Rambo: Last Blood (2019) - full transcript

Rambo must confront his past and unearth his ruthless combat skills to exact revenge in a final mission.

The NWS has raised the status of the Nova storm

Being category two, heavy rain
with a wind speed of 85 miles hour

This is Lima Charlie, still not
there are signs of the victim's presence

Continue searching for Charlie

This is rescue team one, Lima Charlie,

I'm telling you this place is getting worse

The wind is getting stronger,
what is your status out there?

Getting worse

You have to get people out
you guys from the mountain, over

All teams to more places
high, before the water comes

Rescuers, seek protection

Which volunteers with
horse, he is not on the radio

He must be on his way
back, it will be chaotic here

We will enter

Hey! Hey! Please!

Over here! , Help us!

Go back up, come on, we have to go

There is plenty of water coming.
- I can't find my wife

You see my wife? Come on up
Give him a ride down there?

I found him downstream
river, he's gone

Come on!

I'll find him.

Go there

Come on boy

Don't be far

Hold as hard as you can

Will we die?

So where did you find it
- them? - Two people at camp

You have an identity
positive? , Not yet, it's pretty badly damaged


Who is he? , Volunteer
from time to time, captain

He is a great tracker

Are you OK, Jhon?

The man is killed

The waves carried him away

Yes, we found it
about 1 mile downriver

You did what you could, John

We appreciate your help, again

Hey mister

Thank you

You're welcome

Tired? Yes

It must be cold

I made you coffee

Two people die

Could not save him

Can not save
my brother in war

You can't blame yourself

You're not in a war anymore

Only in your head

This is like a blackout

Sit there

You remind me of your father

He will sit outside

In this rocking chair

Just thinking, never talking

But you already did
good job here

Run this place

I can't do enough
thank you for today

I hope your life gets better


Get some rest

Hold on

Good morning, good morning

How was your sleep?

Good enough

I don't see Gabri's car

He called, he's fine, John

She's at St Antonio's. Oh,
I hope he's fine

He likes the horse, that's good

Having fun


Yes, he will be a good coach

He has a way with a horse


But he will go to college

You think he wants to spend it
time with the horse with you?

That bad? No.

If you like horses


Don't be mistaken

We will win

I'm gonna kill you Charlie

This strategy will not lose

Uncle John! - Inside here

Hey. - Good afternoon

Did you feed the horses?

Yes, not bad

What are you working on?

Do you know what this is?

Little knife.

This is a letter opener, me
for you to go to college

Letter opener

I think that's good on your desk

Uh, I don't want to tell you, but

Nobody wrote anymore

Then you can use it
to keep men away

By the way

Push. Okay

I have to lubricate the hinges

I can help. - Okay, how was last night?

Not many people come to the party

Why not? Because it's raining

Grandma tell me
what happened last night

About dead people

Are you okay?

You know this is not your fault,
right? Have you tried?

I did try

Do you want to walk?

Yes, attach the saddle

Crazy, I'm going to start college

You know why I don't
know what to do?

You know what you are
do you want to do my age?

Yes, I want to be a soldier.

Even before your age

Do you like it?

That's some of my best friends
I have had for some time

It would be very quiet here without you

Who asks all these questions

I'm sure you will survive

I have to go

I have to go to Antonio's

He will sing

Why don't you invite him here

- What? - Bring him here

Remember what happened last time?

You scared them. Why?

Because you can't
stop staring at them

Yes, I do that
sometimes, but it was not intentional

Thank you, but Antonio already
finish it, we will go there okay

Show him the tunnel

- What? - Show him the tunnel

You know what, who
just go to the tunnel

No, but they are your friends,
so they accepted

Okay, cool, yeah. - Yes, show
they are tunnels.

Yes, that would be nice. Yes

Hey, I'm gonna miss you
drive with you

I will miss
drive with you too

They are very crowded

Just kick them out

You like that music? Me
can get used to it

I hope he has fun

Hm, you never allow it
I entered the tunnel

You want to come in, me
will take you around

No, thank you

- Never mind

This is a great place to
party. - No, I know okay

I love you, Mike. I understand

You painted that. - Yes, that
actually from when I was 10 years old

Who is that?

I have to take this, Jezel

No, no, yes, yes, I hear you

Tell me everything

Gabrielle. Yes

What are you doing here?
All your friends have left

They make a mess
big, I'm just cleaning

How was the event? Um

Everyone is happy happy

They keep asking me questions
why my uncle built this tunnel

What are you saying?

I say

You like to multiply and you
a little crazy. That's fair enough

I have to talk to you about something

I want you to think
open about that

I have to go to Mexico

Why do you want to do that?

Because I found my father

My friend Jezel, who lives there

He used to live here, do you remember him?


I ask him to help, and

He found it

He is in a city close to him

Uncle John, I have to do this

I have to hear from
him, I must understand

Why did he do that. Because
he is not a good man

It can't be that simple

Uncle John, I heard this story,
I know you've experienced a lot

My world is far different from you

No, it's a lot worse

People will not act badly
No reason

For families to throw away
his family, he's lucky to have one

Why are you angry
know how severe it is,

I know how much
black heart of a human

There is nothing good out there
Gabrielle./ Maybe it has changed

Men like that do not change,
even worse. You change

I did not change

I just keep trying
live it, every day. Uncle John

I want you to believe
me, I want you ...

know I will make
a good decision

I can't control it
what's out there

You can't protect me forever

As long as there is no one
will never hurt you again

No one

You said you did
what you think is right

I left when I was 17 years old, and
nobody's talking to you



I care about you like a princess

I know you want an answer

Just wait a little more

Calm down a little

Know the world a little

You can do that for me, please

I'm going to sleep, good night

Why bother?

I just want to know
Why? You don't know the house

And also he has no heart

What happened?
want to meet his father

Gabriella I thought we had
understand each other

Indeed, but sorry, I have
thinking about it all night, and

I just want an answer
now, not later

How did you find him?

Jezel helped me. Jezel

Do you know Jezel? Yes

Jezel is a bastard
- No, he can't change

I could not believe that woman

He was just trying to help me
so he must leave you alone

Forget everything about your father

The man is more your father

Take care of you, protect you,
for the past 10 years

He is your father, not a man
that. Maria calm down. No, why?


What I'm saying is true

That man doesn't care about you, he
never even been to the hospital

One Christmas, John
must pull him from your mother

He beat him insistently
tubi. That's enough

Tell him

You can't meet that man

You don't need to make this
become complicated and winding

Please ... No.

You are right

I will not go

I'm going to go to Antonio's

OK sorry

He is still a child

Uncle John

Sorry for everything before

It is okay

hey, come in here

look at you

You have grown up

Also more beautiful

Hey. Mm. How are you?

Come on, we're friends

why did you come here suddenly

Want something to drink?

No. I want to

You know I can take you look

What? The house is nice huh

Yes, good

I want you to take care of me too

Oh, you look beautiful

I did not change

I'm here with my sister

You do what you can

Yes, I understand

I appreciate you helping me
find my father

It's not easy, but it's okay

You like it, I can give you something ... No,
no, do you think I'm a charity case?

No, Jezel

I ... I'm kidding


Actually I almost
trust you just now

We're friends, it's fine


Yes, it's OK

Here it is, 172

Meet your father

Hello, is Manuel there?

What for here?

Just to talk

What do you want? / Who is it?

This Manuel?

I've been looking for you for a long time

I did not expect this

It's been a long time. - I know

You're a big boy now, Gabriella

How did you find me?

It's not easy

Your hair is always loose

You're a good girl, always good at school

I have to talk to you

Just now, you're like your mother

Yes, very similar

People must think he's your twin

Thank you, um, I have to
asking you a question

Of course

Why did you leave us?

I'm just trying to understand why

you just leave

Because one day

I see you and your mother

And realize, you two
there is no meaning to me anymore

I know that's hard to understand

Waste of time

With you

And she

and he dies, and
leave you with me

That I never wanted

Anymore question?

You don't need to go back

Okay, yes, see you later

What happened? What happened?

You should have listened to him all this time

I know you like it. Quiet,
You will not drive home

It's too late
and you're too sad

Let me help you

You have to calm yourself

We will do something for
get this out of your mind

I drive

Don Miguel

Nice to meet you

How are you?

I have no time.
get on with it

I am not familiar with this project


It really hasn't gotten your permission

But you will understand soon

Always tell me progress

If you can, every time there is a change

I don't want this to have a problem

Don Miguel, you come

Send the others away

Come when?

Look at our friend

He came a long way from New York

What exactly are you doing?

He said there was a problem with the shipment

He is a jerk

Why did you side with him? Stop

You can tell me honestly

You can understand in the end

Don't talk anymore

You know the current situation

I don't believe that bastard

He always presses us
just like I told you to

Listen to me ... - You hear me

I don't want it to fall apart

You know what we are betting on

I know it

But I do not care

Glad you came, sir

John! John! What's wrong?

He went to St Antonio's
he went to Mexico

Jezel called, Gabriella
go see his father

And never returned. What's the address?

And his father's address too

Should I call the police

Police near the border, there
they did nothing

Please find him. He is fine

I said control yourself

Can't you protect me forever?


Why are you silent

Want to like this one?

Pulled her hair

This is because it does not comply with us

Follow the order if you want to survive

Don't think you can get away



If you don't want to get beat up

Do all that well


I'm looking for Gabriell

He is not here

Where is she?

I do not know anything

All this time

It's because of you

I should have broken your neck

10 years ago

Jezel. I don't know you

No, my name is John, us
never met before

I'm looking for Gabrielle
not here

Do you know where he might be?

I don't know, he
try to find his father

That's all I know.

You mind me asking
calm down what's happening

Okay, but I don't know much
what if you don't mind

He was very sad

Basically he told him to
leave, I just want to help

Then what happen

What happened? He cried a lot

And that makes me feel bad

I don't want to bring him back
because it's not fun

So I think maybe more
Well, I take him out, you know

Calm him, make up his mind
clear, maybe go drink

And we went to this place and

We are separated from me
don't know what happened

Why? Because I drank too much

It happened

I talked to a few
friends and then I see

He was gone, I looked for him where
where, and I thought maybe he was gone

I don't know, I don't know
leave without saying goodbye

Yes, I do not know, maybe

Someone tell me, I don't even
know who he is, I already said I was drunk

- Does he talk to men? - What?

Does he talk to men?

I do not know, maybe

He must have talked to several men,
why do you ask me this?

Think I lied to you?

You call my house and tell him
never returned from his father's house

Yes, I give you
instructions. To cover up your mistakes

You bastard ...

He gave it to me. This is from his brother

He never gave it to you

You sell him

Also your friend
you, get away from my place

look at me

You will give me that person

You will show
who he is with me

Or I will hurt you badly

Come on

Wake up

I can't go in there, people
know me, I have to live here

You will go inside,
you will show

If you do anything else

I will shoot your head
before they get me


Tell me who they are

My world is far different from you

You don't know how bad that is,
I know how black a human heart can be

That's the person, disofa

We're OK
- Right? - Get out of here

Already there again

Where is she

I do not know anything

All of you listen

I will teach you guys

All of you will leave tonight

So clean yourself
you and your hair

Nobody is playing

Do it quickly!

Which house?

That's the highest

Hurry up!

Look who's here

Who is she

Who are you

What do you need in Mexico

No? No?

- How dare you come in here. - How many people


What happened

This bastard has guts

Look at him

He seems crazy

This girl can do it too.

Take it easy

Wake him up

Let him go


Let go ... let him go

Let him go. What did he say?



You Rambo

Want to know something

These girls do not
means anything to me

My world is my person, but he is not

They are only goods

They have no price for their creator

so I will pay attention
better with this

To him

I know I will

Because you have been here
make it bad for him

I might just train him

Use him, and sell him

But now me
will make him an example

I will let you live

Don't let him ... You're silent

You will think about this every day

For the rest of your life

Until you can not think anymore

Leave this bastard here

Maybe cut his face

Just a little

Come on

Are you dead?

Wake up, come on man!

explain to me

No need to talk anymore

It can't be like this

You never listen to me

The chingga has been settled

What is wrong with you

This is a business

We can't let there be a problem

I know

He is a veteran

Please let me go

No. Do it

You will feel

Don't fight

I will make you sick


Don't move yet

If the heat does not go down,
he has to go to the hospital


Because of the uproar

He became nauseous


He will need a long time to rest

Don't let him out yet

Not good for him

Alright doctor


You wake up


Are you okay?

Who are you?

Carmen Delgado

What is your name? John

Your truck is ahead, by the way

How did I get here?

I brought you here

You don't even know me

Why should I know you?

You're in trouble

I do not know, I will
do it for anyone

Why are you there?

I am an independent journalist

I followed the instructions

They sell the girls

I saw you at the club

I see why you are there

How long have I been here?

Four days. Four days.

You will tell me

Where they brought it. - Who
they bring

Your daughter? Yes, where is she?

Who are they?

They are Martinez brothers

They took my sister

He was found dead due to an overdose

Two years ago


You have to tell me
where they sent him

That's not the way

They are too many,
are you crazy or what?

I'll take care of it

Everything they did to him

How frightened he is

To whom he is calling

Why did your sister leave home


Help me please

I can't do without you

Thank you

What do you want?



You see all this?

Who are you

Beat him up!

Come on, quickly!


Where is she!

Get out quickly!


Damn it! Don't!

No. I came for you


This is Jphn's uncle

It is okay

This is your uncle!

You will go home

You're going home, you're safe now

You all don't see it?

You see the consequences? Calm down

He is here!

Only crazy old veterans will return

I will take care of it

No, no, no, no

Just wait

This is all because of you!

He came for the girl

You see what happens

I already told you


We will bring you back

Take you home

Sorry, no

You did nothing

You did nothing

We are going home, and
Everything will be alright

Will be okay

Gabrielle I need you
for you to open your eyes

Keep your eyes open

I will talk about something

I remember

You are very brave

Whatever your adventure and competition

You will do everything

You were only 11 years old

You want to go on an adventure one day

You stay with me

You can do it
you will be home soon

I'll take care of you

You still have a lot of life left

You have a lot of things to do

So many things

It should have been a long time ago

So you have to hold on


Think about it

You're missing something, me
don't think you can see anymore

good in the world
this, so innocent

About me there is family

Never thought
I will ever have

And I see you

You're the best thing that ever happened
to me, and I thank you

Gabrielle, Gabrielle

Gabrielle, no, don't do this

It is okay

Why not me



I want you to stay in your sister's house

There's nothing for you here,
nothing for me here

Where are you going?

I'll just be around here

As usual

Will I see you again?

Of course

I will use this

Will you face them?

Don't do anything stupid

Take care of yourself



What do you want?

I need your help


Someone saw you, we both died

Coming like this is dangerous

Did you find him? He died


I know how you feel

You're dangerous again

Why are you here?

I will find them

Who cut him, who cut me

I will not help you anymore

You have to. Why do I have to?

What will change?

There is no

We ourselves are nobody

And your daughter

I will think of him

Every day

Every day

How about you
can't continue?

What if you don't
can continue? I have to

We have no choice, what has been done
already done. What happened?

How can that be done already?

I see something

Still innocent

I saw their faces and
the life they get

Will never


I want revenge

I want them to know

Justice is coming

The others don't

They can do it,

I want them to feel our sadness

There is no last thing or anything


And I guess you want too

Everyone be quiet!

Hurry up! Surround this place

Don't let him escape

Catch him! He only
alone, he's nothing

You two go there


Where is he?

What happened?


I can kill you 10 times

Feel it

Fuck you. - No, you fuck dead

I want you to feel that anger

My hatred

My sadness

I will pull out your heart!

Like you did to me

Fuck you

Follow the lights

This tastes

I live in a world of death

I tried to go home

But I never really arrived

Part of my mind is old

And get lost along the way

But my heart is still here,
where I was born

Where I will endure to the end

One family only
I've ever known

The only house I have ever known

The only one I've ever been
love, now it's gone

But I will fight

To keep their memory alive


Subtitles from
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