Ragnarok (2013) - full transcript

When the archaeologist Sigurd can't settle on the myth about Ragnarok, the end of the world in Northern mythology, he decides to go on an expedition together with two colleges and his two kids. This adventure leads them to Finnmark in the Northern most part of Norway, and into "No mans land" between Russia and Norway, where no one has been in modern times. Old runes gets new meanings, when they unveil the truth. A truth bigger and more spectacular than you would have dreamed.

- I don't like this.
- It is the will of Odin.

It's not right, father.

Prepare yourselves!

Your greed will doom us all.

Father ...

Go back.

Behind you!

- Hello.
- Morning.

Brage, have you been
on my computer again?

There were loads of those strange
emails again.

- Spam?
- Yes. Ragnhild?

I've told you to buy a new one.

Because you owe me one.

Guess we're taking the bus today.

Well, you guys are overdressed.

Is it anyone's birthday today?

It's graduation.

Ragnhild is going to sing.

Yes... It's three o'clock today.
In the gym?

It will be ace.
Ok, see you then.

Do you know what time it is?

It is 22 minutes past nine.

We're talking about over a million dollars here.
Three more years of research.

And you?

Stick to the facts.

Yes, sure.


The Oseberg ship represents

the largest and most spectacular
Viking find in history.

In this wonderful tumulus
we found the remains of

what we think is the Queen Aasa
and her serf.

The Oseberg discovery has given us
an unique understanding of this period.

However, we are constantly making new discoveries.

Since the reconstruction, the
common perception has been that

the ship was used only
for short trips

around Toensberg.
(The south-east of Norway, close to Oslo)

But on the keel boards of the
ship we found these.

These are microscopic shells.

And they're only found
outside the coast of Finnmark.
(the Northern most part of Norway)

So, ladies and gentlemen ...

The Oseberg Vikings
may have been in Finnmark.

And that is absolutely stunning.

Totally up in Finnmark !

Disregarding the shells, do you
have any more evidence of this?

Is this all you have?

Is this what we've spent our money on?

Obviously there are other things
we could mention.


Let's hear it, then.

What you must understand is that
Oseberg tumulus is completely different

than anything else we've found.

Everything you see in this room

was buried with the
Viking Queen Aasa.

You'd think they'd made it easy
for us to understand, but it has not.

For these are the only runes

they found on the ship.

"Litet vis maor."

Man ...

knows ...


The largest Viking-find in the world, and
the only thing they would tell us was:

Man knows little.

So what was it they knew

that we do not?

We found the heads of five animals in the grave.
Aasa was cradling this one in her arms.

And this here ...

It might look like
it's just a pattern.

But it is not.

I have studied this for years.

And it is not accidental.

These ...

are runes.

and what it says here ...


- Come again?
- Ragnarok. Doomsday.

We have never before found "Ragnarok"
written in runes anywhere.

I think Aasa knew
much more than we realize.

She died with a secret.

There lies in the Oseberg tumulus

the answer to the riddle of Ragnarok .

We know what it means.

- The world's downfall.
- That's what everyone thinks.

I think the origins of the myth
about Ragnarok was a real event.

Something happened.
Something that was so big

that it changed
throughout the Norse mythology ...

Oh, come on!

This is so far-fetched.

"Man knows little."
Ain't that the truth!

Sorry, but Sigurd has gone a little ...

If we knew it was this kind of
nonsense our money was being spent on,

we had withdrawn our financial
support several years ago.

This is simply too foolish.
Enough is enough.

We have no evidence to support
that is what you say!

I haven't told you anything. I can
go through all the documentation with you.

I'm not the only one who believes this.
Maren ...

Maren's dead. We're all sorry about
that. But that was six years ago.

Five years ago.

You have hardly been
outside the office since.

Do you have any idea what Allan is
doing up there in Finnmark?

There's going to be an open
position for a guide in the fall.

I suggest that you apply for it, Sigurd.

I had that meeting at work today.

It took more time than ...

than I had thought.

Have you and Ragnhild fallen out?


She's probably just upset
for the graduation business.

It is not so easy on your own.


But there are other fish
in the sea.

- Ok. Where?
- On the Internet.


- Oops, I fat-fingered a button.
- No, you didn't.

What did you write about me?

I wrote that you are an archaeologist
and you like all things Viking.

And did you write how old I am?

Yes ...?

I got a message
from a woman who's 57.


Do you think that's a good match?



Where are we going for vacation?


Come in.

Where are we going for our summer holiday?

- I haven't ...
- Maiken is going to the Mediterranean.

- So is Gunnar is.
- Gunnar is Gunnar.

I must admit that I was thinking

that maybe our cabin would be nice?

We're not going to the cabin!

Let's go to the Mediterranean
and have a real holiday?

- I want to bring my snorkel and dive in the ocean.
- You can swim in the pond at the cabin.

You like that. Come on!
We have lots of good memories from the cabin.

You have.

Come on, Brage.
It's time for bed.

- Did you brush up top?
- Um ... yes?

"Uh ... yes?"
Does that mean you haven't?

- Maybe.
- Did you brush in the back?

Yes, I did.

Anything the matter?

I just think that you're probably right.
We need some sun.

Maybe experience something new, you know.

I won't believe it
until I see it, dad.

Good night.

It's probably just PMS.
I hope I don't get it.

- Sleep well, then.
- Good night.

Why aren't you answering your phone?

- Have you stopped reading your mail?
- Did you talk with the museum guys?

Whatever. I was going to
come and show you this anyway.

- There have been things happening her today.
- Nothing is more important than this.

There's no point trying to use a car
to find the places where Viking ships
might have docked.

It is completely out of the question.
Can't believe we didn't think of that!

I can do it.

I was about to give up.
Then I rented a boat.

Started to thread my way up the coast.

And there it was!

For three years I have been up and down
the coast of Finnmark

Without finding so much as
a sea urchin fossil.

And then ...


- Would you get it out.
- Ok.

- Will you grab the bag?
- Yes. Get it out.

A rune stone.

Get my stuff.
They're over by that globe there.

I'll be there when we present
it. I found it, right?

- Museum guide? As if.
- What?

- Henriksen stopped the project today.
- Why?

We won't get any more money.
He doesn't believe in all this.

We don't give two shits about Henriksen!
He'll just slow us down, anyway.

Those aren't words, you know.

Look at that.
It's like it's in code.

It is as if
we are missing something.

- There is something in the middle here.
- What?

What in the world?

It looks kinda familiar, huh?

Hey, this might actually be illegal.

You work here, you know.

Suddenly it feels like trespassing.

Trespassing? You've got the key!
You're supposed to lock up.

That wasn't hard, now was it?

- If Henriksen finds out ...
- He's not going to get all the credit for this.

I just want to know your secret.

Forgive me.

There must be some kind of code key.
Just have to get it right ...

It must be there.

- Yes, here it is.
- What?

It's indicating that the O

is an A.

R ...

- is a N.
- Can you write this down somewhere?

M ...

So if ...

"Aasa raised the stone ... "

" ... in memory of her father. "

"the King of Vestfold."

"As ... "

"As in folly went ... "

" ... to find god ... "

" ... gods ... godpower ...
the power of the gods... "

" Midgard ... "

Something about Midgard
and then something here .

" Three days ... "

- What?
- Oh, look at this .

"Three days march

from this stone ... "

"Three days march

to the bottomless lake. "

The eye of Odin.

"Odin's Eye".

Do you know what this means, Allan?

We'll be invited to Jimmy Kimmel?

Getting hot, Allan.

This ...

is a map.

This is a set of directions.

To a place where the Oseberg
Vikings have been.

Where is it?


I found it ... there.

And then a three-day march.

How far is that, then?

- 100 kilometers.
- 100?

- 80, then.
- For ordinary people.

Eighty kilometers.

Here ...


It's there!

- That's where we'll find all the answers.
- The answers? It's a treasure map!

It makes perfect sense.
The Vikings sacked all over Europe.

And so they needed a place
to hide everything.

And then ... they went there.

Should we pack our suitcases?

What's this?

I promised you that we were
going to the mediterranean.

- Come on!
- Yes, I did.

If this is what we think it is,
we can move to the mediterranean. Ok?

For six years you've been trying to figure out
the secret of the Oseberg ship.

And then we so close
To find out what it is.

Come on. It will be fun!
It will be an adventure!

If Maren were here

you'd been packing your bags right now.

It will be fun.

Ragnhild will understand.


My God, there's plenty of sun in Finnmark.
It's sunny all day. Midnight Sun.

- Do you promise we can swim there?
- Yes, there are lots of lakes.

Plus degrees.

- Ragnhild?
-Dad, Finnmark?

I'll bore myself to death.

You won't die of boredom.
It will be fun!

Brage is packing his bags now .
He is ready.

If you won't do it for me,
please do it for him.

- It's going to cost you a computer, Dad.
- So be it.

Look at this! Great.

- Where is the sun, dad?
- It'll show up.

- Wonderful!
- Yeah, great ... great.

And she's on time as well.
Best assistant I've ever had. Hello!

- Hey!
- Come on.


- Hello.
- Hello. Sigurd.


I've heard about you.

Oh, yeah?

- That's nice.
- Do not be too sure about that .

- The car is here.
- Ok.

Odin's eye?

What are we looking for?

The rune stone we found? It's a map.
Probably a treasure map.

The Vikings sacked all over Europe and
needed a place to hide their riches.

And they found that there!

It's got to be like that.

Do you tourists
know where we're going?

This here is Leif.
He will help us find the way inland.

Best local guide I managed to find.
Ain't that right, Leif?

So nice. Sigurd.
Yes, this is going to be interesting.

Cash up front?

He is a great guy.
A few quirks here and there.

He has spent too much time by himself.

Come on!

Okay, let's go!

It's that way, right?
That direction?

In there?

In there, yes.
It was there the Vikings went.

A thousand years past.

We'll get answers to everything now.

My mom would have liked this, you know.

- Hello.
- There's no signal here.

That's what I said.

This was not on the map.

This is the old border
between Norway and the Soviet Union.

Now, it's no man's land.

Hasn't been a living soul here
for 50 years. Only mosquitoes.

Are you sure you want to continue?

There was no border here
thousand years ago. It'll be fine.

- Are you coming?
- Yes.

- What are you looking for?
- You needn't worry about that.

We're paying you, are we not?

Are there lots of mosquitoes?

Here, take this.

I'll help you.

What does your mom have to say
about you going on a treasure hunt?

She is dead.

Oh, yes.

Long ago.

Are you coming?

- Can I help you?
- Yes.

- Has there ever been war here?
- No.

Or, well, I guess.
The cold war.

Okay, let's go.

This is the only lake for miles.

- It's got to be here, then?
- This must be it?

The eye of Odin.

Ok, Maren ...

- Yes?
- Yes, we are going.

They did't use those in the
Viking age, right?

- Dad, can we go home now?
- Nope, we can't.

- You don't even know what you're looking for!
- Of course I do!

- What?
- I am looking for answers.

My God, that it is possible!

So it's Ragnarok
we are looking for?

Hey, you know, that book is kind of important ...

I have led you into
in no man's land.

Surely I deserve to know where we're going?


Do you believe in fairy tales?

We're trying to find out what happened
to the Vikings here a thousand years ago.

I'm serious.

Give me the book.

Look at that.

How much can you get for that on eBay?

I wonder what happened to them.

Judging by that wire, they drove
across the ice and got stuck.

Either way they do not need these anymore.

We are in the right place, you see.
We just have to ...

It must have been hard for you.

Ragnhild told me.

Yeah, of course ...

It has been difficult for the
kids to let her go.

It isn't very easy to forget.

You don't need to forget.

You carry your past with you,
whether you want it or not.

For example, I have my ex's name
tattooed here still. Unfortunately.

That's just how it is.


That's how it is.



What are you doing?

I found a cave.

Do you know how dangerous
those caves can be?

Yes, I know.
You should not be here by yourself.


There is something over there.

That's a long way down!

Wow! Talk about roomy!


If you've got any last words,
now's the time.


Ah, yes.
It goes ...


Looks like fits like a glove.
Thank you.

I'm ok.

Want me to help you, or what?


My God!

They've been here!

They were here!

I do not know what to say!


A Viking helmet.

There's only been a single find of a
Viking helmet throughout northern Europe.

It is unbelievable!

Kimmel is too smalltime for this.
This is David Letterman material!

At least!

We have been right all along.

The Vikings were here.

Where did you find it?
There might be a lot more.

- Here.
- Where?

It was right here.

Everyone be extra careful.
It can be anything.


- Dad
- Hold on.

- See it here !
- Just wait a bit.

Imagine Henriksens reaction.
He's going to drop dead on the spot.

I'm thinking about how we're going
to transport this.

There is so much stuff. To get it down to
the museum in Oslo is not an easy task.

- What do you mean?
- Huh?

- Are you saying we should give this up?
- It is not ours.

Finder's keeper's. We found it.

Okay, you know what?

We are archaeologists.
We adher to the Cultural Heritage Act.

You probably have no idea what that means.

Here's a guy who doesn't respect
anything and never did.

You don't have a moral fibre in your being!
This belongs in a museum.


- What was the point of that?
- He doesn't get it ...

This isn't going in any fucking museum.

It's not funny!

Now put these toys away neatly.


They can't take the stress of being transported ...

Well, aren't you the worlds best archaeologists.

Goddamnit, you cannot just leave us here!

You must send someone to help us get out.


Will do.

Yes, yes!

- What's this?
- Get it off!

What the hell is that?

Look here!

- It's just an old corpse.
- Only?

I want to go home.
I want to go home now!

Are you sure this is wise?

Do you have a better idea?



Well, that went alright?

We'll sleep here tonight,
and we'll get started on a new raft tomorrow.

This might be cozy?

Where the hell do you live?

I don't have a place.
I live in my suitcase.

What about your family?

Family isn't really my thing.

This was my chance.

I've waited so long for this.

What are we missing?

We found some helmets and swords.

They wouldn't have gone in here
to hide it. That can't be true.

There's something that just doesn't
make sense ...


Let's have a look.

What is it?

I don't know.

But I know that I
really want to find out.

We have to go back down.

It goes further in on other side.

- This is no treasure.
- No.

This is a tomb.

- What's that noise?
- I do not know.



It's just a baby.

Maybe it's hungry?

It is very hungry.

Wonder what else it eats?


What the hell?!

Let me have a look.


More than 50 species perish from
this Earth every day.

That's a lot of animals.

In a thousand years.


What if the animal head on the pillars

are made in the image of a real animal?

Animals that lived here

a thousand years ago.


Look ...

Son of a ...!

He died the same way as the Vikings.

What? They died a thousand years ago.

He didn't.

It must know a way out.

The kids!


Get out!

It's jammed!

Daddy, help!


We are being dragged down to the water!


The door is jammed!
Get us out!


We can't open the door!

Dad, save us!

Open the door!

Open the door!

Come on!

Go, go, go!


Get away from the water!

- What the hell was that?
- I don't know.

- What was that?!
- Dad, what was that?

How is that even possible?

It's ok, Brage.

Everything will be ok.

Everything will be ok.

Everything will be ok, Brage.

We just have to get out of here.

We have to get out of here
one way or another.

Yes, but how the hell are we
going to cross the water?

- Do you think it can pursue us on land?
- Fucking hope not.


Did you find anything ?

Yes, I ... I found it here.

I think it can work pretty well
if we attach the hook to ...

Don't you dare miss.

I'm just saying.

Yes! It's stuck right in there.

Allan, you go first.

- I do not know if I can do this.
- It will be fine.


Letting go.

Are you sure it is not dangerous?


I'm absolutely sure of it.

Allan will catch you, you know.

Good boy.

Yes, clear.

It's stuck here!

I'll get it loose.

I'm coming out.

It's ok.


You have to get up here!


Watch out!



It's ok, Brage.
It's alright now.

What was it?

I do not know.

The bunker!

The lock!


Over here!

Come on!

We must split up.
Find a way out.

- Did you find anything?
- No. You?

- Did you find anything?
- No.

We are trapped .

- No ...
- You're shitting me!

- You know what you've done?
- Ragnhild ...

- This is your fault!
- I'm sorry.

Do you think I wanted
it to be like this?

I would just figure it out.

Hey sweetie ...

What does it really say?

It's about a Viking king who ...

That brought the men here
to capture "the beast of Midgard".

It was the only part of the runes
I could not decipher.

Aasa ...

She must have been
the only one who survived.

The runestone was not a map.

It was a warning.

A warning
that her father would not heed.

And they died here because he ...

Because he didn't realize that maybe
they never should have ...

been here.

That looks like ventilation piping?

Then they'll lead the way to the

Come on.

Come on.

Up this way.

Come on!

- We can do it.
- Yes, it's going to work.

Grab the shelves!

Come on!

- Got the rope?
- Yes.

Come on!


A little higher!

Come on!



Give me the bag.

Come on.

Give me the bag.

What are you doing?

For six years I've been searching for
this secret.

And people just laughed at us, Sigurd.

Allan, this is bad.

- I'll bring the animal home.
- You know what?

Toss down the rope,
and we'll forget about this.

- I'll take the beast with me.
- Stop that!

Shut the fuck up!
Come on, give me the bag!

Come on.




Hush, Brage.
You must be quiet.

Where is dad?

I don't know.

You must be quiet as a mouse.

Absolutely quiet.








Sorry, Ragnhild.

I'm sorry.





- Are you okay?
- Yes, I think so.

This is totally awesome, Sigurd!

First Aasa brooch surfaces again,
and now this !

This is going to shine
an entirely new light on it all.

Do you even realize
the possibilities this opens up?

Sponsors will line up for this!

- Was it outside Bergen you found it?
- That's right. A little south of Bergen.

I can gather the sponsors
by tomorrow morning.

I quit.

- What?
- I'm accepting a history teacher position.

Short working days, long vacations.
Great for the family, you know.

Okay. Is everyone ready
for three weeks at the cabin?

- Where are we going?
- We're going to Spain!