Raging Rose (2015) - full transcript

Jozef, a Polish man in his fifties, arrives in France not only to work in construction, but also to find his son Roman whom he had abandoned fifteen years earlier. He goes to Rose, the construction foreman's daughter to help him in his search. But this lost adolescent ends up falling hopelessly in love with Roman, and uses the information about the lost son for her own quest for Roman.



You just had to hit record!
Where's your respect?

Just a minute.

- Is someone there?
- Rose, this is Jozef.

He's going to redo the ground floor.

Can you do a heated floor?

What the hell?

You're getting it everywhere!

- You have to prep your workspace.
- I'll clean up.

Get a tarp while you're at the store.

I'll speak to his wife.

He won't take it to court, I know him.

He said that?

Serious injuries?

He's gotta be kidding!

Offer 10,000.

No higher than 20.

I gotta go. I'm busy.

It's disgusting to buy people's silence.

I have to go buy some washers.

You want to come?

No, just drop me off.

What's wrong?

You've never seen
someone drink before?

Do you speak Polish?

I left the keys inside.

Do you know a boy named Roman?

Roman Radzinski?

About your age.

No clue.

He goes to your school.

Sorry, dunno.

The water company called.
They waited for you all afternoon!

I'm talking to you!

I know 15 guys who'd love your job!

Go to your room, please.

Go, I'll be right up!

What've you been doing all day?

It's my fault.

What do you mean, honey?

I forgot he was here
and I double-locked the door,

so he got stuck inside.

Why didn't you say anything?

Look how you treat him,
he's afraid to answer!

You can just stay late...

Make up for the lost time.

- Which one is he again?
- The tall one.

- You sure it's him?
- Yeah, he's friends with my brother.

Roman Radzinski...

Cute, but what a jerk.

You know what he told me?

"You've got a nice smile."
Then he tried to kiss me.

I probably should've let him.

He's hot.

Yeah, he's alright.

Everything OK?

How's school?

You need something?

I'm good.

By the way,

thanks for yesterday.

It's nothing. He's got a short fuse.

- I'm gonna get one too.
- Really?

It's awesome, right?

What happened there?

- Where?
- On your thigh.

Oh, that's nothing.

Did you hurt yourself?

No, my...

My father hit me with his belt...

Once when I was defending my mother.

Know what, screw running.
Let's hide in the bushes, OK?

Stop, we're gonna get caught!

Let's go!


Let's hang out with them.

Wait, they're vocational students.

Come on.


- You're not running, either?
- It's not our thing.

C'mon, hurry up.


It's for sharing, the beer.

Don't, my uncle died that way.
He burped so hard...

He choked on his own vomit.

What an awful story.

Good to the last drop.

Look how ugly that guy is.

Looks like Stripe from Gremlins!

Someone's looking for you.

Oh yeah?

Someone's looking for you too.

You've got a nice smile.

No, I'd rather not.

Looking for someone?

No, that's OK.


How long since you've seen your son?


15 years.

Why didn't you come back sooner?

I couldn't.

My father can't handle us,
so we have to go back to our mom's.

Is that what you want?

I saw Roman.


You don't even know who he is.

I asked around.

- Where'd you see him?
- In front of school.

Are you sure?
Maybe you made a mistake?

You don't hear the name
Roman Radzinski every day.

What's he like?

What do you mean?

Is he a nice guy?


I don't really know.
He's mainly the friend of a friend.

Is he a good student?

He got held back.

Does he know you're here?

His mother doesn't want me to see him.

And at the school?

I don't know what he looks like.

I can point him out to you.

After school today.

I can introduce you.

If I write him a letter,

will you correct it?





What do you want?

- Nothing...
- OK, then.

Hey, turd!

What's up?

Rose! Dinner!

We're waiting. Are you coming?

Is something wrong, honey?

Come eat.

- It's getting cold.
- OK, I'm coming.

What's wrong?

You know you can talk to me.

You never tell me anything.

You know I'm here for you.

Is it about a boy?

It's fine, I'm coming.

I'm coming!

I already ate.

I'll make you something.

It's gonna be so yummy.

I'll make you pickles,

with lettuce,

soup and fries.

You're too old for tea parties.

No, maybe you're too old.

Hand me the glass.


It's orange juice.

Yum, it's so good!

Drink it for real.


It's just orange juice.

Drink it!

I don't want to.

You can't even drink some juice?

C'mon! Drink it!

It's gross. You'll pay for this.

Why'd you drink it, dumbass?

She made me drink poison!

It's not true!

I told her not to!


Hold still.

You know, when I was little
and still living on Belair Street...

Well, my father once locked me
in the basement.

But for, like, several days.

Maybe even a week.

In the dark, you lose track of time.

And at the end, well,
I had to drink my own piss.

I don't believe you.


if you


to come

see me



you can.

Ok, and then?

Then we'll see.

No, then what do I write?

I'd like to speak to you, man to man.

I have trouble with the verb chcieć.

You're doing just fine.

I'd like to...

And what's the name of your town?



You lied. You speak Polish!

A little.

It's the diminut...


I'd like you...

to read it in Polish.

With all the "sz" and "dz"...

OK. Good.

I'll deliver it, if you want.

No, I'm going to mail it.

Whatever you want.

Still, his mom could find it first.

It's for you.
I see him every day, it's easier.


Give it to him.

Hey, nice BMX!


Can we borrow it to go the store?

- I need it.
- It's nearby!

- Why are you here?
- I need it.

Lend us your BMX. We won't steal it.

- Let go!
- It's rusty anyway.

Get off!

It's Salvation Army,
just like your clothes!

- I'm leaving.
- Yeah, get lost!

Can we talk? It's important.

If it's about last time,
it meant nothing.

I felt like it, now I don't.
End of story.



I was thinking...

No, forget it.

- I have something to tell you.
- Then spit it out!

- Not here, can we go to yours?
- No way.

I promise it'll be interesting.

Tell me now or get lost, OK?

Let's go to the park, it's nearby.


OK, fine!

I'll tell you.

I know your dad, Jozef Radzinski.
He's Polish and works at my house.

You're just a ho
who'll do anything for attention.

- Come see if you want.
- My dad's dead.

I swear it's true.

He wrote you a letter.


Liar! My dad's dead!

Did you give it to him?

No, I haven't seen him in a while.

You said it would be easy.

Yeah, but he's been absent a lot.

Nevermind, give me the letter.
I'll take care of it.

I'll see him at a party tomorrow.

So I can give it to him then.


I love this.

This song...

It's as old as I am.

I can't dance.

Just let go.


It's a love song.

When's his birthday?

When was Roman born?

January 13th, 1997.

And where was he born?

At the Hospital...

Yves Le Foll.


I was just curious.

Where did you meet his mother?

At the shopping mall.

Claudine was a sales woman there.

Then what happened?

I never really felt at home here.

One day, I took the bus after work,

and I never came back.

So you abandoned them.

It's more complicated than that.

I have a family in Poland.

What would your wife say
if Roman showed up?

She doesn't know?

I'll visit him,

he'll visit me.

What more can I do?

You sure he'll be there?

Can you ask your brother?

We have to be sure.

What are you gonna wear?

Gotta go.

See you later.

You're supposed to watch me.

You're a big girl.

What do I tell him
when he gets home?

I don't care, figure it out.

Tell him whatever.

Just tell him the truth.

He's an asshole anyway.

Use my make-up if you want.

Come on.

Look what Ludo gave me.

What is it?

C'mon, let's try.

No, I really don't feel like it.

Come on!

No, I mean it.

You dropped some coke on the floor.



He snorted cat litter!

- Ever had a Bazooka?
- No, what's that?

It's Pastis & Cola. It's so good.

I like Martinis better.
Dry, preferably.

- Fascinating conversation.
- What's the midget's problem?

I'm getting drinks. Want one?

A peppermint schnapps.

Scared you!

Your birthday's January 13th.

Excuse me?

- Your dad told me.
- Shut up or I'll smack you!

You were born at Yves le Foll Hospital.

Your mom's Claudine...

She works at a shopping mall.

Who have you been talking to?

Your father, I told you.

Stop stalking me, psycho.

What? You're creeping me out.

You OK?

Wanna fuck?

Want a blowjob?

Stop it!

Did you just piss yourself?


Undress, you'll feel better.

No big deal. It happens.

I never want to see him again.

Want an herbal tea?

You played this piece, didn't you?

Last year,

or the year before that.

The Mozart was 2 years ago, dad.

I'll drop you off.
I've got an errand to run.

I'll come with you.

It's just to the hardware store.

It's cool.
This way, we can spend time together.

Goddamn pervert!

Did you give him the letter?

You scared me.

Did you give it to him?


I have homework to do.


You're avoiding me, why?

I'm not, I gave it to him at the party.

You're hiding something.

- Let me through.
- No, tell me.

You mean nothing to him.

I didn't wanna tell you.
He doesn't want to see you.

His father's dead to him.

I don't believe you. You're lying.

Let me through!

What did he say?

- Let me through!
- Tell me.

- Let me go!
- Tell me!

Who'd want a father like you?

You're afraid to even see him.

So you send a girl instead!

Because you're a chicken shit!

Leave her alone.

Get your stuff and get out!

What'd you do, dad? Are you stupid?

Watch your tone.

No one's home!


What do you want?

You're even more handsome

than I imagined.

You got a problem?

It's me...





Your mother

never told you about me?

My mother's not here.

Yeah, but I came to see you.

What do you want?

It's me, Józek.

Bullshit, my father's dead!

Get lost, enough!

I don't have a father!


Just like yours.

Same last name.

Hey! Are you done here?

Knock it off or I'll call the police!

Everything's fine.

Just fine.

It's me. Did I wake you?

Yeah, I'm done.

I'm coming home.

How do you know my father?

How do you know him?

I don't.

Don't mess with me!

Tell me where he is.

I made it all up!

Tell me, I need to know.
What do you want?

Where does he live?

- Say "I love you."
- What?

Say "I love you" right now.

- Stop playing around.
- Have it your way.


I love you.

That won't cut it.

- Got any cash?
- What?

- Got any money?
- What for?

'Cause I want some.

- You don't need it.
- It's up to you.

Alright, come on!

- I've got 20 bucks.
- No, 200.

- I don't have that much.
- Not my problem.

- What did he want?
- He's still in love with me.

Have you lost your mind?

I just spoke with the Principal.

Got anything to say to me?

Do you know what he said?

I know everything.

You tell everyone I hit you!

Are you insane or something?

What were you thinking?

I've had enough of your crap!

What did you do?

What do you mean?

What did you say?

I just wanted to help.

Are you a fucking idiot?

You said he...

I never said anything!

Are you nuts?

Because ultimately when Aragon
was writing to Elsa Triolet,

he was writing to all of France.

His letters were a mix of courtly love
and commitment to a cause.

We discussed this:
the Resistance, Communism, feminism...


I don't have any money.

I don't want your money.

- What's up?
- Not much, you?

Are you on a date?

This is more or less your dad's letter.

I memorized it.

Should I get rid of her?

My dad said
he went back to Poland.

Take a hike.

Move your ass!

Do what you want with it.

A love letter?


Turn it back on.

What do you want?

Go home!

- Whaddya think you're doing?
- Coming with you.


Get lost!


- I'm leaving! Scram!
- To Poland? Me too.

- I speak Polish. I can help.
- Did you hear what I said?

Have a drink!

No, thank you.

Hey, leave her alone!

What's going on?

Just some asshole.

Hey, look!

Shut up, I'm sleeping.

Should I ring?

Hold on, I'll do it.

No one's home.

Truth or dare?


Would you rather your dad
actually be dead?

2 beers please, 1 with raspberry syrup.

Coming right up.

What was it like thinking he was dead?

I dunno, it was easier.

I could imagine him however I wanted.

Plus, he seems like a hick.

Why do you say that?

Have you seen his face?

Truth or dare?


You love me?

Not anymore.

I care about you, but...

But what?

I know nothing will happen between us.


I just do.

Truth or dare?


Steal that guy's cigarettes.

He's a tank!

You have to admit I helped.

Truth or dare?


Show me your bra.

Show me your bra.

I wanna see it.

We're in public.

What's the pattern? Little flowers?


I didn't have time to see.

Truth or dare?


How many girls have you slept with?

Want me to do it?

Want a pączek?

A what?

Try one, it's really good.
I got apples, too.

I'm going. Wait here.

I'm coming.

No, I'm going alone.
Wait here.

But I can help!

This doesn't concern you.

I know him.

It's not your life.

Sleeping together
doesn't make you part of my life.

I never asked you to come.

Rose, come back!

Don't forget, 7 o'clock sharp!

- Want a smoke?
- Why not?

- I went to see him.
- Got a light?

I saw him...


I got that part.

So you're not interested?

Go on.

Well, it was cool.

We did lots of stuff.
We went fishing and everything.

Father-son stuff, you know?

Awesome. Sounds cool.

- You still have it?
- What?

- On your forehead.
- Oh, that's nothing.

It's a souvenir.

- What are you up to?
- Why?

Right now, what are you up to?

Why do you ask?

Just curious.

Wanna play foosball at The Ambiance?

I can't. Flute lessons.

I gotta go.

Next time, then.

We'll see. Talk soon.