Raiâ gêmu: Za fainaru sutêji (2010) - full transcript

It's time for the final challenge of the Liar Game. Only Akiyama and Fukunaga had earned tickets to participate, but when Yokoya decides to drop out, Nao gets invited to join. Unwilling at first, but when her worry over Akiyama soon overcomes her reluctance. In the final stage, nicknamed the Garden of Eden, a new voting game is set to take place. The game is set up so that all players can win money should they cooperate, but if they don't one player will win big while the others face bigger debts than ever before. It doesn't take long for the lies and backstabbing to begin, and the question remains whether Nao and Akiyama have any hope of winning and finally shut down the Liar Game for good.

My name is Nao Kanzaki.

"Nicknamed "Naive Nao" due to
my innate trust in people"."

Excuse me.

Can you spare some bus fare?

I seem to have misplaced my wallet.

Why sure!

"Write your address so I can
pay you back."

It's a con.

"How obvious!
She's really gullible."

So who would've thought...

"I'd get involved in
a ghastly liar's game?"

"lt all began when I found
a million dollars at my door."

"l had been roped into playing
of ruthless swindle game."

"Winners got filthy rich, while
losers drowned in debt. "

"l survived with the help of a master
con man, Shinichi Akiyama."

"When I reached the semi-finals,
I was allowed out."

"But the finals offered a chance
to destroy this sadistic game."

"So I put everything in
Akiyama's capable hands."

Little did I know...

that my battle...

was just beginning.



One of our finalists has dropped out.

"You've earned the right
to fill that slot."

I'd only be in Akiyama-san's way.

Don't give me that!

"Without you...
he will lose for sure."

How do you know that?

"Because this time, the game
can be won... through trust."

"You and I both know he isn't
capable of that."

What can I do?

Save him.

Only you can.

He trusts you and you alone.

"lf what he said was true
about Akiyama..."

then I had to go.

"Beyond this door...
awaits the final stage."

"Garden Of Eden."

Your brander.

"Each player gets one,
and an alphabet lD."

You are player H.

You may enter.










"Thank God. I feel less anxious
knowing someone."

Guess who else?



At your service!

"You're Nao? You met my brother
in the 4th Round."

I did?



Who're you mailing?

No one.

"We got lucky with Yokoya
dropping out."

It let us bring Nao back.

"Let us now begin the final stage
of the Liar Game."

"l am Kelbim.
I will be your host."

"By now, you have all become
seasoned veterans of this game."

"But today, we don't expect to
collect any debts."

Why not?

Because in today's game...

"The game you will all be
partaking in is called..."

"Garden of Eden."

"And so it begins, the last round
of lies and backstabbing."

"As you know, the name comes
from the Bible's Book of Genesis."

"ln the center of Eden stood
the Tree of Knowledge."

"God forbade the eating of its fruit."

"Yet Adam and Eve fell prey
to temptation."

And ate the forbidden fruit.

For that...

God banished them from paradise.

"Likewise, if all of you can resist
that same temptation..."

you will reap a fortune in reward.

We will now conduct a rehearsal.

"This is the voting room, which you
will enter one at a time..."

and cast your votes with apples.

"You are to choose from gold,
silver or red apples."

Are these...?

"lndeed, made of real gold
and silver."

Extravagant final.

And this?

"The red apples will be
explained shortly."

"But this game can be played
with just gold and silver."

What do I do with this?

"Return it to the tray...
or burn it."

I'll switch to gold.

"Then you must brand your chosen
apple with your name."

"Nao Kanzaki"

"Finally, you are to deposit the
apple in the voting box."

You will repeat this 1 3 times.

"The votes will be
automatically tabulated."

Here are the results.

"Those who cast silver
apples win the round."

Majority wins.

"lf a player casts two apples
with the same name..."

only the first vote will count.

"Moreover, you are forbidden by
contract to force another's vote."

You have 1 hour for each round.

"But once all votes are in,
that round is finished."

"Any player who fails to cast a
vote in time..."

is penalized a million dollars.

"Once you've voted, you cannot
return until the next round."

"Each player in the majority
after each vote..."

will earn a million dollars.

"Players in the minority
after each vote..."

will lose a million dollars.

"lf however everybody
casts the same vote..."

everyone loses a million dollars.

"l thought you said we could
all win."

"These rules create clear winners
and losers."


"The gold and silver are forbidden
fruit, and must not be cast."


"lnstead, you are to cast the
Red Apple of Truth."

Red Apple of Truth?

"The red apples play the most
important role in this game."

"lf all 1 1 of you cast a red apple,
you each win a million dollars."


"lf we continue to vote red,
we each win 1 3 million."


"if anyone casts a forbidden fruit
after red votes have been cast..."

"those casting a red apple
with lose a million dollars."

"And both gold and silver voters
will earn a million dollars."

"Moreover, a single vote
using a forbidden fruit..."

earns a special bonus of 2 million.

"What you must be most
careful to avoid..."

"is being the only one
to cast a red apple."

"That player's name will
be revealed..."

"and incur a penalty of
1 0 million dollars."

1 0 million?

And finally...

"anyone exceeding 5 million
in debts must leave paradise..."

and be banished from Eden.


"lf, however, another player elects
to cover that debt..."

then play continues.

"Ha! Who here would cover for
another's 5 million?"

This is the final stage.

"Each player starts with their
accumulated earnings so far."

"The money leader so far
at 1 2 million..."

is Player A.

Who's that?

"Those with a positive balance at the
end will retain that as prize money."

"A negative balance will translate
into actual debt."

"The money leader at the end
will be crowned champion."

And will take home...

50 million dollars.

50 million!

"Should the game be halted due to
rule infringements..."

this money is rescinded.

"And the game will end with every
player penalized 10 million."

"To prevent multiple players from
conspiring to split the 50 million..."

"earnings among players cannot
change hands after the game."

Now my friends...

"go cast the Red Apple of Truth
as often as you can."

"Why are we standing still?
Let's vote red."

I know why!

Listen up, everyone!

"Till now, the goal's been to take
money from each other."

But not this time.

Our dealings are with the "house".

"That's who we're playing against,
not each other."

So let's all cast red apples.

"We can beat the house and all its
traps if we pull together."

I'm in. I'll cast red.


"Me, too. Let's end by sticking
it to "them"."

Thank you!

"We all stand to gain
over 143 million."

Can't catch Player A, anyway.

And it would be a sure thing.

"- I'm with Nao!
- Me, too!"

"I've fought all this way
with Nao."

I know she can be trusted.

Let's follow Nao's lead!

Thanks, everyone.

Let's do it!

"Victory for Nao!
Victory for all!"

It was the perfect start.

"All 1 1 of us uniting around
a common goal."

You're the last one, Akiyama-san.


Let me borrow this.

Lip gloss.

You toying with me?

This is so strange.

"I've never felt so at peace
playing this game."

"I've convinced myself of something
since arriving here."

"That we've fought all this way
in order to come together."

"To show that, ultimately, we
must believe in each other."

I agree.

You do?

All votes have been cast.

Here are the results.

"1 st Vote Results"







"Players casting gold and silver
apples win."


The second vote begins now.

Suckers, suckers!

You know what, Nao?

You really, really are...



Me, vote red?

Why not?

"You'd earn the same
million either way."

Not true!

"There's no risk of losing
a million this way."

"And I knew others would
shoot for 50 mil."

"The only way to win is to
betray before you're betrayed!"

"Say what?
You're rotten to the core."

Stop it!

Have faith and vote red!

No way, Nao.

Nobody will vote red now.

Right, guys?

"- You're scum.
- Unbelievable."


"Don't give me that!
6 others did it, too!"

Don't play innocent!

I voted red.

"- Me, too.
- Me, too."

See if I trust any of you!"

The feeling's mutual.


I pity you.

Screw you, you crooked hag!

Who you calling a hag?

You didn't vote red, either!

Who says?

Please stop!

This is exactly where "they" want us.

What's done is done.

"l say we give unity another
chance, and vote red."


I was thinking the same thing!

Well, all right!

"They're right!
We can do this!"

Count me out.

Don't be a spoil sport!

"Think about it. Those who voted
red are already down a mil."

You telling them to do that again?

There were 7 traitors.

Yeah, but...

"Anyone asking for a red vote is
either one of the traitors..."

I'm stupidly naive!

I guarantee...

we will never get all reds.

That leaves only one path: deception.



"It's sad, but he's right.
Forget it."

I won't!

"It's okay. I promise the chance
will come again."

Let's work toward that.


"Human weakness...
and greed."

That's the essence of the game.

That's why a unanimous red vote...

has never happened.


Buzz off, mushroom.

I'm sorry I betrayed you.

"But there's another way to get
everyone to vote red."

Yukina, Kuji.

"Get Akiyama and we'll have
a team of 6."


"It's now a battle for majority
between gold and silver."

So we build a 6-person majority.

"The only way to lose is for all
of us to vote the same."

This guarantees victory.

But then only some of us can win.

"Don't worry.
We don't want that."

"Sooner or later, our team
effort will be discovered."

"We can even let them know.
Then what?"

They'll ask to join our team.

"And we'll welcome the other five
with open arms."

Welcome friends!

"Condition's will be ripe
for another go at unity."

"It's a prelude to us casting all
red apples."

It's not just for us.

That's great, Fukunaga!

"You're not going to
believe him, are you?"

He just betrayed you.

"We've fought together a long time.
Trust me."


It may be our only hope.

Suit yourself.

"I'd rather act alone
than side with him."


"Leave her.
If this works..."

she'll be back, too.


Yes, I betrayed you...

I'm sorry.

"But at least I was honest about it.
Want to know why?"

"To strengthen your guard!
Or you'll be tricked repeatedly."

"But it's okay now.
We can still get all reds."

"Don't give up.
We'll do it together."

Okay. I'll believe you, Fukunaga.


"I'll go find another person
we can trust."


He's a good fellow.

"Fukunaga always ends up being
a pretty trustworthy ally."

Ally, huh?


Here he is.

Thanks for having me.

I was at a loss by myself.

Okay, let's get a majority.

Our first vote is...


I'll vote next.


Let me go.

"All the votes are in.
Here are the results."

Think we'll win?

"Yes. Could be what we need
to come together."

Could be what we need...

to come together.

Don't make me laugh!


You thought you were the only team?

Fools. We had a team, too.

So what? We outnumber you.

That's right. Six against five.

Count again.


You're kidding.

The joke's on you!

Nao's a pushover.

I repeat. Nao the pushover!

I'm playing for this team!

Power shift!

"lt was all staged to camouflage
our formation of this team."

"From my own isolation to making
you doubt lgarashi and Eto."

In short, you lose!


Why join up with Fukunaga?

You've got it all wrong.

I didn't join him.

He joined me.

"l built the team during
our first vote."

"While you were gushing about
red apples and unity."

"l had all I could do to contain
my laughter."

"With such a sitting duck
in the finals..."

we decided to make duck soup.

Thanks for another million.


Let's go.

"Sorry, Nao. But they threatened
to exclude me."

I'm so sorry!

Here are the results.

Silver 6!

Results of the 2nd vote...


1 1.

Each player loses 1 million.

"l thought you told them
to vote gold!"

I did!

Why all silver then?

They saw through you!

"My act was perfect!
I did everything right!"

What's so funny?

Such simpletons.

Let me enlighten you.

"l knew Fukunaga betrayed us.
So we changed to silver."

"Don't be stupid.
How could you know that?"


I could see which apples you cast.

"Don't believe him.
He's bluffing."

Quite possibly.

Believe what you will.

"l love the finals...
the lies and back-stabbing."

They still haven't noticed.

Among those eleven...

there is a plant.

They're gloating!

"Forget it! I know Akiyama.
He's all bluff."

Oh, really?

I think you're in with them.

I lost money, too, idiot!

You must've told Nao!

"Why would l?
It was my plan!"

Excuse me.

You scared me!

You invisible or something?

Spy! She's spying!

No, I've come with a proposal.


"lf we can all vote with silver,
we can surely all vote red."

"Wrong. You stand to profit by
voting against all-red."

"Can't say the same for gold
or silver."

Plus, we still have the upper hand.

Even if you vote together...

we either all lose a million...

or we gain a million.

Either way, you stand to lose.

"Your only option is to
split your vote 3 to 2."

"That way, some of you can
still win some of the time."

"And limit losses to just
a million other times."

"So you see, there's no way you
can beat our majority."


"Go back and explain that
to your friends."

Or is that too difficult to grasp?

Forget them, Nao.


Let's go.

"What a nice smile.
Why don't you join us?"

Over my dead body.

"Don't mind her.
It's just sour grapes."

We just stick to the plan.

Okay, then next is...


"All the votes are in.
Here are the results."

This time, one million!

Sorry, minority voters.

Results of the 3rd vote...


1 1.

Each player loses a million.


This isn't working!

They got lucky!

I told you.

I can see how you vote.

Time to accept the fact...

you are sitting ducks.

I'm in the red now!

"l know Akiyama.
He's rarely wrong."

That's not what you said!

We're self-destructing here.

Don't worry.

So are they.

"l can't do this much longer.
I'm in debt now."

"We're sure to max out
before them."

Never fear. It ends here.


We'll get a majority next vote.

"How can we manage that?
There's only 5 of us."

Because you can win this game...

with a minority.

I voted!

What do you want?

I thought I'd share some info.

What info?

We all voted gold.

"Then all we have to do is vote
silver to win."

I wonder.

What's that mean?

5 gold apples have been cast.

"lf just one of you defects to gold,
you win for sure."

"But you can still lose
by voting silver."

Getting all of you to vote silver is

as hard as all of us voting red.


Who's to say you all voted gold?


No, I assure you we all voted gold.

How do you know?

'Cause I can see everyone's vote.

It's up to you now.

They all voted first to set this up.

"Doesn't it irk you that they're
having their way with us?"

"Then let's get them back and
vote as 6!"

"Yeah! We can still render his
tactics useless!"

No one better cop out!

We all vote silver!

Results of the 4th vote.





Red Apple of Truth... 0.

Two of you are traitors!


Who are they?

"- Not me!
- Me, neither!"

I'll kill 'em.

It was you!


What did I tell you?

"The longer the losses continue,
the more likely a traitor will appear."

You planned those first 2 losses.

"ln the next vote, we plan to
go with this."

How about you?

Damn you!

What now, Mai?

Pull yourself together!

From now on, I call the shots!

No, listen to me!

We can't win with either of you!

Say what?

Knock it off!

Now you should understand.

It doesn't feel good to be betrayed.

"Eto-san, how does it feel to
win now?"

I'm guessing it's pretty painful.

"For the same million, it's clearly
better to work together."

Won't you all try voting red again?


"Forgive me!
I promise to vote red next."

I promise!


Won't the rest of you promise, too?

"We can believe in each other.
I know we can."


"you took on a large risk in your
determination to vote silver."

You put faith in your team.

Why not place that trust...

into voting red this time?


It's settled, then!

Red it is!

It'll work this time.

Not yet.

Why not?

"One other person has yet to
come clean on that last vote."


"Whoever it is, please confess.
We need your cooperation."

We won't blame you.


I knew it.

You were going to hit me before!

How did you see our votes?

Tell us.


After we all vote red.

Come on.

At least we've all come clean.

Now let's vote red.

"At last, we were all on the same
page... unified in purpose."

But then...

Results of the 5th vote.

Players voting gold win the round.

Betrayed again.

That's odd.

Our plant is at last on the move.

You called him?


I'm voting red.

Trust me and vote red.

I'll win you a million.

Isn't that dangerous?

I beg of you, please.

Trust Akiyama-san and vote red.


going with red.


Right. I'll throw in with red, too!

"Let's vote red and flush out
the traitors!"


Thank you.

What idiots.

Nobody suspects that l...

am a traitor among them.

"Akiyama says he can see
how we vote."

"But he didn't pick up on
Fukunaga's betrayal."

Even if he knows the total vote count...

I doubt...

he knows who voted what.

Wait, that's his second turn.

I guess he didn't vote last time.

"The votes are all in.
Here are the results."

Here we go.

Results of the 6th vote.

I hope they all chose red.


If I'm the only gold...

- 1.

"Yes! The special bonus!
2 million!"


1 0.

Players voting silver win.

Why only me?

Do they know?

Let's nail the bastard again!


What's going on here?

Hey, traitor!

Have anything to say?

"Yeah, out with it.
The gig's up."

Confess or be destroyed.

Yeah, we'll destroy you!

You know I'm talking to you.

Is it you? Or... or you?

It's you!


"He's talking to you, Nishida.
Hurry and apologize."

Huh? I'm lgarashi.

"Stop blathering.
You're Nishida."

We know you're the traitor.

Liar! Show me proof!


What's that?

"You never intended to vote red.
That was your mistake."

"l entered first and left a message
on the lead red apple."



"l asked everyone to leave their
branders under the box."

"Anyone planning to vote red
would've seen it."

"l would enter the room last and
cast everyone's vote for them."

When I returned to the voting room...

your brander was missing.

"The lone traitor who ignored red
and voted gold..."

was you.

What makes you think I voted gold?

You can't see individual votes.

Simple. I marked the apples.


"With each vote, the marked
apples move up."

The gold rack had moved by just one.

"So I cast silver votes for everyone,
and singled you out."

I didn't see any markings!

No, you didn't.

My lip gloss.

To avoid detection,

I marked the bottom of the apples.

"You can't tell by sight,
but you can tell by touch."

"lf you're going to pull off
a betrayal..."

you need some of this.

Shall we beat the crap out of him?


You're looking at this wrong.

"You all earned money at my expense.
You're all a million dollars richer."

So what trouble have I caused you?


Don't agree with him!"

Don't weasel out of this!

Okay, I was wrong!

Fukunaga! Eto!

"Fellow traitors, let's put the past
behind us and vote red!"

"That's fine.
The next vote, then."

Leave it to me, Nao.

Thank you.

But Nao!

I'm satisfied.


Let's do it this time.

Our branders, please.

Something wrong?

"There's still one other traitor
besides Nishida. That's a problem."

Results for the 5th vote...

"l entered last to check
for double-crossers."

"But the marks hadn't moved.
And still..."

That's odd.

There were 2 traitors.


"Someone knew about the markings,
and replenished the gold rack."

No way!

That's not all.

"This time, one of us read the
message and left his brander."

"Person X."

"Someone very cautious,
very careful."

And sharp as a whip.

So Person X is one of us?

Finally, they notice.

Oh, yeah.

Your brander, Nishida.

Now they're all in one place.

One of us needs to go in with these

and cast all 1 1 red apples.

That's brilliant!

It takes Person X out of the equation.


You're the one, Nao.

Everyone trusts you.


"Every player has to enter the booth
or face a million dollar penalty."

"But if you cast all the votes,
the round ends right there."

"So the 1 0 of us need to at least
go in, with Nao going last."


Finally, a foolproof plan.

"At least that's what
we all believed. "

But we underestimated...

the formidable strength of Person X.

The player who voted gold wins.

And wins a 2 million bonus.


Player F is catching the leader!

Person X.

But how?

Must've had a brander.

How else can you explain it?

Who has all the branders?

Nao is X?

You two-faced liar!

Nao would never do that!

"- I cast 1 1 red apples!
- Then why?"

"Simple. X had a gold apple
hidden away."

"lt was made before I collected
everyone's branders."

"Person X entered the voting room
before Nao."

"lf a player casts two apples
with the same name..."

only the first vote will count.

So even if Nao dropped in a red apple,

the gold came first.

So this tactic is...

No longer a foolproof method.

My brander!


I just cast a red apple.

If we give up now, all is lost.

"So I ask you one more time...
vote red."

That's right. We try again.

"Forget it. Not while Person X
is still around."

I can't afford any more losses.

"- Me, neither.
- Yeah."

That was rash!

If no one votes red...

She alone will lose 1 0 million.


What're you doing?

Voting red.

And if she's lying?

How can you say that?

She's supported us all this way.

"Has she?
She could be Person X."

No way. You go too far.

"lf you end up the only red vote,
you'll have to drop out."

"That won't happen.
I know she voted red."

Haven't you learned anything?

Stop trusting people.


"I'd rather be deceived
than lose faith."


you can't change, either.

You're on your own.

Don't worry. I voted red.

Sorry I forced you.

Let's stick it out to the end.

Here are the results.

The results of the 8th vote.





The Red Apple of Truth...


"Players who voted gold
or silver win."

"One player has voted with
the Red Apple of Truth..."

"and incurs an extra penalty
of 1 0 million dollars."

You know what I hate?

Do-gooders like you.


""Let's believe in each other."
Don't make me sick."

No. This isn't you.

You know nothing.

You're done... Nao Kanzaki.

"One player has exceeded
the 5 million debt limit..."

"resulting in banishment
from Paradise."

That player is...

Mr. Shinichi Akiyama.

Can't be.

There must be some mistake.

"l voted red.
I should be banished."

"There is no mistake.
Mr. Akiyama has lost."

Person X.

"When all the branders were
together, X used yours."

And made an apple to use later.



Is it you?

You got it.

I'm X.


why'd you vote red?

You said I was on my own.


Akiyama could read each vote.

"He could've won every time
by keeping quiet about it."

But he votes red.

Because that's what you would do.

He knows you'll be betrayed.

And eventually banished.

He did it to protect you.

To protect me?

Is that true?

"Mr. Akiyama, please come
with me."


"You're not the weakling
you used to be."

You can survive without me.



There are now 1 0 players.

"5-to-5 votes will be
counted as a draw."

What a shame.

Maybe you can borrow 1 3 million.

What's wrong?

Why'd you drop him?

Why not me?

I wanted to see you cry.

"How does it feel to see someone
die for you?"

"That's enough. I won't let you
continue this."

You're a fool.

I used Nao's brander on an apple.


Who's to say I didn't make others?

You didn't.

Of course I did.

Red for everybody.

"A lone red vote equals
a 1 0 million dollar loss."

I can kill off anyone I choose.

At anytime.

Fine. I'd like to see you try.


Go vote.

Well? You'd better hurry.


It's time...

to pick your friends.

We will now settle your debt.

In here.


What did you do?

I voted red for just one of you.

You're the last two.

If you vote gold or silver...

one of you will lose 1 0 million.

"You both need to vote red to
cut your losses to 1 million."

Go save each other.

It's been a while.


What's this about?

He insisted on seeing you.


Relax. I voted red.

Then I will, too.


How about a deal?

"A business proposition.
I'll cover your debt."

Under one condition.

Return to Eden and win.

"Then give me the 50 million
in prize money."

Always the coward.


I consider this very fair play.

If you lose, I expect compensation.

50 million.

Go back to Eden.


There's no paradise here.

Tell me you voted red, Eto.

Not on your life.


Too bad.

I guess you're out.

I voted red for you.

So you can blame him.

"What a sucker.
She never saw it coming."


It's hilarious because...

I'm talking about you.


I didn't vote red.

But not to betray Nao.

Because I found this.

""Don't vote red.
- Nao""

What is this?

You're lying, aren't you?

You can all relax.

Yukina doesn't have any reds.

Say what you want.

I haven't voted yet.

"lf you had voted for me,
then time should be up."

The clock's still running.

You haven't voted for me.

"l have your red.
I can go cast it now."

It won't work.

Akiyama-san told me something.

Yukina is not X.

So we decided to prove it.

You've lost, Yukina.


set me up?


You did well on your own.


Mr. Akiyama has been reinstated.

He will join the 1 0th vote.

It's okay now.

Go and vote.



I voted red for Eto.

If you don't do the same...

Eto dies.

Don't worry. It's a bluff.

Trust me.

Here are the results.

Results of the 9th vote.





Red Apple of Truth...


One red? Oh no!


I don't understand.

Players voting gold or silver win.

Again, we have a single red voter.

"That player incurs an extra
1 0 million dollar penalty."

That player is...

Yukina Takeda.

She was the money leader!

It was Yukina!


Just wait.

I voted gold. Not red!

The color of your apple was red.

No way!

Face it, you were had.

By the real X.

How'd you know I'm not X?

"The 6th vote when we left
our branders."

"X branded an apple with
Nao's name on it..."

to trap me.

"That means X had to enter
the booth after Nao."

After I first entered the booth...

Trust Akiyama-san and vote red.

I'm going with red.

Yukina went second!

"She couldn't have used
Nao's brander."

"Why pretend to be X, then?
X might go after her."

She wanted X to target her.

That's right.

I was flustered.

Player F is catching the leader!

"One player has exceeded
the 5 million debt limit..."

Mr. Shinichi Akiyama.

"l sensed X was trying to
bankrupt the money leader."

"lt wasn't Akiyama, but sooner
or later he'd come to me."

I pretended to be X...

"so he'd use his red apple with
my name, and get it over with."

And lose 1 0 million?

I counted on Nao.

"With her voting red, I'd only
lose a million."

I could still win the tournament.

But Nao didn't vote red.

"Your plan backfired 'cause
you underestimated her."

Ex-money leader.

Serves her right.


Leave me alone!

"Maybe now... we can all
vote together."

Fat chance!

Why would I want that?

You did the first time.

I noticed that.

"l saw the money leader's total
drop after that first vote."

That means you voted red.

Yeah, but...

That's when I thought...

here's a good person.

Don't kid yourself.

That was a whim.

I knew the leader was someone kind.

I sensed...

"your genuine compassion
in the early rounds."

"l knew right away that you
couldn't possibly be X."

So please...

won't you try believing once more?

She called you here.

What do you mean?

Who are you mailing?

"Norihiko Yokoya"

"Akiyama can't pay back 50 million
if he loses."

Unless you're here to save him.

Because Nao saved you.

Interesting observation.


Where's Akiyama?

I don't know.

Hey, what's that?



"- What'd you do?
- Nothing."

Then what's all that?

I disposed of something unnecessary.



"Only one player may enter
the voting room at a time."



Explain yourself!

Think back.

"The game can continue
with just two colors."

Fine, but why did you burn them?

To make a deal with X.

"Listen to me X.
We're all going to vote red."

You do the same.

If you don't,

"I'll burn all the silver, too,
and end the game."

You won't win 50 million.

You've gone mad.

We'll all lose!

You've beaten me X.

So vote red.

Stop it!

I wish I could!

But it's the only way.

Hurry and plead with me!

I'm doing this for you!

Fine, give me your branders.

I'll vote for everybody.

What for?

To ease X's mind.

"lf anyone votes silver,
the deal won't work."

Come on.

Give them to me!


Now, we'll get it.

Results of the 1 0th vote.





Red Apple of Truth...


Players voting silver win.


"- You sneak!
- You're Player G!"

You're all so stupid.

You lied to us!

"That's the name of the game...
deception is fair play."

You little...!

"Easy now.
I had all your branders."

You didn't.

I made everyone a red apple.

"Don't cross me.
And maybe I'll show you mercy."

You plan to win.

You selfish bastard!

Now you know.

"Person X no longer controls
this game."

I do.

"You can't make me give up...
on an all-red vote."

Suit yourself.

"We had reached the lowest
point in the game."

No more gold apples.

Betrayed by Akiyama-san.

I beg you to vote red.

But that only reinforced my resolve.

I can't. I'm sorry.

We could still do this.

There was still hope.

Trust is the only way.

Here are the results.

Results of the 1 1th vote.


1 0.




Red Apple of Truth... 0.

The player voting gold wins.

Person X lost money!

You've been duped, X.

By our charade.

We know your identity.

It's you...


How did you know?

Yes, I am X.

"You succeeded in booting me
from the game."

Then you cut down Yukina.

you left a trace.

A trace?

"You needed to cast a red vote
for Yukina before her."

"So X had to precede her
in the booth."

A lot of people voted before her.

"You're correct.
Everyone but Eto and Nao."

"Yes. That made voting for
Yukina very easy."

But you missed something.

What did I miss?

proved Eto couldn't be X.


"That narrowed the field
of suspects considerably."

"Player X in the 6th vote
used Nao's brander."

Nao voted 8th.

"That means X had to vote
9th, 1 0th or 1 1th."

Three suspects.

"With Eto eliminated...
that left you or Momose."

So I set a trap.

What trap?

When I asked for a deal.

"Collecting the branders drew
your suspicion of me."

"You voted with a hidden,
pre-branded apple."

That was the trap.


I'll tell you.

I took all of your branders...

but didn't vote for everyone.


You mean...

Exactly. I didn't cast your vote.

But all 1 1 votes were counted.

That makes you...

Player X.

"Wait a second.
Why set a trap for just me?"

"l had a fifty-fifty chance, but
I was pretty sure it was you."


"Because X had figured out
the lip gloss trick."

"And yet Momose kept on
losing money."

But I still wasn't sure.

So I set a trap.

"What about the gold?
I thought you burned them all."

I kept 1 0 gold apples hidden.

1 0 apples? No way.

There's no place to hide that many.

And you couldn't bring them out.

I was watching you closely.

I would've seen you if you had.

That's right, Sendou.


"You never noticed somebody
else missing."

Nao Kanzaki.

She grabbed 1 0 golds?

And hid them outside.

I did nothing.

How'd you tell the others?

You had isolated yourself by then.

"Like I said...
I did nothing."

"The gold apples' whereabouts
and voting directions were given..."

by Nao.

"When she was going around
pleading for another red vote?"

Please, once more.

Listen closely.

We've hidden gold apples.

There's more.

Where's Akiyama?

I don't know.

"All of that was to set
a trap for you."

Nao and I staged a big scene

to isolate me from everybody.

You weren't fighting me.

You lost to "Naive Nao".

I was tricked by Nao?


"l could never expect to
win this game on my own."

But I had a trustworthy partner.

"You didn't.
That's the difference."

"But go ahead and cast another
red apple for someone."

I don't need to!

I just voted silver. Got it?

You're out of gold.

"Join me with silver or

The 50 million is mine!

"There's nothing you can do
to change that."

"Never fear. There's still a sure
way to beat him."

Just vote silver, everybody.

You've finally snapped.

"You'll take everyone down
with you."

And call it winning.

You lose.

You're dreaming.

We all had to vote silver.

"But that meant we'd each
lose a million dollars."

"Self-destruction was the only
way to beat him."

In fact, we had lost.

Here are the results.

Did you find a way out?

Results of the 1 2th vote.

I didn't think so.




1 0.

Red Apple of Truth...


One red?

Players voting with silver win.

"Again, we have a single player
voting red."

"And incurs a 1 0 million
dollar penalty."

That player is...

Arata Sendou.

Person X...

Has been sunk.

It's not possible.

Yes... Yes!

I voted silver!

It's a mistake!

"No, Mr. Sendou.
You voted with red."


I tricked you.

Impossible. How?

I voted first, with my own hand!

"That's right.
You voted red yourself."


Red apples are special.


What do I do with this?

"Return it to the tray...
or burn it."

I noticed something early on.

Gold and silver apples are real.

So what are red apples made of?


"They're silver apples covered in
a red resin..."

which can be burned away.

"ln the first vote, I cast one
of these fake silvers."

Red Apple of Truth... 4.

It was counted as red.


They must contain an lC chip.

You didn't.

I did.

"l set a fake silver in the
silver rack..."

which you...

hastily cast.

Why do that?

"Why not just cast a red
with my name on it?"


"you'd only go drop in a red
for someone else."

I needed you to do it yourself.

"The problem was finding the right
timing to do this."

"You're too careful not
to notice a fake."

"So we shook you up with the
hidden gold apples..."

"You alone lost a million on
that vote."

Even so, you'd still win.

I was tricked by Nao Kanzaki?

"When you learned Nao
had set you up..."

you lost your cool.

"You went into the booth
and rushed your vote."

That wasn't your style.

Your emotions got the best of you...

and exposed your stupidity.

Damn you.

You were completely manipulated.

I guess I wasn't dreaming after all.


you've just lost.

"We will now begin the 13th
and final vote."

Let's all finish red for Nao.

He won't do it.

"He needs the 2 million
bonus to get out of debt."

Then what?

Akiyama has reds for all of us.

Where are they?

"Nowhere. I couldn't possibly
have brought them out."

You were bluffing?

But I made one.

"Arata Sendou"

That's perfect!

We can do it!

I have an idea.

Everyone vote red.

"- You got it!
- At last!"

"But you must cast a silver,

That will erase your debt.

What're you saying?

"l don't want us to win if it means
abandoning someone."

Think of all he's done to us.

That'll put one of us in debt!

That player is me.

You'd go into debt to save Sendou?



We can't cover for you afterwards.

"You'd be stuck with a million
dollar debt."

I don't care.

But some of you will drop to zero.

Everyone will lose a million.

Even so, I ask your cooperation.


you think anyone will do that?

"Everyone who has cooperated
with you this far..."

didn't do so out of trust.

They did it for money.

Trust alone accomplishes nothing.

"So go ahead and use that red
apple with my name on it."

"l plan on saving you
no matter what anyone says."

Everyone will understand.

Welcome to reality.


I'm in.

I don't care if I drop to zero.


Thanks to you,

I feel ready to try trusting people again.

That's enough for me.

I'm up only a million, too.

But zero is fine.


"Like Nao, I'd like to end
with a good conscience."

Fine. I'll vote red.

Mai. Thank you.

Not me.

Just kidding.

I'll do it because I like you.

I'm happy ending up with a million.

"Vote silver and we both get
a million."

"Quiet! I returned to this game
for Nao."

I can't let her down.

I hate you!

You expect too much.

"Arata Sendou"


go vote silver.

Don't be stupid.

They didn't all vote red.

You may be the only one.

You're wrong.

We all voted red.

Trust me.

You're not naive.


Plain stupid.

Here are the results.

Results of the final vote.

Red Apple of Truth...

1 1.

All players win.


You're still down a million.

"l didn't like you telling
me what to do."

"And I didn't believe you'd
all do it."

You really are a bunch of idiots.

Then again...

it's not all bad...

to have some trust.


At long last...

We all...

voted red.

You did it.

We all won this game.

Where now?

One last bit of business.

What's that?

Set the game free.

Set it free, huh?

Now to announce the champion.

"At 4 million dollars...
Mr. Shinichi Akiyama."

Total earnings: 54 million dollars.

"I've promised 50 mil to Yokoya.
Give him the remainder, too."

But I want 1 million of that...

to cover Sendou's debt.


Yokoya's not a player.

He can transfer money.

Very well.

The game is now finished.


"Mr. Akiyama, Ms. Kanzaki,
I've a message for you."

Follow me.

Seems you win.

54 million from Akiyama.

What about Sendou's debt?

I see no reason not to pay it.

A meager one million.


Tell me.

Why the smile?

"You were glad to see them
all vote red."

I'm smiling because of the money.

How about you?

"I'm disappointed.
I wanted to see Nao lose."

You're such a liar.

Look who's talking.

Where's the boss?

There isn't one.

What do you mean?

"The game began as a lark
by a single tycoon."

"loads of investors came
forth wanting to continue."

"They bet fortunes on whether
a flush-red vote was possible."

It's just a gambling game.

And players are the horses.

That's the truth.

You're joking.

"You two were specifically brought
to this final."

By whom?

"By a few gamblers who were
betting on an all-red vote."

It's never happened before.

"Most of the investors were
betting against it."

"They've all lost a tremendous
amount of money on this result."

"With so many losers, I doubt
this game will be held again."

"The Liar Game has been
released from its bind."

So who were we fighting?

This is all I can tell you.

You may go.


you did...

beat something.

Human greed.

Our battle was over.

We used all the prize money...

"to pay the debts of past
game losers."

"lncluding the money
Yokoya-san gave us."

The Liar Game...

was finally freeing us.

It's really over, isn't it?

Still want to play?

No. Not ever again.

Then why aren't you happy?


I get the feeling you'll disappear.

"The Liar Game taught
me something."

Blind trust leaves you helpless.

I promise to change.

"I'll become smarter...
even learn to lie."

Until I am cured of my naivete...

"You held your own in the finals.
You don't need me."

That's not true.

"You're plenty smart enough.
And you can lie."

You've graduated.

See how easily you believe me.

You're still "Naive Nao".

No cure for that.

And you're a hopeless liar.

"Can you live with that?
My lies?"

I guess so.

"lf they're gentle enough,
and make people happy."