Ram za sliku moje drage (1968) - full transcript

A group of boys spend their time playing in the city's suburbia. They meet a young fellow who soon comes in conflict with the boys. However, they befriend eventually and he takes over a role of their educator who introduces them to the world of adults.


She's coming!

Hello, soldier!
- Hello, my fellow countryman!

(Lieutenant gives orders)

You're done so quickly?
- I swear I didn't.

Nothing spectacular, right?
Just shake it a bit, and it's over.

I did not!

Nothing without soccer!
It's the queen of all sports.

That's not soccer, but athletics.

Soccer is a male noun.
- Whatever. Then it's king.

Who would you like better,
the queen or the king?

Well you know it.
I would do her like this...

And I'd do her like this...

Go get the evening newspapers now.

Tvrdi, join us. And remember
our shouting trick for today.

"In this bush lies a flower,
while shadows surrounds it."

To me, that's an attempt at
discovering the beauty...

Which has its origins in compilation
of archaic allegory.

Instead of
"In this bush lies a rabbit".

Because rabbit implies cowardice,
while flower implies beauty.

One needs to leave this place.

In this turbulent era of deep traumas,

dealing exclusively with beauty means
to be clueless in finding the way out.

We must leave this place ASAP.
And secretly.

And I think the way out to find
the higher goal is...

The glory!
- Slava (The glory)!

Wait, Slava.

Anyway, I have to be with someone!

What about me?

With you too, of course.

You're my exit to the sea.
Like what Trieste is to Austria.

You're so close, yet so far away.

Like a finger to the pianist.

Feel my toughness.

Are you whacked or something?

I'm crazy, and this is a mulberry tree.

What mulberry tree?
- Mulberry.

Do you know how many leaves
a bug must eat...

to make a single thread of silk
for its secret lab?

Don't! I combed my hair
for half an hour.

Do you want
to have something with me?

Do you want to join me in my cozy home
and give ourselves to bodily pleasures?

Over my dead body.

What do you think who am I, anyway?

Speaking about thoughts...

I don't really have none.

You're a true scumbag.
Quite often as well.

A disgusting one!

Those things I learned from
Djoko the disgusting one.

Do you know him? You don't?
That's a hell of a miss.

He caused some great disgusts!

You're talking rubbish.
You annoy and insult me!

That's just my mood.
Actually, I'm in shape.

But I see I'm
a lone phenomenon in that regard.

Reality. A half of a dream.

What do you think?

I think nothing.

Look, it's Zlatan. Spicoka!

Did he dug out the gold first,
or went crazy previously?

You always ask the same.

He neither went crazy,
nor dug the gold out.

Those are just rumors.

He's like that from birth.

What if he finds the gold?

Tvrdi threw it close to the line!

He'll find my foot!

Why is he digging in vain, then?


He's digging to find gold,
so that the gang stalk him.

Where the hell is gang over here?
- We've got it! Sexy is one of them.

At the cinema and on television.

I think Zlatan is digging for sport.

Like you do those stuff, right?

Who's doing it? You are.

Should I spit him, boss?
- Wait.

We've gone through that, Sexy.
Now it's your turn.

Love in freedom -
that's lyrical euphoria of the masses.

While free love is absence of fear
that babies cause.

Write "yes".
- Be more precise.

Precisely, this is the weed
against toothache and boredom.

This tobacco?
- Tobacco, yes.

This weed
is against the stomach ache.

This one cures head ache.

It grows at the edge of pine woods
during late hours.

There is weed against heart ache, too.
- What about the war?

There is no weeds against the war.

There is no. But there is
against the heart ache.

It grows at the foot of
girls' dresses and sleeves.

You, the young,
are gonna find it interesting.

There is cactus and agava.

Boneless, but it can pinch you!
That's against your free love.

You mean, against the reproduction?
- No!

There is no healing weeds against that.

There is another medication for that.
- I'm ready to write it down.

A glass of cold water!

Before or after the action?

Instead of that!

Take it down:

"For how long we, the young,
are going to shout NO?"

- Yes.
- Yes?

Write "yes".

Sexy, Tvrdi... the field work!

"Evening newspapers!
Who works, does not fear of hunger!"

That dude tricked us.

Let his window be our goal posts.
- Fine.

Sexy, don't mess around!

There is always an adult moron
to spoil everything.

One must learn to walk nice.

If you don't know how to walk,
you can't reach nowhere.

And if you don't eat your
bread and grease, you will stay short.

Have you heard me?
You must learn a proper walk.

If you don't know how to walk,
you can't reach nowhere.

And if you don't eat your bread
and grease, you will stay short.

Remember that!

Bring it over.

What do we have to shout?

"The bus turned over.
War orphans of 35 years."

"Escaped without paying."

Who escaped?

No idea. That's the title.
These are yours.

"Evening Times", latest release.

What's your name, sis (Seka)?

Why do you ask? You know.

I don't. That's why I ask.
- Everybody ask, but they all know.

"What's your name, Seka?"

Are you mad at me, sis?

And what is your name?


Now we both know.

Mr Nikola...

You are bored.

And where did other children go?

They went to sell newspapers,
while Sexy (is selling) flowers.

What kind of sexy flowers?

Sexy sells cyclamens now.

Why, is it because baby's sleeping?

The baby is sleeping.

The baby is sleeping.

What baby? Go home,
your mom is looking for you.

Have you sold the newspapers?
- Yes. Have you the flowers?

Let's go.


If you brought me a bullet,
I will not close the hole.

What can I do?

Just wait till I grab your neck!

(Lieutenant gives orders)

What are you looking at?

Don't pay attention.
I will not bother you.

Tvrdi, kiss the butt.

Tvrdi knows how he will do it.

Who is the Chief Quickfire of you?

Thank you very much.

Here you go, mister.

I'm not 'mister', but Nikola Maglaj.

Why'd you need that for?
- How could I've know.

One desires new horizons,
but screws up.

I can see that.

Now what?

Nothing. You will pay the fine.

Let's break your window
and we're even.

Ok do it. You're not the only
who make settlements like that.

Are we even after that?
- Yes.

Are we friends after?
- Yes. We're even.

But, friends?
- Yes we are.

Excellent. Break it!

Why me?

You and Sexy
can make your own deals.

But I'll do what
Luftika says, he's my boss.

No window breaking will occur.

My, what a hit!

One friendship is worth breakings.


So? Now we're even,
and friends on top of that.

In that sense, I invite you over
to the cinema tonight.

Boss, summon your people at six o'clock.

But we're working!


We're working class at 6pm.
Can we come at 4 o'clock?

What kind of working class are you?

We're journalists.


Journalists. We sell
evening newspapers.

Do you bring your girlfriend?
- Because Sexy is lustful.

No. Only us, grown friends.

Can you make it?
- Yes I can.

Tvrdi, Sexy... Help him out.

Is it free? Thanks.

Without youth
there ain't old age either.

Buy our sound and light effects
to our youth.

Do not leave your youth without effect.

Youth is
the most beautiful season.

Buy our sound and light effects
to our youth.

Do not leave your youth
without effect.

What a catch.

Excuse me, miss. These rascals!

It's taken out.
- Thank you. Such good manners of you.

Not a bad trick, eh?
- It sure isn't.

Gimme some endocarps.

Excuse me, miss! These misfits...

You gang of rascals!


Who would guess
there wouldn't be tickets.

Doesn't matter. We'll find some.

Spicoka, what are the chances?


You better go
there and try again.

The inspector is the leader of the gang.
Their main hitman.

What? - The inspector is the leader
of the gang. Their main hitman.

Thank you, skinny guy.

Let's go.
We know the entire plot.

Maybe it's not the inspector.
- It's him. Who else could be?

Spritzer or ice cream?

Ice cream.


let's have ice cream.

We know who the killer is.
- Who?

That's not for you.

Ice cream.


Sheer pornography.

Thank you.

I second that.

You second, what?


Which words do you second?




Gimme another and I'll tell you.


I second that, too.

Who's the killer?

The inspector.

I knew it! All films are same.

Too late now.

Your purse!
- Thanks. Such good manners of you.

Congratulations boy. You're fast.

World champion.


Do you have a bullet?
- No, I'm sorry.


What's this? No striptease.

Only pornography now.

Shut up.
Like you know about pornography!

I'll tell Nikola
about this pornography.

Yeah right. He's having that in loads.

You think he would laugh at us?
Like he's never done what we do.

I don't want anybody
to meddle in our business.


What else would Sexy do?

You'd run after pornography,
like Luftika.

I sell newspapers to
anyone who's literate.

And flowers to girls only.

Sexy deals with pornography only.

What's pornography? I'll kick your ass.

That's women like her.

Are you sure?
- Not 100%.

I'll make sure you'd never talk stuff
about women you don't know!

Who knows what's that!


You don't know either!


Well I don't. Neither do you.

Mr Nikola!

What's that....

I forgot the word.

What's the word...

What, Seka?

What's that 'pronography'?

Pornography is ice cream.

Though a bad one.

Go away. Your mother called for you.


That's what happens when
you're dealing with kids.

Who'd say ice cream
could bear such a name.

I guess that's the one
with a green top.

That's same nonsense like he said
Split is the capital of Adriatic sea.

Well it is!

Man you're dumb!

Again some of your claimings, eh?

Trick didn't make.

Spicoka! Let's go get the newspapers.


Do you have girlfriends?


None of you?

Who's interested what pornography is?

Sexy and Tvrdi. Who else?

Me, too.

What are you ashamed of?

Who learns it, gets it.

Who knows, gets it double.


Do not leave your youth without effect.


The youth is the most beautiful season.

sound and light effects to our youth.


It's nice to know all that.

But it's all just a theory.

But theory is for the people!

I somehow got refreshed, got younger
after spending time with you!

Maybe animals have
their own theory, too.

But they couldn't
tell about it.

But using only practice,

we'll never reach the goldmine
inside humans we talked about.

You were speaking about
the goldmine, sir?

Yes, Mr Zlatan.

But where it is, actually?
- In a man, for example.

In his affection.

No, sir.

The goldmine is below the ground,
while inside a man there is nothing.

Everything is underground because
the gold is underground.

Love is in a man,
if you'd allow.

Love maybe.
But we were talking about gold.

All is in a man,
if I'm not wrong.

You're wrong. Everything is underground.
There is nothing in a man.

Even a man
is going underground eventually.

But if he finds gold,
he'd be up in heavens.

Which is the only way
he could reach the heavens...


What a rant!

He's same like you.
He wants practice.

Sold everything already?

There was a big display of pornography,
and it all went!

Where is the display!?

In the newspapers.
Man you're so needy!


Look, Zlatan is the driver.

How come you're a driver, Zlatan?

When it's about the gold,
you don't ask questions!

Come along, my friends.

Let's go.

Tickets, please!

What a life!

Ado dropped out!

Thank you, Mr Zlatan!

- Come again!
- With pleasure.

He's crazy. We should report him.

He's a genius and we won't rat on him.

I'm scared, you know.

I had a girlfriend
who reacted the same.

I had plenty of girls
who I played chess with.


How many?

I lost the number, really.



How was your first time?

Can't remember. But I know
for sure she wasn't bad.

That match.

What is it? It's your move.

Nothing. I must go home. It's late.

What, something bothers you?


I'm going. Bye!

I apologize.

Doesn't matter.

Say, do you know any whores?

Some I do. Why do you ask?

I know well
what do you think about that.

One should go the regular way:
you fall in love, buy her flowers...

But when you give her flowers,
she sees you as a sweet mama's boy.

Things are different today.

Women are different.

Could you bring her over?


That whore.

What do you mean?

Like that.

I've got fed up with theory.

Oh is that so.

How old are you?

16. Almost 17.

If you were a girl, you would have had
many offers of that kind so far.

And experience perhaps.

But you have to suffer.
It is not easy to be a man.

Don't mock on me.
Would you bring her over?

I have cash.

Listen, it's not
about the cash.

Go out.

You confused me. Again, how old are you?
- 16.

Go away.

It doesn't matter. You don't have to
if you don't want to.

But don't tell the children.
- Ok.

That's not their issue.
Good night. Sorry.

What is it boss, are you ill?
- No I'm good.


Tvrdi, Sexy... it's time.

Take this for some pornography.

What are you looking at?
- Say what it is.


Should one worry about the contraception
when dealing with whores?

No, it's the whore's business and
she should take care of that.

It's Zlatan over there.
- Where?

Zlatan (goldie), have you found
the gold in your bus?

The gold is underground.

Mind the genius!



Take this key, and act bravely.

Unlock, come in, say hello,

close the door,
sit next to her.


The rest...
I wouldn't know what else to tell you.

Don't worry. She's a
kind girl, but experienced.

An expert for beginners.

I'll come in one hour.

Should I stay longer?
- No. That's enough.


How come you recognized me when
now I'm a changed man completely?

You noticed?

How couldn't I? The other man is
the one who provokes my interest.

You're always interested in another guy.

Djoko the disgusting one sends regards.
- Does he?

Yes, and he told you not to ruin
that other man who you've become.

Is that so? - Yes, and he said
that your bugs don't make silk.

Those are lowlife bugs.
The inferior kind.

What else did he say?

"See you, I'm in a hurry."

Belgrade newspapers:
"Dirty work of reverend priests."

"Fresh release."
Take these, they're still warm.

Where are you going this evening?
- To a bar.

"Evening newspapers.
Dirty work of reverend priests."

Buy cyclamens for your ladies!

Here. Choose yourself.

Five dinars each.

Thank you!

Buy cyclamens for your ladies!

Sexy... do you know what
"professional deformation" is?

I don't. Look at this TV program!

The "professional deformation" is your
constant watching of that TV program,

because you always shout the same
either in good or bad situations.

Should I shout it always?
- Yes.

Now, buy cyclamens for your ladies!

Where are the ladies?

Take this one. Should I go give her
flowers that you send?

That's the way to do.

Then buy cyclamens for yourself!
Is that ok?


"A man who stole
the bus was indetified!"


Zlatan took a photo for the papers.

"Zlatan Dangubic is the man who stole
the City Transport Company's bus."

Let's hurry to see
the Luftika's TV program.

Are you coming?
- Yes.

Good evening.
- Good evening!

What are you doing here?

Waiting for you.
- But, you?

What, you don't like me?

But you're not...
Hey, look who he brought over!


Out! We agreed about one.

Get out, bandits! I know your kind.
Leave the lights on!

What are you doing there?

I'm just watching.

What did you want, thugs?

As if I'm some lowlife.

I know your kind!

Let me go home!

Take off your clothes, jack.
- Why? - I'll show you why.

I don't want money to run off.
It's been paid for one anyways.

- Bug off, you whore!

And you're some man.

Lifts up a knife
instead of something else.

But you knew how to attack in pack
like a dog.


Take this, and go.

Now I'll show you.

I don't want to!

I don't want my evening
to fail because of you.

Let go of me!

Lie down as I tell!

She's a prostitute, guys.

Even expert.


Filthy whore!

Leave it. They're all same.

Let go of me!

I'll bite you!
- Yes, bite me like a man!

You're strong, but I'm not weak either!

Don't bite!

Gonna show you!

Your grip is too tight!

How would I fight if only
all of you would enter!

I hardly fight with yourself only.

Now be still for a minute.

Let's talk like civilized. Do you smoke?
- No.

What's your name?

Mladen Arnautovic.

What's your nickname, Mladja?

They call me Sexy.

My man Sexy.

You're a handsome boy.

Only you're too young for this stuff.

Is this your first time to attack
like a pack of dogs?

We did not attack.

If not you, was it me then?

Have a puff.

What is it, fool!?

I bet Sexy rocks!

Are you sure? Gonna beat up both of you.

For how long?
- Wait a minute!

Lie. Don't move.

You're gonna wait, dude.

Wait and don't move.

That grown friend of yours
must pay. Understood?

What are we gonna tell Nikola
when he arrives?

I'll kick his ass, too!

They're still growling
behind the doors.


Let's say we did it, too.
Because of Luftika.

Like, we all had the action,
and now it's Sexy's turn.

It would be less shameful,
and he knows that stuff anyway.

Keep your mouth shut!

And if you just shrill about this,
you're gonna get your piece in 10 years.

He's coming!

Let me dress up!
- Don't. It's more believable like this.

Stay calm or I'll bite your nose off!

How come all of you here?

What happened?

Nothing. Sexy is inside.



Why moralizing now?
You said yourself...

Get lost!

Open up!

What is it, idiots?

Get out!

Get out!

Why are you yelling at me?

You're cute.

If the teacher
would like to know,

he may check
how the pupils done the exam.

First thing:

I'm a professor in some fields,
but not a teacher.

To those interested
in multiplication tables.

May I see you off?

You're awesome. How many times?
- What do you know about it?

Have you done it at all?

Guys, let's do the field work.
It's about an hour!

I'll kick your ass!


Get off me!

(Lieutenant scolds the soldiers)

Seka, who did this?
- You.

Where is Nikola?
- He left because of you.

And look what he's done with the window.
All because of you!

Do you have a bullet?
- I do.

Then kill yourself with it.
- You damn brat!