Rampage (1963) - full transcript

A German zoo hires two hunters to catch a rare breed of panther in Malaysia. The girlfriend of one of the hunters accompanies them on their hunt, which tenses the situation as the other hunter becomes attracted to her.

[tribal music]

[music continues]


[man singing]

♪ This big cat killed
my father and brother ♪

♪ Old man,
the leopard wait for you ♪

♪ Me and she, we got
hate for each other ♪

♪ Old man,
the leopard wait for you ♪

♪ Black is the jungle

♪ Old man,
the leopard wait for you ♪

♪ Black is the jungle

♪ Old man,
the leopard wait for you ♪

♪ This big cat they say,
she live forever ♪

♪ Old man,
the leopard wait for you ♪

♪ No one catch her
they say never never ♪

♪ Old man,
the leopard wait for you ♪

♪ Hay yaaah

♪ Old man,
the leopard wait for you ♪

♪ Got a woman
who love me so true ♪

♪ Old man,
the leopard wait for you ♪

♪ I oh woman,
I come back to you ♪

♪ Old man,
the leopard wait for you ♪

♪ Big cat
I come get you ♪

♪ Old man,
the leopard wait for you ♪

♪ You have killed
my old father and brother ♪

♪ Old man,
the leopard wait for you ♪

♪ Big cat
I come get you ♪

♪ Old man,
the leopard wait for you ♪

♪ Old man

♪ The leopard wait for you

♪ Old man,
the leopard wait for you ♪


The news is excellent.

He's as eager to
get started as you are.

- Good.
- Good?

Ha-ha. You Americans!
It will be fantastic.

Otto Abbot. The world's most
famous big-game hunter

and you,
Harry Stanton

the world's most famous
big-game trapper.

And together, you will
bring back the Enchantress.

- Think of the publicity.
- When do I meet him?

Of course, you will not
forget that you are

to bring back
also two tigers.

But it is the Enchantress
that excites me.

Such an animal. Once in
a lifetime. Just imagine.

Half tiger, half leopard, a
magnificent accident of nature.

We shall be the envy of
every zoo in the world.

- Schelling.
- Yes?

Otto Abbot.
When do I meet him?

Oh, yes, yes.
Of course. Tonight.

- At his house. At 8 o'clock.
- Thank you.

Of course, you realize,
Harry, that I'm coming along

not only to give you
all the help I can

but also in order to bring back
a trophy worthy of this room.

Otto, I am delighted
you're coming along.

Let me freshen
that up for you.

Thank you.

'"Italian Somaliland, 1930.
Weight for the pair, 300 lbs."'

Here's a fascinating thing
about the elephant.

He's terrified by
the color white

yet all his life he lives
with it under his nose.

That must be something
of a record, isn't it?

As matter of fact, everything
in this room is a record.

Otherwise I should have
left it where I shot it.

It can't be too easy, pulling
the trigger on an elephant.

I mean, uh, they seem
to come from another age.

It's a shame they couldn't stick
around to decorate this age.

- The trapper speaks.
- I admit it.

My friend, a charging
elephant has one idea only

to remove the hunter
from this age and

preferably by
trampling him to death.

Just as that panther there
would have loved to have

torn me
into little pieces.

I-I was after his mate.

He didn't approve
of that at all.

He was quite right,
you know.

Every animal..

...is entitled to kill in order
to keep what belongs to him.

Well, this one certainly
felt entitled to kill.

Schelling says, the Enchantress
is a far better animal.


The cunning of the leopard,
strength of the tiger.

And an auburn colored coat.
That'll be something to see.

And that's
a better animal?

There's always
a better one, Harry.

That's why
there's always one more hunt.

Oh...incidentally since
you're a man of experience

I'm sure you'll agree
that there can be

only one leader
on such a shikar.

You're the expert in
the Malay rain forest.

This is my first trip.

It is agreed then that
I shall make all decisions.

Of course.

If you've never to the Pahang,
the Malay rain forest

it will interest you.


Tropical flowers grow
in the topmost branches

and cobras
in the lower ones.

[cocks gun]


In places the forest is
so dense, the sun will never

touch you, yet you'll feel
you are breathing steam.


The heat, the animals,
the reptiles and the insects

all of them can kill you.
And all of them will try.

- Any more good news?
- Yes.

Everything has been
arranged in advance.

Transport, supplies, personnel,
the finest of equipment..

..weather reports,
clothing. All that remains

is to capture two Malay tigers
and the Enchantress.

You don't mind if I wear
my own clothes, do you?

I took the precaution of
finding out your various sizes.

What you will need
you'll have.

Sounds like the work
of a general staff.

It is.

[car door slamming]

And I'd like to
introduce you.

[violin music]

[music continues]

Did you expect to see
someone in uniform?

That is the uniform
that no man could fill, so..

Anna, may I present
Mr. Harry Stanton.

You already know
his specifications.

'You may as well know him.'

'Stanton, this is Anna,
my general staff.'

- Anna.
- Mr. Stanton.


and a quarter, hat.

Size, sixty, neck-band.

Size, ten D shoes.

I feel as if
we'd met before.

I'm sure we have, some of
those dreams I've been having.

- How was the concert, my dear?
- It was a concert.

Oh, Anna goes
with us on the shikar.

- That pleases you, Harry?
- That delights me.

But it surprises
me a little.

Anna goes with me
on every hunt.

'She's invaluable. The planning
never stops, you know.'

'Also, when necessary,
she can use a rifle.'

'Well, that lion
up there is hers.'

I also decide
not to wash my hair

when you're down to
your last cup of water.

I was, uh,
just trying to picture

that dress in the jungle
and you in that dress.

I wear trousers
in a jungle.

- Oh, size, huh--
- Ten.

And she wears
'em very well.

Have you had
your shots, Mr. Stanton?

Typhoid, cholera?

I've had shots
for everything but Julie.

There are no shots for Anna.
And there is no cure.

After I bagged that rhino,
I almost had to shoot my beaters

- Oh, really? Why?
- They wanted the horn.

It's supposed
to restore fading virility.

The Chinese grind it to a powder
and take it internally.

But to the Malays,
the magic is in the touch.

- All magic is in the touch.
- Sometimes it's in the air.

You amuse me, Harry.

I think I'm going to
enjoy this expedition.

Well, it shouldn't be
too dull.

And we agree on
practically everything

except possibly the animals.

I still think they're
only beautiful alive.

And to me they're
only beautiful dead.

You said it.

I regard myself
as a very liberal man

yet, very possessive.
And so I seek

only the finest,
the most beautiful everywhere.

And having found them..

...I possess them.

Harry, the beauty
they may have in life

is nothing
to their beauty here.

For, in life they die,
but here they live forever.

All of which only proves that
man is the best of the animals.

It proves that man is more adept
to killing than the animals.

Oh, so you would
outlaw killing?

Might not
be a bad idea.

But death is the
law of the jungle.

No, survival.

But surely we're saying
the same thing.

How much longer
would they have lived

if I had
not hunted them?

A day, a month,
perhaps a year.

They point is,
they were destined to die.

How and when
seems unimportant to me.

There are people who might
argue that point with you.

People who think
it is important.

'And which do you
think is important?'

- 'How or when?'
- 'I don't know.'

How, I suppose.

I don't think anyone really
knows until the time comes.

- What do you think, Anna?
- What's the difference?

Just bury me
where and when I fall.

That, my friend,
is a hunter's answer.

Well, shall we drink to the
success of our shikarin Malaya?

Why do you
stare at my hands?

Just trying to picture
them holding a gun.

The ring stays here,
and the polish wears off.

Does that
help your picture?

I can see you exactly. Size 10
trousers, no nail polish.

And no nerves.

Anna can handle any animal.


Tomorrow morning, Harry.
The airport at ten.

I'll be there.

Mr. Stanton to his hotel.

[engine starting]

Don't go
with him, Otto.

Hmm, you must either like him
very much or not at all.

I find him amusing.

And I would say that
you find him attractive

uh, more than attractive.

'Oh, it's no surprise,
of course.'

'There've been others, a fairly
long list of faceless men.'

'Well, why not add a big
game-trapper to the list?'

This one could
have a face, Otto.

You mean, he promises
to be different?


Oh, perhaps this is the moment
to start a new category.

Men with faces.

And when that becomes boring,
we can start another

men with two faces.

So long as I know, Anna. So
long as you'll never leave me.

And you never will.

I could refuse
to go along, Otto.

Well, of course,
you won't.

You'll come
because I want you to.

Look, Anna,
we don't play games, you and I.

When we've something
to say, we say it.

You know, it's been nearly five
years since we went to Pahang.

- Are you sure you can, uh..?
- Handle it?

Of course. You
underestimate me, my dear.

I'm really looking
forward to this expedition.

You know, I've never hunted
before with a man who thinks

that animals
shouldn't be killed.

It'll be something
new in my...our career.

A hunt...with a man...
with a face!


It'll be a novelty
for both of us.

[cocks gun]


- More coffee?
- Yes, please. Black.

No cream,
no sugar.

As my grandmother used to say,
you take it barefoot.

It keeps me awake.

'I have a theory about being
awake or being asleep.'

It is only when
you're asleep that

you show
what you really are.

Sleep takes the mask off.

What do you say,
my dear?

Does sleep
take off my mask?

Yes. Does it
take off mine?

You don't sleep,
my dear..

...you just
close your eyes.

[airplane droning]

Ladies and gentlemen

we're now passing over the
Cathedral of St. Peters in Rome.

'The Saint Michelangelo
designed and executed'

'its magnificent dome.'

many consider it'

'to be one of the
wonders of the world.'

Do you suppose they've seen
all the wonders of the world?

There are some people who
wouldn't even look if you said

in a moment
we would be passing overhead.


How long have you
been with Otto?

How long?

I was fourteen
when he found me.

In a church
in the south of Italy.

My mother was dead,
my father..

'I never
knew my father.'

My name
was Maria Georgia.

But Otto didn't like
the sound of that.

So, he called me Anna.

I was crying
when he found me.

And I have not cried since.
Nor have I been in a church.


Kuala Lumpur,
the capital of Malaya.

Once British,
now independent.

The ancient,
the very new.

Too bad you didn't bring
a dinner dress, my dear

we could've gone
dancing tonight.

I love to dance.

[light music]

Oh, thank you.

Well, you will have the Semang
Malayan trackers for the jungle.

Excellent. Eh,
what about the head boy?

The head boy is tough.

A Malayan named Talib,
who also speaks Sakai.

- Very experienced.
- Fine.

Well, everything
seems to be in order.

The aircraft that would
take you to the Pahang is ready.

Well, we'll leave tomorrow
morning, uh, about 8 o'clock.

Yes, sir.

- Good hunting.
- Thank you.

[music continues]

You know, at this
business of being a woman

you're pretty good.

Only thing I can't figure out
is, how did Otto know

what you're gonna turn out to be
when you were only 14 years old?

It wasn't a trade-off,
I picked after.

- Oh, you did?
- Mm-hmm.

And you knew then? What you were
gonna mean to each other?

- Mm-hmm.
- How could you tell?

By being pretty good at my
business, pretty early.

I see.

Then, uh, you probably knew
what I was thinking.

The other night when you
walked in to that trophy room.

- Mm-hmm.
- No, that's only part of it.

I was just trying
to figure out, uh..

...how that brass plate
above your bed must read.

And how must it read?

At such and such a place,
in such and such a time..

...taken by Otto Abbot.

You were uh,
fourteen when he found you?

How old were you
when he seduced you?

You two
dance well together.

- With...or without music.
- Prettiest couple on the floor.

What did he report?

All is in order, just as
you planned it, my dear.

We leave at eight
in the morning.

You will have
Semang Malayan trackers.

'There are none better.'

And you never
catch them looking at you

but you always
feel their eyes.

What was it you wanted
to tell me, Harry?

- Suppose you'd tell me.
- Very well.

You want to tell me
that Anna excites you.

That you're going to
take her away from me.

No, no, don't worry. Anna and I
have no secrets between us.

None at all.

[Harry scoffs]

You dragged that out
pretty flat on the table

but, uh, as long as you did,
yes, I'm gonna try.

I hope you have no illusions
about being the first to try.

- Which number am I at?
- Think what you like, Harry.

If we're going to leave
at 8 o'clock, I'm going to bed.

- Goodnight...gentlemen.
- Goodnight.

When we're
in the jungle, Harry

we shall be amongst the Sakai
people, they're very primitive.

For instance

they have no word
for any number after three.

After that
they just say kermin.

Which means
more than three.

I see.

'I wonder if you
really do, Harry.'

But then perhaps you do,
and if you do..

...perhaps you've
already decided not to try.

[Harry chuckles]

That'll be a little
out of character.

But surely you are out
of character already.

I mean,
the role of the hunter.

Oh, no,
don't misunderstand me.

I enjoy watching.

Particularly when
I can predict the outcome.

Because I can here. Easily.

[crowd applauding]

No matter what happens

no matter
how many people try

Anna always
comes back to me.

Goodnight, Harry.

Come on in,
it's not locked.

- Well, hello.
- Hello.

Uh, just a minute,
I'll try to make myself decent.

Don't bother.

Well, here comes
one of those dreams again.

This is what you expected,
wasn't it?

Honey...I never
expect anything

not until it actually happens.

No, thanks.

I owe you something.

- Well, if you say so.
- I owe you an answer.


Otto didn't, as you
charmingly put it, seduce me.

- No?
- No.

He gave me everything.

I have nothing to give
in return except myself.

But he took it.

I wonder.

What would
you have done?

[Anna chuckles]

That began it.

'And that ends it.'

'Kuala Lumpur.'

Room 225.

And the brass plate reads

"Not taken
by Harry Stanton."

Goodnight, Harry.

[helicopter whirring]

Well, as long as this lasts,
we shall have to share.

Almost everything.

That's one of the things
I like about you, Otto.

You always come
right to the point.

Did you sleep well
last night, Harry?

How could I sleep? I had
too many things on my mind.

Oh, what did you
have on your mind?

That what we talked about
last night was true.

Last night.

Maybe it will be true
again sometime.

Right now, the only thing
I'm interested in is trapping

two Malay tigers and a certain
animal called the Enchantress.

[engine sputtering]

[sputtering continues]

[engine normalizes]

[speaking in foreign language]

- Welcome.
- Uh, you are Talib, I suppose?

- Yes, Talib. Head boy.
- Good.

Speak English some.

This Baka,
top boy tracker.

He's Sakai like the
natives live here.

Six trackers more.
Two gun boys.

Very good. Let's get over
to the land rover.

Hey, man.

You speak Malay?

No, pidgin, Hindustani,
Swahili, no Malay.

- We speak English.
- That's a deal.

Excuse, twan,
I do not understand.

- We speak English.
- Oh.

[speaking in foreign language]

It is hot, isn't it?

'There are only two kinds
of weather here.'

Hot or wet.

'We better pray for rain then.'

Prayers are reserved
for the weak

'who wish to inherit the earth.'

I believe that's the meek,
isn't it?

Now, you're changing
the subject.

Weren't you praying when
the aircraft's motor failed?

You'd know it.
It's an old family custom.

Now, we go.
Tigers, twan?

Tigers, Talib.

It's a deal.

[instrumental music]

[music continues]

[music continues]

[music continues]

[music continues]


[music continues]

'Baka say
plenty tigers here.'

No enchantress.

Enchantress, far place
near God shrine.

Well, now all we need
are the beaters.

[speaking in foreign language]

The Sakai village
isn't far from here.

Baka will see to it.

Twan,I keep for you.

- Be your boy.
- It's a deal.

These Sakai, I assume they know
what they're doing?

Oh, it's never safe to assume
anything about the Sakai.

Oh, as beaters, fine.

But...they're only once removed
from the stone age.

One moment they're like children
and the next..

Well, let's just say


Feel like shooting
some supper?

No...I feel more like a bath.
I'm a mess.

- Harry?
- No, you're the hunter.

What would you like,
my dear?

Just don't shoot a pelanduk.

Why the aversion
to the pelanduk?

I understand
their meat is delicious.

The pelanduk deer
is a beautiful thing.

People of Malaya love them
and so do I.

I was beginning to wonder
if there was anything you loved.

I haven't heard you say
you love anything.

What do you feel, Harry?

I feel that you're different
from any woman I've ever known.

Last night when you walked out
of my room made you different.

Last night was for
the slap in the face.

About a brass plate
over my bed.

Oh...well, I had
that coming I guess.

Now, we're even?

Alright, we're even.

What happens now,

That is entirely
up to you.

Oh, how wonderful
and how like a man.

You can always blame it
on a woman, can't you?

Look, I'm not looking
for anyone to blame.

I'm just trying to tell you that
I read you wrong, that's all.


You're a man, I'm a woman.

Now, stay away from me.

I give you...the pelanduk.

Nothing can match
it's flavor...anywhere.

That wild west gun
will not be of much use

against Malay tigers,

Oh, I don't shoot them,

I just sprinkle a little salt
on their tails.

This is for those cobras that
decorate the trees around here.

News bad, twan.

Last full moon, hunters
came to Sakai village, kill men.

Did not mean to kill. Now,
Sakai not help catch animals.

This always happen when I follow
amateur hunters. The fools.

[speaking in foreign language]

Remember, Harry?

more than three killed.

[speaking in foreign language]

Here comes
the headman himself.

[speaking in foreign language]

Oh, it's not enough he refuses
to help, now he tells us to go.

I suppose
he's trying to frighten us

'with that rusty knife.'

Tell him we came only
to catch animals, not to kill.

[speaking in foreign language]

[speaking in foreign language]

Money's no good.

[speaking in foreign language]

Stubborn, I'd offered him
everything there is--

[shouting in foreign language]

Talib, tell him we're very sorry
about the death of his men.

[speaking in foreign language]

He say good talk, men dead.

I know.

But there'll be no shooting

unless it's absolutely

'We're not going to use
those guns unless we're'

'in real danger,
tell him that.'

Otto, put the riffle down.

'I'm not a fool, Harry.'

That parang in the old boy's
hands may be a useless toy

but those spears are
certainly tipped with poison.

Twan,want him to take knife?

Tell him to take it
and keep it.


[speaking in foreign language]

I shot the pelanduk for food.

Pelanduk not for food, twan.

It won't happen again,
I give him my word.

No, you tell him the knife is
his whether he helps us or not.

You promise not to
shoot guns, he help.

How do you say
thanks in his language?

- 'Kasih.'
- Kasih.

- 'That's good?'
- 'Very good, twan.'

'He's friend with you now.'

Well, tomorrow we catch tigers.

Tell him that.

Remind me to put one good
machete on my expense account.

I warned you, Otto,
this one could have a face.

[ominous music]



What is it?

Maybe...maybe not.

Well, come on.
Get it said.

I think,
you have no woman?

Well, you think right.
No woman.

You like Chep?
She stay with you.

But Chep is your old lady,
isn't she?

Oh, yes.

Plenty for two.


It's custom.


Chep is a beautiful girl and
I'm honored but you keep her.

- Twan,but--
- And take good care of her.

- But I--
- I'll get my own

one of these days.

Come on, beat it.
Go on.

And uh, go on,
go home.

Just give her one little kiss
from me, huh?

[drums beating]

Check those lines up there.

[speaking in foreign language]

Twan,he seen tigers
out there.

Okay, you stay here.
I'll go over there.

And be ready
in case they charge.

Yes, twan.

You tell Baka to put his men
over there and back along here.

And let's not cut that rope
too soon, twan.

[speaking in foreign language]

[drum beats continue]

We haven't been very useful
here, have we?

Well, what would you
have me do, my dear?

This is his shining hour.

- There may be trouble.
- Oh, hardly.

What's a tiger more or less
to the great Harry Stanton?

Besides he's forbidden
any use of my gun.

I'm totally disarmed.

Well...I'm going.

I guess to a tiger
that noise sounds

like scratching your fingernails
on a blackboard sounds to us.

No wonder they try
to get away from it.

I'd run myself.

Nobody runs forever.
Not even a tiger.

[drum beats continue]




'Talib, reset that net.'






'Let it go.
There's still two out there.'


Ready, twan.

'Now, Talib.'


[indistinct chatter]

Good ones,
both of them.

Couple of days in the cages
will cool them out.


[speaking in foreign language]

He say twanbroke promise,
shoot gun.

Were any of his men hurt?

[speaking in foreign language]

He say promise broke.
Not help you no more, twan.

Well...I guess he's right.

I suppose we deserve that.

Go help the men
with the catch, Talib.

I could have killed that tiger,
you know, and I didn't.

I did it your way.

I fired in front
in order to turn it away.

Why don't we just
forget about it, Otto?

Then if Baka'd been
clawed to death

I suppose we'd simply
forget that, too.

Oh, Baka
is an experienced tracker.

I'm sure
he'd have managed somehow.

I suppose you'd like me
to run after the old man

and beg his forgiveness.

Might not be a bad idea, but I'm
afraid it's too late for that.

[tiger growling]


Men of village
not help you no more.

How you catch enchantress?

Well, we'll just have to
muddle through.

We speak English.

Look, um..

Baka said something
about a Sakai shrine.

You know where that is?

Shrine three-four hour track.

And maybe same time walk.

That way.
Hill country.

Talib, you're something else.

You happy, I happy.

- The enchantress.
- Twan?

I was just wondering
why nobody's ever

captured her before.

Maybe, like some woman.
Takes something else.

That maybe.

Well...I guess
it's time for sleep.

Twan,you sure
you not want Chep?

No thanks, but uh...I'll get
my own one of these days.

Now, look, tomorrow..

...when we leave, I got to leave
two men with those tigers.

I can't spare the trackers,
so it's got to be the gun boys.



Yes, ma'am.

You are pretty good
at your business too.

Practice makes perfect

Well, I guess that makes
two of us. Doesn't it?

Is that all you wanted to say?

That's all.
Goodnight, Harry.


Wait, just a minute.

Stop it, will you?

- Stop it!
- Talib sent.

Talib sent.
Go away.

[Chep laughing]

Hey, now, wait a minute.
Just a minute.

- Talib sent.
- Uh-huh.

Alright, come on,
Talib sent.

[Chep laughing]

[instrumental music]

- Hi,twan.
- Don't "hi, twan" me.

It's custom.

Oh, it's a beautiful custom
but it's your custom not mine.

Now try and make her
understand that.

It's a deal.

[ambient music]

[music continues]

[music continues]

- Now, we walk, Twan.
- Oh, that figures. Which way?

That way.

Okay. We travel light.

We'll take the rations,
the nets, the sleeping bags

and the medicine box.

- No guns?
- And the guns.

[speaking in foreign language]

[pleasant music]


[dramatic music]

[music continues]

[Chep laughing]

You characters.

[snake hissing]


The first rule
of the hunters, Stanton

is...you never shoot with
someone in the line of fire.

I know that, Otto.

The first rule of the trapper
is never to shoot at all

unless you absolutely must.

Now, what's that
supposed to prove?

The snake was a krait. It was
directly over Anna's head.

You know that
if one of those things

hit you, your ticket
is punched out for good.

I saw the krait.
And so did Anna.

'It was too high up to strike.
So, you're not a hero, Stanton.'

'You've just wasted a bullet.'

You no longer amuse me.

I'm not here
to amuse you, Otto.

The twin brother
of that one

got my best tracker
from Bengal last year.

It was not
a very pretty sight.

- Thanks, Harry. I'd--
- 'Twan.'


[speaking in foreign language]

[speaking in foreign language]

Yeah, twan.

Twan,he goes
to shoot big horn.

- This is no time for trophies.
- Let him go, Harry.

[intense music]



Harry, don't.

It has to be the shoulder shot.


[dramatic music]

Congratulations, Otto.
A perfect shoulder shot.

It's quite a trophy.

- Twan,big magic.
- No, leave it there.

'You not take it?'

I said leave it there.

Come on, let's get moving.

Otto, I..


[instrumental music]

[music continues]

This's Sakai God shrine, twan.
This enchantress country.

[water gurgling]

A drink to the Sakai Gods.

Looks like a good place
to make camp, doesn't it?

Well, why waste time? There is
still some daylight remaining.

- No, I think we're all tired.
- What you mean is, I'm tired.

Save your pity, Stanton.

I'll never feel it,
I'll never accept it.

'Why don't you say
what you mean?'

You think I'm finished.
I'm all through.

You think that any man who needs
two shots to make a kill

doesn't deserve
to be called a hunter.

It happens.
Anybody can miss.

Look, I'm no judge and jury.

If you wanna decide
that you're through hunting

'that's up to you.'

Can't get a trapper
to understand.

Talib, uh, make
a circle of small fires.

[Talib speaking
in foreign language]

[dramatic music]

[water gurgling]

[music continues]

- I want to talk to you, Harry.
- So, go ahead, talk.

- About Otto.
- What about Otto?

No man was ever
less afraid of dying.

Or more afraid
of growing old.

You can't imagine
what he looked like to me

'the first time I saw him.'

Like, some kind of God.

Can't describe it.

As if he could tear
the whole world apart and..

...put it back together
again if he wanted to.

As if he could put
me back together.

And he did, Harry.
He did.

Why didn't he ever marry you?

He was 35 years old
when I was born.

He felt that they might come in
and stay with him out of pity.

- And, uh, has that day come?
- You don't pity a God.

No matter what happens to him,
you pay your respects.

Yeah, but how long
do you keep on paying?

You'd never tolerate that
kind of arrangement, would you?

Are you serious?
I'd break your neck.

It's an American tradition
I shall never understand.

The scarlet letter's pinned on
sinful women by sinful men.

And you put chastity,
which is not important

before fidelity...which is.

No, you're wrong
about that, Anna.

We can consider them
both, important.

But I wouldn't judge
you now

anymore than I judged Otto,
a little while ago.

I simply asked you a question.
How long do you keep on paying?

I don't know.

[dramatic music]

Well, we'll just leave it like
that for now, huh.

[music continues]

[water splashing]

[speaking in foreign language]

I'm afraid that's all I learnt
how to say in your language.

Come in.

[water splashing]

Excuse, please,
ma'am sahib.

I didn't know,
you spoke English, Chep.

- Some speak. Talib teach.
- Ah.

- I not know, please.
- What do you want to know?

Who give you marry cloth,

I'm afraid I don't understand.

This marry cloth.

Man give woman belong him.
Who man you belong, please?

'One man?'

'Two man?'

Hunter man?

Trapper man?

'Who your man?'


No man has given me
marry cloth, Chep.


- Enchantress, twan?
- The glasses, Talib.

She's up there.

This is beautiful.

And now you know
why men climb mountains.

I'll take Talib with me.
The rest of you stay here.

[speaking in foreign language]

Now, what, Talib?

She won't. She thinks she must
stay with the man she love.

Oh, that's very sweet.
You tell her we'd be right back.

[speaking in foreign language]

Now, what's he trying to prove?

I wonder if he has to
prove anything.

[dramatic music]


- You speak English?
- No enchantress. No nothing.

A cave.

How about that, that devil's
holed up in a cave.

Now, if we can only find the
other entrance, you stay here.

It's inside the mountain.

[music continues]

Here are her tracks.
She's in there, alright.

'No wonder she's never
been captured.'

Now, what?

First, I stretch a net
across the back door up there.

Then, I pay a visit here, to the
lady with an invitation to zoo.

I suppose she just takes
your hand and goes like a baby.

Well, uh, I hope to persuade her
with an old American hot foot.

You know, fire on the end
of a stick. Come on, let's go.

[speaking in foreign language]

[speaking in foreign language]

- What are you doing?
- Just lending a hand.

- Otto, don't.
- Why not, Anna?

Because it's too dangerous.
You know nothing.

You forget
I have to prove something.

Stanton may not.
But I do.

Otto, I never knew you could do
a foolish thing in your life.

Don't do this. It's not
only foolish, it's stupid.

That's enough.

I had a talent
for killing once.

Now, it's gone.
You know that.

I know it.

Abbot, the hunter, is finished.
What of Abbot the man, my dear?



Otto's gone into the cave.

Stay with the net.

- Why didn't you stop him?
- I tried, Harry. I tried.

[cheetah growling]

[male screaming]

Take it easy.

Stop the bleeding,
he'll be alright.

You're ready, Talib?

Ready, twan.

That would have been
a stupid way of dying.

Without proving anything.

[intense music]

[music continues]

[cheetah snarling]


[snarling continues]

Come on, you..


[snarling continues]

'Back up.'

'Back up.'

[snarling continues]

[snarling continues]


[intense music]

[foreign language]

[foreign language]

[foreign language]

- [foreign language]
- Her feet. Tie her feet.

- 'Use the pole'
- '[foreign language]'

[speaking in foreign language]

[speaking in foreign language]

'Tie her feet'

[speaking in foreign language]

[speaking in foreign language]

Never mind, do it.
Use the poles.

'Just have the men
loop tie her feet.'

And try to lower down
in the neck.

Yes, twan.

[speaking in foreign language]


I'd like to say you a thing.

We have the enchantress.
I think now you go away.

But you come back
someday, maybe.

Maybe. Right now, I've gotta
get this baby down the mountain

on a ship, and off
to some man in a zoo.

And that's a long way off.

Oh, I think. You not need
your boy, Talib, no more.

Uh, Talib. Here.

It's little more natural.

- For me, twan?
- For you.

- Talib, you're something else.
- It's a deal.

It's a deal.

[cheetah snarling]

[pleasant music]

How many oceans have
we crossed together, my dear?

How many days and nights
have we shared?

And I think we begun
to run out of..

...world, to see
and things to do.

Otto, I..

It was my last hunt, Anna.

From now on, I shall sit
at my desk and write my memoirs.

- You won't die at a desk.
- No?

Well, then tell me...
how will I die?

The way you've
always meant to.

You'll keep on killing
until you're killed.

My dear, we know one another
pretty well, don't we?

Oh, no, no.
Why the tears?

Because nothing can be forever.

Because in the end
we can believe

only what we see in here.

And holding our hands.
Even gods die.

Would a god kiss
away your tears?

Now, you see,
I'm just a man after all.

But you've been more than
a man, Otto. Much more.

Oh, does that mean that
I've suddenly become less?


We've used up
a lot of the world.

But I'm sure there's still
some of it we can share.

[dramatic music]

I'm all through, Harry. It's
finished between Otto and me.

Oh. Did he know that?

I've never been very good
at telling Otto anything.

He always told me everything.

I don't know. Maybe he doesn't
want to understand.

- But it doesn't matter now.
- I don't think that's true.

Now, I remember,
back in the jungle

'you told me that you looked
on Otto as some sort of a god.'

You sure you're not tryin' to
find another to take his place?

Because if you are,
it'll be with the wrong man.

'Now, there was a time when
you needed Otto desperately.'

'He was there.'

Don't you think he'll need
you now just as much? Even more.

Otto has never needed
anyone except himself.

'Oh, now, come on.'

You stopped me
from shooting at the rhino.

To protect his pride.

You tried to stop him
from going into the cave.

To save his life. He needs you,
Anna. You know that.

I guess I made a mistake.
I thought you'd understand.

I'm just trying to make you see
that there is more to this.

More than just you and me.

There's still you and Otto, and
what you've been to each other.

You are not protecting Otto.

You just can't stand the idea
of not being number one.

'That's it. Isn't it?'

Tell me, Harry.

How many women have there
been in your life?

- Two, ten, twenty?
- What's the difference?

- None of them was you.
- Harry, I need you.

- I want you.
- You belong with Otto.


- I'm no god, Anna.
- I know that, darling.

[pleasant music]

[train chugging]

[speaking in foreign language]

Ah, we'll be there
in 30 minutes.

[speaking in foreign language]

Strange things happen
on a shikar.Don't they, Anna?

The man who caught
the enchantress.

They'll cast you in bronze for
that in your country, Stanton.

Schelling will welcome you
with a big brass band.

Oh, come on, Otto
It's just another cat.

Oh, just another cat.
How modest.

How meek of you,
Harry Stanton.

Otto, please.

Well, another 28 minutes.

But it seems our friend
prefers the company of animals.

I'm sorry.

Oh, you have nothing
to be sorry about, my dear.

We started something
and he finished it.

It was a foolish thing we did.

No, no, you will see
in a few days, a week

next month, the American
will take his place

amongst all the others.
Just a man without a face.

You didn't listen to me
on the boat.

There was a time
you were my life.

I lived in a world
that you made for me.


I shall always have a great
respect for you, Otto.

But you love me, Anna.

You always have.

I used the word respect.

- Are you feeling pity?
- 'I know you're hurt.'

I wish it could have been
some other way.

But you can't stay
the same forever, Otto.

We change. All of us.

We grow up.

I'm sorry,
that's all I can say.

I'm sorry that I hurt you.

And it is only pity
you have to offer.

- Call it that way if you want--
- Now, listen, my dear.

Alright. Just because
he made love to you

it doesn't mean
that he loves you now.

You know
what Mr. Harry Stanton is.

He's a trapper.

The minute a trapper
has made his capture

he loses interest.

You hadn't thought of that.

To him you are just
another enchantress.

He doesn't
need you anymore.

What of the hunter, Otto?

Is the hunter
only satisfied

when he makes of his prey
a thing to possess?

A lifeless thing?
A trophy?

Yours is the choice, Anna.

The hunter..

...or the trapper.

Load, aim, fire.

Too bad.
Everything isn't that simple.

[intense music]

[tiger roaring]

Hello, baby.

Now, just take it easy, baby.

In just a little while you'll
have all the room you want

and everything
you want to eat.

I see your moment
of triumph approaches.

Well, I guess this is as good
as time as any other.

A good time for what, Stanton?

Thank you for taking me
through the jungle.

- For helping with the cats.
- Thank you for nothing.

I was nothing but a glorified
bush guide and you know it.

I'm sorry you feel that way
about it, Abbot.

Anything can happen on a shikar.
You said so yourself.

Some things you plan,
some things you don't.

That's the way it was
with Anna and me.

There's nothing
I don't know about Anna.

And the shikar
isn't over yet.

[tiger roaring]

Is that all it takes?
Just one?

It's a mistake I think we both
be better off to forget.

Unless you're sure.

You better stay down.

[dramatic music]

[tiger roaring]

Now, just what is that
supposed to prove?

[intense music]

[tiger snarling]


You had two shots
at the rhino.

If you're
going to try this

you better make
the first one good.

What was it you said
about the law of the jungle?

Oh, yes.

Wasn't it?

'That's right, Mr. Trapper.'

Well, lets test your theory.

[intense music]


[tiger roaring]

There. That should even
the odds, if you can reach it.

[cheetah snarling]

[snarling continues]

[band music]

[speaking in foreign language]

Dr. Schelling, if you don't
mind, please, in English.

Yes, yes. Of course.

Ladies and gentlemen,
such a moment the world

has never known.

In a moment, Mr. Stanton
and Mr. Abbot will come up here

to participate in the glory.

Our zoo is proud to receive
the enchantress.

[crowd murmuring]

Ladies and gentlemen,
you will see the enchantress.'

[cheetah roaring]

[people screaming]

[dramatic music]

Stanton, this is terrible--

We've gotta find that cat
and we've gotta find it fast.

She's gonna kill anybody
before her.

But the gun?
Must you use it?

She's very valuable.

Just get to a telephone
and notify the police.

The whole city's got
to be warned immediately.

Yes, but--

'Look, just go.'

- Anna, are you coming?
- He needs our help.

Stanton caught the animal.
It's his responsibility.

- Are you coming?
- No.

[dramatic music]


[cheetah roaring]


Yeah? Yeah.

Thank you, sir.
Sehr. Yeah.

Auf Wiedersehn.

Every radio and television

is broadcasting the warning.

There's nothing else
to do now but wait.

I'm to give you
every cooperation.

It shouldn't be long
before someone finds the animal.

I hope you're right, lieutenant.

But she can hide where
it's impossible to hide.

Forget about that.
You'll never stop over that.

[intense music]

[siren wailing]

Yeah, yeah.
Thank you, sir.

[speaking in foreign language]

I am puzzled as to how such
an animal could enter into

an apartment building?

How many men do you have
at your disposal?

20, I can get you
1000, if you require.

20 should do it.

If their half is good
as a bunch of Sakai beaters.

[siren wailing]

[indistinct chatter]

[speaking in foreign language]

Get a loudspeaker.

[speaking in foreign language]

Listen, you tell these
people to keep their doors

and windows closed.

First tell them to throw down
tin cans, pots, pans.

Anything that will
make a noise.

[speaking in foreign language]

A cat on a rampage will always
look for a height.

We're gonna try
to help this one.

If we get her cornered
on that roof

we might get a clear shot.

Start in the basement
and work your way up.

Tell the men to make
a lot of noise.

They can shout, scream, whistle.

Anything. Just keep it up.

- Where's the fire escape?
- Fire escape's this way.

You get your men started.
We'll be on the roof

you drive her up to us.


It's on the second floor, Harry.

Get started.
We'll do the shootin'.

Come with me.

[speaking in foreign language]

[intense music]

Even the enchantress can't get
through a closed door.

[cheetah snarling]



Watch it! You almost got me
instead of the cat.

What made you think
I was aiming at the cat?

I should have killed you
when I had the chance.

'On the train.'

The train?

Where'd she go?

'I don't know.'

[male on loudspeaker]
'Mr. Stanton.'

Can you hear me, Mr. Stanton?

'We heard a shot.'

'Have you killed the animal?'

'Do you require assistance?'

Stay where you are.

[intense music]

You just cover me.

'You missed, Stanton.'

Why not that the girl
have a shot of it.

'She's better than both of us.'

You didn't miss.

I think I nicked her.

She's gonna be
twice as hard to get now.


'If you hadn't interfered,
if you'd left me in that cave.'

Then none of this would
have happened, would it?

'Had to die or win.'

It's now, Stanton.

You may take your pick.

The enchantress or me.

[intense music]

[cheetah snarling]

Stanton, the animal or me?

You stay here.


What now, Mr. Trapper?



[firing continues]

I've more than two shots
this time, Stanton.

Otto, watch out behind you!


Anna, shoot!


[slow music]

'It had to end this way.'

It ended with Otto.

[music continues]

[pleasant music]

Uh, Stanton.

Stanton, such news.
Fantastic. Fantastic.

From Sumatra I've just heard
that they have located another.

If not bigger.
At least as big.

You will go. It will be
such great publicity--

Whoa! Wai-wait a minute.

What is it that so fantastic?

They have located
another enchantress.

You must go.
You will go? Won't you?

We'll talk about
it tomorrow, huh?


Very well. Tomorrow.
Very early tomorrow.

Not too early tomorrow.

Talib gave you this.
He called it, uh, a marry cloth.

He said that I should give it
to my woman if I ever found her.

What about all
the others, Harry?

All the other men in my life?

To hell with all the others.

There weren't any other men.

Before you, it was only Otto.
Give me the marry cloth.

[pleasant music]