Raging Phoenix (2009) - full transcript

A violent gang is abducting and killing women around Thailand. Sanim and his friends, having had loved ones abducted, have joined together to break the gang of kidnappers. In a botched kidnap attempt, Deu is saved by Sanim's crew. After learning their unique martial arts style, Deu helps lure the gang into an epic battle to save the women across Thailand.

There's a problem
with the accounts over here.

l can't tell you when l'll be back.

lt won't be long.

Probably a month or two.

I've got to find the rat
who cheated us.

It's upsetting just to taIk about it.

You stay there and wait for me.

Can you Iive aIone?

I reaIIy tried to find someone
to stay over.

I'm so busy over here.

Okay, then, that's it.
I've got a meeting to go to.

-Bye, Mom.


Where the heII are you?

Do you stiII want to be
in the band, huh?

Yeah, l'm on the way.
l'm going now.

Just hurry up.

Bastard! You lied to me again!

Why did you lie to me?


Raging Phoenix


l got fooled again.

And l got kicked out of the band, too.

How are you today?

When are you taking me up there
with you?

lt's pretty damn lonely down here.


Are there any more good men
in this damn world?

Why haven't l met one?

l'm here. l'm here.

Easy there.

Are you okay?

l'm fine. l'm okay.
No. No. No.

Drinking is not good.

Shit! Did you punch me?

You bitch!

What are you doing?
This girl is for Jaguar.

Let go of me.
l'm going to kill this bitch.

-This girl is for Jaguar.
-l'm going to kill her.

-You bitch.

-Don't damage the goods.
-You bitch.

What the hell?

She's dead.

Quickly. Hurry up.

Where did they go?

Hello. We got robbed.

That way!



You got that right, Dog.

People don't know how good l am.

Don't let me see the bastards
who killed your wife.

Don't let me see them.

l'll kick their asses.
l'll beat them up bad.

l'm good now.
l can beat them now.

Hey, Pig. Look who's here.

Let her come.

Come on. l'm not afraid.

l'm vengeful.

l'm really vengeful.

l'm mad. . .

Hey, you.

Aha. She's got some skills.

She moves like the wind.

Behave like a gentleman.

Sawadee ka.

What happened this morning?

Who were these guys?
Why did you help me?

What are we doing here?

Aren't you injured?

How's your wound?

Can't you hear me?

Oh, you're here already?

Your buddies here
have been tired of waiting for you.

Don't you come near me.
Aren't you afraid of me?

l can bite.

l'm vengeful.

l'm really vengeful.

Hey, why am l so freaking drunk?


Pig is drunk.
Let's brawl with Dog.



Let me go! Let me go! Let me go!

Don't! Let me go!

You killed the sniffer
of the Jaguar Gang.

You won't get out of here alive.

What's the passcode?


lf Sanim didn't help you last night,

you would've been
among these girls.

Her sister was taken
to another location.

Please rescue her.

lt's called "Meyraiyuth" --
drunken fighting technique.

Why do you want to learn?

lt looks cool. l just want to learn.
Any problem?

What do you think it is?

This is not just for fun.

You promised.
You can't take it back.

Do you really want to learn?

l give in. l give in.

-Okay. You win.
-You are a damn mean girl.

Okay. We two will teach you
the drunken part.

Sanim, you teach her
the fighting part.

Don't you argue with me.

You brought her here.

-l just. . .
-Stop. Shut up.

l just. . .

The secret of this
fighting technique is. . .

-You drink. You get drunk.
-When you're drunk, you don't think.

-When you don't think. . .
-You just give them hell.

l swear to kick your asses later.

-Oh? When you're drunk.
-You're formless.

-No thinking forward.
-Nor backward.

You could kick or punch.



That's the trick of the technique.



-Kaoliang Hsiang.

-Kumis. Sake.

-Elephant Stomping.
-Stingray Shaking.

-Wild Horse Galloping.
-Lady Shivering.

-Bed Crushing.
-Tiger Leaping.

King Cobra.

-Extreme Bliss.
-Eternal Hard-On.

What's this?

Hey, hey, wait a minute, man.

That's an extremely rare
ancient liquor.

lt's got the sweetest smell.

Hey, it's called "stinky booze."

lt'll sharpen your eyesight.

But no one dares drinking it.

Even macho men like us.

Pigshit! Dogshit!

That's not funny.

What are you staring at?

Are you hitting on me?

Physical condition, passed.

lntelligence, passed.

lll-tempered, impatient, arrogant.


lf you think you can punch me,
try it.

That's my business.

Do you want to teach me?

What the hell.

The key ingredient in any liquor
is alcohol.

lt gives you high energy,
but the body. . .

Human body can't burn off alcohol.

lt goes to the vein
and straight to the brain.

And you're drunk.

The rest goes to the liver.

ln the end, you get cirrhosis and die.

l've learned all of this.

The master who invented Meyraiyuth
tried to find the way

to use the energy
created by alcohol.



l'll get you.

Don't do it again.

Why not?

l saved the girls, didn't l?
What's wrong with that?

They kidnapped those girls
to sell to the whorehouse.

They were lucky l rescued them.
What did l do wrong?

You've never faced the real deal.

Don't be so arrogant.


Say it again.
How was l arrogant?

Take back your words.

Your arrogance is why everybody
keeps leaving you.

That's too much!
Hey! You've crossed the line!

Sanim! Let's settle this with a fight!
lf l lose, l'll do everything you ask!

l'll fight only when you say so.

-But if you lose. . .
-lf l lose, you do whatever you want.


Let me go.

Where? When?

Right here.

A minute ago.

-Aha. Admit your defeat.
-Give it back!

This must mean a lot to you.

You've disappeared
for several days.

Deu, listen to me.

Sorry, l'm late.

Why don't you come tomorrow?

Go talk to her.



l'll kill you all!

-Give me back my wife!
-Hey, what's his problem?

l pity him. He's just like me.

His wife was kidnapped.

Give me back Pie!

He has a great body.
l think he could be trained.

lt has been four years already.

What do you think
has happened to Pie?

l'm a little luckier.

At least l got to see
my wife's dead body.

So l live to take revenge.

But at least l have Pig.

Such a foolish brother to leave
everything to take care of me.

He said, he doesn't want me
to live alone.

But Sanim. . .

He doesn't have anyone else.

Are you still able to get upset
with him?

Take this as my apology.

lt's torn.

l'll help fix it.

lf Pie ever sees this in the future,
l'll tell her l fixed it.

You're afraid she might get jealous?

No. l want to tell her
l did it for her.

Whenever l did something for her,
she'd kiss me on the cheek.

You can say whatever you want.

lf you hadn't helped me that day,
l would've been. . .


Pigshit! Dogshit!


Our goaI is to find the Jaguar Gang.

Destroy them and rescue Pie.

When we met you,
we knew immediateIy

that you were the type of goods
that Jaguar wants.

You were supposed to get kidnapped
and soId to the Jaguar Gang.

All we had to do
was foIIow your kidnappers

and they wouId take us
to Jaguar's Iair.

But something went wrong.

So Deu was not delivered
to the Jaguar Gang.

The only way to penetrate
the Jaguar Gang

is sending her in directly as bait.

lt's too risky.
lt's like sending her to die.

-Or we could train her.
-The same way we trained you.


Your girl, Deu, must learn
the art of Meyraiyuth.

So you entered the worId
of Meyraiyuth.

You did very weII untiI...

...you went to rescue those girIs.

ActuaIIy, you didn't do
anything wrong.

But it shows your weakness.

Deu isn't tough enough mentally.

Her heart is too fragile.

She needs to pass another test.

Who wants to give her a test?

lt's bad enough to use her as bait.

You want to beat her up
just to prove your point?

l can't do it.

l'll do it.

lf she's not up to the task, she will
not get us to the Jaguar Gang.

Everything l've done for years
will be for nothing.

l can't let that happen.

He is BuIIshit.

His sister was kidnapped, raped,
and soId for her organs.

The rage from his Ioss
caused him to go baIIistic.

That's enough. That's enough.

Whatever it is.

You faiIed the test.

We have to cut you Ioose.

lt might be cruel for you.
But it was cruel for us, too.

We don't think you'II forgive us.

But we hope that you understand us.

Just forget everything.

From now on,
we wiII never meet again.


l got fooled again.
l got fooled again.

Why do you come back?

-ls Sanim here?
-He's not here.

Go back where you came from.

Pigshit and Dogshit are not here?



So there's no one to stop me
like last time.

My heart belongs to me.

lt doesn't matter
if it's fragile or not.

Don't ever dare to judge my feelings.

Now l've passed the test.

Go tell Sanim to come
running back to me.

Are you serious, Bull?

l'm going to puke just for sniffing.

Take this as our apology.

l'm sorry about your sister.

How are you doing?

l'm still alive.

l'm sorry.

Why are you apologizing?

You didn't do nothing wrong.

Can l ask you something?

-Why was l able to. . .?
-Defeat me?

Where's the heart of Meyraiyuth?

-Being drunk.
-lt's pain.

Being drunk is just the channel
that transforms your pain into power.

The more you suffer,
the more you get drunk.

That's the heart and soul
of Meyraiyuth.

So, it means. . .

The happy ones will never master
the art of Meyraiyuth.

Sorry, kid. But your life is
as miserable as ours.

lf you've decided not to help,
no one could blame you.


lf l were an alcoholic drink,
what kind of drink would l be?

Sweet pepper drink.
Hot and sweet.

Anyone near you would get drunk
without knowing it.

How about Pie?
What kind of drink would she be?

Pie contains no alcohol.

She is pure water.

Do you really believe
she is still alive?


l know what you're thinking.

Get over it.
You won't get what you want.

l won't get what l want?

That's fine.

l never got anything
l wanted anyway.

But at least. . .

. . .l know that this time
l haven't fallen for the wrong guy.

How many guys in this world
live to love only one woman?

There are two of them.

Sanim and me.

You snakehead fish!
Go back to your hole!

The Jaguar Gang
is no ordinary gang.

Other gangs,
they kidnap rich people,

sell human beings
or sell human organs.

But these guys,
they don't care for rich or poor.

They only look for special targets.

Other gangs work for them, too.

Any kidnapped special targets
will be sold to the Jaguar Gang.

These sons of bitches,
they've got loads of money.

Special targets?

People like you, like Pie,
get their attention.

They use these people
to produce an expensive perfume.

Not just expensive,
but filthy expensive.



What does it have to do with me?

Because the perfume comes
from human beings.

ln our body, there's a substance
called "pheromone."

Have you heard about it,


Pheromone works
without your awareness.

Each person's pheromone
is different.

ln reality, it's just
a natural substance, nothing more.

But Jaguar developed
a method to extract. . .

. . .and turn it into a perfume.

A very special perfume.

Anyone who gets a sniff
will be spellbound, addicted to it,

and will be addicted to sex.

lt's like a toy for rich people.

-And you said that l. . .

You possess that special substance.

That's why we chose you.

Hey, you haven't been extracted yet.

lt needs someone
with an extraordinary smelling sense,

a sniffer.

Yes, it's me.

l used to be a sniffer for the police.

My work led to the arrest
of many of them.

So they sent someone
to kill my wife.

But the police haven't been able
to catch any of these bastards.

So my brother and l took matters
into our own hands.

l'm sorry about your wife.

But there's something l wonder.

What kind of smell am l?

Do l make people sex addicts?


How would l know?

l never used it.
Just go ask them.

lt's a "no way out" plan.

There's more than one of them.

Nobody knows what they look like.

Your job is to go out and wait.

Could be days or months.
Who knows.

As soon as they're in the area. . .

. . .they'll recognize your smell.

They'll surely get you.



-Where's Deu?
-They took her away.

They knew she was bait,
but they took her anyway.

Shit. Where's Sanim?

Let them take her.

I'II foIIow them to their Iair.

Rescue Deu and Pie.

I'II destroy their ceII.

No one wiII have to suffer
because of them again.

Look who we have here.

The groom from four years ago.

Sanim! Sanim!

Hey! Sanim!

Shit. Sanim screwed it.


Because the perfume
comes from human beings.

In our body, there's a substance
caIIed "pheromone."

Jaguar believes
that the best quaIity pheromone

comes from tears of sorrow.

Many girIs have been kidnapped

and forced to produce tears

which are then extracted
into a perfume.

Perfume of tears.

Damn. lt's freaking stinky in here.

-What's up?
-Time to die.

Go rescue Pie first.

Welcome to the garden of flowers.

Their tears are the pollen,
so fragrant beyond description.

You are one of them.
Don't you know how rare you are?

As rare as my favorite bride.


The penalty for stealing my flower
is death.


Pie! Pie!







l can't hold on anymore!

Let me go.

l won't.

-Let me go!
-l won't!

l didn't come here to let you die!

l want you to spend your life
with Pie!

l know.

Thank you.

How the hell
could you come here to die?


You can't help both of us.

Take care of Pie for me.

Sanim! Sanim!

Sanim! Sanim! Sanim!


Where's the heart of Meyraiyuth?

It's pain.

The more you suffer,
the more you get drunk.

That's the heart and souI
of Meyraiyuth.


Where are you?

You see? lt's over!

-l did it.
-My girl. My girl.


Today is my wedding day.

l'm the bride.

Sanim is my groom.

Have you seen Sanim?

Why hasn't he come?

ls Sanim here?

Has anyone seen Sanim?

Why hasn't he come?