Raiders of the Sun (1992) - full transcript

Bloodthirsty factions rule the barren earth. It's the 21st Century and a biological disaster has ruined the planet. Here, in a world where gunpowder is more valuable than gold, a few hundred survivors wage the final conflict for power and control. Yet among them rises a new warrior, destined to shape the aeons which will follow -- a man who stops at nothing to achieve his ends, and for whom courage is the only commodity.

(dramatic, ominous
electronic music)

- [Narrator] After
the final nuclear war,

radiation devastated the land.

Few survived.

Those who did survive, desperate
for food and protection

formed gangs to scavenge
and fend for themselves.

One group, craving a
return to law and order

created the Alpha League,
a democratic society.

It wasn't long before
the League was attacked

by outsiders.

But the most devastating
assault came from traitors

within the League's own ranks.

(ominous music)

- Fire.

- Come on! Come on!

- Fire!

(explosions banging)

- Pull back.

- Major, over there, we have
to capture that arsenal.

- Baker 12, unit
Baker 12 come in.

- Talbot here.

- Arsenal at 10 o'clock.

Secure at all costs.

- Yes sir.

Let's go!

(machine guns cracking)

- Harry, blow the arsenal!

- But we need the gunpowder.

- If I can't have it,
Shelton can't have it.

I said, blow it now.

- But it's our own
men guarding it.


- Yo.

- Blow the arsenal.

- Blow the arsenal.

- Hey!

- Get the bazooka.

Blow the fuckin' arsenal.

- We're running
out of ammunition.

- Pull back! Pull back!

(soldiers yelling)

- Deserters are in
full retreat Commander.

- Anything on Clay?

- We didn't have a fix on him.

- Get me Brodie.

- Captain Brodie, it's
Commander Shelton.

- Sir.

- Listen Brodie, find Clay.

I want to make an example out
of that traitorous bastard.

I must have him alive.

- To the ruins.

- Come on.

Move out.

- Guns down!

You shouldn't have
turned on us Clay.

- Get him! Get him!

- Hold it!

Come on guys.

Come on.

Let's go.

(trumpet blaring)


- We did it, we did it!

- Colonel Clay's
escaped Commander.

We don't know where he is.

- Captain.

- Yes, Talbot.

- My hitch was up
about six months ago

and since the League has
come out of this on top,

I'd like your
permission to head home.

- Where you from Sergeant?

- Pagosa Valley.

- Tell you the truth,
I wish you'd stay.

You're the best I've got
and I need guys like you.

- I've got a wife back home sir.

- Well, I guess I can't
compete with that can I?

- No sir!

- Good luck Talbot.

- Thank you sir, thank you.

(men yelling)

- What are the damages?

- Oh around 300 casualties,
another 250 injured.

- Terminate the serious ones.

We can't afford to
drag them along.

What about materials?

- Now way getting around
it, we're in bad shape.

See for yourself.

- How long before
we're up and running?

- Not that long.

Gunpowder's our biggest problem.

- Then we'll find some more.

It's the difference
between winning and losing.

If we hadn't been
running low on ammunition

we would have
broken their asses.

I won't accept this defeat.

I don't accept it.

- Good stuff,
where'd you find it?

- Been saving it.

What are the goats for?

There's some nice girls
around here Talbot,

all you got to do is ask.

- I'm taking them
home to my wife.

- Didn't know you were married.

- Yeah.

- Does this mean you're
out of the military?

- First thing in the morning,
I'm finished with it.

- Yeah, but is it
finished with you?

- Brodie, there's
something I want you to do.

It's urgent and it
requires secrecy.

- Gunpowder!

- We've got to
replenish our supply.

- Won't be easy, I
mean stuff is scarce.

- I've just received a field
report from Ballentine.

You know the place?

- Know the place, it's a fuckin'
hellhole, I've been there.

- A couple of our
recruiters just got back,

said they heard word
about a lost mine.

Some kind of black powder.

If this is true, we
have to get our hands

on it before Clay does.

- On my way.

- Rider!

Rider coming!

- Who's in charge here?

- Vera!

- That's me, I'm head
of the village council.

- Thought maybe you had
some trouble out here.

We've been trying to raise
you for the last three days.

- Yeah, our radio's out.

Thanks for checking on us.

- I guess that means
you folks haven't heard.

There was a big face-off
at Breakdown Canyon.

The insurrection is busted.


- Are you saying it's over?

- Just got some
mopping up to do.

- Did you hear that Pops?

- I heard and I'll
believe it when I see it.

- Aah Pops!

- I know you want to see Talbot,

just don't want you
to get your hopes up.

I've been through
this too many times.

- How come you're
always a skeptic huh?

- Cause I love you,
that's how come.

- Maybe he'll be
coming home soon.

- Maybe he will.

- How about some breakfast?

- Thought you'd never ask.

- It's a raid!

- Fire!


- Yeah ha!

- Let's go! Let's go!

- Attack!


(people screaming)

- Vera!

Go, go, get out of here!

- Hold on Pops!

- Go!



- What the fuck
is this a picnic?

Go after them, go! Go! Go!

I want her!

Go get her now!

(men groaning)

Ha! Ha!

(man screaming)

(tense music)

(guns banging)

(men screaming)



(Pops groaning)

- Help me!

Can't you see he's hurt.

Help me!

- Sure, we'll help you!

- No!
(gun banging)


- Hold it bitch.

- Get her up here, come on.


Get her in the car!

(dark, depressing music)

- Who was it?

- Hog, Hoghead.

- Where's Vera?

- Stash the powder
in the armory.

- Come on, move it!

- Bring her to my room.

- Ow!

- Not bad.

Not a bad score, gents.

You got a name?

- Fuck you.

- Good name, Fuck you.

I like it, has a
nice ring to it.

Fuck you, Kingsley,
Gonzales, Fuck you!


You know any good
jokes Fuck you?


I never get to hear any
more jokes you know.

Nobody's got it.

She's a fighter, I
like that, that I like.

You think she's a screamer too?

God I hope so.

Fuck you, I got a joke for you.

You want to hear it, you
want to hear my joke?

It's a good one.

- Here's the joke.
(heads banging)

- Oh!

- Where you going bitch?

- I'm gonna clock your ass.

Fuck me, Fuck you.

Nobody's done that in a while.

I'm gonna take my time with you.

Get her out of here.

Jesus Christ.

- The fuck do we have here?

- Bosses special goods.

Put her in the bridal suite.

Sleep tight babe.

Nobody touches her but the boss.

- Right, nobody
but the boss okay.

- For now, my turn
will come later.

- Talbot!

- Yeah!

Oh my God, Vera!

- This was an old
man I buried here.

There was a woman.

But they took her.

- Hoghead?

- Bunch of his scumbags.

- You know where they went?

- These tracks won't last
long if this wind picks up.

- Which way are you headed?

- Ballentine.

- Let's go.

- Fire! Fire!


- Ha! Ha!

Let's go!

(machine gunfire clattering)

- Where's the gunpowder?

- Gunpowder?

We haven't got any gunpowder.

- This is a potassium
mine isn't it?

- Sure, but it's all played out.

Ain't no powder here mister.

- Search every
inch of the place.

- Search this place
from top to bottom.

Go on, move out.

- Let's go.

- This is a waste of ammunition.

Can't afford to use
it up on nothing.

- We've got to
beef up our forces.

- And I think I know just how.

- Hey bro, how'd you find me?

- Just followed the smell.

- (laughs) Get your ass in here.

- Okay.

- Get a move on sugar pie, got
a whole army waiting on you.

You're off tonight babe.

Got some high-level talks in
progress and I do mean high.

- Fine, I'd rather spend
the night with Meatball.

- How you fixed for gunpowder?

- I'm doing fine.

- Yeah?

- Yeah.

- How about staking me
with some of your surplus.

(laughing) Momma never
did teach you how to lie.

- Fuck off.

- If you're running short.

Powder, me too.

Sort of puts a cramp on
your lifestyle doesn't it.

(laughs) The man with
the powder rules.

You know who that is?

The Alpha League.

You think they just
gonna sit there.

You weren't made to
take shit off nobody.

I wasn't made to
take shit off nobody.

Turn your back on me bro,

you're gonna lose
everything you love.

- What say we go in,
blow this old man away.

(both laughing)

- Yeah, you got a million
years of terror stored up

in there just
waiting to get out.


(suspenseful music)


- How you feeling?

What's your name?

- Sierra.

- I'm Brodie, that's Talbot.

- Where'd you come from?

- Far away.

- What am I supposed
to do with you?

- I can take care of myself.

- Yeah, sure.

Here, have some water.

Hey, where are you going?

- Nice looking girl.

What is it?

You came here because of
this, because of a reward?

- Worry about your wife Talbot.

Over there.

- Those two.

- Easy.

Maybe they can lead you to Vera.

Follow them, I'll catch up.

(shouting excitedly)

Hey, what's going on?

- They don't want them here.

They say bad for business.

- What's the matter?

Can't stand the competition?

What are you looking at?

- What do you want?

- Whatever you got with
the strongest kick.

- 100 bucks a shot.

What are you paying with?

- Nothing.

- Hey, what are you doing?

I said I want
something to drink.

All I want is a couple of shots.

- There's a hundred bucks in
there, grab it, it's yours.

- He's poisonous.

- No gloves.

- Last guy who tried that,

why he's got himself a
little grave up on the hill.

- Takes about 30 seconds
for the juice to set in

once he bites.

Don't it Kingsley?

- I've seen it
before, it's gruesome.

- Nice move.

- Nice throw.

- You rat bastard,
it almost bit me.

- Hey relax, relax.

Get the man a drink.

Hell he earned it. (laughs)

(speaking in a foreign language)

- You speak their language.

Ask him something for me.

Ask him if they've
heard any talk.

- About what?

- Black powder that flashes,

hidden in the
mountains someplace.

- You've heard this?

- Ask him.

(speaking foreign language)


- Why's he laughing?

- He's heard the stories.

Everybody's heard them.

- Tell me.

(speaking foreign language)

- A lost tribe in the
mountains, sun worshipers,

magic dust, they
call it Black Quinn,

they use it in their ceremonies.

- Where in the mountains?

(speaking foreign language)

- He says Agila Point.

- Agila Point?

To the east, that's
a helluva long way.

- So what brings
you to Ballantine?

- Passing through,
nothing left in the car.

- Well hell son, why don't
you throw in with us.

I just might have
something for ya.

This might be your lucky day.

- You don't belong
in the desert do you?

Where do you belong?

How'd those hunters
get hold of you?

- I was alone.

- You think I ask a lot
of questions don't you?

- What you got here girl.

Looks like gunpowder to me?

- Watch it.


- What's going on out there?

- Come on!


- Well we're going back to camp.

Coming with us or not?

- Yeah I'm coming.

- Best move you ever made.

(suspenseful music)

- Look soldiers!

- I'm looking for recruits.

I got food.

You can join me or you can
stay, which will it be?

- I'm not going anywhere,
I'm staying here.



- Anybody else want to stay?

(slow, gentle music)

- What's wrong?

- Where'd you get this?

You come from Agila
Point don't you?

Is that why he was laughing,
your little friend?

You're from the mountains.

So why were you
alone in the desert?

- I was on a spirit quest.

All my people do it when
they reach a certain age.

My father was once
a warrior like you.

Not any more.

He led my people into the
mountains when I was a baby,

no more fighting.

(gun firing)

(men laughing and yelling)

- You guys won't learn will you?

- Aaargh! Aaargh!

Oh my eyes, aaargh!

Oh my eyes!

(speaking foreign language)

- To close the wound,
otherwise he lose his arm.


- Yeah, you see with you
and your reinforcements,

we can level those motherfuckers

and kick the shit out of them.

- New man here,
his name's Talbot.

What's up?

- Clay's asking for help.

They spotted a yellow-vested
convoy en route to Window Rock.

- Yeah, they're
going for a reason.

Clay figures it must
be black powder.



- Come on.


- What's wrong?

- I don't feel so hot.

I think it's that schlop
you've been feeding us.

- Maybe I can make you
feel a little better huh.

Hey baby, how's that huh?

(prisoner's yelling)

(suspenseful music)


- Don't move lady.

- Wait, don't hurt her.

She's the boss's girl.

Alright, take her
back to her cell.

- Where are we going?

- I'm taking you home.

I'll take care of you.

(shouting in foreign language)

- Sierra, I thought I'd
never see you again.

Who's he?

- He saved my life, please
let him stay till he's well.

- I have a feeling, the
sooner we get this stuff

back to the fort the better sir.

- Right, our reserves
are low enough as it is.

The last thing we want is for
Clay to get his hands on it.

Incoming, take cover!

(machine guns rattling)

Fall back! Get back!

- Let's go.

- Get back!


Fall back!

(ominous music)

- Thanks for the
gunpowder captain.

- Go to hell Clay.

- I'll return the favor by
saving you the embarrassment

of making you report to Shelton.

- Not a bad haul, huh bro?

- Not bad, but not nearly
enough to get the job done.

Take this back to your camp.

I'll keep looking.

Ackerman, let's go.

- Okay, keep going.

(slow, gentle music)

- He's a strong man, in the
morning he'll be better.

- His strength comes
from his heart.

He's a good man.

- He's a soldier.

We don't need his
world coming in here.

We just don't need it.

- Powder burns!

- The mountain girl.

Gunpowder, she's got it.

- Where is this girl?

- Gone, gone!

Can you help me.


- What do you call your village?

- Puerto del Sol.

- Gate to the sun.

I can see why your father
doesn't want people coming here.

All my life I've been fighting.

Right now, for the first time,

I feel I know what it
means to live in peace.

Must be a couple
of tons of this.

Have you been working this mine?

- This is the way we
found it 20 years ago.

The miners abandoned it.

- Stuff is still volatile.

- We only use it
in our ceremonies.

You should never have
brought him here Sierra.

You've been teaching our
young men how to fight.

- They know already.

I'm only giving them pointers.

There's a war on you know.

- It would be better if
we don't get involved.

- You know this
makes you vulnerable.

- But if no one knows then
nothing can happen to us.

Will you tell them?

- I have to.

You have a potassium mine.

- If you do, they'll destroy us.

- Yeah what is it?

- Couple of the boys just
brought in this desert hunter.

- We were up on the
hill hunting boar.

We caught a girl.

- The one with the powder.

- Where'd you find her?

- Up there.

- How far.

- A few miles.

- You show us.

- What about the reward?

- You'll get the reward
when we get the powder.

(ominous music)

- It's Utopia Talbot,
is this everything

you ever wanted or what?

- Where are all those women
you keep bragging about.

- We keep 'em under lock
and key where they belong.

What's the matter son, you got
an itch in your jock strap?

- Yeah, just like
everybody else around here.

- Well you hang on to it.

We got a way of doing
things around here.

Wait here.

- So where'd you pick
up this new guy Talbot.

- Ballantine.

I wouldn't trust him?

- Why not?

- Cause I think
he's a yellow vest.

- So what?

So what if he is a yellow vest.

So maybe he won't tell
Shelton where we are.

You're starting to
get it Gonzales.

You know, it ain't
easy being the boss,

cause I got to
think of everything.

Where's Talbot?

- He's outside.

- Think I'll have a
little chat with him.

- Man, that asshole
just gave me another one

of his fuckin' lectures.

I'm sick of it.

- Hey relax man,
take a laxative.

- Look at this guy sneaking
around the stockade.

Hey asshole!

You're Talbot right,
come over here.

Kingsley tells me you
want in the game, why?

- Why not?

- What else is there to say.

You're in Talbot.

Go ahead, relax, settle in.

Grab a broad, have some
booze, have fun, go ahead.

Oh one thing.

I forgot, I'm getting old.

- What?

- Your initiation.


- By order of the
great dude Hoghead.

Initiation time.


Tonight, a face
off to the death.

New guy Talbot

versus Gonzo Gonzales.

(crowd cheering)

- Fuck you!

Come here.

- Don't snap your fingers
at me, I'll bite them off.

- To the death.

- Yeah!

- Kingsley.

- Gonzo.


(tense music)

- Do you know any jokes?

- What?

- Everybody enjoys a
game, got to have a joke.

What's the matter, you
can't think of one?


Get him out of here.

(slow, gentle music)

- What is it?

You're going back.

- I have to report
to my commander.

- You don't have to.

As far as they know you're dead.

- Look, sooner or later
people are going to find out

about the mine.

Now maybe the wrong people.

If you turn it over
to the League now,
they can protect you.

Porta del Sol will
be safer that way.

- No!

You can't tell them about us!

- I'll talk to Joaquin tomorrow.

I'll convince him.

- Please don't go,
don't leave me.

(gong ringing)

- What do you want?

- Gunpowder.

- We don't have any.

- Then you won't object
if we have a look around.

- Nobody enters the village,
we don't want trouble.

- Fire!


(machine guns clattering)

- Sierra!

- Brodie!


(shouting in foreign language)

(man groaning)


(Ackerman laughing)

Ackerman, what do you see?

We just struck gold.

- Get some pails,
kegs, pack it up.


- Payback time.

- Wake up Meatloaf!

Time to get this man laid.

- Got a whole bag full
of goodies over here.

You can have any one you want.

Except for her.

Come on up and at 'em girls.

Service with a smile.

Open it up.

(gun bangs)

- Meatloaf let him go!

He's my husband.

- Wait.

I'll get it open.

- Here take this.

(tense music)

(machine gun clatters)

- Urgh, fuck.

- Meatloaf!

- Go and find out what the
hell's going on around here.

Hey don't you be
putting on my hoghead.

If you do I'll know,
I'll fucking know.


Get the fuck out
of my car, get out!

It's my car!


Come on.


(machine gun clattering)

- Hold on!

We better go.

(speaking foreign language)

- Come on Joaquin don't give
up, we've got to get out.

Got to get that
powder to Shelton.

I've got to stop Clay.

- But how are you
gonna stop him.

- Listen.



- Why don't you come with us?

- Too many of my people
have paid the price.

For us, it stops right here.

- For me, it can't.

- She loved you Brodie.

- He may have the
troop strength,

but does he have sufficient
gunpowder to launch an assault.

- He took the
Window Rocks blind.

He didn't intend
on stopping there.

- Hmmm, well if he attacks,
we can't hold out for long.

Our own supply is badly
in need of replenishment.

- Any word on Brodie.

- Nothing.

You better get some rest.

Oh and Talbot.

- Sir?

- It's good to have you back.

- Thank you sir.


- My brother's dead!

I know what it takes bro,

I've been dreaming
about this all my life.

My brother and I, beating
the shit out of anybody

who got in the way
of what we wanted.

I go to war.

I have all the
gunpowder we need.

Do it for him!

Do it for him.

Show them no fucking mercy.

Who's with me!

(men yelling)

(dramatic, ominous music)

- When the fighting starts.

Tell the men to aim carefully.

We can't afford to
waste ammunition.

We've got to make
every bullet count.

- What the fuck!

It's Brodie.

Stop him!

- Gunpowder!

- Man I thought we'd lost you.

Talbot start packing rounds,
put as many men on it

as we can spare.

- I hope it lasts.

- Launch the attack.

- Alright move it, let's go!

(men yelling)

- Let's go guys.

- Let's go!

- Let's go!

Fall back!

- Go!

(men yelling)

- What's going on?

- They broke in
through on both flanks.

The ammunition's gone.

We can't hold them.

- Fall back.


(whooping and howling)

- Mountain people!

- Aaah!

- Oooh!

- Urgh!


- Cover the stairs.

Kill him!



(dramatic music)

(electronic rock music)

♪ After the wreckage

♪ After the storm

♪ We are destined

♪ To be reborn

♪ Our voices grow stronger

♪ Our souls unite

♪ It can't be ignored

♪ Standing for right

♪ Children of the sun unite

♪ Stand up for
your way of life ♪

♪ Children of the world unite

♪ Stand up for
your way of life ♪

♪ Will to survive

♪ Is in our hearts

♪ Reborn as one we
emerge from the start ♪