Rage (2021) - full transcript

After a violent home invasion leaves him in a coma and his wife deeply traumatized, a mild-mannered husband awakens to find out that one of the attackers is still on the loose. As they try ...

What time is it?


I don't feel well.

What are you doing?

What's that?

It's six in the morning,

can't this wait til the weekend?

I was up.

Should I put on some coffee


I'll finish it later, thanks.

Hey, are you okay?

Yeah, I'm good.

So I was thinking,

maybe I could cook dinner for us

Well, what's the

I don't know, I kinda feel

I haven't seen you all
week and, it'll be nice.

Sounds good.

So you'll be here?

Of course.

Jesus babe, can you wait til I'm


How you squeeze the fucking


You always squeeze it from the

I've said from the bottom.


Love you.

She gets home around six.

What about him?


Squeeze from the bottom,
fucking unbelievable.

I've never done
this before.

It's easy.

It was a nine
L drive, it was amazing.

You must go.

That's great.

Thanks for calling Riley

this is Madeline speaking.

How can I help you?


Hey there.

Oh, I didn't startle you did I?

No, I was just, um, how can I
help you?

I've got an appointment with
Dr. Riley.

11 o'clock?

Yeah. All right, if you can
just fill this one out for me.

- Mmhmm.
- And he'll be right with you.

None of your business.

Signed, okay.

Thank you.

You just want to take a seat
over there.


You know, it's a long story.

A lot of people say I got the
kind of face

that you just wanna punch.

Course my line of work
doesn't really help.

What's your line of work?

I'm just your typical
private investigator.

So this husband suspected
his wife was cheating on him,

he hired me to look into
it, and what do you know?

He was right.

She was none to happy
about getting caught out.

She's got a mean right
hook, I'll give her that.

Pretty good left one too.

What about you?

Um, well, I work at a
dental surgery.

I mean I couldn't help but

you got a ring wrapped around
your finger.

I, yep, married.





Dr. Riley will see you now,
just head right down the hall.


Um, Randy Cooke,

because you never know who you
can trust.



Oh yeah.

Hey, here she

For the love of music.

You've reached Rebecca,

leave a message.

Hey, it's your sister.

Can you please call me?



Let me guess,
he's stuck at work again?

I have picked up the
cheapest wine I can find

and it's not gonna drink itself.

All right
Mads, see you in a bit.

So you really think he's
cheating on you?

Don't know, it sure feels like

Did you ask him?


Hey, can you please not do that
in here?

All right, aren't you
the life of the party?

And you haven't even touched
your wine.

It's an expensive rug and
you were gonna ash all over it.

Oh, it's an expensive rug

and you're gonna ash all over

Wow you're an asshole.

Oh come on.

I'm not the one sitting here
wallowing in my sorrows.

If you think he's sleeping

why don't you just fucking ask

How hard is that?

What, you think he'll just
admit to it?

Well, it's called

you should try it sometime.

When was the last time you guys
had sex?

So it's been a while.

I'm not discussing that with

Well you never wanna talk
about it

and I really think you should.

I like romance.

Waking up in the middle
of the night to a hard on

is not gonna put me in the mood.

Well, at least you
get that.

Do you still love him?

Yes, I do,

but sometimes he just, oh, I.

Well, Mads if that isn't true

then I don't know what is.

There's some more on the

Oh shit, what time is it?


I've gotta go.

Little early isn't it?

I'm supposed to be home for

Home to your wife.

Yes, home to my wife.

It's funny how quickly your
tone changes

once you've blown your load.

Can we not do this?

Do what, talk?


I can cook too.

Maybe some other time.

You said you weren't happy.





So just leave her.

It's not that simple.

It is if you let it be.

I wasn't happy with my
boyfriend so I left him.

It's not that simple
when you're married.

And what
would be simple for you?


If she fell down a flight of

if the brakes in her car stopped

It was a joke.

I didn't find that funny.

Anyway look, I've gotta
go cause I'm gonna be late.


I'll see you tomorrow.


Okay, okay, I've gotta go.

Just make sure you lock
up on the way out, 'kay?

Hey Mads, it's getting
a little lonely out here.

You okay?

Yeah, I'm fine.

I think I'm gonna jump in the

Okay, well, I'm just gonna go
home then.

Talk tomorrow?

Great chat.


Noah, she's pissed.

It's okay, it's okay.

It's okay, it's okay.

Shit, you fucking bitch!

Let me go!

Let me go!

Let me go, let me go!

Oh, shit.

Wash it.

It wasn't fair.

Hey man, what the fuck!

Come on, this wasn't what we
agreed to!

Christ this isn't fair!

Hey man what the fuck!

Fuck this isn't fair!

I found her!


Just not fair.

It's not fair!


Nobody was supposed to get


All I wanted to do was watch

All I wanted to do was watch


I saw her first.

And she smiled at me and it
was so fucking beautiful.

And I just, I just wanted
to see what it was like.

I understand.

I wasn't gonna touch her.

Okay, where's my wife?

Please, you don't have to do

Where's my fucking wife?



Maddie open up!

Maddie are you okay?

Maddie it's me.

It's just not your day, is it?

Are you all right, you all
right mate?

Where's my wife?

I don't know

Where the fuck is my

Maddie! Maddie!


Do you remember

Do you remember your name?

It's ah, it's Noah, Noah Tate.

You were shot.

Once in the shoulder, once in
the chest

and once in the head.

One of your eardrums was blown

so you'll probably experience
some loss of hearing.

Now we had to preform emergency

to remove the bullet from your

With serious head injuries such
as yours

lingering side effects are

There's a risk of seizures,

short term and long term memory

and migraines, like the
one you're having now.

There you go, that good.


Go on get that in, get that in.

It's okay.

Go on.

How long have I been here?

You've been a coma for 39 days

Where's my wife?

It's just not your
day, is it?

Get your gun out.

Move in.

Covering the stairs.

Broderick three oh three.

There is a body on the
floor on the second level,

we need AVA asap but we'll
keep clearing the house.

Go, go upstairs.

Stand by one moment
star 22 22.

It was a dark colored sedan.
You know I saw it a few times

but didn't really think anything
of it.

And you didn't happen to
look at anyone at all or?

No, I just thought it was a
visitor come to see a friend.


There was a second intruder,

by the time we arrived he was

Did our witness provide
us with a description?

Ah, no, she was a little

Ah, so we believe the husband
came in

after the initial break in.

How's he doing?

Hanging in there, barely.

There are no signs of robbery.

If the shit bags did take

they sure as fuck put
everything back together

nice and fucking neat.

Language officer Wells,

I thought you were taking time

I did.

So if they didn't come
here to rob the place,

what did they come here for?

Sure there were only two of

Well, she nodded when I asked

but like I said, she was out of

They break in while she's in
the shower,

not expecting anyone else to be

Sister catches them by surprise,

she fights back,

maybe hurts one of them.

He shoots her in the head,
problem solved.

They then turn their
attention to the bathroom

to complete whatever it
is they came here to do.

Husband gets home, one of
the assailants checks it out,

gets stopped in his tracks.

Husband then tries getting
back into the bathroom

where the second assailant has
his wife.

The dirt bag starts blasting
through the door, wings him.

Comes out to finish the job,

while he's doing that she makes
her escape

and our assailant vanishes into
the night.

And she wasn't able to provide

with any description at all?


I assume he'd be wearing a
mask like his friend though.

Which hospital did they take
her to?

Hi Madeline, I'm Dr. Whitmore.

Now, I'm just going to ask
you a couple of questions.

Is that okay?


Have you had any other sexual

in the last 72 hours?

Are you?

With your permission, we
need to run a few tests.

The results of these tests
could be very helpful

in finding out who did this to

Now, I just need you to sign

and we'll get started right

Thank you.

The man who assaulted her used a

She told you that?


Did she say anything else?

She's not much for words right

Would you mind if I had
a few moments with her?

Dr. Whitmore, we're Madeline's

We've brought her some

I'll catch her at a better

She hasn't spoken, not a word.

Not even to us.

Look, the man who did this
is, obviously, still out there

and we need to find him
before he does this again.

Now, anything she can tell me,

even the tiniest little detail,

could be very helpful in finding

I just need a few minutes with

Hey Madeline, my name's
detective John Bennett

and I'm here to help find the
man who murdered your sister

but I need your help.

Was he wearing a mask, like his

At any time during the attack,

did you happen to get a look at
his face?

Our time's up.

Maybe I'll see you again next

I've sent you the security
footage link,

you might wanna check it out.

Great, thanks.


Do you know anyone who
might have had a reason

to harm Noah or his wife?

Former co-workers, disgruntled

No, not that I know of.

What was your
relationship with him like?

Fine, I guess.

We work together.

I understand you and Noah
are usually the last to leave.

Do you remember what time he'd

on the night of June 14th?

I don't know, I
usually leave before him.

What time did you leave?

The office closes at seven

so, I don't know, 7:30?

Do you guys have any
security camera footage

I could look at?

No, it's just the alarm

Okay, thanks.


Hi there Patricia I just
sent some footage to you.

Can you check if there's
a timestamp on it for me?

Somebodies lying.

Run that rego for me too please.

Yeah, no worries.


I'll be right there.

The vehicle was reported
stolen on June the third.

I'm willing to bet this is the
car we've been looking for.

Apart from that we've got fuck

they cleaned the shit out of it.

Well at least you told me
and for Pete's sake language.

No documents or registration,
nothing in the glove box?

There's fuck all there.

There's nothing there.

Hi, I'm Randy Cooke

of Cooke's Private Investigation

Yeah, at Cooke's Private
Investigation Services

supplies services from
Melbourne and beyond.

And our services include

Have you spoken to him

Just the sound of his
voice makes me nauseous.

Is everything okay?

You've been distant lately.

I just can't have this
end up like the last time.

You wanna talk about

No, I'm fine.

Better things to talk about over

Madeline, would it
help to write it down?

You know, I understand
what you're going through,

I've been through it myself

and I know how painful
the memories can be.

So I get it if you don't feel
comfortable talking about it

but we can talk about
other things, anything.

I'll tell you what,

if you don't feel
comfortable talking here,

you can reach out to me whenever
you do

feel like talking okay?

Whenever you do feel comfortable

and, like I said, it can
be about anything okay?

I'm always around.

Labs finally unlocked the

Here you go.

Great, thank you.

You told me you left
before him on that night.

I usually do.

Well you didn't on
the night of June 14th.

We have tape of you leaving
after Noah.

There's text messages on his
phone from you with pictures,

pictures that suggest you and he

were more than just co-workers.

Did you know he was married?

Look I'm not here to shame you.

It's not like you held a gun to
his head

but this is a homicide
case we're working on,

this is serious stuff.

So why would you lie to me?

I have footage dating back

the fact is you don't
usually leave before him

so you lied to me about that.

You and he leave together,
usually late.

But on the night of June 14th,

he left before you, earlier than

Look, you're gonna have to
start telling me the truth

because I'm going to find out,

that's what I do for a
living, I find things out.

Did you have anything to do
with what happened to his wife

and sister-in-law on
the night of June 14th?

No, absolutely not.

Then why lie to me?

Does your wife know
you're smoking again?

Don't worry, I'm not
going to say anything.


You know, the longer this thing
goes on

the more and more it goes

Well, did you get anything

on that Anthony Bridgewater

It certainly doesn't
help that he's dead.

The kid doesn't even have a rap

Bit of a drifter, moved around a

no real friends, family.

Even his co-workers at the post

said he barely spoke to anybody

outside of hello and goodbye.

No incriminating phone calls or

other than a few payphones in
the area.

His browser history is
just a bunch of porn sites.

All we know is he delivered a
package to their house once,

which she signed for.

No connections or affiliations

with any other repeat offenders.

Squeaky clean record, even his
driving record is spotless.

Did you get my message the
other day

about the number plate you had
me run?

No, what'd you get?

Well the vehicle belongs
to a guy by the name

of Randy Cooke, so I did a check
on him

and it turns out he used
to be a Melbourne PD.

Maddie, Maddie?

There's a man here who says he
knows you.

I'm sorry.

Now look, I think I might
know who attacked you

and your sister.

I'm not sure if you got a good
glimpse of his face or not.

Can you tell me, ah,

but do you recognize this man?

Well, if it isn't Dudley

and Benedict fucking Arnold eh?

10 82?

You know what?

Maybe you should spend less
time blowing your salary

on cocaine and hookers,

maybe get a library membership

I was wondering when you
boys'd drop by and say hi.

It's a long time no see.

What were you doing
outside of Tate Realty

on the night of June 14th?

Hmm, well I suppose you've
also seen surveillance

video of me at Riley Dental huh?

I was getting my chompers fixed.


Gave my business card to the
little lady

and, well golly gosh, she
wanted to do business.

What kind of business?

Come on John, you know what I
do now.

She had suspicions about her

that she wanted me to

So investigate I did.

Mm, you check her financial

you'll find a Paypal
transaction detailing it.

What were you doing at
the hospital that night?

And what the fuck were you
doing following me around?

See now, I don't know what
the fuck you're talking about.

Bull fucking shit.

Karma's a bitch isn't it you
rat fuck?

Come on step up, come on, come

What the fuck is that
supposed to mean huh?

Step it up!

You fucking snake!

Why don't we, why don't we.

What else did you see that
night Randy?

That night?

No you see I just got
the information I needed

and I went home.

I swear to Christ if you're
withholding any information

on my investigation.

I'd tell you John,

if I did have any information,

well come on, you'd be
the first person I'd call.

Mmm, by the way how's
my office treating you?

Are you enjoying the Keurig,

Anyway, good luck with
the investigation boys.

Hope you get your man.

Oh, this time.

What were you talking about
back there?


You said he was following you.

I could have sworn I
saw him.

I know I'm pretty sure I did.

Why would he be
following you?

Fucked if I know, sour grapes?


I saw his face.


Who was that?

It was just a patient.

Oh give it a rest will you

What do you care if I smoke or

You're lighting it the wrong

Well, that a girl.

Are you all right?

Yeah, I'm fine.

You don't look

A few years back, before
you joined the force,

I was working on a case just
like this.

This abomination of a human

was kidnapping young girls,

torturing them, murdering them.

I had a suspect I was 100%
certain about,

I mean sometimes you just know,

I felt it in my gut,

I just needed the right

While I'm investigating him
my partner had other ideas.

Randy Cooke.

He had a guy he liked,
brought him in for questioning,

next thing you know he's
doing time for the murders.

Everything just fell together

but too perfectly I thought.

But the evidence was there.

He's in prison, the
murders kept happening,

so I looked into it further,

turns out Randy had a grudge
over the guy,

tried putting him away
for years without success,

some scumbag drug dealer.

Anyway, we get to find
out, Randy planted evidence

with the help of another

Randy gets kicked off the force,

drug dealer walks free,

meanwhile, the real
killer is still out there

kidnapping young girls.

Well did you ever find him?

It was my guy all along.

He was dead when we found
him, natural causes.

He was lying comfortably in
his king sized bed, a free man,

with the bodies of two teenage

lying rotting in his basement.

Bennett, Noah's waking up.

What happened?

Noah Tate just woke up.


Ted, it's me.

I'm really sorry about
what happened with Rebecca.

Is Maddie there?

It's Noah.


The man who shot you,

did you happen to get a look at
his face?

No, he was wearing a mask.

Did he say anything to you?


It just isn't your day, is it?


Well any description of the

even his voice, could really
help with our investigation.

What did he sound like?

Did he have a low voice,
gravely, high pitched?

Wait, what do you mean

You still haven't
found them yet have you?

We're doing everything
we can.

It's been over a month.

Up until now the only
witness we've had is your wife,

she won't talk.

According to her parents she
hardly talks to them either.

Have you spoken to her?

I've tried.

I think this whole
thing was premeditated,

I think these two
planned it out all along,

following you, watching you.

When you eat, when you sleep,

everything about your daily

I think they knew the exact time

you two would be there that

The one thing they didn't plan

was you coming home early.

Tell me about your
relationship with Sophia Ogden.

We work together.

I know that but what was
your relationship like?


Define friendly for me.


Does my wife know?

Maybe, maybe not, I don't know
for sure.

But it's something you'll
probably have to

talk to her about at
some point, just sayin'.

Do you think she had
something to do with this?

I kinda doubt it.

But it's important we
consider every possibility.

I still don't understand
how you don't have any leads.

I mean, this is your job isn't

To find these fucking animals.

It's been over a month
and you have nothing!

Look, I wanna catch this
guy just as much as you

but I need all the help I can

before someone else gets hurt.

Your wife may very well be
our best shot at finding him

but the longer she doesn't talk

the longer he's out there.

Now if anyone can get
her to talk it's you.

After all, you are her husband.

Hi Barbara.

Where is she?

In her room.

All day she'll just sit
there staring out the window.

Did you tell her I was coming?

I told her you...

She knows.

Can I see her?

I'm not so sure if that's
a good idea right now.


After you woke up, we tried
bringing her to the hospital

to see you but she didn't wanna

And when we told her
you were coming by today

she just ran off into her
room and locked the door.


I don't know.

She won't talk to anyone, not
even us.

She wakes up screaming

and sometimes, she sleeps walks.

A few weeks ago we found
her almost a kilometer away

in the middle of the night.

She was pregnant Noah, two

She had a miscarriage.

Maddie, babe.

It's me.


I've missed you.

She looked at me like I was a

Like she didn't know who I was.

It's not just you, it's

What's going on with you John?

It's just work stuff hon.

This case has been running me

Over a month now and I have

And the one person who might be

to break this thing open won't

I know she knows something,
I can feel it in my gut,

she won't say anything.

What happened to her?

You don't need to know hon.

Horrible things happened to her.

Why won't she talk to me?

Well trauma, you know, it
affects everyone differently

and some people do just simply
shut down.

It can feel overwhelming having
to relive the experience,

let alone trying to find
the words to describe it.

And a month really isn't a long

Whatever she went through,
she's still going through it,

it's still fresh in her mind.

And so distancing herself from

that reminds her of what

is the only way she knows how to

At least for now.

But Elizabeth if she...

Honey, do you remember
when we first met?

I was climbing the walls with

the slightest noise would
just send my heart racing

and memories would just
float through my mind,

images and smells, feelings.

And I was loaded with
so much shame and guilt

that some how I deserved it.

Which is, sadly, very, very

But you're a good man
John and I felt that,

and so I felt safe to open up to

and she will feel that from you

I just hope she's getting
the help that she needs.

But you give her time.

And a long boy.

Can I get you guys anything

You're all good?


Okay cool, enjoy.

Welcome to Mel's my name is

Back at this dump eh?

It's not so bad.

If getting harassed by
cops is your cup of tea.

Why'd you quit the office?

Did it cause I had too.

You're back with him aren't

How's your wife?

Don't mention her again.

I never made you do
anything you didn't want to.

Do you remember what
you said to me that night,

about hurting her?

This isn't my fault.

No, it isn't.

I didn't make you fuck me.

You made that decision.

I loved you and you made me
think that you loved me too.

What are you talking about?

I didn't make you feel anything.

You're the one that
made this into something

more than it was, not me.

Why are you acting like I'm

Are you?

What is that supposed to mean?

You wanted to keep me longer
at that office that night.


This is ridiculous.


When I heard what
happened, I blamed myself.

I thought, maybe if you were

none of it would have happened.

But I never made you stay,
I never made you do anything

and for you to even think

that I had something to do with

it breaks my fucking heart.

All I ever wanted was to be with

since the first time I saw you.

And even when you were
in hospital I thought,

maybe there's a chance we'll be

but I knew I was being selfish

and I knew I needed to move on.

Not just for myself but for you

Does she know?

I don't think so.

She needs you Noah,

and I think you need her too.

Listen to me, guilt is a hell of
a thing,

it'll drive you crazy.

The only reason I moved
on was because I knew

that guilt would never go away.

Take care of yourself.


All right.

We'll have to works something

Yeah, things are all right,

Um hey, can I give you a call

Yeah, yeah, something that just
came up.

All right, all right, thank you,


How you doing?

I'm okay.

- Yeah?
- Can we have a chat?

Yeah, of course, of course.

You've done a really
good job here Frank.

Oh, thanks mate.

I appreciate it.

I heard they're still looking
for um,

one of the guys who did this to

That's gotta be pretty nerve
wracking huh?

That's what I wanted
to talk to you about,

I need your help.

Yeah, anything.

Do you remember when your
apartment got robbed last year?

We went out for drinks and
bumped into your cousin.

Are you talking about Lester?

Lester, yeah.

Do you still talk to him?

I try not to.

He's kind of a bad apple.


He mentioned about giving you

something for protection.

Fuck Noah.

You don't wanna go down that

Resting her arms along
the back of the bench,

she drifted into a wistful

of the splendors spread before
her by the bright summer day.

A flame of blossoms
following the curvy mollusks.

Butterflies drifted from border
to border,

as though the flowers themselves
arose from their stems.

I wonder what happened to him.

He simply couldn't adapt himself

or what was expected from him.

He withdrew from outside

He withdrew.

Why won't you talk to me?

You won't even look at me.

I don't know where we went wrong

Something happened to us along
the way.

We used to talk to each other.

We used to look at each other.

We used to laugh.

Talk to me Maddie, please.

If ever there was a time to
talk to me, it would be now,

when we need each other the

I was at the river front the
other day,

you know, where I proposed to

That was a good day.

We had a lot of good days.

I love you Maddie,

I loved you then and I love you

I just want things to
be the way they were.

Me too.



What did you say to
her to set her off like that?

Things that are between
a husband and wife.

I think I know where she is.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry for everything.

I haven't been a great husband.

I haven't been a great
anything to anyone lately.

But I'm trying.

I should have been there.

I should have always been there.

But I wasn't, because I was

There are some things I need to
tell you.

But I don't know how.

Oh, I can't believe
this is happening to us.

You didn't deserve this.

I don't deserve you.

But if you give me a chance

I know I can be the husband that
you need.


Don't leave.

I won't ever leave you again.

I've been thinking.


It's been a while since
we've had a date night,

so I thought maybe a movie
or dinner would be good,

or maybe a game of darts down at
the pub.

Or we could watch footie
in bed with a pizza.

Let's get your mind off this

like just for one night.

I think that is a great idea.


It's good to get out
of the house isn't it?

Yeah, and they have great
coffee here.

Hi, thanks.

Thank you.

Can I get you guys
anything else right now?

I think we're good for now.

It's so good to have my appetite

I think I'm gonna get a burger.

Hi guys, what can I
get you?

I'll grab the
pancakes and some waffles.

Hey sweetness.

Oh, what are you doing?


She's not here.

Who says I come to see her?

Think I'll get a burger.

Actually no, the schnitzel.

Yeah, definitely the schnitzel.

What do you feel like babe?


Maddie what's wrong?

What's wrong babe?

That's him.

Are you sure?


Noah please.

Can we please leave, please?

Okay, all right, we'll go.

Maddie, hey, breathe.

Don't touch me.

Just breathe.

Are you 100% sure that was him?


It was a cop?

No wonder they haven't found

For all we know, they're
covering it up.

I feel sick.

Oh my head.

There's some asprin in the
glove box.

Why do you have that?

For protection.

Look, we can't trust anyone,

we can't even trust the police.

Are you sure you've never
seen him before this night?

Look, maybe a speeding
ticket, even a patient?

No, no, I've never seen him

Thomas Wells.


That's what his ID said,
Thomas Wells.

Does that name sound familiar?


You saw his face, didn't you?

John, this case you're working

I thought we weren't
discussing work tonight?

The woman, I know her,
Madeline Tate.

Yeah, she was a patient.

She came to about five
appointments, didn't say a word.

And just stopped coming.

And then one night she called

What did she say?

Madeline, Noah, have
you got a few minutes?

Thank you.

Thanks Barbara.

Where's Madeline?

She's tired.

Be nice if she could
join us.

It's been a long day.

Yes it has, yes it has.

So, were you just in the

or is there a reason why you
popped past?

There was another incident
in Geelong, home invasion.

The attacker was wearing a
Halloween mask.

Noah there are a lot of
similarities to your case.

I really need Madeline in this

I told you, she's tired.


What are you doing?


Do you have any idea
what she's been through?

She doesn't feel like talking.

I understand that Noah

but she's still a key
witness in this case.

You've had more than enough

and information to find this guy

She doesn't know anything.

And how do you know that?

Did she tell you that?

She saw his face didn't she?

I think we're done here.

She saw his face, you
know it and I know it.

And how would you know that?

Of Cooke's Private
Investigation Services.

And at Cooke's Private
Investigation Services

supplies services from
Melbourne and beyond.

And our services include
surveillance, drag it out,

back ground checks, missing

Hi, is this Randy?

The victim
was able to fight back

and remove his mask.

Only suffered minor injuries.

Did she see his face?

No, he fled the scene
before she could get a look.

A neighbor caught a glance

His description wasn't state of
the art.

But hey, it's a description none
the less.

You've run tests on the
mask for skin cells, saliva?

Yeah, the first thing we did.

We should have them back in a
few days.

If you're having trouble with
a cop,

why don't you go to the police?

I can't, don't trust

Officer Tommy Wells eh?

Tell you why, unsavory
type if ever you saw one.

He definitely shouldn't be a

Definitely not.

Mind you the entire
department is crooked enough

to be hiding behind a corkscrew.

That's why I came to you.

Of course.

Let's have a look here.

All right.

There's that.

Right, he's had a number of
suspensions over the years.

Failed drug tests, ah, and
then he was put on charges

for domestic violence
which were later dropped.

Oh, accused of sexual
harassment, at a traffic stop.

And then of course there's the

police integrity investigation
regarding a certain,

well a certain case
where he aided a superior

in the planting of evidence.

Oh yeah, and then there is,
there's this.


Well, you know, it's kind of

but could just be a coincidence,

you see our Tommy's been
in an on again, off again

relationship with a girlfriend
for the last couple years.

In fact, they were even engaged
to be married at one point.

Tell me does the name Sophia
Ogden ring any bells with you?

I mean after all, it says
here she used to work for you.

Well, so anyway, last September
she threatens to leave him,

yeah, and then our poor
Tommy boy is hospitalized,

well, due to a half
hearted attempt at suicide.

And then of course there's the
leave of absence from work,

extended leave at that.

Yeah, he really didn't
take it too well did he?

But I hear they're trying to,
you know, work things out.

You understand Noah I'm not
trying to imply anything here,

I just, find it kinda funny.

Don't you?

Yeah another late night at the

so I don't think I'm gonna
be able to make it over.

Probably just catch up later,

I'm gonna head home.

Mm, love you too, love you too.


Get the fuck outta here.



Do you have any idea what you're

I'm a fucking cop.

I know.

Well what the fuck you want
from me?

On the night of June
14th, in this house,

my house, remember?

You and your friend broke into
this house

and murdered Rebecca
Holloway, in cold blood.

You shot her right in the head.

You then proceeded to rape
her sister, my wife, Madeline.

Noah, Noah Tate.

Shut up.

You came for her.

You planned this months in

But what you didn't plan

was for her sister Rebecca to be


I wanna know why.

I have no idea what the
fuck you're talking about.

You hurt women, that's what
you do.

Go fuck
yourself you dog.

You raped my fucking wife!

Fuck! Fuck!

So what's the fucking angle?

What are you trying to achieve?
What, are you gonna kill me?

You gonna kill a fucking cop?

You're gonna confess.

I'm telling you, you got the
wrong guy.

Look, I was here, I was on the
scene I was fucking working.

I saw them load you into
the back of the ambulance.

Everybody saw me Noah.

It wasn't me.

I'm sorry for what
happened to your family,

I really am.

It wasn't me.

Where the fuck are you going?

Noah! Fuck.

Oh fuck.

Oh, for fuck sake.

Is this him?

Is this the man that hurt you?

Look at him!


You fucking lying bitch!

Don't look.



Have you heard from Tommy
at all this morning?

No call, no show yesterday.



Give me a minute, I'm on my way.

They just got the DNA
results back from that mask,

I think we've got him.

And the search
continues for missing

Melbourne PD officer Thomas

Thomas was last seen five days

leaving an inner city
gentleman's club.


We have some good news I think

and your wife will appreciate.

We have a suspect in custody.


His name's Robert Conway.

Does that mean anything to you?

No, it doesn't.

He's a repeat offender

and suspect in a few rape cases

but he was always cleared.

Worked night shift at a FedEx

loading trucks for morning pick

which is how he met her

I have no doubt in my
mind that this is the man

we've been looking for Noah.

If you're not too busy right
now we'd like you to come in

for a line up, you and Madeline.

All right, so
when your number's called

you need to step forward
and read off the card.

Number one step forward.

It's just not your day, is it?




His eyes, his voice, anything
ring a bell?

All right, number two step

It's just not your day, is it?

No, it didn't sound like him.

All right, number three step

It's just not your day, is it?


Madeline are you sure?

Please, take one more
look, take your time.

It isn't him.

Madeline I believe that's the

who did this thing to you.

I believe that man in that room,

is the man who murdered your

I believe that's the man who
raped you

and tried to murder your

It's okay, you're safe,
just tell me it's him.

Tell me it's him and this thing
is over.

It's not him.

Why are you doing this?

Madeline I know you saw his

Just tell me the truth.

Tell the fucking truth.


Maddi, wait!

That was him.

I saw the way you looked
at him, tell me I'm wrong.

He didn't do it.

And those eyes, I remember
those eyes.

I know you saw his face.

Was that him?

Yeah, that was him.

God damn it Madeline.

We, we had him, we.

Why didn't you say anything?

Why did you lie?

This is fucking unbelievable.

That cop, it was cold blood

You have to be quiet okay?

You understand?

We have to be quiet.

At the diner, why were you
so sure that that was him?

I believed you.

I don't know, okay?

I thought it was him, I did.

I thought we had the right guy.

Everyone they looked the same.

Sometimes when I think back, I
see you.

We killed someone.

Do you understand?

We killed the wrong fuckin'

and now the real killer is
walking free.

Okay, do you wanna go across
the road?

Do you wanna go tell your
friends what you did?

Is that what you want, for us
to spend our lives in jail?

You know what?

Maybe I should.

I mean, this is insane.

How are we gonna go back
to the way things were?

I can't live like this,

wondering if we're ever gonna
get caught.

You know you did this,
you and that fucking whore.


No, don't touch me.

You know it's amazing how
quickly your whole world

can come crumbling down around

One minute you're so in love
with someone

that you just wanna crawl under
their skin

and the next minute.

Tell me Noah, tell me about how

you were with her that night,

whilst I was being raped,
while Bec's was being murdered,

whilst I was having a

Tell me the truth.

Was it worth it?

No, but you're right,

this isn't the time and place
for this.

No, fuck you, yes it is.

We're doing this now

because we might be going
away for a very long time.

You weren't happy, I wasn't

You didn't wanna touch me,
you wouldn't look at me,

you'd barely kiss me.

I tried before her for a really
long time,

but you just seemed so,

Do you know what it's like

for your wife to ignore your

How is that a fucking marriage?

You never said anything.

I didn't, I didn't know you felt
that way.

Still, it's not a reason
to go fuck someone else.

I know I fucked up.

And I'm sorry.

But does that mean I'm
gonna need to pay for this

for the rest of my life?

I just thought you didn't want

I did, I do but I want all of

and I have to be enough.

You are enough.

What are we gonna do?

We've done terrible things.

We'll get through this
if we stick together.