Raging Sharks (2005) - full transcript

Doctor Mike Olsen returns from his oceanic observation station, where his wife Linda feels in charge, when it's reported in desperate trouble after a sudden shark attack wrecked the oxygen supply. The accompanying ship and even the coast guard are also attacked, and soon other sites in and around the Bermuda triangle, where a few years earlier an alien space-ship crashed, which now seeps a mysterious organic crystal. The US Navy sends a submarine, which also carries bureaucrat Ben Stiles, who berates safety and other violations aboard. More dangers lurk inside as getting out proves physically daunting.

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Oshona, this is the
Paradiso. Do you copy?

Oshona, this is the
Paradiso. Do you copy?

There’s static on our hard line.

I hate this place.

Bermuda Triangle.

Don’t they know how many ships
have gone down out here?

Try ’em again.

Aye, sir.


Yes. Yes.

Could you please come down
here and take a look at this?

This is what I talked
to you about before.

What is it now, Vera?

Magnetic spikes.

Again, it’s getting
stronger every day.

Simona, your program
pinpoint the source yet?

Same problem.

It’s jamming all our instruments.

Sonar shows more sharks today.

You're kidding?

That is just so weird.

We got here three weeks ago.
There was nothing in this area.

It was empty.
- Yeah.

It’s like coming here
screwed something up.

All right, guys, look.

We got all this equipment
and we have no answers?

That’s pathetic.

That’s the problem.

All this shit is falling apart.

It’s like ’80s technology, Mike.

I thought we were supposed
to get more funding.

Okay, I tell you what.
We start getting more results,

then we’ll talk about
getting more funding.

Boss, The jenny’s
bound to lay a friggin’ brick

before any of that shit happens.

Okay, well, that
Director Newman may approve.

But in the meantime, results.
That’s what we need.

Sir, the wind’s
continuing to pick up.

Mike, if you wanna leave,
it’s gotta be now.

Storm’s rising.

I’ll be there in ten minutes.

Hey, sweetie,
can we talk?

Just give me a second, okay?

Honey? Time.

I’ll be right there.

We need to try
a little harder, guys.

It’s not our fault.

It’s not.

I’ll go talk to him.

Hey, look, it’s our equipment.

You know, it’s outdated.

It’s patched.

It’s not designed for this.

And does the Institute really expect
us to work without the proper tools?

Well, what do you want
me to do about it?

Well, you’re the project leader.

Push them for more funding.

I mean, if we don’t get it, everything
we have could just fall apart.

Now that...

That might not be such a bad thing.

What does that mean?

Come on, honey.
I mean...

Ten years we’ve
been inside this bubble

hopping around from ocean to ocean.

For what?

Yeah, well, it’s what we do.

You know, it’s who we are.

No, it’s what you’ve become.

I want something more.

Like what?

A family.

A house.

You know, a home that doesn’t have
a name that begins or ends in "ocean"?

We talked about this.

Yes, that’s all
we seem to do is talk.

Look, I know that you’re tired
and that you’re under pressure.

But, you know, you have
a responsibility here.

You know, we have a job to finish.

Tell me something.

What are you gonna do

when the job is over.

And there’s no place left to hide?

What are you gonna do then?

Hey. I love you.

We’ll talk about this
when you get back, okay?

Yo, Mike, the mini-sub
is ready to go.

Aye, aye, Captain.
Officer on deck.

We are almost ready
to rock and roll here, Mike.

Paradiso, has the chopper arrived?

Five minutes away, Mike.



This, print-out. Yours?

Yeah. Thank you.

You miss it?

A lot. But it doesn’t
pay the bills.

And when I’m done here,
I’m gonna climb again.

I, I suspect that will...

That will happen soon.

So how are we doing, guys?

I’ll be ready in a minute, okay?

Okay, lads. Ready to go?

Okay, trap fillers need
to be done sequentially?

That’s right.

And watch it when you’re welding.

You don’t want to blow your
resistors. Right, lads?

That’s right.

Is that all he ever says?

That’s right.

Okay, lads. Off you go.

Cheeky Yanks.

These fucking cheeky Yanks.

Okay. You go check
on that dodgy breaker,

and I’m going upstairs.

Don, Jake, do you copy?

We copy. We’re okay.

Just gotta get
that relay switch going.

Have you located the relay box?


And here we go.

Yeah, that should do it.

Just a little more.

How they doing?

So far, so good, I think.

Just about got it.
We’re almost done here.

Got something coming fast.

What is it?

It says...


Don, Jake, there are sharks
coming your way.

Bloody hell, mate.

Don, Jake. Get out.


Don, Jake, do you copy?

Don, Jake?

Keep trying them.
I’m going out.

You’re crazy.

Someone’s gotta help them.



Oshona, I’m outside. Any word?


Don, Jake, are you okay?

Where are you?
Can you hear me?

My God.

More coming.
Linda, get out!

What the hell is that?

Pressure tube ruptured.

Linda, do you copy? Linda?

I’m going out.

No! No one goes anywhere.


Shit. Damage report.

External power’s been cut.

Emergency generator kicking in.

Paradiso, come in,
come in. Emergency.

Shark attack. Two divers down.
System’s damaged.

Do you copy?

Paradiso, come in please.

Paradiso, we got a problem.

Bloody hell. The oxygen
supply line’s been cut.


Oshona, come in. What’s going on?

Cable’s down, sir.

Damn it.
Send the diver down.

And get me the Coast Guard now!

Aye, sir.

I really hate this place.

It’s 3 p.m. in Boston

under partly cloudy skies.

The traffic on Storrow Drive is all
backed up clear to the Longfellow Bridge.

This is Mike. Who’s this?

Hello, Mike.

Director Newman.
So nice to hear from you.

I should be there momentarily, sir.

There’s been an accident.

It’s the Oshona.

What happened?

The details are sketchy, but apparently
there was a severe shark attack,

and two divers are dead.

You’re talking about Don and Jake?

I’m very sorry, Mike.

Well, what about Linda?
The rest?

Is everybody else okay?

We’re out of touch.

I believe the life-sustaining
systems are damaged.

What about Paradiso?
What the hell are they doing?

They’re trying all they can,

but they have no communication.

The Navy’s sending a submarine,

the USS Roosevelt,
for the rescue mission.

You need to get down to
the Naval Station right away.

All right, yeah. I’m on my
way there right now, okay?

Damn it!

Captain Riley?

Hi. I’m, Mike Olson.

Thanks for having me aboard, sir.

To tell you the truth,
Doctor, it wasn’t my choice.

Frankly, I’m of the opinion
that Navy submarines

should be the last resort
in a civilian matter.

This is our last resort.

I mean, the lives of
my wife and my friends

solely depend on you.

Somebody here would like
to talk to you.

Ben Stiles, Marine Oceanic Agency.

What can I do for you?

Well, I investigate accidents

on projects that have
government funding.

I believe there’s been
serious violations

of certain rules and regulations.

You guys don’t waste any time?

Well, I’m here to find out if any
safety procedures were breached.

There weren’t.

Well, it says here

that the Oshona was built in ’94.

You’ve had 12 missions,
10 crew members.

And you’ve been the leader
for the last eight years.

So you’ve done your homework.

I always do.

It also says that
the last safety check

performed on the
Oshona was six years ago.

That’s three years past
federal regulations.

Look, two of my friends just died.

Can we talk about this
a little bit later?

Doctor, if this incident proves

to be a result of negligence,

you will be prosecuted.

Hey, I’m gonna need
to sit down and talk to you

about all the details.

Mr. Ridley, prepare to dive.
Maximum depth.

Maximum angle.

Maximum depth.
Maximum angle. Dive.


Jack’s in the water, sir.

Put a lookout on the deck.
Sonar, track him.

Lines have been cut.

By what?

Looks like it was chewed off, sir.

Chewed off?

Are you okay?

Yes. It’s,
my little bambino Francesco.

He has a birthday tomorrow.

Six years.

If, we get out of here,

I get him the biggest present ever.


Status report?

Systems are not responding.

Jenny’s down.
Ventilation’s down.

Pressure stabilizer’s down.

Communications... Down.

I get the picture.

Well, it looks like
our boy is damaged.

It’s just been one
big fuckup, hasn’t it?

Yeah, it has. And what
are you doing about it?

Excuse me?

What are you doing
about repairs, Harvey?

I’ve got Leo on it.

We have interior
and exterior damage.

And Leo’s good,
but he’s only one guy.

Go help him.

Who croaked and left you in charge?

When Mike is off-site,
I run the show.


You know, none of this shit
would’ve happened

if you hadn’t
fucking gone out there.

Harvey, shut the fuck up.

You’re pissing everybody off.

You’re such a lazy bastard.

Okay, I need an atmospheric
composition analysis

of the lab, okay?

I don’t know. I've never seen
behavior like this before.

It’s like they're
a cohesive unit, a school.

Sharks are fish, right?

They swim in schools.

Yeah, but sharks
rarely hunt together,

and when they do
it’s with their own kind.

There’s more than
a dozen species out there.

This is something else.

What’s up?

I’ve got a bad feeling
about these orange particles

that we’ve collected.

There’s nothing like them
on this planet,

unless NASA’s got something
new up their sleeve

we haven’t heard about.

What are you talking about?
Little green men

you’ve been watching on Sci-Fi?

Hey, look.

I’ve taken the readings
three different times.

Each time there’s an increase
in the concentration.

Could it be affecting the sharks?

This stuff could be toxic.

Well, find out what it is, okay?

All right.

Find out what it is, okay?

Son of a bitch.

That’s all that's left of Jack.

No more diving!

Listen, you knucklehead.

There are eight people down
there fighting for their lives.

You go down when I say you go down.


Coast Guard plane is approaching.

It’s about damn time.

Coast Guard, Alpha
One-One, this is the Paradiso.

Do you copy, over?

This is Alpha-One-One, Paradiso.

We copy you.

Alpha One-One, this is the Paradiso.

We need your assistance retrieving
our cables. Do you read? Over.

Paradiso, we copy
you. We’ll do our best.

Jimmy, do you see anything?

I’ve got something.

Man overboard.

Man overboard.
Throw him a line.

Man overboard!

Get a line to that man.

My God.

That bitch thinks
she’s the shit, doesn't she?


I mean, we do all the fuckin’
grunt work around here,

and then she calls us lazy.

Tighten that lug, would you, Leo?

I mean, just look at us.

Here we are, down here,
busting our arses,

while she’s barking her
friggin’ orders up from yonder.

So what’s the damage?

Completely ruptured
oxygen main line. Gone. Poof.

We’re gonna have to turn on
the bloody reserves.


Well, can you do it?

Not without going out there.

That’s a prospect we don’t fancy.

So what do you suggest?

Well, you tell me, Linda.
You’re in charge.

Even a firing squad lets a bloke

have his last fucking
cigarette before he dies.

You’re going out.

Fuck you. I have three kids.

And that’s three more
than you have, Linda.


You know, you’re
a real coward, Harvey.

How many more people
are you willing to sacrifice

in this fucking job?


She can’t make us go outside.


You got something on the Oshona?

No, it looks like another diver

was killed from the Paradiso,

and the Coast Guard’s
reporting one of their men

was killed by these sharks.

Really? That’s...
That’s interesting,

because we’ve been watching
these sharks for weeks now,

and their behavior’s just
become more and more erratic.

What do you think’s
sending ’em into overdrive?

I mean, why are they
behaving so aggressively?

Well, in my ten years, I’ve
never seen anything like it.

Do you think it could have
something to do with your research?

What are you implying,
Mr. Stiles?

What I’m implying is that something
out there awakened these monsters.

Come on.

Gentlemen. Would you take
this conversation someplace else?

Of course.


Janie, where are you?

Open up the stomach here
and see what we’ve got.

All right.

Grab that part and pull it
back a little, would you?

Okay. Sure.

Just right there.

Strip the intestines.

Very good.


Everything looks pretty...
Wait a minute.

There’s... There's something,

What are those?

I don’t know.

No safety checks,

maintenance logs,
seals of inspection,

even all the permits have expired.

What permits?

Building codes, health department,

structural integrity.

We’re talking about
an underwater survey lab here,

not a night club.

I mean, I thought this
was about a shark attack.

That’s all this is.

What’s with all the questions?

You’re an intelligent man, Doctor.

Are you still interested
in your future?

Are you ready to put your
mistakes behind you and move on?

Cut the crap.

Because if you are,

then wouldn’t it be better
to just cut a deal?

What kind of deal?

I’ll take a statement.

You'll resign from the project.

I’ll shut down Oshona.

It’s a no contest plea.

What are you, judge,
jury, and executioner?

Twenty cases, twenty convictions.

Go to hell.

You’re under the impression
that I’m asking you, Doctor.

We’re through here.

You disappoint me.

You okay?

Don’t let that asshole get to ya.

I deal with his type all the time.

It’s just my wife, my entire life,

everything that I care about
is down there.

We got any new information
at all? Anything?

Yeah. Another shark attack,
a beach in Bermuda.


They caught this one, cut it open,

found something kind of strange.

What is it?

Well, nobody knows for sure.

But it’s orange... crystals.

Does that make any sense?

Is there any way you can get
the test results sent over?

I could try.

Thanks, Captain.
Thank you.

My fiancé in San Francisco

begged me to get married
before I came here.

I said as a joke, "Why the rush?

"What are you,
taking a life policy on me?"

I wish we had now.

We’ll get you home.

Approaching Oshona, sir.

Got some pretty high
magnetic readings.


Cannot pinpoint.

Okay. Run thermals.

Switch to visual.

Reduce speed to 12K.

Descent angle of 5

with an 0-4-2 bearing.

Aye, aye, Captain.
Five on the bubble.

No word from the sub?

Last communication was on a VLF band

15 miles south of the main channel.

They were going directly to the lab.

Well, they better hurry,
or they’re all dead.

It came in on the wire.

Four attacks
in the last three hours.

That’s awful.
Not for us it isn’t.

You’ll make the 6:00 news.

Shark. Shark. There!

It’s coming right at us.



Lab results on the shark.

extreme heat resistance.

It’s an unknown substance?

What does it mean?

If I’m not mistaken, sir...

Sir, we got thermal radar images.


Rotating cameras, sir.

Holy Mother.

What exactly were you experimenting
with on the Oshona, Doctor?

Roosevelt, this isOshona.

Roosevelt, do you copy?

Captain, please, that’s my wife.

Hey, Linda. You okay?
This is Mike, honey.

Mike. Thank God.

You all right?
Are you hurt at all?


What about the others?

Mike, it was horrible.

We lost Don and Jake.

I know, honey, I know that.

What’s the status of the Oshona?

Not so good.

Emergency life support
systems are low.

Oxygen reserves are off.

All right.

Look, honey, I want you
to just hold tight.

We’re gonna be there, okay?

Just hang on.

What kind of evac procedures
do you have?

Frankly, none. We’re not equipped
to evacuate an undersea lab.


We have no submersible,
no connect apparatus, Doctor.

We’ll use our mini-sub.

All right. I’ll get the
Roosevelt as close as I can.

The rest is gonna be up to you.


Linda, we’re on our way. I want you
to make sure that everybody is ready.

Okay? We’re coming for you.

Yeah. Please hurry.

Where do you think you’re going?

I told you, you don’t
cooperate, I shut you down.

Like hell you will.

Doctor, I have the
authorization to have the captain

detain you here
if necessary. Is it?

We’ll be back shortly.


Divers? With all
those sharks out there?


Mike, no. Look.
Mike, do you copy?


Come in.

We’re on our way.

Get the hatch ready.

Stiles? Where’d he go?

Stiles, do you copy?
Get back here.

Where the hell’s he going?


What the hell?

No, no flash!

Shit. Shark activity.

They spotted them.

They’re coming back. Swim.

Stiles, come on.
We gotta get outta here.

Come on, get the hatch open.

Get the hatch open!

The diving hatch.

Hurry, hurry, get in.
Get in!

Thank God you’re okay.

I’m okay.
I thought I lost you.

Hey, hey. I’m okay.

What are you thinking?

You want to get us killed?

Hey, I’m sorry.

I was just trying to make a record

of what was going on out there.

Well, it’s bad timing!

Who is this?

He’s an investigator from
the Marine Oceanic Agency.

I’m gonna check the systems,
get changed, okay?

Come on.
Carlo, take care of this jerk.

Buon giorno.
Welcome toOshona.


This is Captain Riley

requesting status
of Dr. Olson and Mr. Stiles.

They made it.


Copy that.
Have the doctor call me

as soon as he gets a chance.

Will do. Thanks,

What’s up?

Hey, look what the cat dragged in.

Yeah, that’s real funny.

Keep it a little bit more, a little
bit more. There you go, Leo.

Now get a wrench on it.

Who’s this chump?

Prick from the MOA,
here to shut us down.

Over my dead body.

This place is beyond condemned.

Hey, you heard the man, Leo.
We’re going home, bro.

Harvey, shut up.

You can’t do this.

We spent ten years
of our life building it.

Just doing my job, lady.

Fuckin’ bureaucrat.
All right, that’s enough.

Okay, we’re evacuating.

It’s not safe here anymore.
That’s it.

Well, don’t we have a choice?

No, we don’t.

All the systems are shot.
We’re leaving.

Vera, I want you to pull
all the backup discs.

Jonas. Pack up any live
cultures, okay?

All the equipment stays.

Wise decision, Doctor.
I knew you’d come through.

All right, why don’t you shut
up, or I’ll have you put in a closet.

Captain, we’ve got a problem.

Fire in the engine room!

Go! Get out of here!
Everybody out!

God damn it!

Put it out!

What is it?

Hydraulics panel just fried.

Switch to auxiliary
and run current checks.

Electrical overload!

Electrical overload!

There’s flooding
in compartments A and B!

Seal the bulkhead!

Now! Now! Now!

Get out of here!

Fire in the engine room!

Move it!

Get out of here!

Everybody, come on!

We have a rupture in the bulkhead.

Everybody out!

We have flooding in
compartments 1, 2, and 4!

Move, move, move!

Get out of here!

Seal it!

We’ve got a rupture in the valve!

What is the repair ETA?

35 minutes, sir.

Oshona, do you copy?

Yeah, go ahead, Captain.
It’s Mike.

We have a problem.

Hydraulics are down,
and we can’t open hatch

for another 35 minutes.

Are you kidding me?

We don’t have 35 minutes'
oxygen supply left.

We have maybe 20 minutes max.

We got reserves.

That’ll give us another 30 minutes.

Yeah, but somebody’s
gotta go out there

and turn the bloody valve on.

Yeah, we know it won’t be Harvey.

Well, fuckin’ A!


Captain, we’re gonna
work something out.

Don’t worry.

Is there a problem here?

He’s a chicken shit.
He won’t go outside.

I am not going out there

with those freakin’ monsters
swimming around, all right?


I’ll do it myself.


Someone’s gotta do it, honey.

Can you at least go get
the submersible ready?


I go, too.

No, please.
Carlo, Carlo, it’s okay.

I can do it myself.

Mike... You need someone to pilot it.

Okay, thanks.

It’s gonna be all right.

I promise.

Look, I’m sorry.

I just didn’t want to go out there.

Anything happens to him,
and I will kill you myself.

Roosevelt, if you
could be on standby,

it’d be much
appreciated. Over.

We’ll do what we can, Oshona.

Mike, you copy?


Lots of interference.

Damn magnetic spikes.

We’re here.

I’m going in.

I’m at the valve hatch.

Got it open.

Sharks. Mike, Carlo, get out!




No! Leo!

Mike! Mike!

Come in! Mike!

Mike, can you hear me?

We’ve got structural
damage to the hull.


Flooding in the lower compartment.

Where’s Mike?

Come on!

I need a damage report.

Mike. Mike, where are you?

Mike! Are you there?

Yeah. Where’s Carlo?

He’s dead.


Mike, listen.
They’re everywhere.

You gotta get back.

I can’t.

There’s too many of 'em.

What can we do?


The sub, Linda.

Get the Roosevelt on the line.


Oshona’s requesting
we launch a torpedo.


Oshona, repeat request.

Mike is trapped

in a reef two o’clock from you.

He needs your help.

Go ahead.

He wants you to fire a torpedo

into the sharks.

I can’t do that, sir.

If you don’t, he'll die.

If we do it, he’ll die.

That’s a Mark Two-B torpedo

with 700 pounds of explosives.

It will obliterate
everything in the area.

Please. Captain,
it’s his only chance.

Oshona, brace yourselves.

Prepare to launch


Coordinates, starboard 2,

9, 5, bearing 3,

4, 2.

Yes, sir.
What’s the target?

Those monsters.

Mike, they’re launching.

Cover yourself.

This is insane!
We could get hit!

Shut the hell up!

500 yards.







Seal that door!


Mike. Mike.

Are you there? Mike?

Mike, if you’re there,

please answer me.

Mike, do you copy?


I’m here. I'm okay.

I’m coming back.

Thank you, Captain.

Thank you.

You’re welcome, Oshona.

Have Dr. Olsen call me
right back?

Copy that.

Mike, what are you...

Hang on.

I see something.

Found something. -

It’s like some kind of a...

crystal. There’s other
ones down here

by a cylinder leaking orange

particles. -

Never seen anything like it.

I’m gonna bring this back.


I’m heading your way.


Mike, they’re coming back.

Get out now!


Are you seeing this?

Yeah. Get inside.

Are you okay?

Of course.

What the hell is that?
- I don’t know.


Go ahead.

We blew our reserves.
We got 10 minutes left.

That’s it.

We’re moving as fast
as we can, doctor.

Sit tight.

You’re the only chance
we got right now.

Where’s Stiles?

Chicken shit took off
when the torpedo hit.

Should I go find him? No, no.

Forget about it.
He’s not going anywhere.

You okay, Harvey?

Everything’s A-O-fucking-K, Mike.

You know, Mike, if it wasn’t
for this stupid bitch here

that you call your wife... Hey, hey.

We wouldn’t be in this
situation! Hey, Harvey!

Chill out, all right?

So what are you gonna
do now, Superman?

How are you gonna get us out
of this fucking situation?

I don’t know!

I’m doing the best
that I can here, Harvey!

Why don’t you go back to your
room and take it easy?

I’ll call you when we need you.

That’s it!

All right, Mike.

All right.

It’s a panic attack, okay?

He’s fine.

Everybody’s fine.

What is this?

I found this down by the cylinder.

I’ve never seen anything like it.

No, I know. I know.

It’s the source of the particles.

It’s amazing.

Jonas has been analyzing it.

Hey, Jonas, get down here.

Coming, Mike.

You got something on this?

Not really, Mike.

But they don’t break down
beyond hydrocarbons.

Have you tried saturating
them in deuterium yet?

Deuterium? No, but...

Deuterium. Of course.


The mini-sub!

You’ve gotta be kidding me!

Harvey, don’t leave me.

What about the rest of us?


God damn it! Come in!

I hear you loud and clear, boss.

Get back here right now!

No can do, boss. No way.

I just can’t take it anymore, man.

I’m just gonna go home.

That’s all I'm gonna do.
I’m just...

Going home.

Over and out.

Fuckin’ hell.

Fuckers are all over the place!

Come on, Harvey!
Get back in here!

Harvey! Come back, Harvey!


Leo, I’m sorry.

You did this to him!

No, he did it to himself!

No, you did! You!


Captain, we lost our transportation.

We’re gonna lose Oshona, aren’t we?

It’s okay, honey.

If we lose it,
we’ll just rebuild it.

When was the last time

anybody saw that prick from the MOA?

He’s vanished.

What’s his deal?

Man, I don’t know,
but something ain’t right.

Hey, Captain, this is Mike.


We’re still working on it, doctor.

I was wondering

if you could put in a call

about Ben Stiles.


His behavior’s strange.

Can you find out who his boss is?

Will do.

Thanks, Captain.

All right. Let’s find Stiles.

My God.

Hey, Stiles! You down here?

Come on.

Hey, Vera. You and Simona, why
don’t you check the galley?

We’re gonna check the crew quarters.

We’ll meet back in the control room,

but make it fast, okay?


Go ahead, Jonas.

You were right.

They’re hydrogen isotopes.

Charged with thermal neutrons.

It’s cold fusion fuel.

Stable, too.
I’m telling you,

there’s nothing like it
on earth. Nothing.

Are you positive?

You’re positive about these results?

It boils at...

0 degrees Celsius,

and has a 2,000-to-one
conversion ratio.

Mike, you gotta come see this.

Yeah, I’m on my way, right now.

Is that even possible?

Yeah, only if it’s from outer space.

Over there is fine, Leo.




Son of a bitch!

Who did this?

I don’t know.

M-Maybe Leo.

But why would he do that?



It’s all right.

Jonas is dead.


Yeah, someone killed him.

My God.

Why is this happening?

Oshona, Oshona, copy.

Yeah, Captain. It’s Mike.

Repairs are done.

We leave in ten minutes.

Okay, good.

Doctor, you alone?

You can talk right now.

I just called the MOA.

They have no record of a

Ben Stiles there.

My, my.

I guess we’re all
a little bit jumpy.

What’s he been telling you about me?

That you’re a lying sack of shit!

What are you with, CIA?

MJ-12, actually.

What the hell is that?

Defense Intelligence Agency.

This guy’s fucking black ops!

I thought he was here to help us.

No. No, he’s here
to kill us.

Really, Doctor.

I tried to talk to you,

tried to convince you
to abandon this foolishness,

but you wouldn’t listen.

Now everybody pays.

I hope I have your attention now.

Yeah. Yeah.

No one does anything without
my permission. Understood?

Why are you doing this?

Unfortunately, you guys stumbled

into a restricted area.

You should never have come here.

Now you’re a problem.

You don’t own the goddamn ocean!

We own whatever we want,

especially if it has to do
with national security.

That’s my job.

What, murder?

Such a nasty way of putting it.

What, you’re after the cylinder?

Hey, congratulations, you did it.

The biggest discovery ever made.

Cold fusion.

Enough energy to power the world

for the next 500 years.

And it just dropped out of heaven,

five years ago.

So why didn’t you get it
back then? Why now?

Because we couldn’t find it.

You idiots stumbled across it

and triggered a beacon
that shot into outer space.

Okay, you got your prize.

Now let us go!

I’m sorry, I can't do that.

If the rest of the world found out,

we’d have to share.

That’s not really in the best
interest of national security.

So, what, you’re gonna
kill all of us?


He’s sociopathic, he’s not suicidal,

and he knows he needs one
of us to get out of here,

and that’s not gonna happen!

Hey, you know, I’d really
love to chit-chat,

but I don’t have the time.

He is right, though.
I am gonna have to take

one of you with me.

No, please don’t.

How about...

you, you son of a bitch?

Go! Go!

Simona, come on!

Damn it, Simona!


Let’s go.

You’re my ticket out of here.

You’re gonna open the hatch.


Come on!

I don’t know how to operate it!

I swear it!

Then what good are you?

Get in there!

Useless bitch.

My God!
My God!


You stupid bitch.

Stay right there, scumbag.

That’s a standard HK.

I swear to God I’ll shoot.

It’s a 30-round clip.

You should have been counting.

Yeah, you’d better run!

’Cause I'm coming looking!



My God. My God.

Come out, come out,
wherever you are.

Don’t make me come and find you.

You have two choices.

And one of them’s wrong.

There you are.

Get over here.

You killed her, you bastard.

Well, she was using up
too much oxygen.

Now get over here.

And if you ever make me
look for you again,

I swear to God I’ll kill you!

Let’s go.

Linda, get out of here!

Linda, go, God damn it!

Oshona, do you copy?

Answer me, answer me.

Come on.

Sir, we’re receiving orders
from Admiral Baines

to void the area immediately.

Anything from Oshona?

No, sir.

Just the magnetic
spike readings now.


You okay? You okay?

Yeah, I’m all right.

God, Mike.
They’re all dead.

I know, I know.

Come on.

Come on, we’ve gotta
get wet suits on.

Come on, let’s get out of here.


Damn it.

Help me.

Come on.


Come on!

It’s no use.

There must be another way.

We’re dead in the water.

Sir, these magnetic fields
are frying our boards.

We need to get out fast.

I know, I know.

Radio the admiral.

Tell him we’re surfacing.

Sir, I’ve got something else.

Sounds like Oshona
is taking on water.

God help them.

I’ll try it again.

Come on, come on.

Come on.

We’ve gotta find a way

to let them know we’re not dead.

They’re probably gone.

20 degrees, on the bubble.

Maximum thrust.

Aye, aye, sir.
On the bubble.

20 degrees.

Hear that?

They’re leaving us.

They’re gonna goddamn leave us.

Maybe they’ll... Maybe they’re hear...

Hear this.

Are you sure it wasn’t
whales or dolphins?

Whales can’t spell.



I love you.

I’m so sorry.

You have nothing to be
sorry about, okay?


I only just realized
how wrong my life has gone.

I should have listened to you.

Don’t say that, honey.

Don’t say that.

Yeah, but...

We could have lived anywhere,

and we could have had
a beautiful family together.

I just wish we had a chance
to do it all over again.



I don’t regret a thing.

You understand that?
Not one thing.

Not one moment.

Ever since I laid eyes on you,

I was... I was thinking,

"That’s the most beautiful
girl I’ve ever seen."

I’ve loved you ever since.

I love you.

Just get some rest, all right?

Just get some rest, okay?

We’ll be together
in the next lifetime.

I promise.

They’re gone.

I’m sorry, sir.

Crew of the Roosevelt.

This is the captain.

Today has brought a sudden
and terrible tragedy.

The Oshona is lost.

There are no survivors.

Please keep them in your prayers.

God bless them.

Must be just my imagination.


I’ve got somebody pounding
on the outside hatch.

Cut the engines.

Engine room,
cut the engines. Now!


It’s all right.

It’s my wife!

All right, move back!

Come on.

God no. No, please.

God. Come on.

God. God.

She’s coming around.

I thought I lost you, baby.

I thought I lost you.

You’re all right.

How are we?

Captain, did you see it?

See what?

The spaceship?

It came down through the ocean.

It was huge.

The aliens came out from...
From underneath it,

and the sharks were
swimming around them.

In fact, that’s what it was.

The sharks were
protecting the cylinder.




Get some rest, Doctor.

I don’t think he believes me.

It’s okay, Mike.
I believe you.