Rammbock (2010) - full transcript

Just when Michael arrives in Berlin to visit his ex-girlfriend Gabi, a terrible virus starts spreading across the city at a rapid pace, turning people into mindless homicidal maniacs. Much to Michael's concern, Gabi's not home; instead, he meets Harper, a teenage plumber's apprentice at work in her apartment block. Together, they manage to barricade themselves when raging hordes of infected people swarm the building. Surrounded by these thirsty zombies, Michael and Harper have their hands full to survive - and it will take all of their ingenuity to make their way out to try and find Gabi.

I wanted to bring back your keys.

You wanted your keys back.

I wanted to come in person.

You're not glad?

You can't just move out
after 7 years like it's nothing!


Gabi, please! I...

Gabi, I love you!

No, it's too late for that.

You're getting worked up.

You're not a good Gabi.

I don't know Gabi, but believe me,
getting worked up won't help.


Good mood!

Here you go!

And don't reproach her! It's your only chance.

And if I let myself in?
I'll surprise her with a good mood.

Oh no, don't do that.

You'd better call before going over.

At least use the doorbell.

Want to give it another go?

No, I think I got it. Thanks.

Good. Then see you soon.

See you. Thanks for the lift.

My pleasure.

Don't get worked up!



Excuse me.

I'm looking for Gabi Haruther. She lives here.

I'm her boyfriend.

Do you know where she is?


Hi, you've reached Gabi.
Leave a message after the beep.

Hi, Gabi, it's Michi.

I've got a surprise. I'm in Berlin.

At yours.

Just so you know.

OK, see you in a minute.


Pardon, do you know where Ms. Haruther is?

What's wrong, boss?

Stop it!

My mobile!

We've got to call the police.

Is there a landline here?


What's the matter?

What's with him?

No idea.

Get lost copper!

Get back!

Stay away from me!

Hello, hey!

What's with you?

Help! Help!


Help me!

Semra, I can't get out!

Listen. What did Gabi say to you?


The woman who lives here!


"Be right back."

When did she leave?

Just before you arrived.

Maybe she... Was she wearing a jacket?

Don't think so.

Maybe she's in the cellar.

Was she doing a wash?


Maybe she went to the roof.

It's her!

Let me go! It's Gabi!

That had to be Gabi. She was worried about me.

How's the TV work?

Video to AV.

We are interrupting our
programming for a special...

I'm Michael.


...reports of violence leading to injury and death.

We are now speaking with a police spokesman.

Mr. Brabant, is this the German September 11th?

Such ridiculous speculation
is really only a waste of time.

Right now, we have to prevent further harm.

The public is being asked
to stay in their homes, until further notice.

Mr. Brabant, there are reports
of injured suffering bite wounds.

Bite wounds from people.

Like rabies or something.

Can the police really be prepared?

The Berlin police are prepared for such cases
and will subdue the situation quickly.

Lock your doors, keep radios and TVs on,
and wait for help from the authorities.

Remain calm.

Do not leave your homes to look
for friends or family.

Help each other, but don't take unnecessary risks.

Thank you, Mr. Brabant. The police insist...

Want a coffee?

...upon staying inside.

Or a water?

Lockdown in Berlin.

Please keep your TVs on.

It can be seen how seriously the authorities are taking this situation.

Bless you.


The question must be asked:

Is this unrest even politically motivated?

Not to speculate, but it doesn't look...

What's that?

The people who are creating the violence
don't seem to have political leanings.

And their methods don't seem
in any recognizable way to be organized.

But I repeat,

for the moment, all we can do is speculate.

The only certainty is
that hospital emergency rooms in Berlin

are overflowing at this time with the injured.

And that by far most
of the injuries are bite wounds.

Doctors report that patients develop changes,
in response to the illness,

to the skin and eyes.

We've seen that these people
attack out of uncontrolled anger,

and bite other people.


Do you know where Gabi is?


We're only getting test screens.

Can't be.

Today of all days.

Got a radio?

Gabi's got one in the kitchen.

I'm gonna get dressed.

Clear out.

Excuse me?

The door to the loo is blocked.

You can't just piss on the dishes, no way!


Nobody's there. We've got to close the gate!

Listen up! We've got to close the gate!

Why doesn't he do it?

What's-his-name, the guy with tattoos!


He's called Manni!

He has to do it. Manni!


Manni, come to the window!

Be quiet!

I'll do it.


I'll do it.

Thorsten, no!

Is he out?

Can you see my brother?

She should be quiet or they'll come.


Quiet! Be quiet!

Look out!

The gate!

Behind you!

Come back!

Parliament has authorized
the immediate use of military force.

State of emergency has been declared
according to Article 35 of the constitution.

It is now clear that a pervasive epidemic
is spreading via a virus of unknown origin.

The pathogen is transmitted by bodily fluids

via bites and bleeding wounds.

Within minutes or hours,
the virus spreads through the body.

Infection does not mean a full blown illness.

The pathogen only enters the brain
when the body releases adrenaline.

I repeat, adrenaline released under
strong emotional stress activates the illness.

If you think you may be infected,
it is very important to stay calm.

Stay away from others.

If possible, sedate yourself.

There are indications that the immune system

can conquer the disease
if the illness remains dormant.

If illness develops, seek safety
away from the infected person.

Under no circumstances should
one attract their attention,

even if they are family members or friends.

Remain calm.

If you are in an urban area,
do not try to leave on your own.

All major traffic routes have been blocked.

The army is preparing
to evacuate large cities via waterways.

Stay in a safe place.

Barricade your doors and windows.

Keep your radios on.

Ladies and gentlemen, the German parliament
has authorized immediate...

They're starting over?

Infinite loop.

Is nobody at the station?

The mobile network is down too.

Do you hear that?

I heard it last night.

Is it Morse code?

What are you making?

A slingshot.

And the forks?


Not with Gabi's forks!

Buy some new ones.

And when she comes back and sees this?

No way!

You really think that?

You really think she'll show up

and get upset about the forks?

Yes, I do!

If I didn't believe that, I'd hang myself.

Your breath stinks.

I'm hungry.

You see? The phone works.

My battery's gonna die.

What are these for?

Shooting eyes.

Throat. Jugular vein.

You can't do that.

They're still people!

Help me to get my mobile.

Then we can open the loo door.

To the bedroom!

Grab the armoire!


Hi, Michi!


Who were you expecting?

You OK? Where are you?

Georg... Yeah, I'm safe.

Have you heard from Gabi?

Definitely not.

I'm not in Berlin. You're in Berlin,
because of her, dummy!


what's the situation there?

Totally crazy. They're out to bite...

Yeah, that's...

Look, Michi, you have to
somehow get back to Kitzstern.

Good idea.

We're safe in the firehouse. Listen, you gotta...

I gotta go in case Gabi calls.

Michi, don't hang up!


Hello, this is Ina Müller's voicemail.

Please leave a message, and I will call you back.


Yeah, it's me.

I hope you're OK.



We can't get to the loo either.

Flüfli's litter is extra-absorbent.

And where do we take a shit?

There's nothing to shit, we've got nothing to eat.

What is that?

A ship.

At Westhafen, that's near here.

Listen up, it's important.

My wife is infected.


I need help. I've got sedatives
but only a day's worth.

Do you have any sedatives?

I would know if Gabi had some.

I know where some are.


Next-door to them.

Bramkamp is her name.

Bramkamp is her name.

She's addicted.

Her stomach has to be pumped once a month!

Her brother is a pharmacist.

He gets them for her.

Can you get out?

No way.

Please, somehow.

You hungry? Do you have anything to eat?

Do you?

Loads! You can have it if you help.

We'll send it over with a rope.


You thinking about your parents?

Go to bed.

Do you want the bear suit?

Go to bed, man!

What is it?

You're hungry, aren't you?

Sounds funny, but I always wanted to do this.


Let's go.

Go, go!

Forgive us our sins...

Our Father in heaven...

Good morning.

You must be Mrs. Bramkamp.

Sorry about the wall,
but you've seen what's happening.


The pills!

Go on up!



What are you doing here?

I wanted to bring back your keys.


You wanted your keys back.

Yeah, but via the post.

I wanted to come in person.

You're not pleased?

Yes, I am.

I lost the keys.

But the door is broken anyway.

You're alive. That's all that matters.

He's injured.

Michi, were you bitten?

No, I scratched myself.

You were scratched!

I had to break through the wall for sedatives.

Good idea.

We have sedatives. Kai will get you some.

Gabi, who's that?

Kai, Mrs. Bramkamp's son.

He asked me to come because
she broke down and then she changed.

And then...

We came up here.

Now first, you take one of these.

Are you with him...
Is that why you broke up with me?

Michi, don't get worked up.

I'm not with him, and I didn't want to break up.

I only want you. Please, take a pill.

How long?

Don't get upset.

A couple of weeks.

Shortly after I moved in.

Long distance!

You say you need it for your job and future.

I came from Vienna to show you I care for this?

Michi, I didn't tell you so as not to hurt you.

Take the pills!

They're not for me!

Get down!


Let me.

Down! Let go.

Back down there!

Leave it!

Michi, the roof.

Not without you, Gabi.

Just go!

I'm here with the pills!

Open up.

I've got the pills.

Open up!

Open up!

Sorry, I couldn't get more.


Cherie! Look here.

I've got more pills.


I need a new bandage.

In a moment, first the pills.

What was that noise?

It was nothing.

Please, take a pill.

I thought we didn't have any more.

Oh yes.

I found some more.

That's right.

That's right.

It's only a glass.

I want...

Don't touch me!

Out of the way.

Put it down!

Come on!

That's it?

He didn't have more food than that?

He exaggerated a bit.

It worked.

Thanks, by the way.

You cold?



Now what?

Let's eat something.


Here's the break.

It's strong enough?

We'll have to see...

I found this upstairs.

What made you think to use the flash?

By accident.

Their retinas are sensitive.

I hope it really hurts.

Yeah, really bad.

How did you make it?

I was, er, in the attic.

Went over the roof.

And the pills?

I found them in the kitchen. By luck.

I know a way how we can maybe get there.

I saw a boat.

I was going to sell that on the net.

About 800 meters.

We each take a camera

and run.

Two shoot forwards, two backwards.

Then to the port by boat.

They can't swim.

I'm pretty sure.

What kind of boat is it?

A little one.

A two-seater.


Worst case we'll take
turns swimming and paddling.

That's suicide! Two too many!
We'll have to draw straws.

You an idiot?

It's all or none.

Then no one!

Otherwise, we'll all die!

What's going on?


Keep cool.

Keep cool?


Hurry, turn on the torches!

I want to do it.

I want out of here.

Me too.



Tomorrow morning.

Ulf is gone!

He's got the cameras.

He's abandoning us!


Harper, no! Harper!

I got the camera.

Thanks you.

Don't touch me!


We gotta hurry.

I put this one here.

Click here.

Click that one over here.

I set it on multishot.

It'll flash a few times in a row.

This one you'll have to hold.

There's the button to flash.

Get going.

Get a move on!

Here's the camera.

Hurry! Go!

Let me go, mom!


Good luck is a birdie,

so dear but so shy;

so hard to get hold of,

so easy to fly.

Your heart is the bird-cage,

so see that you care,

or you'll find no peace

and no rest anywhere.