Ramayana: The Legend of Prince Rama (1992) - full transcript

An anime adaptation of the Hindu myth the Ramayana, where the avatar Sri Ram combats the wicked king Ravana.

Long long ago in the island of Lanka

south of ancient India lived the evil

king Ravan whose wicked ambition to

conquer and dominate the whole world

caused pain and misery to one and all

and in Cochella a kingdom in north india

people prospered under the benevolent

ruler - Rath

however cows Allah's capital a odious

biggest concern was that King Dashrath

had no heir

on the advice of sage vasishta King the

shot performed a Yaga

the ceremony to beget a son and as a

result he was blessed with four sons

from his three queens one of them was

rum the hero of this story bone of the

shots first queen Kaushalya

whenever there have been crisis on the

earth lord vishnu has descended from the

heavens for its salvation lord vishnu

has ten incarnations and rom is believed

to be his seventh incarnation

when rom turned 15 Raavan was at the

peak of his powers province relation

marriage along with his merit erica was

a terror for Sage Vishwamitra and other

Hermits who lived in a forest close to a

odious border they disturbed Vishwamitra

prayers every day and on one such day

home of enemy raper Oh hit Amjad Nestor

Deborah freedom both are





my buddy

My Lord Vishnu is there no one who can

save us from this torment his name is

Rob firstborn prince of King Dashrath of


osage of sages my court is indeed

blessed by your presence what is it that

you desire of me let me fulfil your

command o noble king of the solar

dynasty the demons ruin the sacred land

and we are in great trouble

I need your eldest son run to destroy


round he is but a mere boy I myself

shall wipe them off the face of this

earth this is a command from the gods


do you dare reject it Dasaratha send

your sons rama and lakshmana Vishwamitra

is strong and wise and has mastery over

every weapon he will protect your sons

drum Lakshmana

come here my sons

Oh sage Vishwamitra I leave my sons with

you give them guidance and courage bless

you King desolate you have made a

decision that shall save the world

we will obey you like we obey our Father

your wishes will be our command

you know once this was a beautiful

forest but now it has dried up because

of a terrible cannibal a demoness called

tataka a son the evil marriage leads the

demons who defile the holy fires rum you

must kill Todd Agha

that is your Dharma your duty as a

Kshatriya I shall teach you mantras they

will guard leave now I beat out to me

sueleen apart you know they'd be shoe

laying a party no baby boy he could gain

a zombie cake ah he'll gain a zombie

cake vanilla nuh-uh

run use the mantra recite the mantra

many years ago in this very place the

gods rewarded my long years of penance

with the mastery of supreme weapons the

time has now come for me to pass on

these weapons to one worthy of them take

them round and use them well

they are now yours use them to protect

don't use my mother I shall avenge are

with these left this I swear


you use the divine weapons how did you

learn so soon these are the weapons of

the gods and the righteous one needs no

lessons to use them show me my guru how

to use this chakra you will learn but

only if you pursue your destiny in


listen oh this is the great Shiva he who

lives it and strings it shall receive a

great reward from King Jinnah

the winner shall be given the hand of

princess Sita

next the Prince Tara Tara of sovereign

next the Prince ROM of Ionia

congratulations on your wedding printed


yo sparse our Yulia grows and prospers

and the people love round their prince

and King to be the four brothers live in

harmony and the future looks full of


on evening I awoke from a dream full of

dreadful omens guru vashisht sees in

them the coming of troubled times but my

health is failing I'm getting old and

have no more power to resist those evil

forces I have therefore decided that Ron

will succeed me he will be the next king

of iota rom my son come forward

Rahm try to live up to the people's

expectations I have faith in you I will

do my utmost to live up to the ideals

you have set for us stop abusing the

birds is this the time to beautify

yourself when great misfortune creeps

upon the kingdom Ventura

don't you understand

our beloved round is to be anointed

Crown Prince tomorrow so I said it is a

misfortune oh you are so innocent so

trusting and look look how king - little

betrayed your trust

hold your tongue mantra I will never

allow you to speak of the King in this

way why do you think the king sent but

at the way now so conveniently before

the coronation why might have suggested

it to the kingdom you know you are the

King's favorite what can I do leave

everything to this low health and given

up there

what's happening why this sorrow this

anger on such an auspicious night what

can I do

come tell me tell me okay do you

remember when you were injured in battle

some years ago

I tell you to safety and you promised to

fulfill two boons of mine

you must grant me those two boons now

only two boons hahaha you can have more

if you want no I don't need more than

two the first is no I cannot drop you

those kk not those I'll give you all my

wealth will that please you no do you

want it to be known that a king of the

solar dynasty went back on his word

I will be content with only those two

boons the boons were one KK son berik

to be made King and two rom to be

banished to the forests for 14 years

brother can you not hear the people's

voices Lakshmi this is part of my fate

but are we on that account to sit still

and do nothing this sword is it only an

ornament just an actus plaything

brother you are part of myself sharing

the same soul with me please try to

understand me my lord I am coming with


but seethe are you a husband's duty is

his wife's too

your fate is equally mine that's right

and the same soul should follow the same

fate and so brother I too am coming with


thank you

mother take heart 14 years will pass

very quickly and I'll be back seeking

your blessings in no time at all

yes my son run

drum why don't you blame me

why don't you bear a grudge against me

that would ease my guilt I don't want

the kingdom nor the power all I want are

your blessings before we depart father

my son bring glory to our great line of

kings come back safe who in the world

can boast of a son like you

sumantra get ready the chariots the

elephants horses and foot soldiers to

accompany Ram to the forest yes Father

when nature herself will take care of me

what you survive for an army for royal

pageantry of course you will give birth

this Kingdom after draining it of all

its wealth

mother give your blessings to your

departing son

don't leave us remain as okay you know

how much I love you and I know what love

you bear for me you will show your love

for me by loving my noble brother parrot

who is fully worthy of your love

and being your king support him I beg of

you support my sorrowful father people

of IO dia I appeal to you

Oh take a ROM Laxmi Sita you take care

too and please look after my father I

six months pass by Kim - rats palace is

enveloped in darkness he is free from

the sufferings of this world buret

geikie son who was away in kikyo

visiting his grandfather was called back

to Judea

mother mother what is this what has


Oh parrot you have come at last

tell me mother is it true father has

passed away Oh God then it is true yes

but he left us a great honor what is it

what have you done you depraved

heartless woman what perverse dunk

poisoned your mind stop it I will plead

your filthy brain in two that's enough

don't let her blood define our fathers

sword you are no longer my mother let

the world what are you saying

father brother share your grief

forgive this forgive your son ease run I

appealed you absolve me of my mother's

sin come back to our Thea and accept the

kingdom which is yours by right has done

is not in question here remember the

great emperor - Rath has commanded us

you to rule the kingdom and I live in

this forest for 14 years it is our duty

to abide by our father's wishes whether

we like it or not you have commanded me

it is enough but one thing is certain I

will not accept the kingdom for myself

but for you

please bless this brother of yours to

rule the kingdom with strength and


I will rule for the next 14 years but

only till you return

what brings my Chief Minister out here

this unlikely uh sir in the forest of

dandaka and in janasthana they say the

holy men are returning to the ashrams

they seem to have gained a new

confidence spies say it is the doing of

the young prince of a yogya Prince Ram

this boy Ram is handsome

I've heard this Ram is a coward who has

been sent into exile by his own people

that's right working but we must do

something before it is too late

you hit another

so my Navi para tratar my neighbor

my Buddhist but I need

someone died so pardon


they say I should be shy

relatively humble would be Tamina

I am

he got her soap I need

I know


shoot pinaka ravans younger sister

disguised as a beautiful lady comes to

Panchavati to entice you wish would be

my command were it not for my wife seats

out there

why don't you approach my brother

Luckman is also very handsome and very

strong I speak with your interest at

heart I'm only second to none and I

don't think you're the kind to settle

for second best yes you're right

I am the kind to settle only for the

very best I'll introduce you to this is

my wife Sita

Thank You AJ papaya cream everyone SWA

what's happened what has happened you

mean that that purely prince from

Ayodhya is he the one who attacked you

do not worry little sister

I will have these worms sliced up and

fit the Raven for breakfast my brother

tell him I have said he must leave the


just as I feared my king

your brother Kumbhakarna won't wake up

for the next six months is she that

beautiful there is no one more beautiful

than her in this forward the waist is

slim a figure debating complexion like

molten gold Oh heavenly maid who is

designed for you my brother she's not

worthy of that rom oh that surely is

someone who is worthy of her

and that someone

raavan accompanied by his uncle marriage

sets out to kidnap Sita then as we


yes as we this is magnificent and this

can surely deceive now

beautiful shoes

it is real isn't it it's not a dream is


Oh Ron won't you capture the deer for me

this is the most beautiful thing I've

ever seen I will but one look after Sita

brother remember concise judicial Faneca

watch out watch out for those tetris

creatures right the type Sita

so it is a beam disguised as a deer you

might be relieved that you have killed

me but you'd better be wanted about your

pretty wife what looks fun

Sita help me Lakshman did you hear that

dreadful cry

Rama's in danger he needs your help

oh he will be safe don't worry sister

what are you saying you wish him dead I

understand so I will obey you

sister do not step outside this line

within this line you are safe I assure

you everything goes just as I planned

Oh virtuous lady I come begging for arms

here you are

oh I'm surprised somebody has drawn it

to protect you I cannot cross it but you

surely can come No

if you do not feed this hungry sage with

your own hands then ruin shall fall upon

your father's and father-in-law's house

Oh noble lady

look fun um why did you leave Sita alone

oh yeah she insisted I leave when we

heard your cry oh no that was the voice

of a demon imitating mine I fear the

worst come let's get back as soon as we



daggoo she does not belong to you

he tricked me he tricked me and abducted

my wife during my absence I swear

Lakshman I swear I shall take revenge we

shall follow that felon to the ends of

the universe

well calm down my brother all you have

always said that anger is not the right

path to justice you who have only the

good of the world at heart must not let

anger continental it all right

the right clash it is your turn to lead

my little brother and I will follow

Lakshmi is this gentle creature trying

to tell us something about Sita it might

be showing us the direction in which

Sita has been taken let's go I tried to

stop him but he can't you hurry my old

ways how can I blame you but you have

given your life's blood for my beloved

wife do not lose our drug you will find

her okay

remember all of you if anyone tries to

have her they will die this baby here is

so noble that even looking at you makes

her impure treat her down

what is your Majesty wish of me I

appoint you her keeper whatever she asks

for in the Ashok one see that she gets

it very well your majesty

she is stubborn that you must give her

everything she wants except freedom

thank you I was a heavenly creature

cursed to be an ugly demon and no one

could live the curse only if I were

defeated by a man of justice I could

regain my original self and go back to

the heavens Thank You wrong but there's

nothing I can do for you in return

except give you advice find so green now

so grief who is he

it's a lake Lakshmana now what do we do

there seems to be someone over there

let's go and ask them about sugreev

that's a good idea

wait dressed like a settings your

bearing and your presence is a skier

no bitch

and in the great mother's magic play all

of us perform our little roles I never

thought I could see a man of knowledge

like you and this wilderness my name is

Rama and this is my brother Lakshmi we

are the sons of King Dashrath of Ayodhya

we come in search of my beloved wife

Sita who has been carried away by a

demon I know not where indeed it is a

benevolent destiny that leads me to

Prince Rama my idea my name is Anna

and I ministered the Kings to be laughs


we have been wondering where to find

sugreev and here is su Brie's messenger

welcoming us indeed kind destiny has

guided us here da Lakshmana it is indeed

an honor to meet the sons of King - shut

up whose greatness is known in all four

colors of the world under strange

circumstances I heard your name called

out claw many days ago a flying chariot

Swift as the wind raced above our heads

and we heard a lady's cry for help

help me from the chariot a small bundle

dropped to the ground we have kept it

very carefully where is it where is it

look indeed there are scarf and the old

woman said courage brother you have no

time to grieve you must act without

delay I have swarmed to rescue Sita

wherever she may be

well do I know how it hurts to be

without ones console my brother Wally

banished me from my kingdom

then usurped my wife if only I had the

kingdom's army at my disposal I would

send my men to search the whole world to

rescue your wife Sita look let us make

this government opens of Ayutthaya let

us forge a strength in friendship and

swear to relieve the sorrows that have

befallen us both yes let us for the sake

of a friend a man should be ready to

give up his wealth and comfort

if need be life itself I will live by

this term and he'll come every way I

swear it I swear to

daaamn fulfill the promise given to

sugreeva and fought the mighty bali

bah-li was defeated and Sugriva regained

his wife and his kingdom

the monsoon clouds gathered like a herd

of elephants and the rain that the

regime oka used for many dates

and when the rain ceased and the Sun

shone again regime Lucas stood like an

island surrounded by the waters of the


and Sugriva called forth his great army

of monkeys when you find my Sita give

her these ornaments so she may recognize

you as my emissaries

these are the jewels of my clan please

give them

the Vanara King Sugriva sent search

parties in all directions keeping his

promise to run

look look over there if the bird comes

out from it there might be some water

inside yes but we will find water there

hey I can see some light that must be

the way out

come on Hanuman who leads the party to

the south meets some party brother of

chata you the bird King killed at the

hands of Robin are you not Jedi use

brother some party

yes I am somebody do you know my brother

how is my Gentile is he when the value

has found a home in the heavens how my

brother who died and I although he was

he fought a difficult battle with an

evil demon Ravan and was slain as he

tried to save mother Sita from the

demons clutches you said hey if I knew

it killed over here


if we cross the sea with all the troops

we will lead thousands of boats and I am

too old now though in my youth I had

circled the earth 21 times now there's

only one among us who can handle this

toss when you were a boy believing the

newborn son to be a golden fruit you

once flew after it meaning to swallow it

up you had great powers but you did not

know how to use them the world was

afraid of you and so you were put under

a spell that seal your powers the time

has now come for me to unseal these

hidden powers only you can cross the sea

with your divine power only you can

reach Lanka and find mother Sita

wah-wah awesomeness of prana structured

actionable very narrow application


allemande rushes towards London but is

challenged by the same monster silica

what's that

am I

get out of here

now to catch you up at a little piece

ahead after a fierce battle ana Montes

the mobster to pieces and proceeds

towards the island of Lanka

but where on earth do I find Sita

ah you are awake

my day begins only when I see the

radiance of your face you you won't even

look at me do you not see I'm starving

for your love

perhaps I should make a gift or arms in

so you have visited her again there's

only a little time left the promised

year will soon be over

think how on earth is our Lord attracted

by you I wonder what he sees in you I'd

like to see your husband I can't imagine

anyone more handsome than the Lord of

Lanka call me all of you do not annoy

Sita or I'll have to answer to Robin


Hanuman journey home

I wonder numbered only for murder

beside a brothel on journey home


mama Bravo Gandhi heat it will be ball

cutter Barney at all delusion dog better

break the wall double Apple harder

ah ha ha ha

begone journey home

- huh

come with me mother I'll take you back

to Rahm I can't go with you there are

many people in Lanka who have been

abducted and enslaved by force it's not

only I who is to be rescued hmm I


I'm leaving now but soon your beloved

husband Rama will defeat Robin and

release the people of Lanka take heart

be courageous

till the day of Liberty comes tell Ram

to come and save me quickly I'll be

hopeful till then I'll surely tell him

before I leave I must teach Ravan and

his friends a lesson besides I need the


next one promises to be a better match

for me

if I let myself be captured I will be

able to see Robin face-to-face you there

what is your name and who has sent you

to Lanka I come to you with respect as a

messenger of lots of grieves provider a

king and devoted friend Prince of

Ayodhya you know it was a cowardly act

to carry off princess Sita totally

contrary to Dharma

this will surely end in your destruction

and the destruction of your race restore

Sita to the prince and seek his


kill him brother according to the law of


you may mutilate brand or vapor

messenger but kill him

why what's wrong with killing a creature

such as this if you slay him what chance

is there of our real enemies being

brought here all right let's set fire to

his tail first then let him go home it's

burning me

it's hot it's hot

rather than my brother

I have come to beg you return Sita to

ROM or I fear the next time not only the

city but the palace itself will go up in

flames you owe this if anyone else had

had the gall to speak to me like this

I'd have killed him on the spot

I king Ravan who has won the obedience

of all men and the praises of the Gods

you expect me to shiver from fear of a

mere princely begone treacherous one get

out get out of my sight

how do we cross over to the other side

we will need thousands of boats for

these great troops and we can build a

bridge a bridge do you know how many

years it will take to construct such a

long bridge Sita to be rescued I'd fly

to Lanka and accomplish the mission

myself quite easily we have to rescue

not only Sita but others too

Ravan must be destroyed or else there

will be no lasting peace on earth listen

all of you

a demon names mission a brother of Ravan

comes in peace seeking refuge

he disagreed with his brother and

protected me in Robins palace I have

observed his honesty later for myself I

see no Thornton is joining our forces I

agree with Hanuman al amongst friends

bless me England I have overheard your

discussion on how to cross over to Lanka

I'd like to suggest you pray to the sea

God and ask him for his home that's good

advice revision

for seven days and seven nights ROM

trade to the sea god

it's dawn the God revealed himself

righteous Rob build a bridge with stones

inscribe your name on each stone stones

will not sink to the ocean instead they

will support not only monkeys but all

the living creatures the mountains and

the Seas shall help you build this

bridge and the gods will bless you with


now let's start

members of the council

we are facing an outbreak of war what do

you have to say brass you as the Great

Lord of Lanka

he looked have called this council just

to consider this ridiculous threat from

a handful of men and monkeys just send a

couple of my men who not even present at

this council and they will surely wipe

out Rams army Robin I told you before

but now I have to repeat it those who

govern the kingdom should never be

swayed by flattery the Army's attacking

us are no ordinary ones Jarvan I'll tell

you this for your own good return Sita

she is the wife of the Prince of Ionia

grandfather why do we have to return her

now if we release her now they would

think that we are all afraid of fighting

it is not so I cannot bear the sight of

so many people injured and even more

dead just for this one woman grandfather

that means you are afraid of fighting if

you're scared of bloodshed how can you

fight Indrajit I am no coward but yes I

don't want to fight unnecessarily you

called me all wrong

yes brave prince of the vomitus please

listen to what I have to say carefully

for these many months I've been thinking

only of defeating Robin now my dream is

about to come true however I have

considered this matter over and over

again I have concluded that I can stop

this fight even now if my wife Sita and

other captives are released and they ask

for shelter under me you are no doubt

surprised but the shedding of blood

should be avoided and real beasts should

come back to the three wells to ensure

this I am ready to forgive and forget

the misdeeds of Robin Angad could you

carry this message to rather

I I understand I will surely convey your

message to Robin thank you anger is that

all you have to say to me Oh Helen I'm


that's your name isn't it here's my


how despicable is this how you treat a

messenger who comes in peace Robin I

have your answer

and now I will carry you answer - rum

the next time I see you it will be on

the battlefield

so rather than once war after all I

understand under that I appreciate your

endeavor I'm sorry rum Robin did not

accept your message of peace I did my


now tomorrow morning and the first rays

of the Sun touched the mountaintops the

battle will begin I ask all of you

present here will you fight for justice

and for armed

I pray to you O God I pray to you

please please protect drum protect my


oh this is bothering me

the day began well for us Oh King but

now the two armies seem equally matched

our men are beginning to tire

let them be draw at once then and rest a

while respected one that will only lead

to our defeat

let us send kumbhakarna sons combinely

khumba the tired soldiers can fall back

to defense but we shall keep up the

pressure on the enemies until sunset yes

at sunset Rahm will stop the battle for

the day to tend to the wounded and to

cremate the dead with honor good

I will send forth combine the khumba

yeah yeah I come monkey stop it here


khumba Macumba are fighting with great

courage on the battlefield well after

all they are the sons of Kumbakonam so

many dead so many wounded

you fought bravely I'm so proud of you

that rest oh no such a tiny wound will

be cured by tomorrow you'll see oh do

not strain yourself rest yes

brother how could you cremate the bodies

of our enemies along with those of our

own soldiers lux when they were our men

and Robin's men while they were alive

but in death they are no longer enemies

do they not all of them deserve a solemn

cremation it is not like a true warrior

a true satria to be moved by such a

motion my brother when we set out of

this expedition

I too was full of anger and bitterness

but on our journey to Lanka I have come

to see that all of us have received the

precious gift of life from the gods and

it is more important to be a good human

being than to be just a good Kshatriya

have we not all of us sprung from the

same source

raksha's vana man-beast

birds of the air the fish of the ocean

yet some of us innate neurons draw their

bows and swords against their fellow

creatures many have fallen on this

battlefield today and many more shall

die before the war is done and as a

Kshatriya i shall continue to fight my


and I burned the dead I shall pray for a

world free from all wars where a man

does not raise his hand in anger against

his own brother

words fail me

I am deep General of the Vanaras trial

you can I shall defeat you let us see

you have fought well but this is the end


Kumba kuba my brother are you really


is it you is it you kill my brother

Kumba yes I am

I am so grieve the king of the Vanaras

yeah your brother

Kumba was really brave and courageous I

have never met such a mighty opponent

before I am very impressed by statics

he's chromatin with honor if does it

what are you saying but a husband have

both been killed

yes Father it is unfortunate but true I

never thought Rams army had anyone to

match them it is time to review our

strategy it cannot be helped under the

circumstances in rigid aroused

Kumbakonam from his sleep what Kumba an

Akuma fought so hard now Kondo Karen

their father and a warrior ten times

mightier than they can work wonders yes

I'm right wake him up immediately this

is my command

yes you're right father I will

the bishop who's Jeff tempted what that

bomb is the best and the bravest warrior

of Garvin's troops from the government

after six months sleep he would have

become immortal but it seems to me that

rather than forced him to wake up

earlier because he was in terror to see

so many of his soldiers killed one after

the other

oh yes he needs Kumbhakarna but even he

is not immortal

he's only mighty enough to make all the

Vanaras soldiers run away in panic by

his very appearance but from now is the

right moment for you to go to battle


but you have courage you are a kinsman

of the Vanara King no wonder you fight

so great but this is as far as you get

against me wait this is now my mission I

see you are kumbhakarna the mightiest

warrior of Lanka now this Hanuman is

your opponent good good

but before we fight

our mom

thank you for your consideration

I won't fight you with bare hands

because you're skillful enough to fight

with weapons and get honest


it was good for you I lost my mace now

get up and fight

wait stop wherever you are I am around

the Prince of IOT son of Dashrath

give us to you you are a skillful

swordsman go away it has drawn dark and

even with kumbhakarna in the field the

battle goes on and on

father I'll go to the battlefield and

bring you report yes

energy is my son go

are you well it has been a glorious need

pampered well and spirit I wish I had

known him as a friend the vision I'm

sorry come come here to die at my hands

see my Sylvanas

what even kombucha is gone

this spells disaster for Lanka he was a

fine warrior

it is sad very sad father do not despair

have fate I have a plan

I will devastate Rance troops I assure

you of this

well said my son Wilson my faith lies in

you now go ahead yes Father

let us bring all of them in while it's

still dark hurry hurry

there will be many more corpses for you

to gather my friend

how dare he speak this way I will show

him wait what is that

Sita Hanuman are you all right Ungar


Sita my queen

that's fun come come over here take

cover before I dispose of you rom I will

give you enough time to hold a funeral

for your wife and your brother

Sita may I talk with you for a moment

we have almost used up all the herbs

around this area but they don't heal the

wounds inflicted by Indrajith at all

what news is this oh god oh god I have

already lost my beloved wife Sita and

now I'm going to lose my dear brother

Lakshman if I lose what else would be

left for me

brace yourself wrong you cannot grieve

and threat like this your despair will

damage the morale of our troops more

than the enemy's arrows please do not

worry Ram Sita surely must be alive

alive but I saw Sita slain before my

very eyes I know it must be one of

Indrajit magic tricks magic trick yes

and we must not allow his tricks to

perplex us your grief will only give him


Indrajit strength lies in his magical

powers the only way to take these powers

away from him is to attack indrajith

while he performs his tantric rites in

the cave of nickim villa

Indrajit makes it a rule to perform a

religious ceremony he offers sacrifices

to the goddess nickim dealer from the

evening hours way until nightfall he

gains his extraordinary magical powers

through this ceremony I see no

we still have so many soldiers wounded

my brother Lakshman for instance no I

think it'll be very hard for us to

attack the container cave now yes the

Himalayas what about them

you rest back jump around talk to me and

I know there are some loves there that

can heal our wounds in the mullahs

malleus I'm afraid I'm afraid that's too

far away

ah I see that must be Rama's Kingdom I

only have

the Italians

Oh you emolia's sacred mountain at last

Thrun agree at last

now I have to look for herbs our army is

in desperate need of these

ah the hubs there they are

oh that was painful

good the pain is gone I am here these

herbs work far better than I ever

expected but wait just a handful of

these herbs won't be enough to heal them

all no let me


I will take this one yes this tree is

good enough

this will be a landmark

now I will pick up the whole mountain

brother Lakshman keep city longer

bear your pain with courage Dutchman

take heart Hanuman will soon be back

with the herbs that will heal

Lux wingman Lakshmi

there he is Hanuman has come

what is he got on his shoulders he's

carrying something that is a


Hanlin the herbs are on this mountain


look for the landmarks where I have

struck trees in the soil hurry

apply the herbs to Lakshman's wounds yes

it's a miracle it lasts

love o Lakshmana you have regained

consciousness unone you too are a

beloved brother to me

what was that

I am a mother thank you and Evie da da

la creme it is you you are still alive

and it is time for you to die along with

your guardian goddess it is hard to

believe that even such a one as you can

have faithful slaves to save you

nuisance you pick me up that

Indrajit I'm not so stupid to be trapped

by a monkey like you you obey my

commands and I will spare your life

adding me to the sky remember you should

head right when I say right and left

when I say left if you fail to do so

this sauce on the throat

that's good

but this is the end of you it's alright

not mine

I have waited for this moment

no never I wouldn't let you kill me

my beloved son slew an illusion of Sita

I shall now slay the real one anyone so

devoted to Rama deserves to die will you

now add to your sins by killing Sita

an innocent woman you can trust look at

Combe no khumba and kumbhakarna each one

fought bravely and died a hero's death

even in Raji died in battle you who are

brother father King to them all do you

want to disgrace their memory that time

has come for both of us to go forth and

avenge our kinsmen I understand but you

will stay here and protect our women and

children do no power on earth can crush

me not even Rams

fire and damnation

it looks like Vishnu himself on his

conduct hey you are right he does

this battle between you and I shall be

the end of it all citizens of Lanka

decade your king

Robin whom you consider a symbol of

eternal power watch him die at the hands

of a mere mortal

just tell me where your conceit comes

from ah your boastful lips will never

speak such words again brave soldiers of


you know only too well who is the

mightiest of all here

come on fight so be it Robin foot

no he's dead

I can't believe my own eyes

you'll get one

what if it's greater than mine

oh you're going

don't you dare

may you rest in peace it is all soldiers

of Lanka King Ravan has gone back to

mother earth give up fighting lay down

your arms and devote yourselves to

restore the glory of your country with

your new king the vision


thank you all but when I think of the

people who died for me I feel sad I will

meditate and pray for them from now on

and beg their forgiveness you don't need

to do that all you need is to live in

peace with Ron to make their that a

glorious sacrifice I will remember what

you said so given the patient the new

king of Lanka presents Rama and Sita at

the vimana the flying chariot to return

to our Thea

as they return Sita gazes around with

mixed feelings happy to be reunited with

him after a long period of separation

and sorrowful - for the precious lives

lost for her sake in the avoidable war

a yogya celebrates the safe return of

the beloved king and they live happily


a few years later brown returns to the

heavens and SATA returns to mother earth