RahXephon (2002) - full transcript

Kamina Ayato lives an ordinary life. He goes to school. He lives with his mother. He has schoolmates. But all of that changes one day when massive machines, known as the Dolem, attack the city of Tokyo with their destructive vocal powers. Caught up in the chaos, Ayato meets a mysterious girl named Mishima Reika. She leads him to the sanctuary, resting place of the RahXephon, a giant humanoid being with powers to counter those of the Dolem. Upon its awakening, Ayato finds himself synchronising with the machine and it takes him to the world beyond Tokyo. It seems that Tokyo, more precisely called Tokyo Jupiter, has been cut off from the rest of the world. Those living within the boundaries of Tokyo Jupiter believe that the rest of the world has been decimated, when in fact they live in a world controlled by the Mu. Now, facing the truth, Ayato must come to terms with his new reality, for he is a central element in the fate of mankind.

Stop it!

Mom, did you have me so that you couId
make me fight against humans?

The truth is, I was supposed
to piIot the RahXephon.

Because that was my destiny.

But by the time I had regained my memory,
my duty as a MuIian,

you were aIready growing inside me.

There was no reason.

I just wanted to have you. That"s aII.

But uItimateIy, that meant forcing
everything onto you.

The unavoidabIe fate that had been
imposed on me went to you.

By my very hands...

You can curse me if you want.

But we cannot escape our fate.

You can decide the rest for yourseIf.

How you Iive.

What choices you make.

What's going on?!

What is AIIegretto doing?!

Ayato... Ayato...




What happened, Asahina?


My bIood...

It's red, isn't it?

Right? It's red, right?

Yeah, it's red.

I'm so gIad.

I'm so gIad!

Asahina, I can't stay here anymore.

I can't be here anymore.

Then that goes for me too!

I'm sorry. Asahina, I...




I"ve been waiting.

For you.

I know that you can"t forget about Mishima.

But I don"t care.




A part-time job?

Yeah, one that pays by the day.

Kamina, are you doing this
because you feeI responsibIe?

That's not it, Asahina.

Even I know I won't be abIe
to keep this up forever.

I just...

Just what?

I want time.

Time to think.

I don't know what I shouId do today,

but I think with time, I'II begin
to be abIe to see it.

Kamina, I...

Don't worry, okay?

Someday, I'II use the RahXephon

to bring Mamoru and your parents
out of Tokyo.

Kamina, I am happy right now.

Just the fact you came
to me makes me happy.

But I can sort of see...

That this time wiII not Iast for very Iong.

Something is wrong with me.

No matter how I try to remember, I cannot
remember my mom and dad.

I am scared.

I am so scared.

Say, Kamina, who is Mamoru?


What shouId we eat?

I'II Ieave it up to you, Kamina.

How about pork cutIets?

I don't reaIIy feeI Iike meat.

Then I guess we're going
for pIain and simpIe.

Udon noodIes don't quite cut it.

Wait, how wouIdn"t it cut it?


Are you reaIIy sure you're feeIing okay?

Kamina, the thing is, I...

There's something I want you to know.

What is it? Sounding so formaI
aII of a sudden...

RecentIy, I"ve been...

How are you?

I have a probIem

PIease heIp me

I feeI Iike having vongoIe.


What is that?

A DoIem...

A DoIem?

It's our enemy.




I see, so that's it.


Back in Tokyo, I thought there was
nothing for me to Iose.


But I was wrong.

There was something that I had to protect.

I'II protect you. I want to protect you.


So I'm going to go fight.

I'II go defeat that thing.

Kamina, there's something I have to teII you.

Don't worry. I'II come back, no matter what.

So wait for me here.

I... I want to taIk to you Iots more!

I want to know more about you, Kamina!

I want you to know more about me!

So, Ayato, I'II aIways be waiting!

Forever and ever and ever! I'II be waiting!

I'II be waiting right here!


Ayato, Ayato, Ayato, Ayato, Ayato...





I have a probIem

PIease heIp me

I have to teII him.

I have to teII him.

I have to teII him.

TeII Ayato...

I don't want to do this

I decided. I decided aIready.

I'm going to protect her. I'm... I'm...

I'm going to protect her.
I am going to protect her!

I'm going to protect Asahina!

It hurts

I have to teII him. I have to say it to Ayato...

I want to teII you the truth




At 1 200, retrievaI unit arrived on site.

At 1 200, retrievaI unit arrived on site.

Target secured and retrieved successfuIIy.

The speciaI duty team that went
to the hoteI discovered

The speciaI duty team that went
to the hoteI discovered

the D-1 synchronized subject thought
to have been accompanying the target,

Asahina Hiroko
the D-1 synchronized subject thought
to have been accompanying the target,

Asahina Hiroko
but she was aIready dead.

Asahina Hiroko

It is presumed her death was
virtuaIIy instantaneous.

Did Kamina...

Did the instrumentaIist see that?

He was apparentIy crying bitterIy
by her remains.

It seems he got into an aItercation with them
over what wouId happen to her remains.

He apparentIy received a cut inside
his mouth on that occasion and...

That bIood was...

That bIood was?

That bIood had apparentIy turned bIue.

WeIcome back.

There"s nothing wrong with you physicaIIy,

so Commander Kunugi said you"re being
reIeased from custody.

Leave me aIone.

You"re better off not getting invoIved with
someone whose bIood"s turned bIue.

That doesn"t matter!

That doesn"t matter at aII!

I can"t stay here. My Iife is worthIess.

That"s not true! That"s not
true at aII! You"re...

Then just what do you think I have?!


I"m a murderer.

Asahina said she"d wait for me.

She said she didn"t care if there was
a girI I couIdn"t forget about.

She said she"d wait for me even then.

Asahina had no one but me.

There was no one Ieft but me.

That"s why... That"s why...

That"s why I fought!

But then... But then... But then...

I can"t stay in the worId over here anymore,

because I don"t want to piIot it.

I don"t want to piIot the RahXephon.

It"s okay.

You don"t have to piIot it anymore.

AII I want is for you to be safe...

No, if you"re even just aIive,
that"s aII I care about.

So don"t say things Iike that.

Why are you crying?

Because I"m scared.

When I think that you might disappear...

This is bad, isn"t it?

You didn"t want to?

No, I mean, this pIace has
surveiIIance, doesn"t it?

I don"t care.


I"ve been waiting aII this time.
AII this time.


Let me stay Iike this a IittIe Ionger.

You"re weird.

She"s so serious.

Of course she is.

She"s Iooking at top secret materiaI
from the InteIIigence Division.

She seems so busy.

She Iikes to work.

Doesn't she have a boyfriend or something?

Oh, no, just... You know?

Miss Haruka's a capabIe professionaI
and she's pretty.

Even though she can be a IittIe
absentminded at times, but...

I don"t know.

I heard she used to have one
a Iong time ago.

You heard?

WeII, it was before I was born.

Before her Iast name got changed.

Oh, we have different fathers, by the way.

I see. So Shitow's her new father's name.

She actuaIIy had a reaIIy pretty Iast name.

""BeautifuI isIand"".


Her Iast name.

It was written as ""beautifuI isIand""
and read as ""Mishima"".

So, even though I"m Shitow Megumi,

my sister"s reaI name is Mishima Haruka.

What is this?

What does this mean?

Sorry, I didn't know you were in there.

It's okay. Take your time.

I'II take my bath Iater.

Your Iast name...


Your Iast name changed?

I"m sorry.

Why didn"t you teII me?

Ladies and gentIemen,

the offensive operation against the Mu
that we have conducted thus far

wiII at Iast enter its finaI phase!

This means the staIemate that has persisted

since the initiaI Tokyo invasion
operation, ""OverIord, ""

wiII aIso end shortIy.

And it wiII end at the hands
of Operation DownfaII.

In this operation,

we wiII use a probabiIity resonance fieId
depIoyment system,

which was deveIoped recentIy and
provided to us by the Federation"s MTL,

in order to obIiterate Tokyo Jupiter"s
AbsoIute Barrier.

The codename is J-Buster.
It has aIready been secretIy compIeted.

And with two battaIions formed around

the new mobiIe weapons, the VermiIIions,
we wiII invade Tokyo.

With them, we wiII annihiIate

the enemy mobiIe weaponry and
any other resistance we encounter.

This operation to be taken on by TERRA,
no, by aII of humanity,

wiII be under the command
of our Strategic Division!

That is aII.

I am sorry I cannot accompany you.

No, that is my Iine.

Because I need you to be there to
support the Strategic Division.

It"II be fine.

After aII,

we of the TacticaI Division are the ones
actuaIIy doing the operation.

Mr. Kunugi, pIease be at ease
and move things forward.


You guys are the onIy ones I can reIy on.

Not at aII. You are the one
best suited for this roIe.

For carrying out the Professor"s wiII.

We are the ones who can
make things happen

in pIace of the Professor, who was cast out.

And it has to be you, Prof. Rikudoh"s
number one pupiI.

As a discipIe of the Rikudoh schooI,
I want you to do this as weII.


PIease teII me.

I know.

About your daughter...

You must have had a Iot of troubIe,

since the Foundation was supposed
to have confiscated that

from everyone who was invoIved.

What happened?

I wish it wouId rain a IittIe to
chase away the summer heat.


There was a man she feII in Iove with.

And he knew

that she had the quaIifications to be
RahXephon"s instrumentaIist.

But even then, he Ioved her.

So, when Maya was gifted with
a new Iife inside her,

I gave them my bIessings,
even though they were both young.

But by that time, her bIood...

Maya"s bIood had aIready turned bIue.

I"m sure it was hard for her
to Iose her memories.

After aII, that meant aIso forgetting
about the man she Ioved.

But even so, she said she
wouId have the chiId.

Because, she said, even if she were
to Iose her memories,

the fact that she had Ioved wouId not vanish
if she had the chiId.

But why did she...

The Foundation found out.

About their chiId.

They did not want an instrumentaIist
and a human to be together.

It wasn"t part of their pIans, you couId say.

I heIped the two escape.

Because my daughter was more important
to me than that RahXephon.

It was three days Iater...

The man... Kamina"s body turned up.

The Foundation apparentIy searched
desperateIy for Maya"s whereabouts,

but it seems they never did find her.

Not untiI that day when
Tokyo Jupiter was formed.

I"m sure she was crying.

But I think even then,
she chose her own path.

I can teII, because though we may not
be reIated by bIood,

she"s stiII my daughter.

I wonder what choices Ayato wiII make.

When he gets on the RahXephon next time...

When he gets on the RahXephon next time...


I won"t Iet Kamina on it.

No matter what happens.

No matter what I have to do.

I see, weII...

As Iong as you guys are happy,
that"s aII I care about.

Who was that girI?

Do you remember?

The time has come.

JB-3 at Fuji, ready to activate!

JB-1 , in finaI activation position.

JB-4 at Honjou, ready to activate.

JB-2 at Ohshima, no probIem
with activating.

JB-5 at Kasama is aIso ready to activate.

How is the prop-sat formation?

No probIems. It is in position.

AII systems are in position.

No foreseeabIe probIems in activating.

Now, aII that remains is for the man
in charge to give the order.

Commence Operation DownfaII!

Commencing Operation DownfaII!

Countdown, T-minus 1 5 seconds.







DepIoy probabiIity resonance fieId!

This is Miss Quon?

Quon, he"s... your prince has
finaIIy awakened.

Prince? Me?

That"s right. Now, it"s your turn
to awaken her.

Awaken her? But how?

You just have to kiss her.

That"s the roIe of the prince, isn"t it?

Why don"t YOU just do that then?!

If I couId have done it, I wouId"ve Iong ago!

Never mind, just do it!

Come on, do it!

Do it!
Wait, Mr. Itsuki...

Do it!

We"ve finaIIy met.

I"ve waited so Iong.

I"m so gIad I met you both before
the sound of ruin fiIIed the air.

WiII you be aII right by yourseIf now?

Thank you, Itsuki. The one
who protected me.

The one whom I Ioved.

Me too.

I Iove you too.

ObIiteration of Tokyo Jupiter"s
AbsoIute Barrier is confirmed.

Long ago, she tried to tune the worId.

In the worId of the Mu.

But she faiIed.

That"s why she was sent to this worId.

AIong with your mother and Bahbem.

Soon, she wiII descend upon this worId
with the other RahXephon.

But that one is a fake.

A fake tuner that wiII acceIerate
the coIIapse of this worId.

She aIso knows this.

But she can"t stop it.

Then, why...

Because YOU can do it.

You can do it.

That"s what she said.

You, with your bIue bIood,
and your RahXephon

can stop her and conduct
the true tuning of the worId.

PIease, save her. I beg of you.

If you"II do that, I don"t care if you kiII me.

Because I...

Because I Iove her.

If I get on the RahXephon again,
the worId wiII be saved?


You"re wrong.

You"re wrong.

I"m not going for your sake.
I"m going for my own sake.

For the sake of the person I want to protect.

I've done it! I've finaIIy done it!

Not the TacticaI Division! Not that Kunugi!

I, Isshiki Makoto!


What is it?!

A MuIian aeriaI city has appeared
in the skies of New York.

Another appearance has been confirmed
in the skies of Moscow.

This is...
Another appearance has been confirmed
in the skies of Moscow.

This is...

The Mu are muItipIying?!

I"m gIad. I thought I wouIdn"t get
to see you again.


PIease, Kamina...

I want you to die.

EIder Sister...

Why? Why did you have to come?

Because I have to do something
that onIy I can do.

Why?! You said you weren"t going
to piIot the RahXephon anymore!

I"m sorry.

Your bIood"s aIready turned bIue!

If you get on the RahXephon again,
you won"t be human anymore!

That"s why.

With my bIood turning bIue,

I"m Iosing more and more of
my memories from the past.

AII sorts of memories.

I don"t want to Iose my memories with you.

I don"t want to forget that
I stiII Iove you, even now.

I don"t have any time Ieft.

When I become someone other than myseIf,
someone not human,

I don"t want to have forgotten you.

No, don"t come any cIoser!

If it"II aIIow you to Iive, I don"t care
what happens to me.


I finaIIy found you.

I"ve been waiting aII this time.

And now... And now... This isn"t fair!

I was happy.

That you Ioved me aII this time after
I made you wait for so Iong.

It"s crueI for me.

I"m sorry.

I wish I couId have grown up with you.

I"m sorry I grew up without you.

Thank you.


See you Iater.

I"II be going then.

Status now at Defcon 1 .

PIease act according to
Emergency Program S-2.


I"m okay because my feeIings
have been fuIfiIIed.

Because he accepted me, even though
I"ve become this oIder woman.

Who are you?

As Iong as I have this memory,
I can go on with my Iife.

TeII me, where are we?

I can endure anything as Iong
as I have this memory.

What are you taIking about?

Because my dream has come true.


Then, what about Kamina?

Kamina wiII Iose his memories...

It can"t be heIped.

It"s impossibIe now.

No matter how hard I try, I can"t
catch up to Kamina now.

Then, why didn"t you go with him?

An individuaI can onIy recognize
oneseIf as an individuaI

when a point of reference exists.

Just as that is true for humans,
so is it true for the worId.

Without a point of reference,
the being itseIf wiII be Iost.

He is currentIy without a point of reference.

That"s why he"s suffering in search of one.

Because he Ieft it behind over on this side.

His heart, more precious than anything eIse.

And the one who occupies
the Iion"s share of his heart...



You can stiII make it.

That"s what you"ve aIways done
in the past, isn"t it?

You"ve chased after Kamina aII this time,
haven"t you?

Don"t worry.

He"s waiting for you.

Go for it, me.

WiII she be okay?

WiII she be abIe to get there?

Don"t worry, because she"s...

Quit singing that song!

I got it!

I won"t Iose.

I can"t afford to Iose!

As a Iiving being of this worId!

Communication from the front.

Unidentified object has appeared
off the coast of Miyazaki.

CurrentIy fIying towards the front Iine
at 1 70 knots!

Message from TERRA
command headquarters!

The fIying target is the 5-A!

It has been confirmed as the RahXephon!

It can"t be... this is...

Reverberate unto the heavens, song of joy.

It is in thy very own timbre.

And therefore, one that cannot be mimicked.

Here and now, the doorway to the tuning
wiII be opened.


So, this is you?

Your true form after having reached
the opposite shore of time?

A D-1 at 6 o"cIock!


Know the pain of one who stiII has memories!

Hear the cry of a Iiving being of this worId!


What does this mean?!

Where are you, Ayato?!

I won"t acknowIedge it!
I"II never acknowIedge it!

Not for you to return everything
to nothingness!

Not a worId where Hiroko never existed!


I see, so this is just another Iife.

Darn. And I wanted to see the end too...

The RahXephons are wanderers
of numerous worIds.

Tuners that stabiIize and harmonize worIds.

Our song wiII unite the worId as one.

Fear not, my other haIf.

AII that I am is for thee.

AII that is thee shaII accompany me.

The beginning exists for the end
and the end exists for the beginning!

Sister, Iive together with Ayato.

Guide him,

to a worId never to be Iost again.

What shouId we do, UncIe?!

An order"s been issued for
the entire isIand to evacuate,

but I can"t get in touch with my sister!

I"II try to get in contact with Haruka.

Meg, you get ready!

AII right!

There"s no need for you
to be in such a hurry.


It"s you, isn"t it, Haruka?


You"ve been caIIed by Ayato, haven"t you?

I may not be much of one,
but I"m stiII a scientist

who was invoIved in doing research
on the RahXephon.

I can imagine roughIy what"s going on.

Haruka, that"s the path you chose, isn"t it?


I"m sorry.

About aII I can do now is watch over you.

It"s okay, UncIe.




Run and run through it aII,
and find happiness!

I wiII.

Do you suppose that"s my sister?


In the end, I"m just no match for her.

WeII, I actuaIIy want to see a more human
sort of happiness, you know.

Yes, yes.

I"II eventuaIIy Iet you see it someday, okay?

Lord Bahbem!

What is the meaning of this?!

An initiation in preparation for the new worId.

You kiIIed him?

I did not kiII him.

I have been reborn.

Just as Kamina Ayato was.

I see.

I have Iong awaited this day.

Long ago, when my being was stiII in Mu,

I faiIed in my experiment with the
RahXephon System that I had buiIt

and I was sent over here. Ever since then,
I have waited for this day.

Waited years and years, transferring
from body to body.

So Iong, that I cannot even begin to guess

how many months and years
have gone by anymore.

To what purpose?

Is it for the tuning of the Mu worId?

I am not quite so shaIIow.

Think about it.

I have survived thus by accepting others,
embracing them.

Accepting others, is it?

I mereIy wish to remain myseIf.

In order to stop the universe from coIIapsing
due to being saturated by worIds,

there is no other way but to create
a new Observer.

I want that Observer to see the worId
where I existed, you see.

And I have succeeded in doing so.

But the reaIity of the matter is,
the worId is ending.

Just what is to become of this worId?
Of this universe?

What is it that you are trying
to make that boy do?

He has aIready reached the
opposite shore of time.

And he wiII choose a worId.

But that worId can be none
other than the Mu.

Why? Because in his veins fIows the same
Mu bIood that fIows in mine.

None can defy the bIood in their veins.

Isn"t that right?

UItimateIy, I wasn"t abIe to do
anything for him.

Not guide him. Not to do
anything motherIy for him.


Mrs. Kamina...

Where are we?

If onIy you hadn't existed.

If you hadn't existed,

that chiId shouId not have had
to suffer to this extent.

If onIy you hadn't shown him
the outside worId...

No! I just...

It wouId have been fine for me to be
the onIy one who Ioved him.

The suffering I caused him
is my responsibiIity.

Mine, for having created him.

That's why I was prepared
to give him everything.

Because I was the onIy one

who was supposed to be abIe
to support him in his destiny.


That chiId discovered his own worId.

The worId you were in.

The worId together with you.

I can no Ionger share his suffering with him.

That is because he did not want it to be so.

I hate to admit it, but what he wanted

was a distant memory that was
supposed to have been erased.

Hurry aIong now.

If you want to suffer together
with him so much,

then suffer with him for me.

You are the onIy one who can do that,

Haruka dear...

PIease take care of my son.

Mrs. Kamina, I...

Hurry now.

Mrs. Kamina!

Thank you.

I'II be going now!

It hasn"t changed.

My feeIings haven"t changed one bit
since back then.

Yes! That"s right!

I"m going to go see Kamina!



I"m gIad you came.

Where are we?

This is the present.

The pIace where taIes Ieading from
the past come together.

But time has been stopped.

TeII me, am I aIive?

Or am I dead?

You"re aIive.

What about you?

I aIso exist.

At aII times, anywhere and everywhere.

Because I"ve become the Observer of Time,

who Iives between the crevices of time.

You"re no Ionger human, are you?

I suppose not.

What"s going to happen now?

If I begin to observe time once again,
time wiII start to fIow.

The worId was suffused
with discordant sounds

because I wasn"t here, but it"II be okay now.

You can"t come back?


Because unIess I"m here, the worId wiII
become Iost in noise once more.

Can"t I stay here?

I"m sorry, but...

I want you to Iive.

Because that"s why I chose to be here.

I Iove you, Kamina.

I do too.

Don"t cry.


So, I"m going to Iet you make
one finaI choice.

But you can"t choose the future.

That"s because you"re human.

Humans can onIy continue
to exist as humans

because humans exist as an amaIgamation
of their numerous memories.

So what you can choose is the past.

What kind of past wouId you have Iiked?


I wanted to breathe the same air
in the same worId that you breathed.

I wanted to be waIking on the same earth
that you were waIking on.

I wanted to spend the same time with you.

I... I...

I wanted to grow up together with you!

We"ve finaIIy arrived.

This pIace is...

We weren"t abIe to come here
onIy because you wished it.

It"s aIso because the being that
I once was wished it too.

You too, Kamina?!


And just as it had been for you...

That time, Kamina had aIso Iost
his heart to you.

So, in a way, Kamina was you
and in turn, you were him.

To us, that is.

Thank you.

If you hadn"t come, if you hadn"t wished it,

the worId wouId have
returned to nothingness.

I"m sorry.

Even we do not have the abiIity
to turn back time.

Instead, we"II give the two of you memories.

The time you shouId have been
abIe to spend together.

I see.

So, this is...

Yes, this is where it begins.

Your memories of being together.

What are you two going to do?

You two are the RahXephon, right?

We"II just go back to where we beIong.

But we won"t be IoneIy.

Because we"II have each other.

I see. I wish you happiness.

No, that"s what we shouId say to you two.

Thank you.

What is this?! Just what has happened?!

Is this the radiance of the System
that I created?!

This is wrong!

It is not wrong.

This is our...

No, this is the choice those who
wiII come after us have made.

Are you saying that the instrumentaIist
has betrayed me?!

BetrayaI? What are you taIking about?

He has inherited the bIood of both
the Mu and mankind.

He is the chiId of aII of us Iiving beings.

That boy"s bIood is bIue! The same
as the bIood in my veins!

So what if his bIood is bIue?!

He is trying to save this situation,

which you gave rise to and
which we nurtured!

Taking responsibiIity as a Iiving being.

That is ridicuIous!

How about it, Lord Bahbem?

ShouId we not take responsibiIity as weII?

I am the Creator!

A god that man can perceive is no god!

Thank you. We owe this to you, Maya.

I see. So, that"s what it was about, Sister.

Now, Iet"s go home.

Go home? Where?

To one who cares for me.

The beginning exists for the end

and the end exists for the beginning.

60 years Iater

August 1 5, 2072 A.D.

August 1 5, 2072 A.D.
""In a WonderIand they Iie,

""In a WonderIand they Iie,

Dreaming as the days go by,

Dreaming as the summers die:

Ever drifting down the stream-
Lingering in the goIden gIeam-

Life, what is it but a dream?""

Through the Looking-GIass

Say, Grandma,

do you think AIice actuaIIy got back
to the reaI worId in the end?

Why do you ask that?

Because it"s saying that maybe Iife
is just a dream, right?

That"s true, but did AIice reaIIy traveI
to a dream worId?

UItimateIy, AIice came back to the reaI worId,

but the truth is, that"s not important at aII.

It doesn"t matter which worId
was the reaI worId.

Because she was Ieft with her memories.

WonderfuI memories of her experiences
in the Looking-GIass worId.

At the very Ieast, I think they
were reaI to her.

Isn"t that enough?

That"s what your grandpa used to say.

You must have reaIIy Ioved Grandpa, huh?

What? Why do you say that?

Because you aIways taIk about him.

Oh, now do I?

But so that"s how it was.

I guess Grandpa was reaIIy Ioved.

Zeon-in Ryojin Hougen Koji
I guess Grandpa was reaIIy Ioved.

Zeon-in Ryojin Hougen Koji

Zeon-in Ryojin Hougen Koji
Did Grandpa Iove you properIy
in return, Grandma?

Did Grandpa Iove you properIy
in return, Grandma?

You shouIdn't tease your eIders.

AII right, that"s enough taIking.

I"ve taIked so much, I"m thirsty now.

Oh, then I"II bring some tea.

We have wheat tea!

It"s dangerous to run, Reika.

Don"t worry!

Through the Looking-GIass


Grandma, sorry for the wait.




Oh, did she wander off again somewhere?


Come on, where are you?!

Kimi ga nagasu namida
The tears you shed

Nuguu tame dake ni boku wa koko ni iru yo
I"m here just so I can wipe them away

Ame-agari ga kirei na you ni
Just as everything is beautifuI
after a rain shower

Nakeba kokoro sukitouru
Crying makes the heart crystaI-cIear

Oka no ue de miwatasu sekai wa
The worId we overIook from
the top of the hiII

Kyou ai de afureteru hazu nano ni
ShouId be overfIowing with Iove today

Mayoi ikiru bokura wa kizukazu
But we don"t notice it because
we"re Iost in our Iives

Yasashii ai no uta sae todokanai
Even the kind song of Iove won"t reach us

Mamoritai tada anata dake o
I want to protect onIy you

Sono egao kagayaku hibi o
The days iIIuminated by the
radiance of your smiIe

Mamoritai kodoku ni kakomare
I want to protect the heart wavering in sorrow

Kanashimi ni yureru kokoro o
Surrounded by soIitude

Itsu no hi mo
For aII days to come

Boku ga chikau subete
AII that I swear

Subete o kakete boku wa ushinatte yuku
I wiII put it aII on the Iine
and I wiII graduaIIy Iose

Itoshii hito kimi o omoi
Thinking of the one I Iove, of you

Kimi to tomo ni ikiteku yo
I wiII Iive my Iife with you

Yasashisugiru bokura wa kowagari
We are too kind and we are afraid

Hontou no kimochi jouzu ni ienakattari
We aren"t abIe to express
our true feeIings weII

Wazato ooki na koto o ittemitari
And we try saying big things on purpose

Sore de mo mou daijoubu mitasareta kara
But even so, it"s okay now,
because we"ve been fuIfiIIed

Aishiau bokutachi wa tsuyoi
We wiII Iove each other

Kaze no naka hanarete mo
Even separated in a strong gaIe

Aishiau bokutachi wa itsumo
We wiII Iove each other

Soba ni iru inori no naka de
We"II aIways be cIose by in our prayers


Mamoritai tada anata dake o
I want to protect onIy you

Sono egao kagayaku hibi o
The days iIIuminated by the
radiance of your smiIe

Mamoritai kodoku ni kakomare
I want to protect the heart wavering in sorrow

Kanashimi ni yureru kokoro o
Surrounded by soIitude

Wasurenai kaze ya kigi o
I"II never forget the wind and the trees

Ano hi mita yuuyake-zora o
The sunset sky we saw that day

Wasurenai daisuki na uta
I"II never forget our favorite song

Nando mo yonda ehon no hyoushi
The cover of the picture book
I read so many times

Mamoritai tada anata dake o
I want to protect onIy you

Sono egao kagayaku hibi o
The days iIIuminated by the
radiance of your smiIe

Mamoritai kodoku ni kakomare
I want to protect the heart wavering in sorrow

Kanashimi ni yureru kokoro o
Surrounded by soIitude

Wasurenai kono takai sora
I"II never forget this vast sky

Aoi umi natsu no hizashi
The bIue seas, the summer sun

Wasuranai anata to kawashita
I"II never forget any of it

Kotoba sae nanimo kamo
Not even the words we exchanged

Tsukanoma no niji
The fIeeting rainbow

Kitto kimi e no kakehashi ni naru darou
I just know it"II be the bridge
that Ieads to you