horn toots in distance)

(Exhales and breathes heavily)

(Sniffs) Oh, f...

(Spray can hisses)

(Engine approaches)

-(Sheep bleat)
-(Engine rumbles)

(Whispers) Quiet, girls.

(Door shuts)

(Radio plays upbeat song)

(Radio continues inside)

Les: Hey, Santa!

(Blows raspberry)

(Slurs) Just a pop-in,
is it, Santa?

No pop-in for poor old les, eh?

(Quietly) Les has been
a naughty boy, I reckon.

Merry bloody Christmas.

Oh, is that it, Santa?
I've been naughty?

Oh, I've been So naughty!

Lionel: Here he is!

-(Lionel chuckles)

Didn't know if you'd be
stocked up for Christmas

So I got you a little somethin'.

Oh, mate.

Huh. (Sniffs)

Sorry, mate.
You smell that? (Sniffs)

Bloody... (Sniffs)
..Smells like sheep.

(Sniffs) Yeah, I can smell that.

-Yeah, mm.
-Yeah, no, it's...

-It's...it's on the lamb.
-Nah, nah, it's...



Yeah. (Laughs) Sorry about that.

Just got sheep on the brain.
You know how it is.

(Softly) Yeah.

You might want to put him
in the fridge, eh?

-It's pretty whiffy.

(Radio continues inside)

You got any cool drinks
or anything?

Nah, nah.

Sorry, Lionel.

What you been
getting up to, then?

Oh, this and that.

No-one's seen you in weeks.



Les: Oi, Santa!

Get out of the way.
You're spoilin' my view.


(Mutters under breath)

(Engine starts, car horn toots)

See ya, mate!

See ya, mate.

It stinks like sheep, eh?

You could've warned me.

(Indistinct chatter on radio)


(Lid clatters)

('O come, all ye faithful'
plays on radio)

(Colin whistles along)

(Colin hums along)

(Kip whines and yelps)

-Your loss, mate.

-You're gonna miss the show.
-(Continues whining)

There you go. (Chuckles)

A little love action.

? Deck the halls
with boughs of Holly

? fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la

? 'tis the season to be jolly

? fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la

-? Don we now... ?
-(Sheep bleats)

Evening, all.

? Troll the ancient
yuletide Carol

? fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la

? see the blazing yule before us

? fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la

? strike the harp
and join the chorus

-? fa-la-la-la-la... ?
-go on, mate. Don't be shy.

(Carol continues on radio)

-(Knock at door)

? Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la

? fast away, the old year passes

? fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la

? hail the new year,
ye lads and Lasses

? fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la

? sing we joyous all together

? fa-la-la, la-la-la, la-la-la

? heedless of the wind
and weather

? fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la

-(Turns radio up)
-? deck the halls

? with boughs of Holly

? fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la

? 'tis the season to be jolly

? fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la

? Don we now our gay apparel

? fa-la-la, la-la-la,
la-la-la... ?

-(Carol continues)


-That smell!
-(Kip barks)

I mean, can you not smell it?

There's a god-awful stench
coming from your bin.

-That's...that's prawns.
-(Kip barks)

Yeah. Bugger.


Sorry, it's late, but...


Oh, merry Christmas and all.

Yeah, no, I...I'm not...
I'm not...

I'm not really a wine drinker.



-(Kip barks)

Listen, I'm dying to see
what you've done in there.

-Your renos.

-Oh! Um...
-(Kip continues barking)

Ooh, what's kip doing?

What's she up to?

-(Kip continues barking)
-(Carol ends)

(Barks loudly)

Oh, my goodness!

Oh, he's just drunk. That's all.

(Gasps) Oh!

He's burned to a crisp.

He must've been
out here all day.

-Could've been.
-Oh, god.

He's absolutely on fire.

Colin, help me.

-(Kat grunts)

Oh, Well. (Grunts)

Kat: One, two...

-(Both grunt)
-What are you doing?

Let's take him to his place.

No, Colin!
Yours is closer. Come on.

-(Colin grunts)



(Sighs) Oh, get off!

Jesus Christ, Colin!

(Kat sighs)

It is ridiculous!

I mean, what happened
with you two?

He's your brother
and you can't even...

You don't always
need things to happen.

Peop... (Sighs)

People are just...Different.

(Kat chuckles) Oh-ho-ho!

Yeah, Well,
you're different, alright.

(Both strain)

(Carols play inside)

(Both breathe heavily)



You wanna go
and wet some towels?

Right, yeah.


(Creaking and clattering)

(Softly) Oh, that's it.

Yeah. That's it, mate.

Now go on, go on.

Yes! Yeah, yeah.

Yeah! Good.

-Kat: You know, he's too hot.

I think we're just gonna have
to put him straight in the...


-(Door rattles)

-(Flushes toilet)

Kat: Colin!


(Carols continue on radio)

Sorry, I was just, um...

Yep. Yep. (Exhales)


-I've got this.

-Put this there. Yeah.
-Alright. Good.

On his...On his head.
Yeah, he should be...

-(Colin pants)
-He'll be right.


-(Colin groans)
-Oh, my god.

(Both groan)

Oh, yeah. (Exhales)

(Both pant)

Yeah, temperature's
coming down...At least.

He'll just need to...
Sleep off the booze now.

Colin: Yeah.


Alright, um...Um...

(Colin grunts) Um...

-(Kat clears throat)
-Colin: So...

..Thanks for popping by.

(Muffled thudding)

Oh...bloody pipes again.

You wouldn't believe
the plumbing in this place.

So, um...How about that cuppa?

(Insects chirping)

Kat: Has he been
this bad before?

Colin: Oh, a long time ago.

But, yeah, oh, yeah.

He had a bit of a...

..Bit of a rough trot
there for a while.

Things weren't easy for him.

Anyway, you don't want
to hear me rabbiting on.

Sorry. I hope you
don't think I'm prying.

No. No dramas.

(Mimics Australian accent)
"No dramas."

Oh, I used to love
how Australians said that.

It's probably why I've travelled
halfway across the globe.

"No dramas."

(Kat yawns) Well...

Colin: So why
did you come across...

Kat: Sorry.
Don't feel you have to...

I Know I sounded mysterious.
It wasn't intentional.

I hate it when people do that.

Yeah, but I...I...

I want to know about...

..You and stuff.

(Soft music)


You've never...


Have any women
ever made it out here?

Yeah, one or two, but, um...

..He'd scare them away.

Plus the bag of rotten prawns
at the bottom of the stairs.

That never helped much either.

(Both chuckle)

(Colin snickers)

(Sighs and mutters)


(Thudding continues)

-(Sheep bleats)
-(Thudding continues)

('Hark! The herald angels sing'
plays on radio)

? Peace on earth and mercy mild

? god and sinners
reconciled... ?

-(door opens)
-(Footsteps approach)



-(Loud thud)

? Of the skies

? with angelic host proclaim

? Christ is born in Bethlehem

? hark!
the herald angels sing

? glory to

? the newborn king. ?

('Christmas at the station'
by slim dusty plays)

? Oh, the kids
are hanging stockings

? and there's one for me and you

? Santa's wearing moleskins

? and a shirt of faded blue

? the kitchen table's loaded
with ham and chicken too

? welcome all the neighbours in

? we're puttin' on a do

? oh, there's gonna be
dancing and singin'

? at the old homestead tonight

? gonna be Carols ringin'

? through the warm
Australian night

? dance on
the homestead verandah

? to an old-time fiddle tune

? there's gonna be
an old-time party

? with Christmas comin' soon

? oh, there's gonna be
an old-time party

? with Christmas
comin' soon. ?

(sheep bleats)

Dj on radio: That was slim dusty

with 'Christmas on the station'.

A bit of an obvious
choice today.

But in this heat, you might want

to give that second serving
of Christmas pudding a miss.



Oh, good! You're good.

Alright, mate.

Yeah. Oh.

What a night, eh?

A bit of drama, bit of romance.

(Chuckles softly)


-(Colin chuckles)
-May: Ok, pull.

-(Laughter and applause)

-Girl: What did you win?
-It's a...


-It's a sheep.
-(May whispers) Yay.

-Angela: Hi, Sally.

-You're working here as Well?
-Nah, just here.

The timing's a little bit off
for becoming a vet nurse.

Turns out you need
animals for that.

-Angela: Oh, I'm sorry.
-What? Did Kat lay you off?

No, no, no. It's not her fault.

Actually, she's got something

lined up for me
in Perth next year.

Perth? How long for?

Er, like, for long or are...

Fergo: No, you won't be back.

Once you're used
to all the nightclubs,

you'll be breaking hearts
all over the place, won't ya?

Ok, Well, I'll be back
in a tick to take your order.


Um, actually...

..We're, um...

We're moving on too.

-Lionel: Hey?

May: I mean, for us,
it's take this offer now

or hand over
to the banks later on.

We don't really see it as
a choice, with all the debt.

-Where you going?
-Katanning, for now.

-Seasonal stuff.
-Lionel: Katanning?

You're working with merinos?

We gotta do something,

sitting around
for two years with no sheep.

And that's if ojd
doesn't come back.

-No, that's not gonna happen.
-Fergo: Who says?

The pommy vet?
That ag department bloke?

He wouldn't know his arse
from his farrr...


Alright, girls,
why don't you go outside

and play on the bouncy castle?


-(Girls giggle)
-(May clears throat)

They had ojd in tassie.

Three times they slaughtered
in 10 years.

I mean, maybe this
is the kick up the bum

some of us need, you know?

It's not like it's raining cash
with heritage breeds.

But that's exactly why we need
to think outside the box.

-You know, diversify.
-You and bloody llamas.

Alpacas, mate. They're
alpacas. You know that.

They're the only things that
made me a profit this year.

-Righto. Settle down.
-I'm staying, for now at least.

Been offered a job.

-Oh, yeah?

Well, the ag department mob
cleared out and...

But they still need
people to test and that.

What, you're working
for them pricks?

Mate, you're working
with merinos.

At least they're sheep,
not bloody alpacas.

-I mean llamas.
-Oh, shut up!

-Don't get all cut.
-Frenchie: I'm done with you.

You're always pushing
and giving me grief

just 'cause I'm giving it a go.

-You're all cut, are you?

At least I'm trying, mate.
Look at you.

What do you do? You give up!
I mean, think of your kids.

-You're bloody gutless!
-Angela: Now, boys...

-(All shout)
-Angela: Stop it, boys. Boys!

May: Fergo, sit down!

Let's not do this.
Let's just not.

Sit down.

We haven't made a decision yet.

Let's just be honest.

People are gonna leave.
You can't blame 'em.

And then what?

No more footy team,
no more fire crew.

I mean, huh, no more fire crew!

What are we gonna do
next Christmas?

If Lionel has to move away,

then we'll be struggling
to find a Santa claus.

Oh, I Don't know about that.

(All chuckle)

(All snicker and laugh)

(Gentle uplifting music)

(Doorbell rings)


(Doorbell rings)


(Doorbell rings)

(Doorbell rings)

-(Scanner beeps)
-(Muzak plays)

Oh, just the man
I'm looking for. Ha!

Ok. Er, that's $81.60.

-Thank you.
-Merry Christmas.

Yep. (Clears throat)

You're a hard man
to get hold of.

-Oh, yeah?

I tried calling,

tried popping in,
a couple of times.

Oh, yeah?

Righto. (Clears throat)

I was, um...

Oh, I'll be back.

Oh, actually, do you mind, um,

the goats cheese,
just pop it in the fridge?

Just, yeah... wait.

Yeah, just until I...
Come back.

-Uh, like I was... oh, sorry.
-(Brakes squeak)

Like I was saying, mr grimurson,
I need to talk to you.

-Were ya?

I Don't remember
you saying that.

It's this business
with your brother.

I'm sure you know he hasn't
really been cooperative.

And it's a bit of a worry,
to be honest. A real worry.

He's the only one who hasn't
cleaned, hasn't burned a thing,

and he's gonna set
the whole valley back.

Well, you know this.

Anyway, the thing is
I checked the papers

and as far as we can see,
les doesn't own his land.

(Engine idles)

It's entirely in your name.

(Switches off engine)

Would you care to...

You know,
what's that about, then?

Dad left the farm to me,
only me.

But before mum died,
I promised her that...

..Les could live
in the old house.


Well, how did he end up
with half the bloody...


Ok, I've tried to be...

..You know,
about the whole thing,

but this means that
you're responsible for him.

If he doesn't want
to follow the rules,

it's you that's...

When I fill the forms out,

it won't be his name on there.

It'll be yours is what I mean.

-Yeah, mate, I got it.

You wanna keep the farm?
Talk to your brother.

(Sombre music)


Where you gone, kip? Kip, kip?

(Softly) Oh, yeah.
Good dog. Come here.

Take this to les, can you?
Take it to les.

Go on. Les.

Oh, shit.

Wait. Wait!



-Here you are, girls.
-(Sheep bleat)

You're gonna love this.

Les: Oi!

(Slurs) Oi! Col!

(Thumps at door)

Les: Oi! What's all this crap?


What do you think,
you can tell me what to do?

Eh? Eh?

That's not how it works,
little brother.

-(Rattles door)

(Rattling continues)


(Lock clicks)

Open the door
or I'll kick it in!

You think I'm gonna
listen to you?

You think I'm gonna listen
to you, ya weak prick?


You know what you can do
with your letter?

You can wipe your arse
with your bloody letter!

You weak prick.

It's not yours. It's mine!

It's mine!


Daddy's little boy.

Ya prick.

He was always a weak prick.

(Coughs, clears throat)

(Engine revs)

-(Kip barks)
-(Engine stops)



(Gentle music)

(Engine revs)

(Tray thuds)

(Gentle music continues)

(Metal creaks)

(Gasps softly)

(Birds caw)

(Gentle music)


(Timber creaks and clatters)



(Clattering continues)

Oh! (Grunts)

(Metal squeaks)

Er, mr grimurson?


Mr grimurson!

Sorry, I just, er...

Mum said to tell you that
he's got alcohol withdrawal,

that he'll be in there
another week maybe.

You know, I can give you a hand.

Not with the...

With the shed. I mean,
you know, the clean-up.

Not the... god.
(Chuckles nervously)

A week, you say?

Nah, I'll be right. I can do it.

Yeah, yeah.

Hey, um...

You're not leavin', right?

Taking an offer?

What do you reckon?


Yeah, I...I don't
wanna leave either.

But everyone else
is moving to Perth.

Oh, not just Perth. I mean,
people are moving everywhere.

Some people are going
to Perth, not all, just...

People who want
to be vet nurses.

(Chuckles nervously)

Yeah, anyway, I just, er...

..I just wish things
were normal again.

Look, um... (Sighs)

That support beam in there,
maybe it is a two-man job.

Yeah. All good.

I'll see you tomorrow, then?


Um...up here,
not down at my place.

Yeah, all good.

(Gentle music)

Woman: There you go,
nice cup of tea.

Newsreader: ..Bushfires
which are threatening homes

on the outskirts of Albany.

Dozens of residents
have been ordered to evacuate

and authorities have
transported 100 tourists

visiting the local attraction,
whale world, to safety.

Conditions are expected...


Hey, mate.

(Uplifting music)

Three, two, one.

(Timber clatters)

Newsreader: Firefighters
in the great southern

have been stretched
to the absolute limit,

battling as many as 50 blazes
across the region.

The biggest, near Albany,

prompted emergency
warnings overnight,

with lives and property
under threat.

That fire remains out of control

and is moving quickly
in a northerly direction,

threatening homes and lives
in the shire of plantagenet.

Career firefighters are
currently battling the Blaze

and local brigades
are on standby...

(Timber clatters)

Hey, col.

Colin: Yep.

(Door creaks)

(Melancholy music)

Newsreader: The weather
outlook has been described

as extremely
dangerous, with a total...

(Switches off TV)

(Rattling outside in distance)




(Engine rumbles outside)

-Ta, love.
-Woman: Yep. See you, les.

(Engine rumbles in distance)

(Quiet music)

(Handle clunks)

(Colin exhales heavily)


(Murmurs indistinctly)

Colin: Alright, girls.

(Colin speaks
indistinctly inside)

-(Colin muttering)

I reckon you might have
a couple on the go there.

And how about you, my love?

Oh, yeah, you too, eh?

(Metal squeaks)

Colin: Mate, I'm proud of you.

All the girls are up the duff.

It's a good job. Well done.

And now that's it for you,
ok? Put it away.

-(Liquid gushes)

(Low tense music)

(Radio beeping)

-(Beeping continues)

Angela on radio:
All fire-fighting units in

the kalgan river area are called
to woogenellup road north.

I repeat, all firefighting...

Newsreader on radio:
Fires swept through farming land

close to Albany

while at lower kalgan,
a house and four chalets

have been destroyed.

With So many fires burning

and wind gusts
reaching 80 kilometres...

See ya, girls. You be good now.

..Seems certain to get worse.

One such fire is heading
towards mount barker...

Ok, mate,
you gotta make this last.

I might be a while.

Newsreader: ..Mobilised
in an effort to save the town.

The biggest threat to
residents and firefighters

is smoke inhalation.

And if you're in this area,
you too are in danger.

Do not attempt to evacuate
as it's now too late

and the roads in
the plantagenet region

are no longer safe.

(Crew shouts indistinctly)

Angela: The back-burn here's
been great. Good work.

Now, the wind's not
a huge problem right now,

but you know what it's like.

It can crank up, get gusty.

Jackson, mate, you gotta
prime that back-up tank.

Right, col, just keep
goin' on this flank.

-Colin: Right.

Alright, you two,
I Know it's tempting,

but don't go too deep
along this section.

We've got 10,
maybe 15 minutes, right?

Buddy up, stay hydrated.

-Did you catch that?

Albany crew's
caught on the old road.

We're not gonna stop this one.

But with our back-burn here
along this wedge,

we might be able to stop it
getting to town, maybe.

Ok. You good?

-Yeah, I'm good.
-Alright, good.

Man: Come on.

I'm down to 416 on Marion,
416 on Marion.

Chuck it in the side,
spin it 'round.

(Dramatic music)

(Fire crackles)

It's madness him being here.
When did he get back?

I'm not sure.
Maybe...Maybe this morning.

I Don't know.

Angela: Well, keep an eye
on him, eh? Silly bugger.

It's gonna get worse
before it gets better.

(Dramatic music continues)

Angela on radio:
All units, fall back

and stay vigilant
for spot fires.

I repeat, all units, fall back,
stay vigilant for spot fires.

(Coughs and spits)

Angela on radio:
Fire front approaching!

All units, fall back!

(Engine revs)

(Coughs and splutters)


(Colin gasps and chokes)

(Fire crackles)

I Know what you got
in your house.

They're mine!

You stay away.


Stay away!

(Indistinct chatter over radio)

When did he get here?

Jackson: I dunno.

I only saw him, like,
a couple hours in.


Righto, everyone,
I just spoke to regional.

They're still at it
up the coast,

but with the wind change,

it doesn't look like it'll
flare up this end again.

Everyone, pack it in.

Let's see you back here
tomorrow for mop-up.

Well done.

(Coughs) Righto.

Hey, col, I reckon you
should just take it easy.

No, no, I'm good. Thanks, mate.

(Engine starts)

(Starts engine)

Think he's alright?

Old fellas like that...

The way he's looking,

sniff a bit of burnt toast
tomorrow morning

and, bang, gone.

You reckon?

Nah, mate. Just sayin'.

(Both chuckle)

(Fire crackles)

-(Door thuds)
-(Sheep bleat)

(Coughs) Oh, good, good...

-(Thudding in distance)


Angela on radio: All kalgan
river firefighting units

report to woogenellup road north
for mop-up.

Repeat, all kalgan river
firefighting units

report to woogenellup road
north for mop-up.


All kalgan river
firefighting units

report to woogenellup road
north for mop-up.

Repeat, all kalgan river
firefighting units

report to woogenellup road
north for mop-up.


(Doorbell rings)

Oh, for the love of god.


Kat, I can't chat.
I'm sorry, i'm...I'm...

-Yeah, heard about yesterday.
-(Col coughs)

How are you faring?

Yeah, nah, i'm, er...

(Coughs) I'm fine.

Thought So.
Thought I'd pop over anyway.


I reckon you could
do with one.

Oh, no, no, no.
I'm right. Thanks.

(Sighs) Oh, Colin,
give yourself a break

after what you
went through yesterday.

Oh, for Christ's sake, Kat!

I just...I just don't want you

checking up on me
all the bloody time.


(Slams door)
You selfish old bastard.

You are sick of me
checking up on you

all the time, are you?

Asking how you are,
if you're ok?

Well, I'm just fine,
I'm bloody fine,

in case you were wondering.

I'm...I'm tickety-boo.
You know, no dramas here.

Why would there be?

God, I'm an idiot.

What is wrong with me?

I wanted someone to talk to
and who do I turn to?

A mute.

You can't even talk
to your own brother

and he's right there.

He's just there.

Oh, god, what did I...

You're a sad old man

and all you can think about
is your dead bloody sheep.

And it's not even...

You're not ever,
ever gonna change.

I wanted to!

I didn't wanna be this...



Kat: That's one
hell of a fire, isn't it?

Colin: Yeah.

You know, my grandfather spent

his first few summers up there.

Just a few head of stock.
Pretty tough country.

That's why they reckon
our bloodline's So strong.

(Laughs drily)
That's the sheep, obviously.

Kat: Oh, I Don't know.

You're doing alright...
For an old fella.

The thing is he went
up there with his sheep

because there'd been
a fire through there

not long before.

Big fire, all along the Ridge,

down to the beach
on the other side.

He knew that after a fire,

green shoots everywhere,
the bush is never lost.

Is this still the same fire,
the smoke?

Yeah, the wind's changed.

Oh, bloody wallabies.
They'll overrun the place.

(Chuckles and coughs)


(Colin continues coughing)

Better get a wriggle-on, eh?

You kept some.

In your house!


Kat, what are you doing?


You stay there.


They're not infected.
They're fine.

-Kat, please, please, please.
-(Engine starts)

I had to.

I Know you did.

I Know you did.

(Sombre music)

(Mutters under breath)

(Knock at door)

(Sheep bleat)

(Sheep bleat)

('Bad to the bone'
ringtone plays)

(Chainsaws buzz)

(Ringtone continues)

Yeah, I'm on call today.
Fire and shit.

You what?!

(Quirky music)

(Trapdoor thuds)

(Bucket clunks)

(Colin grunts)

(Exhales, mutters indistinctly)

(Quirky music rises)


(Car horn blares)

(Beeps horn repeatedly)

(Horn blares
and beeps repeatedly)

(Metal clanks)

Mr grimurson,

I've been authorised
to inspect your property.

Just have a look through
this approval form...

He gets it!

(Engine starts)


Is it true?

Man: No sheep.

A lot of air freshener, though.
Did you notice that?

What's all that about, huh,
all the air freshener?

Where are they, Colin?

Nup, nothin'.

You smell all that
air freshener?

That's not a coincidence.

Search the property,
every last inch.

-You didn't know about this?
-Excuse me?

You and him, you're...Friendly.

No, I did not know about this.

Well, either way,
he's done it now.

Violation of the terms.
He'll lose this place.

He thinks he can hide it
with some air freshener

like no-one would notice?

First thing I noticed.

Did you really have to?

I mean, the whole valley?

-Every last one?

This is the way, I mean...

I'm not the bad guy.

Ojd, that's the bad guy.

We're the...

And him, he's...

He's the bad guy.
We're trying...

We need to get rid of this
disease and he's just...

I think I've been pretty...

And everyone's just...

We find those sheep, he is done!

(Phone clicking)

(Sheep bleats)

(Sheep bleats)


(Radio squeaks)

I think I might have
an interesting

development over here.


I said I think I might have
an interesting develop...

(Heavy thud)

(Gasps softly)



Man on radio:
Vehicle 1 to control.

It's Wilson here.
You trying to reach me, boss?

Boss, you there? It's Wilson.

-(Kip barks in distance)
-Lionel: Mad bastard.

Hang on.

Is that...?

-He's with...

Bloody hell! (Chuckles)

(Kip barks, sheep bleat)

Kat: Still burning up there.

It's dangerous, isn't it?


(Kip barks)

(Engine rumbles)

You getting the boss on
the radio? Can't get him.

Your boss, not mine.

(Clears throat)

Yeah, nah. Maybe he's back
at the house, eh?

(Uplifting music)

Huh! Mad bastards.

(Both laugh)

(Kip barks)

(Colin shouts indistinctly)

(Engine revs)

Colin: Get up. Get up, kip!

-(Kip barks)
-Get up, kip. Hup, hup!

Hup, hup. Hup-hup!

-Colin: Whey!
-Les: Come on!

Come on!

-(Kip barks)
-(Sheep bleat)

Colin: Hup, hup, hup!

-(Colin shouts indistinctly)

Get behind! Hup!

(Les exhales and groans)

(Sheep bleat)



(Sheep bleat)

(Sheep bleat)

I suppose you've been joined

with these ladies already, eh?

-(Sheep bleat)

Huh... ooh, yeah.

Oh, you're a fine ram.

A fine ram.

-Righto, kip.

Let's get a wriggle-on.

-Get up!
-(Kip barks)

Get up! Up-hup-hup.

(Kip barks)

-(Sheep bleat)
-(Kip barks)

Get up, get up! Get back, kip.

-Les: Whoop! Whoop!
-Colin: Hey-up!

(Kip barks)

-(Kip continues barking)
-(Sheep bleat)

(Engine revs)

Colin: Good dog. Get up, kip.

-Get up, kip.
-(Kip barks)

(Wind whips)



(Shouts) What do you reckon?

The wind's changed.

Head to the beach.

(Wind whips and whistles)

Colin: Get up, kip.
Hup, hup, hup, hup-hup.

(Wind whistles)

(Hooves drum)

(Engine revs)

(Slow intense music)

(Kip barks)

(Kip barks)

(Engine rumbles)

(Kip barks)

(Sheep bleat)

Colin: Hold, kip. Hold, kip.

-(Sheep bleat)
-Good dog.

(Water lapping)

(Engine falters)

(Metallic clank)

-(Tyres screech)

Les: Bugger me!

See if we can lift it.

(Engine strains and revs)

-One more.
-(Engine strains)

Les: It's stuck!

(Engine revs)

Colin: Well, shit.

-(Kip barks)

Kip, get around, get around!

Bring 'em back. Kip, kip.

Come on, bring 'em back!

Bring 'em down, kip.
Bring 'em down.


-(Engine revs)
-Colin: Les!

(Engine idles)


(Switches off engine)


Oh, shit.

(Fire crackling)


(Wind whistles)


(Eerie music)



(Continues coughing)


(Gentle music)


Col, come on, mate.


It's les.

(Tearfully) It's les, mate.

(Les grunts)

(Grunts and mutters)








Come on, mate. One more.



(Continues grunting
and groaning)

(Gentle music continues)

You're right, mate.
You're right.

I gotcha.


Everything's gonna be ok.

You'll see.

You'll be right.

You'll be right, mate.

(Sobs) Everything's gonna be ok.

Oh, mate.

Everything's gonna be ok.

(Waves crash, wind blows)

(Rhythmic thudding)

(Post clatters)

Jackson: Thank you.

Kat: Yeah, these are
all looking great...

..For merinos.

Well, they mightn't
look like much now,

but with 100-odd years
of breeding...

..They'll still be
rubbish bloody merinos.

-Colin: Oh, you never know.

One day, a long-lost flock
of kalgan horns

might just come...
Wandering out of the bush.

You never know.

You never know.

-Yeah, I reckon.
-Definitely. Yeah.

-(Sheep bleat)

(Thermos clatters)

(Chuckles) Yep.

(Lush instrumental music)

Colin: Oh, yeah.

Oh, that's a good boy.


Oh, you're beautiful.

(Softly) Beautiful.

(Clicks tongue)

(Clicks tongue)




-(Lambs bleat)

(Music slows and ends)

(Atmospheric country music)