Raiders of San Joaquin (1943) - full transcript

An outlaw gang is stealing land under the pretense that they are getting it for a railway.

[ Concertina ]

[ Man ]
I'm one of the toughest men
you've ever seen

A cyclone on wheels
and just naturally mean

They've tried to reform me
since I was 13

But I'd rather be
footloose and free

I've whipped all the worst
and I've outshot the best

I'm known as a ripsnortin'
king of the West

I don't like to brag but
you've probably guessed

Why I'd rather be
footloose and free
[ Laughs ]

For my mustang I ride
a tornado

And I sleep on a big
cactus bed

With a couple of wolves
crouched beside me

And a mountain lion
under my head

The gals all adore me
They tell me I'm grand

They say I'm the
best-lookin' gent
in the land

To get me a wife is a
cinch, understand

But I'd rather be
footloose and free

[ Laughing ]

I'd rather be
footloose and free

Hey, Eustace.

Rocky, how many times did
I tell you not to startle me
when I'm composin'?

Well, just compose yourself
and read that notice.

"Notice. A meeting
will be held on

"at Rogers' General Store to
discuss necessary action...

"against Gus Sloan and the
A & M Railroad...

for the way they are taking
property from the ranchers
of Valley Center."

Signed: "John Rogers, Bodine
Carter and Gil Blake."

Uh-oh. That Gus Sloan
is a really mean hombre.

I seen him once
over at Jackson City.

Maybe you'll see him
more than once this time.

Now, look, Rocky,
why don't we just
go to the ranch...

and-and forget
this trouble?

Trouble will find us
soon enough without
goin' huntin' for it.

[ Gunshot ]

Four against one.
Come on.

[ Galloping Hooves ]

We don't want
railroad men
on this ranch.

Now climb back on your
horses and get going.You heard him, Lear.

You're not forcing me
to sell my ranch,

and you aren't burning it
either, like you done
a lot of others.

Just a minute,
Mr. Blake.

We were riding out here
to talk business with you
when your son took a shot at us.

- Naturally, we shot back.
- I have a pretty good idea
who shot first.

I wouldn't jump
at conclusions so fast
if I were you.

Pick up your gun.

Thanks, stranger.

You and your men
start movin', Lear,
while you're still alive.

All right,
but I'll give you
a little present.

Huh. Filing a suit
to condemn my place, eh?

That's it, unless you
get smart to yourself.

Now anytime you want to sell,
the A & M will buy.

If you don't,
the court will force you
to give us a right-of-way.

Oh, excuse me for not
saying thanks before.
I'm Gil Blake.

Glad to know you, Gil.That's my father.

How do you do,
Mr. Blake?Howdy.

This man and his partner
got me out of a pretty
tough spot, Dad.

Well, I'm much obliged, son.Oh, forget it.

My friends call me Rocky.
This is my pal Eustace.Howdy.

A neighbor of ours,
Miss Jane Carter.

I want to thank you
for saving Gil's life.

New around here, Rocky?Yep, but I think
I'm gonna like it.

We're looking for work.You've found it.

I can sure use
another gunhand.
What can you do?

Who, me?
W-Well, I-I can--
[ Stammering ]

Why, he's a cook,
and the best in the country.

He'd better be good.

The last cook we had
around here, them railroad men
strung up by the neck.

Stru-- Stru--
Wait a minute.[ All Laughing ]

I-I don't know whether
I want the job or not.

My neck won't stand
much stretchin'.

Besides, I burned up
the last dinner I cooked.
You oughta seen the smoke.

Why, it almost
caused a war.

The Injuns thought
it was a smoke signal.

[ All Laughing ]

Well, my hands aren't
too particular,
so you're hired.

Johnny, take him in
and get him acquainted
with the kitchen.

Come on.
It's this way.[ Laughs ]

It seems to me,
with all this trouble
going on around here,

you folks would have
gone direct to the head
of the A & M Railroad...

instead of dealing
with their police force.

We wrote to Morgan,
the vice president
at Jackson City,

and he promised
to take action,
but nothing happened.

We should have
started shooting
long ago.

We've got to
fight fire
with fire.

Taking the law in
your own hands will never
get you anywhere, Gil.

Stick around here a while,
and you'll change your mind.

Except for this place
and the Bodine Carter ranch,

all the land along
the new right-of-way
has been taken over...

by Sloan and his gang,
with or without
a court order.

It won't be easy
getting them back.

But breaking the law yourselves
will never help matters.

Rocky is right.
If we can handle this thing
legally, so much the better.

We're holding
a meeting tomorrow
to appoint a rancher...

to take our problems personally
to Vice President Morgan.

You can come along.
We might need you.Good. I will.

Come on.

The facts speak
for themselves.

Tripp's sons murdered.
McQuarry's family
burned to death.

Johnson's place
nothing but ashes.

Yes, and who benefits?
The A & M Railroad,
that's who.

[ Exclaiming Agreement ]

And that's all
the proof I need.

From now on, I'm talkin'
with hot lead.

[ Men Clamoring ][ Man ]
Now you're talkin', partner!

Neighbors?[ Crowd Quiets ]

I want you ranchers who have
lost your homes to know...

that you're welcome
to anything in my store.

I'll not see anyone starve,
regardless of the railroad.

[ Crowd Cheering ]

John Rogers,
you're a real friend.

Well, that's what
friends are for.

Why, y-you'd all do
the same if you could.[ Murmuring Agreement ]

Hello, Rocky.
We've been waiting for you.Janie.

Blake and his outfit
just rode in.

How about the warrant?Here it is.

Good. Now remember,
it's up to you to do
this thing legally.

I hope the Blakes
see it that way.

Those ranchers
are my friends.

[ Chattering ]

Rocky, this is my father,
Bodine Carter.

Jane's been singing
your praises, young man.
We need men like you.

I'm glad to know you.Thank you, sir.

This is John Rogers.
He's with us in our fight
against the railroad.

Folks, you all know why
this meeting has been called.[ Crowd ] Yes.

We're here to select a man
to present our case
to the railroad.

[ Cheering ]

Come on. What do you say?[ Man ]
That's real fine.

All right.
That makes it unanimous.

You're the oldest settler
in the valley, Jim.

You're the man
for the job.[ Man ] Why, sure.

All right.
I'll accept.

And I'll do
the best I can.

[ Cheering ]

[ Whistling ][ Man ]

[ Crowd Quiets ]

Hello, Clark.
What do you want?

I'm sorry, Blake.
This is a warrant for
the arrest of you and Gil.

On what charge?Assault with
deadly weapons...

with intent to kill
a duly sworn officer
of the law.

You're all right, Clark,
but these deputies that work
for the railroad are no good!

They're using the law
to cheat us ranchers!

Look out!
He's reaching for his gun!

[ Woman Screams ][ Chattering ]

[ Man ]
Somebody get a doctor!

[ Man #2 ]
Get some water for the man.

Wait a minute, Gil.
It was self-defense.

My father was unarmed.

He was trying to show you
a paper that Tanner and
those other thieves gave him.

Hold it!

- Drop your gun belt.
- You're resisting arrest, Gil.

I shot a murderer,

and there isn't
gonna be any arrest.

- Get their guns, Eustace.
- Who, me?

Get their guns.

Gil, I think your father
would tell you
what I'm telling you now.

Do what the marshal says.And I'll see
you get justice.

There's only
railroad justice
around here,

but I'm startin'
my own kind...
beginnin' now.

And we're startin'
with you, Gil.

Take care of Dad,
Mr. Carter.

Good-bye, Jane.Gil, please don't.

- Eustace, where's my gun?
- Here's your guns.

Give me that!Turn it loose.

Ah, there you are,
Mrs. Johnson.

That'll help keep body and soul
together while your husband's
away fighting for his rights.

Now that's all right.
You don't need to
thank me for it.

Only too happy to do it.
Good day.

Ah, Mr. Lear.
What can I do for you?

Gimme a pack
of Jamaicans.

If Tanner hadn't been killed,
it would have been
most unfortunate for us.

Old man Blake
was unarmed, you know.

Shall I put that down,
or do you wanna pay for it?I'll pay for it.

Now Gil Blake
and those ranchers...

have put themselves
on the wrong side of the law.

Here's your change.
Want anything else?

No. Uh--

When do you think
we'll be able to sell out?
If the railroad gets wise--

That's why I sent Sloan
to Jackson City.

He's arranging a contract
with an eastern syndicate.

You're pretty smart
at that, Rogers.

Well, I'm glad you
appreciate me, Lear.

But remember, we aren't free
to sell that land until we
first deliver to the railroad...

the right-of-way
they've paid for.

It won't be complete
until we can deliver
the Blake and Carter ranches.

[ Door Closes ] Ah, Mrs. Tripp.

Well, I'll be seeing
you again, Mr. Rogers.Good day.

Well, Mrs. Tripp,
come right in.
I'm glad to see you.

Here. Got a nice box
of supplies
all ready for you here.

Oh, no, that's all right.
I'll take them out.
They're quite heavy.

Come right along.
That's all right,
Mrs. Tripp.

I noticed your husband
rode away with Gil Blake.
That's just fine.

Come right out
this way.

[ Gunshot ]

[ Gunshot ]

I'm just a

Carefree cowboy

Riding down the trail

Singing ki-yi-yi-yippee


I love
the lonely prairie

Where the coyotes wail

At the moon
up there in the sky

On the range

Let me stay

Where the breeze
blows my troubles away

I'm just
a carefree cowboy

Riding down the trail

Singing ki-yi-yippee


Hello, Rocky.Hello, Gil.

How's the ranch?Pretty good, considering
what's happened.

Jane, I'm glad to see you.
Our supplies are runnin'
pretty low.

You timed it just right.Oh, it was me
that timed it, Gil.

[ Chuckles ]
No trick.
No trick at all.

Well, it shouldn't be.
You've had a month's

Such food as he fixes up.
Your men are threatening to walk
out unless you hire a new cook.

Oh, Jane!

They may not
have to.

The boys and I
have worked out
some new plans.

I brought you a paper.Well, thanks.

Law and courts.

Why don't the papers
tell how the railroad's
been breaking the law...

instead of always
accusing us?

You'll prove it sooner
or later, Gil, but you've
gotta keep on fighting.

That's the only way we can
bring the railroad to terms.That's where you're wrong.

Gil is very foolish
to let everyone know he's
destroying A & M property.

Well, my neck was
already in a noose.

I want this
whole valley to know...

that Jim Blake's son
kept up the fight.

- But your father wanted
to fight legally.
- Yes.

And he was murdered.

I got it all figured out.

I'm turning my ranch
over to your father,

The deed is in there
and a letter explaining
what I want him to do.

Oh, Gil, we can't--That's the way
it's got to be.

The railroad might be able
to take the ranch away from me
now that I'm outlawed,

but they can't take it
away from your dad.

From what
I heard about Sloan,
he'll certainly try.

The boys and I
have talked that over.

We're gonna protect
Bodine Carter
from now on.

Well, Rocky, looks like
me and you's out of a job.

Well, I was gonna
open up a lunch wagon.
I've had a lot of practice.

[ Rocky ]
You mean you've
been experimenting.

[ Stammering ]

You might be able to get
a job with Mr. Carter.
He needs some good men.

Oh, Jane. Tell your father
to go see Mr. Morgan
as soon as he can.

We'll take care
of Sloan.

I'll say we will.
Sloan's coming in
on the next stage.

Well, in that case,
we'd better
get started back.

Now, remember,
no killin'.

We have no argument
with the stagecoach line.

Don't worry.
If anybody gets killed,
it'll be Sloan.

I was tipped off
he's the only passenger.

All right. Pull up
and don't look back.

You know what to do
with your hands, Mr. Sloan.

That's better.

Come on out.

All right!
Shake 'em up!

Giddap! Hah!

Climb on that horse.Look here, you--

Now don't start
getting any ideas.
Hurry up.

All right.
That way.

Hold it.

I thought you might
be interested, Sloan.

[ Man ]
What happened to Sloan?The Black Rider took him.


You can put
that gun away.

I'm glad Blake's raiders
didn't get ahold of me.

Maybe I said thanks
too soon.Maybe you did.

I'll take a look
at whatever papers
you have on you.

Hurry up.

So you have a partner.

He must not be very smart,
or he wouldn't let you carry...

incriminating evidence
like this around.

He's smart enough.

That contract isn't signed.

I guess you're right. Here.
I'm not interested in it.

That's the trail
to Valley Center.

[ Clopping Hooves ]

If you keep on buttin' into
other people's business, we're
gonna get into trouble yet.

This happens to be
our business, Eustace,

and I think it's about time
for me to tell Carter
what I'm doing here.

Hold on, Rocky.
Don't you think you're
movin' a bit too fast?

From now on,
the faster, the better.

I'll find Carter
and meet you
at your lunch counter.

Now, don't forget,
you triple-toned

I do the cookin',
and you do the singin'.
And we split the profit.

Yeah, and don't you forget
we eat here free
till there is a profit.

Yeah. Till
there isa profit.Yeah.

You ain't gonna get no more
of this fresh-baked bread
until you sing a song.

You don't think I set up
all night bakin' bread
for nothin', do you?

What do you want us
to sing?

Sing that song,
"I bake my dough
to make my dough,

and when I make my dough,
I find it ain't money!"
[ Laughing ]

Funny, huh?

Maybe it ain't funny.
But anyhow, sing anything--

anything that'll
attract the customers.

[ Medium Tempo ]

Now the Morgans
and the Hatches

Started feudin'

Away down in the hills
of TennesseeTennessee?

All because a mountain lassie
who was 30, plump and sassy

Jilted young Buck Morgan
on account of me

And the trouble
it begin one Sunday mornin'

I took my bride up
to the church house door[ Eustace ] Howdy, Parson.

All the Morgan clan
came shootin'

And my bride-to-be
went scootin'

And no one has ever
seen her anymore

- Where she went
- Where she went

No one knows No one knows

She vanished like a groundhog
in the spring

Where she went Where she went

No one cares No one cares

But I wish she'd send me back
my diamond ring

But the Hatch and Morgan feud
kept right on goin'

And the casualties
were plenty every week

My old Uncle Hiram Gantry
He was shot right
through the pantry

And my pap between
the henhouse and the creek

So I loaded up
my double-barrel shotgun

And I trailed them Morgan boys
from shack to shack

By myself
I did surround them[ Humming ]

And I either shot
or drowned them

In my Grandpa Hess's
barrel of applejack

- Where she went
- Where she went

No one knows No one knows

She vanished like a groundhog
in the spring

Where she went Where she went

No once cares No one cares

But I wish she'd send me back
my diamond ring

Ah! Customers!Hi, Mr. Carter!

Aw, they ain't customers.
They're friends.

Hello, boys.Hi. Hi.

How's business, Eustace?Well, there's a lot of it,
but it's all bad.

[ Laughing ]Sk-Skeddadle.

What can I do for you gentlemen?
Ham and eggs or some
nice pork and beans?

No beans, thank you.

You know, Rocky, I wish
I'd known sooner...

that the vice president
of the railroad
was your father.

Hey! You told him
everything, eh, Rocky?That's right.

After seeing that contract
Sloan had in his pocket,

I'm certain he has a partner,
and that's the man
we've got to find.

Then I can present
an open-and-shut case
to my father.

If it's proof he wants,
we'll get it for him.

The plan you suggested
ought to work.

I'll check with you
as soon as I see Sloan.

Rather bighearted,
aren't you, Carter?

Offering to sell me
a right-of-way
through two ranches...

for as much as the entire
property's worth.

That's correct.

You see, Mr. Sloan, I know
that without right-of-way...

through my ranch
and the Blake place,

the rest of the land
you've grabbed off
around here...

isn't worth
a dime to you.

Rather smart.

Well, you're not
holding me up, Carter.

I have no such

On the other hand,
this isn't a fire sale.

How about the deed
to the Blake ranch?
Is it in order?

There it is.

And this is the deed
to my place.

See for yourself.

Do you know,
Mr. Carter,

I think we can
do business after all.

I'm not gonna buy
just a right-of-way.

I'm gonna buy both ranches...

at my own price.

Lear here is a legal
railroad representative.

He has just heard you
accept my offer.

I sure did, Mr. Sloan.

There you are--
20,000 for your ranch
and 10,000 for Blake's.

Come again, Sloan.

Do you think anyone
would believe that I sold out
for 10 cents on the dollar?

Lear here
can swear to it.

He can also swear
that you came in here
and started shooting.

Just sign the deeds
over to me, Mr. Carter,

so I can put them in the safe
with all the others.

Here comes Jane.

Hello, Jane.

How about a steak sandwich
or a tamale or something,
Miss Carter?

Some other time, Eustace.
I'm looking for my dad.
Have you seen him?

Why, yes, he was--
There he comes now.

Oh, I was just asking
about you, Dad.

I'll talk to you later, Jane.
Right now I've got a few things
to say to Rocky.

That certainly was
a swell idea of yours,

telling me to try
and make a deal
with Sloan.

But it didn't work.
The deeds to both ranches
are in his safe right now.

If he has the deeds,
he must've bought them.
That's exactly what we want.

Sure, but we didn't
want to sell both ranches
for $30,000,

and that's the amount
I was forced to take
at the point of a gun.

What do you mean?
You were forced to sell both
ranches at the point of a gun?

It was Rocky's idea,

You see, I'm positive
Sloan isn't working
with railroad money.

As a matter of fact,
The A & M hasn't
sent him any money...

since this trouble
started around here.

Rocky suggested
that I offer to sell him
a right-of-way...

at a price he couldn't meet
unless somebody else
put up the money.

And in that way,
we can locate
his partner.

You've suggested
a lot of things since
we've known you, Rocky.

Dad, it looks to me
as if you've been
beautifully double-crossed.

I know one man who won't
sit idly by and let those papers
stay in Sloan's office.

I'm going to tell Gil Blake
exactly what's happened.

[ Horse Blusters ]

I guess it's all
my fault, Rocky.

I was so mad
at what happened
in Sloan's office...

that I had to
let off steam.

You know, it wouldn't
do any harm...

if all the ranchers
in the valley thought
the same way she does.

I reckon it did look like
I led you into a trap,
Mr. Carter.

But don't you worry.
You and Mr. Blake will both
get your ranches back,

and so will all the other
ranchers in this valley.

Your word's good
with me, Rocky.

Your identification papers
were all in order.

After all, you did save
Gil Blake's life,

and there's no reason why
you'd double-cross him now.


I want you
to let everybody in town
think that I sold you out...

and that you and your daughter
are moving to another part
of the country.

I'll get word to my father
to meet you in Jackson City,

and we'll force
Sloan and his gang
into a showdown.

What about the deeds?

If he takes 'em to the
county seat and records 'em,
it'll be just too bad.

I've thought
about that too.

After tonight,
Sloan will have
to come to us.

I hope you're right.

Oh, my goodness!
My rabbit!


Did I forget to feed you?

You stay right there
now, junior.
Here you are!

[ Rocky ]
I wouldn't close that safe
if I were you.

Well, if it isn't
my mysterious friend.

I suppose you know a shot
will bring the whole town here.

Maybe it will,
but you won't hear it.

Sit down there.

Get in there.

Who the blazes
are you anyway?

First, you save my life
and give me back my papers,
and then you clean out my safe.

Suppose you get in there
and figure it out
for yourself.

[ Gunshot ]

The Black Rider
beat us to it.

He's got the deeds
to our land.

[ Pounding On Door ]

Hey out there! Hey! [ Pounding
Continues ]

Who's in there?

It's me-- Sloan!
Get me out of here!

Well, uh, where's the key?

I don't know.
It's out there

- What you doin' in there?
- Aw, what do you think
I'm doing-- kissing a cow?

- Get me out of here!
- Is there a cow
in there too?

No, no, you lunkhead!
Break this door down!

Hey. I just found a key.
Do you reckon
it's the right one?

Put it in the lock
and see!

Heh, heh. Heh.
Oh, there you are, Mr. Sloan.

You--Now, now.
Look out, Mr. Sloan.

You sure got
all the deeds,
all right.

And here's the contracts
you told me about,
but they still ain't signed.

That isn't all.
Look at these
receipted bills.

That's $1,500.

1,800. 2,300.

And all for supplies
for the railroad--
and bought from Rogers' store.

That's funny.
Why would the railroad
do business with Rogers...

when he's on the side
of the ranchers?

That's just what
I've been thinking.

You know,
these bills are important.

I have a hunch this is the lead
we've been looking for.

There are other stores in town
besides Rogers'.

Yeah, and they're all
after railroad business,
but none of them get any.

You know, Eustace,

I think
you picked a bad location
for your lunch counter.

Bad location?
Like heck I did.
I'm doin' good here.

I think you'll do much better
up alongside Rogers' store.

Oh, I get you.[ Chuckles ]

I want you
to put these away
where no one will find them.

I'm riding out
to the Carter ranch
first thing in the morning...

and tell him what happened.

You better let me
put you up a lunch.What for?

[ Laughs ]
That Carter girl
will never feed you,

not after the way
she told you off.

I'd rather
take my chances with her
than with your grub.

[ Laughing ]Well, I like that.

Mmm! Looks good,
Jane.I hope it is.

[ Knocking ]

There, I told you.
You shouldn't have
come here, Gil.

If they catch you now--Nobody's gonna
catch me, Jane.

I'll see who it is.

Oh, it's you, Rocky.

I was afraid
it might have been
some of Sloan's men.

You're a fool to come here
like this, Gil.

Sloan and his detectives
are guarding every trail.

Well, they haven't
caught me yet.

He's right, Gil.
You shouldn't
take such chances.

You didn't used
to be so anxious
to rid of me, Jane.

Oh, Gil, it's not that.
There was a robbery
in town last night,

and you and your men
were seen riding away
from Sloan's office.

Yes, I know.

But I didn't
get those deeds.

The Black Rider
beat me to 'em.

[ Rocky ]
The Black Rider?
Well, who is he?

And why did he want
to rob the Sloan office?

Well, you know
as much about it
as I do.

But I'd like
to meet up with him

This is the second time
he's interfered
with my plans.

If you don't get away
from this ranch pronto,

the law is liable to step in
and do a little interfering.

I don't need you
to tell me what to do.Maybe you do.

If Sloan or his men
lay hands on you,

they'll shoot first
and talk afterwards.

You know, the reward
was increased
since last night.

Yes, I know that too.
An extra
thousand dollars.


maybe you'd like
to try and collect it.

Listen, Gil, I'm not talkin'
just to hear my own voice.

You were loco to come
down out of the hills
in the daytime alone.

You're going to get on that
horse of yours if I have to
drag you out and put you on him.

Cut out the big brother
act, Rocky.

I've been wantin'
to meet up with you...

ever since you
Bodine Carter.

Now this is where you
stop worrying about me
and me about you!

[ Groans ]

There's your prisoner.

I knew he'd show up
here at the ranch,
so I waited for him.

I can use the reward.

I'm sorry, Gil.

You're contemptible.

I don't work
for charity, Jane.

- What about that reward?
- Don't worry about it.

- We'll tell Sloan,
and you can collect from him.
- Much obliged. I will.

Go on, put him
on his horse.
Get goin'.

So long, Jane.
Tell your father
I dropped over.

You probably thought
we wouldn't be here.

You must've known
Sloan told us
to get out by noon.

Why, you--

Hello, Mr. Sloan.Hello, Rocky.

Lear tells me
you're responsible
for capturing Gil Blake.

That's right.I guess that entitles
you to the reward.

The marshal informs me
that Blake still insists...

he doesn't know
the Black Rider and
hasn't got those deeds.

Is that so?

I don't believe Blake.
You were smart enough
to catch him.

Do you think you can
put your hands
on those papers?

I don't know.
I might if I tried.

Suppose you have a try.
Be a nice cut in it
for you.

But they belong
to the railroad.
I have no authority.

That's easy.
I'll give you
the authority.

There you are.

So this means I'm working
for the A & M, huh?

That means
you're working for me.

Oh. I get it.[ Footsteps ]

Oh, hello, Miss Carter.
What can I do for you?

Here are the keys to our ranch,
Mr. Sloan. And these are
to the Blake place.

I'm awfully sorry
things turned out this way,

but, well,
business is business.

We understand,
Mr. Sloan.

We just trusted
the wrong man.

[ Bodine ] Good-bye
and good luck, Pete.
Good-bye, Charlie.

- So long.
- [ Bodine ]
Good luck to you.

Well, I never thought
you were a quitter,

I know when
I've had enough, John.

I'm through with trying
to buck the railroad.

As far as I'm concerned,
me and my daughter are never
coming back to Valley Center.

Good-bye, boys.Good-bye.

So long
and good luck.

We'll be seein' you.[ Driver ]

Good-bye, John!Good luck!

[ Jane ]

You think Carter
meant what he said
about never coming back?

You heard him. And I can't
say that I blame him much
for pulling out.

Well, I don't know.
Carter's not the sort
to run out on his friends.

I'm betting he goes
directly to Morgan...

and tries to bring
the vice president
of the A & M back with him.

Maybe me and the boys
had better make sure...

that Carter stays away
from Valley Center--

Might be the safest way,

I've got a little job
to do myself, Sloan.

You know,
a few papers that
needed to be hunted up.

Good luck, Rocky.Thanks.
I'll need it.

[ Blowing ]

Say, Rocky, you ain't
leaving without taking
a little snack?

I got a special on today--
two beans and a plate of soup
for a nickel.

[ Chuckling ]
Well, just save it
to wash the dishes with.

[ Hooves Clopping ]

Say, did you get a chance
to talk to Carter?

Yeah. I explained
everything to him.

He agreed that Gil was a lot
safer locked up in jail.I thought he would.

Oh, and, uh,
smother it with onions.

I'll be back
for it later.It shall be done.

One steak
smothered with onions.

[ Sloan ]
Put 'em up, Rocky!

Got those deeds
in there too?

I guess you
outsmarted me this time.All the time.

I knew you'd take the bait
the moment I ordered the boys
to round up Carter.

Where's the contract
and those deeds,

Try and find 'em.Just what I intend
to do.

Get on that horse.

Bring along that
black outfit of his.
We'll need it.

[ Picking ]Boys, I'm worried.

Rocky's been gone
since the stage
left yesterday.

And that's a long time
when Sloan's mixed up in it.

Maybe he's been

I wouldn't put nothin'
past that Sloan.Neither would I.

We gotta do something
and do it quick.

[ Picking,
Strumming ]

Hey, look.

Hey, boys.
Start playin'
and singin'.

I'm gonna cook up

[ Guitar, Medium Tempo ]

[ Man ]
In a cavern
in a canyon

for a mine

Dwelt a miner

And his daughter

Light she was
and like a fairy

And her shoes
were number nine

Herring boxes
without topses

Sandals were
for Clementine

Oh, my darlin'
Oh, my darlin'

Oh, my darlin'

You are lost
and gone forever

[ Singing Louder ]
Dreadful sorry

[ Guitar, Concertina
Continue, Up-tempo ]

There you are, sir.Thank you.

You're very welcome. [ Continues ]

Why don't you tell
those howling coyotes
to get away from there?

Well, the marshal
gave 'em a permit,

and there's
absolutely nothing
I can do about it.

[ Yodeling ]

[ Yodeling Continues ]

Drove she ducklings
to the water

Every morning
just at 9:00I struck oil!

Hit her foot
against a splinter

Fell into
the foaming brine

I'm pickled.
[ Sputters ]Ruby lips above the water

Blowin' bubbles
soft and fine

Alas for me
I was no swimmer

So I lost my Clementine

Oh, my darlin'
Oh, my darlin'

Oh, my darlin'

You are lost
and gone forever

Dreadful sorry

But I'm telling you, Rogers,
Rocky won't talk.

He has to talk.
If we don't find
that contract...

and those deeds
to the ranches
we've taken over,

well, we're in a fine fix.

Where are you hiding him?

At a camp
over on Rock Creek.
Nobody ever goes there.

Well, it's up to you
to make him talk.

Hey, what's up?You'll find out.

We gotta get Gil
out of jail.

How you gonna do it?Yes, sir. I got
a little concoction here...

that worked for me
in San Francisco
a few years ago.

It ought to work
for me now.

I've got a plan
that should work.

Oh, boy. I call it
my "dangaroo."

Oh. How do you do,
Mr. Sloan?

Could I get you
a nice hard-boiled egg
or something?

Big egg.

Now I'll get
some hot soup.

Add a little bit
of ketchup.

Oh, baby.
Mmm! Mmm! Mmm!

Well, let's see.
Think I better taste it.

No. Maybe I better not.

There, my friends,
is what's gonna
get Gil out of jail.

But how in the world
is a bowl of soup
gonna get him out of jail?

[ Laughing ]
Swamp oil.

Bottled by
Mikey O'Finnigan.

Here I come!

That's for you.What is it?

Soup. I figured it was
so cold in the jail here,
you needed a little warmin' up,

so I stewed this
a-special for you.

Aw, you shouldn't
have done it.
I don't like soup.

You don't like soup?Nah.

Here. You ain't had
enough to eat.

You take it.Oh, thanks.

[ Sniffs ]
Say, it smells good.
Thank you.

I made that special
for you.

Say, that's Boston
black bean soup...

with rare old
Kentucky bourbon in it.

And old Southern Comfort.

Kentucky bourbon?Uh-huh.

And old
Southern Comfort?Uh-huh.

Why didn't you
say so before?
Give me that soup.

That's much too rich
for prisoners.

Besides, they ain't supposed
to have any liquor.

Ah. Say, that's all right.

That's good.

Ahhh! Not bad.

I had some of it

Ahhh! Mmm!

Well, that's okay.

You know, I'm gonna have
to come over to your place
and eat sometime.

Well, that's all right.Yes, sir,
that's the best--

[ Hiccups ]

[ Hiccups ]

Oh!Hey, what's
eatin' you?

That soup.
That soup.

It was awful rich,
you know.

Oh! Oh! Oh!

Cooky, cooky.
Watch my prisoner
for a few minutes.

I'll be right back! Oh!
[ Groaning ]

Ha! Ha!

Say, what's goin' on
here, Eustace?Don't ask any questions.

Soon as we get out of here,
you run straight for the horses.

I'll tell you all about it
soon as we clear town.

Thanks, Eustace.
Thank you.It worked, all right!

Well, you sure look like
Gil Blake's men now.

I'll go after Rocky
and meet you at the pass
before the stage gets there.

All right, get started.

[ Galloping Hooves ]

Well, you ought to
feel right at home
in that black outfit, Rocky.

It's come in
mighty handy to you
quite a few times.

Now it's coming in handy to us
unless you change your mind
about talking.

I'm not saying anything.

Well, have it
your own way.

Naturally, you know
that Bodine Carter,
his daughter...

and Morgan, vice president
of the A & M, are coming in
on that stage this afternoon.

We don't want them
to reach Valley Center.

During the attack,
you'll be accidentally shot.

When your body's found
beside the stagecoach
dressed in those black clothes,

you'll get the blame.

We'll be in the clear.
Untie him.

[ Gil ]
Get 'em up!
All of you!

All right! On your feet.
Come on. Come out of there.

Are you all right, Gil?Yeah, I'm all right.

Got me
in the shoulder.

Come on out of there!

You mangy crow bait.
I ought to bend this gun barrel
over your thick skull.

Tie 'em up, Eustace.

All right, Sloan,
get that rope
and youtie 'em up.

Come on, all of you.
Over there!

Get over there!

Get over there.
We haven't got all day.

Get that rope, Sloan.

No monkey business now.

Eustace told me
who you were, Rocky.

I'm sorry
for mistrusting you.I don't blame you, Gil.

I couldn't do much explaining
at the time. Come on.

[ Rocky ]
Hold it, Eustace.

Sloan, we're
changing clothes.

SloanWell, why
didn't you say so?

Hurry up.

I'm sure, Mr. Carter,
by the time we reach
Valley Center,

Rocky will have
all the evidence
we need...

to take action
against Sloan and Rogers.

Those receipted bills you say
Rocky found in Sloan's safe
speak for themselves.

Rogers attended
all the meetings,
Mr. Morgan.

That's how Sloan and his men
knew every move
the ranchers made.

Well, you won't be able
to do much...

unless Rocky still has
those receipted bills
and the contracts.

I wish you'd told me
about Rocky sooner, Dad.

He certainly
had me fooled.

If he's fooled
you and Gil, Jane,
he's fooled everybody.

And that's just
what we wanted.

You were right, Sloan,
about that black outfit
coming in handy.

I've got to stop the stage
before your men attack it
at the pass,

so I'm taking you with me
just so I won't get shot
in the back like you planned.

Sloan here's
all the help I need.

Eustace, take Gil
into town to the doc...

and tell Marshal Clark
what happened.

Now get moving.

You'll ride my horse.
Now get mounted.

Now that way.

If Rocky thinks I'm
gonna let him handle
this show alone, he's crazy.

We're gonna put on
a little circus
of our own, Eustace.

I wonder what's delaying Sloan.
He's supposed to meet us here
with Rocky.

We better not wait for Sloan,
or the stage will pass us up.

[ Gunshots ]

[ Gunshots Continue ]

Sloan, you're gonna
stop that attack.

And if your men don't
shoot you before you
can talk to 'em, I will.

Now get going.

[ Gunshots ]

[ Gunshots Continue ]

What's the matter with Sloan?
He must've gone loco
to start shooting at us.

It's Sloan.

Don't shoot!
It's me-- Rocky!

Whoa. Whoa.

Hello, Dad.What in tarnation--

I might have known
it'd be you.
You're a fine son.

I sent you up here
to straighten things out

Why didn't you let me know
things are as bad as all this?Give me a chance, Dad.

I had to first find out
who's behind Sloan.I know.

According to Mr. Carter here,
it was Rogers, the storekeeper.That's right.

Jane, I'm sorry
to get you tangled up
in a mess like this.

Oh, don't you worry
about me, Rocky.

I've never been so glad
to see anybody
in my whole life.

I-- Well,
that is, we thought
you were killed.

Oh, Sloan and his gang
made a sight mistake.[ Clopping Hooves ]

Gil!Hello, Jane.

Gil sure knew what he was
talkin' about when he said
there's gonna be a circus.

I thought I told you
to take Gil in town
to the doctor.

Aw, shucks. A team of horses
couldn't have kept him away
from that excitement.

He's a regular fire-eater.[ Laughs ]
A fire-eater is right.

Dad, this is the kind of a man
I'm proud to introduce to you.
Gil, that's my father.

Mr. Morgan.It's a pleasure.

And from now on,
I don't think we're gonna
have any more trouble...

around Valley Center.

[ Loud Arguing ]

I'm gonna tell you something
right now, Marshal!
This is an outrage!

You haven't got
a thing on me.That's where you're wrong.

We've got a lot of contracts
and deeds that are not gonna
look so good in court.

- Where'd you hide them,
- Where'd I hide 'emWell--

Oh! I didn't think
a little bakin' would
hurt the papers any.

And this loaf of bread here
is the safest place
I could find to put 'em.

I'll get 'em for you
in a second.
[ Chuckles ] Yeah.

This bread's
kind of hard,
ain't it?

[ Grunts ]
As a rule,
my bread's pretty soft.

I should've
brought a saw.

Now there you are.

Rocky, didn't you say
the contract for the sale...

of those ranches
around Valley Center
wasn't signed?

- Well, yes, I--
- Well, they wasn't signed
when I put 'em in the dough.

Take a look at it now.
They signed it
with invisible ink...

so that no one would
suspect them in case it
fell into the wrong hands.

The moisture from the dough
and the heat of baking
developed it.


I reckon those signatures
will stand up against
any judge, Rogers.

I'll say they will.I tell you I had nothing
to do with that.

Well, there's one thing
sure, Mr. Morgan.

When you present
the evidence in court against
the raiders of San Joaquin,

it won't be half-baked.

[ All Laughing ]