Rameshan Oru Peralla (2019) - full transcript

Rameshan is a kind man who never backs out when a fellow human being is in need of help. On the day he begins his new career as a taxi driver, a group of college students board his cab, leading to unexpected consequences, in his life.

Ramesh, place your legs on the tree branch


Don’t panic, you take the kite

Hey, Ramesh place your leg
on the branch and climb

Oh my God…

Ohh, Ramesha fell down.

Please help,help !

Ramesh, Ramesh, Ramesh

Where is Ramesh ? Ramesh …

Help Help!

Everybody come and help me find him !

Mom sister took my geometry box

She is not giving it back



Did the kids wake up ?

Yes, they must be over there.

They’re over there

I’ll drop them at school today.


You should pick them back.

I will.



I’m..Still tensed.


This is not like what regular
taxi drivers do right?

This is like, dropping people
by looking at the mobile phone…

I am scared.

Didn’t Prasad make everything
clear to you last night?

Even i could grasp it.

You just have to pick them up and
drop them at the destination.

Thats all.

You will be ok with it
in just four days time.

Go, don’t beat around the bush.
Go brush.

Ok, I’ll do that.


Bring your ribbon and comb.

Just sit aside and brush your teeth.

Why, won’t the teeth shine
if I sit here and brush?

Crazy,Sitting on the way and brushing.

Hello…Brother-in law.

No, I’m only about to leave.


Nothing much brother, have
to go to the temple first.

Will go for duty after that.


What ?

Yes, It’ll be familiar
with it in 3-4 days time.

Uma says the same.



Hey don’t worry about the
vehicle, I will take care of it.


Stop, stop, Let me tell you something,

Listen, don’t mess with me, or someday
i might make your car my own.

My dear citizens.

Dad, did we buy Uncle’s car?

We didn’t buy Uncle’s car,
but we’ll buy it soon.

Isn’t it August, 15th today?


Aren’t you going to school today?

Did you brush?

Go brush and bath soon.

I’ll drop you both off today in this car.

Sister, we’re going to
school in the car today!

Didn’t you finish bathing today?

I’ll be done soon.

Did you see the Youtube video
I’d sent you yesterday?

Did you see the Youtube video?

Yes,I’d seen it.


And I’m little bit scared.

There’s nothing to be scared

There will be map in customer’s phone.

Just look at the end of the map.

If you notice looking down at the phone…

that person will most
likely be your customer.

Even if you could not find anyone, the
customer ’s number will be displayed.

Just call that number.

Whatever be the issue, you should
deal it with the pleasant face.

Don’t show attitude like the
local taxi and riksha drivers.

Only then you’ll get 5 star rating.

Only a good rating will fetch you ride!

What of somebody shows attitude?

Give them pleasant smile.

Try to control this humming of yours.


Hey Cab come cab go

Cab find routes

Cab, put on a smile on hearing horn

Cab, crisscross the city

Cab, ride along the villages and forests

Cab, come fast

Cab, go fast

Hey Cab come cab go


Hey the white bulky cab

Running through the roads

Cab which reaches on spot
with a touch on the phone

Hey cab come, cab go

Cab avoid the potholes

Hold on to the steering

And switch the gears

Cab, go straight after
scanning the left and right

Somebody is waiting on the road side

Hey cab come, cab go

Cab, cab...


Shall we go sir?


I’m telling you, don’t.

Whatever you say.

Hey..After the Punjab committee…

I was out of station for
the past two days right?

So, after the Punjab committee,while I was
attending central committee in Delhi..

Hey.. Hello. Why aren’t we moving yet?

Start driving man.

So, where did I stop? Yeah

So, we were talking about
the meeting right?

I just got back to town
yesterday after the meeting.

We’re celebrating the 150th
anniversary off Das Capital. Yeah.

So we’re…what?

Das capital?!

Comrade, you sure you’re alone?

Das Capital is Karl Marx’s
“Mooladhanam” (Malayalam)

Its been 150 years since it was written.

Don’t let anyone hear this
Ohh,150 years?!

So coming back to matter.

We’re organising a meeting
on the same, a seminar.

We’re discussing two papers.

One is, Das Capital and Capitalism.

The other topic is, Das
Capital and Agriculture.

Yea, we need them both right?

So the meeting is happening this Friday.

We need to organise about
500 people for it.

You’ll have to scout the campus and
get some students too. Alright?

Bring some people who’re clean, without
beard or long hair. Understood?

Al right…I’ll send you the details.

I have it with me. I’ll mail it.

So, I don’t need to call again right?

See you one Friday.

All right..Red salute.



I’m also a party member, Sir.


That’s nice.

What’s your name?


I was asking tour name, Comrade.

My name is Rameshan, Rameshan.


Oh no.

Did he mess it up again?


I’m not madhu sir, I’m Rameshan.

Hey. I’m on the phone man.

Madhu…Why did you mess it up?!

We’re not dealing with petty
numbers here , Madhu!

No no…Please don’t start
fiddling with it again.

I’m coming there. I’ll sort
it out once I’m there.

I said no.

These people are starting to drive me mad!



You hail from Kannur?

How did figure that out?

Listening to your dialect. I thought …

Yeah..The Kannur dialect!

That’s quite famous right?

I get scared just hearing “Kannur”

Hey, that’s an impression
the press created. Ramesh.

To be frank, Kannur
people are peaceful, man.

Trivandrum people are also peaceful.


To be truthful… all of us comrades,
are peace lovers, Ramesh.

By the way Ramesh?
What is it sir?

Online Taxi’s are trending
now in Kerala right?

Yes sir. Indeed.

We have a union for it.
Are you a member in that?

No no, I just started today.

Ah..That is the issue.



We need unions, Ramesh.
We do sir.

We should be a part of it too.

Capitalism always intrude
into the unorganised sector.

Do you follow what I am saying?

The aim of the radicalists is to…

Destroy the mass base
of democratic parties…

And there by prolong or even
destroying their growth…

Its high time we realised
this!..oh..my God…

What is this Ramesh?

Hey, what are you doing man?!

Sorry Comrade…sorry. Sorry.

A car blocked my way.

People these days drive so recklessly.

Sorry Comrade.

You stop blabbering and drive cautiously..

I just put my foot on the pedal
and part lost it’s base.

Ramesh, drive carefully.


Comrade, you need to get
down at Muscat Hotel right?

Its not Muscat Hotel, Ramesh.

Oh, So that’s not the place?

Its Mascot Hotel.

Its an online transfer…

With my credit card.

Just check. You’ll
see “0” displayed.

Ok. I’ll check, I’ll check.

How do I get my money now?


Red Salute Comrade!

Yeah, Red Salute.

Saying Red Salute and leaving
without paying the fare!

Where do such people come from?

Where’s is the car?

I’ve seen this before. It’s really old one.

Brother, Brother,Look.

Oh. He’s come again.

You'd warned him recently right?

I’ll give him a peace of my mind.

Got in. get in.

Hey, this is an online taxi right?

We’d warned you not to take ridesfrom the stand right?

What? We’d warned you not to take rides from the stand right?

Nobody warned me!

Nobody warned it seems!

There is no point in talking, drag him out
of the car! Get down…Get down from the car.

Get out of the car, you..

That’s right…That’s right, drag him out.

How many times do you need to be warned?
Leave me!

Don’t you remember us warning you?

Leave my shirt!

What if I don’t?

Don’t take your attitude on us.
Please listen to me.

It’s my first time. I’m coming here
for the first time! Leave him.

Leave me.
You want to fight back?

Come out I say.
Gayathri! She left!

Let this be the final time.

Don’t accept rides from this stand.
I’m warning you again.

Don’t create unnecessary issues.
You take the cab. Let’s leave

Who the hell are you to
get involved in this?

You can use this language at
people back at your home.

Call the police Manu!

Call the police if you dare you frog head.

Who the hell do you think you are?

Its none of your
business, whoever I am.

Go talk like this to your dad!
You do that first!

Brother, brother. Give me a moment.

Gayathri.. Please…

I need to have a work with you.
What word?

I don’t want to hear anything.

I’m Unni’s Cousin.

What should I do if you’re Unni’s brother?
How did you say you are related to Unni?

Comrade Unni. Area Committee Secretary.
How did you say you are related to Unni?

I’m his cousin.
Why didn’t you mention this before?

Gopan, let them go. I know him personally.

Brother, you take the cab.
Gayathri, get back in!

Get in get in
Move aside, let them leave.


Hey, I’ll deal with you later.

Brother, start moving!

What happened? The car ain’t starting?

Who is he brother?
He is comrade Unni’s guy.



Shall we go?

You recognised me right?


Oh Yes!

You’re Subhadra’s husband,
settled in Middle East right?

I’m an actor.

Start driving.

I mistook you for someone else sir.

There’s a distant relative
of mine Subhadhra.

Her husband looks exactly like you.



I’ve acted in 51 dramas..

108 short films…

And over 150 music albums!

Is it?

Hey you seen my “Room”?


Hey you seen my “Room”?

How could I have possible
seen your room sir?

Hey, have you seen the short film
I’ve acted in titled “Room”?

No..i haven’t.



What “gutan”?




“Bullseye”, “Orangutan bullseye”?

Not “ Orangutan bullseye”.

“Orangutan” and “Bullseye”,
both are different films.

You haven’t seen anything?

Its gone viral on youtube!!
And you haven’t seen it yet?


That’s sad. Youtube is turning useless.

What’s your name?

Your name?


Ramesh..Do you know the person who
acted alongside Surabhilekshmi..?

Who won the national award for the
best actress in the move “The Firely”?


Look here!



Do you know what the
jury chairman commented?


The Jury Chairman! Do you
know what he commented?


He asked who is this great actor is!

This is a rumour spreading
in the Indian film industry.

That, if I sign for a movie, it’ll
at least win a National Award

Is it?

Do you know where they framed
the first shot of the movie?

Look..On my face!



Oh , why did you allow that sir?

Why did you let them film your face,
for someone else’s award? Why?

This guy is a disaster.

Ramesh, try to stay silent.

Reduce the volume of the song.


Hello, is this Dileesh Pothan sir?

Sir this is Shyam, we met
the other day at Kasargod.

On the location of your movie
“Thondimuthalum, Driksakshiyum”

Your associate director Manu had
asked me to come and meet you.

You were having juice then, sir.

Could you give me something in that?

Not the juice sir!

Sir, you had assured me dialogue scene.

Is it? Are you sure?

Ok sir! I’ll call you sir!


You’re really a lucky charm!


And this car too

If I get an opportunity,
I shall race ahead.

Alas, I am frantically
waiting for a good entry.

Head towards Manaviyam.

*Folk song*

130 Sir…130.

So, thank you Mr. Suresh.

Not Suresh, I’m Ramesh.
Oh, Ramesh.

I had told you all these, because
I know you are trustworthy.

Don’t share it with any film personalities
who may travel in this car.

I’ll be thrown out of the industry. OK?

We’ll meet again.

Sir, the cash.

Here you go.

See you sir.

Please close the door sir.

*Folk song*

What happened?


Is there something wrong?

Do you want me to stop the car?


Its over.

If he doesn’t desire it, let it be.

If he can forget….

If he can forget these 12 years..

I too can!

Its ok.

Let him leave.. Let him leave..
Let him leave.

How can I hold him back?

No. I’ll come to your place.


All right.

What happened?

I have been observing you from the
beginning. Is there any problem?

No nothing.

Brother, please stop here.


Please stop here.

Stop the car!

What’s the fare?

We’ve not reached yet.

We’ve not reached the destination.

I need to go my friends place.

Tell me the fare.

00:24:56,324 --> 00:24:57,987
We haven’t reached the destination.

That’s all right.


You had lunch?

No,no. I just got in to a restaurant.
Just about to have.

Yea.Did you pick the kids from the school?

Yea? Ok.


Didn’t I say I’ll buy that today morning?

What else?

Hold on.
What would you like to have?

Paratha, Chapati, Meals is also ready.

I’ll have meals.

What else?

Yea. I’ll buy that.

I’ll buy that.

Anything else? Ok.

Brother, could you bring the music down a little bit?
Oh, why not? I’ll reduce the volume.

I’m sure he won’t reduce it.
That’s certain.

Hello. Yeah.

Yeah Prasad!

I’m having lunch at the restaurant.

I was about to call you.

Yea. Its not possible to behave
pleasantly to everybody as you said.

Some are really irritating.

I’ll do one thing.

I’ll come to your place today evening.

I’ll elaborate then.
Lots of stuff to tell you.

Yea, ok ok…Ok fine.

You try calling the driver.
There’s a cab approaching.

Is this the one?

Yeah. That’s the one.

Come you bulky.

Yeah babe. I’ll call you later.

Open the door.
Hello, hello…

I can’t let all five of you in.

I we took the trouble to call this cab.We’ll make sure we travel in it too.

That fat guy will weigh
as much a two people.

In that case we’ll do one thing.You get down here.We’ll take the cab.

You just drive man!

Why do I have to deal with
such people from morning?

All if you come, destroy the car.

Why do you all want to get crammed
back there when there’s seat up front.

Lets go.
All in?

Lets go brother.

Hey bulky, come sit here.

No man.

Vineeth. You sit here.

Or else, you stay there.

You sit here man!

Hey bulky, sit here man!

Let me sit there. I feel like vomiting.

You can’t open this window.

I feel better if I see the view.

Vomit in my hand..vomit.

What is his problem? Dude tell him!

Dude, behave! Whats the issue?

I feel like vomiting and he isn’t moving.

You sir where you are. Its not an issue.

What did you say your issue was?
I really feel like vomiting dude.

Oh, the real issue is that he misses
checking out girls on the street.

I figure that out. Take my bag.

You need to check out right?

Who wants to check this out?

What do you guys think?

Hey, I want to kiss it too.

Whoever wants to kiss the bottle can do it now.

Don’t drop the bottle.

Its scoth dude!
Take the glass.

What brother?
What the hell?

What is this? What is this?

You can’t drink inside the cab. It’ll be a huge issue if police finds out.

Out, Out. Everybody get out.

Didn’t we book this cab?

Didn’t I bring the scotch?

Say “Yes” not “What?”

Listen up. If we know how to book the cab and bring scotch along…

We also know how to drink inside this cab. You have a problem with that?

If you do, you can get down here. We’ll drive ourselves.

Are you happy now?
We have bigger cars back home brother.

Start driving.
Dude open the bottle!

Who is listening to me anyway!

Brother, want to have one?
Do whatever you guys want.

Glenfiddich people. Scotch Whiskey, Single malt.

Do you guys know, its 18years old.

Dude! Is this the way to drink?

I thought of drinking it before it ages again. It’s already 18 years old right?

You need an aristrocratic backup to drink this. Do you get me?

Pour it in a crystal glass with 2,3 ice cubes.

First you must smell it. Then you get an urge to gulp it.

Bring the glass closer to your lips and take a sip.

It’ll give you a refreshing flavour. Then slowly gulp it down.

Ok. Pour one more dude. We’ll do it this time.

This guy won’t drive steady!

You’re spilling the drink brother.

Oh, is it spilling over?

What a fragrance.

What dude! If you guys wanted to gulp it down like this…

You could have had some local brand.

Give me the glass. I’ll show you how its done.
Am I looking like an aristocrat now?

Do one thing brother, pour one more.

Don’t even have a family house and still talking about aristocracy!

Why are we pulling over?
The drink won’t spill now.

Why did this guy pull over?

Dude! What is your problem? Why did you pull over?

You guys are drinking right?

Finish your drink peacefully. We’ll start after that.

We’ll drink peacefully. You drive the car.

Since the car is shaking, the drink will get in you head.

That will happen otherwise too. You please drive brother. Dude fix me one.

What am I going to do with these people? Won’t even listen to me.

Drive brother.

What happened?

I swear I didn’t go anything.

Vineeth, open your eyes. He’s crying with his eyes closed.

This guy!...

Vineeth! Stop crying dude!

Ask him to stop crying man.

I didn’t do anything!

Got a cool shot.
Hey, stop crying man.

He didn’t pull over, why cry even then?

You sleep man.
What happened? Shall I pull over?

What’s your problem? All I’ve been hearing is “pull over, pull over”

Don’t stop the car. We’ll drive if you’re not going to.

Can’t handle this guy anymore.

Then why is he crying?
He is crying because you pull over all the time.


I am not crying for that!

Then why is he crying?

Brother, that’s a long story.

Let him cry then.
I’ll sing you a song. You sleep.

Once you told me girl that I will come with you if you call me

Once you told me girl that I will come with you if you call me

Once you told me girl that I am the only figure in your heart

Once you told me girl that I am the only figure in your heart

Once you told me dear that you would die with me if I die

Once you told me dear that you would die with me if I die

Once you told me dear that I would look good with a beard

Once you told me dear that I would look good with a beard

Once you told me dear that you could hear my name when your heart beats

Once you told me dear that you could hear my name when your heart beats

After some wards you told me that you are trying hard even to remember my name

After some wards you told me that you are trying hard even to remember my name

After some wards you told me that some other guy came to marry you

After some wards you told me that some other guy came to marry you

After some wards you told me that my awkward looks were not suitable to marry you

After some wards you told me that my awkward looks were not suitable to marry you

On that day I couldn’t understand that my friends are the only one who would be with me

On that day I couldn’t understand that my friends are the only one who would be with me

On that day you told me that you will come with me if I call you

On that day you told me that you will come with me if I call you

If I call you, you will come with me……

If I call you, you will come with me……

Give me minute. I’ll be right back.

God, please bring me good fortune.

Hello, hello! Get inside the car!

Get in the car!

Have no sense of where he is pissing!
Ok, Start driving.

Give me, give me…the chips.

Why do you eat like this man?

When did you start eating this man?
Since yesterday!

Is that thing stuck to your hand?!

You also had from this right?

I just had once. Just one!

Dude, I need to tell you something.

Yes, go on.
Not you man! Him.

It was so bad on your part to have pissed in front of the temple. Its wrong.

I don’t believe in god.
What you’re saying is right dude. God doesn’t exist!

If god did exist, my girl wouldn’t have dumped me right?

That’s correct dude!

That’s not God’s play!

Its because you haven’t looked at yourself in the mirror.

Don’t you look in the mirror? She won’t suit monkey face like you!

She was a hot chick. Looked as pure as milk!

He was her slave, not her boyfriend.

Don’t think you can tease me because you guys are fair skinned. Yes I am black!

What’s the problem?

Their combination seemed like, dog poop mixed with milk pudding.
Dog poop?! You calling me dog poop?!

Dog poop?! You calling me dog poop?
What man?

You’ve been teasing me for a long time now. I’ve been noticing it.

We weren’t teasing you man. That’s how your appearance is.

What appearance? This how I look man.
Yeah that how you look, Its fact.

Why do you take all this seriously man?
Hey, stay calm! Ask them to stay calm!

Please be silent.
Don’t leave him.

I’ll beat him up today!

Hey, what is this?
I’ve been waiting for the right time to hit you man.

Who is hitting me from behind? My neck!

Hey stop fighting in there!
Stop the car!

Don’t destroy the cab!
Stop the car man! Stop!

Why are you guys behaving like lunatics? Don’t fight!

Get down from the seat. Sit somewhere!
Let’s get outside. Get out man!

You want to make fun of me right?
Ohh, you want to push me? Hold him.

Guys, don’t beat him up!
Fatty, help me.

Reji, leave him,let him go.
Move aside or you’ll also get kicked

What’s with you guys? Gone mad or what?

Let go of me
Hello, hello.

Move aside. Don’t block my camera.

Come fight with me one by one if you dare to.

Come come.

i said one by one.

Hello hello, move
Hey my leg! My leg!

Move, I said move. Go get in the car, Go get in.

People are watching you guys. Get inside the car now.
Fighting for no reason.

Come, Come with me. Everybody get inside the car now.

I need to make a point clear… leave me fatty. Let me go.

What are you guys doing?
What’s your problem. Get inside the car now.

Say something, something to the camera.
We’ll get to beat you up one day!

You made them drink all that alcohol!

Everybody get in now.
Reji come get in.

You mind your own business.
Come sit here, upfront.

What are you doing?

It was fun right?

You’re responsible for this…Close the door.

Start driving brother.

Fun it seems!

You know we were joking right. Why does he have to take it seriously?

It was completely unnecessary.

Why do you guys do this when you’re drunk?

Don’t talk nonsense fatty.
Don’t you have brains Reji?

Why does he have to make an issue out of a joke?

I can’t expect you guys to behave anywhere.

Brother, you also heard them ridiculing me.

How would you have reacted?
Can I ask you guys something?

Did you guys book the cab for this brawl? Tell me.

Why can’t you take a joke in its spirit?

I was just making video. I didn’t bear you right?

Brother, sorry.
What’s the meaning of apologising after beating me up?

Leave it bro.
Get lost.

Leave it man. Consider it as an exercise.

Whats the need for mirror?, all through your journey

Your friends would be with you always

Throw your tears and debts to sea buddy

Lets get along together to cover this journey of life

Whats the need for mirror?, all through your journey

We, the buddies shall accompany you

I have followed you as a shadow

Stood with you by sharing all your ethos

Absorbed your tears through positive dreams

I have followed you as a shadow

Stood with you by sharing all your ethos

Absorbed your tears through positive dreams

Parted my heart for you

You are my heartbeat as long as I am alive

Let time come and time pass

Whats the need for mirror?, all through your journey

Your friends would be with you always

Together we executed various plans

And shared the repercussions together

We chased different dreams together

Together we executed various plans

And shared the repercussions together

We chased different dreams together

We stood with you from the time we met and

And stands with you unconditionally

Let time come and time pass

You will remain my friend for ever

What’s the need for mirror? all through your journey

Your friends would be with you always

Throw your tears and debts in the sea buddy

And let’s together carry on this journey!

What’s the need for mirror? all through your journey

Your friends would be with you always

We’ll freshen up and be back. Coming?

No. I’m not coming. You guys go have fun.

Park the car here brother and come join us.
No. I’m not interested guys.

Will you guys be late?

What ?
We’ll be late.

What job does he have other than sleeping?!

Hello, Brother-in-law.

I’m on a trip with some spoilt kids to Mankyar water falls.

Water falls!

I’m not able to hear brother in law. Poor network here.


No service here! Call me later.

Yeah. Can’t understand a thing.

Brother..Brother! Lets go.

You guys are back this early? Get in.

How come you guys are back this early?

There is nothing to see there.

There is nothing to see there. Start driving man.

Everyone got in? Lets go?

Where’s the other guy?

That dark, thin guy.
He said he’ll be back later.

He won’t get another ride from here. It’s difficult.
He’ll be back on his own. You start driving man!

Did you guys start fighting again?
No brother.

What? Where is he then?

Where is he man?

Where is he, speak up!
He said he’ll come.


He is over there.
Why are you crying?

Where is he?
He’ll come back!

He drowned brother! He drowned!

He drowned?! What sort of friends are you?

Why are you still in the car? You wana leave now?

Get out! Get out I say!
We’ll search brother!

Where , where?

Dude! What have you guys done!

Tell me where you guys went!

Up there. We went up there.
The stream here is very deep!

We must go search down there brother!

You shouldn’t go to unfamiliar places like this.

Keep moving. Keep moving.

Over there

Come on.

Jump, jump!
I don’t know to swim.

Don’t know swimming? Come jump if you know swimming.

We don’t know how to swim brother.

Search for him brother! Find him!

Where ? Where do I search?

Over there, over there.

Search brother.

Could you find him brother?

Come help me find him, rather than instructing me from over there.

Look over there brother.

Over there brother. He fell over there.

Look over brother. I’m sure you’ll find him.

Keep searching brother.


Brother could you find him? Keep looking!

Right ! Over to your right!

Brother that's the place.
I don't think he's able to hear you. Brother...!

Right! Over to your right!

Keep searching brother.

Reji, tell him. What ? brother..

I don’t think I can find him.
He can’t hear a thing. Brother.

Look over here brother.

That’s where you can find him brother!


He found him!

What’s the guy doing? Hey..you…

What’s this man doing?

Oh no! somebody please help us!

Brother, come brother!

Grab my hand
I lost him!

I lost him!

Help him man.

Where is he brother?

Brother, where is he? Where is he?
I lost him.

What’s the issue here?

Our friend drowned!
Didn’t you call the guards?

We called him!

What have you guys done

Hello sir, this is sreekanth

Sir, a group of boys came into kalakkayam
sometime ago. One of them drowned.

We didn’t see it sir. We’d warned
them not to cross the fence.

Sir, its slippery there

Reji, give way

Don’t wait, Start searching

Search in that area.

Search over here too.

That’s it, that’s it…

Slowly bring him in...slowly.

Put him on the stretcher.

Its slippery. Don’t slip and fall.

Bring the stretcher. Careful!

Don’t wait. Move the stretcher soon.

Lift the stretcher. Lift it.

Move, move. Start moving.

Bring them in.

Walk faster.

Sit over here.

Sit down.

You can sit over there.

Hey, you again? You’re for
the fourth time right?

No sir, the third time.

Whatever it is, I’ve told you not
to come without proper documents.


Did I ask you to put money
in fraudulent chits?

Sir, I don’t know about it.
Please help me somehow.

There are 100s of similar
pending cases here. Clear out.

Sir, what about my money?
Clear out.

The proof gathering for jewellery
robbery is today. I need to go there.

Oh, I forgot about that.
When’ll you be back ?

Evening sir.

Can you manage it by yourself?
No problem sir.

You may go then. Ok.

You didn’t leave yet?

I’ll frame you in a false
case if I see you again.

I’ll consider your case if
you can bring some evidence.

Ok sir.
Go now.

Do I have to request you sit down?
Sit there man.

Is it done?
Yes sir.

Sir, what about those boys?

Let them sit there. Bring the driver.

Sir is calling you.

Sir is calling you. Come get up.

You. Come here.

What’s your name?

Tell me your name..



What is your name? I’m online taxi
driver sir. Just started today.

Just answer to the point.
Where is your house?

Tell me where you stay.

Tell me your address.
Kalathiparambil house, Alinthara, Venjaramoodu.

Tell me where is your house is.

Father’s name?
Mohan Nair.

Louder. Mohan…Mohan…

What was your previous job ?

I lost my hearing aid in the water sir.

My ears are clogged with water. Can’t
understand what you’re saying…

Is he really dumb?

Can’t you understand what I’m saying?

What’s the issue then?

00:58:35,380 --> 00:58:36,496

00:58:36,537 --> 00:58:37,644

00:58:38,965 --> 00:58:41,531
Is the deceased your friend?

Ok. Go have a seat.

Ramesh. I’m a driver sir.

What is this man?

Chandran, take him away. Bring the boys in.

What sir?

I said, bring the boys!

Ok. Come.

Go inside. Sir wants to speak to you guys.

Stand straight.

Stand straight I said!

Where are you guys from?

You! Where are you from?

From the city sir.

We’re from the city sir.
Doesn’t the city have a name?

You all appear spoilt
like boys from the city.

You guys do drink and smoke up right?

No sir.

Don’t you smoke up?

Come here. I said come!

Over here.

Aren’t you drunk?

Lying to my face?!

I’ll beat the shit out of you guys!

When did ya’ll, leave home ?

Today..Today morning sir.

This has become a practise.

Guys like you fall down from the top
of the hill, high on pot and alcohol.

Do you think the job of
police is to fish bodies?

You’ve just wasted our lives.
You guys don’t have a future.

I’ve called up your parents. Let them come.

You’ll have time for nothing
other than court trials…

And forget about your education.

What is it?

Sir, I have something to say.
Say it!

Why are you perplexed?

Come on, open your damn mouth!

Sir, he didn’t fall from the top.
Then? Say it!

Sir the driver did it! Look.

Hey, what is this guy doing?

Oh my god! Somebody please help us!

Would you rather save your friend or
make a video when he is being murdered?

You know the depth of the
stream better than us sir.

None of us knew swimming too.

I didn’t know what else
to do in that situation.

Phone number?

Alright, give me the phone.

You’ve got only one?
No, two.

Take the other phone out!

Ok. Go sit.

I’ll keep the phone here.

Call that driver. That dumb guy.

Get up. Sir wants to talk to you.

You guys wait outside. I’ll call you.

You come closer.

Stand straight, you!

Put your hands down.

Why did you say like that?

I didn’t see any other way to escape.

What I say from now is the truth. I need you to back me up.

Who’re you stating at?

Are you trying to pull of an act saying you’re deaf?


Are you trying to act smart after murdering someone?


Trying to act smart after murdering someone?!

Spit it out!
Sir, I didn’t murder anybody.

Say the truth.
I didn’t do anything, Sir! I was just trying to save a life!

I’ll beat you up!

I swear sir! The boys where watching me trying to save him.

I don’t understand what you are trying to say sir!

I swear I didn’t murder anybody. I didn’t murder anyone!

The boys had booked my cab sir!

Don’t think you can fool us with your act.

We have all the evidence to charge you to murder!

I’m innocent sir.

The boys together booked my cab.

They made issues right from the beginning.

We drove to the waterfall.

One of them was missing when they
came back from the waterfall.

So I asked them where he is

That’s when they revealed he drowned!

Everybody came with me when I asked them to come help me search.

None of them knew swimming when I’d asked them to jump.

I jumped into water because I was the only one who knew swimming.

I lost my hearing aid in the
stream while searching for him.

I started shivering when I came up because I’d lost my hearing aid.

Stop it!

I lose control of myself when I start shivering!
Stop it! Stop it!

I tried saving…

You think police officers are fools to believe this?
Believe me sir!

You can ask the boys sir!
You don’t know my true nature.

Take him away. I’ll make you say the truth!

Sir...Sir, I’d like to see the sub inspector.

You can meet him inside.

Leave me! I was just trying to save rescue somebody!

Take him away.
Why are you beating me up?

Take him away. Make him sit there.

Sir, greetings.
What is it?

I’m his brother sir.

Sit, Sit…Sit down.

Sir, I was called from station.

What you do ?

I work in a bank, sir.

What about his parents?

They’re abroad sir. They’re in Europe.

His parents are in Europe and
he’s chilling here is it?

Not exactly, sir.

He’s not a spoilt kid sir. He’s a good kid.

I’m not backing him because
he’s my brother, sir.

What are you saying? There is a procedure
for everything in the station.

Is there a problem sir?

Shall I ask them to prepare the FIR?

Have to submit this in court tomorrow.
Are there any other complications?

Its complicated. I have
to take their statements.

Only then can I proceed. It is complicated.

I can only say that after the investigation. Procedures are pending.

Wait outside.
Sir can we…

Wait outside. I’ll call you.
Ok sir.

Come, Come…

Sir, we received a message about a fight in Mukkola junction.

Ok. You drive.


Sir, I didn’t murder anyone.
Go sit there.

I didn’t do it!
Go sit there!

Chandran, take him away.

Tell him I didn’t murder your friend!
Did I kill him?

Did I kill him?

Sit here.

Sit there silently!

You guys sit down. Sit down.

“This world is our home”

Shall I call the boys and the
driver to take statement?

Yeah, call them.
Ok, Sir.

Get up and go to that room.

I don’t know anything sir.
I don’t know anything.

I don’t understand how things
changed after I got here.

I only tried to rescue
someone…just tried to rescue..

We can’t do anything about it Ramesh.

I’ve recorder whatever you’ve said.

The court will give the verdict.
Go sit there Ramesh.

Go sit there. Go now.


This is Mukkattussery Police station.

Yes, How are you related to Ramesh?

Ramesh is in the station regarding a case.

Somebody came over ASAP.

Get down.

Frisk them both before bringing them in.

Come here.

Can’t be sure if they’re
hiding any weapons.

Sir, Someone’s here to see you.

Behave in the station. I won’t
consider you father and son.

Did you take their statement?

I don’t seem to recognise you.

I’m Purushothamman Pillai from C K Group


I’ve heard about you, but I’m
seeing you for the first time.

What is it sir? Do you
require any local support?

It’s not that…

One of the boys sitting outside is my son.


He’s my only son sir.

I don’t know how he got caught up in this.

Is there any problem?

There is a problem.

One of the boys from their
group got murdered.

They witnessed the murder.

The driver is the murderer.

The case points at the driver
having had a fight with the boy.

Was there and arrest or..?

No, Nothing like that sir.

They are in the witness list, not suspects.


Is it possible to exclude
him from the witness list?

Oh, I can only try sir.

You know how complicated these cases are.

There are some procedures to be followed.

Have you had enough, now
that I’m in the station?

This should have been sorted back at home.

You assaulted me. Shut up!

I shouldn’t have spared you
seeing your behaviour.

Kill me then!
Let me get a chance to!

Let the police also see it.

Both of you stop. Do you think
this is a market to shout out?

Creating issues for no reason!

Where is your hometown?

Kottarakkara, sir.

Kottarakara?! I have some
charity operations there.

I run an old age home…

I know sir. I’ve been
there as a guest once.

Is it?

So, I’ll be coming to Kottarakara.

I’ll come to your home.

Ok sir, we’ll meet.

What about my son…?

Don’t worry, We’ll do the needful.

Can I take him now.


You can’t take him right away.
Some procedures are pending.

All right. I’m leaving everything to you.

So, we’ll meet next in Kottarakara. Ok?

Sit down. Sit.


Sir, I’ll be back in sometime.

You, sit right there!

This is his wife’s residence or what?

Sir, Ramesh…?

Go in and see the constable.

Hey, you sit down.

This is my wife sir.

You sit down now.

Sir, we were asked us to
come, over the phone.

He’s in police custody
regarding a murder case.

You talk to the S.I.

What is this? What happened?

I don’t know. I was just
trying to rescue somebody.

Where are the kids?

They’re home.

Motor vehicle act, 1988.


Ramesh’s wife…

Also, let me get the bike’s number.

Yes, come.

The bike…

I’ll get the number.

Hello sir.

I’ll get the details sir. Ok.

Sir, the constable outside
said Ramesh murdered somebody.

Ramesh won’t do such a thing.
He is innocent , sir.

Ramesh can never do such a thing sir.

How are you related to Ramesh?
I’m his friend…his friend.

Who is she?
I’m his wife.

She is Ramesh’s wife.

You please tell her, not
to cry in front of me.

Sir, We…
Please, don’t cry. Please.

You please make her understand.

The evidences are against
Ramesh in my investigation.

We have a video clip as solid evidence.

There are eye witnesses.

We have two daughters sir.

There is no point
explaining all this to me.

You please wait outside.

I’ll call you if necessary. Wait outside.

Wait outside.

Sir please.

No point explaining to me.
You wait outside.

Ok sir.

Ramesh brother.

Where do you think you’re going?

Wait outside. We’ll call if necessary.

Sir we just need to ask him…
Go outside.

Let’s go.


Could I talk to my wife?

Shut up.

Just sit there.


What’s the matter?

Don’t say if you don’t want to.

Hey you! Can’t shut your mouth.

Sir…About my brother…

Is the post mortem over?

We have to prepare the FIR

Yes, we have evidence.

Yes, we have a strong evidence.

You saw him?
Its all complicated here.

They say they have video evidence.

Yea, shot on mobile.
Don’t worry we’ll put pressure from the top.

Sir, hello sir.

I’m the councillor of the ward Ramesh belongs to.

Please sit down.

What’s the issue sir?

He is not a troublesome person back home.

3-4 boys went on a trip in his cab.

He had a quarrel with one of them, in between.

He drowned the boy in the stream because of grudge.

The others have taken a video of the incident.

So, we have strong evidence.

Sir...He has some health issues.

That might be true, but we are helpless.

You know it is in section 302. Murder.

You know the procedure right?

We can’t do anything about it. There is solid evidence.

We have to proceed with that.

Sir, what if we could use some influence?

As I’d already told you, this is a murder.
We’ll move according to procedure.

Alright then… We’ll talk later.

Alright then sir.

What is it,member?

Things are little complicated.

There is nothing to worry. We’ll do something about it.

Let me go see Party Secretary. Let’s see what can be done.

Has sir come?
He’s inside?


You sit down. Sit down!

You say.

Sir I gave my property to my daughter..
Its not fair what he is doing…

Stop it. You think this is a market?

Blabbering nonsense.

You say.

He’s been troubling me ever since I gave
my house and property to my daughter.

Das has also been troubling me sir.

What can I do if he tries to assault me ?

Sir, what will I do if he…
Stop it.

Saying the same thing over and over again.
You explain.

I transferred my property in my daughters name after her marriage.

She has nowhere else to stay. He’s been troubling me ever since.

Now you explain.

Sir, he’d given her a fair share before marriage.

Brother in law’s alcoholism destroyed everything.

Dad promised me the house and made me refurbish it on a loan.

My family will be homeless if he gives her property.

I’ll make one thing clear.

Issues in your family should be sorted in your home.

It shouldn’t be a nuisance for the public.

If I happen to get another complaint against you guys.

I won’t think twice. I’ll come into your home and trash you both. Understood?

Both of you go sign and leave.

Come back home, I’ll teach you a lesson.

Sir, if I step out he will slap me.

Then I can some back here right?

Then come back once he slaps you. I’ll take care of it.

Will you please go now.

Pathetic, both of them.

What he said?

I have talked to him, conveyed everything.

I talked to Nelson sir but he is not helping.

They seem to be those kid’s relatives. I’ll go and talk to them.

The kids these days.

We won’t have to face anything.
Sir, one minute.


I am Rameshan’s friend.

I don’t know who those kids are to you.

Rameshan is an innocent person.

He wouldn’t have done this.

My friend, I don’t know who you are.

If you have anything to say, the
concerned authority is sitting inside.

Go on and talk to the S.I.

Why are you telling me all this?

Sir, over there is Rameshan’s wife.
A mother of two girls.

Rameshan would never have done it.

They said there was evidence, that
your kids have shot some video.

Rameshan would never do such a a thing sir.

He wouldn’t kill anybody.

What are you blabbering?

You guys are rich.

You could easily erase this case if you want to.

You would easily save your kids too.

We wouldn’t even get the benefit of doubt from this station.

What is he talking about sir?
Stop, stop, stop.

Who is this guy?
Go on, walk away.

We are just poor people.

Sit down sir.
What was the use of telling us all these?

Sir this is the F.I.R of Rameshan’s case.

This is the F.I.R of Rameshan’s case.

Are the statements by the kids clear?

The accused Rameshan

Drove with Vineeth the victim, and his friends from Thiruvanthapuram
to Ponmudi in the car in which he was working as a taxi driver.

In between an argument broke out between the accused and the victim.

Due to this with the intention to kill, the
victim was taken to Mangayar water falls

And was drowned and murdered by the accused.

And found guilty as per the above mentioned sections

Do you want to be specifically told. Sit down.

Why do you have to enquire about unnecessary stuff

You just had to drive.

Drive the vehicle.

He’s no more

Brother, hiring the car around let’s go.

Rameshan, you are under custody.

Stop the car, I said stop the car.

Sir is calling you. Go.

Brother, there is no such thing as God.

No matter how much angry you are, always react with a smile on your face.

Don’t just wander around here. Go and brush your teeth.

Dad, did we buy uncle’s car

Judging by looks he wouldn’t have done this murder

You don’t have to think about that.

Produce him in court with the evidence that we have.


Make those kids sign the papers and let them go.

4 of you can put down your name’s and signature’s and go.

Ramesha, get up and come.


Sit down over there.

As he’s ready for a one time settlement,

What is the maximum time bank can give?

Not more than 3 months.

That’s the maximum

Bank and party is ready for settlement, your honour

The honourable court can decide on the timings.

Are you ok with 3

Yes sir.

Else, action will be taken against you.


Accused- Ramesh Balakrishnan



Did you go to Mangayar on
the 15th of August 2017

Yes I did.

How did you go?

Sir, I was an online taxi driver.

I went there because, all
of them booked a ride.

Around what time did you reach Mangayar?

I don’t remember the time exactly

It would have been between 2pm and 3pm

2 or 3 ?

01:29:41,759 --> 01:29:43,423
How much time did you spend there?

How much time did you
spend at Mangayar region?

After I dropped them off there.

I snoozed off sir.

Afterwards when they came back and woke me.

Probably 45minutes.

As per you

You say you weren’t at that spot
when the incident happened?


Then , aren’t you the one on the
video clip produced before court?

Aren’t you the same person on the video?


Sir at the time of incident

He say’s he was not there.


He admits that he is
the same person in the

video produced before
the court as evidence.

From this

The prosecution fully convinced that
Rameshan has committed the murder.

Objection your Honour.

Objection sustained

Do you know that, all 4 of them
have given statement against you?


The first witness Devan

Shot a video of Rameshan murdering Vineeth

And has produced it before
the honourable court

Do you know that?


According to it, did you kill Vineeth?

No sir.

I haven’t killed anyone.

Are you sure?

Yes sir.

I was trying to save him.

Are you telling us that you are innocent?


I swear

Your honour

Rameshan insists that

He is innocent

And has not committed

To understand about the
further details of this case

I humbly seek permission to cross
examine the first witness Devan.

Permission granted.

Is devan your original name?

Yes sir.

The Relationship between
you and the deceased?

We were friends.

What was the intent behind your journey?

It was a holiday sir

So we friends decided to go on a trip

Everybody went on a trip
to enjoy holiday right?


Did you drink?

Did you drink?

A little

While drunk did you have an
argument among each other.

No sir.

Then between whom it happen?

The conflict occurred between
this driver and Vineeth.

For that conflict to occur
was the driver drunk?

The driver wasn’t drunk sir.

Should the court believe it?

But sir?

All of us were drunk.

But it was between them
that the conflict happened.

Between whom?

Vineeth and this driver

The hastle between the
deceased Vineeth and Rameshan

Yes Sir


It resulted in a small exchange of blows.

Then we had to separate them.

Then we continued our journey

Then what happened?

Then we all went to take a bath

He said, he will stay
back and did not come.

So Vineeth stayed back.

You guys went for a bath.


After a while. We heard loud noises

What we saw when we went there was

Vineeth and the driver were
fighting each other in the water.

Oh is it?

What you saw was Vineeth and
Rameshan fighting in the water.


Then Rameshan was forcefully trying
to drown Vineeth in the water.

Rameshan forcefully drowned
Vineeth in the water.

Yes sir.

The video that you submitted was of that.


When your friend was in danger

Instead of trying to save him,
why did you shoot the video?

Sir, that was because none
of us knew how to swim

Aren’t you a youngster.


While you learned to drink

Didn’t you learn a basic
trait like swimming?

That’s because

No Sir

Didn’t you know even a
little bit of swimming


So you are saying

Rameshan is the one who
drowned and murdered Vineeth

Yes sir

Did you hear Devan’s statement in front of the court?

Devan says

In between your journey

You and the deceased Vineeth

Had a verbal argument

And for taking revenge for it

Rameshan took vineeth to the waterfall

And drowned and murdered him
Is the statement made in court.

It’s an absolute lie sir.

They are absolutely lying.

After they got in the car

Everyone was drinking.

All the argument and hassles happened between them.

I saw them for the first time sir.

The argument happened them.


Nothing had happened between you of any sort.


Your Honour

Rameshan repeatedly emphasis that
No argument of any sort had happened.

But Devan says

An argument did occur

And for taking revenge for it

The murder was committed.

Since these two statements

Are contradicting each other

To the Honourable court.

For submitting more evidences

And to cross examine other witnesses,

I humbly plead to be allotted more time.

On behalf of producing more evidences

This case has been post ponded to August 14th

Vineeth murder case is having a decisive turning point

As the strike for justice by Rameshan’s wife and kids reach 327 days

We know that the protest has led to big discussions among Keralites

The incident which led to the case happened on 15th August 2017

Family is protesting to prove the innocence of the accused

But there is no development in the case yet


I ask permission to cross examine ASI Gokul Das
Who had prepared the charge sheet

Permission granted.

Thank you sir

ASI Gokul Das right?

Yes sir.

Does Mangayar come under your jurisdiction?

Yes, Mukkatussery Police station

Did you personally go the place of the incident?

I did

What did you see there?

Sir, we went there based on an information we got

What was the condition when you reach there?

The dead body was kept on land.

We immediately sent the body to a hospital in an ambulance.

Was Rameshan present there at that time?

He was sir.

What was his condition?

When we had reached there,
he was wet and tired

Oh is that so

By tired do you mean?

It could have been after a physical struggle.

You could interpret it like that.

What were the other aspects

Which persuaded the police to convict Rameshan?

Sir firstly, the evidence obtained from the preliminary investigation

Secondly the similarities in all their statements.

Then the video clip obtained from them.

Apart from all this

The contradiction in Rameshan’ s behaviour between incident spot and police station

Sir, he wasn’t answering to questions we were asking

That’s all your honour

Do you remember this bag?

Do you remember this bag?

Isn’t this vineeth’s bag?

It is

This is Vineeth’s bag.

Isn’t it?


As in the bag used by Vineeth on the day he was murdered.


Do you know from where I got this bag?

Do you ?

I don’t know

I got his bag from top of the waterfall.

Let it be.

Did you go on top of the waterfall?

Did you go on the top of the waterfall?

First we did go the top of the waterfall

Nothing specific happened there.

We simply went there

It did not look like appropriate spot to hang out.

We right away.

Isn’t it?

We came back right away sir.

So you went on top of the waterfall?

Disposed of the bag there

Came back quickly.

Isn’t that right?


Your honour

Regarding this case

In none of the statement given by these 4 people

Haven’t even once mentioned that they went on top of the waterfall

As the first evident for the case

Only after seeing the bag that I have produced before the court

They admit that it is Vineeth’s bag and they did go on top of the waterfall

It should be understood that the statement made till now were contradictory

It is clear that they are hiding information regarding this case from the court

Regarding this case

The second evidence I am producing before court is

Vineeth’s post mortem report

The post mortem repost and the police report is heavily contradictory

According to the post mortem report

The time Vineeth’s death is 3.30pm

On the video produced by the witness’s to the police

The time of Vinneth’s death is between 4:07 and 4:11pm

That is

The time of the death on post mortem report

The time of the death on the video clip

Is differing by 30 minutes.

The court should note that a big contradiction is present here.

Objection your Honour.

Mobile is just a device for us to set the time accordingly

Even then

Difference of 30 minutes

Cannot be considered as a valid point

Medical science can only give a discreet idea of mans time of death

If we want to know minutes and seconds accurately

We should be asking the medical god himself

Objection overruled.

One fact remains which even god cannot deny sir.

In Vineeth’s post mortem report

A critical wound behind his head was stated.

For having a such wound

Somebody should stab him with a stone

Or beat him with a log.

Or he should have slipped down and hit his head on a rock.

Anyone of these could have been the reason for the death.


Not Rameshan

They killed Vineeth

Isn’t that right?

No Sir.

I saw this guy killing him.

It was him.

From the start of the journey

All 5 of you were drinking.

Getting really drink, you guys fought with each other

As a revenge for that

A deadly wound behind Vineeth’s head was stated in the post mortem report

Because of the fight which happened when you were drunk

I say Vineeth was beaten to death and thrown into the water.

Can you deny it?

No sir.

That’s not how it was

Then how did Vineeth die?

How did it happen?

That was how we told

It was him

I certainly say that

It is not Rameshan who killed Vineeth

Resulting the fight between you guys

I repeatedly say it was you who beat up and killed Vineeth

Can you deny it?

Else tell us. How did Vineeth die?


Say how did he die?

What happened that day?

What happened that day

Bro we shall try trekking too.

Everyone look here


Look at the waterfall


Get on


Its really cold

Rum, Rum, all can come, anyone can come
Come forward

Open this

Started with scotch…ended in rum.

It does not fell nice

Rum is the rum.

We don’t get fit

Fatty give me that

Give me

Give me a little

You have been nagging for sometime

You would be feeling awesome right.

This is your final peg

Bring it here

Shut up

Take the glass

Where’s the water?

Go over there and take photo of ours

I don’t feel like it bro.

All that will be ok

Get up and go

Who are you to only take a pic when you feel like it

Where are you going all wobbly

He is going into the depths

Give that glass

Give me your glass

Praveen, why is he standing over there scratching himself

Bro I will be over there

I won’t get proper depth over here

Don’t you want to take a photo


Bro, ready…are you ready?

Come he will take a pic


What’s wrong with him ?

Everything is ready

Reji come

Nice nice

Wide first

Take take

Be sure to click everything

Not just us

Focus on me

Nice nice

One more one more

Don’t scream

Smile… smile

Let’s go that way and look

There’s nobody here

You guys just shut up

Just shut up

Listen to me

We did not come here, and haven’t seen him too


Just tell that to anyone who asks.

Didn’t that driver see that he came with us?

I’ll take care of that driver

I’ll talk to him, just stand by me

Let’s save him

Do you know how to swim?

Then what are you talking about

Just do as I say

Or else, everybody will be trapped


Shall we go then?

Let’s get out here immediately

Else there’s going to be trouble

Lets call somebody who know’s swimming

There is nothing we
can do, he fell off

Will anybody survive such a fall ?

Try to understand that

Still isn’t he our friend

How can we just abandon him

Not abandoning

But he

Weren’t you the one who fought with him

I don’t have any issue

It was all of you that beat him

That driver knows about all this

If he hears about any of this.

He will say we killed him

I won’t get caught,
but you guys will

You guys were the ones who beat him up


I didn’t do anything anyways

I’ll escape from this

You know me right

Let’s go then

Come on


You come

Take those stuff

Take it, take it fast

Don’t take that bag

Just take out stuff


Come on, come fast

I’ll take my bag

Bro help me out

Climb up fast

I am getting really scared

Come fast

Get in

I’ll talk to him

Don’t you say anything

Remember what told you right

None of you should talk

Its our life


I am submitting a crucial evidence regarding this case to the court

These are some pictures taken on Vineeth’s mobile before his death

The time on the last picture

But on he video produced before court

The accused seems to have used physical force.

It is true sir

That thought might seem true up on seeing the video

I have produced a medical certificate before you

During the time that Ramesh worked in Dubai

He met with an accident

Because of that accident

Hearing sounds above certain frequencies

Can make him start behaving abnormally.
He is facing such a disease

When he dived in to the water to save Vineeth

Up on loosing his hearing aid, the abnormal behaviour was triggered

Rameshan had conveyed this to the police

But the police hasn’t recorded this in any of their reports

Abnormal behaviour was recorded by the witnesses and produced before the court
And framed as Rameshan trying to kill Vineeth

Sir, when all other photos and videos are deleted from phone

And when only video was submitted as evidence

There underlies a big lie in it sir

We are living in a country where lot of legends have lived

And I am bound to say helplessly that

These 4 youngster’s are an example of how our society should not be

Rameshan is not just a name sir

A lot of such people are entwined in our judicial system like this

To conclude

Based on the evidences and witnesses produced

This case should be re examined

And since my client Rameshan been prove innocent before the court

I humbly plead that he may be excused from this case

That’s all your honour

Does the prosecution have anything to say

No sir

Prosecution rests

Vineeth murder case is having a decisive turning point

Rameshan’s family is positive about the direction of the case

After hearing both the defence and prosecution arguments

The court understands that

This case was fabricated by the witnesses to convict Rameshan

Up on creating circumstantial evidences

And by misleading the prosecution

The court has lost its faith in them

Since the prosecution has failed to prove Rameshan is guilty

This court is setting Rameshan free

And for misleading the court with fake evidences

The witnesses are fined 1 lakh rupees each

And for misdirecting the investigation

The police is hear by criticised in a serious tone by the court

The court orders this case to be re examined

Prasad you don’t have to rush and come here

We are coming over there

You stay right there

Yes, yes

Here take this


Start the car confidently



Start it

Start the car