Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981) - full transcript

The year is 1936. An archeology professor named Indiana Jones is venturing in the jungles of South America searching for a golden statue. Unfortunately, he sets off a deadly trap but miraculously escapes. Then, Jones hears from a museum curator named Marcus Brody about a biblical artifact called The Ark of the Covenant, which can hold the key to humanly existence. Jones has to venture to vast places such as Nepal and Egypt to find this artifact. However, he will have to fight his enemy Rene Belloq and a band of Nazis in order to reach it.

The Hovitos are near.

The poison is still fresh,
three days.

They're following us.

If they knew we were here,
they would've killed us already.

This is it.

This is where Forrestal
cashed in.

- A friend of yours?
- A competitor.

He was good.

He was very, very good.

I Senor, nobody's
come out of there alive




Stay out of the light.


Let us hurry.
There is nothing to fear here.

That's what scares me.

Stay here.

If you insist, senor.

Give me the whip.

Throw me the idol.

No time to argue.

Throw me the idol,
I throw you the whip.

Give me the whip!

Adios, senor.

Adios, Satipo.

Dr. Jones.

Again we see there is nothing
you can possess

which I cannot take away.

And you thought I had given up.

You chose the wrong friends.
This time, it will cost you.

Too bad the Hovitos
don't know you the way I do, Belloq.

Yes, too bad.

You could warn them,
if only you spoke Hovitos.

Jock! Start the engines!

Get it up!

Jock, the engines!

Start the engines, Jock!

There's a big snake in the plane, Jock!

Oh, that's just
my pet snake Reggie!

I hate snakes, Jock!

I hate 'em!

Come on!
Show a little backbone, will ya?

"Neo," meaning "new"

and "Lithic"... "L-T-H"...

meaning "stone."

All right, let's get back to this site:

Turkdean Barrow, near Hazelton.

Contains a central passage
and three chambers, or cysts...

...don't confuse that
with robbing, in which case we mean

the removal of the contents
of the barrow.

This site also demonstrates... of the great dangers
of archeology,

not to life and limb, although
that does sometimes take place.

No, I'm talking about folklore.

In this case,
local tradition held

that there was a golden coffin
buried at the site,

and this accounts for the holes
dug all over the barrow

and the generally poor condition
of the find.

However, chamber three
was undisturbed,

and the undisturbed chamber
and the grave goods

that were found in another, uh...

in the area, give us a r...


...reason to da...
to, uh, to-to date this,

uh, find as we have.


Any questions, then?

No? Okay, that's it
for the day, then.

Um, don't forget...

Michaelson, chapters four
and five for next time.

And I will be in my office
on Thursday, but not Wednesday.

I had it, Marcus.

I had it in my hand.

- What happened?
- Guess.

- Belloq?
- You want to hear about it?

Not at all.

I'm sure everything you do
for the museum

conforms to the International Treaty
for the Protection of Antiquities.

It's beautiful, Marcus.

I can get it.
I got it all figured out.

There's only one place
he can sell it: Marrakech.

I need $2,000. Look...

Listen to me, old boy.

I brought some people
to see you.


I got these pieces.

They're good pieces, Marcus.

- Look.
- Indiana...

Yes, the museum will buy them,
as usual, no questions asked.

- Yes, they are nice.
- They're worth at least

the price
of a ticket to Marrakech.

But the people
I brought are important,

- and they're waiting.
- What people?

Army Intelligence.

They knew you were coming
before I did.

Seem to know everything.

They wouldn't tell me
what they want.

Well, what do I want
to see them for?

What am I, in trouble?

Yes, Dr. Jones,

we've heard a great deal
about you.

Have you?

Uh, professor of archeology,

expert on the occult,

and, uh, how does one say it?

Obtainer of rare antiquities.

That's one way of saying it.

Why don't you sit down?
You'll be more comfortable.

- Oh, thank you.
- Thank you.

Yes, you're a man
of many talents.

Now, you studied
under Professor Ravenwood

at the University of Chicago.

Yes, I did.

You have no idea
of his present whereabouts?

Uh... well, just rumors, really.

Somewhere in Asia, I think.

I haven't really spoken
to him for ten years.

We were friends, but, uh...

had a bit of a falling out,
I'm afraid.


Dr. Jones, now,
you must understand

that this is all
strictly confidential, eh?

I understand.


Yesterday afternoon,
our European sections

intercepted a...
a German communique

that was sent
from Cairo to Berlin.

- Now, to Cairo...
- See, over the last two years,

the Nazis have had teams
of archeologists

running around the world looking
for all kinds of religious artifacts.

Hitler's a nut on the subject.

He's crazy.

He's obsessed with the occult.

And, right now, apparently,

there's some kind
of German archeological dig

going on in the desert
outside of Cairo.

Now, we've got some
information here,

but we can't make anything
out of it, and maybe you can.

"Tanis development proceeding.

"Acquire headpiece, Staff of Ra.

"Abner Ravenwood, U.S."

The Nazis have discovered Tanis.

Just what does that mean to you,
uh, Tanis?

Well, it...

The city of Tanis is one of the possible
resting places of the Lost Ark.

The Lost Ark?

Yeah, the Ark of the Covenant.

The chest the Hebrews used

to carry around
the Ten Commandments.

What do you mean,

You talking
about the Ten Commandments?

Yes, the actual
Ten Commandments.

The original stone tablets

that Moses brought down
out of Mount Horeb and smashed,

if you believe
in that sort of thing.

Any of you guys
ever go to Sunday school?

- Well, I...
- Oh, look.

The Hebrews took
the broken pieces

and put them in the Ark.
When they settled in Canaan,

they put the Ark in a place
called the Temple of Solomon.

In Jerusalem.

Where it stayed for many years.

Until, all of a sudden,
whoosh, it's gone.


Well, nobody knows
where or when.

However, an Egyptian pharaoh...

- Shishak.
- Yes.

...Invaded the city of Jerusalem
right about 980 BC,

and he may have taken the Ark
back to the city of Tanis

and hidden it
in a secret chamber

called the Well of Souls.

Secret chamber?

However, about a year

after the pharaoh
would return to Egypt,

the city of Tanis was
consumed by the desert

in a sandstorm which
lasted a whole year.

Wiped clean by the wrath of God.


Obviously, we've come
to the right men.

Now you seem to know, uh,

all about this Tanis, then.

No, no, not really.

Ravenwood is the real expert.

Abner did the first serious work
on Tanis.

Collected some of its relics.

It was his obsession, really.

But he never found the city.

Frankly, we're somewhat
suspicious of Mr. Ravenwood.

An American being mentioned
so prominently

in a secret Nazi cable.

Oh, rubbish.
Ravenwood's no Nazi.

Well, what do the Nazis
want him for, then?

Well, obviously,
the Nazis are looking

for the headpiece
to the Staff of Ra

and they think Abner's got it.

What exactly is a headpiece
to the Staff of Ra?

Well, the staff
is just a stick...

I don't know, about this big,

nobody really knows
for sure how high...

And it's... it's, uh...
it's capped

with an elaborate headpiece...

in the shape of the sun,
with a crystal in the center.

And what you did was

you take the staff
to a special room in Tanis...

A map room with a miniature

of the city all laid out
on the floor,

and if you put the staff
in a certain place,

at a certain time of day,
the sun shone through here

and made a beam that came down
on the floor here...

and gave you the exact location
of the Well of the Souls.

Where the Ark of the Covenant
was kept, right?

Which is exactly what the Nazis
are looking for.

What does this Ark look like?


There's a picture of it
right here.

That's it.

Good God.

Yes, that's just
what the Hebrews thought.


now, what's that supposed to be
coming out of there?



power of God or something.

I'm beginning to understand

Hitler's interest in this.

Oh, yes.

The Bible speaks of the
Ark leveling mountains,

and laying waste
to entire regions.

An army which carries
the Ark before it...

is invincible.

You did it, didn't you?

They want you to go for it.

Oh, Marcus!

They want you to get a hold of
the Ark before the Nazis do

and they're prepared
to pay handsomely for it.

And the museum?

The museum gets the Ark
when we're finished?

Oh, yes.


The Ark of the Covenant.

Nothing else has come close.

That thing represents everything

we got into archeology
for in the first place.


You know, five years ago,
I would've gone after it myself.

I'm really rather envious.

I've got to locate Abner.

I think I know where to start.

Suppose she'll
still be with him?

Possibly, but...

Marion's the least
of your worries right now,

believe me, Indy.

What do you mean?

Well, I mean that
for nearly 3,000 years,

man has been searching
for the Lost Ark.

Not something to be taken

No one knows its secrets.

It's like nothing you've ever
gone after before.

Oh, Marcus.

What are you trying to do,
scare me?

You sound like my mother.

We've known each other
for a long time.

I don't believe in magic,
a lot of superstitious hocus-pocus.

I'm going after a find

of incredible
historical significance.

You're talking
about the bogeyman.

Besides, you know
what a cautious fellow I am.

Nice to see you again,
Dr. Jones.

Thank you.

Shh... shh...


Give him space!
Give him space!

Go on, Regan!

Shh! Shh!

Shh! Shh! Shh!

Hello, Marion.

Indiana Jones.

Always knew, someday,

you'd come walking back
through my door.

I never doubted that.

Something made it inevitable.

So, what are you doing here
in Nepal?

I need one of the pieces
your father collected.

I learned to hate you
in the last ten years.

I never meant to hurt you.

I was a child.

I was in love.

It was wrong and you knew it!

You knew what you were doing.

Now I do!
This is my place.

Get out!

I did what I did.

You don't have to be happy
about it,

but maybe we could help
each other out now.

I need one of the pieces
your father collected.

Bronze piece, about this size,

with a hole in it, off-center,
with a crystal.

You know the one I mean?


I know it.

Where's Abner?

Abner's dead.

Marion, I'm sorry.

Do you know what you did to me,
to my life?

I can only say
I'm sorry so many times.

Well, say it again, anyway.


Yeah, everybody's sorry.

Abner was sorry for dragging me
all over this earth

for his little bits of junk.

I'm sorry to still be
stuck in this dive.

Everybody's sorry for something.

It's a worthless bronze
medallion, Marion.

You going to give it to me?


I don't know where it is.

Well, maybe you could find it.

3,000 bucks.

Well, that will get me back,
but not in style.

I can get you another two
when we get to the States.

It's important, Marion.

Trust me.

You know the piece I mean?

Do you know where it is?

Come back tomorrow.


Because I said so, that's why.


See you tomorrow, Indiana Jones.

Good evening, Fraulein.

The bar's closed.

We... We are...

not thirsty.

What do you want?

The same thing your friend
Dr. Jones wanted.

Surely he told you
there would be

other interested parties.

Must've slipped his mind.

The man is... nefarious.

I hope, for your sake,
he has not yet acquired it.

Why, are you willing
to offer more?

Oh, almost certainly.

Do you still have it?


But I know where it is.

Hey, how about a drink
for you and your men?

Your fire is dying here.

Why don't you tell me
where the piece is right now?

Listen, Herr Mac...

I don't know what kind of people
you're used to dealing with,

but nobody tells me
what to do in my place.

Fraulein Ravenwood,

let me show you
what I am used to.

Take your hands off me!

Take your lousy hands off!

Wait a minute.

Wait, I... I can be reasonable.

That time is passed.

You don't need that.


I'll tell you everything.

Yes, I know you will.

Let her go.


Shoot them.

Shoot them both.

My medallion!

Well, Jones, at least
you haven't forgotten

how to show a lady a good time!

Boy, you're something!

Yeah, I'll tell you what.

Until I get back my $5,000,

you're going to get more
than you bargained for.

I'm your goddamn partner!

Cairo, city of the living.

A paradise on earth.


Why do you forget yourselves?

What is this?

Where did this animal come from?

Oh... oh, no.


What an adorable creature.

Then it shall be welcome
in our house.

Oh, well, no, you don't have to
keep it here just because of me.

I knew the Germans
would hire you, Sallah.

You're the best digger in Egypt.

My services are entirely
inconsequential to them.

They've hired or shanghaied
every digger in Cairo.

The excavation is enormous.

They hire only strong backs
and they pay pennies for them.

It's as if the pharaohs
had returned.

When did they find the map room?

Three days ago.

They have not one brain
among them.

Except one.

He is very clever.
He's a French archeologist.

What's his name?

They call him "Bellosh."

Belloq. Belloq.

The Germans have
a great advantage over us.

They are near to discovering
the Well of Souls.

Well, they're not
going to find it without this.

Who can tell us
about these markings?

Perhaps a man I know
can help us.


there is something
that troubles me.

What is it?

The Ark.

If it is there, at Tanis,

then it is something that
man was not meant to disturb.

Death has always surrounded it.

It is not of this earth.

Do we need the monkey, huh?

I'm surprised at you, Jones,

talking that way about our baby.

He's got your looks, too.

And your brains.


I noticed that.

She's a smart little thing.


Hey, where you going?

She'll be all right.
Have a date.

Come on. Come on.

- Okay...
- Marion.

What's this?

It's a date.

You eat 'em.

How come you haven't found some
nice girl to settle down with,

raise eight or nine kids,
like your friend Sallah?

Who says I haven't?

I do.

Dad had you figured
a long time ago.

He said you were a bum.

Oh, he's being generous.

The most gifted bum
he ever trained.

You know, he loved you
like a son.

Took a hell of a lot
for you to alienate him.

Not much, just you.

Marion, get out of here!



Shh! Shh!


Help! Over here, Indy!

Get out of the way!

Move! Move it!

Help me!

You can't do this to me!

I'm an American!


Indiana Jones!

Help me, Jones!





Dr. Jones.

You looking for me?


Good afternoon, Dr. Jones.

I ought to kill you right now.

Not a very private place
for a murder.

Well, these Arabs don't care
if we kill each other.

They're not going
to interfere in our business.

It was not I who brought
the girl into this business.

Please, sit down
before you fall down.

We can at least behave
like civilized people.

I see your taste in friends
remains consistent.

How odd that it should end
this way for us,

after so many
stimulating encounters.

I almost regret it.

Where shall I find
a new adversary

so close to my own level?

Try the local sewer.

You and I are very much alike.

Archeology is our religion,

yet we have both fallen
from the purer faith.

Our methods have not differed
as much as you pretend.

I am a shadowy
reflection of you.

It would take only a nudge
to make you like me,

to push you out of the light.

Now you're getting nasty.

You know it's true.

How nice.

Look at this.

It's worthless.

Ten dollars
from a vendor in the street.

But I take it,

I bury it in the sand
for a thousand years,

it becomes priceless...
Like the Ark.

Men will kill for it.

Men like you and me.

What about your boss,
der Fuhrer?

I thought he was waiting
to take possession.

All in good time.

When I am finished with it.

Jones, do you realize
what the Ark is?

It's a transmitter.

It's a radio
for speaking to God.

And it's within my reach.

You want to talk to God?

Let's go see Him together.

I've got nothing better to do.

Uncle Indy, come back home now!

Uncle Indy!

Next time, Indiana Jones,

it'll take more than children
to save you.

Uncle Indy!

I thought I would
find you there.

Better than the United
States Marines, eh?

Marion's dead.

- Yes, I know.
- And me! And me!

I'm sorry.

Life goes on, Indy.

There is the proof.


I have much to tell you.

First we will take them home,

and then I will take you
to the old man.

I can't figure out
how Belloq did it.

Where'd he get a copy
of the headpiece?

There are no pictures,
no duplicates of it anywhere.

I tell you only what I saw
with my own eyes:

A headpiece like that one,

except round the edges,
which were rougher.

In the center, the Frenchman
had embedded a crystal,

and... and surrounding
the crystal, on one side,

there were raised markings,
just like that one.

They made their calculations
in the map room?

This morning.

Belloq and the boss German,

When they came out
of the map room,

they gave us a new spot
in which to dig,

out away from the camp.

The Well of the Souls, huh?

Come, come, look.
Look here... Look.

Sit down.

Come, sit down.

What is it?

This is a warning

not to disturb
the Ark of the Covenant.

What about the height
of the staff, though?

Did Belloq get it off of here?

Yes. It is here.

This were the old way,

this mean six kadam high.

- About 72 inches.
- Wait!

"And take back one kadam

to honor the Hebrew God
whose Ark this is."

You said their headpiece
only had markings on one side.

Are you absolutely sure?

Belloq's staff is too long.

They're digging
in the wrong place.

I am the monarch of the sea

I am the ruler of the...

Bad dates.

I told you not to be premature

in your communique to Berlin.

Archeology is not
an exact science.

It does not deal
in time schedules.

The Fuhrer is not
a patient man.

He demands constant reports,
and he expects progress.

You led me to believe...

I made no promises.

I only said
it looked very favorable.

Besides, with the information
in our possession,

my calculations were correct.

Boy, they're not kidding,
are they?

What time does the sun
hit the map room?

At about 9:00 in the morning.

Not much time, then.

Where are they digging
for the Well of the Souls?

On that ridge...
but the map room's over there.

Let's go, come on.



They're here.

Please, my friend,
what is the matter?

I fetch the water.
I shall get it for you.

If you want water,
I will get you water.

No problem, no problem.

I thought you were dead.

You must have switched baskets.

Are you hurt?

No. You have to get me
out of here, quick.

They're gonna be back
at any minute.

Cut me loose.


They keep asking about you.
What you know.

What's wrong?

Cut me loose.

I know where the Ark is, Marion.

The Ark's here?

I'm coming with you, Jones.
Get me out of here!

Cut me loose!
You can't leave me here!

If I take you out of here now,

they'll start combing
the place for us.

Jones, you've got to get me
out of here!

Come on, Jones, are you crazy?

Marion, I hate to do this,

but if you don't sit
still and keep quiet,

this whole thing
is going to be shot.

I'll be back to get you.

Jones, what's the matter?

That's it.

Who knows?

Perhaps the Ark is still waiting

in some antechamber
for us to discover.

Perhaps there's some vital
bit of evidence which eludes us.

- Perhaps...
- Perhaps the girl can help us.

My feeling exactly.

She was in possession
of the original piece for years.

She may know much,
if properly motivated.

I tell you,
the girl knows nothing.

I'm surprised
to find you squeamish.

That is not your reputation.

But it needn't concern you.

I have the perfect man
for this kind of work.

Heil Hitler.

Indy! Here!

We've hit stone!

Clear it off.

Come on, find the edges.

Good, good, good.

You see, Indy? You see?

Okay, bring the pry bars in.

As a team, boys! As a team!


Get 'em in there.
Get 'em under.

Good, good, that's it.

Watch your toes.

Carefully, carefully!

Sorry, Indy.


why does the floor move?

Give me your torch.


Why did it have to be snakes?


Very dangerous.

You go first.

If you're trying
to escape on foot,

the desert is three weeks
in every direction,

so please, eat something.

I must apologize
for their treatment of you.

Yeah. Whose idea was it?

No food, no water.

What kind of people
are these friends of yours?

At this particular time
and place, to do my work,

they are necessary evils.

They're not my friends.

However, with the
right connections,

even in this part of the world,

we are not entirely uncivilized.

It's beautiful.

I would very much like
to see you in it.

I'll bet you would.

All right.

What do you got to drink
around here?

We don't have much time.

Soon they will come to harm you,

and I will not be able
to stop them,

unless you are able
to give me something

to placate them.

Some, uh, piece
of information...

which I can use
to protect you from them.

I've already told you
everything I know.

I have no loyalty to Jones.

He's brought me
nothing but trouble.

Marion, you are beautiful.

I don't think
we need a chaperon.


Steadily. Whoa!


Down... Whoa.

Carefully, carefully!

You all right, Indy?

Now gently, boys.
Gently, gently!


I told you it will be all right.


Sallah, get down here!

You pour.

Oh, that's good.


What is this stuff, René?

I grew up with this.

It's my family label.

Well... I have to be
going now, René.

I like you, René, very much.

Perhaps we'll meet someday
under better circumstances.

We meet again, Fréulein.

You Americans,
you're all the same.

Always overdressing
for the wrong occasions.


what shall we talk about?

All right... take it up!


You're as stubborn as that girl.

You like her too much, I think.

Your methods of archeology
are too primitive for me.

You would use a bulldozer
to find a... china cup.

Colonel! Wake your men!

Indy, the torches
are burning out.

Go on, get out of here.


- Sallah!
- Hello!


Why, Dr. Jones,
whatever are you doing

in such a nasty place?

Why don't you come on down here!
I'll show you!

Thank you, my friend,

but I think we are all
very comfortable up here.

That's right, isn't it?

Yes, we are very comfortable
up here.

So, once again, Jones,

what was briefly yours
is now mine.

What a fitting end
to your life's pursuits.

You're about to become
a permanent addition

to this archeological find.

Who knows?

In a thousand years,
even you may be worth something.

Son of a bitch.

I'm afraid we must be
going now, Dr. Jones.

Our prize is awaited in Berlin.

But I do not wish to leave you

down in that awful place
all alone.

Slimy pig, you let me go!

Stop it!


Hang on.


- Indy!
- Don't fall!

Marion, I got you!
I got you! I got you!

You traitor!
You get your hands off of me!


Oh, sh... oh, at your feet!

The girl was mine!

She's of no use to us.

Only our mission
for the Fuhrer matters.

I wonder sometimes, monsieur,

if you have that
clearly in mind.

It was not to be, chérie.

You bastards!
I'll get you for this!

Indiana Jones...



Take this.

Wave it at anything
that slithers.

Thank you.

Oh, my God, this whole
place is slithering.


Ow! Jesus!

Where did you get this?
From him?

I was trying to escape.

No thanks to you.

How hard were you trying?

Well, where the hell were you?

Watch it, watch it.

- What are you doing?
- For the fire!

How the hell are we going
to get out of here?

I'm working on it!
I'm working on it!

Well, whatever you're
doing, do it faster.


Where are you going?

Through that wall.

Just get ready to run,
whatever happens to me.

What do you mean by that?


Damn it! Don't you leave me
down here by myself!


Here we go!

Get ready!

Indy, the torch is going out!



Look. Look.

They're going to fly it
out of here.

When that Ark gets loaded,

we're already going
to be on the plane.

Ah, monsieur, let us toast
our success in the desert.

To the Ark.

When we are very far
from here.

That Will do.

Hey, you now... Come here!

Come here!


Stay with the Ark!
Stay with the Ark!

Look out!

Oh, my God.


In here! Up here!

Indy, come on!

Pull on the latch!

Move up!
It's gonna blow up!

It's stuck! Indy!

I can't force the lock!

It's stuck!

- Turn it! Turn it!
- It's stuck!

Turn it there!

Never mind!
Get back! Get back!

Get the Ark away from
this place immediately.

Have it put on the truck.

We'll fly it out of Cairo.

And Gobler, I want
plenty of protection.


Holy smoke, my friends,

I... I'm so pleased
you're not dead!

Indy, Indy, we have no time.

If you still want the Ark,

it is being loaded
onto a truck for Cairo.


What truck?

Let's go!

Get back to Cairo.

Get us some transport
to England...

boat, plane, anything.

Meet me at Omar's.
Be ready for me.

I'm going after that truck.

- How?
- I don't know.

I'm making this up as I go.


He's there!

Idiot! Idiot!

Everything at last
has been arranged.

- The Ark?
- Is on board.

Nothing is lacking,
now that you're here.

Or what is left of you.

- You trust these guys?
- Yes.

Mr. Katanga.

Mr. Katanga,
these are my friends.

They are my family.

I will hear of it
if they are not treated well.

My cabin is theirs.

Mr. Jones...

I've heard a lot about you, sir.

Your appearance is exactly
the way I imagined.


Look after each other.

I am already missing you.

You're my good friend.


That is for Fayah...

that is for your children...

and this is for you.

Thank you.

A British tar is a soaring soul

As free as a mountain bird

His energetic fist
should be ready to...

...a dictator...

Where did you go?

I'm cleaning up.

Where'd you get that?

From him.

Who him?


I got a feeling
I'm not the first woman

ever to travel
with these pirates.

It's lovely.





What'd you say?

Wait... I don't need any help.

You know you do.

You're not the man
I knew ten years ago.

It's not the years, honey,
it's the mileage.

You are...

Please, I don't need a nurse.

- I just want to sleep.
- Don't be such a baby.

Marion, leave me alone.

- What is this here?
- Go away.

Yes, it hurts.


Well, goddamn it, Indy,
where doesn't it hurt?



This isn't too bad.




We never seem to get
a break, do we?

What is it?

Engines have stopped.
I'm going to go check.

- What's happening?
- We have most important friends.

Holy shit.

I sent my man for you.
You and the girl must disappear.

We have a place in the hold.
Come on, go, go, go.

Come on, go, my friend, go.

Where is Dr. Jones?

What's the big idea?

Let go!

Don't you touch me.

What about Jones?

There's no trace yet, sir.

Jones is dead.

I killed him.

He was of no use to us.

This girl, however, has certain
value where we're headed.

She'll bring a very good price.


Herr Colonel,
that cargo you've taken...

If it's your goal,
go in peace with it,

but leave us the girl.

It would reduce our loss
on this trip.


You are not in the position
to ask for anything.

We will take what we wish.

And then decide whether or not

to blow your ship
from the water.

The girl goes with me.

She'll be part
of my compensation.

I'm sure your Fuhrer
would approve.

If she fails to please me,

you may do with her as you wish.

I will waste
no more time with her now.

Excuse me.

I can't find Mr. Jones, Captain.

I've looked everywhere.

He's got to be here somewhere.

Look again.

- I found him.
- Where?


The altar has been
prepared in accordance

with your radio instructions,


Take the Ark there immediately.


I am uncomfortable
with the thought

of this... Jewish ritual.

Are you sure it's necessary?

Let me ask you this:

Would you be more comfortable
opening the Ark in Berlin,

for your Fuhrer?

Finding out, only then,

if the sacred pieces
of the Covenant are inside?

Knowing, only then,

whether you have accomplished
your mission,

and obtained the one true Ark?




I'm going to blow up the Ark,

Your persistence
surprises even me.

You're going to give
mercenaries a bad name.

Dr. Jones...

surely you don't think you can
escape from this island.

That depends on how reasonable
we're all willing to be.

All I want is the girl.

If we refuse?

Then your Fuhrer has no prize.

Okay, stand back.

All of you, stand back.

Stand back.

Okay, Jones.

You win!

Blow it up.

Yes, blow it up!

Blow it back to God.

All your life has been spent

in pursuit
of archeological relics.

Inside the Ark are treasures
beyond your wildest aspirations.

You want to see it open
as well as I.


we are simply passing
through history.


This is history.

Do as you will.

Marion, don't look at it.

Shut your eyes, Marion.

Don't look at it,
no matter what happens.


It's beautiful!


Don't look, Marion!

Keep your eyes shut!


You've done your country a
great service, and we thank you.

And we trust you found
the settlement satisfactory.

Oh, the money's fine.

The situation's
totally unacceptable.

Well, gentlemen,
I guess that just about wraps it up.

Where is the Ark?

I thought we'd settled that.

The Ark is somewhere very safe.

From whom?

The Ark is a source
of unspeakable power

and it has to be researched.

And it will be,
I assure you, Dr. Brody,

Dr. Jones.

We have top men
working on it right now.


Top men.

Hey, what happened?

You don't look very happy.

- Fools. Bureaucratic fools.
- What'd they say?

They don't know
what they've got there.

Well, I know what I've got here.

Come on.

I'll buy you a drink.

You know...

a drink?