Rage (1966) - full transcript

Dr. Reuben is an angry loner living in a tiny Mexican border town. Soon after a man dying of rabies staggers into town, Dr. Reuben himself is bitten by the same rabid dog. He must now get others to help him reach a city hospital within 48 hours, before the disease becomes incurable.

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(Dramatic music)

(Upbeat music)

(Dramatic music)

- [Women] No!

- What have we been doing?

(Crowd shouting)

- Oh, shut up.

We have another flat tyre.

We're in soft sand.

- [Woman] Not again.

- Jose, get the tools.

The rest of you, get out and push.

- I don't push for nobody.

- That goes for me too.

- Oh, I forgot.

You're all entertainers.

- That's right, daddy.

- You better get out and
push if you don't want

to walk all the way.

- Go crawl under a rock!

- Ah, we might as well.

(Women muttering)

(Dramatic music)

- Hey, how much are you going to pay us?

- We'll get there too late.

- We'll take the old
range across the ravine.

- With dames? It's dangerous.

- Oh, the hell with them.

They're used to living dangerously.

Come on, push.

The exercise will do you good.

It'll make your back strong.

- That's not my back, stupid.

(Rock exploding)

(Cat meowing)

(Rock exploding)


(Cat meowing)

- That was a perfect blast, pancho.

- 20 years in the mines.

But you know something, Fortunato?

- When it explodes, just right, I like it.

It's the only time I feel important,

like a maestro.

- If you didn't have a head like a rock,

you'd have learned to
operate one of these,

and you'd be making more money now.

- I tried, but I couldn't.

The gears get mixed up in my head.

- Ah. Bye.

- Bye.

(Motor revving)

- Hey, Fortunato.

- Huh?

- Isn't that doc Reuben over there?

- I bet he's been up all
night again, curing people.

- Yeah, he must have gone
back to arroyo seco, huh?

- I guess he did.

(Dog barking)

- He's hungry.

- Hungry and lonesome, I think, doctor.

- Yeah, he shouldn't be waiting out here.

Come, Maria, come on inside.

(Dog whimpers)

You hungry, huh?

- Mm-hmm.

- I think you need someone to
keep some food in your house.

- You go on in the
office, I'll be right in.

- Yes.

- I'll catch up with you.


- Having dinner?

- No, I'm having breakfast.

You care to join me?

- Oh, I forgot, you're a,

you're a working man.

You have regular hours.

- That's right. Some of
us do keep regular hours.

- There was another case of
typhoid over in arroyo seco.

What did you want me to do,

just tell them to go to the devil?

- Why don't you eat something solid?

Drinking on an empty stomach,

you'll rot your insides.

- My insides are already rotten.

- Hey, Perla, what's the matter?

- I'm thinking.

- You? Thinking.

- Mm-hmm.

- What about?

- He lied to me.

- That guy. The one who told
me this was an easy life.

- Yeah, he didn't tell you

about one-night stands at
the construction camps.

Oh, boy.

Just wait till we get till we get camp 7.

Those engineers in the
middle of the desert

have more money to burn.

- [Woman] Oh, no. Not again.

What's going on now? Oh.

You're supposed to be driving the truck.

- Come on, everybody, out.

- Now what, stupid? Another flat tyre?

- Yeah, you-

- oh, shut up.

It's the golden gate bridge.

You gotta get out while we cross.

- Well, anything's better
than this cement mixer.

- Jose, get across.

Come on. Let's get moving.

- Okay, okay.

- Come on.

- All right.

(All muttering indistinctly)

- Hey, aren't you going to get off?

- What for? What can happen?

- Nothing. The truck can only
roll over on you, that's all.

- Hey, that'd be something new.

(Engine revving)

- Be careful.

(Jazzy music)

(Perla sighs)

- Oh, my god.

- Hey girls, I (whimpers).

(Dramatic music)

(Bridge creaking)

- Hi, girls (giggling).

How'd it go?

(Perla giggling)

(Woman gasps)

(Horn honking)

(Dog barking)

(Cat meowing)

- Go home.

(Dog barking)


- Stop it, get over here.

Hey, hey, hey! Hey, hey.

Watch it, hey.

(Speaking indistinctly)

Get him out of here.

- What's the matter with that dog?

- What's the matter with you these days?

She's got me all scratched up.

I think maybe she's going to be a mother.

- Yeah.

- Breathe deeply.

- In, doctor?

- Yes, in.

- There's nothing pancho
wants more than a baby.

- Yes, I know. He's, he's
told me a hundred times.

- Is something the matter, doctor?

With my baby, I mean?

Is he going to be all right?

Doctor Reuben?

- Your baby's gonna be fine.

(Pancho grunts)

- That's pancho. He's nervous (giggling).

- Uh, listen, you stay here, will you?

Just for a little while.

I want to, I want to talk to pancho

in the other room, hey?

(Pancho chuckles)

- Well, doc? When will my kid come?

- Pancho, I want to talk to you.

- Will it be a boy, or a girl?

- Listen, if we don't
Maria to a specialist,

you may not have a baby,

and she may die.

- But why?

- Well, you see, your
wife can't have a baby

in a normal way.

She has to have what they call

a caesarean operation.

Now, for that kind of an operation,

you have to have a place
that has special facilities.

- Special facilities?

But I don't understand.

- I know it's difficult for
me to explain it to you,

but when the time comes
for her to have that baby,

she's going to have to
have a special doctor.

- You're a special doctor,

and you're my friend.

- No I'm, I'm not the
one to help you, pancho.

- But the chief engineer said you can.

- I can't.

- Please, doctor. You operate.

- I'm in no condition to operate.

- You got to.

(Hand slapping)

- Even if I could, I wouldn't.

Uh, pancho, all right,
when the time comes near,

I'll see that she gets the proper help.

All right?

- Thank you, doctor.

- All right.

- Be careful.

Bye doc.

(Dog whimpers)

- Oh, you've been fighting again, huh?

All right, come on, let's fix you up.

(Car honking)

(Women screaming)

(Men laughing)

(All clamoring)

- Look what I caught, ha-ha.

- This one right for me?

- Put me down, I want to take a bath.

- That's a good idea.

Why don't you go over to doc Reuben's?

He's got the only private shower in camp.

- Hey, girls. Get your things.

There's a shower over there.

- [Man] They are kind of beat up.

- [Woman] What did you
expect, the national ballet?

- Didn't I see you dance in Tijuana?

(Man wolf whistles)

- Hey, look girls.

They even built us a stage.

(All giggling)

(Men laughing)

- Oh, that idiot.

He did it on purpose, the dirty rat.

- Hey, you the doctor?

- Yes.

- Where's your plumbing?

- Let's go.

- So you're doctor Reuben. Hey, violetta.

Back home where I come from,

they call 'em veterinarians.

(Both giggling)

- Close the door.

- Huh?

- I said, close the door.

(Door slamming)

- Hiya, doc.

(Dog barking)

- What are you, damn monkey?

Get out of here.

(Girls giggling)

Hey, kid.

- Yes, sir?

- Hey, did you get a good look

at that doctor?

- That guy a doctor? Ha.

I wouldn't let him cure my aching back.

- Aw, it's too bad he's
not really a dog doctor.

He could have you as a patient.

- [Violetta] You want
your eye full of soap?

(Girls laughing)

- Hey, you know, he wouldn't be too bad

with a bath and a shave.

Bring him over here, and I'll soak him up.

(Violetta laughs)

- [Woman] Here, here's the soap.

Here, wash yourself.

(Women clamoring)

Will you get under there?

(Swing music)

(People chattering)

(Singing indistinctly)

- Come on, honey.

Your show's been over for three hours.

Now it's party time.

- Hey, come on.

- Hey, come on.

(All laughing)

- Too much party, doc?

- I'm tired.

What do you want?

- I don't feel so good.

- Come on in, and we'll
take a look at you. Come on.

(Cat screeches)

- Princessa, princessa.

Come back, come back.

Did you see how she took off?

Something is wrong with my cat too, doc.

Princessa, come back. Princessa.

I, I'd better go look for her.

I'll be back tomorrow.

Doc, what can I give her?

Princessa, princessa.

(Door knocking)

- Come in.

- Hiya, doc.

- What are you doing here?

The party's at the engineer's house.

(Perla chuckles)

- I know, but I don't want an engineer.

What I need is a doctor.

You see, my temperature's going up.

Cure me, doc.

(Both chuckling)

- Physician, heal thyself.

That's the first rule in medicine.

Here, have a drink.

It's the best cure there is.

- You sure can lap it up, doc.

You know, if you're not careful,

you're gonna end up with
blood in your alcohol.


- [Man] Perla. Perla?

- That's me.

- [Man] Perla?

- Come on, medicine man, let's dance, huh?

(Glass shatters)

(Cries out)

Well, I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

- Hey, Perla. Ha-ha-ha.

You're supposed to be with me, baby.

- Oh, let go.

- Leave her alone, will ya?

- Huh?

- What he's trying to say

is that even a cheap tramp like me

should be treated like a lady.

- (Chuckles) Do you want her, doc, huh?

- Will you get out of here?

Both of you.

Out, will you get out of here?

Please get out of here.

- Come on, tiger, let's
go back to the party.

- Let's go.

(Glass shattering)

(Dramatic music)

- [Priest] Whom god hath joined together,

let no man put asunder,

till death do you part,

till death do you part,

till death do you part.

- [Woman] We'll be happy the rest

of our lives together, darling,

I promise you we'll be happy.

We're going to have a boy, Reuben.

Our baby will be born in November.

Reuben! Reuben, help me!

(Sirens blaring)

There's been an accident on the highway.


- [Reuben] I tried to save them both.

I tried to save them both.

I tried to save them both.

(Rooster crowing)

(Horn honking)

(Woman singing indistinctly)

J“ I was there to let him go. J'

j" da da Dee da Dee da Dee j'

j“ da da Dee da Dee da Dee. J“

- what are you drinking?

Chicken on the rocks?

- Hey, where's Perla?

- She says she's sick of one-night stands.

- Sick my back.

- She thinks she's got something
going with that doctor.

(Reuben sighs)

(Lamp clinking)

(Women chattering indistinctly)

(Vehicle departing)

(Perla moans)

- Come on, get up.

Come on, get up!

- Look, the truck's left without you.

What are you doing here?

- Sleeping.

- Couldn't you find
some place else to sleep?

- No (giggles).

Well, yes, but I couldn't wake you up.

- Come on, let's go. Let's go.

(Perla groans)

Oh, boy.

Now what?

- I'm thinking.

- All right, so you're thinking.

Come on, let's go.

(Perla cries out)

- Wait a minute!

(Hammer clanging)

(All hooting, whistling)

- [Man] Good morning.

- I want to borrow your Jeep.

- Natcho took it.

There isn't a free car in camp.

Looks like you'll be stuck with her

for the next ten days,

till the supply truck comes back.

That's what you had in
mind, wasn't it (chuckles)?

- She slept on the examination table.

- Sure, doc.

But where'd you sleep, huh (laughing)?

- Knock that off, will you?

- Must have been some examination.

- You gotta wake them up earlier, doc.

- I thought you said you didn't want her.

- You're still drunk.

- Oh, still fighting over me.

I think I'm going to like it her.

- Listen, you go on back
there and get dressed,

and keep out of sight, you hear?

Go on.

- Oh, take it off.

Not behind the door, honey.

Right here on the table, Perla.

- Hey, cookie, you're
gonna bring up the beans.

(All laughing)

- I'll get you transportation out of here.

You can't stay around
this camp for 10 days.

- Oh, wouldn't you like to
have a permanent housekeeper,

medicine man, huh?

- No.

- You still want to play house, baby?

- I got a house to play in.

- Come on, I'll show you.

H, come on.

- Why don't you ask her
instead of telling her?

- Okay, Perla, I'm asking.

- Well, what do you want me to do?

- You do what you like, I don't care.

- You know, I was wrong
about you last night.

I thought you were alive,

but you're not even breathing.

Come on, lover, let's go.

(Men whistling, hooting)

- [Man] Doctor, doctor!


- Over here.

- Doctor, hurry, doctor, hurry.

- Why, what happened?

- Fortunato. On our way
to work, he went crazy.

- Somebody get my bag from the office.

- I'll get it.

(Man groaning)

(Men shouting)

- He's crazy, stay back!

(Dramatic music)

- Tie him up over here. Come on, quick.

Come on, hurry!

(Men grunting)

(Fortunato groaning)

- Get me a pitcher of water.

(Pitcher clanging)

(Doctor grunting)

(Fortunato sobbing)

(Fortunato screaming)

He's got rabies.

- El mal.

- There must be something you can do.

- Just wait for him to die.

- But don't they give shots for rabies?

- It's too late.

Even if we had the serum,

the virus has reached his brain.

There's nothing we can do to help him.

Did any of you touch him?

Did any of you get close enough

to get his drivel on you?

- He would have killed us.

Andres had to rope him from his horse.

- How long will he go on like this?

- He could die any
minute, or he could last

three or four days.

- We've got to do something for him.

Can't you knock him out?

- No, even painkillers can't help.

- Well, you can't just
leave him like that!

- Don't you think if there was something

I could do for him, I'd do it?

(Dramatic music)

- [All] And forgive us our debts,

as we forgive our debtors.

Lead us not into temptation,

but deliver us from evil.

(Fortunato panting and groaning)

- Do you want some coffee?

- No, I got what I need.

- [Perla] Who is she, anyway?

- That's my wife.

- Well, why isn't she
around? Where is she?

- She's gone.

- You mean she ran out on you

and that's why you're drinking?

Well, forget it.
No woman's worth it.

- [Reuben] I mean, she's dead

because of me.

(Fortunato groaning)

- You gotta do something
for him, Reuben. Anything.

- There's nothing I can do.

(Bottle thuds)

- What kind of doctor are you,

drinking yourself stupid
when he's dying like that?

- What the hell do you want me to do?

- Put him out of his suffering.

Give him a shot of poison.

Kill him and get it over with.

- All right, could you do it?

(Man sighs)

- You can go near him now.

When they die, the devil goes out.

- Don't touch him.

The disease is still contagious.

We'll have to Bury him right away.

- Come on.

You, you'd better get some rest.

- No, Antonio, you go on.

He needs someone now.

(Upbeat music)

- Come on.

Stick around.

- Come on, let it go.

- No, I gotta take the doc
his dinner while it's hot.


- Ah, I see.

Look at that.

(Men chattering and laughing)

- Okay, have this ready for tomorrow.


- Uh, sure.

- Do you have to walk that
way in front of everybody?

H, come on.

I'm just spreading a little joy.

- Isn't eight days with one good man

enough joy for you?

- The docs a good man
all right, plenty good.

- You ought to know.

- Mm-hmm.

- Truck's due tomorrow.

You gonna miss it again?

- Well, can a girl help it
if she sometimes oversleeps?

See you.

Pure silk and lace.

I paid seven bucks a set for those

on the other side of the border.

- Well, couldn't you have found
another place to hang 'em?

- Well, sure.

You know, any guy in this camp

would be glad to have
me living in his house

and my clothes on his line.

- What are you wearing that for?

- Your doctor shirt?

If you want, medicine
man, I could take it off.

Look, I, uh, I brought
your supper for you.

- I'm not hungry. You want a drink?

- (Mocking Reuben) Wanna drink?

You know, uh, all you've done

since I've been here is just bawl me out

and drink that rotgut.

Boy, you sure can put it away.

Is that the way you want to kill yourself?

- Can you think of a better way?

- Yeah. Why don't you just
take a gun and shoot yourself?

It'd be quicker.

- Ah, will you shut up?

- You can't bring her back by drinking.

- Will you get out of
here and leave me alone?

- Yeah, I know.

Well, all right.

I won't be around to
bother you much longer.

I'm leaving tomorrow.

I'm sorry, medicine man.

I always did have a big mouth.

- Oh, forget it.

It's not you, it's me. It's me.

- You really did love her, didn't you?

- I still love her.

(Truck horn honking)

- What's the hurry
anyway? Stupid jackasses.

- Hi, Perla.

Doc's gonna miss you.

We're all gonna miss you.

- Oh, sure you'll miss me.

You won't have anybody to fight with.

- I'm glad you didn't
leave with the others.

I was wrong about you, Perla. Here.

Have a good trip.

- (Laughs) Are you kidding?

- Here.

I stole these when the
cook wasn't looking.

(Perla chuckles)

It's the best I could find around here.

(Sweet music)

It's a good hand.

You've got a long lifeline.

Don't lift too many bottles with it.

(Door opening)

[Reuben] So long, Perla.

- So long.

- Oh, come on, let's get going.

We gotta catch some sleep
tonight in palma sola.

- Drop dead.

- Ready, sweetheart?

- Let's go. Keep your hands on the wheel.

(Engine revving)

- [Pancho] Hey, doc! Doctor

- oh, that old road's breaking my back.

- [Pancho] Doctor!


Please, doctor, hurry.

My kid's going to be born now.

- You mean the baby's early?

- I don't know.
- You should have seen her.

The pain started more
than two hours ago.

- It's premature, and I wanted
to get her to a specialist.

I'll get my bag.

- Hey, doc.

- Take my Jeep.

- Oh, thanks.

Now, you go on ahead.
I'll catch up with you.

(Engine revving)

(Dog whimpers)

(Dog barking)

- Hey. Go away! Get back!

Watch out. Your dog has El mal.

- Stay in the cart.

(Dog barking)

(Gun firing)

(Gun firing)

- Get away.

(Gun firing)

(Dog whimpers)

- What day is it?

- Uh...


- Ten days ago the girls
arrived on the truck.

I can't go with you, pancho.

- Huh?

- He bit me.

- I have just 48 hours to get
some place to get rabies shots.

- If you don't come, she'll die.

- If I don't get those shots, I'll die.

- If you don't come with
me, you'll die right here.

(Dramatic music)

(Engine revving)

For god' sake, doctor, please.

I want Maria.

I want my kid to be born.

- All right.

You go on ahead, I'll follow you.

- Doc, forgive me.

(Horn honking)

(Yelling indistinctly)

(Melancholy music)

- Who can I bring, Maria?

I should have killed him, but...

(Maria crying)

- [Woman] Reuben!


Reuben, help me.

(Maria groans)

- You have any clean sheets and towels?

- No, doc.

- In the trunk, poncho.

In the trunk.

- Put 'em on the table.

And get me some rope.

- Is this all right?

- I need light.

All the light I can get.

- All right, doc?

- No, that's not enough light.

- That all we got.

- Help me move this.


Bring the chair.

Over there.

Get her nightgown off.

(Engine starting)

- Where are you going?

- Nowhere.

- Now, put Maria on the
table, and open the door.

And hurry.

(Maria whimpering)

- Tie her other arm.

Tie her other arm.

- Are you afraid, doctor?

- When you open your eyes again,

your baby will be by your side.

(Maria groans)

During the operation,

you're going to give her the anaesthesia.

- No, doc.

I don't know anything about it.

I, I would kill her.

- [Reuben] I'll show you how.

Maria, now I want you to breathe deeply.


Deep, Maria. Deep.

Now, poncho,

now, you do it very slowly, like this.




You understand?

Now, you will give her the
anaesthesia just as I showed you.

(Suspenseful music)

Now, when this bottle's empty,

you take the needle out yourself.

- Doctor. Doctor, it still hurts.

- Look, there's nothing to
worry about. It's only normal.

Now, I'm sorry, Maria, but I've got to go.

I've only got 36 hours.

(Engine sputters)

Pancho. Pancho!

- Pancho, go and see what he wants.

- [Reuben] Pancho.

Help me.

- I got a kid. It's a boy.

- And Maria, how is she?

- Go in and see my kid.

- [Reuben] Pancho, come on.

Oh, yes, yes.

- Get your horse.

- Ready.

- All right.

(Whip cracking)

(Engine revving)

- [Woman] Pancho.

Maria wants you.

- Pancho, go on. He needs help.

Lupe will take care of me and the baby.

(Clicking tongue)

(Reuben yells)

- What are you doing here?

- I'm going with you.

- Are you crazy?

What about your wife and child?

- Lupe knows what to do.

- Listen, can't you get
it through your head

that I've got the rabies
and you can catch it too?

- Sure, I know what you got. Let's go.

(Melancholy music)

(Perla groans)

- You filthy, no good bum.

What the hell do you think you're doing?

You think I want your stupid mouth,

you think I want your stupid mouth on,

on me?

You jerk!

- You pig, taking
advantage of a decent girl.

- Heh, decent.

- Yes, decent.

When I want to act decent.

And I do what I want, when I want to,

and when I want whenever I want,

but not to pay for a lousy truck ride.

- Find someone else to
haul you out of here.

- I can walk, you stinking jackass.


- What are you looking at?

You little peeping Tom.

- And then what happens
to them, uh, the microbes?

- Well, they invade the
entire nervous system.

And then when the virus
that you call El mal

gets to the brain,
there's no more hope left.

- Like you could not help Fortunato, doc?

- Loud noises disturb the victim,

so do bright lights.

Sometimes they have hallucinations,

strong sexual urge,

and then in the last stages,

the sight of water terrifies them,

even though they have
an overwhelming thirst.

- Hey, doc.

You thirsty now?

- No.

- [Man 1] Come on, chum, hurry up.

- [Man 2] I am, it won't
come out any faster.

- Maria said he took off
with pancho right after dawn.

- Uh-huh.

- And nobody saw him leave
over the new roadbed.

So he must be trying to make palma sola

over the old bridge.

- Oh, I see.

- [Man 2] He won't find gas in palma sola.

The supply truck doesn't
get there for two days.

Over, camp 7.

- But they'll run out.

There wasn't enough gas in the Jeep. Over.

- [Man 2] We'll contact the hospital

here in buenavista and have them send out

an ambulance with the serum.


- Get movin'.

Meanwhile, we'll trying to catch up

with them in anotherjeep.


- We've got about 32 hours.

The gas is getting low.

- Better step on it, doc.

(Sirens wailing)

My kid, he looks just like me.

Man, is he ugly.

- All right, get on the other side,

and guide me across.

- Yeah.


(Suspenseful music)

(Bridge creaking)

- Stop!

Go ahead! Take it away.

(Wood creaking)

(Melancholy music)

My kid was almost an orphan that time.

(Engine revving)

(Upbeat music)

(Siren wailing)

(Coyote howling)

- Go get the water.

- There's not much left.

- We'll let it cool off awhile.

What's the matter, are you afraid?

- Afraid? Of what?

- Why?

- Because of what I might do to you?

- Is that why you still got my pistol?

- No, doc.

Of course not. It's your pistol.

- You keep it. You might need it.

- No, you're going to get there okay.

- But if I start acting
the way I explained to you

back in the car,

you shoot me, pancho.

You mean you'd let me die of rabies

after what I did for Maria and your son?

- How can I kill you, doc?

- You have to.

Pancho, you swear to me, you'll shoot me

before you let me die
the way Fortunato did.

You swear it.

- I swear.

- Here, drink.

- You first.

- Don't you realise if
both you and I drink

out of the same bottle,
you'll get rabies too?

Come on.

- Here, doc.

(Suspenseful music)

(Bottle shattering)

- Maybe you better keep this now.

- No, pancho. You did right.

I don't know if we have enough gas

to get to palma sola.

- We gotta get there.

(Engine revving)

(Woman singing)

- Hey, look. Look over there.

- The engineer's Jeep.

That means I'm on the way.

(Women laughing)

(Upbeat music)

- Maurillo, maurillo.

The chief engineer is coming.

- And if he sees you like
that, he'll keep on going.

Get your clothes on.

So it's you, doctor.

We thought it was the engineer who-

- we ran out of gas.

We, we need a full tank.

- Well, you have to wait till
tomorrow for the gas truck.

What a lucky break.

- You've no ga s?

- Not a drop.

Now you'll have time to
look at my rheumatism.

Oh, no.

- Please, maurillo, help us.

He's, it's important.

- Well, I'll see if there's
any left in the barrels.

(Barrels clanging)

- Doctor. Here is some.

Bring that bucket.

- Wait, you can't go out there undressed.

- Well, what if they go without me?

- Oh, get dressed. Get dressed.

- That's only three or four gallons.

Will that be enough to
get us to buenavista?

- Who knows.

You don't want to get stuck out there.

Say, what's your hurry anyway?

- A dog bit me.

He had rabies.

- [Maurillo] Rabies? El mal.

- They have serum in buenavista.

They can give me shots.

You sure you have no more gas, huh?

- Maybe there's some inside, but...

- Reuben.

The driver wanted to,
uh, collect for his ride,

but we couldn't get
together on the payment,

so I'm going with you.

- I can't take you.

- Hurry, doc, it's getting late.

- I'll be a son of a,

where'd I put my shoes?

- Hey, doc. Save a little
for the carburetor.

- Use that one.


- Say, how will you find me at night?

- I won't even look for you.

Get out of the way.

- I'm ready.

- I told you I can't take you.

- Well, save your breath, you got me.

- Look, Perla, I'm not kidding.

I got the rabies.

- Not yet you haven't.

I heard you.

Now step on it.

- You get out of here.

- Let's go doctor. It's getting late.

(Engine revving)

- Hey, hey, doctor!

What should I take for my rheumatism?

- [Antonio] For a moment, I thought...

- [Mechanic] Yeah, so did I.

- They must have made it.

- Now it's up to them.

(Siren wailing)

(Engine sputtering)

(Engine rumbling)

(Melancholy music)

- Reuben, I'm not much of
a one for giving advice...

Well, gee, every time I open my mouth

I stick my foot in it,

but why don't we walk the rest of the way?

- We'd never make it.

- We can try. You've got nothing to lose.

- Are you crazy? It would take us two days

to walk to buenavista.

- Doc, look, if we cut over
there, where the sun comes up,

we don't have to walk so far.

- What do you mean?

- Behind the reach is the penascal.

On the other side, we leave the desert,

and when we climb the mountain,

we get to the highway to buenavista.

- All right. We walk.

- Come on, Perla.

We must try to reach the
penascal before dark.

(Dramatic music)

(Perla gasps)

(Siren wails)

(Coyote howling)

I've got more thorns than a cactus.

We might as well be walking out there.

- We'd get lost in the dark.

(Melancholy music)

- This one's in too deep.

- You got a needle in there or something?

- Will this do?

- Yeah.

(Dogs barking distantly)

(Perla grunts)

- He doesn't want to hurt you.

It's the sickness.

- Sickness!

Not the rabies.

The hell with that.

What about your real sickness,

the one you have inside,

about your wife.

- My wife died in my
hand, and so did my son.

- They died because it was,

well, it was their time
to die, that's all.

Oh, but you enjoy mourning for them.

You like people to feel sorry for you.

You're always acting like you want to die.

Well, what are you trying
like crazy to save yourself?

Why don't you just wait
till you get the rabies?

You do want to stay alive.

Stop kidding yourself.

- Go sleep a little, doc.

- Tie me up.

- Tie me up.

(Dogs barking distantly)

(Reuben grunting and gasping)

- Don't touch him.

- I thought I heard a
noise, an animal maybe.

For a moment I thought you had...

- Are you all right?

- I just had a bad dream, that's all.

- It's time to get
moving. Come on, let's go.

- Yes.

- We'll be in the middle of the desert

when the sun is hottest.

(Box clanging)

(Melancholy music)

- You better rest a while.

- I'm all right.

(Suspenseful music)

- Light.

(Water trickling)

Hurry, doc.

(Water splashing)

(Upbeat music)

- The sun's getting low.

- All right, let's go.

- We made it, doc. We made it!

There's the highway! Hurry!

(Hopeful music)

(Horn honking)

(Tyres screeching)

(All chattering indistinctly)

- You jerk!

You want me to kill these kids?

Drunken idiot.

- No, I'm not drunk.

I've got to get to the
hospital in buenavista.

- Ah, wait for the regular bus.

- I can't wait.

- It's against the rules.

- For god's sake, mister,
his life depends on it.

- I told you, I can't take
passengers with the kids.

- Listen, I'm not going
to let him die now.

You gonna drive?

- No, pancho.

- Maria made me promise to help you.

I'll kill him if he doesn't take you.

Get in, doc.

H u rry.

Let's go.

(Jazzy music playing over radio)

(Reuben breathing heavily)

- Reuben?

- You've got it made.

Some shots and you're over it.

I was just thinking, what's gonna cure me?

What's gonna get me over you?

- Last night you opened my eyes.

Now you open yours, hm?

(Perla whimpering)

- I guess that's the trouble.

They are open to where I come from.

What I am.

For me, there's no cure.

- Oh, Perla.

(Reuben sighs)

- Oh, Perla.

- Hey, mister.

What's the matter?

Is she sick or something?

- Get away.

- Aren't you a doctor?

- Hey, you want to catch rabies?

You want to get El mal?

Get away!

(Boy roaring)

(Boy barking)

- The doctor's got El mal!

(All shouting and screaming)

The doctor has El mal.

- Quiet!

(Tyres screeching)

Come on, kids. Get out.

Hurry. There we go.

I told you.

I just wanted them to get away from him.

- I told you...

- No, pancho.

He's only trying

to protect the kids.

- Please, let the kids get out.

I promise, I'll drive you to buenavista.

- All right, all of you out.

- Okay, come on.

Come on, hurry.

You, jorges, pepe, and Carlos,

keep the younger ones together
away from the highway.

I'll pick you up in an hour.

- Okay, let's go.

(Bus engine starting)

- Hey there, Manuel.

You're losing your oil.

- Get back. You're not
supposed to be on the highway.

- Get back, you kids.

(Engine sputtering)

- There's something wrong with the bus.

- Oh, the crank case is busted.

- Won't it run at all?

- Can you fix it?


- Look, just over the top of the hill.

If we could push it that
far, maybe we can coast

all the way down to buenavista.

- All right, come on.

It's almost sundown.

- Look, look.

(Perla grunting)

- Don't cry. I know how to push.

(Perla coughs)

(Pancho panting)

(Melancholy music)

(Upbeat music)

(Tyres screeching)

(Suspenseful music)

(Tyres screeching)

- [Pancho] We made it, doc.


(Upbeat music)