Rahasya (2015) - full transcript

A Doctor stands accused of killing his own eighteen-year old daughter. While this aggrieved father protests his innocence, all evidence points towards him irrefutably. While his own wife suspects him too, the C.B.I. sleuth on the case concludes that the doctor could not have killed his own daughter. So then, who did it? And why? As the C.B.I sleuth seeks these answers, he uncovers a vicious web of adultery and hidden family secrets...

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Are you awake?


These days, you don't get up on time.

Baby, I'm coming in now.

Your mom will lecture me like always...


I saw an ambulance in the morning.

The place was swarming with cops.

I spotted a police van...

I think someone is dead.

Forensic team...
Did you find anything?

Did you find anything or not?

Make it quick, will you?

-Say something.
-When did you wake up?

-For all these years...
-How will we know?

For the last two years...


I come here at 10 p.m.

Whom did you last see in the room?

I have to stay at the gate.

What's wrong?



-Hold on, ma'am.

-You're not allowed...
-Move aside!

Get up, ma'am.

-Get her out.
-What are you doing?

-Come on!
-Leave me!

-Make sure...
-We're in the middle of the investigation.

-Come on, get up. Take her out.
-Please come with us.

What is this nonsense?

Come on, ma'am. Go out.

What were you doing in there?

Aarti, look...

-Yes, sir.

Take a picture of her right hand.

Zoom in on it.

-Can you see the hair strand?
-Yes, sir.

-Yes, sir.

Bring me the forceps.

Who saw the body first?

Answer me. Who saw the body first?


Your name?

Remi Fernandes.

How are you related to the victim?

Remi has been with
our family for 30 years.


I'll give you a chance to speak.

Yes, ma'am. Tell me.

I work here...

...and also at Mr. Mahajan's hospital.

I was Ayesha's...

...nanny too.

What time did you see the body?

What time?

Who else was at home at that time?


Mr. Mahajan...

...and... Ayesha...

Chetan... No, Chetan wasn't there.

Who's Chetan?

-He works here too.
-Chetan is behind this. Find him.

I asked you to keep quiet.
Please don't interrupt,

let us do our job.

Sit down quietly.

Sit down.

Yes, ma'am.

How long has Chetan been working here?

Tell me.

I don't know.

Maybe two or three months...

Where is he now?

I haven't seen him since morning.

So, Chetan has been missing
since the body was found.


When did you see him last?
What time?

What time?

At about 11... 11 p.m.

Where are the servant quarters?

Have a look at this.

The cupboard's empty. It means he's gone.

-Did you find anything?
-No, sir.

Did Chetan keep his stuff
in his room?

Plenty of things, sir.

His clothes, a mirror,
his comb, toothbrush,

photographs of deities, holy books, etc.

There is nothing left in his room now.

Listen, do you have Chetan's documents?

Chetan Chunilal Tiwari.

Who referred him to you?

Sudhakar Mishra.

Who's he?

He has been supplying food to our clinic.

He introduced Chetan to me.

He told me
that Chetan was his brother-in-law.

So, brother-in-law.

Dabbang, pass me that pen.

Whose pen is this?

I am asking you.

Whose pen is it?



My daughter's.

Do you take me for a fool, doctor?

Students don't use such expensive pens.

Find Chetan, he is the murderer!

He'll slip away
while you waste your time here.

Shut up!

Don't scream at a policeman.

All of you will
come to the police station now.

I'm an orthopedic surgeon.

Just like Sachin.

I had gone to Pune for a surgery.

I reached home...

...at about 10:30 this morning and...

You can go, ma'am. Please go.

Yes, doctor. Tell me.

Last night...

I was at the Hotel Meridian...

...in Madh Island.

I was there till 11 p.m.

I reached home at around midnight.

I had a few drinks...

...and I slept the moment
I reached home.

When... Remi woke me up this morning...


...there is a saying in Marathi.

"Shut the door and I'm your whore."

You know everything.
But you didn't speak up earlier.

Now you are finally opening up.

Dabbang, come here.

-Please find the killer.
-Come on, doctor.

-Take him for a medical examination.
-This way, sir.


A doctor is being taken
for a medical test.

Speak up!

I don't have all day. Speak up!

Sir... I was on duty at the main gate.

All right.

Did you see anyone... entering
the apartment after 10 p.m. last night?

I don't have time to waste.


...that boy from
the bungalow across the road...

What's his name?

Riyaz Noorani.

-Riyaz Noorani, right?

So what about him?


Riyaz came... to the apartment...

-...at around 11 p.m.
-And then?

An hour later...

...Dr. Sachin Mahajan
came to his apartment.

Tell me the exact time.

Around midnight.


Okay, continue.

After ten or fifteen minutes...

...of Dr. Mahajan's arrival,

Riyaz left the building in a huff.

Did you hear any noise
from inside the apartment?

Like a fight or someone screaming?

No, sir.

Tell me the truth or...


Sir, when Riyaz left the building...

You can leave now. Go!

to meet a friend,

he hasn't returned since then.

There's nothing to worry about.

This isn't the first time
he has gone missing.

He stays out for days together

and he switches off his cell phone.

What can we do?

How was he related to Ayesha Mahajan?

I am asking you.

Who's Ayesha?

She is Dr. Sachin and Dr. Aarti Mahajan's
daughter, from across the street.

Oh, yes.

Riyaz has many girlfriends.

We can't keep track of all of them.


...this girl has been murdered

and your son Riyaz was in her
bedroom at the time of the murder.

Oh, God!

So, isn't it funny anymore?

Dabbang, let's go.

Sir, I found this shirt.

There are scratch marks on his chest...

...and a lump on the back of his head.

We've sent...
his blood sample for the tests.

Did you get any lead on Chetan?

The police are not answerable to you.


-Hey you!
-Yes, sir?

Who's Sudhakar Mishra?

There he is.

-Sudhakar Mishra?

-So, you're a caterer.

Yes, sir. And who are you?

Can't you see who we are?

What's your relation with Chetan Tiwari?

He's my brother-in-law.

Where is he now?

Where is he?

What's the matter, sir?

You'll find out soon enough.

Dabbang, take him along.

-Patil, take it from here.
-Let me tell you the details.

-Where are you taking me?
-Come on.

-What have I done?
-Come on.

-Where are you taking me?
-Move it.

Where is Chetan?

Come on, speak up.

Tell me where Chetan is!

Don't irritate me.

If you don't speak,
I'll give you the third degree.

-Tell me where Chetan is.
-I haven't seen him for two days.

So you haven't seen him!

I'm telling you the truth.

Gosh! My back hurts!

-Dabbang, come here.
-Yes, sir.

Chetan Tiwari hails from Bihar.

Hurry up!

-This guy spat out his home address.

Send this information to
the Patna Police now!

Sir, Chetan Tiwari
has a criminal record.

These rich people ought to employ

domestic help only after
proper police verification.

But do they ever learn?

-What now, sir?

Have roasted peas.

Have some.

she died around 12:30 a.m.

There are scratches on
victim's arms and shoulders.

She struggled before she was killed.

Are you saying...


But there are a few interesting facts
in the postmortem report.

Read it.

Yeah, mom. We have left.

We'll reach there in a couple of hours.

Yeah, I'll call you soon.

We are helpless against God's wish.

I'll call you.

-I'll hang up now.
-Where are you going?


The police have sealed our apartment.

-Stay with me till things calm down.

Thanks, pal.

But we'll be staying
with Aarti's parents for a while.

Don't hesitate if you need any help.

-Call me if you need any help.

Come on.

I'm sorry, priest.
Give us a minute, please.

All right, officer.

Why are the cops here?

Dr. Sachin Mahajan,

you're under arrest.

What are you saying?

-You're the prime suspect...
-How's that possible?

...for your daughter's murder.

-There's some misunderstanding.
-You can say that in court, ma'am.

Dabbang, arrest him.

-Yes, sir.
-What are you saying?

-Come on, quick now.
-Hold on.

Hold on, listen to me.

-Come on, doctor.
-Someone stop them.

Listen to me.

There's some misunderstanding.

Leave him!

Please just listen to me.

At least listen to me.

that Dr. Sachin Mahajan's
blood report states

that he was under
influence of alcohol that night.

A pen that has
Dr. Mahajan's fingerprints...

...was found lying on the floor
near the victim's body.

From his clinic, the police found out

that Dr. Mahajan
often carried this sort of pen.

A blood-stained shirt... was found

in the common garbage dump
inside the building premises.

The bloodstains on this shirt
don't belong to Ayesha Mahajan.


according to the forensic reports,

these bloodstains are of a young male

who as per the police
is most probably Riyaz Noorani

who's on the run
since the night of the murder.

As per the DNA tests...

...the scratches on
Dr. Sachin Mahajan's body

came from the deceased, Ayesha Mahajan
and the scratches on her body

were from Dr. Mahajan.

A hair strand was found...

...between the victim's fingers.

The DNA report indicates

that this is Dr. Mahajan's hair strand.

Sir, the postmortem report states
that Ayesha Mahajan,

was one-month pregnant
at the time of her death.

Sir, it's an open-and-shut case.

At midnight
Dr. Mahajan came home drunk...

...only to see Riyaz Noorani,
a Muslim youth,

inside his daughter's bedroom.

He flew into a rage and attacked Riyaz.
Though Riyaz escaped,

Ayesha succumbed
to Dr. Mahajan's murderous rage.

Then, to destroy evidence,

he tried disposing
his blood-stained shirt.

And finally, he bribed his servant
Chetan Tiwari

to forced him to leave

so that Chetan becomes the prime suspect.

The next witness, please.

Inspector Ram Charan Pandey, Patna Police.

Sir, we've searched
every nook and cranny of Bihar,

but there's no trace of Chetan Tiwari.

We can't find anything about him.

He was connected to the mob in Bihar.

To our best estimate,
he's hiding at the moment.

That's our best conclusion.

I don't exactly remember...

...what happened that night.

I was sloshed.

And when I drink excessively,

I don't remember anything
the next morning.

My Ayesha...

Inspector Malwade,

how did you crack this case so quickly?

It's our duty, ma'am.
We have to be quick.

Sir, do you think Chetan Tiwari
will be apprehended?

Of course, he'll be caught!

What do you suppose we do at
the police station? Eat roasted peas?

We could have spent more time with her.


...what exactly happened that night?

You know when I drink too much,

I can't remember much the next morning.

And that night...


Smita, this lady has lost her daughter

and her husband has been arrested.

The police have
wrapped up the case in haste.

They arrested the father
because it was easy...

...without analyzing
the evidence thoroughly.

This is an appeal to you from our NGO.

Please help this lady get justice.

I'll look into it.


Sunil Paraskar.


Would you have some walnuts?

They're good for the brain.

All right.

The police did
such a good job on your case...

...that the CBI had to be called in.

You are now out of the frying pan
and into the fire.

It wasn't funny, right?

Not a problem.

Only one person...
ever laughs at my jokes.


Anyway, I studied your file.

The postmortem report says...

...that the incision on Ayesha's neck...

...was a single steady cut.

A straight cut.

Two inches deep...

...through tissue...

...muscle and flesh.

But then, Dr. Mahajan...

...I recalled...

...that you were drunk that night.

You were sloshed, right?

Were you drunk or not?

A drunk man couldn't have made
such a neat and precise cut.


...tell me what exactly happened
that night.

I don't remember anything.

-Had I remembered...
-There are ways to refresh memories.

Like these walnuts.

Why would I kill her?

-She was my daughter.
-Sachin Mahajan,

there's more to you...

...than meets the eye.

I will strip you.

What are you going to do?

I got a call from real estate agent.

You must have been avoiding him.

Do you know Ashok Kamble?

What about him?

Isn't he junior to you?

He joined the police force after you
and yet he bought an apartment.

Yeah, so what?


This apartment allotted to us
by the government

won't remain ours after you retire.

Where will we live then?
Did you think about it?

Yes, I think about it every day.

You will keep thinking about it
all your life.

Asha, it's not easy to buy an apartment.

No seller quotes
below 20-30 million rupees.

Rich people can't buy it,
how do you expect me to afford it?

How the hell did Ashok Kamble afford it?

I don't know.

But I'll know soon

when the department raids his house.

Someone's at the door for you.

Yeah, I'm coming.

Swapnil ran away, go follow him.

Yes, tell me.

-Sir, we are from ICICI Bank.
-Yeah, so?

You haven't paid the mortgage on
your car for the past three months.


Next month.

For sure.

Yeah, Parvez.

Get Dr. Mahajan's apartment
ready for a re-examination.

Please come, sir.

How do you like the house, Parvez?

It's grand, sir.

-Where's the girl's room?
-Upstairs, sir.

-And her father's?
-That's upstairs too.

-Shall we?
-Let's go.

The pen was found here, right?

Yes, sir.


It's cracked at the bottom.

This could've fallen or...

Look at this stole.

Looks like someone tore it.

Someone tore it with bare hands.

Check those drawers.

-Bring the kit.

Switch off the lights.

There are bloodstains.
Someone has washed something here.

-Sir, should I take a swab?
-The trace is too faint.

You won't be able to take a swab.

This is Sachin's bedroom.


Sir, that's Riyaz's blood.

How do you know?

The public prosecutor mentioned
it during the trial.

But the report merely states young male.

Does the police have Riyaz's blood sample?

-No, sir.
-So, then?

Do you think that after attacking Riyaz...

...and murdering his own daughter,

Dr. Mahajan would sleep...

...in the same blood-stained shirt?

But he was heavily drunk,
so anything is possible.

It's possible, sir.

Is it possible or not possible?

-I don't know, sir.
-Do you have walnuts?

-I got them, sir.

Can you hear me?

Yes, sir, I can hear you.

Parvez, can you hear me?

Yes, sir, I can hear you!

-Yes, sir, tell me.
-Tell you what?

You were saying something from inside.

Of course not.
You've started imagining things now.

Close the door.

Are you mad at me?

No, sir. Why?

I've been teasing you since morning.

No, sir, not at all.

Should I continue then?

-Send this for forensic analysis.

It also has the victim
Ayesha Mahajan's fingerprints.

That proves
there was a struggle between them.

Does the surgical knife have bloodstains?


Only the handle has fingerprints, right?


So someone washed the blade
while holding the handle, right?


The cut on Ayesha's neck...

Could that cut have been made
with this surgical knife?

Yes, it's possible.

Are you feeling fresh
after a bath, Chhotelal?

-Sir, I...

I fell asleep.

You always fall asleep at 1:30 a.m...

...and till 5 a.m. in the morning.


I work elsewhere during the day.

-I get tired, so I doze off.
-What time do you start working?

Sir, I come at 10 p.m.

What do you do between
10 and 1:30 a.m?

Sir, I am on duty.


Don't you use the bathroom?

It's not a crime to use the bathroom.

-Don't you go to the bathroom?
-Yes, I do.

So, you take three minutes to go
and three minutes to come back.

How long do you take to relieve yourself?

Sir, two minutes or so...

That's it!

And then you smoke, right?

No way, sir.

Then what are these? Candles?

-I smoke, sir.
-So you smoke.

It means, on the night of 28th August

someone might have entered
or exited the building

except Dr. Mahajan or Riyaz
and you may have not seen him

coming in or going out.

-Yes, sir.

You'll be saying this in the court.

I'm so terribly sorry.

I kept you waiting.

I'm Dr. Hansal.

I was caught up in a delicate surgery,
it took more time than expected.

No issues.
After all, you're a heart surgeon.

Matters of the heart are delicate.

I just hope...

...you never ever require my services.

My heart is fine,

but sometimes I go crazy.

My patients go crazy too.

That's quite evident.

Don't embarrass me.

I manage to earn my bread and butter.

-What will you have?
-That's Dr. Sachin Mahajan's apartment.

Isn't it?

That's Ayesha's bedroom window.

If the curtains were open...

...one could see who's
coming in there, or going out.

What do you say?

I guess you haven't met her.


I've seen you before on TV?

Brinda has been an actress and a model.

How was your relation with Dr. Mahajan?


He's one of my good friends.

And to you, Mrs. Chhabria?

Oh. So...

These are...
Dr. Sachin Mahajan's call records.

You've called him 45 times...
in the last two months.

And did you know
about their friendship, doctor?

Dr. Chhabria.

You're a bigger liar than your wife.

I'm not here on a social visit.

Ma'am, sit down.

I said, sit down!

On the night of 28th August...

...Mrs. Chhabria...

...you called Sachin Mahajan
in the evening...

...and then you called the Hotel Meridian.

I was at... Hotel Meridian this morning.

Brinda Chhabria.

She last booked a room with us
on 28th August.

Had she come with this gentleman?

No, sir. He didn't come with her.

Brinda Chhabria?

Had Brinda come alone?

Another gentleman had joined her.

He often comes here with her.

Was it him?

Yes, sir.

It was him.

Was there any confrontation
between these two men?

No, sir, I don't think
they spoke to each other.

How are you so sure?

You remember everything in such detail.

Sir, I remember because

that day this gentleman had a brawl
in the lobby with a young lad.

Our staff had to stop them.

Show me the list of all
reservations you booked that day.

That day, we had Mr. Vijay Sharma,
Mr. Pradeep Singh Chauhan,

-Mr. Riyaz Noorani...
-Riyaz Noorani.

Who was he with?

He had come with a girl in her teens.

Was it her?

Yes, sir. It was her.

I want a room.

At the same time
this gentleman was waiting

for the elevator in the lobby.


Ayesha, I don't like your cycling shorts.


-Dad, stop it! Please stop!
-How dare you touch me!

Stop it!

Leave me.

-How dare you touch me!
-Catch him.

-Who do you think you are?
-I won't spare you.

-Sir, please. Relax. Calm down.
-Throw him out.

-Sir, please calm down.
-Look, he's behaving like a goon.

-And then he took the girl away.
-Just come with me.

Mr. Paraskar,

...these are our personal matters.

If you could shield us
from the public eye,

we'd reward you appropriately.

According to Dr. Sachin Mahajan's
call records...

Did you just try to bribe me?

No. Me? When?

You just did...

When did I say that?

I wanted to say something else.
I was trying to say that...

-Oh, so I misunderstood.

So, as per the call records...

...you called Dr. Sachin Mahajan
at 11 p.m. that night.

So? He's a good friend.

I call him often.

That's right.

And quite a friend he has been!

Right, Mrs. Chhabria?

After dropping Ayesha home...

...Sachin Mahajan
left again for Hotel Meridian...

...where Brinda was waiting for him.

And then, at 11 p.m., Riyaz Noorani...

...came to meet Ayesha Mahajan
at her apartment.

Ayesha, listen to me.

How could you hit him, Riyaz?

-Ayesha, I'm here only for you.

And it's possible that at that time,
you might have seen Riyaz...

...entering Ayesha's room, from here.

That's it.

You got the perfect opportunity
to settle the score with Sachin.

Hello, Sachin!

Where are you?

I'm with a patient. What's the matter?

That Muslim boy...


He's inside Ayesha's bedroom
at the moment.

What are you trying to prove?

You'll find that out
in court, Dr. Chhabria.

-Yes, sir.

-Hansal or Brinda?
-You got them both, sir.

That's not what I wanted to say.
Who between them has a motive?

Both of them could have a motive, sir.

Hansal could have done it
to get even with Sachin.

Or Brinda could have done it
because she wanted to marry Sachin

and he might be refusing
for Ayesha's sake.

Either of them could've
paid someone to get this done.

They must've paid either Chetan Tiwari

or even Remi.

I've spent more time with Ayesha
than her mother.

When was Dr. Aarti ever at home?

Your room is right below
Ayesha's room, right?


Didn't you hear anything that night?


...I heard something.

It was a very faint sound.

It was like someone was
moving the furniture upstairs.

I woke up by the sound.

Okay, Mrs. Remi Fernandes.

Inform Dr. Aarti that I'm here to see her.

-Am I through?

How old are these reports?

I'd taken them the last time I came.

-It's been four months.
-The CBI is here.

They are asking for you.

All right... I'll see them in a minute.

I've resumed work...

...to divert my mind, but...

...it keeps coming back to me.

Apart from your family, who else
had the keys to your house?

One set of keys is with Remi

and another set of keys
is with Dr. Hansal Chhabria.

We left a spare set with him
in case of emergencies.

What do you think of Hansal and Brinda?

Hansal and Sachin are good friends.


Did you know

about the relationship...
between Ayesha and Riyaz?

Sir, Riyaz was overly
possessive of Ayesha.

He'd often threaten her.

I don't care what your parents
think about me, Ayesha!

The next time you speak of breaking up...

I'll kill you. Got it?

He's a goon and a college dropout.

He has picked fights with a lot of people.

Did you know about this?

Did you know this about Riyaz?

Sachin had mentioned
that Riyaz and his friends

weren't good company.

Hey, next weekend
we're going to Lonavala. All right?

Let's go to Goa instead.

-No way. Lonavala it is.
-I am telling you, let's go to Goa.

-I think we should go to Goa.
-It's final.

-Let's try Alibaug.
-Are you crazy?

-Let's go to Alibaug, it'll be fun.
-Let's go to Goa!

Did your heart skip a beat now?


-Take them along.

-What have we done, sir?

-What have we done?
-Come on.

Sir, you can't do this.

We know the law, you can't beat us.

Our lawyer...

Sir! Please, sir. Let me go.

What have we done, sir?
Please leave us.

Have you ever tried acting?

-What, sir?
-Acting. Have you acted before?

What happens when someone hits you?

-Not from down there, from up here.

One screams, sir.

-Isn't it?

So, scream as loud as you can...

...or else you'll get hit for real.

No! Sir, please! No!

No! Sir, please!

No! Sir, please! No!

Don't hit me!

No! Sir, please! No!

Sir, please! That's enough!

Please stop it, sir!


Sir, please!

Yes, now

tell me about the law.

Sir... Riyaz wanted to elope with Ayesha.
He wanted us to help him.

But Ayesha kept on refusing him.

We don't know anything else, sir.
I swear.

We don't know anything else, sir.

We don't know where he is now.

We haven't even heard from him.

We don't know where he is now.

He hasn't contacted us since then, sir.

We are telling the truth, sir.

Wow, sir! That was too good!

You fooled all of them.
You just nailed it!

Thank you so much for letting me...

It's been a while since I've done that.

That was fun.

Did you bring your lunch box?

-Yes, sir.
-Open it.

It's possible that Riyaz killed Ayesha.

Or maybe he got her killed
by Chetan Tiwari.

What could be the motive, sir?

He must have... got possessive about her.

What have you got?

Egg sandwich?

You eat that every day.

Ayesha might have insisted on ending
their relationship that night.

That could have triggered him off.

We'll know the truth
once we nab Chetan Tiwari.

Chetan's brother-in-law...
Sudhakar Mishra.

Keep an eye on him.


He's gone out like every other night.

As usual, he's carrying a bag.


Where did he want to go?

Borivali National Park.

Sir, I'm at Kanheri Caves.

He's right ahead.

-Tell me.
-Sir, he's right ahead.

I can see him.

You need to hide.
Make sure he doesn't see you.

I want to see who he is feeding.

Yes, Parvez.

There were two of them.

They got away.

Open the lunch box.

-Taste it.

Don't worry, we're in a hospital.
Taste it.

-What is it?
-It's beef, sir.

It's beef.

Would Chetan Tiwari... eat beef?

Are you done?

-One second, sir...
-Get lost! Are you going to operate on me?

Show me the knife.

That's a butcher's blade.

The handle is covered by cloth.

No fingerprints, I'm sure.

No, sir.


The handle is covered with cloth
and there's an uneven surface.

It's impossible to extract fingerprints.

Who do you think was inside the caves?

Riyaz Noorani?

Who was the other man who attacked you?

Chetan Tiwari?

He might have gone to meet Riyaz.

Sudhakar Mishra
will give us all the answers.

-Arrest him.

We received a call.

-What is it?
-Sudhakar has not reached home.


Did he fall off a moving train?

Yes, sir. It seems
he fell off a moving train.

Did you find a lunch box near his body?

Lunch box?

-You're from Mumbai, right?
-Yes, sir.

Don't you know what a lunch box is?

Hey, was there a lunch box
next to this body?

-No, sir. We didn't find a lunch box.


This cut...

What about it?

Sunil, anything could have happened.

It's nothing. Just a scratch.

Are you done, Asha?


Didn't Hansal Chhabria give you an offer?

Yes. So?

Why don't you accept his offer?

Move aside!


Repeat after me. Pay attention.

B... Look at this.

C... and this is D.

Now we will see... A...



To tell you the truth,

you are the most selfish person I've met.

Your ego means more to you
than your children.

This is just an ego trip for you.

Your reputation
is what matters, nothing else.

You don't care about your family!

Your mother is sick with worry.
She's asking you to come back home.

Forget all that now.

Just come back home. Listen to me.

I'm talking to you...
because your mom asked me to do that.


The CBI took us all with them.
Why don't you understand?

Hello, Riyaz... Hello...

Bloody hell!

Take him away.




Look where you are going.


Tell me! What happened
in the apartment that night?

Speak up, or else I'll bury you alive!

Chetan Tiwari and Riyaz are
working hand in glove.

Sir, we have information
about Riyaz Noorani.

-This is Sudhakar Mishra's house.
-Open it.

Pick this up.


Sir, if you recall, Dr. Mahajan had
silver cutlery at his house too.

Right, sir?

-Come on.

Chetan pocketed these spoons from here.

But then, if Chetan made took off
with his personal belongings...

...like his toothbrush, comb, etc...

Why would he leave behind
a silver spoon in Sudhakar's house?

He must've kept it at
Sudhakar's for safety reasons.

The evidence is right here
in this house, Parvez.

Come on, think!




-This pair, sir?

Male. Size 7.

They are Chetan's shoes, for sure.

Obviously, Remi wouldn't wear these.

If he ran off with everything,
why did he leave his shoes behind?

Come on.

-Chetan's room?
-Yes, that one, sir.

-Servant's bathroom?
-That one, sir.

Go upstairs,
enter Ayesha's room and come out.




Remi's room is below this, right?

Yes, sir. It's right below this.

Actually, I heard some noise

like someone was moving furniture
upstairs, it was a very faint noise.

-Move the furniture from this spot.

Get a screwdriver.

Chetan's toothbrush, comb
and everything else is right here.

I want you to fight
Dr. Sachin Mahajan's case.

You see, I'm about to retire.

I take up only select cases.

I can't take this case.

Mr. Ajwani, you've rarely lost
a case in your entire career.

The scratches found on
Dr. Sachin Mahajan's

and Ayesha Mahajan's bodies

prove that there was a struggle
between them.

But, Your Honor, this does not prove

that Dr. Sachin Mahajan...
murdered Ayesha.

Dr. Sachin Mahajan is Ayesha's father.

That night, he might have
beaten her up to discipline her.

And in that struggle

they must have scratched
each other with their nails.

And it's possible...

...that a third person... may have
seen them and taken advantage.

The blood reports have established

that Dr. Sachin Mahajan
was heavily drunk that night.

All I have to say is

that this is
a carefully planned double murder.

It's impossible

that a heavily drunk
Dr. Sachin could've done it.

Aarti, I've been waiting
to tell you this for years.

One second...

I was concerned about Ayesha.

I thought it would affect
her mind and her studies.

And you know that custody cases
may create problems for the child.

I think... there's no point
in continuing...

...our marriage.

-You and Brinda! I know it.

-This has been going on...


Listen to me, Sachin.

Listen to me, Sachin. Listen.

For a few days,
this hotel suite will be our home.

I'm Sachin's friend. Mahesh Limaye.

I came here from Mumbai for some work.

Sachin sent these sweets for you.


He didn't call me.

It must have slipped his mind.

Anyway. Thank you, ma'am.

Wait, come in,
you can't just leave like this.

No, ma'am. I am fine.

-Have a cup of tea at least.
-No, ma'am.

Come in.

You didn't eat anything.

-No, ma'am. Thanks. I'll have this.
-Have something, at least.

It looks good.

So, when are you visiting Mumbai again?

We're not sure.

Sachin, Aarti, Remi,
they talk about you all the time.

What's the matter, ma'am?

Is Mr. Mahajan not too fond of Remi?

You are very curious, aren't you?

Are you really Sachin's friend
or someone else?

Now that you've figured it out...

...tell me about Ayesha's murder.

By the way, I am Mr. Paraskar.

Sunil Paraskar from the CBI.

We don't know anything.

I wonder why I want to
solve this case so badly.

Sachin is your son,
Ayesha was your granddaughter.

They are not my family...

...yet, I was attacked
because of this case.

My assistant got shot.

I could've got killed.

My wife pesters me day
and night to accept bribes.

She's worried about...

...how she'll support the kids if I die.

Anyway, thanks for the tea.

Ma'am, these sweets are really good.

Please do taste them.

We don't know what happened there.

I can tell you something about
Remi, that woman.

She can stoop to any level.

She can do anything.


Yes, sir.

Were you following Sudhakar Mishra
on the night of 18th October?

Yes, sir.

What did you see at Borivali station?

Why, sir?

Didn't you see anyone
having lemonade there?

Oh yes. Remi... Remi Fernandes.

Call her for interrogation, now.

Where were you
on the night of 18th October?

Who was sipping lemonade
at Borivali station then?

Borivali station?

I must have gone to meet my mother.

Where does your mother live?


So, what were you doing
at Borivali station then?

Did you get down
to drink lemonade?

There's no direct train to Vasai.

So I have to change trains
at Borivali station.

Remi Fernandes.


No, sir. Please.

Where is Mr. Fernandes?

Any affairs?

Did you have any affair?

Take her for
a complete medical checkup, now!

Come on.

...She has even given birth,
at least once.

When did your daughter Remi
visit you last?

Tell me something.

When was the last time
Remi came to meet you?

She does not remember.

She suffers from Alzheimer's.

She can't remember much.

Remi's husband does not let her come here.

What is she saying?

She's saying

that Remi's husband
does not allow her to come here.

Remi's husband?



What is Remi's husband's name?

He wants to know

what is Remi's husband's name.

What is Remi's husband's name?

She doesn't remember.

If you could ask her
one more time, please.

-Please, sir. Let her take rest.

We can't risk stressing her out too much.

Have you ever seen Remi's husband?


Remi was very beautiful
when she was young.

She says

Remi was very beautiful...
when she was young.

Yes, sir. Tell me.

Sachin's phone is not reachable.
Where is he right now?

Sir, he has moved
into Hotel Meridian with Brinda.

Take your team
and reach Meridian quickly, now!

Sir? What's the matter?

Sachin could be in danger,
get there now, fast!

We were at the lobby

when the room service person
called us from this suite.

Sir, it seems like a case of suicide.

He must've killed himself out of guilt.

Did anyone ask for a duplicate swipe card?

No, sir.

-What is your name?
-Jasbeer Singh.


Assemble all of them at Dr. Sachin's
apartment, tomorrow morning.

All right, sir. I'll do that.

On the night of 28th August,
sloshed Sachin Mahajan

reached his apartment at midnight.

Ayesha, next time around
we should go out of Mumbai.

-We should go to Lonavala.

Will you come with me?




Ayesha, wait. I'll explain.

Sir, I'll explain.

We were trying to...


Dad! No! Please!


-How dare you...

Dr. Sachin Mahajan
genuinely did not remember

whatever happened after that.

Is he bleeding?

There's no blood... It's a swelling.

He is fine. He is just unconscious.

At that time...

Remi and Chetan

-Careful, Riyaz. Please be careful.
-Shut up!

I just hope dad doesn't
remember all this tomorrow.

Whenever he drinks too much,
he doesn't remember much the next day.

I just hope he doesn't remember this.

Ayesha, the knife.

Come on.

Just pick it up.

-Alright, just leave now.
-I'm leaving, you take care.

I think Hansal would be able to
tell us what happened next.

That's right. I did call Sachin
to tell him about Riyaz.

I wanted to get back at Sachin.

Why would I?

Then, who do you think did it?


How can a mother kill her child?

How can a mother kill her child?

Am I right?


You were in a relationship
with Sachin since an early age.

A physical relation.


And this relation
continued long after that.

You knew you could
never be Mrs. Sachin Mahajan.

So you settled for being
Mrs. Remi Mahajan, didn't you?


I hate using... words like mistress.

So I don't use that word.

No, no, don't get me wrong, Remi.

I'm saying, you really loved Sachin.

You really loved him a lot...

You could have done anything for him.

That's why he kept you
with him, didn't he?

And then, one day,
you gave him some good news.

Sachin had to say it just once

and she would have aborted the child
without thinking twice.

But, Sachin didn't do that.

Because, after three years of marriage...

...he knew that his wife Aarti...

...could not bear a child.

No, no. I confirmed this with
three to four gynecologists

in Ahmadabad.

Are you the family physician
for the Mahajans?

I have a few questions for you.

You visited these gynecologists
for treatment, didn't you?

All this is irrelevant!

-It has no meaning.
-All right.

Sachin then sent...

...Remi away to her mother's house
in Goa...

...where Remi gave birth
to a beautiful baby girl.


Next, Sachin convinced Aarti...

...that he's adopting a baby girl
from an orphanage.

This is Ayesha's birth certificate
from the birth registry office.

It's fake.

When Sachin started a clinic here...

Come in.

I know what all of you are thinking.

How did Aarti not know this?

Ayesha was more fond of
her real mother Remi than her.

But, Sachin Mahajan was very smart.

He kept it a secret.

But then... one day after 18 years...

...Aarti finally saw
Remi and Sachin together.

Isn't that right, Aarti?

Why are you doing this?

Haven't we suffered enough?

Why are you humiliating us like this?

Weren't you in Pune?


Weren't you in Pune
on the night of the murder?


That's what I am confused about.

The surgery you were called for...

...the amputation...

...was over...
before you reached the hospital.

Since it was an emergency

-a junior doctor performed the surgery.
-Yes, I was...

These are the records
from Bhagwati Hospital, Pune.

The doctor's name...

-...the time of the surgery, etc...
-I reached a bit late.

And this...

The taxi service between Mumbai-Pune...

...that dropped you here
at your doorstep at 11:45 p.m...

You were here, weren't you?

What has this got to do with anything?

You don't think it's relevant.

-What are you trying to say?

If all this is not relevant
then why are you getting worked up?


No one knew Aarti had reached home.

Dr. Sachin Mahajan reached
his apartment at midnight.

He was sloshed.

And then...

-Be careful, Riyaz.
-Please be careful.

Move ahead. Hold him steady.

-Leave him here.
-Careful, Riyaz.

-Riyaz, please, go now.
-Keep calm.

-I'm going. I'm leaving. Take care.
-Just leave now, please.

-Just leave now, please.
-I'm leaving, take care.

Why are we even listening
to this man's gibberish?

And then, Aarti...

You accused Sachin earlier, and now me!

-Ma'am, please calm down.
-Let go of me.

-What is he trying to do?
-Ma'am, it's a CBI inquiry.

-What are you doing?
-Ma'am, it's a CBI inquiry.

Ma'am, it's a CBI inquiry.
Please stay calm. Ma'am, please.

Please sit down.

Carry on your discourse, Mr. Paraskar.

Carry on.

Actually, it slipped my mind.

How would you explain Chetan's death?

Inspector Malwade!

-How can you take this madman seriously?
-When Aarti emerged

from Ayesha's room after killing her,

Chetan may have
stepped out of his room

That's when

he might have seen Aarti...
coming out of Ayesha's room.


Then... you struck a deal with Chetan.

Did you not strike a deal?



Come on.

Mr. Paraskar, with all due respect
to your experience with the CBI,

your theory is completely wrong.

This could not have been the work
of a delicate lady like her.

It's impossible.

Dr. Aarti Mahajan
is an orthopedic surgeon.

You cut off human limbs, arms, legs...

You amputate them...

With your skilled,
trained and strong hands.


-Like this.

Do not try that again.

And with these strong, trained hands...

...she concealed Chetan's body
below the floorboards.

Aarti knew...

...that Chetan's body would be
discovered soon and that's exactly...

...what she wanted.

So that the noose around
Sachin's neck gets tighter.

In the morning...

...Remi saw Ayesha's body.

Remi woke Sachin up.

They wept bitterly for their child...


The lock of that hotel suite
was neither damaged

nor tampered with.
There's only one logical explanation...

...of how the killer got in...

is that Sachin...
invited the killer in, himself.

Who killed my son Riyaz?

Sir, who killed poor old Sudhakar Mishra?

He did.

Aarti had bribed Malwade
right at the beginning.

Riyaz contacted you, as soon as
he heard of Ayesha's death.

Ayesha's dad has killed her.

I want to kill him.

But, by then Mr. Malwade had been bribed.

There's this young guy named Riyaz.

He says Sachin has killed Ayesha.

He wants to kill Sachin.

What do we do with him?

Control him for now.

Tell him this is not the right time.

If the law does not convict Sachin...

...then we'll use this boy.

If the law had failed to punish Sachin...

...Aarti would've used Riyaz
to punish him.

You were present at the crime scene
when the murder took place.

And there's a deep gash on your arm.

The defense lawyer
could blame the murder on you.

It's best that you go underground
for some time now.

If Sachin is convicted,

then you can come forth
and give a statement.

If he gets out on bail, you can kill him.

Malwade then pressurized Sudhakar Mishra

into delivering food to Riyaz.

Do you wish to come clean from this case?

-Yes, sir.
-Then do as I say.

One day, Malwade visited
Kanheri Caves to check on Riyaz.

But instead, he saw that
Parvez and I had tracked down

this hideout by trailing Sudhakar Mishra.

So, he attacked me.

Since we'd seen
Sudhakar Mishra coming there...

I still managed to deduce...

...that it was Riyaz hiding in the caves.

It's beef, sir.

Had Riyaz spilled the beans to the CBI...

Tell me! What happened
in the apartment that night?

You would have got caught.


That's why Malwade...

Mr. Malwade, thanks for...

You scoundrel! You killed my only son!

-I won't spare you! I'll bury you alive.
-Move aside!

-I'll kill you and your family!
-Come on! Move.

-Let go of me! Let me at him!
-Shut up!

-Get lost. Don't you dare threaten me!
-I will kill you and your family!

You have no evidence, Mr. Paraskar.

You have no evidence.

-Talk to me.
-Once I start hitting you...

...you will give me a confession.

Go on.

Take him away!

Hey, take him away!

-Yes, sir. Come on, get him.

Come on, let's go.

-You can't touch an officer in uniform!
-Come on, move!

-Come on, move!
-Come on.

-Come on!
-I won't spare you.

I found an old photo of Remi
at her mother's place.

This was clicked...
when Remi was 18 years old.

And that's when... all the
little pieces of this mystery...

...fell in place.

Translated by:
Saurabh R Sawant