Rage (1993) - full transcript

Jack Dameron, the adopted son of a great Asian trading family, lives the perfect life and his star is quickly rising in the family business until he's framed for his wife's murder. He must find the real killer before the cops get him.

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I will take good care of this young man.

When you come back, he'll be speaking Thai like a native, huh?


And I want to thank you once again, Fung.

-Got a goodbye kiss for Mummy? -Yes.

Don't be too hard on Mr. Fung. Okay? No trouble.

Okay. But bring me something cool from Bali, deal?

That's a deal.

Okay. Don't forget to clean your teeth, will you? Very important.





Mummy! Mummy! (SCREAMS)


-Mummy! -(SCREAMS)


(CLAPS) Very good, Jack. You'll grow up to be a champion.

Now. This is home now, Chiang.

You and Jack are going to be brothers.

-What do you think of that? -Would you like to play?


Okay. (CHUCKLES) Yeah, he is. He's right here. I'll tell him.

Okay. And thank you again. That's really wonderful news.

Mmm-hmm. All right, bye.

That was Papa Fung. He'd like to see you first thing.



And what?

You are looking at the first foreign lawyer ever approved

as a trial attorney in Thailand.

Oh, honey. That is great. Congratulations.

We did it.

So. Now I can retire.

You wish.

I tell you what, though.

If you ever find yourself on the wrong side of the law

I'll give you some cheap advice.

Oh, cheap? Not free, just cheap, huh?

Hey, a girl's gotta earn a living.

Speaking of which. You gonna be a good boy while I'm gone?


How long are you gonna be away?

Mmm. You just behave yourself.


Oh, I miss you already.

I gotta go.

Here you go. Easy.

He's beautiful.

He gives comfort to an old man. Come.

You know why I asked you here?

I think so.

You're the correct choice. I'm certain of it.

Father, Chiang is your son.

I would completely understand...

Stop, stop, stop. The matter is settled.

Chiang has no place in the company that your father and I labored to build.

I will not allow Chiang to turn Bangkok Mercantile

into some kind of cover for his drugs and prostitution

and whatever else he's involved in.

-You know his latest amusement? -Deathfights.

Human cockfights. All for the amusement of his clientele.

All with the silent approval of the police.

It sickens me.

-Does he know of your decision? -Yes.


And in time, he will learn to accept it.

Father, I am honored.



Good morning, Noi. So, what do you have?

Well, it's the Morrison contract.

It's ready and you can pick it up at my place tonight.

Your place?

Jack, don't be a stick. It's strictly business.

Look, they'll drop off the contract at 6:00,

then I have to bring it back to Morrison's tomorrow.


Excuse me.

Am I interrupting something?

Well, as a matter of fact you are.

So, Noi, closing a big deal, or zipping one up?

Either way, it's a big one.

I'll speak to you later.

Well, well.

So is there an actual purpose to this visit?

Dear brother Jack.

Let me be the first one to congratulate you. You'll make an excellent chairman.

Thank you. You know Chiang, I didn't really ask for this position, but...

But you wanted it.

Just remember, Jack.

Today, it's you. Tomorrow, me.


-Hello. -Hi.

-Come on in. -How are you?


So, expecting someone for dinner?

As a matter of fact, he just arrived.

Oh, no, no, no.

Are you sure?

Jack. Come on, dinner won't hurt. It deserves a little celebration.

Noi. Some other time.

Here you go. Thanks a lot.



WOMAN: Yeah! Go get him!




MAN: Hit him! Hit him!

WOMAN: That's it! Yeah!

There's something I want to show you.

These are the best. I've sold these all over the world. Have a look.

Not bad. Are you telling me that all this is available?

We have an unlimited supply of them.

And if I order, how soon can you deliver?

Well, you make the payment

and you'll have it.


Him say you dead. (EXCLAIMS)


-'Nuff respect, man. -Good fight.

Let's go upstairs.

MAN: Broke his neck!



I-ron. I'm going to make you the most renowned black master of martial arts

the world has ever seen.

I have set up a fight, which you will win.

But fame and fortune have their price.

A price I'm prepared to pay, sir.


It was not the magic fingers that they were...


What's this?

Jack, this is beautiful. Why? (CHUCKLES)

What do you mean why? Does there have to be a reason?

Oh, come on. I don't know.

Welcome back present.

Would you care for some drinks?

I think we need some champagne.

He did it, didn't he? Fung made you chairman.

Oh, baby, I'm so happy for you.

It couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.

What about Chiang? How'd he handle it?

Well, I don't think he quite understands that it wasn't me,

that it was the full board's decision.

Well, I guess he's just going to have to learn to live with it, isn't he?

Yeah, I don't think it's that simple.

Listen to me, Mr. I'm Responsible For Everyone.

It is not your fault.


Now we have some celebrating to do.

Give us a kiss.




Ah! Manson!

Some party. Are you ready for that surprise?

I hope you won't disappoint me this time.

He's a shootboxer.


CHIANG: Koler. Oblige the gentleman.



JACK: Mmm.

That was the first thing.

The other thing I was thinking about is that since we're both so happy,

and now that are futures are reasonably secure...

Uh-oh, now, come on, Sarah, don't you spoil it.

We've been through this a thousand times.

But we've never resolved anything.

So what are you saying? You don't want kids ever?

Come on, it's not forever. Just not now.

You know, there's kind of a statue of limitations on something like this.

You can't just decide suddenly when I'm 82 years old that you're ready.

It might be a little late.

We will, we will. I'm just not ready, just not now.

Is it your parents? Is that...

I don't know. Look at this world.

I mean, just this morning, I'm driving in the garage,

there's three guys trying to mug a poor, old lady.

Is that what you're thinking of?

Because it's not going to happen to us.

The same thing's not gonna happen again.

Come on, it's not that.

-Well, then what? -I don't know.

What do you want? Jack, what do you really want?

I don't know. I'm hungry.


Go! Come on!




Shootboxing or shitboxing, Manson?

Perhaps you need a little more preparation.

MAN: Pretty good!


You worthless piece of shit!

Come on. We have better things to talk about.

I assure you we are capable of protecting our proposed venture.

I never doubted that.

But since yesterday, you don't even control your own company.

News travels quickly. I just need a little time.

It seems your stepbrother has outmaneuvered you.

You would do well not to underestimate me.

You'll find out tomorrow what I mean.

I look forward to my enlightenment.





I need to see you, Jack.

-What do you want? -Jack, listen.

If you're not here in my house in 15 minutes,

I'm going to tell your wife everything.

What do you mean? What are you doing?

I mean it, Jack.

Okay, okay. I'll be there.

Where are you going?

Oh, I've gotta get down to the warehouse.

There's some problem I've gotta fix.

At 12:00 at night?

There's not somebody else that can handle it?

Come on, Sarah, I'm the boss. Who else is gonna do it?

I'll be back in an hour. Come on.

Jack, I...

Mmm. Make that less than an hour.

Don't go to sleep. Okay?

Noi, come on. I don't have time for this.


Oh, shit.

Don't move!

Whoa. Wait a minute, easy.

You are under arrest.

I just got here. I found her this way.

Oh, now come on, wait a minute. I just got here. I just found her.

Let's go!


GUARD: Dameron. Your attorney is here.


I'm sorry I'm late. I had to pick up the police report on my way.

It's okay, it's okay.

Are you all right?

I'm fine.

Um, I'm going to make a motion to move your hearing back

about two days.

I'm going to need a little more time to prepare.

I didn't do it. I didn't ask you if...

I just want to know why you were there.

Who was she to you?

We did a few business deals together.

Oh. Is that what you were doing at her house?

Were you doing business'?


What were you doing?

I'm your lawyer, Jack.

Come on, you're my wife.

Well, why don't you pretend I'm not your wife, all right? Try that.

I need to know the facts surrounding your relationship

with this woman.

Why don't you start at the beginning?

We were at a trade show at Pattaya a few months ago.

-Uh-huh. -We had a few drinks.


You don't want to hear this.

Why don't you fuck what I want to hear

and just tell me what happened, all right?

Did you sleep with her?

Come on, Jack! It's an easy question!

Did you fuck her?


I think I know you well enough to know that you didn't kill her.

But I really thought I knew you well enough

to know you wouldn't cheat on me.

Jurgen. I wasn't expecting you here.

Sorry to barge in on you.

We felt that you might need some help securing Bangkok Mercantile.

I have something for you. I think you'll find it quite interesting.


Where did you get this?

Never mind where I got it.

What's important is that you use it wisely and to our mutual benefit.

This is all I need.

Remember, time is of the essence.

Yes, yes of course.

Perhaps this will teach you humility.


You stubborn, stupid old man.

It should never have come to this!

Do you hear me?

But it did.

Now you know what you must do.

Hey. (SPITS)

Fucking white ass!





MAN: Stuff him! (LAUGHS) That feels good, right? Right?

Feels good, huh?


-This here's my turf, asshole. -Yeah, well, shit happens.


Thanks for your help.

What makes you so popular?

I don't know.

Last week it was because they thought I snitched on 'em to the guards.

And did you?

Fuckin' A. Why not? They're all assholes anyway.

Besides, snitching's gonna get me out of here on good behavior real soon.

Yeah, if you don't go out in a box first.

Anyway, I'm Jack Dameron.

No shit. The name's Wiley.

I've heard about you. You're famous.

For a rich puke you handle yourself pretty well.

Where'd you learn that shit?

Harvard Business School

How is he?

Not good.

Will they allow bail?

The judge told me they would probably approve a million baht.

Because of you.

Then we must pay it.

To whom do I make out the check?

The department of finance.


Thank you.

And how are you?


I don't know, Papa, I feel like my whole life is a lie,

and I'm trying really hard to do the right thing.

I'm just not sure what that is.

Do you think that he killed the girl?

No. He didn't kill her. He slept with her.

He's just got such damn bad timing.

What do you mean?

I'm pregnant.

And Jack does not know?

Mmm-mmm. I just found out.

Well, you do what you think is right for the child.

Do that and you will never regret your decision.

I'm Jack Dameron's attorney. These are his release papers.

Ah, shit, I'm sorry, mate.

What you need is a trip to the Body Machine.

What's the Body Machine?

it's just about the best bar in Bangkok.

It's where I hang out. You ought to check it out sometime.


Well, my attorney says I'm gettin' out tonight.

That means tomorrow morning, I wake up a free man.



Dameron! You're free to go.

Hey, adios, amigo!

-Hey, don't forget about the Body Machine. -You got it.

Where are we going? Sarah, the house is that way.

So what are we doing?

You've been remanded to Papa Fung's custody.

That means in order to not violate the terms of your bail

you need to sleep here every night.

Aw, Sarah, for Christ's sake.

I've already dropped off some of your clothes.

If you need anything else, you can just leave word at my office.

Well, don't you think we should maybe talk about this?

No, I think you should get out of the car.

Tsu, what's going on?

What the hell is going on?

Oh, Jack. I guess no one has told you. I'm chairman now.

Under the circumstances, it was inevitable.

Oh, it was inevitable, was it?

Kind of a boring company, isn't it?

Well I'm sure you'll fix that.

What'll it be? Drugs? Arms?

Or maybe your other commodity.

(LAUGHING) Other commodity?

(SIGHS) This is Asia, Jack.

Poor girls here have traded off their virginity for 3,000 years.

You'd change that, wouldn't you?

So what if she'd make the equivalent of two years' wages in one night?

You would rather have her work off those two years in the paddies

or in a Bangkok sweatshop for two dollars a day.

You're so moral, Jack.

You spend your whole life in Asia, yet you understand nothing.

Prostitution, death fights. You're right, I don't understand.

Keep an eye on him.


My Son.

I just came from the office. Chiang tells me that now...

It was decided by the complete Board of Directors. I'm sorry.

That's it? Just like that? Everything my father worked for.

Everything you worked for. Damn it, everything I worked for?

You'd let it all be destroyed just like that?

Perhaps your brother will change his ways.

My brother is nothing but a... You know exactly what he is,

and he's not about to change.

There's something you're not telling me.

There is nothing more to say.

No, no, there's more going on here. I intend to find out what it is.

Come on, Jack. It's an easy question. Did you sleep with her?

Did you fuck her?

I really love you.

I love you.

Listen to me. It happened just once.

I told her it was a mistake.


MAN 1: There we go! Whoo!

MAN 2: Take it off, baby!


Give me Johnnie Walker.

Here you go, pal.

I'm supposed to meet a guy named Wiley.

Wiley, yeah, he hangs out here. But he ain't here tonight.

He's in the slammer.

He's supposed to be getting out tonight.

If you say so, pal.

He's in and out of there just like it's an old home to him.


-Speaking of the devil. -Did I hear somebody call my name?

You made it. How are you? Good to see you.

Speakin' about the devil! How's it goin', man?

-Back out, man, back out. -Good to see you.

Give me my regular, man, and give my buddy here another one of those.

You got it.

To freedom, huh!

So what do you think. Is this paradise, or what?

-Compared to where we were, man. -(LAUGHS)

Hey, hey, hey. I recognize you.

You're the foreigner who murdered Thai girl.

How much does it cost for a rich man to kill a Thai girl?

Wiley, Wiley, Wiley. It's all right.

What is it, farang?

Lose your tongue in jail? Or was it your balls?

Hey, take it outside!



Oh, fuck!

Hey, hey, Wiley! My fuckin' money, man!

Get your ass back here...

Jack, the cops are coming. Let's get the fuck out of here.

Let's go, come on!

Follow them.

Don't lose 'em.

Let's go. In here.



Come on, man. You can do better than that!

Hey, come on, man. Give me a break.

I only fix these things, man.

Come on. Shit, Wiley, step on it!

I'm givin' it all she's got, man.


You call that drivin'!


Good morning.

I see you've met Grace.

The cutest.

You should see her sister, Nancy.

This is Mai. Mai, this is Mr. Dameron.

She's gorgeous, man. Is she your...

No, it's nothing like that. She won't even let anybody touch her.

She can't even talk. Or maybe she just won't.

Something happened to her. Something bad.

She wakes up in the middle of the night whimpering all the time.

I don't know what it is.

How'd she get here?

Found her on the street.

The old stray cat syndrome.

I took one look, couldn't just leave her there.

Are you a mechanic?

No, I'm tryin' to learn.

So what's your job?

Nothing steady.

Where's home?

Home? Well, I'm from LA,

but I ain't got no money to get back there.

So l guess this is home.

I used to be a Marine.

I got discharged in Beirut.

Figured I'd take the long way around coming home.

Came over here for some I and I.

What's I and I?

Intercourse and intoxication.

Yeah, I spent a couple of months in an alcoholic haze.

By then, I was a goner.

One thing led to another. Here I am.

Now. Let me ask you a question, Mr. Harvard graduate.


Did you kill that girl?


So who killed her?

I don't know. I've got one week to find out.

You know, when I was in jail,

I heard some guy shootin' off his mouth about you.

Said he knew for a fact you'd been framed.

Could've been yanking my chain.

Wiley, did you get his name?

Uh, Mason... Manson! He's a martial arts guy.

I think he hangs out with your stepbrother.


May I help you?

-You Manson? -Yeah.

Jack Dameron.

Yeah. I know you. From the paper.

What do you want?

I understand you might have some information that could be

of interest to me.


Well, do you or don't you?

Well, now, you're a businessman, Mr. Dameron. What's it worth?

Well, what do you want?

What is your freedom worth to you?

Well, why don't we just try 500 baht?

Is that your bail money?

Let's start our negotiations at 500,000.

You know, I don't like you already.

Let's go!

Feel like talking yet?

So, you feel like talking now?

-I-ron. -What?

The man who killed the girl. He's a Jamaican fighter.

-His name is I-ron. -Where do I find him?

Near the ruins. He lives there.

Thanks for the lesson.

Where have you been?

What did the cops want?

You! You were supposed to sleep at Papa Fung's last night, remember?

Where were you?

Oh, you really care?

I mean, who is it speaking now? My wife or my lawyer?

Do you understand that there is a warrant out for your arrest?

I've got a lead on the man who killed Noi.

Good. Then why don't we let the police handle it?

Jack! Listen to me. I'm trying to build a case for you

and you're just doing stupid things to dig yourself in deeper.

-What are you looking for? -My .38.

I threw it away.

Oh, for God's sake. Jack, listen to me, please.

If you are on to something, then the police are much better equipped

to handle it than you are.

Just stop this macho bullshit!

Jack! Please don't go.

Sarah, I have to bring this guy in.

If I tell the police, they probably won't believe me.

If they do, they'll blow it anyway.

I won't do anything stupid.


Mars, where's Papa Fung?

He's upstairs resting.

I need to see him now.

Find what you're looking for, man?


Why'd you kill the girl?

Because Master Chiang's wishes are my command, sir.

So you did murder her?

No, not murder her.

I quest only fame and fortune, and obeying Master Chiang

bestows this upon me.

You fucking son of a bitch!


Chiang. It's Chiang, man. You'll find him at the snake pit.

Hurry, man. Your wife...

What? What!

Your wife.

She's next. 'Nuff respect. 'Nuff respect, man.


Come on!

Don't you touch me!

Jesus, man, what happened to you?

I think Chiang's got Sarah. I-ron mentioned the Snakepit.

Do you know where that is?

What do you mean? That's your brother's place, for Christ's sake.

Everybody in Bangkok knows about that.

I never wanted to know. Just where is it?


Snakepit... I know the Snakepit. I know the Snakepit. I was there.

What is it?

I know the Snakepit.

Where is it!

It's in a ruin on the outskirts of town.

Wait, man! You can't go there. It's a fucking fortress.

I've got some stuff in the trailer. Hang on, I'll go get it.


I'll be back. Mai, look, I promise.

Come on!


That's it.

What do you mean that's it? That's just a ruined out building.

The Snakepit's in the basement of the building.

Good camouflage, huh?

Remember, Wiley, all I need is a diversion.

Just keep 'em occupied.

No problem.

Just what you need.

Where the fuck did you get that?

Just some junk I keep laying around.

Shit, man, I said a diversion, not fucking world war three.

That's just what you're gonna get.

You get out over here, then go around the building.

I'll give you a signal.

-Want this? -No. Don't need it.

Why are you doing this, Chiang?

Jack has never done anything to hurt you.

He's a good man.

(CHUCKLES) Jack's a dead man.

You're very tough. Come on, Chiang, you can stop this.

You have everything. You have the business now.

You have everything you could possibly want.



Not everything.

Don't touch me!







I've waited for this for a long time.

Come on, Chiang, this has gone far enough.

You don't want to do this, so just let her go.

Let her go? Of course, Jack.

It's me you want, not this miserable bitch.




You fucker!



Is that your best fucking shot?

Goodbye, Jack.

Jack, no! Stop. Jack. Jack, don't do it.

Stop! Jack!

Come on, come on.


FUNG: Stop!


Go ahead, old man. Tell him!

Tell him what really happened those years ago.

Tell your son how you killed his real parents!

You little filth!

Tell him!

What's he talking about?

In the early days,

I allowed certain people to use Bangkok Mercantile

as a cover for the trans shipment of opium

from the Golden Triangle.

I was young, desperate for money.

Your father found out, put an end to the operation.

My partners demanded a meeting with him.

I set it up. I never thought they would kill him.

Listen to him! The old fool accuses me of the very things

he once profited from himself.

You were no different then than I am now!

I have lived with the shame all my life!

I will set you free!


SARAH: Oh, God.


You've got to come with us, Mr. Dameron.

Mr. Manson has given a statement. There's nothing to worry about.

It's all a matter of procedure. Let's go.

Pig! Don't you remember who I am?

He's the one.

He's the one who raped me!



Wiley? (CRYING)


I love you.

Oh, Sarah.

Let's just let it all go, okay?

I don't want to live in the past anymore because we have got so much.

We have got so much to look forward to.

The three of us.