Ramana (2002) - full transcript

Ramanaa is a professor at National College. But he is also the head of an Anti Corruption Force, that aims to eliminate corruption from society. Members of the force kidnap the 15 most corrupt employees from every government department and then kill the most corrupt among them. While this gradually succeeds in lessening corruption in all departments, the police is left scratching their heads about the details of the group.

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[email protected]

Who is it at this hour?

Thasildhar of Karur has come,
he wants to meet you urgently.

What's so urgent?

ls it?


Leave some space on
the 7th page.


Who're you,
what's the matter?

Nagarcoil Magistrate has
come to meet you.

ls it Kumaraswamy?
- Yes sir.

l'm Tirunelveli reporter
Shanmuga Pandian speaking.

2 unidentified people have kidnapped
Tirunelveli Thasildhar as 1 .15 am.

lt's Trichy Thasildhar &
not Tirunelveli Thasildhar.

Don't blabber in half sleep.

lt's true that Trichy Thasildhar
has vanished.

At the same time Tirunelveli Thasildhar
was also kidnapped by someone.


2 Thasildhars missing at
the same time!?

You go & stop printing
the headlines.

Something is going to happen.

8 Thasildhars have
been kidnapped.

They were kidnapped exactly at 1 .15 am
from all places. How is it possible?

We've information that 15 Thasildhars
have been kidnapped from all over State.

Oh God! 15 persons!

Apart from the kidnapped Thasildhars
we must protect other Thasildhars.

Do you mean to say that we'll forget
about those 15 Thasildhars?

Who's responsible for their lives?
lnform check posts to check all vehicles.


Get down.


Good morning.


15 Thasildhars kidnapped in
Tamil Nadu at the same time.

Chief Minister has ordered to
set up a special task force.

Central Defence Minister
comes to Chennai.

15 Thasildhars were kidnapped
in Tamil Nadu at 1 .00 am.

Kidnapping at the same time in various
places has created huge sensation.

The reason for kidnap is
not yet known.

Tamil Nadu Police is on
red alert from 1 .00 am.

Till now, no one has been
arrested in this regard.

Prime Minister of lndia has expressed
his regret over the kidnap incident.

He said this in a press release
while on a visit to Kerala.

Tamil Nadu's Dy. Commissioner Pandian
speaks about the incident...

Police dept. is functioning

We'll find & arrest those responsible
for these incidents within 24 hours.

lt's a challenge to
the Police.

Karur Thasildhar
Mr.Muralidharan, age 53.

Vandavasi Thasildhar
Mr.Sadhasivam age 39.

Dindugal Thasildhar
Mr.Murugesan age 43.

Aathur Thasildhar
Mr.Subramani age 47.

Naamagiri Thasildhar
Mr.Ayyakannu, age 52.

Aruppukkottai Thasildhar
Mr.Sachidhanandhan, age 41 .

Since the kidnap had taken place
at the same time.

Police suspect that this must be a
well planned terrorist act.



lt has been 3 days since 15 Thasildhars
have been kidnapped.

As a Chief minister, what action
have you taken?

Special task force has
been set up.

No organization has claimed
responsibility for these kidnappings.

Government is ready for
talk to them.

Sir, a good news- What?

Have you found out the kidnappers?
- No sir.

All the kidnapped Thasildhars are being
released in their respective places.

Really! But, when?- Just now, l got a
message from the Commissioners' office.

Thank God.

l was tensed for the
past 3 days.

Call Commissioner.

CM is very happy, he wants
to talk to you.

ls it?

Okay, call me again.

Out of 15 Thasildhars only 1 4
have been released.

They're clue less about the
missing Thasildhar.

Commissioner is proceeding
there only.

A dead body has been hanging
for the past 3 hours.

What the hell were you doing?

Just now, we came to know that
he is a Thasildhar.

We sent a word for
you immediately.

Make arrangements to bring
the body down.

These files & a cassette were
found with the dead body.

Greetings to the Police dept.

15 Thasildhars were kidnapped
all of a sudden.

And 1 4 were released
and 1 was murdered.

You'll be busy finding the
reason behind this.

The government stables must be
cleared of the trash.

Every officer must be afraid of getting
punished if they commit any crime.

This is a beginning to see a
corruption free lndia.

There are totally 206 Thasildhars
in the Tamil Nadu.

There are many Thasildhars who torment
people every day.

Based on their wealth we had kidnapped
only the top 15 Thasildhars.

Out of the 15 Thasildhars.

Sambamoorthy the No 1 & most corrupt
Thasildhar was murdered.

Proof of their wealth is
in these files.

Similarly, first 15 corrupt officers
of every dept. will be kidnapped.

Of them the No.1 & the most corrupt
officer would be murdered.

The social reform started in Taluk Office
will spread to other Depts.

How can others get scared by
killing the most corrupted?

Not that...What'll happen if you threaten
to kill the winner of a race?

Everyone will try
to go back.

Everyone will go behind one another
and come to the starting point.

That's the plan.

Kidnapping 15 people from the same dept.,
only one of them is killed.

Then, why're the other 1 4
people kidnapped?

Why should they be locked up for
3 days & then released?

For the man killed, it's just
a minute's punishment.

After few days, even we'll
forget it.

But for the other 1 4 people, this will
haunt them all their lives.

Not only that, anyone who sees them
will be in constant fear.

The problem is...

How much a Kanyakumari man will take
as bribe, Cuddalore man may not know it.

How much Cuddalore man is taking,
Virudhunagar man may not know it.

Fearing they'll become No.1 ,
they'll reduce in competition.

From whom they took the bribe
at exact time.

Where they've bought property
with that money?

Photocopies of the documents.
All evidences are perfect.

Evidence from every place
is confirming it.

Any outsider to collect all this
evidence is difficult.

Definitely it must be someone
from the same office.

Working in the same office, he would've
collected all this evidence.

The kidnapped 15 officers work
in different offices.

So, this is a handiwork
of a team of 15 people.

As you think this is not
a 15 member team.

ln Tamil Nadu, there are
206 Thasildars.

Out of those 206, they've
selected 15 people.

So, there must be one man
in other 191 offices also.

More serious thing than this is...

They've threatened in cassette, that
it'll continue in other depts. also.

So, not just these 206 offices...

But in every Govt. Office
in Tamil Nadu,

One person is working and sending
all reports to someone.

How?....How can it be possible?

When they can collect all information
about 15 offices.

And if it's possible to
kidnap them.

Then, this is also possible.

This is not a Monday's plan
executed on Friday.

This has been planned for years
and then being executed.

The man behind this can't
be an ordinary man.

Even an extremist organization
works from forest.

Or from a neighbouring country.

These are different.
They're among the people.

How could one man get hold of
one person from every office?

They're just branches.
Where's their root?

Who's that?

Who's their next target?

Uncle, today's breakfast
is fantastic.

l've already eaten
2 chapathis.

lf l eat anymore, l'll have
stomach ache in school.

He says....since chapathi
was tasty.

lt seems he had already
eaten 2 chapathis.

So, he says he won't be able
to eat a third one.

Oh! Why a white girl
is coming out?

Sorry! l trespassed into wrong country.
No...knocked the wrong door.

Excuse me.

Which is Prof. Ramana's house?

Standing in his compound
are you asking me?

Today, l must enthrall
them in English.

Who're you? What do you want?

Are you mad to ring
the calling bell?

Mad man.

l'm totally confused.

What are you?
Malayalee or Kannadiga?

What do you want?
- Oh God! l'm saved.

l want to meet Prof. Ramana.

Uncle, someone is here
to meet you.

How does he appear?

He's like a tamarind filled
gunny bag.

Ask him to come in.

Principal has asked you to sign
this record note.

4 appear to be from
different regions.

This one is from our country.

This is foreign.

Couldn't able to understand
about these kids?

Sir, a small doubt.

One English, one Hindi and
2 Tamil children.

All 4 are calling you as uncle.
Who are they?

Do you really want to know it?

Just to increase my
General Knowledge.

Go...mind your own work.

Look, close the college,
go home safely.

That's all we can say.

Why're you creating trouble
during working hours?

Please listen to us.
For God's sake go out from here.

You're going on harping
the same thing.

Police have arrested our
constituency MLA.

So, we are asking you
to close the college.

Do you know even wine shops
are closed?

No arguments. Close the college
and disperse quietly.

Today, an examination
is scheduled.

You know about National
college's education.

Leave all that.

Close today, if you want open
it on Sunday.

Do you think is it any provision shop?
This is college.

Today's a holiday.
That's all.

Children, you've studied enough.
Go home...

Today no school. All of you go home.
- Go....go...

Go...go...what're you looking at?

Why're you behaving like rowdies
inside a college?

What's your problem?
What's your problem?

Haven't we told you? Just clear
the place. That's all.

Unnecessarily trying to
throw her weight around.

Why're you staring at me?
lf l beat you...that's all.

Look at her face.

Even Police shouldn't
enter a college.

You rowdies have entered.

Even then, do you know
why l'm talking to you?

Today, there's an exam.

The exam shouldn't get delayed even
by a minute because of you.

Get out.

Hey, what?....What?
Trying to teach me?

What'll you do if l refuse to go out?
What'll you do?

lt's paining...it's paining boys.
l think, it's dislocation.

Hey, move away boys.
Let in fresh air.

What happened?

Don't touch...don't touch.
Don't touch.

His grip is iron grip.

l don't think it's a dislocation,
surely it'll be a fracture.

Close the show here for now.
Let's deal it later in the evening.

Pick him up.
- lt's paining, boys.

Sir....my hand....
please spare me.

All the slides that we just saw are
about hijacks & kidnappings after 1947.

Our case is more complicated
than all these.

Because, there's no demand
or condition.

15 people are kidnapped,
one is killed.

Released 1 4 don't know anything
about their abductors.

Because they were locked up in
a dark room for 3 days.

They didn't go beyond 10 kms.
from the place of kidnap.

Moreover, they say this will be
a continuous process.

Don't know when & where
it'll happen next?

Every minute is tensed
expecting a bad news.

Let's consider there are 87 people
working in a office.

ln that one person is observing
other's activities.

And reporting it to
an unknown man.

lf we find that one man,
we can find the entire network.

The problem is in finding
that lone man.

We can use third degree to
inquire like pick pockets.

All are officers!
Responsible people.

Anyone got an idea to
find them?

Why're you lifting
your hand?

You asked about an idea...

Did you fill up the tank?

l asked whether you've filled the
jeep's tank.- l've filled the tank.

Checked Air in all 4 tyres.
- l've done it.

Then, park it in shade.
- lt's parked in shade only.

Then, you stay out.
We've to discuss.

No sir....in this case.

You're just a constable. Don't try to
advise and show us our work.

lf l say go out, just do it.

l wanted to tell you that day itself.
He's a loud mouth.

You're just a constable
driving their jeep.

Why do you want all
this trouble?

What's this?

My father was an lnspector.

My grandfather had worked as Police
during British period.

l had been selected for
S.l. on merit.

l'm now a constable just because
l wasn't able to pay money.

l want to crack this case &
get my promotion.

And you're making fun of me.

Okay....okay. l'll not make
fun of you.

Look, tell me the idea of finding
that one man in 87 staff.

l'll listen. - Listen.

Working in the same office.

lf a person identifies all the
bribe taking officers.

Who can it be?

Definitely, he'll be a clean man,
who'll not take bribes.

So, it's easy to find a man not
taking bribe in an office.

You'll definitely
get promoted.

l'm going to Vandavasi, Karur.

l'll inquire thoroughly
those 87 people.

l'll definitely catch him.
Watch out.

We'll clear obscenity.

Ban obscene posters.

We'll clear obscenity.

Who are you all?
- l'm Devaki, a social worker.

lt seems her name is Sevaki and
she's a social Devaki.

....Social worker.

What're you doing up there?

We're defacing obscene posters.

These posters are here for a week.
Didn't you feel like cleaning it?

Don't restrict yourself to
9 to 6 office routine.

We must help this society
in our own way.

Since when this poster is here?
- lt has been here for a week.

Was there a crowd here
for a week?


Why has a crowd gathered
here only today?

More than the posters, dresses
you're wearing is obscene.

All this crowd has gathered
to see that only.

ls it obscene?
This is fashion.

Starting point of that
poster is this.

lf you're not interested in social work
at least encourage those who do it.

l'll encourage.
Do you know who am l?

l'm President of All World
Shakila Fan's Association.

l'm telling you.
Climb & deface it slowly.

After finishing here, come to
our neighbourhood also.

Move....move...give us way.

What's this crowd here?

Couldn't you tell us if you wanted
to deface posters?

All of you disperse.
Get down...get down.

l warned her earlier too.

lf she falls down from the
ladder & losses her teeth.

Who'll marry her?

Get lost, bald man.


Just because it's prominent,
do you've to bend your hips?

ls it justified to avoid young man
and break his heart?

You're trying to trap me,
talking beautifully.

Ogling at me, you're
applying often.

When l went alone to the shop.

Everyone is asking why hasn't
your fiancee come?

Don't ask silly questions.
Leave me alone.

My heart is empty. What you're now
lifting is a shovel.

Go for another girl.
Change your dance step.

Oh! Peahen! You've adorned
my heart in your hairs.

Give me a reply truthfully.

District Collector's Office,

lt's long time since we had
ordered for lce cream.

lt hasn't come yet.

Tell him to bring it fast.

He's also a big bore
just like DD-1 .

Why don't you change
the channel?

Oh! They're coming after me
wherever l go.

Where's she?
- She had come here only.

Where did she go away?

How am l to escape from them?
- l saw her coming this side.

Someday, she'll fall into our hands.
Come, let's go.

Remember me?
Devaki, social worker.

Look at my dress now?
Fully covered.

Oh God!

Just now l saw her
coming in here.

Someday she'll fall into
our hands.

Come, let's go boys.

What're you looking at?

This is quite common for
social activists like me.

Because l can't stay like you
without bothering about society.

Why're those rowdies
after you?

Sir, they're Ayodhya Kuppam
Velumani's henchmen.

l conducted his last brother's
love marriage.

ls it crime to unite lovers?

Okay. Why policemen were
after you?

Bride is Commissioner's daughter.

l'm not that old.

What's your age?- Nine.

Do you now my age?

Put one next to it.


This side...this side.
- Oh! 19!

That's my age.

Sir, people opposed to me may be
waiting outside for me.

Could you please drop me
at my hostel?

Uncle, l feel pity for her.

She resembles my grandma.
Help her, uncle.

l'm a full time social worker,
a part time college student.

My hostel is on that corner.

lf you come, it'll lead to
unnecessary gossip.

l'll walk.

Move out...move out from here.

No...sir...no sir...
They're rowdies.

Don't unnecessarily get beaten up
for supporting me.

Look, how huge & strong they're.

Still there's time, let's take
an about turn & escape.

Hide your weapons.
Hide your weapons behind.

He's not an ordinary man.
Salem lron.

What's this man?
We're seven.

7?! Do you know we were 1 7,
and still bit the dust.

What? 1 7 people?

We went only 1 7!
lf few had joined us!

Even they would've ended with
broken faces & limbs.

Did you get beaten up?

You said your jeep overturned and
fell from a flyover?

Jeep didn't over turn.

This man had only beat us
black & blue.

We were beaten to pulp.

God has given us legs to walk.

But, he has given him legs
only to kick.

lf he kicks, all seven of us
would land in a heap.

Do you know who am l?
l'm brother of one hand Sama.

Hey, He's the man who made your
brother's one hand man.

Hold the tail between
your legs.

Vehicles' radiator got heated up.
So, we've parked it in shade.

We've not forcing any
college to close.

lnfact we've asked them to
open at nights also.

They all are my friends.

What's in their hands?

Play things.

Boys! Bring it here.
Come fast.

Give me.

They'll fix 3 stumps & play
with this, won't they?

They show it on T.V. also
that game.

That's Hockey stick.

Hey, give all these to children.

Take this girl.
- Give me the bat.

Take it.

Buy a ball from the shop.
- Okay.

Sir, l'll go.

Come on boys.
-lt's heavy, you take 2 things.

Everything is mysterious.

A small doubt.

Otherwise, my head will burst.

You're a Madurai man.

She's a foreigner.
Who are these kids?

They're calling you as uncle.

Why're you calling back
those people?

lf you don't know the answer,
say l don't know.


l'll not rest till l find out
about those children.

Please avoid eatables
inside the theatre.

Daily 4 shows.

Who's he? Who's he?
Why's he here?

He's tasting & enjoying
for my own self.

You'll keep on searching a
Goddess like bride for me.

Meanwhile l'll finish my MBA.

On 1 7.6.2002, unqualified officers
will be kidnapped.-ACF.

So, they've decided on 1 7 for
their next operation.

This time we must nab them.

Radhakrishnan here.

The fax message we had received.

Totally 12 fax messages have come
including one to Governor & press.

12 have come from 12
different locations.

All are from public kiosks.

lf they do it this time,
we'll lose our honour.

Don't know which department,
they're going to target this time.

That's giving a real headache.

Press has received the fax.

lt'll come on evening T.V. News.

Message will reach entire Tamil Nadu.

Since no one knows which
department is the target.

Everyone will be scared
to death.

ln a way this is good for us.

Better than hiding behind
a veil of darkness.

lf they come out,
it's good for us.

This time atleast one
will get caught.

Put entire Tamil Nadu on alert.

Arrest anyone looking suspicious.

lf 5 or more people stand inquire &
leave them after taking addresses.

Okay, sir.

Public & Govt.Officers are being
requested not to get afraid.

Officers, please don't take leave
and stay at home.

lf you find any suspicious
looking man next to you.

You're being requested to intimate
the police immediately.

All officers are requested to stay
away from strangers.

All officers are requested
to be alert.

We request the officers to
avoid staying alone.

All precautions have been
take for your safety.

Members of ACF will be arrested
in near future.

Sir, why're you getting
tensed up?

First take this tablet &
reduce your tension.

Don't know when they'll kidnap
from which dept.

l'm really scared.

Sir, please don't mistake me.

lf at all they lay their hands
on our PWD dept.

ln the 15, you'll be No.1 .

Why're you upsetting
my stomach?

How much property does that
Erode Varadarajan has?

Rs. 80 Lakhs!

Rs.10 lakhs less than you.

Rasipuram Palanivelu?

Rs.60 lakhs!

Rs.30 lakhs less than you.

What's this man, everyone is
less than me?

lf l stop taking bribe
now itself.

By next month Erode Varadarajan
will cross me, won't he?

The day Kallakurichi Thasildar
was hanged.

He has stopped taking bribe.

Then, Rasipuram Palanivelu, he takes
more bribe than me.

Don't you know, how he fears even
to take Govt. salary.

Oh God! What am l to do now?

Greetings sir.

Sir, please sign & give us that
road laying contract.

We had already given you
Rs.4 lakhs advance.

There're Rs.6 lakhs in this.

Come...sir....l've been waiting
to see you for a long time.

Already my BP has shot up.

This contains the Rs.4 lakhs
you gave me.

Take this & leave, please. - Go.

For safety, please come
out with me.



Some one in this office is sending
reports about the bribes l take.

Now, l'm returning the Rs.4 lakhs
l had taken from him.

Credit it in my account.

The cash l've with me. l'll return it
to the people who gave me.

l'll send it by money orders to those
staying out of station.

Write the accounts properly.
God will bless you.

Don't know from which dept.
we'll get the bad news.

l'm scared.

Sir, we got tricked.

Alas, they've laid their hands
on our department.

Till now, it seems 8 SPs' are missing.
Have they kidnapped from our dept.?

Have they kidnapped 8 SPs'?

Send a message to entire
Tamil Nadu.

Ask all policemen to reach Police
stations & be safe there.

Our honour is at stake.

No need to fear.

Till now no untoward incident
has taken place.

Police will stand by you.

We'll definitely arrest
them this time.

They can't escape from us
this time.

They're underestimating police.

They can't touch anyone defying us.
- Police are on red alert.

So, no need to fear.

lf you suspect anyone
inform us immediately.

Hey, what's it?

Sir, it's our department people
they've kidnapped.

lt seems till now 8 SP's
are missing.

They've requested us to go back
to station for safety.

Come sir, let's go.

Sir, shall we accompany you
till station as security?

We request general public &
Govt.officers not to get scared.

Police is with you. Police is working
overtime to safe guard your lives.


Hey, who are you?

Mr. Panneerselvam,
Age 47...Chengi.

Mr. K. Mukundan,
Age 38, Aathur.

Mr. A. Annamalai,
Age 49, Perambalur.

Mr. S. Senthilkumar,
Age 53, Oddanchathiram.

Mr. V. Jagadeesh,
Age 37, Nagapattinam.

Mr. V. Palaniswamy,
Age 52, Mettur.

Mr. M. Subramaniam,
Age 42, Namakkal.

Mr. S. Govindasamy, Age 44.

15 Police Officers are missing
for this past 3 days.

Tamil Nadu Police have speeded up
the search operations.

The second incident of kidnapping
of Govt.Officers.

lt has created a sensation
among the general public.

Additional Police force has been deployed
in the places of kidnap.

You're hearing All lndia Radio's
State news bulletin.


Abducting & holding us for 3 days?
Are you playing with me?

Bloody rogues.

Release us.

Are you showing tricks
to Police?

Do you know? Do you know who am l?
- l know.

l know.

Your name is Varadarajan.

1994 March...24...Thursday.

You joined as SP at Villupuram.

3rd day after joining service.

ln the case related to the death of 16
people drinking spurious liquor.

To avoid filing case
on Pachaiyappan...

The first bribe you
took Rs.15 lakhs.

You went to other places
on transfer.

But, Pachaiyappan killed many others
in 3 more similar cases.

When you were in Chidambaram.

A woman was raped in
Police station.

Till you were in that place.

Total bribe money you earned
there is Rs.83 lakhs.

You brought land on your wife's
name in Ulundurpettai.

From there, Tirunelveli, Erode,
Thuthukudi, Theni....

These are different places where you
had worked. lt's bribe everywhere.

Number of people died,
because of you is 36.

Friday, the day on which
you were kidnapped.

The last bribe you took at 4 PM.
...Rs.6 lakhs.

Even Prime Minister or
Chief Minister.

Don't have a right to
beat people.

You've been bestowed
with that right.

Do you know why?

You're in the position of a father using
stick to change his wayward son.

There're many honest police officers
ready to sacrifice life for duty.

You're giving them a bad name.

Feel proud.

You're going to clean up,
your entire department.

Forgive me, sir.

Forgive me.

The only word l hate
in Tamil Language.

Did you see?


How many times l had told?

He's not a single man as you think?
Did anyone believe me?

Look now, he has laid his hands
on Police itself.

Will these guys go
and find them?

Wait...wait...why're you
shouting now?

They may come here now.
- Let them come.


What happened to
your investigation?

l've almost caught them up.

Almost caught them?

This is Vandavasi Taluq office
staff list.

lnquiring them individually,
l've caught that one man.


First man.

He has bought 25 acres
of land last year.

So, this is not that man.

This man.

Has paid Rs.3 lakhs for his sons'
Engineering college seat.

So, he's also not that man.

He has bought a Santro car.

He has given 150 sovereigns of
gold as dowry for his daughter.

He's a corrupt man.

All these people have taken bribes
according to their position.

But, this 47th man has never taken
even a penny as bribe.

Name is Kumaresan.

Salary Rs.3000.

A rented house of Rs.500.

He owns a TVS-50 bought
in installments.

His son studies in a
corporation school.

He has donated blood
43 times at Lions club.

So, this is the man who's
reporting on his colleagues.

May be! There are chances.

Look, Karur Taluq Office
Staff list.

There's a man here also known as
Zakir Hussain, a non-corrupt man.

He's a A.D., Rs.4000 salary.
Rented house.

He has a younger sister. She loved a
Hindu boy. He got them married.

He's the most honest man
in that office.

lf you compare these
Kumaresan & Zakir Hussain.

Absolutely there are
no resemblances.

This man is Hindu.
That man is Muslim.

This man studied in Vandavasi School.
That man studied in Karur school.

This man studied in Perambalur
Kenis Roger college.

That man studied in Tirchy
Bishop Heber college.

May be they would've never
even seen each other.

Beyond all this, there's something
which is common to them.

There's someone between them.

That man is the link between all these
people working in T.N. Govt.Offices.

Who's that man?

How could he get hold of one person
from every office?

lf we catch this small fish,
we can catch that shark.

You're always here.
Don't you like your hostel?

No, l like children very much.
Then, have children.

l'll beat you.

Aunty, who's Tamil Nadu
H.R. & C.E.'s Chief secretary.

He's my uncle's son.
Name's Anbukkarasu, lAS.

Anbukkarasu's not the Chief Secretary.
lt's Malaichamy.

Yesterday, l met him at Secretariat.
Don't l know?

lf you smile, will it
become true? Bet?

Mr.Anbukkarasu has gone to
Thiruvannamalai on transfer.

From today morning Mr.Malaichamy, lAS
has taken charge.

Shall l connect a call to him?
- No, please.

What's in it?

As l had gone there in
this morning.

You might've gone there
in the evening.

Okay, tell me who's the
Home Secretary?


How many departments are
there in Secretariat?

What do you want to know?

Total Tamil Nadu's population
is 6.21 crores.

ln that Men are 3.13 crores
Women are 3.09 crores.

There're 4.79 crores
registered voters.

Under 18 are 1 .42 crores.

Literates are 4.06 crores.
llliterates are 2.15 crores.

86 lakhs are below the
poverty line.

Agriculture land is 1 .10 lakh acres.
Barren land 50 lakh acres.

Total number of Collector's 30.
Munsif courts 409.

District courts 30.

Government Hospitals 364.
There's a bed for 72 patients.

Total number of Police Stations 1276.
Policemen 82,240.

Total Jails - 133.
Railway stations - 626.

Tamil Nadu's loan with World Bank
is Rs.4000 crores.

Every day one murder, one rape
and 72 thefts.

Every hour 127 are born
and 44 are dying.

Hey, look now here.
Relative of the teacher?

Grandma, l want to ask you something.
- What's it, dear?

That white girl, Hindi boy & other
2 children, who're they?

How're they related
to master?

All are orphans.

Do you know who's that
white girl?

ln Northern lndia, some time back
they burnt a white couple alive,

She had escaped from there.

Mother, father, 2 brothers were burnt
alive before her eyes.

Professor has brought her here
and is taking care of her.

That Hindu boys' entire family got
wiped in the Gujarat Earthquake.

That girl's father & mother died
in Coimbatore bomb blast.

That boy used to cry all night for
his mother when he came here.

Professor used to carry him on
his shoulder all the night.

People don't care for their
own children also.

But, he's taking care of orphans
like his own children.

No one has such a generous heart.

Smiles are back on their faces
very recently.

Why did you come now?

Sprinkle colours in my heart.

Little birds are flying
and singing happily.

Dew is falling on their
silky wings.

Oh Mother gentle breeze!
Come & sing a lullaby.

Any country's cuckoo will
sing the same song.

Any country's parrots'
prattling are same.

Will a gentle breeze touch us after
inquiring about our religion?

Will it rain selecting
a country?

You, me and everyone
are a big family.

For a loving heart.

You'll achieve what you think.

You'll fail in exam.

You'll get married in near future.

When the thick clouds moved a little...
l saw the colourful moon.

l stood standstill getting drowned
in a river of love.

lf there are few more like you.
Earth will become a heaven.

All that mother nature gives us
will become equal to everyone.

Won't the bamboo forests' make music
when gentle breeze passes through it.

Go to second floor, get it tested
and bring the report.

What's it?- The boy fell down
and hurt his leg.

l've written for 8 test to be conducted.
The lab is in the basement.

Get it tested, take the report &
meet the Chief Doctor.

8 tests for such a small wound?

ls it paining?

No injection, please.

How unjust is this?
l got cut by a metal sheet.

They're asking me to take a scan.

We come from G.H. to private hospitals
to save our lives.

Looks like they'll leave
us a pauper.

They ask money for everything.

Get him tested & meet the doctor.
l'll get money from the bank.

Has labour pains started for Saroja
in the 3rd ward? - Yes, doctor.

lt's normal delivery.

No....no, it shouldn't
be a normal delivery.

We must do ceaserian.

lf it's a normal delivery patient
will go home in 2 days.

But, if we operate we'll get
Rs.15,000 more.

She must be in bed rest
for 10 days.

You get their signatures in the form &
ask them to pay at the cash counter.

Also make the operation theatre ready.
- Okay, doctor.

Don't rub hard.

Has all the tests been conducted?
Has the doctor finished the treatment?

They have applied some verdigris
like thing on the wound.

They've charged Rs.9500 for treatment
and tests conducted.

A bill of Rs.9500 for
a small wound.

Okay, you be here.
l'll go & pay the money.

Leave it.

Are you the husband of Kanakavalli
who's in the emergency ward?- Yes sir.

Your wife died yesterday itself.

l was asked to inform you after
you pay the hospital bill.

Has she died?

l was here yesterday.
Why didn't you tell me?

Had you paid the money,
l'd have told you?

So, we're informing you after
you paid the money.

You scoundrels.

You had kept me away even
in her final moments.


She had died yesterday evening.

l had also conducted prayers
for her in the temple.

For the past one week, l poured
money whenever you asked for it.

Tell me, how much more you want,
l'll give you.

But, can you make her
speak to me?

Yes, it'll be like this only
over here.

lf not go to the G.H.
which stinks.

You go home with the children,
l'm going to G.H.

Why?- Do as l say?

Sir, you've come to help us
like God.

We don't even have money to
perform his last rites.

You don't worry,
l'll take care.

Leaving his two grown up
daughters on the streets,

He drank to his death.

Madam, sign this.

Do you know to sign?- l know.

Sign it.

Give me that book.

Madam, this is the
death certificate.

He died at 7.10 AM.

Only if you show this, you can cremate
his body in the crematorium.

Take it.

Give that to me.
- Have it, sir.

No need of this vehicle.
There's another vehicle.

Where is the emergency ward?
- This way, go straight.


Be careful.

Doctor, my brother fell down

Save him at any cost.

You stay outside.
Nurse, take him out.- come.

Doctor, save him at any cost.
- You please wait outside.

The patient is dead.

He must've died on the way
to the hospital.

What shall we do now?

Only we know that he's dead.

People standing outside think
that he's unconscious.

We'll continue our treatment.

Saying that he's serious, we'll continue
our treatment for the entire day.

What do you say, doctor?

Treatment is going on.
Don't worry. We'll save him.

Sir, what're you saying?
- Please be patient.

He's telling you, isn't it?
He'll save him at any cost.

But, it'll cost you a lot.
Can you afford it?

lt's okay. l'm ready to spend
any sum of money.

Pay Rs.50,000 at the counter.

Only then, we'll admit him.
Make it fast.

Bill it in the name
of the patient.

Doctor, l've paid the money.

Medical shop is in the 2nd floor,
get these medicines.

Totally Rs.8300.

Bill it in the name
of the patient.

Why're you coming so slowly without
understanding the emergency?

Give this in the pharmacy.

Take care.

Take it & check it.

Be quiet & listen to me.

Doctor, how is my brother?

He was struggling to breathe.

But, now after the treatment,
he's breathing properly.

Dr. Satish Sharma has come to Madras
to attend a seminar.

lf we ask him to come,
he'll give a better treatment.

But, it'll cost you Rs.2 lakhs.

lt's alright. Call any
number of doctors.

Doctor, how is my brother?
- He's in serious condition.

He came to conscious.

l was about to call you,
he again fell unconscious.

lf he comes to conscious within
2 hours, no need to worry.

What's this injustice?

They're treating a dead man.

ls your betrothal over?

ln the house?- Yes.

Enjoy.- Doctor, the body
decomposing rapidly.

Do something before it
starts stinking.

We'll inform the Chief Doctor &
pretend that the patient is serious.

Now, the doctor will
come & say.

l'm sorry. We tried our best,
but the patient died.

We tried our best,
but the patient died.

You've spent Rs.3 lakhs.

lf you pay the balance of Rs.2 lakhs,
you can take home the body.

We'll take the body if
you give them Rs.20 lakhs.

What're you talking?

lt's said that we shouldn't
lie to Doctors & Lawyers.

There's one more thing which
we shouldn't tell you.

'Save the life at any cost'.

lf we tell, that's all.

Didn't get it?

A person was confirmed dead by
the Government Hospital.

And you had been giving treatment for
that dead body for the past 8 hrs.

l've the proof for that.

Your hospital M.D. must come
here right now.

One person has fooled you all.

Aren't you ashamed?

What're the evidences
does he have?

Death confirmation certificate given by
the Government & the time of death.

Also, our hospital admission bill, medical
bill & a file of some more bills.

Connect me to Bombay.
l want to talk my father.

Work properly.

Call from Madras.

Father, l'm Rishi speaking.

A person who does business and
get caught is fit for nothing.

l'll kill you all even if a single brick
of the hospital gets damaged.


Where's he now?

So, you need Rs.20 lakhs for you to
keep your mouth shut.

Rs.23 lakhs, including
Rs.3 lakhs spent by me.

Hit him....hit him.

l'll talk to him.

He seems to be a good man.

Let's discuss & settle the issue.

There are Rs.20 lakhs
in this bag.

Educate your daughter &
get them married.

Where did the money come from?

lt was earned by your husband.

He never earned a penny
when he was alive.

But, he has earned Rs.20 lakhs
after his death.


You all are the doctors working
in this hospital, aren't you?

There're so many religions
& Gods in this world.

But, if anyone falls ill,
they first come to the hospital.

And then go to their
respective temples.

You're the only God worshiped
by all religions.

But, you forgot about
your profession.

And you're playing with the lives of
people for the sake of money.

lt was a mistake.
Forgive us.

The only word which l don't
like in Tamil.

By Court & Collectors' orders,

Since the lives of the people
are in danger,

This private hospital & medical college
has been sealed from today.

Look, he has come.
We must not spare him.

Get down...Get down.
How dare you?

Are you cheating in the
name of treatment?

Get down...
- Don't spare him.

Get down..- Don't spare him.

Give me way, please move.
Leave the door....

Sir, don't get down.

He took money from us and
also ditched us.

Come out...come out.

He has sent all the evidence
to the President.

Government has taken away the
Rs.1500 crores hospital & college.

They've shifted all the
patients to G.H.

You crook! lt's a sin
to spare you.

ls this your livelihood?
You shameless.

Get down...lf you don't get down
we'll burn you alive.

You've given treatment to a
dead man for 8 hours. Yuck!

What were you all doing?

Some guy has closed the hospital
and has killed my son also.

What were you doing?

Who is he?...Who is he?

Many saw him. But no one is aware
about his whereabouts.

The lady who took Rs.20 lakhs
knows nothing about him.

She says that he met her in G.H.

He did all these things
in a flash.

You know nothing about him.

l want to know who he is.
l want him.

Sir, our surveillance camera at the
reception records all entering hospital.

lf we play that cassette,
we can find him.

lt's enough if we go there
by 12'o clock.

lt's better to be there
30 minutes before.

lt's been very long time since we met.
How are you?

We both are from the same college.

A college mate whom l don't know.
l haven't seen him.

There are 32 cameras in 16 blocks
in our hospital.

He came through the emergency block.
Play that cassette first.

l'm playing that cassette only.

Please insert this,
l want to see a list.

Select those 2 names highlighted
with red colour.

Now, find out the place of
their education.

Kumaresan studied in
Kenis Roger college, Perambulur.

Zakir Hussain studied in
Bishop Heber college, Trichy.

Wait for some time.

The dead man was admitted
at 1 1 .30 Am.

The time running now is 1 1 .23.

He'll appear in the T.V
within 7 mins.

Fast forward the cassette.

They both studied in
National College.

Aunty, now take all the names
highlighted in red from all offices.

Everyone has studied in
National College.

Old students of National College
are responsible for everything.

Each one had joined in a separate
office all over Tamil Nadu.

And are passing the information
to someone.

Now, l should find out the person
who gives them the orders.

He's the one.

Rewind the tape.

Zoom it...zoom it.

Zoom it.

lt has been 9 years
since he died.

Why're you distributing sweets to
everyone Saravana?

Then, do you want me to cheat
others like you?

l'm going to get promoted, man.

....ln near future.

People aren't giving sweets even
if they're promoted.

He's distributing sweets for the
expected promotion.

He's a crack pot.

Who could be the spy here who's
informing about bribe takers.

Definitely he must be the one
who doesn't take bribe.

Hey fools! Has this dawned
on you only now?

l want to avail the medical
leave for 2 days.

Now only we've
found the clue.

lf you apply for leave
at this time.

Case will be solved if you
grant me leave.

What are you saying?
Case will be solved?- Yes sir.

l've collected many things about this case.
Only few more are left.

l've found all this only during
my medical leave.

Just 2 more days.

lf you sanction my leave
for 2 more days.

l'll finish it completely.

Sir, this is my leave letter.

Hey, go away man.

lt's alright even if you don't
grant me leave.

l'll tell you whatever l found.

You do the rest.

Atleast promote me.

He's deceiving us.
Can you find out?

lf you want to find something.

My cigarette lighter is missing
for past the 2 days.

Find it first.

We'll find them out.

l beg your pardon. - Look, do you want
to leave this room....

Or quit this job?

Sir, there are 31 lakh voters
in Madras.

The photo which we've doesn't match
with any of these photos.

What l think is...

l don't want to know the reason.
l want only the person.

l want him alive.

Sir, l'm investigating this
ACF case.

l want to arrest one of your
college staff.- What? Arrest?

Are you the police officer who's
handling that case?

l'm the police and
they're the officers.

We both are different.

lnfact, l'm a constable who drives
their jeep.


Don't phone them up.

l've come here without
their knowledge.

You're working in police department.
And committing fraud!

l'm working very hard to
get promotion.

l'll lose my job if
you phone them up.

l'll come again.

lt's the ration card.

A.C.F's next target is
ration office.

Last time he mentioned only the
date of his action.

This time, very boldly, he has
mentioned ration office.

lts no more a problem
when they'll get caught.

Now the problem is no one should
get caught by them.

Sir, there are almost 24000
ration shops in Tamil Nadu.

To give security to all of
them in impossible.

He isn't going to kidnap people
who are in 24000 ration shops.

He's going to kidnap 15 people amongst
them who took excessive bribe.

lf we find those 15 people,

And if we send 2000 police
men for their security,

This time we can stop their
attempt to kidnap.

How can we find
those 15 people?

There's a way for that.

Than others, who look bribe will know
about it, right.

lf they want to remain alive.

We'll ask those 15 people to
come to us on their own.

More than the wealth
they earned,

They'll give importance to their lives
and come here promptly.

We'll announce this to all the
ration staff of Tamil Nadu.

Now we'll find those 15 people
who're most corrupt.

A counter has been opened at all
district head quarters.

There's a phone call from
South Madras head quarters.

First we've to find out who're
those 15 people.

Did anyone accept?

Not 1 or 2, all of them have
come here enmasse.

Please come here immediately.

Sir, l'm No.1 please
give me security.

lt's alright even if l lose my job.
Save my life.

Till today l've cheated
Rs.86 lakhs.

lf you don't believe
please look into this file.

Sir, please don't believe him,
l'm No.1 .

l looted loads of
ration shop rice.

They'll kill me if l'm outside.
Please save me.

Sir, we don't have ration shop
in our area.

Add me also into the
list of 15 people.

Please include me also in those 15 people
whom you're going to give security.

l'll give you 50 lakhs.

Oh! don't you want me
to be happy?

Please be calm.

What's this man?

Everybody came here fearing
that they're No.1 .

This is only South Madras.

lt seems North Madras & other places
are crowded heavily.

lt seems its traffic jam
at Pudukottai.

What happened sir?

He diverted our attention
to the ration department.

And kidnapped 15 PWD officers.

Just now we received the message.

Hey close the gate, man.

Collect the files.

Sir, l didn't take any bribe.

Let your files prove it!
- You don't just accuse me.

Under the circumstances
of these sudden changes.

What action are you going to
take against them?

lf the evidences in
the files are proved.

We'll take action against all
these people.

And within a week, we're going to
appoint 25 youngsters as ration officer.

What happened man?

We've kidnapped 15 men
from PWD, isn't it?- Yes...

Gopi's father is also
one of them.

Does Gopi know about this?

He doesn't know.

Master, Gopi is coming.

Master, an important
good news for you.

This's a magazine published
in America.

ln this, an article has come
about our organization.

That means, corruption plays
a dominant role in lndia.

There is a revolution
in Tamil Nadu.

And ACF, Anti-Corruption-Force
has been established.

....And it is punishing
corrupt officers.

So, the entire Tamilnadu is
getting rid of corruption.

lf similar situation prevails in
every state,

Definitely, lndia will become
a powerful country. They've written.

They've published about
our force in America.

What a happy news is this.

Master, what happened?
Why're you looking dull?

Master, l had never seen you
like this before...

What happened?

Gopi, among 15 persons, whom
we kidnapped from PWD.

Your father is also one of them.

Not only that, your father
was No.1 corrupt.

Master, what're you going
to do now?

Forgiveness is the starting
point of any mistake.

lf we forgive him this time...

l would've mistaken you if you'd said,
let's forgive your father.

lt's alright, master.

Tahsildhar, policemen, S.P...
have also died....

They might've also had
children, isn't it?

lf we suffer from Diabetes,

Even, if they are our legs
won't we cut them?

Master, l'll take leave.

Master, while killing my father.

...Try to make it less painful...

Master, he may a bad father.

Master, l'm his good son....

l'm proud of you.

All of them think college boys will
always be roaming around girls.

lt's only in the hands of students to
change our country's destiny.

How much? Rs.100 or Rs.150.


Surprising it used to cost Rs.125
from Pallavaram to T.Nagar.

You're asking only Rs.35?
lsn't your meter working?

No, only now, it's
working properly.

Earlier, l had to give money to R.T.O
F.C. Brake lnspector & Traffic police.

ln order to give money
to all these people....

We used to charge Rs.125 for
Rs.35 for a trip.

Now, no one is taking bribe.

We're also not charging excess fare.
- Excellent.

l didn't do anything great.

A stranger who is staying somewhere.

And who reforms all the officers.

Only he gets the entire credit.

l don't believe in God.
But, if l get his photo,

l'll keep it in my auto & worship
him everyday.

l can't...l can't...

Not only Rs.3 Lakhs...Even
if you give me Rs.30 Lakhs.

l won't take bribe.

lf you don't accept this money.
Our boss will cut your hand.

lf l don't accept this money.
Your boss will cut only my hands.

But, if l take bribe
they'll kill me.

lnstead of listening to
the hand amputator.

Will you listen to your executor?

An officer was murdered
for not taking bribe.

Master, now, all the officers
have reformed.

Everything is going on correctly.

But a new problem has cropped up.

Rowdies & Goons are forcing
officers to take bribes.

Some reluctant officers
have been killed.

We had threatened to kill them
if they took bribe.

Similarly, they've threatened
to kill them, if they don't....

lf this continues...

A pickpocket may threaten P.O. and a
criminal may threaten the Collector.

When all the officers get
reformed & not take bribe.

lt's our duty to protect them.

Gangsters who threaten officers &
don't allow them to be honest.

Collect their list from
all over Tamilnadu.

He may be of any religion.

He may be anyones' relative.

This's the list of Gangsters
from all over Tamilnadu.

Officers of each town.

With their henchmen &
powerful politicians.

Are threatening people &
doing business.

For their crimes.

Even police of that area are scared
to take action against them.

And these officers who've
been tortured by them.

This floppy has the names of
top 15 of those criminals.

This file has details of the
top most of them.

He's doing lot of business.

He has suffered great loss
since the officers had reformed.

So, he's very keen to
enforce bribe system again.

Because of him, death rate of
public & officers is increasing.

That day, what we had seen in the paper
was also done by his henchmen.

We've to be very careful
in this final move.

Because, all of them
are criminals.

This time, there's no need
to give prior information.

That day, when you gave statistical
data about Tamilnadu.

l was surprised.
But now, l'm happy.

So many of them love you without
even seeing your face.

When l think that, l've moving
with such a person.

l feel proud of myself.

But now, everything is alright.
Can't you stop this?

Again, why've you targeted
another man? Forget it.

You go away...lf l leave him,
our efforts will go in vain.

Again, he'll bring back
the earlier situation.

You're doing so much
for the people.

They don't know your whereabouts.

Atleast, if they recognize you.

There'll be a meaning
for your efforts.

Do you know who weaves
your clothes?

Do we know the name of the farmer
who cultivates paddy for us?

Do we know about the cobbler
who makes our slippers?

Do we know about the bus driver who
drives us safely around?

For our well-being....

Our Army men die every day
in snow & desert.

Do we know about them?

We are not recognized by anyone.

No one is grateful to us.
Are they regretting about it?

Similarly, this is also like that.

Why're you so adamant?

You talk so much. But, you don't
know the worth of life?

l know it's worth. That's why
l'm talking like this.

Because of him. Do you know, how many
of them have died?


You ask me often whether l've anyone,
children, family, don't you?


Only she is left...Look....


Mother, l saw my brother.

He's very handsome, folding
his hands like this.

l've kissed him also.
But, he's black like father.

He'll look like this only
while scanning.

When he's born,
he'll be fair like you.

No mother, let him be black.

We both are fair & they're black....
lt'll be matching.

Mother, dash against me once again
otherwise, l'll grow horns.

Your second issue is a male baby.
Are you happy?

Doctor, let the baby
be of any sex.

Mother & daughter were wishing
for a baby boy.

They're very much excited.

Come & get the scan report
on Monday.

Shall we leave? Come on....

Chellam, go & get the key
from Sharmie's house.

Mother, l won't talk to her,
she's my enemy.

Please, go dear.

For the forthcoming Deepavali
l'll have a brother in my house.

l already have my brother for the
last 2 Deepavalis.

l've asked you to get the key,
what're you doing here?

What? Haven't you become
friends, yet?

Sharmie, give me the key.

Why do you apply Henna now?

Pregnant lady wanted it.

l don't know to draw. l've managed
something, please adjust.

Why're you laughing?

My husband is applying Henna to me.
Why do you bother?

Why're you laughing
again & again?

Mother, it's not Henna,
it's mint chutney!

Father, has deceived you nicely.

Oh God!


lt was just for fun.- Wait....


Are you telling the truth?
- Yes, sir.

Before we built that apartment.
There was a pond which was filled up.

So, that sand wasn't strong.

We shouldn't have built such a
big apartment building in that place.

And it's not permitted also.

You knew all these things earlier?

Now, they're going to construct
a bridge near that building.

When they dig holes there, definitely
that adjacent building will fall down.


Sir, totally 72 families are
there in those apartments.

lf it crashes down
everyone will die.

Before that we've to inform them &
we've to shift them elsewhere.


lf l listen to you,
we've to go to jail.

We've built buildings in
6 places in the city.

lf all of them shift their houses &
ask for money. Where will l go?

Even officers who took bribe from us
will escape by making us scapegoat.

But, if building falls down.
First, those officers will be caught.

lf they want to escape they've to
prove this as an accident, right?

Then, we'll also escape easily.

Sir, what you're talking is business.
- What l mean is humanity.

Both are same for me.

Even if my family was there among
these 72 families. l won't bother.

What's it? Father.

Go to Selvamani uncle's
house & bring newspaper.

Father, l won't go to his house
Sharmie is my enemy.


That enemy...

Call that Sharmie.

What's it? Aunty.
- Come here.

l won't because Priya
is my enemy.

Uncle is calling you, come on.

You both were best friends, right?
What happened between you?

Uncle, she had only first scribbled in
my note book with a sketch pen.

Father, she misplaced my compass first.
So, l scribbled in her notebook.

Have you become enemies
for this silly reason?

Okay, l'll buy a new notebook for you &
l'll buy a new Geometry box for you.

You both become friends.

Crackers are bursting.
And it's an enchanting festival.

Sparklers are burning.
Exciting, event has started.

Rosy, let us learn to make sky happy.

Think, to live happily.

Children are flashing bright
like lightening.

Give garland of flowers to
the smiling ones.

The time when we light the
lamps on earth.

Our hearts get brightened.

lf you say a word lovingly.

The entire world will become
your relative.

When Gods have joined hands...

Why should we discriminate

lf you've faith, there'll be growth.

How can your life become dull?

Let us swim in the rivers &
drench in the rain.

You fly like kites...

Oh Cuckoo! spread your wings & sing...

You prepare sweets &
savouries for me.

Let us burn crackers
for grandma.

Like the sky which
never breaks.

Don't back answer.

Shall we tell ''Ambulimama''

Shall we join the
hands with Anjali?

Without knowing this...

Uncle, who is trying to dance...

Don't try to get smart with us.

Look at the saint shining
bright with wisdom...

A silk saree wearing,
mother-in-law in Kashmir.

Look at me...
Look at me...

Please, give her, sir.

Tell me..
- Sir, please leave me.

l had told him earlier itself.
But that Badrinarayanan didn't listen to me.

lt's true that there was a
pond there earlier.

They gave bribes to all
the departments & managed it.

Sir, here there's evidence
of giving bribe to M.M.D.A.

Sir, there's evidence of bribe
paid to the soil tester.

Sir, this file has all the details of
bribes given to Chennai corporation.

Velayudham, Chennai corporation.

Shanmugam, officer of soil
testing department.

C.Madhavan, C.E.O, M.M.D.A.

Senthil Kumar, Secretary, P.W.D.

Parandhaman, l.A.S. District collector.

Because of your inefficiency.
Did you see how many have died?

Till now, 212 people have died.

1 13 people are struggling for their
lives in the hospital.

Collector sir, already there
was a pond in that place.

They filled up that pond. Corporation
registered that waste land.

....His department.

Problems arose because they took
bribes & approved it's registration.

lt's true that we've registered
it by taking bribe.

Your department had taken soil test.
Didn't that soil test reveal it?

Knowing that, such a big building
can't be built on that place.

You too had taken bribe, & showed
a bogus soil test report.

Because of both your departments
we too are getting bad name.

Are you any honest man?

You took bribe of Rs 20 lakhs & gave
approval for the building...

That man....he took bribe of Rs 40 lakhs
& then only, he gave N.O.C.

You're talking as if l've kept
Rs 40 lakhs for myself.

l gave Rs 25 lakhs to D.E., 7 lakhs
to A.D., & 6 lakhs to A.E.O.

Finally, all l got was
only Rs 2 lakhs.


ls enquiry in progress?

Collector sir, you took Rs.5 lakhs for
your daughter's medical seat from me.

Have you forgotten?

Why did l give you money?

You should manage if such
contingency arises.

Sir, that Ramana...

Are you shocked after hearing them?

Collector himself is our customer.
You can't do anything with this file.

Here all are like this only.
Can't you believe?

l'll give you 2 chances.

You can call & inform anyone
in Tamil Nadu.

ls it Commissioner's office?

Yesterday many people died in
an apartment collapse...

There's a conspiracy behind it.
Sir, l've all the evidence with me.

ls it Secretariat?
ls Home Secretary there?

What? Did they say,'wrong number',
didn't they? Didn't l tell you?

l've given them money.

l'll give you also.

Those who died in that building.
Government is giving Rs.1 lakh to each person.

ln your house...

You've a wife & daughter,
haven't you?

lf your child hadn't died in the womb.
You would've got Rs 3 lakhs.

Your bad luck that baby
died before being born.

So, it's not entitled.

Okay leave it...

l'll give you Rs 25 lakhs.
Totally, you'll get Rs 27 lakhs...

You marry again. There're so many tonics.
You've strength, isn't it?

Hey! don't you want money?

Hey, send everybody out.

Go out all of you.
Lock the door.

Someone's hurt on road,
what happened? Come fast.

Only Medical College students
gave me life again.

l never got an idea of killing those
responsible for my family's death.

This dastardly act mustn't
get repeated again.

They all should get reformed.

l understood that only students
can do it.

So, l got my certificates again
from the University.

And joined as a Professor.

l was the N.C.C. Master of the
college also.

l trained 200 students every year,

And made them to join all
Departments of Govt. of Tamil Nadu.

This is that students
revolutionary army.

A peon who took bribe of Rs.30.

Had leaked out the tender value of that
building to Badrinarayanan.

lf he hadn't accepted that Rs.30.

He wouldn't have got
this building contract.

And apartments wouldn't have
come up there.

And so many people wouldn't
have lost their lives.

Bribe of Rs.10 taken by a person results
in the death of a family elsewhere.

This situation should change.

But, he doesn't want the
situation to change.

Even now, people killed an officer
who refused to take bribe.

They were Badrinarayanan's men.

You could've killed him in a
second if you had wanted.

You didn't do it.

Even now you didn't kill him
for your family's death.

He'll bring the same situation
as it was in the past.

Your efforts shouldn't
go in vain.

Like the auto driver felt happy
on that day outside the temple.

Likewise, happiness of the poor
shouldn't end half way.

Hereafter, l won't stop you.

Greetings, brother.

Don't you know who l am?

l was responsible for you
to get this job.

Were you responsible to get
this job for me?

Yes, we had only killed
your predecessor.

lt appeared in the news papers also,
didn't you read?

What do you want now?

Just a signature in the file.

That's all...we'll leave
this place.

Otherwise a new successor
will come to sign it.

That's all! For this,

Rs.3 lakhs are in this.
Keep them inside.

l don't want money
you can go.

Has corruption disappeared?

But fear hasn't.
Shall l go now? See you.

You've a long life.

l can't believe it.

Are they signing again by
taking bribes?

What're you saying?

He didn't take money
but signed it.

This is just a beginning.

Gradually, l'll bring back
the earlier situation.

l've to tell this to everyone.
l'll call you later.

Who's it?

ls it Dindigul Mahalingam's house?

Oh, is it you sir?

Boss is missing for the
past one hour.

Don't know where he has gone and
what has happened to him?

l'll inform if he comes here.

Sir, l'm calling from
elderly man's house.

Did he call you?


He's missing for past one hour.

Even his slippers are here,
but he's missing.

lt seems Mannargudi, Salem bosses
are also missing for an hour.

They say people who kidnapped officers
are kidnapping gangsters.

You also be little careful sir!

The man whom you were searching
desperately all these days.

Are you surprised that
he had come to you?

Have you heard about A.C.F.?

Of the 15 people, No.1 position
is waiting for you.

What're you looking at?
Nobody, can save you.

Couldn't believe it, could you?

l'll give you 2 chances.

You can call up anyone
in Tamilnadu.

l'm Badrinarayanan speaking.

ACF Ramana has come
to kidnap me.

Sir, which number do you want?

ls it Commissioner's office?

No...this is commissioner's office.

ls it Commissioner's office?
- No, this is Commissioner's office.

Somebody is asking
whether this is a hotel.

No...it's wrong number.

They would've said ''it's
wrong number'', wouldn't they?

Not everyone is up for sale.

Only snakes eat it's young ones
to satiate their hunger.

You should've reformed atleast after
your son's death.

But, you're trying to spoil
the reformed State.

You can never achieve it
till l'm alive.

Did you read the paper?

lt seems, 15 gangsters have been
kidnapped in Tamilnadu.

l think, they'll hang that
Aruppukkottai whisker man.

How many people were terrorizing
using one gangster's name?

As soon they were kidnapped them,
street boys became dormant.

Even pick pocketers are
keeping low profile.

But, don't know who's behind
all these things.

They're investigating but they're
unable to catch him.

Hey you....a person from the sky
should come down to catch him.

What were you doing all
these days?

They've undertaken 3 operations
till now.

3 officers have died.

But there's no progress
from our side.

Above that, they've kidnapped
15 big shots.

Do you think we, from
central will be quiet?

Put up posters all
over Tamil Nadu.

lf anyone knows about them or
gives information about them,

Announce a Government reward of
Rs.20 Lakhs for them.

Regarding the kidnapping incidents
happening recently.

And if you come to know about
it's kingpin.

When asked few people whether they
would help in finding them...

l won't give a hint.

l won't...l won't.
We'll not betray them.

Why? Only now they're issuing rice &
sugar properly in ration shops.

Do you want to spoil that?

Do you think can we give them
general amnesty?

l say they haven't done any crime,
why amnesty?

You'll catch a do gooder, do you
want us to betray him?

Yuck...take this and go.

l've heard that everyone in Tamil Nadu
are sentimental idiots.

They hero worship criminals.

l want to tell you something.

Hey, haven't you gone out yet?
Go out man.

Get out....get out.

l had gone out, that's why
l could find out so much.

Or else, l would be watching the
slides everyday like you.

They're watching the slides
daily to see movies.

They'll watch the slides & eat ''samosas''
& get a big paunch.

They're treating this conference
hall like a canteen.

They couldn't find anything.
lf you rely on them, not a....

Taking 15 days leave, l've found
all this, losing half of my pay.

l just asked them for a days' off.

Didn't you ask me if l want to go out
of the room or quit the job?

You rubber face!

This Tanjore doll nodded
his head in concurrence.

lmpossible sir.

Don't talk as you wish.
- Sir, he's...

Go head.

This is a vast network.

lt isn't the power of terrorists
but students' power.

You've solved 90?/? of this case.

What else is there?

Give me a days' leave.

l'll go to the National college &
find out the culprit.

No need of leave.
You can go, on duty.

l'll drive the jeep for you.

l've to make an important enquiry.

l've to go in.
Please give way.


To arrest & imprison a gentleman.

We were happy that a faceless man
is doing good from somewhere.

But, we feel proud to know
that he's from our college.

Not even a single policeman
can defy us and enter.

Please, listen!

Today is the 2nd day of
the kidnapping.

Even if there's a slight delay.
They'll kill one of them tomorrow.

Whom will they kill?

ls he a Kamaraj or Nehru?

No..they're going to kill a
third rate rowdy, aren't they?

Actually, it's your job.

You'll catch everyone
but a criminal.

We must enter the college, right now.

Till the last student is alive.
lt's impossible.

Sir, please wait.
What're you going to do?

l'm going to call entire city
police force & drive them away.

lf you beat a ruling party man,
then, ruling party will retaliate.

lf you beat an opposition party man
even, they'll retaliate.

But if you hit a student.

Entire Tamil Nadu will retaliate.

There's a big crowd behind him.

Who doesn't have a crowd behind
him in your State?

lt's a crowd for everything.

There's a crowd behind everyone.

lf 10 people come behind him,
they'll demand splitting Tamil Nadu.

lf 100 people support, they'll
ask for splitting lndia.

They've killed Badrinarayanan.

Modus Operandi is to kill on the 3rd day
but now they've killed on 2nd day.

Please come immediately
to Royapuram harbour.

Ugh! We saluted this man.

They have killed him on
the 2nd day itself.

l'll not spare him.

l'll not leave this place
without catching him.

l'll show him, what l'm.

Hey? Why're you laughing?

l'm really happy.


He should've been killed on 3rd day but,
they've killed him on 2nd day itself.

Are you happy about that?

We're winning, sir.

Are we winning?

Traditionally, they used to
kill on the 3rd day.

What does it mean if they kill him
on the 2nd day itself?

lt means, the path on which
we're moving is right.

lt means, we're just at an arm's
length away from them.

Fearing exposure on the 3rd day,
they killed him on 2nd day itself.

So, our next mission is to speed up
the investigation.

We couldn't enter the
college, could we?

No need sir, there's another idea.

Go straight to the University.

You're collecting the list of all
alumni of National College.

You're finding out their
present jobs.

And arrest them
immediately, okay?

l don't understand who's
senior, he or me?

ls he ordering me or am
l ordering him?

What sir?

l don't understand who's the
senior & who's ordering whom?

We've to arrest everybody
who're in that network.

And give them a red room treatment.

Atleast, one will squeal, unable
to bear our tortures.







Women too?

Did anyone of them reveal
his name?

Name? They're not even shouting
''oh God'' even if we thrash them.

Not one squealed?

ls the treatment going on
in other places?

Treatment is going on in all
the district headquarters.

We're soft. Thirunelveli police will
peel out the skin.

We've a chance only there
to get his name.

Sir, call from Thirunelveli.

ls it? Give me.

l'm Palpandi speaking?

Did anyone reveal his
name there?

Did anyone reveal his
name there?

No body is opening their month.
- Thrash them nicely and ask.

Fools, can't you people
thrash them?

They're enduring everything silently.
What do you want us to do?

What's this? We beat all of them
as per your idea, not one named him.

Why're you getting tensed up?

l didn't ask you to thrash them
so that they'll reveal his name.

lf you hit them here
it'll pain him there.

For every blow here
he'll bleed there.

You watch out, he'll come out
on his own.

Sir, their parents, wives
and children have come.

Allow them inside.
- Okay, sir.

Watch out now.

Sir, my son is inside.

Please leave him....
l beg your pardon.

Sir, please tell him.
My son is inside.

Not only your son...
l'll release all of them.

Ask him to reveal a man's name.




They've beaten him mercilessly.

ls it paining?

Dear son, please bear the pain dear.
But, don't reveal his name.

As wounds heal,
pain will disappear.

But, don't reveal his name.

Are you mad? Your son is getting beaten
up mercilessly. Are you a mother?

Do you know him? Do you know if he's
tall, short, fair or dark?

You're asking your son to die
for a faceless man.

ls he more important to
you than your son?

Have you ever seen him?

l've not seen him.
Have you ever seen God?

We, poor people are eating 3
square meals peacefully.

Aren't you able to tolerate it?

He's my only son, l never beat
him even is his childhood.

You hit him....But he won't
reveal his name.

lf your hands pain, hit him
with a stick.

But, he'll not reveal his name.

He'll not reveal his name.

Tamilians won't adore
people so easily.

lf they do, it'll last
all their life.

There're leaders who misused
this adoration.

But, there isn't a person here
to deceive that leader.

What's this, man?

For some stranger, she's sacrificing
her own son.

So much of adoration.

Who's he?

l'm eager to meet him.

Switch on the tape recorder.

No need to trace out the phone number
or to record my voice.

l'll definitely surrender myself.

But on 2 conditions...
- Tell me, sir.

You must release all old
students unconditionally.

2nd one is all of them must be
re-instated in their respective jobs.

We want only you.

They'll get back their jobs.
You can trust me.

Tell me, the place time and date
when you're going to surrender.

l'll note it down.

A.C.F Leader is going to
surrender tomorrow.

Place of his surrender isn't
mentioned in the paper.

Hey, l want to see his face...
Give me that paper.

lt isn't there in this paper too.
- Give me an lndian express, please.

His place of surrender isn't
mentioned in any paper.

Place isn't mentioned
even in T.V. News.

People, haven't seen him, please tell
us his place of surrender.

Please permit us to do our work.
Please give us way.

Where's he going to surrender?

Didn't l ask you to keep
out all receivers?

Okay, attend the call.

Sir, Home Minister wants
to talk to you.

Ask him the matter.

He's asking, what's the matter?

He's asking about the place
of his surrender.

Tell him, you can't say and
hang up the phone.

Why're you not revealing it
to the Home Minister also?

No man...Only after we hand him
over to the special court.

We'll be relieved from this case.

Nobody has seen his
face till now.

So, there'll be a huge
crowd to see him.

They may get angry towards police
and it may lead to violence.

That's why, l didn't reveal the
place & time of his surrender.


Breaking news.

Since, ACF Leader Prof. Ramana has
accepted his crime in the special court.

Court has sentenced
him to death.

Sir, C.M has come to meet you.

What a great service you've done
l feel bad to see you in this state.

l've written a mercy petition
to President for amnesty.

Sign this.

l'll see to that you're pardoned.


Whether its wrong or right.
l'm responsible for 4 deaths.

Beginning of the mistake is pardon.
End of the mistake is punishment.

Fear of punishment has made things
to go smoothly.

lf you pardon me, then that
fear will disappear.

l don't want set a
bad precedent myself.

Even my death should send shivers
down their spines.

l joined politics at the age of 20
with an intention to serve people.

But l couldn't.

That leader will criticize if we
do some good to people.

We criticized his work.

We became old by spending our lives
fighting & protecting our posts.

The thing which l wanted
to do at the age of 20.

l couldn't do it even at 70.

But, you've done it.

The price of rice which was Rs.16
has come down to Rs.7 now.

You are responsible for
that not me.

You're such a good person
and how to...

lt's enough you took pains to meet me.
l don't want anything else.

lt a man dies and if
his mother cries.

He's a good son.

lf his children cry,
he's a good father.

lf his siblings cry,
he's a good brother.

lf an entire nation cries
on his death.

He's a good leader.

This world is crying
for you, dear.

My grandson hasn't eaten
anything for 2 days.

Why do you think that
you've killed them?

Think that they were sentenced to death
by the court for their crimes.

Even if the court sentences
them to death.

Aren't they breaking the pen used
for writing the judgement?

l'm the pen used for
writing the judgement.

lt must be broken.


Do one thing for me.

l want to see my children once.

l've told them that you've gone
out of station on some urgent work.

They always remember you.

l've answered everybody.

l don't know, how to answer
these children.

Children who've lost their families
in their childhood itself.

They'll become orphans again.

Even if a plant uprooted
and sown elsewhere.

Along with the root,
it'll take some mud also.

They don't have even that.

Without me....now....

They shouldn't know that
l'm going to die.

Tell them that,
l've gone abroad.

Let them live in the hope that
someday, l'll come back.

God gifted me children twice.

But not even once l was fortunate
to live with them.

You take care of them.

They don't know anyone
else other than you.

lf they commit any mistakes.

They'll listen to you
if you advise them.

Please, don't beat them.

One minute please.


Release Ramana.
Release Professor.

There're 8 Universities
in Tamil Nadu.

Students of all college
are entering the city.

Situation is going
out of control.

lf this condition continues.
When Prof. Ramana is hanged.

Large scale violence may erupt.

Only Professor Ramana
can control them.

lf he talks to the public
before his punishment.

They'll calm down.

We can also execute the
punishment without trouble.

Till now, public hasn't
seen him.

We can control the public only if he addresses
them for the first time.

Call the press immediately.
For the first time...

No...for the last time he's going to
appear before the public.

Ask them to publish this news.

Did you get your promotion?
- No sir.

Bribe was responsible for me to remain
a constable though l'm qualified.

Even l know that
pain very well.

You didn't allow others to get
affected like me. l've...You....

lf l had been a student
of National college.

l would've been your
follower, trust me.

Professors will bid adieu to the
students on their farewell.

For the first time, all the students
have come to bid adieu to this professor.

l'm really proud of you!

Students are the only section beyond
all castes, religion,language barriers.

Example of student power is that
it can change fates of nations.

Each and every student
is like fire.

Only fire has the power to burn anything
that comes into its contact.

lf all these fires join together
lndia will became a raging fire.

What does lndia lack?
Everything is there.

One lndia is equal to
72 Singapores.

One lndia is equal 15 Englands.

One lndia is equal to 4 Pakistans.

One lndia is equal to
3 Americas in population.

American population is 28 crores.

lndias' population is 102 crores.

When there is a Edison, Bill Gates
Abraham Lincoln for just 28 crores.

For 102 crores...No need of 3 Bill gates.
Thers's not even one here.


Because Abraham Lincoln who was a cobbler
became the President of America.

l don't know how many Abraham Lincolns
are still mending shoes here.

Why couldn't we achieve that?

Money! Money is responsible
for everything.

After all even in a game...
Bribe is involved.

Every country would be achieving
to win medals in Olympics.

But we lndians are yearning to see
atleast our name in the medal list.

Why? Don't we've talented
people here?

We've many times over.

When they were wandering tribes,
we ran Governments here.

When they didn't have a language.
We had many poets here.

Why isn't that growth
here now?



He's taking bribe to
give others.

Someone else is taking
bribe to give him.

Only students have the power
to stop all this rot.

This isn't a struggle between
officers and students.

But this is a struggle between
students and students.

lt isn't compulsory that a politician or
a terrorist should be a student.

But an officer should
definitely be a student.

They were students.

But you all are future officers.

Only you are going to become Tahsildars, SP's
Collectors in future.

You decide how your
society should be.

After my death, don't burn
shops and buses etc.,

Then there won't be any difference
between students and politicians.

Not even a match stick
should burn for me.

Fire should burn only in
your hearts.
















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