Ram Singh Charlie (2020) - full transcript

A Lovely Little Film About A Family Of Circus Artistes.

All the world's a stage.

And all the
men and women merely players.

We all have our
entries and our exits.

And each man in his
life time plays many parts.

Just like you Dad.

My life is a single word
taken from the book of your life.

Which now has its own story.

I know...

You were not the richest, wisest...

...or the most successful

but you understood life
in a way none of us did...


Here you go.

Don't forget your bags!

Oh yes!

not this one, the other one.

oh yes off course!

No not this, the other one!

That one's mine!
- Where?

That one in your hand!

where? Oh no!
Here you go!

Not this one, the other one!
- This one's mine!!

First you say it's here then you say
its there... where is it?

In your hands!!

Here? oh!
here you go!

Not this one!!
The other one!!

Not again!!

Can I have some water?
- yes.

I'm really thirsty, are you?

Should I open it?
- No!

Should I open it?
- No! water will spill out!

Will it spill out?
- Yes!

Will it spill?
- Yes it will!

Will it spill?

Did it?
- It didn't!!

How did you do that?

Alright, you cannot be late tomorrow,
like you were today.

You must be on time alright?

You kids..


Once more!
Please do that again!

once more!?
alright.. once more it is...

I shall show it you once more.

here we go kids!

You're really good at it!

It's nothing sir...

How was the cloth floating in the air?

Nothing really...I just...

Could you show it to us again

oh no!

How do you do all this?

It's nothing really sir...
I used to work in the circus.

You were in the circus?


Once a clown,
always a clown...

Whats your name?


Hey Charlie!!



Chintu, I think you
should look for another job.

What's wrong dad?

You made so many mistakes today.
- Mistakes?

Ask your mother.
Was he smiling?


I did!!

Was his timing correct?


Of course it was!

What his energy up?
- Absolutely not!

It definitely was there Dad!!

How much can one teach?

I'm thinking of getting
myself a new partner.

Dad, I'll train harder.

Let it be.

Your mother will gift us
another Chintu in 6 months...

But he will be the one training him.

Oh yes!

We are in a fix...


Will you train our little Charlie?

(Folk song)

Come here darlings...

My baby!
How have you been son?


You have to have dinner
with us tonight.

Mom's cooking
something special...

And why is that?

Because Uncle Nabeel is here.



Where does the music come from?

from here? or here?

Son... Music comes from here..

Magic lies within
the person who plays...

not in the violin.


I'm glad you guys are here.

So what's the plan?

When are
you guys taking over?

The circus
needs new ideas...

new energy.. understand?

I saw the formats of two, three
international circuses on youtube.

They were amazing!

AC tents, new acts, superb
performances, excellent!!



Listen... we've called you
here for a meeting, not to clean up...

Hello... hello!

Settle down
please... settle down.

We appreciate you being here

and thank you for being
a part of Jango Circus.

If Mom has succeeded in making Jango
Circus one of the best in the country

it is only because
of your support.

And she hopes that you
continue to give your support

to her children

so that this circus can live on.

But that's
not what I want.

Because sadly...

in today's day... the circus is dying.

Films, DVD's, internet, TV,

mobile phones have
all replaced the circus.

The circus audience is dwindling

but its expenses are not.

That's why after giving
it a lot of thought. I...

I mean mom and
all of us together

have decided

to shut the circus down.

Right mom?

I understand that the circus
is more than your bread and butter

I understand it's also your home.

But you also need to understand...

...that we're not making any profits.

And our family can no
longer bear these losses.

But in spite of the fact that we are
going through a huge financial loss,

we understand your rights as well.

and so we'll be paying you

3 month's salary in advance.

It's the least we can
do for all your support.

It is important for you
and the future of your children.

I hope you'll understand.

Everybody looks so happy.

After all they're
getting paid for 3 months

without doing any work.

I don't know why Charlie
hasn't taken his money yet.

The fool's still rehearsing.

He knows the circus is shutting down.

Rehearsal to an artist
is like a prayer to a priest.

Destroying the church
won't stop him from praying.

Come, sit down.

No, no..Masterji..
- Oh come on!

you know I don't drink...

Recognize him?

Oscar sir...

The circus wouldn't have shut
if he was alive...

Do you remember...

once you threw a fit that
you wanted your own circus?

Your father told you
that this whole circus is yours.

So for two whole weeks
you sat on my chair

and I had to sit outside... remember?


It feels good to watch your
child grow into your shoes.

But sometimes they
even outgrow those shoes.

This circus gave me everything...

Money, success, Oscar, all of you.

One big family.

Isn't it?

And now everything's over.

I know how we started this circus.

Your father was my first employee.

Actually... he wasn't an

he was like a friend.

we told him to become a partner.

But he said,

'I'm an artist.'

'If I do business,
the artist in me will die'.

Never met a man like him ever again.

He was the first man I gave a salary to

and today

I give his son the last salary.

No Masterji!
- Keep it son. Keep it!

Life ahead won't be easy.

The risks taken here are nothing
compared to the ones outside.

They don't have safety nets there.

This was a very small circus...

there is a bigger circus out there.

So what's next?

Will you work here
or go back to the village?

My father left everything behind.

How can I go back?

I'll do something here.

I know you will open
your own circus...

And I really want you to.

You are the son I never had...


can I ask you something?

What? Tell me...

Can I keep my Charlie costume?

It's not your costume.

It's your skin.

You can't go without it.


and Gentlemen!

The circus is coming to
town for your entertainment...

India's circus no. 1




1000 bucks a week!

Even if you just stay two days,

you pay for the whole week.

That's expensive!

It's actually 1500.

since you've come through reference
I'm asking for 1000.

Anything for 4 or 5 hundred?

Will this do?

It's in the open

but I'll take 400.

We can't stay here...
- No... we'll take it.

It's just a matter of few days...


How long will you be staying?

A few days...


Will 500 do?

I'll give you the rest later.




I was at the circus.
They used to call me Charlie.


What are you looking at?

The bigger circus...

getting ready for it.


This world,
is a city of tight rope walkers


A game, a glittering funfair

Funfair, the world is a funfair

Unwary, everyone
walks on a tight rope

Funfair, world is a funfair

Swindler ... Insane

Swindler ... Insane

This world,
is a city of tight rope walkers

You are just a character,
and the curtains have gone up

Now play joy, play grief

Your body

Is just a beautiful toy

Everything is a game

listen .. listen ...
listen ... listen

From faraway,
someone is pulling strings

Of your heart, of your life

You are here to just entertain nature

From faraway,
someone is pulling strings

Of your heart, of your life

You are here to just entertain nature


Dumb head ... Insane is this world

Swings from one path to the other

Ramsingh... We're a full house.

There's no place for new acts.

You can see Charlie on TV

but my acts are exclusively
for this circus...

Sir, I'm sure there's
something you could do...

Would you work as a clown?

Charlie is a clown as well!

No sir, Charlie is not a clown...

But I can work as a clown,
I've done it before.

Alright then!

Our head clown...

He's looking for an assistant.

They are rehearsing inside.

Tell them I sent you.

I'll be there in a minute.

So you quickly run in
and grab the ball and bang!

He'll hit you. Perfect!

And after that...

Charlie Sir... you... here?

I mean... How are you?

What brings you...

Sorry sir...
I'm so happy to see you.

Guys... you know who he is?

My mentor...

Charlie sir.

Everything I know...

I've learned from him.

I had run away from home.

This man took my hand
and held me up.

Taught me all the tricks.

And comic timing?

He's the one who taught me that.

He turned this man into a clown.

If you ever see his Charlie act,
you'll go crazy!

Everyone says the only
person who can outdo him

is Chaplin himself!!


I was so scared.

I refused to go on stage.

The manager was so angry.

But he said, "I believe in you".

"You can do this."

I was tensed. I wanted to cry.

He said, "Then cry."

I cried like a baby.

But after that I gave
my best performance.

That's when I realized...

this man can teach you anything.

For me!

Raghunath Uncle sent it for you...

I met him at the circus today.

- He's a head clown now.

I was so happy to meet him.

He made me proud.

But I didn't tell him that I
was there for a job as his assistant.

I know he'd leave his
position and give it to me.

I know him well enough.

I lied to him,
that I was just passing by.

This was the last circus.

I don't know what will happen.

It will...

It will all be fine.

Right Chintu?

What did you do? Do that again.

You're so tiny.

They couldn't wait to pop you out,
could they?

Once more please...

Come on, once more!
I'm asking you nicely...

Hey shorty... go ahead take it...

Keep it..
keep it... you guys were a blast!

Ya... I've just reached the hotel.

I'll have a quick shower and call.

What are you doing here alone?

Nothing much...

What's your name?
- Chintu.

Chintu? Nice name.

Want toffees?

Wait I'll get some.

Come in.

Look so many toffees.

It's all yours.

Come take it.

Don't be scared.

Come take it.

Take the chocolates.

I was just... this...


Right chintu?

Son leave.

He is...

...Such a cute kid.

I was offered a tailoring job.

I'm thinking of taking it up.

We could use the extra money.

If I don't then we'll
even run out of what's left.

So now you're going to earn money?

I'm not good enough?

In fact, why don't we
get Chintu a job as well.

Both of you can work
I'll sit and relax.

That's not what I meant...
- I know exactly what you meant...

I can be stupid sometimes...

I didn't realize what I was saying.

Would you do me a favor?

I know things haven't been easy

but right now I need more time.

If the little one wasn't
on the way it would be different.

But I think the right
thing to do now is that...

you take all the money
and go to the village.

Take care of yourself...

Take care of Chintu...

and come back with little Charlie.

I promise...

I'll make things okay by then.

just a matter of few months.

What did you say your name was?

Ramsingh Charlie...



This is what I like about artists.

You guys live your character.

I like artists!

What will I have to do?

One minute...

See this!

Do you understand?

This is Chicket!

Cricket with Chickens.

What's this?


Your costume!

You wear this...

and play cricket for the kids.

But I won't be seen...

But your talent will be seen...


What more can an artist want?

Anyone can do this.

Why do you need an artist?

Body language...!

Body language of a chicken...

only a true artist
like you would understand.


You play Charlie?

Similarly you'll play a chicken.

This is just a costume.

You will breathe life into it...

...with your true talent.

Trust me, you should do this!

I don't think I can.

We'll pay you 15000 for a month.

Working period, 5 days.

The rest is just a training period.

Trust me... you should do this!

The journey was good.

We're doing fine.

Listen, please don't get mad..

I left some money in your bag.

Take it.

It's good you did that...

because things have gotten worse.

I got a job...

and it pays 15000!


What did you say?


Was that for me?


for Chintu...

Okay Chickens!

Time to lay eggs!

The costume you are
wearing is very expensive.

Too costly!

Once you wear the costume
and are out on the field then...

no removing of your head...

and no talking in public!

Because the kids believe
that you are a real chicken.

That you are Jenny the Hen.

If you remove the head
or talk to someone...

and the kids think..

hey that's not a chicken but a man.

then our brand's image will be?


What's your name?

Ramsingh... And yours?


I built the Taj Mahal...


What the hell are you doing?

You've been wearing
this costume for 15 days

you still can't walk straight!

Look at him...

He's been here two days
and is better than all of you!

Learn something from him.

Do one thing...
put on the Chicklet costume...

from today you're Jenny the hen...

Were you born in a chicken coop?

How'd you pick this up so fast?

I can't do it..

..in this stupid thing.

How do you do it?

It's easy.

If you work at it...

you will also pick it up.

I used to work at a circus

so I guess that helped.


Are you a clown?


...you're not a clown.

You're lying!


If you're a clown
then do something...


You've set the place on fire!!

It's nothing really...


What factory make are you?

Killer moves!

But what are you doing here?

The circus shut down so...

I sent my family to the village.

I'll work hard...

collect money,

I'll call them when things get better.

Where are you staying now?

I'm still looking for a place.

Look no further!


Hey, uncle!

It's a great place for a single guy.

Twenty bucks a day.

You can pay 200 every ten days.

No tension.

All the guys that stay
here are my friends...

He's going to stay here alright?



Let's find you a spot...

They drive their rickshaws
all day and sleep soundly at night.


Settle down here.


I'll get going...

You don't stay here?

If I stayed here then Mumtaz
will get lonely at the Taj Mahal.


Welcome to the Cricket
Match of the Century!!

The Aliens V/S The Chickens!!

Jenny the hen is on strike!

Their fans are thronging the stands

Can the aliens get them out?

Wow! He has scored a run.

Bro! Bring your hands together!

Oh ho ho ho ... it's a reverse sweep

A hook

Another solid hit




But the spectators are pleading for more!

Chicklet is ready to face again

The alien's delivery is a real pain

And this wicket has been a real gain

This chicken's legs are on the grill

The alien is quite strong

For the chickens it's all going wrong

But Jenny the hen is still going strong



And once again he has hit... a lofted shot

A swivel ... and a hit

A real solid hit

The crowd adores Jenny the hen!

And that brings us
to the end of the innings

Let's see who comes out
on top in the second innings

The Aliens and the Chickens
are both on top of their game

Let's see... who holds their nerves

And who will fold under pressure

A thunderous applause ... brings
an end to the (drinks) break

The alien has given it a mighty swing

The spectators have
started to dance and sing

One explosive shot after another

Are you paying attention at all?

Hey Jenny, there goes the ball!

The chickens are in
a round table conference.

A spinning delivery by Jenny

And the alien has been clean bowled

The chickens go cock a doodle doo

The chickens are back in the game

Hey! please get me some water

The aliens have not given up!

They are swinging at everything!

The pitch has become a dance floor

It's bhangra (balle balle) time

I think these aliens are from Punjab! Yo!

This match has become
extremely interesting

We are getting to see
some serious strategies

Will the chickens send
the aliens back to space?

Or will the aliens land
an egg on the chickens face.

Who will cross the finish line?

Time will tell

And the alien takes a swing

But straight back to the chicklet bowler

A magnificent display of fielding

It remains to be seen

Will the aliens lose,
and go back to their barren planet?

Or will stay on and inhabit the earth

Chicklet is ready to fire in the next ball

He's bowled a full toss!

And the alien has taken a mighty swing

The ball's gone straight to Jenny the hen!

Jenny throws back the ball!

Wait a minute

That's not Jenny!

that's Johny!


Johnny Johnny no papa!

Jenny the hen has lost his face!
What a disgrace!

What the hell man!

Have you gone crazy?

You call that an event?

Don't you dare come for your payment.


Sir... I was very thirsty...

I called the volunteer
but he didn't even look at me.

Tell me, what else I could have done.

Do one thing...

get out of here.

...before the manager loses it!
You should leave.

I'll leave... but my money?


Have you gone mad?

Thanks to your stupidity
we won't be paid in full.

And to top things
we've lost this client.

You should leave before
you get your ass kicked!

I wanted to remind
you about the due date.

Are you there?

Yes, I remember...

I'll send some money soon...

Don't send the money...

Bring it here yourself.

I want you to be the
first person our child sees.

He should play in your arms.

And be like you.

You are my hero...



I'll come soon...

I'm trying really hard

but I still don't make enough.

Any way you can help?

Help is my middle name.

I'll do something.

Ramsingh look...

it's Jenny the hen's egg!

I have to leave for my village.

So go.
- But there's a problem.

The bus leaves in 15 minutes.

I'll miss it if I drop
the rickshaw at the stand.

Anything else your majesty?

You'll do it, won't you?
- Okay I will.

You will do it right?

I said I will!

Nobody leaves empty handed
from Shahjehan's court.

Right, drop it please.

Now I'll get going.


Put this on my tab.


why don't you drop
this rickshaw to the stand?

But I've never pulled
a rickshaw before...

If an animal can pull a cart...
I trust you're smarter than that?

Hey rickshaw! hold on!

Take me to the ghat...

Sir... I am not a rickshaw puller...

You're pulling a rickshaw and telling
me that you're not a rickshaw puller.

Gimme a break!

But I'm telling you the truth...

Let's go... I'm running late
and I'm not asking for a free ride.

Come on...

Believe me, I'm not a rickshaw puller...

Come on...

This is good. You can stop here...

Stop here, this will do.

I got you here, but I'm telling
you I'm not a rickshaw puller.

Don't start off with that again.

Here you go. You know something?

I'm no Shah Rukh Khan either...


Hey Charlie!!


What are you doing here alone?

A new phone?

Looks like someone's making big money!

It's a good excuse to have a drink.

I don't drink.

Trust me,
it will make you feel better.

Believe me...

I really don't drink.

It's not much. Two lovely-lovely pegs!

But I've never had a drink...

Come on! Be a man!

But I...

Do you trust me?


Quick... have some peanuts...

Feeling better yet?

Here... have another...


I feel like you've just been baptized!


Hey Rickshaw.

Masterji, I'll give you a lift...


How are you Charlie?

What is all this?

I'm doing great!

And this... was necessary...
Come on... I'll give you a lift...

No... I don't think
I can sit in your rickshaw.

All those years you took care of us...

This is the least I can do...


Come... let's have some tea...

No... I'll get going...

You should stop by sometime...
It's good to see you...

Masterji, you don't have to do that...


If you ever want to follow
your dream again. Let me know.

Which dream?

...Of having your own circus.

I still have some circus equipment
that's of no use to my children.

Maybe you can put it to some use.

Reality can be very
different from your dreams.

I have understood that now.

But thank you!


For the delay in payment.
- That's alright...

What's wrong?
Where's my change?

But it takes fifty
rupees to get here...

You're new here?

Sir it costs fifty to get here...

I come here every day...

gimme back my money...

I don't have any change...

I'll take it some other time...

Dad.. I'm the only little
Charlie you'll ever have.

Let me speak to mamma...

Night oh night,

go away oh night

Night oh night,

go away oh night

My beloved,
seems like a stranger tonight

He seems asleep ...

He seems afar

Twist his ear ...

Ask him to talk

Night oh night,

go away oh night

Why do you worry about the rain,
oh fish of the sea

Drown, drown, drown,
darling, go on a colour spree

Slung on the hook,
stuck in your throat

Your dream has just
strayed from its path

Do you like it?


Look at your new house darling...
Do you like it?

why don't you open your
eyes and look at your papa?

I'm so happy to meet you and Chintu.

But your mamma doesn't
seem very happy to see me.

No...it's not that.

I just didn't expect to see you like this.

I'm absolutely fine!

I pull a rickshaw.

My feet are my engine.

The more I run, the more I earn.

I'm my own boss!

Come here...Look at this...

The kitchen has everything you need

and I even signed
Chintu up for school.

Every child comes with its own destiny

and we've been blessed
with this angel.


Soon your father will turn
1 rickshaw into 2 rickshaws,

2 rickshaws into 3 rickshaws,

3 rickshaws into 4 rickshaws...

There's no stopping us now.

Chintu, where are you going?

Heyyyy, my magician!
How are you?

I'm good.

Uncle, how have you been?
What are you doing here?

I'm playing the violin... as always.

So is this the little one?


Gouri! Looks just like Charlie.
One minute...

You don't need to do that!

But this is the first
time I'm meeting our angel.

You must come home.

I know Charlie would love it.
We'll all have dinner together...

You just cook and I'll
follow the smell to your house.

You should have asked
me before inviting.

I thought you would be happy.

Off course I am

But aren't we done with the circus?

Everyone has moved on with their lives.

Why are you bringing it up again?

Enjoy the dinner now
that you've invited him.

If I make it, great!

...or my sincere apologies...

It broke while changing houses.

After all that time
living in circus tents...

...it must feel good to
have four walls surround you...

But sometimes in moving on,

we forget the things
we cherish the most...

Dinner is ready. Let's eat...


Charlie may take longer to return...

You're singing it all wrong!


Take him inside...


Please don't be angry...
We've overdone it tonight.

I know he doesn't drink but...
We were miserable, out of fear we drank.

Had a little joy left,
stirred it in and we drank.

Weren't born with
a bottle in our hands...

Saw the lonely bottle,
felt bad and we drank.


Now say Ciao!

Don't fall asleep here you drunks!

Alright then.. be seeing you!

What are you doing?

I'm getting out our Charlie costumes.

There's a competition at school...

and all the kids have
to perform with their dads.

And there are prizes!

Keep that back!


Because I said so...

But how will we win
if we don't rehearse?

Didn't you hear what I said?

Keep that back!

What's wrong?

What happened?

All I wanted was my costume...

Didn't you hear? I said no!

Get out of here!

I've come to realize you're
not the same person I left behind.

What do you want from me?

You want me to beg?

I'm Charlie!
Please give me some work ...

I'm Charlie! Please give me some work!

I don't know about that..

..but that's the Charlie I loved.

You use to be my hero.

I wanted our children to be like you.

But not anymore.

Chintu will perform at school...

without you!

I'm scared when he's angry

But when I'm scared to be alone,

I hold his hand and
know that everything's fine.

He's hardly ever home,

But every evening I eagerly
wait for him to return.

That's my daddy.

He grows with me a little every day.

His hair is turning
grey with all my mischief.

That's my daddy.

He re lives his
childhood along with mine

He lets go of his
dreams to fulfill mine.

My little feet love to
find their way into his shoes.

The man I try to walk,
sit and look like.

The man who is my hero.

That's my daddy.

He says I can be anyone
I want to be.

And make all my dreams come true.

The one who I am like
and the man I want to be,

that's my daddy...

That's my daddy.

And our next participant
is Chintu Singh.

I can't do this mom...

You will... I know it...

All the performances
today have been beautiful.

But it's time to
distribute the prizes.

Without a doubt, first place goes to
Chintu Singh and his father Charlie.


Well done!

Let's have a round of applause!

I'm very happy.

That's what I told everyone.

But I lied.

How can anyone be happy
in someone else's skin?

After a long time,
today, I'm truly happy.

You have no idea how
much I've missed you.

I kept you locked in a box

But it was me who was getting suffocated

though I never let it show.

Ever since I remember,
I was Charlie... Charlie...

Hey Charlie!

I didn't know who Ramsingh was.

And when I met Ramsingh...

I didn't like him.

I thought you were making me weak.

But I realize today..

..you are my true strength.

I've found the courage I'd lost...

I found my family again.

Don't you ever leave me.

With you beside me,

I can fight the world...



- Hey!

Say something...
- Say something...

- Enough!

Where are you off to?

Where are you off to?

Answer me...
- Answer me...

Now what's this?
- Now what's this?

I'm going to meet Masterji....

Will be home early today...

Thank you...

For turning Ramsingh
into Charlie again!

Charlie is here to meet you...

- Yes.



You can go inside...

Sir...? Isn't Masterji here?

I thought you're
here because you came to know.

Mom is no more.

We lost her two weeks ago.

She'd started keeping
ill after the circus shut down.

We thought she would
relax without all that stress.

I don't know what happened.

So what brings you here?

I met Masterji a while ago.

She told me about the circus
equipment at the warehouse

and said that if I wanted,
I could have it.

What will you do with it?

I'll open my own circus Sir...


Gives me a reason
to empty the warehouse.

I'll wait here, you go have a look.

I know you will open
your own circus...

And I want you to.

You are the son I never had...

Here's the list of equipment Sir...

By when do you want to take this?

Whenever you say so...


Make arrangements for all this.

And collect a cheque of Rs.
1,50,000 from him.


I'm not asking for much Ramsingh...

Had it been anyone
else I'd ask for much more.

But you're family.

If Masterji was alive she'd never
put a price on the circus equipment!

He kept saying that he didn't know why

Masterji was keeping ill.

Anyone would die if you
stop them from breathing.

I've pitched circus
tents since I was a kid.

I was born in a circus.

You don't teach a fish how to swim.

I'll do it all...

on my own. Everything..

Earn money, build the circus,
sell the tickets and perform!

I'll do everything!

Be it small...

...but we'll have a circus...

Our own circus!

What is this?

Half of your circus.

I don't understand...

He's my nephew...


My brother's sold our ancestral land.

He's brought my share.

But you know me...

I spend money like royalty.

Won't take long for
the money to disappear.

So I want you to keep it.

For your circus...

Know what an investment is?

I'm investing in your dreams.

There are very few
dreamers in this world

Those who chase their
dreams are even fewer.

And those who fulfil them
are like a needle in a hay stack...

They're tough to find.

I know he's amazing! Someday
the world will look at him and say,

"Woah! He's set the room on fire!

Keep it my friend.

Take my nephew under your wing.

He'll make something of his life.

Or he'll turn into
a no-gooder like me...

What say you?

Will you work at our Circus?

Careful now!

There you go...Good!


Yes Sir...

It's Protima's birthday the day after.

I'm having a small
party for the kids..

Would you perform for them?


The circus tricks that you do.
The kids will love them!

I'd love to...

...but I can't afford to stop work.

No you won't have to do that...

I'll pay you...

Rs. 1000? Will that do?

Rs. 1000!

I'll do it...


What else do you need to live

but little intent

The night can be long

but with a promise of daybreak

So this is our workshop...

Like it?

It's temporary,
we'll get a fancy office later.

Life is in a habit

Of laughing, crying and getting upset

Go for it!

But no one's interested....

A true artist performs for himself

and then the world
watches him perform...

Inhibited desires

Hidden desires

Speak with mirrors,
they will tell you the truth

You are your destination,

you are your path,

rest all gods are a lie

Donald Duck?
- No...

What about Chhota Bheem?
- No.

PokeMon? Dora?

Would a 'Jenny the hen Chicklet' do?

Jenny the hen?

It's a cartoon sir!
Kids go bonkers about it!


Alright then...

The event guys didn't
pay me my money...

so I kept the costume.

What else do you need to live

but little intent

The night can be long

but with a promise of daybreak

They're having a Christmas
fair at the school grounds.

A carnival!


You didn't get it....
It's a carnival!

5000 is all we have...

But that's only 50%...

Sir, how about you
give us a 50% discount

And we'll give 50% discount
to your students on the tickets.

Today we are nowhere,

and stagnant

But someday

we will fly and become news

Jaidev left you his violin.

He said give it to
Charlie when he comes.

Let trouble remain in our habits


Weave your dreams

Choose your destination clearly

And then shout loudly

What else do you need to live

but little intent?

The night can be long

but with a promise of daybreak

Yes, like that! Great!

So, what did you say your name was?


And yours sir?


Short... Cut...

I just remembered a joke..

Please do!
- Promise me you'll laugh...


Short and Cut go to a hooker.

Short couldn't do anything
with his dysfunctional thermostat,

so Cut goes to the room.

A few minutes later Short's passing by

and hears strange noises from inside

like 1-2-3 aaaaah!

1-2-3 Aaaah!

Cut to next morning they meet.

Short asks Cut "why you look so low?

you had such a wild night."

Cut tells him..

..that he didn't do a thing.

Short asks why...

Cut says... "All night I
was just trying to get on the bed!"

If it takes that long
for you to get on the bed..

What about your wife..?

Are you going to pay Nabeel?

Will we get the equipment?

Where are you going
with all the money?

Cut's in the hospital.
He needs money for treatment...

What about the circus?

We need to set up
in the next two days...

What will you tell the
people who are working so hard?

We'll have our circus.

I promise you that.

How and where the money
will come from?...I don't know...

We will have our circus!
But right now,

Cut needs me. I have to go...

Ramsingh, I can't hold on
to the circus equipment any longer.

The rent for that warehouse is
more than the cost of all the stuff.

You asked for two
months and I agreed.

But I can't wait any longer.

If you need anything else,
let me know.

I need the...

Sorry... I didn't get that...

When I was a kid my father...

without any occasion
would bring new clothes.

Not just one but
a bunch of new shirts...

I'd wear them and show off.

I wouldn't stop smiling
for days after that.

Later I realized that

they were your used shirts..

..which Masterji used to give my father.

Still that didn't make me any less happy.

Even if they were your hand-me-downs,

for me they were as good as new.

Today, I'm asking
for that same old shirt.

I know the circus equipment
is of no use to you.

But it could give me a new life.

If you take that away from me then just
like Masterji I won't last long either...

Are you trying to say
mom died because...

Get out!

That's not what I meant...
- I said leave!

Come one! Come all!

For the first time in town...

Presenting Charlie
performed by Ramsingh!

Come on in...

I hope they don't
fight over the tickets.


...where will we keep all this money?

Look at that ruckus over the tickets!


It's all my fault...

I shouldn't have trusted you.

I sold my ancestral land!

You know where I got all that money from.

Rs. 92,000!

I want my circus now!


I'm warning you...

Look at me!

Look at me!

Where is my circus?

You know why you
can't look me in the eye?

Because you're a cheat...


Ramsingh, I'm sending
you all the circus equipment...

even things that weren't in your list.

I know you will reopen the circus.

I'm not doing this for you or me...

I'm doing this for mom.

I just have one request.

If possible, name it Jango Circus.

I'm sure it will make mom happy...

Everything is in the truck.

A few stolen moments
from the realms of dreams

With renewed hope my heart gleams

A new luminescence shines upon me

This new dawn promises
a beautiful new story

To a new beginning I have woken

"I'm right beside you"
life has spoken!

A few stolen moments
from the realms of dreams

With renewed hope my heart gleams

A new luminescence shines upon me

This new dawn promises
a beautiful new story

To a new beginning I have woken

We've lost Cut...

...he's no more.

God bless his soul.

But that was one expensive
ticket to heaven.

He almost shut down my circus!

It's only thanks to Nabeel
that we even have a circus.

You want your money?

I'll return it...

Return it?


By giving me back the salary I'll pay you?

That's great! Good thinking!

I'll pay you the money
but I won't work for you!

Get out of here!

I can buy midgets like
you for a dime a dozen!


Get out!

I was the one who took money from you...

...and promised you a circus.

Here's the circus...

And it's all yours!

The decision of not
performing at the circus...

I don't know if it's right or wrong.

All I know is that...

...we don't make the circus

the circus makes us.

You were born to do this.

Shahjehan may be wrong,

but for the next one week,

as long as the circus stands,...

...you should perform.
I'll be happy if you do that.

Forget Ramsingh Charlie!
It's Fahim Charlie. Wear this!

They think we can't
run the circus without them?

To hell with them!

Here... put this on.

Here's our Charlie..

All you need is the right
moustache and some make up.

Take this! Show me your Charlie walk.


Sir... This wasn't my idea.

Uncle told me that...

you're not coming this evening

and we have to do the show.

And since I was always with you..

I should do Charlie.

I swear it wasn't my idea.

I can never take your place.

Sir...sir.. I was only trying
to look like you. Sir...

Charlie sir!

Why don't you stop him? Charlie sir!

Charlie sir please don't leave!

Dad never looked back after that.

The whole world became his stage.

Till the time he had air in lungs,
he kept his working boots on.


like all of us, you had your weaknesses...

but all you gave your
children were your strengths.

I feel like I'm your shadow.

It may not be seen in the dark,
but is always there.

We eventually become the shadow
of the people our parents were.

Not everyone wins this
marathon that we call life,

but every father keeps
running till his last breath,

so that he can give wings to his children.

You always told me...

that I could never lose...

...because you'd lost
enough for the both of us.

I know Papa that the
rickshaw you pulled as Ramsingh,

was not ferrying anyone
else but our family

As for Charlie he lives on through me,

eager to perform on a new stage
and explore new dreams and aspirations.

He still remembers that

a true artist
performs for himself

and then the world
watches him perform