Rage of Honor (1987) - full transcript

Tanaka, a DEA agent, and his partner Ray are after a bunch of drug dealers. But they are betrayed by an insider and Ray is killed. Tanaka follows the culprit, a sadistic drug lord, down to Argentina.


U.S. Drug Investigation Bureau!
Party is over!


Some party.
We hit the mother load this time!

Sure did.

Yeah, you're lucky.
We get to go back to Phoenix with him.

- Lucky man.
- Here we go.

Who the bloody hell's idea was this?

- Mine.
- You again.

You know I should be contacted
about stuff like this. That is procedure!

You know, Mr. Sterling,
we're working the streets.

We really don't have time
for bureaucratic bullshit!

That's fine.

But you don't make
the decisions around here.

I do.

And your special skills
don't entitle you to ignore regulations!


You don't have to deal with
the Buenos Aires authorities. I do!

And who accounts for all this
when it hits the streets?

Shiro, they're lovely!

Know how I know you really love me?

First of all,
you actually took a night off...

and then you even wore this.

Only for you, Jen.

Check it out!


Joel, it's Ray. 2214?

Tetra Imports? All right, I'll give it a

This is Shiro Tanaka. I am out right now.

But please leave a message.

Yeah, it's Ray, old buddy.
Checking in from Tetra Imports.

Maybe you should take up
a new line of work.

You'd like that.

It would solve our problem.

- You're not jealous.
- Not tonight.

Tonight, I have you all to myself.

And I intend to make the most of it.

Hey, slow down! Take it easy.

Save him for Havlock!




It's my father's watch.
It's beautiful, isn't it?

Where is he?


- Your partner, the Oriental.
- He came alone.

- I want him.
- He took the night off.

You're lying.


I want you to undress.

Ray, I told you not to mess with my boys.

I told you in Argentina.

We have a leak.

I want the name.

It's a nice picture.

Drug Investigation Bureau.

Come on, Ray.

You're not going to act stupid with me now,
are you?

You see my boys here?

When it comes to pain...

they are a little soft.

I have to tell you the truth, though.

I'm different.

I like pain.

That is, I love inflicting it.

So if you don't start talking right away...

and let it all flow out evenly...

you'll be helping me to enjoy myself.

You do understand, don't you?

Shiro, this is Ray,
checking in from Tetra Imports.

This could be a stash house
for our Arizona connection.

Sorry to do this, buddy,
but I might need some help.

Shiro, please, not tonight.

Jennifer, Ray is onto something.

I got to go. I'm sorry.


Oh, God! Ray!

Who did it, Ray?

Who did it?

Big guy...

- late 20s, long hair.
- Ray.

I'll get that bastard for you, Ray...

...if it's the last thing I do!

Two down, one to go, my friend!

OK, I'll cable Buenos Aires
with your arrival time.

- Down here lucked out.
- Lucky break nobody was in here.

- Let's check back upstairs.
- All right.

Bob. Bob, wake up.

All right, all right!

In the middle of the bloody night!

- Who is it?
- Open up!

What the hell happened to you?

- Ray is dead.
- Ray?

Jesus! What happened?

What happened?

They bugged us.

A stash house on Broadway.

Ray was onto something
before they blew up the evidence.

How do you know that?

The tip came from
our department switchboard.

Someone inside set him up.

No, that's impossible.

What the hell got into Ray anyway,
working alone like that?

Damned stupid way to get himself killed.
That's why we have procedures.

- Bureaucratic bullshit!
- None of this...

I don't believe this!

Ray was worked over, but he didn't talk.

Ray was our buddy!

I care as much about Ray as you do.


I've got information on that animal.

His name is Havlock.

He's on his way to Argentina.

- I need your authorization.
- For what?

To go there.

When I come back here, I promise you...

you'll know the traitor's name.

You're looking for revenge.

No, just honor.

You're not going
on any wild-goose-chasing vendetta!

I'll take care of things here
through the proper channels.

Don't try to stop me, Sterling!

You're stopped!

Now that's an order.

Take two weeks off.

But make sure I get a report
before you leave!

I quit!

I have to run.

And you will bring these lovely creatures
to my party.

See you tonight. Ciao.

- You're double-crossing me, Harry!
- No, I don't know anything! I swear!

Maybe they've got one of your guys
on their payroll.

- Are you lying to me, Harry?
- No, honest.

Listen, you have to help me!

They are catching on. I'm being followed.

I can feel it.

I've got to quit.


I'll give you something real big.

But you have to help me get out of here.


Worth a lot of money.

I got a way to copy the top stuff
from their main computer.

Let me see it first.

All their contacts, payoffs,
and suppliers in a dozen countries.

- And you can get this to me?
- Yes.

Tomorrow. But the stuff's in code.

That's no problem.

We can handle that.

You will help me, won't you?



Think you're good?

Think you know it all?

Think all it takes is brute strength
to be a master fighter?


The mind.

If you're fighting to the death,
you must know your enemy!

His weakness.

You must find it.

And then you'll beat him.

What's my weakness?


The man was a little too confident.

Save your energies for my bash.

You deserve a break.

It was a rewarding week.

You did say this was a vacation, right?

Then why so pensive?

Sorry, I didn't mean to be.

It's not just a vacation, is it?

It's about Ray's death.

You still can't accept it.

Jen, when this matter is settled,
I promise you...

we will start a new life.

- Shiro!
- Hello, Dick!

- How are you doing?
- Great!

I was shocked to hear about Ray.
What happened?

I will tell you later.


Jennifer, this is my pal, Dick.

The third musketeer. We finally meet.

Yes, well, I've been down here
doing all the dirty work.

Welcome to Buenos Aires.

Wait till you see the hotel.

Downtown, part of the city.
You'll love the view.

Your room is beautiful, the rest of it is OK.

Welcome to Buenos Aires.

- Thank you.
- Thank you.

Couple of things I have to talk to you about.


Listen, why don't I meet you
up in the room?

I'll be up soon.

Don't be too long.

I'll see you later.

You know what to do.

- Welcome back, buddy.
- Nice to see you.

I've got an address for you.

Rova Company owns Tetra Imports.

It's just an address,
but it could lead you to Havlock.

Thanks, pal.

That bastard is here in town, somewhere.

I warn you, you could be next.

That leak is coming from a high source.

I know. Things are heating up around here.

I'm leaving town soon.
First I'll meet a contact here.

We won't know a thing till I get this disk
to Washington and have it decoded.

To be safe,
I've chartered a private plane to Rio.

From there, I'll go commercial.

I know this is none of my business, Shiro...

but you've got to let this thing go.

Listen to me, won't you?

I'll be upstairs.


Look, I'm in this too deep.

You will help me?

Let's see the disk.

There's a flight out of Beechcraft
Operations in an hour.

Be on it.

God, you got it!

Thanks, thank you!

Got to hightail it, partner.

Now, listen, I'll take care of everything.
Make sure she gets moving.

I have a cab waiting downstairs.

If there's a problem,
I'll meet you at the cathedral. But hurry!

I'm not going.

- Then I'm staying here.
- No.

It's far too dangerous.

But you can risk your life?

Coleman's already got the disk.

The disk is evidence
to convict this organization.

I want Ray's killers.

Shiro, you've quit.

What's the point?

What can you do about something
that's already been done?

Let's get out of here.

Let somebody else
take care of their own dirty work.

I can't.

You've already proved yourself.

Don't you realize that?

Please try to understand.

I love you...

but I can't live like this.

You're going to have to make a choice.

It's not a matter of choice.

It's my obligation.

Then this is...

This is really goodbye.

Hello, Harry.

There are a few things I'd like to know,
so why don't you start talking?

Let it all flow out evenly.

Harry's not here yet, Shiro.

I don't like it, I don't trust him.

I don't think you should wait.

You're right.

Shiro, it's too dangerous here,
come with us.

I didn't think so.

- Take care.
- Look after her.

Let's go!

Bye, Shiro.

Jennifer, come on!

It's just that he's so complicated.

Jennifer, what you have to remember
is that Shiro is Japanese...

born and raised in the home islands.

He has an ancestral sense of honor.

Sometimes I think it's his major weakness.

He takes on too much for his sake of honor.

It's just that sometimes I don't understand.

I'm sure that Sterling
never gave a damn about Shiro's ideals.

Hell, no.

Sterling only wants him for his skills.

- Are we in Rio yet?
- No, sir.

This is just a short refueling stop.

I can't believe it.

Be back in a moment.

- You look so lovely.
- Thank you.

I'll be right back.

OK, bye.

- Everything under control?
- It is now.

Your trip home has been rewarding?


...the possibility
of an American-Soviet rapprochement.

However, the American Consul

strongly disagrees,
and feels there is cautious optimism

that Russia and America
will finally come...

to an agreement on arms control.

As of now, he admits
no other meetings are planned.

This does not mean, however...

that both countries
are not committed to an eventual accord.

Economic indicators jumped
one-half of one percent last month,

the largest such increase
in the past two years.

The leading indicators are up a solid
1.4 percent in the first half of the year.

In local news, a small business
is the target of an arson investigation.

A shoe manufacturing plant was burned
to the ground several weeks ago...

and authorities now say they expect
to make an arrest in the near future.

Also, locally, a chartered Beechcraft
from Fleming Field is long overdue.

According to the flight plan,
it was to have landed...

in Rio de Janeiro some time ago.

The pilot originally scheduled
to fly the aircraft...

was earlier found murdered
in Buenos Aires.

Too late!

Coleman and the bitch are dead.

Who's behind this? Havlock?

Where's Havlock? Start talking! Now!

You guys get him!

You can't escape from me.

I'll get you wherever you go.

Trouble at Rova.

But then, dear...

S&M is a little too kinky for me.

How do you know if you haven't tried it?

I talked to a girl you tried it with.


- Leaving?
- Yes.

That Japanese, what's his name? Tanaka.

The one you took care of.

He's alive.

It can't be. I barbecued him myself.

There was a Japanese man
with Coleman at the hotel.

That was no accident.

Our man was pushed.

An Oriental just moved
through our Rova operations...

like a tornado, single-handedly.

All our guards are dead or injured.

Our operation is blown.

Who's that? His brother?

This can't be.

There is more.

The cops caught Alan. He's in jail now.

If he should talk...

This whole thing smells like bad fish.

Get me the twins.

I'm glad Tanaka is alive.

A real challenge.

My two specialists.

Sayonara, Alan.


Shiro Tanaka.

- Yes?
- Come in, please.

I'm Bob Wilson,
U.S. State Department liaison.

Have a seat.

I believe you two know each other.

Shiro, how good to see you.

You're a cunning old devil, aren't you?

We've had this whole town looking for you.

What a stroke of genius
to hide yourself in jail.

Now that's like old times. But, Shiro...

I have an assignment for you, sweetheart.

I quit, remember?

Shiro, forget that last meeting.
Forget everything I said.

If I overdid it, I apologize.

I accept the apology, but the answer is no.

Now you listen to this.
Your life is not worth this in Buenos Aires.

- Is that a threat?
- No, it's not a threat.

But you'll do this job, Shiro,
and I'll tell you why.

I know your kind of honor,
and that's what's at stake here.

- That and the disk.
- What?

The news report on the missing Beechcraft
was inaccurate.

The plane was hijacked.

It landed on a strip
somewhere in the middle of the jungle.

Probably part of their cocaine organization.

Anyway, Coleman escaped with the disk.
We've already had radio contact.

And Jennifer?

She's safe at the moment with Coleman.

But for how long depends on you.

OK, we'll drop you in the gorge,
a few miles from their camp.

It's a steep climb all the way.

And, Tanaka, just get the disk.
Don't hit their operation.

I'll take care of that.

How the hell did he get away?

Round up the men.

Come on.

Can you go on?
We're going right through there.

Come on, it's OK.


2215, can you read me?
2215, can you read me?

2215 calling 2213.

Come in, 2213.

Come in, 2213.

2215, come in, please.

2215, come in, please.

Shiro, is that you?

Are you all right?

Yeah, we're all right.

We're about a mile east
of the compound, buddy.

We're near a river.

I can hear a huge waterfall
someplace around here.

- I've got your position. Stay there.
- Check.

2215 out.

Nice to see you.


And our sincere best wishes...

Shiro radioed in.

- He got the disk.
- Great.

And the others?

We lost part of the radio transmission.

It looks like everybody was killed
except Shiro and the girl.

And Shiro's out there at the compound

These are the new coordinates.

- Get on it right away, will you?
- Don't worry, I'll take care of everything.


No, I want you
to change the landing instructions...

for security reasons.

2215... 2215...

you are to proceed
to abandoned factory...

where you will deliver the disk.

You better wait.

I will see Bob Sterling.

Tanaka, Sterling was the perfect patsy.

Why? Why?

We're living in a dark age, Tanaka.

We are the new princes of this world.

I'll have the disk.


Run, Jennifer! Run!

Nice to see you, Tanaka.

Come on.

Come on. That's it, easy.

Think you could?

Think you know it all?

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