Raiders of the Wu Gorge (2019) - full transcript

Shirley Yang's unintended pregnancy brought more pressing pressure to bear on Hu Bayi who was trapped in a bloody curse. At the archaeological invitation of Professor Sun, he learned that ...

Tumulus Opening Seal.

Gold Snatching Talisman.

Moving mountains and breaking ridges to search for secret locations.

A man lights a candle, a ghost blows it out.

Explore a tomb, find the treasure.

This is the last effort of the Gold Snatching Officers.

Since Shirley Yang and I,

along with Fatso Wang, came back from the ancient city of Jingjue,

the Erythema Blood Disease

has become a curse weighing on our backs.

In order to find a cure,

we've travelled far and wide, narrowly escaping death,

but have failed every time.

The moment we wanted to give up,

accept fate, and return to our normal lives,

we received a new clue from Professor Sun.

The Resurrection Herb in King Wuyang's tomb.

Hope for a cure is on the horizon once again.

We must set out again.

This is it. The Headless Mountain.

Behind it is Goddess Peak.

We must be close to the place mentioned in the riddle.

The Guanshan Warlocks really live up to their reputation.

This place is a feng shui treasure trove.

In a place this big,

how are we going to find the entrance?

It's time for the Gold Snatching Officers to get to work.

To find a hidden location, we should analyze the surrounding mountain chains.

One surrounding mountain chain exists as a pass.

If there are many water locks at the pass's entrance,

a high-ranking tomb is likely hidden there.

The entrance to the ancient tomb is here.

Professor Sun.

This is the Deadly Tomb Stirring Armor you mentioned.

That's right.

Be very careful not to touch it.

Its thorns are extremely poisonous.

Then what should we do, Hu?

I remember.

In the Wu formula of the "Sixteen Secret Yin and Yang Feng Shui Words,"

it's said feng shui can be determined by the heaven and earth,

and that the turbulent nature of Yin and Yang can give birth to evil.

This stuff originally grew in the tomb.

Now it's growing here.

The historical records

match up with the ancient stories.

This is universal balance.

Wax from a mermaid candle

can open this door.

Come on, let's go, quick, quick, quick.

Watch out, be careful.

Let's go.

Go, go, go.

Professor Sun,

look at that statue's head.

It seems

he's wearing a mask looking like a copper kettle.

There isn't even a hole to vent air.

I've never seen this before.

Could it be...

A head-covered burial?

Let's go have a look outside.


Seems like there's no exit here.

So how do we get out?

I just looked around.

This is a dead-end.

Seems like there's no way out.

These are precious historical relics.

Everyone, please be careful.

Why is this face backwards?

I hear something.

Steel parasol!


can our disease really be passed down to our children?


Just as my mother passed it down to me.

If you're so worried about it,

I'll have an abortion.

Are you crazy?

I can't let my child live without a father as soon as it's born.

So you'd rather him live with this instead?

I can't accept that.

So you won't go then?

I've made up my mind. Don't say anything more.

When I went to the countryside,

I met a man.

This man was a colonel during the War to Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea and his last name is Feng.

He told me about

The Earth Immortals Village Tomb.

It was built by a Guanshan Warlock, Feng Shigu.

It is said that a Resurrection Herb

grows inside this ancient tomb.

It should be able to cure the diseases afflicting you.

I've never heard of it, this Earth Immortals Village Tomb.

Fatso, have you heard of it?

No, never.

But now I want to know more.

For a hundred years,

many people have entered

but none have made it out alive.

How do we get in?

Have a look.

It's in Qingxi Town in the Wu Mountain Coffin Gorge,

Sichuan Province.

If you want to enter this tomb,

you'll need two keys:

the Mermaid Candle

and the Ruins Returning Ancient Mirror.

I've applied for an excavation permit.

I hope this time

we can take samples from the Earth Immortals Village Tomb of the Ming dynasty

and conduct a major excavation and investigation.

Don't worry, Professor.

I have travelled around the world for many years.

Save for becoming the Monkey King himself,

I've done everything.

Just wait for my call.

We'll set out when I find this Ruins Returning Ancient Mirror.

You do your archeological research

and we'll help save a national treasure.

Your attitude is amazing.

I'll wait to hear your good news.

You're back.

It's so late.

I was drinking with Fatso,

he got drunk.

I just got him home.

He's still throwing up.

If you two went out to drink

and Fatso was that drunk,

how are you still conscious?

He was recalling some old memories

and got so emotional.

Did you consider what we talked about last night?

I think

what you said makes a lot of sense.

Hu Bayi,

I don't want you to put yourself in danger again.

It was hard, but we gave up already.

You even threw away your Gold Snatching Talisman.

We shouldn't be worried about things underground right now.

I've been feeling confused these past few days.

I want to go somewhere with Fatso to relax.

You be good and wait for me at home.


I'm looking for your boss.

What is it? Go get the boss.

Mr. Fatso, Mr. Hu, why are you two here?

The boss isn't here.

When will he be back?

Tell me the exact time.

Oh that's right.

Boss left a note.

I'm supposed to give it to Miss Shirley.

She's not here, just give it to me.

I don't think so.

I have to hand it directly to her.

I'm here.

Give it to me.

Here you are.

Didn't we agree not to tell her?

I don't know why she's here.

Then how did she get here?

Go, go, go, let's get out of here

What are you doing? So careless.

Fatso told me everything, don't worry.

Told her what?

I have an idea.

Alright Fatso.

What did you say to the boss?


Miss Yang, what are you doing here?

We Gold Snatching Officers gather to thrive, and only death can tear us apart.

You tell me what I'm doing here.

It should be here.

This is just a coffin shop.

Look at that, it's covered in holes.

It's like a beekeeper's hive.

The shopkeeper is probably from Beehive Mountain.

Beehive Mountain.

Beehive Mountain is home to craftsmen from all disciplines.

This kind of shop

operates secretly under a front.

If you come in as a stranger,

the shopkeeper won't do any covert business with you.

What can I get for you?

We want candles,

white paper, ropes, matches, and sugar cubes, two pounds each.


We want name brand candles.

If they aren't good, we don't want them

Let me speak frankly.

Our candles

don't taste good.

This girl is interesting.


Don't be rude.


We're planning on buying quite a few things from you.

Do you have any ready-made goods?

Dear customer,

our products are just what you see on the shelves.

If you need something,

let her grab it for you.

Pass by a tall mountain, then look up.

On the mountain hangs a golden seal.

Behind the golden seal, hangs a silver seal.

Each seal is marked with the head of a bee.

One mirror can show two sides.

The mirror exhales an autumn wind.

It's unknown which road passes the mountain,

but it's known that the golden and silver bee seals hang.

Hawks fly above the mountain.

Horses trot in the distance.

Not to worry, though their ranks are not neat.

There is no need to blame them.

Why do they come here, all around the mountain?

Only to see the beehive.

It is easy to see the bee, but hard to see the hive.

It is unknown what they will do if they find the hive.

The tea is for the guests who arrive.

Welcoming guests from all over the world.

Everyone is on the mountain.

Why ask the reason?


You have a point.

Missy, lead our customers to the room please.

This way, distinguished guests.

So you came to borrow the Ruins Returning Ancient Mirror

and go to the Earth Immortals Village Tomb.

If I'm not mistaken

you are all trustworthy.

If it's a matter of emergency,

of course I'll help.


Bring out the Ruins Returning Ancient Mirror.

This is the Ruins Returning Ancient Mirror.

It's three inches long and three inches wide.

It weighs three pounds.

When lit with a Yang fire, its special ability is activated.

Legend has it that it can open the door of an ancient tomb.

An archeologist friend of mine told me

the Earth Immortals Village Tomb is located in Qingxi in Sichuan.

Why are you laughing?

Do you know where it is?

Missy is from Qingxi.


I'll give you a present.

Use it for protection.

A Steel Parasol.

That's right.

Let Missy go with you.

Let's go.


Turn the head back.

Got it.

I can't!

Be careful.


the entrance has caved in.

We can only move forward to find an exit.

What do you think?

It looks like

we have to climb up.

I'll jump first.

Professor Sun, you're injured, come with me.

Fatso, follow in the rear.

Just in case,

you can help hold us.

I'm watching your back.

Go ahead.

Be careful.

Come on, it's fine!

Are you okay?


Fatso, are you okay?

I'm alright.

Didn't you know I'm scared of heights?


Do you hear that?

Sounds like it's coming from below.

Watch out, scavenger flies!

Scavenger flies only eat rotten meat.

They don't eat living people.

Don't provoke them and we'll be okay.

What's so great about rotten meat?

I'll give you something even better!


glad to have you.


My sausage is still the best!

Let's go.


It's safe.

Let's go.


I'll go first this time.

You bring up the rear.

Let's go, Missy.

Let's go.


Professor Sun.


You can go first.

We'll be right behind you.

Come on.

Wait a minute.

I have something to tell you.

What is it?

Are you hurt?

Do you think

Professor Sun is a little odd?

The Professor?

Why do you say that?

I just saw some scavenger flies.

They were sucking blood from the Professor's wound.


Are you sure?

I saw it clearly.

Scavenger flies aren't ordinary insects.

They only land on corpses.

They were attracted to Professor Sun.

Is he really alive?

If he was a dead man,

he couldn't have come all this way.

It's probably all the Death Aura in this tomb.

It's hard not to smell like a dead person.

You just saw some scavenger flies,

and that doesn't mean he's a zombie.


we still have this black donkey hoof.



It's okay.

I've got you.

What are you looking at? Help me!

Are you okay?

What happened?

Look how dangerous it is, look.

I don't think this bridge can hold the weight of five people.


Go, go, go.


What just happened?

I don't know.

I felt a hand drag me down.

What? That's too scary.

Maybe you lost your footing.


There really was a hand pulling me.

Professor, what's wrong?

Are you okay?

I strained it when I pulled Missy up.

The poison is going to take effect soon.

This looks like a path.

But we have too much stuff.

I don't think we can fit.

Grab the essentials.

Leave everything else.

You're going to leave all the food, water, and tools behind?

We don't have time to think.

Professor Sun has been poisoned.

We don't know how much further we need to go.

We need to hurry.

Let's go.

Guys, look.

There's something written on this rock.

A great king,

with a headless body.

If the girl won't come

the mountains won't show.

The shadowless bridge

is hidden to the naked eye.

Fall down with the stones.

Take one step to reach the heavens.

What does it mean?

This is a Guanshan riddle.

Colonel Feng said the first two sentences to me before.

But he never mentioned the last part.

There's a foot over there!

Don't worry, it's just a mummy.

I'm not scared.

I'm just letting you know.

Why are these bones red?

I think I heard my grandfather say

this is a genetic disease,

just like the red spot on your back.

It looks like this person

has been dead for a long time.


Was he a grave robber?

Did you think this was an amusement park?

It's already so hard for the Gold Snatching Officers to enter,

you think normal people could just waltz in?

Professor Sun,

do you know this person?

How could I know him?

I'm the same as you all.

This is also my first time here.

Is everyone ready?

Let's quickly find a path.

Let's go.


What's the rush? You should take a rest.

Why do you need to rush just for Hu's kid?


Come on.

Did we go the wrong way?

There's no path here.

We've been following the same path up to here.

Maybe there was a bridge here before,

but it's collapsed now

and there's no entrance on the other side.

If there was a bridge,

where would it lead?

Could it be

the riddle on the stone?

The shadowless bridge

is hidden to the naked eye.

It means there is an invisible bridge,

but what did it mean by "fall down with the stones"?

And what does "take one step to reach the heavens" mean?

Is the exit above us?

I'm telling you guys,

I'm scared of heights.

I probably can't climb a mountain.

But this strong wind,

could it lift us up?


I've got it.

The path of the living is slow, but the path of the ghost is invisible.

Yang rides a horse; Yin follows in the wind.

The wind and clouds run along the dragon's vein.

The path to the heavens is in the great mountain.

This is in the "Sixteen Secret Yin and Yang Feng Shui Words."

It is written in the Dun formula.

It's true.

The ancients used natural conditions to create new possibilities.

Fall down with the stones, take one step to reach the heavens.

This means...

The entrance of this mountain should be right below.

Come help, Fatso.

One, two, three...

So, just like I thought.

Feng Shigu used the powerful wind energy between both mountains

to build the entrance where the mountain wind currents intersect.

If we jump down like this,

the wind energy will stop us from falling.

When we get there

and turn our bodies,

we'll be blown into the cave.

I don't know if there's wind underneath the mountain,

but Hu Bayi, you must be out of your mind!

But the rock that we threw down there was crushed into bits.

That means that we weren't in the right position.

The right position should be...

over there.


That's too risky.

What if the direction of the wind changes?

What if you miscalculate?

Right. We can't even see anything under there.

How about this? Let's take a break and we'll come up with a solution.

Then you go take your breaks.

I'll send you a telegram when I get out.

It's not about who's going first or last.

This is way too risky.

Since we're here…

we can't go back anyway.

Don't worry.

I'll wait for you down there.

Hu Bayi!


Hu Bayi!

Hu Bayi!

Here! Here!

Get down here!

It's safe!

Are you alright?

Yes, I'm fine.


You First.

You first, Fatso.

No, you first.

Are you sure?

I'm sure.

Alright, I'll go first then.

I guess you're just afraid.

You said I'm afraid.

I'm just being respectful to the elderly.

Wait here.

I'll go first.


Then be careful, alright?

Be careful.

Be careful.

Alright, I'm going all out.


I can' t do it.

I have to go back.

Oh noooo!

What are you staring for? Come get me!

Quit your nonsense and get over here.


Catch me, alright?

Hu Bayi, catch me!


There's a dried corpse there.

This is Colonel Feng...

Is he the one who told you about the first riddle?

Hang on a second.

This person's bones are red.

Like the one we just saw.


You said this is a genetic disease.

Do they have something to do with each other?

Perhaps they are related.

Then what was his entire family doing here?

Professor Sun.

Do you know the relationship between the two of them?


The Nine Hall Hornless Dragon and Tiger Lock.

Is that the one?

Let's go check it out.

Hang on.

I'll bury him first.

Professor Sun.

Why is your arm rotting?

You'd better explain.

First, scavenger flies sucked your blood.

Now a part of your body is rotting.

Are you a dead or living person?

What kind of nonsense are you spouting?

I'm standing right in front of you, aren't I?

How could I be a dead person?

Then you first explain why your arm is rotting.

Alright, I'll explain to you all.

When Feng Shigu built the Earth Immortals Village,

he killed many people and had them buried here with him.

This place reeks of Death Aura.

I'm old...

my Yang Energy is weak.

So my body was invaded by the Death Aura.

Now it's rotting and becoming inflamed.

Then what does Colonel Feng have to do with the other corpse?

I feel like

there is some sort of secret

being hidden from us.


You claim that I'm hiding something from you all...

but think about it.

We have been through so many life and death situations.

What is there for me to hide from you all?

I invited you two to come

so you could save your child.

Alright then.

You're still trying to justify yourself.

Look what this is.

Ah! No!

Hu Bayi, you're crossing the line now!

What era are we living in?

Why are you still carrying a black donkey hoof?

You're afraid of this thing?

If you're not doing anything shady,

then why are you afraid of this black donkey hoof?

Hu Bayi! Hu Bayi! You ungrateful man!

I've helped you so much.

How could you suspect me?!

You can do whatever you want.

But don't you insult my character.

If you say that one more time...


I'll...fight you right here!

You misunderstand.

I saw you just now and you seemed troubled.

So I wanted to do this

so you can keep up with your optimistic revolutionist spirit.

I was just kidding.

If you think

this black donkey hoof

insulted your personality,

then I'll just toss it away.

What is wrong with you, kid?

I heard about this type of lock from my grandpa.

Why is this called the Nine Hall Hornless Dragon and Tiger Lock?

The number "9" was an immensely important number

in traditional Chinese society.

I mean, you two...

The most important thing right now should be finding an exit as soon as possible.

When we find the exit,

I'll eat that hoof

right in front of you two to prove you wrong.

This lock...

was made using the Nine Hall Agility Theory

in the Art of Heluo.


What does that even mean?

It means...

we have to open and draw out the locks

in a specific order.


Or what?


What did you touch this time?!

I only touched it very gently.

It's just a gate, right? Just bust it open.

It's moving...

Zhen Yang Yu

counters the double-four square.

Dragons exit from double Yang and four Yin.

It's getting closer!

Lei Di Yu, where one rigidness resolves five softness.

Kun Eight, Fu with Three Yang and Five Yin.

Shui Di Bi,

where Taichi goes down four Yin.

Yin counters rigidness.

Upside corresponding with downside.

Huo Di Jin,

where light shines through the land.

Two dragons corresponding,

turning the heaven and earth upside down.


Help me get the last lock out.

What lock?

I can't...

This one.


It stopped moving!

Watch out.

Get out of there, Missy.


Are you alright?

That was way too exciting.


The Magical Brush of Guanshan,

a gateway that is drawn on earth.

It's a magical brush, eh?

This thing is probably for opening the gate.

Let me try it out.


Nothing happened.


Are you sure this is how you do it?

Nothing happened.

We need to stop wasting time here.

We need to find another way to get out.

Let's go.

There is no other way.

If we can't get out from here,

then we'll have to stay here and wait for our deaths to come.

What's wrong?

My body is reminding me...

that I'm about to be a mother.

Let's go sit inside, it's pretty dangerous here.

Do you know what danger is?

When I saw you jump down from up there,

I thought your teachers

didn't teach you what the word "danger" meant when you were in school.

So you're mad at me.

My grandpa told me a story when I was little.

There was a very remote village in the mountains,

and there were two families that sold fried breadsticks for a living.

But there were only a few people in the village.

The two families wouldn't be able to survive on only selling fried breadsticks.

One day, they came up with an idea.

One person pointed at the pot of oil and said,

"If any of you dare to jump into this pot of oil,

then from now on,

that person will be the only one who sells fried breadsticks."

There was an old man,

he took off his clothes and was about to jump in.

All of his kids and grandkids asked him why he would do it.

He told them,

"If my death

can ensure that all of my offspring will have fulfilling lives,

then it's worth it."

At first, I didn't understand.

I thought he was really dumb.

Why couldn't he think of other solutions?

But now, I finally get it.

I'll be the one who is

willing to jump into this pot of oil.

Hey, wake up.

The gate is open.

Holy sh...

that really is a magical brush.

That golden ink

is probably a type of special mineral...

and it had a chemical reaction

with this stone wall.

Where's Professor Sun?


Someone dug up and took Colonel Feng's body.

It wouldn't be Professor Sun, would it?

Why would he take the head?

It's not like he can eat it.

Did he go in there and check it out before us?

Grab our belongings.

Let's go inside and check it out.


Wait for me, will you?

Why is there a coffin here?

That's kind of a dumb question.

Aren't we here for the coffin anyway?

You should have said,

"We finally found the coffin!

We can finally get our revolutionary business started!"

This coffin,

the placement is a little weird...

Let's not worry about this.


Shirley is right.

Let's go. Be careful.

Let's go.


It'll be fine, don't be scared...

Don't be scared, Missy.

Was it trying to say hi to us?

There's nothing.

Nothing again?! We've wasted our time coming here!

Let's go.


What is this smell?

It stinks here.

Hu Bayi.

Hu Bayi.



Run, hurry.

Hu Bayi!

Hu Bayi!

Hu Bayi!

Hu Bayi!

Hu Bayi!

You should go.

It's too late.

I don't want to live anyway.

I don't want the Erythema Blood Disease passed down to our child.


The Erythema Blood Disease will be passed down to our child.

Like how my mom passed it down to me.

I don't want him to suffer what I suffer.


I don't care. I'm getting you out of here.

It's too late.

Go...hurry and go.

I don't want you to die.

Hu Bayi,

I want you to keep on living a good life.

Shirley, Shirley, Shirley.

That piece of crap...

How courageous of it.

Don't ever let me see it again.

Or I'll...

What kind of monster did we just encounter?

That might be the Guanshan Warlocks' Optical Illusion Technique.

They used scents and tools

to create illusions for others.

The Guanshan Warlocks...

Isn't that the sect that Feng Shigu belongs to as well?


How did he know how to use the Feng family's Illusion Spell?

You're saying that Professor Sun has something to do with the Guanshan Warlocks?

Now the Ruins Returning Ancient Mirror and the Mermaid Candle

are in his hands.

Just thinking about that laugh of his

makes me want to pry open his mouth and stuff a sock in it.


Say something.

Why are you daydreaming?

Let's go.

We'll go find Professor Sun.

We've been walking for so long, where are we going to find the guy?

The only way we can make it out of here

is by finding Professor Sun.

If I'm guessing right,

once we pass through that cave in front of us,

we'll reach Earth Immortals Village.

He is there for sure.

Feng Shigu built such a massive village in this cave.

This is the tomb of Earth Immortals Village.

This should be it.

The layout and roads here

are identical to Qingxi.

Once we get through this tunnel,

we'll reach the Old Feng Mansion.

Let's go. Be careful.

Be careful.


There are stairs here.

I can see them. I can see them.

This is Feng Shigu's rear residence.

This is the layout of a Yin-Yang house.

The one on top is the House of Yang

and the House of Yin is at the bottom.

The Tomb of Feng Shigu

must be down there.

Professor Sun should be in there.

Go. Let's go after him.


How did you all find this place?

We took a short-cut.

You got it?

You better tell us

exactly who you are.

What are your intentions?

Professor Sun.


there's no Resurrection Herb here that could save us, right?



Start talking!

I won't go gentle on you!

Professor Sun.

The reason you came here

had to do with those two red skulls, didn't it?

I'll tell you all.

My family name is not Sun.

It's actually Feng.

My actual name is Feng Xuewu.

This right here,

was my father, Feng Shibei.

This right here,

was actually my brother,

Feng Xuewen.


We Fengs are Guanshan Warlocks.

Like your Gold Snatching Officers,

we were a bunch or tomb raiders.

But later on,

we were recruited by the emperor.

We enjoyed the emperor's reward

and high status for generations.

A few generations later,

our family business

was passed down to Feng Shigu.

That man was corrupt

and wanted to become the God of Death

so he could be immortal.

He defied his ancestors' rules

and built this Earth Immortals Village.

Many innocent people were killed

so they could be buried with him.

He buried the family business and its assets

here in the Earth Immortals Village.

What do we Chinese people

value the most?

We value our ancestors the most.

Many members of the Feng family were against this.


they were all cursed by Feng Shigu.

All the descendants of the Feng family,

they all became zombies...

with no consciousness.

They became red skeletons after they died

and were never able to reincarnate again.


I used the Thirteen Demonic Needles to suppress the poison in my body

so no one would notice.

My father and brother.

To save our descendants' future,

they disappeared one after the other after entering the mountains.

So, even if it means I'll die horribly,

I have to eliminate Feng Shigu

and break the curse

to appease

the souls of my father and brother in Heaven.

You old sly fox.

This is the reason you approached us!

Miss Yang is pregnant!

What if this hurt the baby?

Up until now...

you still believe that

she is really pregnant?

That was the illusion spell I cast on her.

What did you say?!

I dare you to say that one more time.

Shirley's pregnancy symptoms

were created by the joyful herb of the Miaojiang tribe that I added to her water.

If I didn't do that,

then would all of you have been willing to come down here with me?

You bastard!


Don't you take another step towards me!

Feng Shigu built an exit in this tomb,

and it is behind one of these pillars.

I can get it open using this bomb.

As long as you find Feng Shigu for me,

I'll let you all leave this place.

Or we'll all die here together!

Don't be reckless!

Go on!

Let's all die here!

You all won't make it out there

even if you beat me to death.

I'll beat you to death even if it means I can't leave this place!

Hu! Calm down...calm down first.

Let go!

Think about us!

Think about Shirley!

Think about Shirley!

After you

find Feng Shigu for me,

I'll let you all do whatever you want to me.

Then get that God of Death out right now!

My fists are itching for a fight.

Get over here, Old fart. Why are you still standing there looking...


Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth...

They are Feng Shigu's

Ultimate Illusion Spell.

The Five Element Guardians.

If we don't get rid of them,

then we won't be able to reach to Feng Shigu.

What should we do now, Hu?

What else can we do?

Alright then, Hu.

They are not as good as I thought.

Don't underestimate them.

There are still four of them standing.

Look. What are they doing?

How did it get revived?

Doesn't that mean they are undefeatable?!

Fire thrives with wood.

That's why the Wood Guardian can revive the Fire Guardian.

What are we supposed to do now?!

We can't let the elements that thrive on each other get close together.

Then they shouldn't be able to be revived.

Professor Sun, Missy...

Stay here and don't go anywhere.



Gold Snatching Officers are going to handle this!

Watch out!

You spit on me?!

Did you even brush your teeth?

Fatso Hu Bayi.

Fire is coming to save Earth!

Stop him!

Pull him far away!

You can count on me, Fatso!

Behind you, Fatso!

Behind you...

Your back flips are pretty cool, when are you going to teach me?

With your weight...

in your dreams...

This Five Element Guardians illusion spell...

is over with, right?

It should be.

It is.

Is that Feng Shigu's coffin?

Why is this coffin...

floating in mid-air?

This coffin and floortop...

were made with a special material.

This special material

should be meteorite.

The meteorite and floortop materials

create a correspondent force.

After the five guardians

were defeated,

the magnetic field shifted,

so this coffin descended.

But how are we going to open it?

We should probably open it from the bottom.


Let's open it.

Come on!


We follow a traditional rule.

A man lights a candle, a ghost blows it out

Explore a tomb, find the treasure

Zombies are suppressed by the coffin and its blue copper frame.

Don't approach if birthdays are not a good match.

Why is this coffin lid so light?

It's probably because of the magnetic field.

Let's go.

I found you.

I finally found you.

A normal person usually lies in a coffin after they die

and hopes to reincarnate as a human in their next life.

But Feng Shigu,

he didn't want to be human.

He was determined to be a god.

So he

turned himself toward the ground

which symbolizes watching over all mortal beings.

We are not very interested in Feng Shigu.

Tell us where the exit is.

Hand the tri-fold shovel over to me.

Where is the exit?

Hand the tri-fold shovel to me!



Run! Hurry!

Professor Sun.

Professor Sun.

Why is Feng Shigu's body gone?!

Is he turning into a zombie?


chopping his head off is the only way.


We won't be able to leave this place if he dies.

But with how he is right now,

I'm afraid that he's already forgotten where the exit is.




I'll kill you!


No leaving this place for us if you kill him!

Hu Bayi!

The Ruins Returning Ancient Mirror

is an extremely Yang energy-rich item.

It can seal the extreme Yin energy within Feng Shigu's body.

They counter each other.

Heaven, earth, mortals, spirits,

gods, buddha, demons, beasts.

Search, guard, escape, matters

cast the Yin away with Yang!

Hu Bayi.

I'll fulfill my promise to you.

I'll go open the gate for you.



Here I come.

Professor Sun,

Are you okay?

I'm fine.

This should be the exit.


Go! Go!

Shirley! Hurry!


Watch out, everyone!

There's the exit!

Okay. Let's go.

We're finally out!


so you two live here.

How is it? Not bad, right?

It's beautiful here.

Here, this way.

Let go of it. Let go!

Why are you taking it from me?!

This isn't a tree, right?

Look who's here.

Stop getting on top of me!

What are you two doing?

This bastard is trying to take my Gold Snatching Talisman!

I'm not trying to take it...isn't that...


I thought you were retiring anyway.

I want to hold onto it as a keepsake.

You're not fooling me.

You're going to sell that to One Eye.

You think I really don't know what you'll do?

One Eye is giving us 10 times what it's worth.

Isn't that perfect?

This thing has sentimental value,

and you're going to sell it?

Alright, alright.

Missy is here.

Hello, Hu, Fatso.

We have to make this clear.

Unless it is absolutely necessary.

Mr. Hu, Mr. Fatso.

You've got a package delivery!

What is this thing?

Isn't that the Resurrection Herb?

The Resurrection Herb?

Its scientific name is Selaginella.

It only grows in the deep valley inside the mountains.

If one ingests it, it can help detox one's blood

and eliminate the rotting and Yin aura inside the spine.

I've heard my mother mention this before.

It can also relieve the Erythema Blood Disease.


Where did this come from?

How do I know?

There's a letter here.

The letter says...

Professor Sun.

A month and a half ago.

Isn't that when we went to find him?


I actually found the Resurrection Herb,

but I haven't told you

because with your personality,

you undoubtedly wouldn't take me to Earth Immortals Village if I told you.

So, I have no choice but to do this.

Not too long ago,

I discovered that I have a terminal illness.

Before I die,

I must fulfill my family's wish

and destroy Feng Shigu's skull.

I had no choice

but to use all of you.

My friends,

I hope you all can retire from tomb raiding

and use your special talents

to serve your country.

Our witness, please testify.

I, Hu Bayi,

I, Shirley Yang,

I, Wang Kaixuan,

the three of us are the Gold Snatching Officers.

We gather to thrive, and only death can tear us apart.

Today we are renouncing our duty,

from now on...

We quit!

The water is old...

Whatever...forget about it.


from now on you'll hang onto this Gold Snatching Talisman.

Alright, then this Gold Snatching Talisman...

is under my care now.

W-why did you give it to her, but not me?

So you can sell it?

You don't care about me at all.


what are you doing?!

Let's talk, why don't you give that to me…?


Give it to me.

No way.

I just want it as a keepsake.

Come back. Come back. No...

Listen to me...

I'll make sure One Eye...

Give it to me.

I can sell this thing

and get everyone a lot of money, won't that be great?

If don't give it to me,

I'll get frustrated, okay?

Oh, you're getting frustrated!

Give it to me.

Why would you blame me?

Can't you just have more safety protocols?

There's no way that many things can happen!

Mr. Fatso.

Our boss needs to see you.

I'm busy, get lost!


Mr. Fatso.

Are you free now?

Yep... yep...

You win... me hold this for a moment.

You too... help me carry this for a sec...

Get him!

Stay there! Stop running!

Stop running! Stay right there! Get outta the way!

Get outta the way!

Stop running! Stay right there!

Outta the way! Outta the way.

Stay there!

If he ever tries to cheat me again,

then I won't pay him back the money I owe him.

What is this?

A bank account.

This doesn't look like a telephone number.

There're only 0s and 9s in this series of numbers.

I know. This is a password.