Rampage (2009) - full transcript

A man with a thirst for revenge builds a full body armor from Kevlar and goes on a killing spree.

You know the economy is going to crash.

That's why I'm here.
The problem is the bail-out plan.

It's only going to make the problem worse

and exacerbate things.

The politicians have to resist the urge...

Coast Guard and environment cleanup organizations

are working overtime

to clean up the disastrous
53,000-gallon spill

that left over 30 miles
of pristine coastline

soaked with sludge and oil.

It's still unclear how long it will take
to clean up this mess

and what long-term effects
it will have on the environment...

We need to do something fast.

Adjustable rate mortgages
have already done enough damage

and we have not seen anything yet.

...just like President Richard Nixon
did to the Vietnamese

back in the late '60s...

Osama bin Laden, al Qaeda,

these people are out to kill us.
People don't--

All of these things contribute to

the problem of overpopulation...

People don't comprehend the danger

that this country creates for the world...

If just 15 millilitres is released
and becomes airborne,

this chemical could kill a million people...

Oil is not only one of the reasons,

but the main reason
to go to war in Iraq,

despite what federal governments are saying.

Thousands of Australian troops
have been sent--

As mentioned in that story,

the soaring prices of oil
is a world-wide problem...

Efforts to reduce emissions
and pollution are required

immediately to reduce the effects
of global warming.

If we do not react soon...

Monetary policy allows American citizens

to borrow trillions of dollars

without the ability to pay
any of the money back...

What were the beachgoers thinking

when they left ten tons of garbage
behind on the beach

this Labour Day weekend?
The bottom line is...

The shooting happened
in a supermarket parking lot

in broad daylight with dozens of people around.

Yeah, I couldn't believe it.
I was shocked.

I was just standing there,
and he came up shooting.

I saw him fall...

He's killed a lot of people here.

Bill, are you up?
Come and have breakfast.

Beautiful woman's ring,
straight out of Africa.

Retails at $699.99...

Hey, darling.

Hey, honey. How are you doing?

Did you sleep okay?

I did. You were a tiger last night.

Oh, did you put milk out already?

- Yeah.
- Okay.

I want to see if there's a mirror I can--

Hey, honey. How are you doing?


Oh, you've already got everything.

Sweetheart, you're taking care of business.

That's fantastic.

I've got your coffee.
Let's move things along.

Sweetie, I just want to mention

that these should have been put away, okay?

- Okay.
- I mean, you've got to chip in.

I thought I did that.

Okay, but find a way that's not--

because you know what--

I don't want to do this on a rush,

because it's an important thing.

But your mother and I
were talking last night.

We didn't get a lot of sleep--
not for the reason you think.

That's gross.

We think it's time you moved on
and moved out.


Oh, don't worry about it.


I'll get a napkin.

I'm sorry.

Help your father.

You got it, Dad?

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Sorry, Mom.

No, it's okay.

But it's just that, look, you're 23...

You've got to get your own place, right?

I know. You keep saying that.

You just spilt more on me.

I'm sorry.

But you--
I know you guys keep saying that.


You keep saying that,
but it takes time,

because I have to, obviously,
raise the money

for my own post-education, right?

So the deal was is that
I would do that by my own,

do my best to save up that money.

In the meantime, I would stay with you guys.

How about putting some of that money
into some rent?

What did I do last month?

We talked about the fridge.

Remember, when you first suggested it?

I said I didn't--
Honey, what did--

And then you said that that
would buy me some--

That's a classic guilt trip by the way,
and I appreciate that.

No, but he did say--

I know what you're doing.
You learned from the best.

If you guys want me to go back to school,

then obviously I have to have
a little bit of money

to do that too.

Look, honestly, Bill,
you don't want to be the--

We shouldn't have gotten into it now,

because you and I--
we have to go.


I'm just saying--
I'm just saying, okay--

Five o'clock, mister,

we're going to have a roundtable discussion.

Do me a favour.

Do me a favour. Do me a favour.

- --you guys need to help me out a little.
- Give me a call at work.

Give me a call at work.

We're going to--
we're going to have a bite to eat.

We'll grab some lunch.

We'll grab a newspaper.

We'll go look at some apartments,

and we'll have you in a new place
by the end of the week.

Okay, just as long as you're paying
for the lunch, because--


Now, you guys.

You can push each other's buttons
like no one,

birds of a feather.

I'm fine. I thought we had a good situation,
but obviously--

We have a good situation.
But let's not make it a bad one.

That's what we're saying.

We're going to help you out
for the first--

for the first couple of years, okay?

We will help you out.

I'm not saying that we're going to pay 100%,

but we will help you out.

Okay, here's what we're going to do.

We're going to meet here.
I'm going to pick up some pizzas,

and then we're going to sit
and have a nice discussion.

But I have to go.

I mean, if you guys are willing
to help me out, I'm cool.


- Okay?
- Yeah.

We still love you, man.
It's not to, you know--

I know.

Okay, have a good one today.


Give me a call at work.

Be safe.

There you go, enjoy.

Hey, how are you doing?

Good, man.

A double espresso macchiato with extra foam.

Sure, that will be $4.50.

- There you go.
- Thanks, man.

Extra foam, man.

You got it.

There you go.

That's not what I ordered, man.

Yeah, it is.

That's not a macchiato.
There's no foam in there at all.

Yeah, there is.
There's some right there.

No, no, no.

No, a lot of foam, a lot of foam.

Dude, look, this is like half milk.

That's not a macchiato.

Look, there's-- there's foam in there.

There you go, more foam.

Yeah, but take-- take some of the milk
out of it, man.

I'm not taking any of the milk out.

That's a perfectly good macchiato.

Give me back my money, man.

I'm not giving you--

Give me back my money.

I'm not giving you your money back.

Just take your coffee.

I'm not paying for something
that I didn't order, man.

Give me back my money.

I make the best coffees in this town.

Take your coffee and go.

I don't give a f-- what you make, bro.

But I didn't-- I didn't order this,
so I don't want it.

I don't care.

That's a good coffee. Take it.

You know, just take it
and shove it up your ass, all right?

Fucking idiot, man.

Hey, man, you don't want
to give me back my $4.50?

You don't want to give me back my $4.50?




All right, man.

Here, take a--

take a fucking roll
while you're going out the door.





- Bill!
- Yeah, what?

Come on. Your lunch has been over
like 15 minutes ago.

What do you mean?
I took my lunch break 15 minutes ago.

Bill, take the mask off.
I've got tons of cars in there,

and you're wasting time on this van?

All right?

I already finished three cars today, Jim.

Yeah, yeah. Three cars?

Come on. Get in there.

Okay, the clock says work, work.

Okay, you should check your clocks, though.

Maybe I should clock you, eh?

I don't think you should treat
your best worker like that, Jim.

Bill, just get in there
and make some money for us, okay?

How about a raise?

Yeah, Bill? Why don't you fuck off?

Nine bucks.

Yeah, nine bucks.

That's it, yeah. Right.

It's all prepped and ready.

The stresses from war
do not make a man do this.

What makes a man do this
are shame and rage.

What do you do when the sun sets?

Gonne get down when the sun sets.



Sorry, I'm late.

The funniest thing is that you
and this piece of shit--

only you would do a burn out

coming into a shit hole like this.

Yeah, it's $300.

I know you've got to work for six months
to make that, but...

Hey, I got you a present.

Why? What the fuck, man?

Read up.

Listen, by the way,
you've got to stop having these things

sent to my fucking house, man.

Yes, these are the last ones, man.

Yeah, but my dad is getting pissed, okay?

And what the fuck is in this?

What did he say?

He was asking what it was.

What did you tell him?

To mind his own fucking business.

Good, good.

No one can know. It's a surprise.

- Piece of shit.
- Watch your head.

Fuck. Yeah!

Let's go eat.

Do you really want to fucking eat

in this shit hole Chicken Den
piece of shit?

This is America, man.
This is what we eat, okay?

I love it.

Dude, Chicken Den?

Do you know what they do
with these animals?

It's all-American. This is America, baby.

They sit in cages,
sitting in their shit all day.

You're such a fucking prick.

How are you doing?

Welcome to Chicken Den.
How may I help you?

Give me, uh...

Give me the 4-piece,

a 4-piece mixed meat.

Do you want the combo?



A salad, a garden salad.

A 4-piece combo? Hi, sorry.

A 4-piece combo, you said?

Yeah. Yeah, okay.

You're just going to have salad?

Draw cartoon chickens saying, "Eat me."

$10.70, please.

Yes, ma'am.

How is your day, love?

Perfect. How is yours?

Sunshine and rainbows.

A combo and a salad.

She seem a little bit pissed off, huh?

- Yeah.
- Thank you.


Don't leave me hanging.

This is a fresh, fresh salad.

I'll bet they went out
and picked it this morning.

That looks disgusting.

Your salad probably has bugs
crawling all over it.

Dude, move this.

You're going to knock it
off the fucking edge.

So tomorrow, 1:00.

Yeah. Tomorrow, 1:00.

Paintball, right?
No problems with work?

Dude, I've got to call in sick.

You haven't done that yet?

Well, dude, I have to call it on the day.

I'm not going to call today and say,

"Listen, tomorrow I'm not going to be in,
because I'm sick."

I talked to you about this two weeks ago.

Yeah, I have to call in tomorrow.

I said, you said--

Can I have the tray?

I took the day off work too.
We have to play.

Holy shit!


Would you get me a napkin?

Like, she didn't even say anything.

She didn't go, "I'm sorry."

No like, "I'm sorry."

Hi! You brought napkins.

No, no. We'll probably need like--
I don't know-- a mop.

Are you going to apologize?

I mean, you fucking got this shit
all over us.

Look, I'm sorry.

I'm laughing because you got it on him,
and he's a prick.

Could you get me more chicken,

because this is right all over the place.

Yeah, I'll make that.

What's your problem?

I don't have a problem. I'm sorry.

Is there something wrong with you?

Look, I'll get this replaced.
That's fine.

She's upset with her life.


Can I get my money back?

Look, I'll get you more stuff,

but I'm not giving you your money back.

I don't want more stuff.

I'm sorry I dumped stuff on you,

but I'll just have it replaced, okay?


It's okay.

Do you have a manager?

Hey, it's okay. It's all right.
Don't worry about it.

Hold on. No, no, no.
Do you have a manager?

Don't worry about it. It's fine.
It will dry.

This is why I don't want to eat
in these fucking places, man.

Look at this shit.

Do you think she likes it?

Dude, do you think that I like

having whatever-the-fuck
this kind of salad is,

this salad dressing, extra ranch?

Is this quality service?

Hello? Hello?

Yeah, don't forget the tray, right?

That's great. It's all clean.

Thank you.

Like, take this guy.

You see him walking down the street?

Smile on his face.

He's got nice clothes on.

What's he doing?
What do you think he does?

I don't know. What's he do?

Maybe a banker.

He's delirious, though.

Maybe a travelling salesman?

He's delirious, why?

That guy helps to wreck the economy.

He helps to wreck the world.

He eats in Styrofoam fucking cups.

He's terrible, delirious.

That's not what the world needs.

What does the world need?

The world needs change, man.

What kind of change?

Who is going to do it?

Dude, the problem is--

As one person, what could you do?

--that this fucking world grows

by like 70 million people a year.
That's the problem.

There's too many people.

And so our natural resources are running out.

And no one, and no one--
look, we have trains.

We have-- we have cars, tons of cars

that are just burning up gas
and making this place disgusting.

We've got a hole in the ozone.

Blah, blah, blah.

You have chicken that looks like--
yeah, of course, man.

It's just disgusting. That's all.

It's just absolutely fucking sick.

It makes me just sick.

But what are you supposed to do,
stop living?

There's two kinds of people--
leavers and takers.

And the leavers coexist.

We need people that coexist.

And the takers is the society of the world.

The takers is the people that fucking--

that just, like,
drive Ferraris not caring.

Because people have to make money.

No, people don't have to make money.

People have to make money.

That's the thing.
That's what I'm talking about, man.

People don't have to.

That's the thing that society
drills in your head

over and over and over
since you've been fucking 5-years-old

that you have to have
a big bank account.

You have to make a lot of money.
You have to have a fast car.

It makes life a lot easier, doesn't it?

Dude, but what happens--

Would you want to be poor?
Do you want to be poor?

Do you want to have no money?

You keep going down this road.
Do you know where it's going?

So you just think just keep
going down the reckless path,

just fucking-- pile straight ahead,
because there's no--

We're all just fucked.

What's the point?

That's the most pessimistic point of view

I've ever heard in my life.

You're a prodigy of the world, my son,
a prodigy of the world.

You're all talk, buddy.
You're all talk.

Oh, snap.

All talk?

All talk, no action.

That's helping.
I stood on my feet all day today.

Not to change the subject,
but when is dinner?

No-- hi.

Hey, hey, hey.


No phone call?


Where have you been?

What are you guys doing?

What do you mean,
what have we been doing?

We've been waiting for you?

Remember, we had this meeting planned, right?

I was going to pick up pizza--

How long is it going to take?

Oh, come on.

It's just going to take
as long as it takes.

No, no, no, no.
Can we do it tomorrow morning?

I've got some very exciting news
for you guys,

and I actually ate at the Chicken Den--

Oh, come on, Bill.

We organized this.

I know.

We talked about it this morning, remember?

It was like nine hours ago.

- Tomorrow--
- Oh, jeez.

We'll talk about it at breakfast,

and I've got very, very exciting news
for you guys, okay?

Okay, are you going to be on time for once?

Yes, on time.

That's exciting news.

Okay, well, I will make a special breakfast.

No-- no coping out this time.

No, absolutely,
I'll see you tomorrow morning.

You promise?

Promise. Good night, guys.

I kind of figured that would happen.

Yeah, that's typical.

That's typical, every, every time.

Why is he resisting this so much?

I don't know.

Do you think he's hiding something?
Is he okay?

I just think he's--

...Psychiatrist Michelle Histow
has a theory about Kyle.

When I saw him,
he had already murdered seven people.

Our work is gripping and unpredictable.

This is not the way
conventional psychiatry works.

Up next, an interview with Michelle Histow.

We have the right to drive whenever, wherever,

and whatever we want,
but we need to understand the effects

of the carbon footprint

and realize the environmental damage

cars are causing to our planet.

Al Qaeda is all over Iraq.

The administration of the U.S. president

will likely double the bounty on...

The BTK killer has confessed

to killing ten people and tonight...

The United States will deploy
30,000 additional troops...

The global population grows
by over 70 million people a year.

At the same time,
our natural resources are dwindling-- coal,

oil, gas, water.

Okay, and with the development
of the third world

we're just creating a ticking time bomb,

and even though we know
that forests are essential

to reducing carbon emissions,
we continue to cut them down,

whether it's for housing, farming,
alternative energy,

or just useless furniture

instead of truly getting together and fighting

for something, fighting against global warming,

against political and social unrest.

Our politicians are using
the same lame band-aid techniques

up for re-elections, over and over.

What we need is change.

We can't stand for this anymore.

Any why do we accept this?

Because we're a society built on wants.

Not needs.

What are we taught to want from childhood?

Big bank accounts.

Fast cars, plasma screen TVs, liposuction.

Okay, facelifts.

Does this help anyone? No.

What is this? This is ego.

This doesn't help the world.

We need to bind together.

We don't need to be individuals.

We need to become whole
as a country, as a world.

We need someone
who will stand for something.

We need someone
who believes in what they say

and believes in actions changing the way

that we view our world.

We can't survive with our politicians
focusing their time

on fighting religious wars,

fighting over control of natural resources.

Can anyone do this?

Well, I don't know.

Do you have any thoughts?

We're so precious, aren't we?

Everyone has got to live.

Everyone has got to be happy.

It's a joke.

It's an absolute joke.

Humanity can't survive
over the next 100 years.

The facts don't lie.

We need someone
who will stand for something.

We need someone
who believes in what they say

and believes in action,
believes in positive action.

It's an absolute joke.

Evan, that's what you didn't get.

That's what you didn't get.

You think people are equal.
They're not.

They're not.

...just like President Richard Nixon
did to the Vietnamese

back in the late '60s--

Osama bin Laden, al Qaeda,

these people are out to kill us.
People don't--

All of these things contribute

to the problem of overpopulation.

People don't comprehend the danger

that this country creates for the world.

If just 15 millilitres is released
and becomes airborne,

this chemical could kill a million people.

--about society and people
in the humanitarian sense.

We need to changes to protect the--

Thessalonians 3:10 says,

"For even when we are with you,
this we commanded you,

that if any would not work,
neither should he eat."

The global population grows
by over 70 million people a year.

And why do we accept this?

Because we're a society built on wants.

Not needs.
What are we taught to want from childhood?

Big bank accounts.

Fast cars, plasma screen TVs, liposuction.

Okay, facelifts.

Does this help anyone? No.

What is this? This is ego.

We need someone
who will stand for something.

We need someone
who believes in what they say

and believes in action,
believes in positive action

and changing the way
that we look at things,

changing the way
that we view our world.

So that's what I'll do.

My name is Evan Drince.

Why not?


Breakfast is ready, Bill.


I said breakfast!

I'll be up in 15 minutes!
I'm working out!

Good morning, honey.

Morning. That smells really good.

I'm glad we're actually having
a nice breakfast together,

because yesterday was a bit tense.

Well, you guys dropped a--
dropped a bomb on me.

I know, but I feel like--

I think we've reached
some kind of agreement, right?

And today, what I'm going to do
for you guys

is that I'm going to be proactive.

And today, I'm going to stay in.
I've got the day off.

I'm going to fill out
some college applications,

and I'm thinking--

What did my ears just hear?

That I'm going to fill out
some college applications,

mechanical engineer.


Who kidnapped our son?

What's going on? That's fantastic!

Yeah, it makes sense, right?

Okay, you know, I--

That's fantastic. Good job.

So are you guys happy?

I've got to say I'm really proud of you.

Well, I think it's about time, right?

I think our little talk
maybe got in there somewhere, huh?

You guys kicked my little tushie
out the door.

With love.


You know what? Here's the thing.

You're going to feel better about yourself

once you have, like, goals.

I know. I do have goals, Mom.

Look, I've got to go.

We'll talk about it more later.

Okay, chin up.

Okay. Bye, Dad.

Sweetheart, I'll see you later.

Okay, we'll talk at dinner.

I'm really, really proud of you.

I think what you're going to feel

is that you have goals in life now
and a direction.



Yeah, I woke up today
feeling enthusiastic.

My little boy, he's growing up.

Come here.

It's out of love that we kick
your bum-- your bum.

Sorry about the language.

Have a good day at work, okay?

I will, sweetheart.
I'm very excited for you,

and I want to see how this turns out
with the applications.

- Okay.
- Okay.

I'll see you tonight.

Bye, honey.

All right.


you think people are equal.
They're not.

They're not.

Evan, Evan, Evan, Evan.

You're such an idiot.

They're like a drop in a bucket.

I just poured the bucket out.

Yeah, you couldn't do anything.

All you could do is talk-- meaningless.

Do anything.

Well, I guess I did.

...shot about five or six times and everybody...

...most of the shooting right here
at this location

where most of the bullet casings are...

In nature, there's survival of the fittest.

What separates us from the animals?

It's our consciousness.

It's our ego.

It's our sense of self...

So, all of a sudden,
we care about ourselves too much.

We care about our fellow man too much.

We have to do anything that we can
to keep them alive.

You know, the animals just want to eat.

They just want to eat.

They'll kill you so they can eat.

Can anyone do this?

I don't know.

Do you have any thoughts?

Let's face it.

If we could just kill everybody,

you know, in the third world,

people with cancer, you know,

people that are sucking up our resources,

maybe we could survive.

The Bible says we must not kill...

The bible says we must not commit adultery.

Most of the shooting
right here at this location

where most of the bullet casings are,

and then ran off in that direction

while still shooting...

Survival of the fittest is really,
is a real theory.

That's a way to create balance.

I don't believe in God.

I believe in what I see,
the pain and suffering I see.

I believe that when I go out in the street

and I see a mother
who can't feed her child...

Described as a loner
who never fit in with his classmates...

Couldn't do anything.

All you could do was talk...

Don't forget Bingo at Centerville Bingo Hall.

Now back to the local news...

The world needs change, man.

What kind of change?
Who's going to do it? You?

How long is it going to take?

Can anyone do this?

I don't know.

Do you have any thoughts?

All talk, no action.

Start up.

Here we go.


Oh, fuck.

Come out with your hands up!

Open the back.

Get down, you piece of shit!

Get down! On the ground!

Get down!

Down on the ground!


Oh, hi.

You're scared as shit, huh?

Here we go.


Hey, man, how are you?

Oh, hey, man, you remember me?

Why don't you make me
a double espresso macchiato

with extra foam?

You got it.

Why don't you make it
like your life depends on it?

With extra foam!

You like to take your sweet fucking time,
don't you?

There you go.

Why is this so difficult?

I mean, how hard can it be?

I'm going to give you five seconds

to get the fuck out of here.

I'm going to start counting right now.


Are you serious?

Yeah, yeah!
I'm pretty fucking serious!


Two... hurry up, motherfucker!

Run, Forrest!

Now you're getting it!

Five, bitch!

Again, we are strongly advising people
to stay inside,

as early reports indicate
that chaos in downtown Centerville

is caused by a heavily-armed individual

firing randomly at innocent bystanders.

Hello, beautiful ladies.

Whoa, hold on a minute.

No, calm down. No, no.

You get over there.
You get over there.

Hey, ladies. Out of the kitchen.

Go join your pretty friends.

You too.

Come on.

Let's go.

There you go. Come on.

You too, Blondie.

Who else is here?

There's no one else here.

No one?

It's just us here.

What about this door?

Come on, ladies.

Come over here. Get down.

It gets so hot in this thing.

I have my cell phone here.

Chirp, chirp, chirp...

I've got-- I've got two kids at home.

I've got a husband. I've got--

Chirp, chirp, chirp, chirp,
chirp, chirp, chirp...

Please! Let us go!
What is it you...

I feel nauseous.

Come on...

Oh, my God!

Is everybody okay?

What a fucking dickhead!

Are you guys okay?

Holy shit!

Oh, my God! Does anybody have--

Where's the phone?

Everyone over here!

Over here!

Get down!

Get down! Get down!


I don't know why I did that.

Maybe I shouldn't have taken off my mask.

Please, don't do it. Please!

I have to.

O-67. Six seven.

G-54. Five four.

G-48. Four eight.

N-32. Three two.

G-60. Six zero.

O-68. Six eight.

N-35. Three five.

I-30. Three zero.

B-4. Number 4.

G-6. Six.

Hey, buddy,

I'm a little bit peckish.
You got something to eat?

Why don't you get me
the best sandwich you've got?

The best, tastiest sandwich you've got.

What have you got to drink, iced tea?

That looks like shit.

Here you go.

That's a nice hairnet.
Do they make you wear that?

Yeah, thanks.

Free of charge. Just--

Oh, good. I completely forgot my wallet.


Thank you.

Have a good day.

Thank you for coming to Centerville Bingo

where everyone is a winner.

B-10. One zero.

G-49. Four nine.

G-56. Five six.

O-61. Six one.

B-1. Number 1.

B-4. Number 4.

G-59. Five nine.

G-46. Four six.

O-63. Six three.

O-62. Six two.

N-37. Three seven.

O-70. Seven zero.

Excuse me! Sir, I need that!

I-27. I-27!

I need that back, please, sir.

It's I-27!

Excuse me...

I-27! Bingo!


No Bingo.

You guys don't need my help at all.

I-27. Two seven.

And we are still getting reports
that a brown van

was seen smashing into the front
of the police station

just moments before the massive explosion

that woke Centerville residents
up this morning.

Everybody get behind the counter.

Ladies, back the fuck up!

Nobody presses the alarm!
Let's go!

Ladies, back the fuck up!

Don't touch those alarms!

You too.

Let's go, big shot.

Don't be scared, big shot.

Let's go. Come on.

Get him!

What the fuck was that?!

Anybody else want to play hero, huh?


Knock, knock, knock, Mr. Manager.

What are you doing in here?

Give me your fucking phone!

Everyone is out there.
What are you doing in here?

Get the fuck out here! Come on!

Come on!

What do I want?
What do you think I want?


- Come on, quick.
- Money, money.

Money? Oh, you're a smart one, genius.

Get in the back!

It's in the safe.

Where? In the safe? Go!

I don't have the key.
I don't have the key.

You don't have the fucking key?
Where is the fucking key?

In my office.

Go get it.

Don't fuck around!

You, you work here
or do you just dress like an idiot?

Empty the registers, fuck face.

Empty the registers.

You look like a fucking idiot
when you're scared,

you know that?

I have the key. I've got the key!

Come here! Come here!

Hurry up!

Open the safe. Open the safe.

Hurry up. What are you, retarded?

Give me-- give me the bag.
Give me the bag.

Keep it.

Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!

Bro, calm down.

Calm down, all right?

Everything is going to be okay.

I'm not going to kill you.

I don't know why I'm not.

Is this your first time?

Is this your first time?

What the fuck is wrong with you, huh?

What the fuck is wrong with you, huh?

Punch in the code!

I got it! I got it!

There you go. There it is.

- Fill it up.
- Yes, sir.

You see? You see?

It's money.

It's about as worthless as you are.

Hurry up.

- I'm hurrying.
- Hurry up.

Please, just don't shoot.

That's it. That's all of it.

Give me the fucking bag.
Stay there.

- Thank you.
- Pinhead.

Your fucking money doesn't mean anything,

because all you use it for

is stupid and senseless shit!

What is he doing out there?

Say goodbye!

Lock the door!

Have a nice day!

Just stay inside.

Once again, please stay indoors.

Do not go outside
until local authorities

have told you that it's safe to.

Sheriff Malvoy.

The blaze is keeping
all available fire trucks

and fire-fighters extremely busy

with no news on any survivors
in the collapsed building.

...individual went amok
in the downtown shopping district,

seemingly killing random people
without motive or reason.

I don't know how this could happen here,

or anywhere, for that matter.

Centerville? Centerville,
this is Sheriff Malvoy.

Come back.

Centerville, this is Sheriff Malvoy.

Clark and Bradley has been robbed
by an armed assailant.

We're heading back into town
on Cross Road.

30 minutes out. Over.

What the hell is going on, Ray?

Again, please be advised

of the location of a suspected armoured
and armed terrorist.

Therefore, we still strongly recommend

that everyone stays indoors.

Oh, honey. Hi, sweetheart.
Are you okay?

Hey, Mom. Yeah, I'm okay.

Do you know what's going on
right now?

You haven't-- you haven't seen anything?

What happened?

No, turn on the television, Honey.

There's, I guess, one guy, they think,

killing people all over town.

What do you mean?

Yes, yes! Killing people!

What do you mean he killed people?

It's crazy, but you're fine.

You're at home working
on your stuff, right?

I'm fine. I'm just--
I'm at home. Where are you?

I'm watching it on the news at work,
and it's terrible.

You're at work?
You're going to stay there?

No, I don't think so.

You're not going to come home?

No, not just yet, sweetheart.

I'm going to go meet your dad,
and we're going to wait there.

Okay, when are you going to be back?

Well, sweetheart, as soon
as we can get there, okay?

Just please stay safe.

Okay, I'll be back-- I'll be here.

Sorry, honey, you're breaking up.

I'll be back-- I mean, I'll be here.

Yes, stay there, okay?

Sweetie, I love you.
Please be safe, okay?

Okay, stay safe.

All right, baby. I love you.


Fuck! Fuck! Fuck, man!


- Billy.
- Hey.

Yeah, where are you?

I'm running some errands right now, man.

What errands?

I'm coming right now, Bro.
Don't go anywhere, okay?

Don't go anywhere.
I'm getting in my car right now.

Okay, bye.

Oh, I'm going fucking nuts.

Yeah, who's the winner, Bill?

Who is the winner?
No, I'm not going to shoot you.

Oh, I'm just fucking kidding.

Seriously, though, seriously.

Have you ever seen a fucking cowboy?

Fuck this kid.




I'm leaving. I'm fucking leaving!

No, you're not, man.

Dude, you're taking for fucking ever!

I've had a lot of shit
to do today, okay?

It's been a fucked up afternoon.
I'll be there in ten minutes.

Don't go anywhere.

I've been wait--
Dude, I've been waiting.

Ten minutes, my fucking ass.

I've been waiting here
for fucking 45 minutes.

Paintball. Paintball. Paintball, bro.


We're going to play paintball.

Give me a fucking good reason--

and I want a fucking articulate reason--
why I should stay.

Why should I stay?

I'm going to fucking kill you, man.

Listen, you're the one--
You're going to be needing

some fucking target practice, all right?

You're not going to go anywhere, right?

Just stay there for ten minutes, okay?

I'm coming. I promise.
I love you, man.

All right. I'll see you soon.

- Okay.
- All right.

We can go a little faster, Ray.

Closer, Ray.


Bump him.

This is Sheriff Malvoy.

I'm at the roundabout
in the County Park.

I've got two more deputies down.

I'm pursuing the suspect on foot.

You got blood on me.

60 to 80 seconds.

You ready?

What the fuck?

Is that what you took
two fucking hours doing?

I'm glad you didn't leave, buddy.

I brought you a gift.

What the fuck?

Check it out.


Dude, this is real money.

It's a shit-load of money.

Where the fuck did you get
all of this fucking money?

Hey, Evan?


Check it out.

You all right?

Give me your hand.

Hold this. Hold this.

You kind of asked for it, right?

I kind of made you the martyr
you always wanted to be.

You are a prodigy of the world, my son,
a prodigy of the world.

We'd like you to...

Stop having these things
sent to my fucking house.

Last ones, man.

You're making me pay
for my own post education.

I've been waiting for fucking 45 minutes.

I made you the martyr
you always wanted to be.

Okay, sweetie.
I love you. Be safe.

You're going to pay for this!

Do you hear me?

What do you think I want?
Come on, quick.

Money! Money! Money!

I don't know.
My name is Evan Drince.

Do you have any thoughts?

Your fucking money
doesn't mean anything!

...dozens of Centerville residents
and police officers

earlier today,
during what can only be described

as a massacre.

The rampage began with a massive explosion

that destroyed Centerville police station.

Oh, God, honey.
There you are, sweetheart.

This is just so awful.

I'm so glad you're here.

You're okay, though, yeah?

I'm so glad you weren't out in this.
This was--

Are you okay, Bill?

You were back here when this started?

I drove by the bakery,

and the whole glass was shattered
out of the bakery.

This is the forest.

Look, this is where they found the guy.

They found the shooter already?


Wait a second.
One guy did all of this?

It was Evan.

Evan got shot?
Did Evan get shot?

No, Mom. Evan did it.
My friend, Evan.

Oh, my God.

Shot all of the--?

Have they announced his name
or you just recognized him?

They just said it,
Evan Drince, Evan Drince.

Breaking news. Unbelievable.

How did they find him?
Like, what? Did he give himself up?

They just found him in the woods.

He shot himself in the head.

He's dead?

He committed suicide.
He committed suicide.

This is insane.

This world is a crazy place, isn't it?

He was a fucked up kid.

I thought he was--
I thought he was a bit odd,

but I didn't think he was a--


He looked like he had secrets.

I mean, I'm just an armchair psychologist,

but a mother knows.

Like, you just intuit.


Nevertheless, it must be a shock
for his parents.

Have you spoken to them?

Uh, yeah.

I don't even want to ask you

about the college applications now.

It all seems so trite, I guess.

I'm glad you guys are okay, right?

Oh, yeah.

Oh, we're fine.

Presently, the only thing we know...

This is where I drove by.

I told you I saw that poor woman.

Do you think it's Mrs. Blakeslee?

I didn't want to stay around
long enough to find out?

Guys, I'm so tired.
I'm going to go to sleep.

Oh, of course, honey.

I'm really sorry about your friend.

I'm really sorry.

You give us a shout
if you need anything, okay?

All right. Take care, guys.

Get some sleep.

Yeah, sweetheart. Bye-bye.

I think he's holding it in.

Maybe we should take him to see somebody.

Well, for sure after this.

He's going to have to go talk to someone.


Just, I don't want anyone to know
that we're taking him.

Yeah, fair enough.

I don't want people to know and think
he's crazy or something.

Oh, my God. This is awful.

Let's have a drink or something, huh?

Yeah, make me a double, something.

Stay tuned to this station
for an update of this tragic story

as more details become available.

Centerville resident Lloyd Drince,

the father of Evan Drince,
was arrested at his home

when local authorities

attempted to enter the premises.

Close sources reveal that
Lloyd Drince used to be a radical

and extreme protester
in the '60s and '70s,

especially at the height
of the war in Vietnam

and has always been strongly outspoken

against the government.

With the current evidence
that his son, Evan Drince,

has been identified
as being behind the massacre

in downtown Centerville today,

it appears that radical measures

to get your opinions out
runs in the family.

To recap, the offender has been identified

as 21-year-old Centerville resident
Evan Drince,

who took his own life
in a nearby forested area

after completing his destruction
and killing spree.

You've got the wrong kid!
My kid wouldn't do this!

My kid's innocent!

Bill Williamson!

Bill Williamson did this!

Check Bill Williamson's house!

My kid is not a murderer!

My son is innocent!
Bill Williamson!

The authorities have not pressed
any charges

or revealed information about suspects

since they feel
a thorough investigation is needed...

It's a...

It's a downward spiral

to the end of all times.

And there's no chance
that we can survive.

I mean...

70 million people every year

are brought onto this Earth.

What are they doing?
Sucking up our resources.

There's too many people,
so what do we do?

Just keep them around?

Let's kill them.

Let's get rid of them.

Good, thank you.

Thanks for-- thanks for coming out.

But you know what?

We're at capacity.

We're at capacity now.

So... sorry, no more.

No more.

So that's what I'll do.

Why not?

That's my plan.

That's what I want to do.

Let's just clean the world,

so maybe the rest of us
can sustain a little bit of life.

So maybe that's what I'll do
in the future.

I'll help you out.

I'll help you out,

and I will cleanse,

make more room for you.

I will exhibit my own brand
of population control...

for you.

That's it.