Raffles (1930) - full transcript

A distinguished English gentleman has a secret life--he is the notorious jewel thief the press has dubbed "The Amateur Cracksman". When he meets a woman and falls in love he decides to "retire" from that life, but an old friend comes to him with a predicament that entails him committing one last job.

A rotten night under foot.

It's a rotten night overhead.

Ah, it's a rotten night
every night this winter.

I hear the Amateur
Cracksman is at it again.

"Amateur Cracksman" my eye.

What's the good of giving
him all these fancy names?

He's a common burglar. Why don't
they call him a common burglar?

He ain't no common burglar.

He's an uncommon burglar.

He's getting to be a popular hero.

Well, hero or no hero.

We'll nab him yet.

They all get nabbed sooner or later.


Spring fever.
- Peaceful disease.

Very peaceful.

Extra special! Read about
the Amateur Cracksman!

Paper, Guvnor? Paper?
- No.

Read about the robbery
at the British Museum.

Hear that?

The amateur cracksman again.

Won't he ever let up?


It's blokes like him that ruin
the business for blokes like us.

[ Doorbell ]

Good evening, Mr Bunny.

Is Mr Raffles in?
- No, sir.

When do you expect him back?

You know Mr Raffles, sir.

I've got to see him, Barraclough.

I've got to see him.

Forgive me asking, sir.

But trouble, sir?
- Yes.

Anything that I can do, sir?
- Not if you don't know where he is.

I wish I did, sir but ..
- Well, I'll wait for him.

I will just sit here and wait.

Oh, I shouldn't worry, Mr Bunny.

You couldn't be in any trouble ..

That Mr Raffles won't get you out of.

But you don't know what a
fool I've been, Barraclough.

Such a fool.

Had enough?



Of dancing?

Let's talk.

What about?



Here is Gwen to look after, father.

Come, Priscilla. Let's dance.

Sit down Gwen, my dear.
Sit down, Raffles.

Be gay.

I ought to be gay.

By George, that's a .. that's a pretty
woman over there. Do I know her?

Go over and find out, Lord Melrose.
- Yes. A good idea. I will.

Yes, yes, yes.

Ah, well, well.

Now. Go on about me.

I love you.

That's nice.

But I ..

I tell you that so often.

I rather like to hear it.

Why won't you take me seriously, huh?

What makes you think I don't?
- Hello, Gwen.

Hello Raffles. How is cricket?
- Fine.

Why aren't you in training?
- Oh, I shall be.

England has need of you.

I did. I did know her.

Hello my dear. How are you?
- Hello.

Surprised to see you in town.

Yes, I wish my children had left
me in the country with their mother.

I don't like late hours.

I don't like London.
I don't like black cabs.


Have dinner next week?
- Love to.

Bring him.

I'm mad about him.

So am I.

Bye-bye. So long, Gwen.
- So long.

Cheerio, old boy.
- Bye.

What was that you just said?

Didn't you hear?

Marry me?

Why not?
- Oh, darling.

What's that?

I'm going to marry Mr Raffles.

Gwen dear, how thrilling.
- Isn't it marvellous.

Splendid, Raffles.

Are you pleased, Lord Melrose?
- Delighted.

Splendid. Fine fellow.
Top hole cricketer.

I would drink your health if I
could get some more champagne.


Nasty stuff. My wife lives on it.

All bubbles and froth. No taste.

Well, that's right. Fill it up.

Well, bless you my children.

Thank you, sir.


I say, Barraclough.

Barraclough, where are you?

Yes, sir?
- Here.

Have a watch.

A watch, sir?
- You're a stout fellow, Barraclough.

You've been a good servant and
I want you to have my watch.


A watch, anyway.

Thank you, sir.

I want you to have the chain too.
- Thank you, sir.

Get me a whiskey and soda, will you.

Where is that file of mine?

I'm turning over a
new leaf, Barraclough.

More new leaves than you ever heard of.

You think I'm crazy but this is
the sanest thing I've ever done.

I'm a different man from now on.

You don't know what it means
and it's just as well you don't.

But I'll let you in on
half of it, Barraclough.

I'm going to be married.

To the loveliest creature
on God's green earth.

The loveliest creature, Barraclough.
- I am delighted to hear that, sir.

Thank you, Barraclough.

And Lady Melrose.

In you go with the lot of them.

I'm starting a new life
tonight, Barraclough.

Here's to it.
- Yes, sir. By all means, sir.

Very fine, sir.

But Mr Bunny, sir?

What about Mr Bunny? Let's get Mr Bunny
here. He should join in the celebration.

He is here, sir.
- Here? Where?

In the spare room, sir.

Well, why didn't you tell me? Say Bunny.

Have a cigarette case too.


Well, there's no-one here, Barraclough.
- That's very odd, sir.

He said he'd spend the night here, sir.

He can't have gone out, sir.

Why, there is his coat, sir.

Great Scott, Barraclough.
Do you smell ..?

Gas, sir.
- Bunny, Bunny!

Bunny. Good heavens!

Get him up.

Get the window open.
- Yes.

Lend a hand.

Is he dead, sir?
- No, thank heaven. We were in time.

I can't think.

He was behaving strangely,
but I never dreamed ..

0pen the window. Give him some air.

Bunny. Wake up, Bunny.

Bunny. Bunny.

Wake up old man, it's Raffles.
- Shall I get doctor, sir?

No, no. Wait.

Wait. He's coming round.

We don't want any outsiders in on this.

Get some whiskey.



Bunny. My dear Bunny, what in
heaven's name were you thinking of?

I'm a thief.

Well, way or another
we're all thieves at times.

Quiet now.

I can't. I must talk. I must tell you.
- Quiet, quiet.

That's all, Barraclough.
He's alright now. You can go.

Yes, sir.

Now. Tell me.

I've written a cheque, Raffles.

A big cheque and it's no good.

What made you do it?
- Cards.

Yes. I've been playing again.

I know I promised you I wouldn't.

On Monday morning Raffles, when
they get that cheque at the bank.

I'll be disgraced.

They'll treat me like a common
cheat and I am a common cheat.

Now, now, Bunny.

They might even arrest me, Raffles.

Now Bunny, you know I'll never let
them do anything like that to you.

I'm not asking you to help me.

I'm not worth helping.

Supposing you let me be the
best judge of that, hmm?

I don't deserve your friendship.

I know what honesty and
honour mean to you.

I got myself into this mess.
Let me get out of it.

Now Bunny, I will do no such
thing. Keep quiet, now.

Now take it easy.

That's better.

Tell me, how much was the cheque?

A thousand pounds.

A thousand?



Two days isn't much time to
find a thousand pounds.

Well, don't you worry, Bunny.
You keep quiet and let me think.

We'll have to use our wits.

Our wits?

I should say "my wits".

Oh, Bunny.
- Yes?

Didn't you say that you were going
down to Melrose House tomorrow?

I was, yes.

Would you ..

Could you take me with you?



I was just thinking I would
like to play some cricket.

Oh, that's easy.



Come on, Mr Raffles.
Let's have the hat-trick.

Knock out his stumps Mr Raffles.

Oh, he's some cricketer.

Well it didn't take him
long to get rid of me.

Not long, old boy.

Well, what about a drink?

Might as well. It will soon be over now.

Well darling, you're just
in time to see me bat.

To see you bat?

We came to see Mr Raffles.

Didn't we darlings.
Here, take Whiskey and Soda.

Put them somewhere near me.

And give me those glasses.

I want to see this Mr Raffles.

You're in now, father.
- Oh, Lord. Well, I ..

I'm sorry, darling.

I don't see anyone so very remarkable.

That's Raffles by the
far wicket with Bunny.



Well, like a lamb to the slaughter I go.

Did you say lamb, Harry dear?

Well, mutton if you like, darling.

And take care not to get overheated.

Overheated? Ha.

I like that. Ha-ha.

Overheated indeed.

Up through the lips and over the gums.

Look out stomach, here it comes.

Well I declare, look who's coming in.

It's His Lordship.

Easy, easy Mr Raffles. Easy.

Are you ready for him, Mr Raffles?

Give him the best
you've got, Mr Raffles.

Good old Raffles.

I'll let the old boy get a run on this
and then finish things off with you.

I say, Raffles.
You make me look like a fool.

Sorry Bunny, but I've had
about enough of this.

Give me ..

Give me middle and leg.

Middle and leg, Milord?
- Yes.

Off a little.

- Off a little more.

That's it, Milord. Middle and leg.


Why does he keep saying
"middle and leg"?

Don't yo see mother? He wants the
umpire to give him middle and leg.

Middle and leg?

Does he want more middle and leg?

Why, he's nothing but middle and leg.

Are you ready, Milord?
- Wait. Wait.

Will you tell your father to
come away from there instantly.

He looks perfectly ridiculous.

Let's get on with it.

Now then. Ready.


Did you see that, Kitty?

Mother, do look at father.

My dear, I've been looking at
him for the last thirty years.

Oh look, there is Bunny batting.

He'll get this one alright.

This one. This will win the game.

Magnificent bowling.

Come and play for us again, Mr Raffles.

Oh, I think it was great fun.

I hope to come again.

Lady Melrose asks for Mr Raffles.

Thank you all.

This is Mr Raffles.

Well young man, you've given me a
great deal of pleasure this afternoon.

Thank you Lady Melrose.
Do you like cricket?

I don't care tuppence about it.

But I have entirely
lost my heart to you.

So there.

Well Kitty, did you see me make my run?

I thought I told you
not to get overheated.

Mr Raffles, will you
kindly see me to my car?

Certainly, Lady Melrose.


Harry dear, will you see to
Whisky-kins and Soda-kins?

Don't let the darlings
overeat themselves.

You too.

[ Singing ]

[ Singing ]

Hey, hey, hey!

Stow it, stow it.

Can't you see that sign there?

"Drink your ale and be quiet."

Let's have one more look at that paper.

Now where is the window
with the tree against it?

Here. Second floor and ..

At the end of the long corridor
and the old lady's quarters ..

Open right over here.

It looks easy.

Like taking milk from a baby.

It will soon be dark enough.

Come on, let's go.

Don't stay too long over your port.

And be sure to come right back
to me in the drawing room.

Nothing dear lady, could tear
me from your side tonight.

There's a brave boy.

England is proud of you.

Well, Raffles.

Do you mean to say they
don't play cricket in America?

Ah, the savages wouldn't
understand the game.

A gentleman to see Your Lordship.

I can't be bothered now.
Who is it? What is it?

Bless my soul. It's Scotland Yard.

Did you say Scotland Yard?

Well, that's what it says on the card.

"Inspector McKenzie."

What on earth does
Scotland Yard want here?

Lord Melrose, I can't possibly conceive.

Well, you had better tell him ..

Tell him to come in.

Lord Melrose.

Inspector McKenzie?

My business is brief and confidential.

Oh, I beg your pardon.

No. Mr Raffles.

Mr A.J. Raffles.

The cricketer? I recognise him.

Thank you.

You can ..

You can go, both of you.

And ..

Close those doors after you.

And now sir, you can speak freely.

I've come here to inform you that there
are burglars in your neighbourhood.


Who have made definite
plans to rob this house tonight.

Bless my soul.
- And mine. Don't forget mine.

I say.
- This is jolly.

- Burglars?


More particularly, a burglar.

Did you say "a"?
- Aye.

That's not the fellow who calls
himself the Amateur Cracksman?

Ha. Who knows about
the Amateur Cracksman?

Who knows what he is?

Where he is or who he is?

Now, Inspector. There you raise a very
pretty point. I can tell you what he is.

He is a myth. A phantom.

An up-to-date Jack-of-lantern
invented by the police.

"Invented", Mr Raffles?

Certainly. Every time
Scotland Yard fails ..

To catch the perpetrator of
some decently intelligent theft ..

They blame the Cracksman.

Ah, the Inspector
doesn't seem convinced.

Do have a glass of brandy.

No, no.

This is most disturbing.

Lady Melrose is a very timid woman.

I don't like it.

I don't like it at all.

Come now, Lord Melrose. After all,
the burglar hasn't got in yet.

The best thing is to
thank the Inspector.

Show him over the
possible field of action.

Would you like to take
a look round, Inspector?

Why, Mr Raffles couldn't have
suggested anything I would like better.

Well, finish your brandy, Raffles.

Come along now. This way.
Now be calm, gentlemen.

And above all things, remember.

Not a word to Lady Melrose.

No, not a word to her.

Ah, we start with the burglar alarm.

After you, Inspector, after you.

Gentlemen, listen if you please.

Now .. there are six bells.

They ring all over the house.

Once the thing is set .. there.

Let anybody try opening a window.

That should do very nicely.
- Quite a musical effect, I would think.

Well, I don't know much
about music myself, but I ..

Where on earth do they
keep the ashtrays, I wonder?

[ Alarm bell. Loud! ]

Bless my soul. What will Kitty say ..

Come with me, Raffles.
You can quiet her.

Bless my soul, bless my soul.

Don't leave me. I'm fainting.

Now don't be alarmed, my dear.

Don't be alarmed?

I am alarmed.

Who is that man?

This is Inspector McKenzie
of Scotland Yard.

Scotland Yard?

What are you keeping from me?
Are the thieves here already?

Are we all to be murdered in our beds?

It's nothing for you to be
concerned over, Lady Melrose.

Speak louder, please. I can't
hear one word that you say.

I said it is nothing for you
to be concerned about.

Certainly it is my business.

He didn't say it wasn't. He only said ..

I heard him distinctly.

Mr Raffles.

I count upon you to protect me.

I shall protect you
Lady Melrose, with my life.

Yes we'll all protect you, Kitty.

Not you.

You frighten me to
death with your bells.

With your nonsense.

Bunny, give me that
glass of brandy. I need it.

Men of your age drink too much anyway.

Calm yourself, calm yourself.

Who is protecting my bed?

I have not the slightest objection
to you young things being murdered.

I have the greatest
objection to it to myself.

Mr Raffles, will you help me upstairs?

And send me some more brandy to my room.

Send me no end of brandy.

If I can get enough brandy.

I may be able to embarrass Mr Raffles
into staying by my side all night.

And if he will do that I do not
care how many burglars come.

The more the merrier.

Now, now. My dear Kitty.

Don't talk such dreadful nonsense.

There is nothing in the house
worth stealing but what I've got on.

You must take care
of that, Lady Melrose.

What can I do?
How shall I take care of it?

Tell me, Mr Raffles.

I depend upon you. I lean upon you.

Not too heavily, Lady Melrose.
Not too heavily.

Why don't you play some
soft music, my dear.

What shall I play?

Anything that will quiet her.

Of course my husband has a safe.

My dear Mr Raffles, but
do you believe in safes?

Well, of course if thieves are coming.

The safe is certainly the
first place they would go to.

You think of everything,
don't you dear Mr Raffles.

Oh, I try to Lady Melrose.


My necklace does not
leave my neck tonight.

Lady Melrose, I believe you are right.

And goodnight, dear lady.

I didn't .. quite catch
that, Mr Raffles.



Dear Mr Raffles.


Over here.


Look out.

[ Car engine noises ]

Hey. Who is that?

Now listen.

- Gwen, my dear.

You didn't expect me here, did you.


No, I did not.

Well .. aren't you glad I came?

Oh, of course I am glad.

How happen to come here tonight?

It was Bethel's idea to surprise you.



Oh, it's Gwen. Well, well.

I'm delighted to see you.

If you can find some way
of quieting my good wife.

Hello Gwen.

You don't know what fun we're having.

Gwen dear, you are just in time.
The most thrilling thing has happened.

Yes, your mother doesn't
think it's thrilling.

Go to her, Gwen. She loves you
and she'll always listen to you.

Lord Melrose, what is it?

You go with her, Ethel. Go on.

Tell her. Tell her all about it.

Go on, go on, go on.

Is she .. is she calmer now?

Quite calm I think.

She is a formidable woman
when she is roused.

I hope she sleeps.

There will be the devil
to pay if she doesn't.

There is the devil to pay already.

Are you coming in, Raffles?

No. I think I will ..

I will just go outside.

What's on your mind, Mr Raffles?

Oh it's you, Inspector.

Do not let my presence here disturb you.

It isn't your presence disturbing me.

And do not let the
burglars disturb you either.

And it isn't the burglars.

You leave me to worry about them.

I'm a match for any
burglar that ever lived.

For any burglar?

There is a lot of sentimental
nonsense talked about criminals.

They are stupid fellows really.

All of them, Inspector?

I have a very low opinion
of the criminal class.

Well, so long as you have a
high opinion of the police ..

Do not misunderstand me, Mr Raffles.

I have a high opinion of myself.

You see.

I am a criminologist.

And a Scotsman.

The Scots enjoy feeling they
are cleverer than other people.

And they are cleverer.

My own cleverness often amazes me.

That's quite natural,
Inspector. Quite natural.

There is just one thing that I regret.

And what's that?

That you won't have the amateur
cracksman here tonight.

What a sight. To see the great
McKenzie face-to-face with him.

We'll meet one of
these days, Mr Raffles.

I'll catch the Amateur Cracksman.

I'll hook him.

And play him.

And land him like a fish.

Like a fish, did you say?

I'm a fisherman, Mr Raffles.
- Ah.

Well, it must be a rare sport.
Catching criminals.

I can only think of one rarer.

And what is that?

Dodging you fellows.

Well, you've made me realise that ..

I mustn't let anything
disturb me tonight.

Thank you for this expression
of your confidence.

Not at all, Inspector.

Not at all.
- Goodnight, Mr Raffles.

I'll leave you to your thoughts.

Goodnight, Inspector.

She's alright now, Lord Melrose.

She only speaks to me through a
crack in the door but she's alright.

She gave me this for
you lock in the safe.

Thank you, my dear.
- Where is McKenzie?

There you are.

Where is my famous cricketer?
- Raffles?

He's gone out for a breath of air.

You blokes wait here for me.

I won't be gone five minutes.

Just one big piece, and out.

Where is her room?

See that big tree?

See that window this
side of the balcony?

I gets up the tree.

Right into the hall and
into the old lady's room.

Ah, it's easy.
- Alright, Guvnor.

We'll be watching and if
anybody comes, I'll whistle.

- Shush. Quiet.

Oh, that dear Mr Raffles.

Here! What are you doing?

Get on you.

In there.

Now my friend.

We mustn't make a noise.

Or we'll awaken the whole house.

We mustn't have that, must we.

What's your game?

You are going to give me the
necklace that you've just taken ..

From this poor defenceless,
deaf old lady.


Strike me pink.

Have you heard anything?
- No, sir.


If you don't give up the jewels.

I shall kick up such a noise that you
will be caught and sent to prison.

On the other hand.

If you give them up quietly.

You only have to make your getaway.

You do see my point don't you?

No .. I don't see it.


You see.

The house is not as fast
asleep as you thought.


They are in .. hurry.

They're in. Let's go.

Come on now. Which will it be?

The safe getaway or the police?

Come on now.
We haven't any time to wait.


And better luck next time.

Come on.


I left it open.

You think the wind closed it?

The wind couldn't have locked it.

Great Scott!

[ Alarm bell ]

Quick! Get out, get out!

Break for it, through the house!

Through the triangle.

Here, you men.

Up the stairs.

Let me go, will you.

Hold him there.
- I ain't done nothing.

What a racket! I've never
heard such a row in my life.

He's a plucky little blighter.

So that's the little blaggard, is it.

I congratulate you, Inspector.
You were not far wrong.

We are both to be
congratulated, Lord Melrose.

He didn't get anything.

But, how did he get in?

Tell us. How did you get in?

None of your business.

None of your ..

What's his name?

You mean Mr Raffles?


So that's him.


I won't say nothing.

You will hear from me again though.

Mr Raffles.

Take the little skunk away.

Yes, lock him up there.

I'm sorry, Raffles.

At any rate.

He didn't get the
necklace, Lord Melrose.

You have still got that.

Good old Scotland Yard.

[ Telephone ]


Get Mr Raffles car ready
for the trip to London?

Very good.


I say, Raffles.

Come on down, Mr Raffles.

Hurry up.

[ Door knocks ]

Come in.

Yes, sir?
- I'm going down.

Would you bring my bags and
have the car sent around?

Very good, sir.

We are waiting.
- Are you coming?

Here he is.
- Where were you?

What about some tennis?

You and I against Bunny and Ethel.

I'm sorry. I'm going up to town.

To London? You're not.

What for?

I've got some very
important business there.

It has to be gotten through before ..

Before tomorrow morning.
- Oh.

Yes, it is important, Gwen.

Well, I'll go up to town
with you if you like.

If you like. Get your things together.

I want to talk to Gwen before we leave.

Alright. Come on, Ethel.
- I think it's mean of you.

Darling. What is the matter?

It's a problem.

Rather a difficult one.


I'm good at problems.

Come on.


Tell me.


A man loves a girl.

She is radiant, straight ..

Fine, untouched.

He isn't worthy of her.

In every possible way
he is most unworthy.

But for all that, he loves her.

Well, I ..

I hope she loves him.

She does.

That's the problem.

It isn't a very hard problem.

Oh yes it is. Because you see he
wanted to lead a new life for her sake.

He's found that he can't do it.

The taint is still there.

On the first possible excuse
he's gone wrong again.

And the excuse was good enough.

I suppose but ..

Just the same.

If she loves him, she
must want to help him.

Ah, but he can't disillusion
her, don't you see?

Goodbye, Gwen.


I'm going away now.

You sound as if you weren't coming back.

I'm not.

Don't say such things.

Gwen my darling, I love you.
I shall always love you.

You've made me realize
everything I've lost in life.

But it's too late now.
- Dearest.

Police! Murder! Terror!

What's that?

They robbed me in my sleep.

Don't go yet. I'll be right back.

Lady Melrose, what is it?

Lady Melrose! What is it?


Police! Help! I've been
robbed in my sleep.

Help! Gwen! Police!

Mr Raffles.

They've taken my necklace.
They've taken it. - What?

My necklace.

Why don't you do something?

Will somebody do something?

I want somebody arrested.

Kitty, my dear.

You are all undressed.
Go back to bed at once.

Don't look at her anybody.

You keep away.

It's all your fault.

I might have been murdered.

They found the necklace after all.
- What's that?

It can't be possible.

You've not been robbed.
- I've not been what?

I said you've not been robbed.

I ought to know whether
I've been robbed or not.

That necklace is in the safe.
- What?

Safe. S-A-F-E. Safe.

It's nothing of the sort.
- I put it there myself.

I'll go and get it for you.

You didn't put it there.

You put the case in there.
It wasn't in the case.

Not in the case?

Mr Raffles.

Where is Mr Raffles?

You promised to protect me.

Where were you?
- Yes, where were you?

Where was I when?

Why, when the alarm
went off, Mr Raffles.

Where were you then?

Why ..

In my room.

In my room, writing letters.

In your room?

But you were ..

Come. You must take mother up to bed.

Yes. Oh yes, of course.

It's perfectly true, Inspector.
The necklace has gone.

This thing is empty.

I'll give a thousand pounds. A thousand
pounds reward. Do you hear me?

To anyone who gets
me that necklace back.

Why, that is a very liberal
reward, Lord Melrose.

Too liberal.

I'll get the jewels back without it.

Meanwhile, I'd like a
word with you in private.

Well, we'll be quite
undisturbed in here.

No-one either enters
or leaves this house.

Good heavens, Inspector.
- Everyone is under suspicion now.

But I won't have it.

I won't have my guests suspected.

I'll let them just go.
- It's too late for that.

The police are in charge here now.
I'm sorry Lord Melrose but I ..

Is that someone planning to leave now?

Yes. That's Mr Raffles.
He is going to London.

You will be good enough
to let him go, Inspector.

Let Mr Raffles go?


Why not?

Mr Raffles can go to
London if he wishes.

I've changed my mind.

You are all at liberty to
come and go as you like.

Oh, are we? Hmm.

Oh my necklace. He stole my necklace.

Lady Melrose, what ever possessed you
not to put your necklace in the safe?


Whatever possessed not to put
your necklace in the safe?

It was Mr Raffles idea.

Mr Raffles' idea?

I am certain he meant well, but ..

Oh yes. Yes, I'm sure he meant well.

Excuse me, Lady Melrose.
I've got to speak to him.

Now, you are not to scold him.

I won't have him scolded.

And now I suppose
everyone will be leaving?

Yes, and mother is so upset.
- Well, it's not surprising.

Come on, Bunny.
- I'm coming.

You're not going to let
them get away, are you?

I've got other plans for Mr Raffles.

You take the burglar Crawshay ..

Out of the village jail.

Take him by aeroplane to London.

When you have got him
there, see that he escapes.

Then, follow him.

By Jove, Inspector.

It's not the first time I've
set a thief to catch a thief.

So I'll go and see Mr Raffles
safely on his way.

Say goodbye to Lord and
Lady Melrose for me, will you.

Of course I will. Yes, rather.

Sorry to run away.
- Goodbye. - Bye.

Well, goodbye everybody.
- Goodbye, Raffles.

It isn't too late.

I love you.

I love you.

Mr Raffles. I didn't expect
you back so soon, sir.

No? Well, one never knows, Barraclough.

Any news? Any letters?

Bills, sir.

A gentleman just called, sir.
- Oh, who?

He didn't give his name, sir.
An elderly gentleman.

A Scotchman.


Old, young, short, tall?
- Tall. Elderly.

He seemed to feel the weather, sir.

It's a rotten fog this, sir.




Don't unpack that bag, Barraclough.
- No, sir. ? Bunny.

Take my car.

Drive down to the Airways
Office in the Haymarket.

Book me a seat on the afternoon
plane to Amsterdam. - Amsterdam?

Here is 20 pounds and here
are the keys. Hurry, hurry!


Why, Gwen.

Hello, Gwen.

Don't stop to ask questions.

And don't answer any.
- Alright. I'll see you later.

That's alright, Barraclough.

Why, Gwen.

You'd better be leaving London.



But I wouldn't waste any
time about it if I were you.


Crawshay has escaped.


McKenzie let him go.

A thief to catch a ..

Thief. McKenzie said.

I see.

I heard Crawshay
threaten you last night.

And Lady Melrose.

Only you knew the necklace
wasn't in the case.

What else?

You weren't in your room
when the alarm went off.

How do you know?
- Because I was there.

And this.

Where did you ..?

Where did you steal this?

Oh, how could you be such a fool?

McKenzie says that every
criminal makes a false step.

Some time.

Such a fool was to turn
criminal in the first place.

Now lately I've been
wondering that myself.

I've practically confessed
everything to you this morning.

Don't you see that now that
you know everything about me.

I might just as well give myself up.

Oh, no.

I've come here to help you.

I don't care what you are.

I don't care what you've been.

I love you.
- Oh, Gwen.

I love the man you really are.

I'm going away with you
to stay with you always.

Oh my dear, I can't let you do that.

You try and stop me.

We'd be refugees from justice.

Hiding from the police.
- What if we are?

I'll trust your wit to keep
us from being caught.

And there isn't going
to be any more of this.

Is there?

There are other kinds
of adventure, you know.

Better kinds.

Are you trying to make
an honest man of me?


And I shan't love you
any less for being that.

[ Doorbell ]

Probably the police.
- Can you face them?

Oh, I can face anybody now.

What about this?

I'll find a way to return this later.

But they mustn't find you here.
- Where can I go?

Quick. In here.

You shouldn't have come.
You really shouldn't have come.

Oh, I'm not sorry I came.

You travel fast, Inspector.

I came by plane.
- In this fog?

I was in a hurry.

That's a bonnie cloak, Inspector.


It's a fine cloak for
this foggy weather.

Then let me give you a whiskey and soda.

No thanks.

There is fog enough outside.

I do not want it inside too.

Alright. I'll mix one for myself.

Crawshay has escaped.

Has he?

That sounds very
careless of you, Inspector.

He is here in The Albany.

Is he? Well, I must be
on the watch for him.

Aye. I'm on the watch for him.

I've got this place
surrounded on every side.


I'll get the necklace as
soon as I've got Crawshay.

Has Crawshay got it?

No. But he knows who has.
- Oh.

Do you mind if I take a
look around these rooms?

For Crawshay?
- Aye.

By all means.
- Thank you.

Do you mind if I look
through my letters?

By all means?

Thank you.

A library, eh?

Yes .. for books.

I say, that's a nice vase you have here.

Yes. A nice vase.

Not large enough for
Crawshay to hide in though.

Which will be your room?

My room? Oh yes. Here.

This is the bath, eh?
- Yes.

Go straight in. I'm not bathing now.

And that room there.

That room is occupied by a lady.

A lady?

A lady.

Well, you can trust my discretion.

How do you do, Inspector.

How do you do, ma'am.

I'll ring for tea.
- Good.

That's a fine clock you have there.
- Yes.

See the works.
- Thanks.

I've seen all I came to see.

And a bit more.

Bring tea, Barraclough.

You know.

I think I'll stay and have
a cup of tea with you.

Won't you sit down?

Thank you.

Look. The skylight is open.

Keep a watch, until I get the Inspector.

Do you mind if I smoke my pipe?
- Not at all.

Thank you.

Have a cigarette?
- No thanks.

I never smoke them.

Can I have a fill of tobacco?

Why not let me give
you one of my cigars.

I have some of the best
cigars you've ever smoked.

I'll smoke this after dinner.

Take another for now.
- No thanks.

When this Scotsman makes up his mind,
there is nothing that can dissuade him.


I hope you won't find
that mixture too mild.

Oh no. No.

[ Doorbell ]

We're having a lot of
callers this afternoon.

For Mr McKenzie, sir.

Excuse me, sir.
- Yes?

We've spotted Crawshay.
He's somewhere on the roof.

On the roof, eh?

Just as I expected.

Yes, sir.

He came up the service stairs and then
crawled on the roof through a skylight.

Well, I'd better come along.

Right, sir.
- And ..

You had better watch outside
Mr Raffles' door in case ..

In case ..?

In case Crawshay tries
breaking in that way.

Or in case Mr Raffles
tries breaking out.

My dear, I must ..
- Look out!

You didn't expect me, did you?

What do you want?

My share. That's what I want.

Mr Crawshay you tempt me
strongly to call in the police.

They're looking for
you all over the place.

The police?

Alright. They'll cop the pair of us.

Mr Crawshay.

Nothing would please me more than having
you take the necklace from these rooms.

Unfortunately though, I've just promised
to return it to the Melrose family.



You don't do me in again.

Either I get them sparklers.

Or I get you.

I see.

Mr Crawshay, may I ask you a question?

Have you ever heard a man
condemned to death?

I have.

It is quite an interesting procedure.

The judge puts a black cap on his head.

It isn't really a cap you know.
It's a piece of ..

Square cloth.

I'm telling you this so that you
will know what to expect.

The judge then tells you that you'll be
taken back to the place whence you came.

And thence to the place of execution.

There to be hanged by the neck.

Until you are dead.

And may the Lord have mercy ..

On your soul.

A pity you haven't more pluck, Crawshay.

You see what comes of listening to you?

There is his rope, sir.
It leads to Raffles' window.

So it is.

Cheer up. This time I will get you away.
Have you got a rope?

- Come on, quick.

If the police return.

Use all your charm.

Have you got any money?

Not a bean.

Here is ten pounds.

Look. They've got me.

Alright. Pull it up.

Pull it up.

Pull yourself together, man.

They haven't got either of us yet.


Now wait.

Give us that chloroform of yours.

God love you, Guvnor.

What a crew you'd make.

Crawshay is inside.

In the name of the law, open this door.

[ Door knocks ]

Where is he?
- Who, Mr Raffles?

In his room I think.
- Have you heard anything?

Heard anything?

Why no.

Then Crawshay has got him.

In there.

Good heavens.

Is he dead?

No. Chloroform.

Get Crawshay!


He's coming to now.

He got away in the fog, sir.

Raffles, old boy. What happened?
- It's alright, old man. It's alright.

Alright, but tell me what's happened.


Crawshay came alright.
- Yes.

He came.

And went.

Wait here.

Where is Mr Raffles?

Why Gwen. What are you doing here?

The same as you're doing, Lord Melrose.
Trying to protect Mr Raffles.

Well, you're too late. Both of you.

Confound it, sir.

Well, Inspector.
Have you found your man?

Yes, Mr Raffles.

We got him.


You can always count on
dear old Scotland Yard.

Yes, Mr Raffles.

Here is a warrant for your arrest.


You see, you will have to
explain what your business is.

In Amsterdam.

My business in Amsterdam?

Nothing much.

Amsterdam is the diamond
market of Europe, sir.


Aren't you the "Amateur
Cracksman", Mr Raffles?



Now there you are.

I'm sorry Bunny, but there you are.

But you haven't got the
necklace yet, Inspector.


Does Lord Melrose remember
the reward he offered for it?

A thousand pounds to
anyone who returned it.

There is no need to remind me of it.

Good. Bunny.

You could use a thousand
pounds, couldn't you?

I'm sure you could. Well, if you'll
be good enough to get the necklace ..

And return it to Lord Melrose
you will find it there.

In the tobacco jar.

Good heavens.

In the tobacco?

Well, I'll be.

Yes, I thought you would be.

See here, Inspector.
We've got this back.

You can't go any further.

I won't have a scandal.

Don't be alarmed, Lord Melrose.

This warrant makes no mention of you.

It charges him.

With the robbery of a Bond
Street jeweller last Friday night.

And the theft of a diamond bracelet.

I'm sorry. I'm not in a
position to restore that.

I am.

Here you are, Inspector.


And there goes my
reputation, Lord Melrose.

I'm sorry things had to end this way.

So am I.

But perhaps someone will
be good enough to tell me ..

What the blazes this world is coming to.

Well, McKenzie.

You've got your necklace.
- Aye.

You've even got your bracelet.

But you haven't got me.

Here, after him!


Pull it! Get through there!

Get something to pry
that door open with.

[ Gunshot! ]

Good heavens! He's shot himself.


Bunny! Barraclough!
Close the door. Quick!


Where are you going?
- Wherever you'll join me.

A new life?
- Yes, a new life.

I'll meet you in Paris.
- I'll be there.


They'll nab him downstairs.

I wonder.

- Yes, sir.

Watch by that wall.
- Yes, sir.

You guard the entrance.
- Aye-aye, sir.

Rush around Sackville Street.
- Yes, sir.

You go with him.
- Very good, sir.

You take Piccadilly to the left.
- Right, sir.

We've got the entire
square surrounded, sir.


Where is he? Where did he go?

Blimey, sir. You just went that way
and now here you are again, sir.

You id?ot! You've let him get away.

Which way did he go?
- Down there, sir.

Come on men. This way.

Good heavens.

"You were right."

"It is a useful cloak in a fog."



One can't help liking him.

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